Donald Trump Says ‘Dishonorable’ Speech Could Ruin Ted Cruz’s Career

CLEVELAND—Donald Trump said he wouldn’t accept the endorsement of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz even if he offered it and renewed old lines of attacks on the Republican, missives that could jeopardize the sense of unity the Republican National Convention sought to achieve during the week.

Speaking at a convention send-off reception here Friday morning, the Republican presidential nominee said it was “dishonorable” for Mr. Cruz to make the remarks he did during the convention and that he showed a level of disrespect that will jeopardize his standing in the party.

“Honestly he may have ruined his political career. I feel so bad,” Mr. Trump said to the roughly 200 supporters who came to see Mr. Trump and his vice presidential pick, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, at a downtown hotel.

Mr. Trump said he thought Mr. Cruz would eventually offer his endorsement, but he didn’t want it. He threatened to set up a super PAC against Mr. Cruz if he sought higher office again.

“Ted just stay home, relax,” said Mr. Trump.

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  • Banjo says:

    I thought trump said it was “no big deal” ?

  • Ted Crawford says:

    After November 9, with the historic trouncing Trump will recieve, his Cultist will be dismayed, Trump will be exalted, that is until he realizes that Clinton has no intentions of actually honoring her portion of their Quid-Pro-Quo, and Cruz will be praised for his wisdom to ignore the lure of the Progressives Trojan Horse!

  • ADRoberts says:

    Trump is a low life, scum sucker. What was dishonorable was the way Trump attacked Cruz’s family. You see with a man who has no principles, you need to attack every part of an opponent. There is NO HONOR in this slug. And no honor in those who rabidly support him
    WRITE IN Ted Cruz. Show the fake conservative that we have HIS NUMBER.

    1. Catnip says:

      We’ll win it without you.

    2. Plcc07777 says:

      I see you’re still vomiting.
      BETTER CALL 911

  • oat21 says:

    I couldn’t agree more that he has destroyed or could possibly destroy his career based on his lack of an endorsement of Trump. I’m an ex Cruz supporter unless he man’s up and now endorses him at least for the sake of the country and the people who nominated Trump.

  • democrat CockRoach says:

    Poor teddy, his whiners are STILL WHINING.

    The voters totally rejected his Goldman-Sachs NWO BS.

    Heidi needed the entire security staff to escort her lying behind out the door.

  • Wildeagleone says:

    Trump, prove you are the MAN you day you are and get over the Cruz B,S. I personally am sick and tired of the petty crap with you and your name calling and to tell the truth, your children are acting more presidential then you are at this time

    1. democrat CockRoach says:

      Poor little liberal idiot. Run off and vote for Hillary now

  • bill says:

    Even as a ultra conservative I never felt comfortable about Cruz like Rubio a snake in the grass.

    1. democrat CockRoach says:

      cruz is a total snake in the grass

  • juniemoon says:

    Lyin’ ted is a piss-ass sore loser. Not honoring his pledge to support the GOP nominee is enough to declare him a dishonorable man. He lost my vote, as well as my family’s and friends’ votes, if he ever runs for any future political position.

    Hey, lyin’ ted go to hell.

  • Shelba Herring says:

    Every one in the Trump corner should be talking to family, friends and every person you know, ask them if they are registered to vote if not urge them to get registered and vote for Trump the more people we can get out and vote the better chance Trump has at winning regardless the lack of support by cruz

  • Kanawah says:


    Ted must not let Donald get away with the lies about him.
    Trump is a pathological liar.

  • helligusvart says:

    This is unfortunate. Message to both Messrs. Trump and Cruz: Call a truce and stop the bickering.

    1. Elaine Morris says:

      Cruz is the one who was stealing delegates.
      The Cruz lies is what hurt him; and no one else. He WAS FAVORED in the beginning. He stomped on his own feet.

  • democrat CockRoach says:

    Teddy should plan on staying home in 2020 too. How pushy can you get?

  • Mike N says:

    Number 1 who cares what Donald Trump thinks. Number 2 how do you refuse an endorsement. Number 3 if someone trashed your wife and family would you endorse them. As far as I am concerned Cruz was relieved of his obligation when Trump trashed Cruz and his family. I have to respect Cruz for supporting family over politics.

    1. democrat CockRoach says:

      Sounds like the entire crowd at the convention was booing cruz. How blind can you be?

      1. Mike N says:

        Not all the crowd. I have friends there that supported Cruz and did not boo. Trump supporters are like a bunch of hypnotized sheep doing as their leader directs them. The WA delegation was almost 100% Cruz supporters, but by rule had to vote for Trump.

        1. democrat CockRoach says:

          All 2 of them who supported the CREEP?

          HA HA HA HA HA HA
          What a loser you are.

        2. democrat CockRoach says:

          BTW, I DON”T vote for Canadians CLOWN. Too bad you’re such a stupid f.

    2. Elaine Morris says:

      You must not have this information about Mrs. Cruz. She works for Goldman Sachs. Read what she is involved in:
      Goldman Sachs Just Gave The Biggest Signal Yet That Islamic Finance Is Going Mainstream

      1. Mike N says:

        I know she worked for Goldman Sachs. It was a job. That doesn’t make her a NWO supporter. Trump dug up everything he could to discredit Cruz. Nothing in what Ted did would indicate he supported NWO. He was disliked by many for doing what Trump said that he would do.

  • slrcson says:

    Yep, Lyin Ted may have to dust off his resume’ and try to go back to practicing law in some 2 bit Houston firm that would hire him. Maybe he can be an ambulance chaser!!

    1. Elaine Morris says:

      You do have a point! He IS a good lawyer.
      I am sincere in this statement. Harper was a great Prime Minister for Canada.
      Canada made a HUGE mistake. The liberals voted in a white Obama. This guy has his photo taken with Transvestites (sp/).

      I KNOW that if Cruz went back to Canada, he’d win hands down!

  • Ann Broadhead says:

    Lyin” Ted. Acting like a sore loser. Dirty tricks dished out, both public and behind the scenes, but can’t take the heat. He treated Ben Carson horribly.

  • Ann Broadhead says:


  • Webb says:

    Cruz needs to Regroup…
    Trump needs to Win The November Election…Period!
    #NeverEverHillary…Is The Goal!

  • Ann Broadhead says:

    Politics is not for Whiners and cry babies!
    Who would want to elect this globalist with such an ego?

    1. Marlene Rearden says:

      Are you talking about Trump ???

  • rowleya says:

    Only honorable one at GOP Freak show was Cruz
    He agrees with me.
    Honor must be held above Career and Greed for Political Power .
    Cruz was faithful to those who voted for him.
    Trump = Clinton

  • Joanne says:

    Too bad Trump can’t shut his mouth, he thinks he already won the election but not so fast, it ain’t over until it’s over.

    1. Elaine Morris says:

      So? You don’t think people should state their opinion?
      I don’t want him to shut his mouth. He is stating the truth about Clinton, Cruz and Obama.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Could you see a ‘president’ Trump in a fit of anger, that Putin invaded and took over Crimea, telling that president to buzz off and never darken his door again for anything while smearing the national leader? It’s juvenile and counter-productive on a world scale. That’s the Trump-Cruz dust up right now. Instead of turning to his national campaign, Trump still dwells in the mud throwing his anger at an also-ran candidate. Either he thinks the election is in the bag based on his tiny, but recordbreaking, showing in primaries/caucuses, or he’s an egomaniac, or he’s fixated at a juvenile level of emotions. None of this recommends him for our president, though sneaky and dishonest Cruz may deserve every word and action against the TX Senator. Vote Hillary for maturity, experience and knowledge in the grownup world.

    1. Elaine Morris says:

      There are probably more…this was my first ti​m​e to research for the Countries that are Pro Trump:

      India, Palestine, Israel, Russia’s Putin,
      Israel feels the Love fo Trump:
      Israel Video:

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Notice the common thread joining these nations–quasi-dictatorial rule. Even democratic India is primarily run by it’s leader when common sense dictates an octopus governing organization each arm with its own objectives and relative freedom to pursue, say, commerce, education, defense, like our cabinet system and related departments/agencies. Even Israel is getting more dictatorial because of their location and jeopardy associated with it and the need for quick action/decisions for defense. Palestine isn’t a nation; Russia is dominated by a single man’s whims. There may be an attraction between dictators as that’s the fear of a Trump reign when he relies on himself and family but nobody with any other expertise. That’s why he promises everything and has no policies connected, nobody pushing to advance his ideas in any arena. It’s relative freedom for him and subservience by everybody else–dictatorial powers.
        Our own congress is infamous for doing nothing so Trump fits well in the vacuum of abdicated power by the people. Base republicans from TX Perry to other big government haters eagerly follow plain spoken Trump without thinking through to the end, the kind of rule that he represents and in a way demands. Plus India is caste-ridden and Israel apartheid minded which halts national growth and development the main reason for maintaining dictatorships (or even monarchies) beyond raw power to punish. Thankfully Trump won’t be president, or we’ll get what we deserve.

    2. Helland says:

      “Could you see a ‘president’ Trump in a fit of anger, that Putin invaded
      and took over Crimea, telling that president to buzz off and never
      darken his door again….”

      I can only hope we again have a President, one that has that level of resolve.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        You have no concept of diplomacy, Russia’s Putin or Ukraine’s regional ethnicities. You neocons just rush in (attacking other nations) where angels fear to tread. In real terms Ukraine is not in NATO requiring American defense, not really part of Europe though they would like to be, and not yet strong enough to be out of Russia’s orbit as a former Soviet Socialist State. It’s not a question of resolve; it’s a question of prudence and keeping America out of war.

        1. Helland says:

          I never suggested “rush to war”. I suggested resolve to use diplomacy to indicate extreme dissatisaction. Telling a tyrant or thief not to darken my door again is not an act of war nor a threat. It merely indicates there is no room for discussion, period. Admittedly one can only do that from a position of strength, which we haven’t had for decades. If that person or gov’t chooses to take it as a threat that is their choice of interpretation.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            We’re not talking you telling a neighbor hitting on your wife to buzz off here. It’s international aggression and still we don’t rush in. And diplomacy requires talking, not threats nor invasion. And you haven’t looked at our capabilities lately where nobody equal us anywhere. You are so wet behind the ears in international affairs.

          2. NM Leon says:

            Google “Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances” and then get back to us on the Ukraine.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            What’s your point? This was Bill not Hillary and was negated by Crimea aggression. Get back to me when you have a point to make.

          4. NM Leon says:

            1. Budapest was not negotiated for the term of the signers.

            2. It was violated by Russian aggression in the Crimea, not negated.

            Get back to us when your cognitive abilities and knowledge of international affairs improve.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Violation is abrogation. Back to school for you.

          6. Helland says:

            I didn’t say a thing about invasion. And diplomacy also requires that if a “red line” is drawn in the sand one be willing to defend that line. If one is not willing to defend that line then one needn’t be involved in national or global diplomacy or gov’t. service to begin with. As per Pre
            “Big Stick” diplomacy
            is the idea of negotiating peacefully with other nations while
            simultaneously threatening them with displays of military muscle.
            Roosevelt first used the phrase in a speech at the Minnesota State Fair
            on September 2, 1901, twelve days before the assassination of President William McKinley,
            which subsequently thrust him into the presidency. As president,
            Roosevelt described his style of foreign policy as “the exercise of
            intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in
            advance of any likely crisis.”

            Source: Boundless. “The Big Stick.” Boundless U.S. History. Boundless, 28 Jun. 2016. Retrieved 24 Jul. 2016 from Roosevelt., walk softly but carry a big stick.
            …Some misinterpret this
            statement to mean that one should be passive most of the time, becoming
            violent when provoked. Instead, it means that you should be restrained
            and use what power you have quietly. You will make more friends and
            seem less hot-headed and arrogant. The big stick, in fact, is something
            that people should know exists but never see-they should be aware that
            you have more power than you let on so that they are unwilling to
            provoke you to utilize it. That is one of the most powerful positions
            to be in. And isn’t that what life is all about-being in the most
            powerful position possible without having too many enemies?

            Essentially, “Big
            Stick” diplomacy is the idea of negotiating peacefully with other
            nations while simultaneously threatening them with displays of military
            muscle. Roosevelt first used the phrase in a speech at the Minnesota
            State Fair on September 2, 1901, twelve days before the assassination of
            President William McKinley,
            which subsequently thrust him into the presidency. As president,
            Roosevelt described his style of foreign policy as “the exercise of
            intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in
            advance of any likely crisis.”

            Source: Boundless. “The Big Stick.” Boundless U.S. History. Boundless, 28 Jun. 2016. Retrieved 24 Jul. 2016 from
            “Big Stick” diplomacy
            is the idea of negotiating peacefully with other nations while
            simultaneously threatening them with displays of military muscle.
            Roosevelt first used the phrase in a speech at the Minnesota State Fair
            on September 2, 1901, twelve days before the assassination of President William McKinley,
            which subsequently thrust him into the presidency. As president,
            Roosevelt described his style of foreign policy as “the exercise of
            intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in
            advance of any likely crisis.”

            Source: Boundless. “The Big Stick.” Boundless U.S. History. Boundless, 28 Jun. 2016. Retrieved 24 Jul. 2016 from

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            Aren’t you and McCain and Lindsey in the same party? You support invasion of Syria and Iran with them. In diplomacy, there is much back and forth discussions including red lines. Our president would draw NO RED LINE that would lead to war with Syria that you want.
            Are you citing TRoosevelt policy from over 100 years ago for today’s president in a different party? Roosevelt had his personal reasons for bellicosity. We also don’t sabre rattle with opponents of any kind. Ever hear of the Cuban missile crisis? Despite a blockade of Cuba, we kept talking with Khruschev to avoid war.
            Might as well cite GWashington strategies as germane in today’s warfare–it’s patently nonsense. Go back to your history books and leave modern diplomacy in capable hands.

          8. Helland says:

            Actually, I am not a member, nor have ever been,of any party. I support people not parties, as you well know. I didn’t support invasion of syria or iran. Obamdama shouldn’t have drawn a red line, over, and over, and…should he? We don’t “rattle sabres”? Why not? Because it might intimidate a potential enemy? Because it might prevent some of the terrorism that is going on right now in the world? Because it might prevent the death of countless people? WHY? Yes, I know of the Cuban Missile crisis. I lived through it, not 6 miles from an AFB filled with B-52’s and B-58’s in striking range. John F. Kennedy did not move the American Naval vessels from their interdiction routes, even while using diplomacy was being used. Strategy is something you obviously don’t understand at all. Strategies can be timeless, the tactics to implement them may be modern. Modern diplomacy is a means to empower your enemy, and accept their terms, just look at NAFTA and TPP, those are a war lost by our diplomats.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            I can’t tell what you support beyond regressive and abusive policies you invent. In my case policies I’ve developed over years in my jobs have been adopted by individuals, groups, agency and system heads and I’m proud I’ve been able to analyze situations and synthesize solutions that are effective and efficient. What are your creds?
            Military strategies are taught in war college. You referred to tactics and actions below that level as an expert. Anybody can recite documentary data on the Cuban Missile Crisis like you.

          10. Helland says:

            I’ve not invented anything at all. I do study the political and social events that lead to military sectors of history, from Nebuchadnezzar to Vikings to Obamdama. None who could or did not defend their society survived. My creds are the willingness to read and study from all points of view, all through history. Yes, I adh
            ere to the theory that only by studying history can we not make the same mistakes, over and over, and over.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            A major exception to your ‘rule’ of self defense is Christianity. Despite persecution and death through the ages, Gospel survives and thrives in some of us today without your policy of ‘defending my society’.
            You should also consider that history doesn’t repeat itself (a common mistake among self-taught learners) but recycles with differences each new time depending on circumstances, people and needs.

          12. Helland says:

            And each “recycling” has similar roots of causative input. I truly hope that you don’t believe that either of us could survive in a communist, socialist, or Islamic America and maintain our values or religious belief.

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            Now you’re learning–similar isn’t repeating. Keep up the good thinking.

          14. Helland says:

            Doc, I can play semantics as well as you, don’t go there.

    3. NM Leon says:

      Could you see a “president” Hillary getting a phone call from Putin telling her to shut up and do nothing about anything he wanted to do or he would reveal all of the information Russia retrieved from her private server?

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        There’s nothing to reveal as she wasn’t hacked. It’s a right wing fantasy. She’s dealt with Putin many times, not the least in negotiating nuclear non-proliferation with Iran. Bush2, who claimed a soul brother affinity for Putin that came to nothing, could not do as well.

        1. NM Leon says:

          You are obviously ignorant of IT Protocols.

          We are not able to prove she was hacked only because she had an unsecured system. With a secured system the security software would show a record of the intrusion, with an unsecured system there’s no security software to keep the record. That’s what Comey was talking about when he said G-mail was far more secure than her private email system and that they couldn’t tell if she had been hacked.

          When you are using a private network, you are extremely vulnerable to intrusion by the owner of the network (where there is an owner). For that reason all US diplomatic and military personnel (including the Sec State) are specifically instructed to leave any personal and official communications devices on the plane or off with battery pulled while in Russia and China (among many).

          In violation of security protocols Hillary used her unsecured Blackberry to send and retrieve emails to and from her unsecured server utilizing State owned networks in at least Russia and China, so that they had full access to her device and server. Unless you believe that Russia and China (among others) wouldn’t be interested in the private communications of the US Sec State, the only rational conclusion is that she was hacked and that they are in possession of everything that was on her server.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Pure speculation from your own words to start this nonsense argument. No security protocols were violated as security surrounds any SecState wherever she goes and whatever she does. Try again in another venue–fiction writing.

          2. NM Leon says:

            “No security protocols were violated as security surrounds any SecState wherever she goes and whatever she does.”

            So tell me, how would one provide network security for someone using an unsecured device to communicate with an unsecured server on a State owned network. I’m curious, because I don’t know how it could be done even with my Cal Poly M.S. degree and years of experience setting up secured intra and inter network systems.

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            Are you referring to Hillary’s server in her basement used only when she was home? Are you talking about an iPhone like mine that’s got multiple security bars?
            What’s unsecure as I said; what 300 correspondents were in the same boat knowing the protocols? Were they also unsecure? It’s more smoke with no fire by a conspiracy maven.

          4. NM Leon says:

            You really should avoid commenting on subjects about which you are totally ignorant.

            Hillary’s server was where her email software resided. She was accessing it every time she sent or received an email regardless of her physical location at the time.

            Your iPhone isn’t secure on a private network, but I was specifically referring to her unsecured Blackberry.

            Why do you think you are warned about the dangers of using public WiFi? Another outsider can access that network at the same time as you and can, with minimal skill, hack the network and see everything you are doing and access everything you are linked to, from your email to your banking info, etc.

            Now imagine that it’s not another outsider accessing the network at the same time as you, it’s the network admin. That’s essentially what Hillary was doing when she deliberately violated security protocols. Unless you are so delusional to believe that the Russians, Chinese, etc were too respectful of Hillary’s privacy to snoop, it’s pretty much a given that they got (at least) everything that was on her server.

            The conspiracy would be to believe that for some (conspiratorial) reason the Russians, Chinese, etc wouldn’t take advantage of the intelligence coup that was dropped in their laps.

          5. DrBillLemoine says:

            Over years of hearings we’ve seen how secret information was not sent by Hillary, only 110 FBI Director Comey said, among tens of thousands. It’s a drop in the bucket, not Russia tapping State Department conversations of importance. Get a grip.
            What unsecured Blackberry are you referencing. Is it any less secure than my iPhone? No.
            With a private server, what public wifi was used? We’re talking secure Embassy and Departmental equipment. You make it sound like everything was open to the world when it wasn’t. You haven’t seen or heard testimony about this stuff, or inspected her ‘stuff’ like the FBI which isn’t concerned.

          6. NM Leon says:

            Actually it was 2079 that were classified, 104 that she generated herself, assuming there weren’t any others in the 32,000 she deleted. As I said, your iPhone wouldn’t be secure either, but the Blackberry was no where near as secure.

            You apparently are even more ignorant than I had thought. You do realize that your email is not on your computer, right? It’s on Google, Apple, Microsoft’s servers. When you access your idiot.lib@gmail account, whether with your iPhone, tablet, laptop or home computer, you are reading stuff and sending stuff through a Google server somewhere else. If I can see what you are doing with your device (admin access) while you are accessing your email, either because you are on my network or because you are on a public WiFi network with poor security that I have hacked previously, I can piggyback into your gmail account with you. Unless I was very good, that’s as far as I would get as gmail is secured. Further, especially if I tried to do more than just “look over your shoulder”, Google’s security programs would see the hack and report it, maybe even if it was just “over the shoulder”.

            In Hillary’s case her server(s) was unsecured and I would easily have everything on that unsecured server, not just her email, everything, and would likely have continuing access anytime I wanted, and there would be no evidence of my intrusion.

            I certainly HAVE seen and heard testimony about “this stuff”, most recently from Comey, who was obviously very concerned.

          7. DrBillLemoine says:

            Very technical, but you neglected to consider her server’s tech refused to confirm anything you say. It’s all speculation by you about security and hacking, no proof, nothing more than Comey’s ‘concern’, as you call it. Try again.

          8. NM Leon says:

            Comey testified under oath that Hillary’s server(s) was completely unsecured. He also pointed out to the committee that the reason it was impossible to determine whether or not she was hacked was because it was completely unsecured.

            The former Obama director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said he considered it “likely” that Hillary had been hacked because Russia, China, Iran, N Korea, etc were “very good”. He said that before we found out that her server(s) were completely unprotected.

            To access a completely unprotected server without leaving a trace requires no particular skill at all when someone accesses it on a network over which you have control. That’s what Hillary was doing all over the world.

            They didn’t leave any “fingerprints” because the lack of security made any hack fingerprint proof, but It’s as much speculation that she was hacked as my speculation that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

          9. DrBillLemoine says:

            ‘Likely’ or not, there was precious little, maybe 110 emails out of 40,000 that were classified, to be hacked. I’m guessing her private emails to pals held nothing of national security. For a budget conscious conservative you sure want to spend millions and salaries of 8 committee investigations in government to smoke out what, a few indiscretions??? I’ll never vote for you to control the purse strings.
            Your case is weak, the reason why Hillary was not indicted by FBI or Justice yet. Keep trying and wasting my tax money. No tax cut for you fat cats who don’t care how much money is wasted.

          10. NM Leon says:

            Not including the 32,000 she deleted, there were 2079, 104 that she generated herself. We will never know by the very nature of the intelligence community, but even one could lead to the death of an intelligence asset.

            She compromised US national security.

            I don’t expect her to be indicted for anything…she is a Clinton after all, but she has certainly proven herself unqualified for any position involving classified material, and that would include POTUS.

          11. DrBillLemoine says:

            Yet you profess to know all sorts of classified methods and emails that can’t be released. Go figure. If we’ll never know, watch how the Republicans keep jamming it down our throats and wasting time and money on it.
            If she compromised anything, it wasn’t national security–no proof anywhere. Dreamland.
            She won’t be indicted as the FBI has said.

          12. Catnip says:

            She won’t be elected.

          13. DrBillLemoine says:

            Compare the party platform planks, one by one. No comparison; Democrats and Hillary will overwhelm, up and down ballot. Your party is diminishing, Trump demagoguery aside.

          14. Catnip says:

            Republican Party is GROWING. You’re voting for a criminal, shame on you.

          15. DrBillLemoine says:

            And what do you call one who bilks others out of their education dollars, walks away from vendors to his company–criminal. Hillary is unindicted for anything.

          16. ezekiel22 says:

            I see you still are short on education. Ever hear of the Clinton Univ. scandal? You should have. Ever hear of Clinton Cash? Better learn and fast. Ever laugh at how the idiots in the DNC trying to deflect the emails to the Russians? If you cut through the crap it would be obvious that if they did not say or do the things that were on those mails it would not matter. At least everyone now knows that the DNC is the party of bigots, racists, liars. It seems that the reps and dems did not change parties after all.
            It is hilarious and telling that the FBI is trying to be cited for naming Russia as the hacker by “fingerprints”. This is the same FBI that could not say for sure about Killary’s email was not hacked. enjoy

          17. ezekiel22 says:

            here are a few exerpts of news for ya. you know the ones like a person actually defending themselves with a firearm. You always dismiss them. That reminds me. Why the he## do you need a pistol? stop being a hypocrite and sell it.

            Police say robbery suspects in Jefferson County, Missouri jumped out a window and fled the scene after a 77-year-old woman pulled a shotgun on them.

            According to KMOV, the 77-year-old woman heard a noise and went to investigate, but she did not go empty handed. Rather, she a carried a shotgun which she shouldered and pointed at the two suspects when she discovered them in a bedroom. The suspects scampered to reach the same window they used for an entrance then jumped out of the house.

            Police responding to the incident said the two suspects “are lucky to be alive.”

            Doris Jackson is an 87-year-old neighbor to the woman who pulled the shotgun. Jackson expressed “concern” over the attempted burglary but made clear that she is not afraid. She also made clear that the 77-year-old is not the only person in the area who keeps a gun for self-defense.

            Jackson said, “How about a nine millimeter. I wouldn’t have a shotgun but I have some more besides that, I’ve got some guns you know.”

            Police say the suspects were so startled by the shotgun that they left a cellphone behind. Police have located one “person of interest” via the cellphone.

            The attack began at the McDonald’s by the Olympic shopping center, which Salbey could see from his fifth-floor balcony. At one point after the gunman had already opened fire, Salbey saw him running “along the glass tunnel” outside the center and threw a beer bottle at him. The bottle shattered upon hitting the tunnel, but did not harm the gunman, who then transitioned to the top of the shopping center’s parking garage.

            Once the gunman was on the garage, Salbey peeked over his balcony and called him an “a**hole,” according to the Daily Mail. The two began shouting back and forth, and the gunman fired more shots. Afterward, Salbey said, “What I said to him at the time still holds true. He is a coward who killed innocent people because he was not right in the head. He disgusts me.”

            Salbey also made clear that if he could have had something other than a beer bottle–specifically, if he had a gun–he would have shot the gunman. He said, “If I had a gun I would have shot him. I’d have shot him in the head.”

            This goes to the heart of the argument made by NRA Senior Vice President Wayne LaPierre in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. LaPierre said, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

            The virality of the Clinton Cash documentary, which was directed by M.A. Taylor and was written and produced by Danny Fleurette and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, was evident after it had garnered an excess of 170,000 view in the first three hours of its worldwide online launch.

            While Democrats were kicking off a week-long coronation of Hillary Clinton as their party’s presidential nominee, the definitive film exposing the Clinton Foundation’s global corruption was sitting atop Facebook’s trending topics list.

            Much of the social media excitement around the film was a result of frenzied Bernie Sanders fans, who flocked to their respective Facebook accounts and urged their followers and fans to watch and share the groundbreaking movie.

            As Breitbart News reported, the film was pushed heavily on social media by more than 283,000 diehard Bernie Sanders supporters, who helped catapult Clinton Cash to the top of Facebook’s trending topics list on Sunday.

            As evidenced by its dominance online and the overwhelming response and request, Breitbart News decided to make Clinton Cash available for free forever. Just click here to access the earth-shattering, 105-minute film that exposes the alarming pattern of record-high speaking fees to Bill Clinton and donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign contributors, which coincided with favors for those closest to the Clintons and their foundation donors while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state.

            The paperback version of Clinton Cash, authored by Government Accountability Institute President and Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer, was released earlier this week.

            Despite what the Mothers of the Movement believe, black lives don’t matter to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Just ask the Haitians who’ve spent years trashing the Clinton’s for screwing them over and turning the tragic earthquake that rocked the tiny Caribbean country in 2010 into a lucrative venture for their closest allies.

            Indeed, in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti — while 316,000 lifeless bodies lay buried under rubble, and while 300,000 Haitians suffered from injuries, with another 1.3 million displaced — Hillary Clinton’s family and monied cronies cashed in on the back of the tragedy-stricken Caribbean country.

            Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, landed a lucrative and historically rare Haitian “gold exploitation permit,” while Clinton Foundation donors, including Digicel mobile phone company founder Denis O’Brien, were winning multi-million dollar contracts that would siphon massive profits from the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

            While then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department was funneling billions in relief funds to rebuild Haiti, the Clinton Foundation was leveraging its influence to guide high-dollar contracts to Clinton cronies who would go on to make millions off the catastrophe that had claimed so many lives on the island.

            “I deal through the Clinton Foundation,” Tony Rodham said according to a transcript of his testimony during court proceedings, obtained by The New York Times. “That gets me in touch with the Haitian officials. I hound my brother-in-law [Bill Clinton], because it’s his fund that we’re going to get our money from. And he can’t do it until the Haitian government does it.”

            On December 5, 2014, Haitians gathered outside to protest Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “full support” of former Haitian President Michel Martelly — who placed his criminally-inclined cronies in positions of power.

            In March 2015, a large group of Haitians protested outside the Clinton offices in Manhattan, New York.

            This past January, six years after the deadly earthquake in Haiti, a group of Haitians gathered, again, in New York City at the Clinton Foundation headquarters to protest former President Bill Clinton’s role as head of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission.

            “Today is the 12th of January 2016, six years after the earthquake. And for us, it was important to be in front of the Clinton Foundation, because Bill Clinton, as head of the IHRC, Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, was responsible for the $6 billion that came into his hands,” protester Dahoud Andre said at the time.

            “He had unlimited control of this money. Six years after the earthquake, not much has changed, and as a matter of fact, Haiti is in worse condition than it was in 2010. Only Bill Clinton can tell the world what happened with this money,” Andre added.

            Indeed, Twitter users blasted Hillary Clinton last month calling her a “liar” who “stole billions in donations meant to rebuild Haiti,” because she doesn’t “give a f*ck about Black people.”

            The Democratic National Convention has also been visited by Haitians, who’ve railed against Bill and Hillary Clinton’s transgressions against their country.

            “We hope that [Clinton Cash] film gets spread around so more people are informed about what’s going on there,” a female protester told Breitbart News on Monday, referencing the motion picture adaptation of the New York Times bestselling book Clinton Cash.

            The protester said they “basically stole the money,” when asked if she had an issue with the Clinton Foundation.

            “It never got to the masses,” she continued, “it never trickled down to the masses. And the Clintons have been doing evil deeds in Haiti for years.”

            When Bill and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had the full force of the federal government at the their disposal, they squandered an opportunity to help the devastated people of Haiti and instead cashed in on their misery.

            Black lives didn’t matter to Bill and Hillary Clinton then, and they don’t matter to them now.

  • YOLADANE says:

    Ted Cruz claims to be MR. CONSTITUTION right ?? Well where was TED when the COMMUNISTS in Chicago caused Trump to shut down his rally a few months ago ? Did Ted support Trump’s RIGHT to FREE SPEECH? NO!! Ted just continued his attacks on TRUMP instead of standing up for a fellow AMERICAN and the CONSTITUTION. That, told me all I need to know about PHONY TED CRUZ. Also, did TED or the other PHONY, JOHN from OHIO honor their pledge to support? HELL NO. THAT, is all you need to know about these two WIMPS.

    1. Elaine Morris says:

      You are 100% correct. Did you know that it was “Soros” $ on Craigs List to pay people $15 or $16 an hour to disrupt Trumps Campaign Rally in Illinois. (sorry, I can’t remember if it was $15 or $16).

      A photo of Bill Ayers was taken in the same location.

      After it happened, Cruz BLAMED Trump for the riiot.

  • kathy diamond says:

    I called Curz as a snake a long time ago. I was right. He should just keep his mouth shut & stay home. What a Loser

  • Lee Hauenstein says:

    The Communists are sitting back and laughing their a**es off about this. The Republicans are their own worst enemies. They go through this, so called, debate process and they do not debate. Instead they stand there and bash each other until they can find nothing else to throw at one another. The Communists do not have to do anything. The Republicans have already destroyed each other and all the Communists had to do was watch. Now the Communists will create DEVASTATING ADS using the Republicans own words to win the election. The Republicans have already made each other UNELECTABLE. And they never have time go after the REAL ENEMY, BECAUSE THEY ARE SO BUSY DESTROYING EACH OTHER. The BIBLE tells us to forgive our BREHERAN(BROTHER) and to LOVE OUR BROTHER. The Republicans are SUPPOSED to be BROTHERS and the COMMUNISTS ARE THE ENEMY. The BIBLE TELLS US TO NEVER STOP HATING EVIL. The COMMUNISTS ARE EVIL. YOU DO NOT FORGIVE EVIL, YOU HATE EVIL AND FORGIVE YOUR BROTHER AND LOVE YOUR BROTHER. They are supposed to be Christians but they do not know anything about Christianity and God’s Word and The Love Of Jesus Christ. That is why we have to Put God Back Into Our Schools.

  • racats says:

    We’re from TEXAS and were strong supporters of Cruz before he showed his lack of character. His political career just ended with his failure to do what he promised.

    1. Elaine Morris says:

      I am a Texan also.
      That hurt many of us who thought he was a good guy.
      AND, he did it all to himself!

  • Defend America says:

    I am voting for Trump but honestly he needs to keep his opinions to himself. Most felt like Cruz was acting like a spoiled child with hurt feelings.
    Trump read the speech ahead of time and allowed him to go on perhaps his was hoping that Cruz would endorse him but he did not. Now Trump is acting like a spoiled child with his feelings hurt.

    Trump please stop the bickering it is time to focus on our country and getting the Presidency. You need to bring your polls up not down.

    1. Elaine Morris says:

      His opinions are “black and white.” WE can’t misunderstand what he means vs. politicians who smooze us…once elected, they do the opposite.

      1. Defend America says:

        I agree but we need all the voters can get and he is not making that easy for those who do not approve of his comments. I think he is correct but possibly should tone it down just a little. Remember you catch more fly’s with honey as long as he does not turn to the PC crap.

  • Mike Zimmerman says:

    With all the dishonorable comments Donald Trump has made during the Republican campaign to win the white house he has set a new bar in “how low can you go”. Ted had his best line when he told Republican voters to “vote their conscience”.

    1. mudguy1 says:

      Yes and nothing was said about Trump’s daughter’s speech where she said basically the same thing.
      I think Trump wants to continue the food fight trying to destroy Cruz so he he can’t not run against him in 2020. He needs to remember that he needs win in 2016 first. And by him to continually string the manurer pile dose not stop the smell.

    2. Elaine Morris says:

      What Cruz said is “Splitting the vote.” And, you approve of that?
      We don’t ever have to worry about Trump being vague or misleading. He says it in black and white vs. smoozing the potential voters… only to turn around to do the opposite.

      1. Mike Zimmerman says:

        During the course of the Republican primary, John Kasich, was by far the most honest in his statements to the voters. Donald Trump was the least honest in his statements to the voters. Ted Cruz told voters, last week to “vote their conscience”. If you disagree with what a candidate’s positions are, yet still vote for that person, you are being dishonest to your conscience. You are being dishonest with your own integrity, as a person.

        1. Catnip says:

          Kasich had the biggest ego of all of them! He won one state and stayed in? Lookin a bit like a crazy man.
          Ted is done.
          There are only two nominees. Your conscience should want secured borders and law & order! You only get that with Trump.

          1. Mike Zimmerman says:

            I truly don’t think Ted was suggesting voting for Hillary. I think he was suggesting either writing himself in or voting libertarian. John kasich, out of all of the Republican candidates, was the best qualified. He’s a former governor, a senator and he was part of Reagan’s cabinet. Trump has no government experience whatsoever.

          2. Catnip says:

            Well writting someone else in is stupid. Of course Kasich was qualified, likable even until he stayed in too long.
            In this outsider election people aren’t valuing politicians because the corruption, wasted money and moral value degradation is seen. Washington has always said they would fix immigration and build the wall, first stages have been passed by congress and for goodness sakes now someone is promising to do it!

          3. Mike Zimmerman says:

            If one is uncomfortable with voting for either the Republicanor Democratic nominees, why not. I know I have a family member, while a Republican, won’t vote for Trump or Hillary. My guess is that person will probably vote libertarian.

  • reggie says:

    The man and his wife are both NWO proponents, and he’s a Bush rino. No more ‘family’ dynasties please.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Cruz is being Cruz, plan and simple. Texas likes him and he will remain in the senate. If Trump becomes president he will have to deal with him. Trump can’t fire a senator even if he wants to. I fear Trump doesn’t really understand how our system of government works and who has what powers. He is under the idea that the President runs the country. If he gets elected he is in for a real surprise, Cruz would be the least of his problems.

    1. Elaine Morris says:

      Texas Values dropped Cruz like a rock and began supporting Trump.

      Cruz has to show his Naturalization papers every time a new term starts.
      Cannot stand that man!

      1. Marlene Rearden says:

        Boehner never worked with Cruz…being in Congress doesn’t mean you know someone…Boehner needs to keep his mouth shut, he never even tried to stop Obama’s shenanigans…that’s who’s the real Lucifer in this scenario

        1. Elaine Morris says:

          Does matter…you can closely observe someone without wanting to be best buds.
          So? So, you don’t think that anyone is “allowed an opinion after observing someone’s behavior”???
          There must be threat(s) or something going on behind the scenes. I have NEVER seen it like this when we can’t tell the difference between the Dems and the Repubs.

    2. Catnip says:

      I bet he understands more than you and I and will have the right people surrounding him.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        He really doesn’t seem to understand how government works. Look at all the times he has projects derailed because of local government and local laws. This is a man who doesn’t do his homework. He has said that he would surround himself with good people but he doesn’t seem to listen to them. Trump is not going to be able to work with congress, Cruz is isn’t the only one who doesn’t like him. He will get no votes from democrats and it only takes a few republicans to vote against his bills to stop him. everything he sends to them will be DOA. A president can’t bully congress. Trump supporters seem to believe that our government is like a business but that’s not the case. A business is run like a dictatorship. If a member of a company doesn’t do what the CEO asks he is fired, the president can’t fire congress. A business is all EO’s and the head of the company is the only real law makes. Business make bad presidents.

        1. Catnip says:

          It SHOULD be run like a business!
          A successful business is NOT run like a dictatorship.
          I care very little about the surveys compiled by Mr. Campbell in Bathesda, Maryland per your article.
          Many of our first presidents were businessmen and did a bang up job on my Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.
          I’ll bet there’s more never Cruz people than #NeverTrump –especially in congress! The consensus seems to be Cruz really damaged his career opportunities for higher office.
          This vote is too important to remain stubborn.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Of the 55 members of the constitution convention only 13 were businessmen.
            A business is not run as a democracy. The purpose of a business is to make money, the purpose of government is to server the people. Business is run from the top down and government is run by the consent of the people. I’m not saying that good government can’t use some of the same tools as business but that’s really where it ends. Cruz isn’t even a good senator and would have been a worse president. This time around we had the worst group of candidates running ever, as proved by who are left. The problem is that Trump isn’t even all that good of a businessman. Pick any one of his businesses and take a close look, non are really run all that well and most could be making a lot more money with better management. Can you name one business that he owns that is really doing an outstanding job. He keeps telling us how good a businessman he is but just like most of what he says there is little proof. Why have we not seen his tax returns like he promised? He is running on the fact that he is a great businessman and very rich, I would like a little proof.

          2. Catnip says:

            That article was a little boring, so…sorry I didn’t read it all but good fact checking I’m sure.
            I liked the govenors and congressmen who first supported Trump. One day I shut out the media bashing and listened to the info that was left. The good advice from former candidate Huckabee about not releasing his tax returns too soon made more sense to me than complaints about the issue. I had to let him in to see the good and understand what he and his team of Americans will do.
            I hope you get the little proof you need, hope your heart plays a part.
            I don’t think it will be all intellect that wins this.
            I also can’t help praying for personal DT change since my faith had much to do with my decision trust.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            My back ground is that of a businessman, I have hired to many people to count and held just about every title you can have, I’ve own four businesses and help start a number of others. I would not hire this man for the job of president or any job that dealt with details, I have seen his type to often, the charm boy who never takes the blame for his mistakes but doesn’t do his homework. I’m a C of C Republican. He doesn’t understand trade, Most people don’t really know just how important trade is to this country. His so called faith is fake, he doesn’t even know what church he goes to and has never ask God to forgive him. I would not hire him to be my president.

          4. Catnip says:

            Then go vote for a criminal.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            You would vote for someone convicted of money laundering. He also likes leaving others holding the bag on his debt. Clinton has no convictions and in fact hasn’t be charged with anything. The Republicans have spent millions of tax dollars trying to pin something on her and Bill.

            1 John 1:9

            If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

            Trump might also need to read this one.

            Psalm 37:21

            The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives;

          6. Catnip says:

            Confessing is acknowledging our need, like I said. Scripture is there for your own personal benefit, not to throw at others.

            I’m not bashing the candidates, only trusting mine. You don’t want “a little proof”–you’re for ⤵️Her.
            Btw, check out the millions she has wasted to slow him down… only to remain even (and now below).

            I would think you’d want to go comment on articles about her but you’re interested in him.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            I would encourage you to do some real digging into you guys past, look at his business deals and see if you find a honest man. Look at his family life, is he a faithful husband? Look at his life in Christ, he’s to busy doing business to got to church. This is the man you are voting for. Next listen to the things he is going to do. Does he have a magic wand somewhere because most of his promises can’t be done. Listen to how many times he uses the word “I”. Do you believe that congress is going to work with him? Do you think the world leaders are going to work with him? The Presidency is not a one man show. Now last go to his web sight and see all his plans, just how he is going to do things. That one will take you next to no time because there is little there.

            I read a lot of things and I know Clinton’s short comings but I also know the mud that is being thrown at her. I have read enough about Libya to write a book and most of the complains about her handling of it are out and out lies. She didn’t sleep through it since it was 3:00 pm when it happened, she didn’t order a stand down since she was the Sec. of State, not the Sec. of Defense and can’t give orders for the military. If you take apart most of the other stories about her actions they fall apart in the light of truth. Clinton may not be perfect but at least she understands the job and can work with others. The Presidency is not a one man show, it;s a team sport.

          8. Catnip says:

            She is for everything I’m against.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            If you don’t like Clinton, vote for Johnson. At least he has a clue.

          10. Catnip says:

            You go vote for him
            Have a nice life bobn

          11. bobnstuff says:

            All I know is never Trump. You have a nice life also. It’s local government that really matters anyway. They are the ones that do the real work and the day to day things that can make your life good or can do a real number on you.

          12. Catnip says:

            True. Finally I can upvote you, lol.

  • jug says:

    Ted didnt pull any crap!
    It was all Trump and his buddy, David Pecker, the head of the National Enquier shit sheet!

    All the false charges about Cruz and fake bimbos!
    Even his dad being in on the assination of JFK!

    Trump is just ANOTHER lying, liberal NY democrat that uses the same tactics as HRC!
    You has been folled again!
    Third prez election in a row!

    But at least he is not muslim.

    1. Elaine Morris says:

      Ted Cruz Cheating Scandal Explodes! Presidential Hopeful Named In Murdered D.C. Madam’s Black Book, Investigators Charge Embattled White House Candidate Ted Cruz‘s Cheating Scandal Is Set To Explode Wide-Open, With Fresh — And Blockbuster — Allegations That The Married Conservative Senator Was Named In The Black Book Of A Notorious Washington D.C. Madam Who Mysteriously Died, RadarOnline.Com Has Learned.

      1. mudguy1 says:

        None of which are true.

        1. Elaine Morris says:

          Prove it. Your opinon isn’t valid unless you prove your point with research. Then come back and let us know.

        2. Elaine Morris says:

          PROVE IT OR DISPROVE IT Your opinion is not enough.
          The woman WAS murdered. Cruz’s name was in her black book.

    2. mudguy1 says:

      You know everybody knows that what the National Enquirer prints is like Bible and it is all true. And Trump is buddies with editor like you said. Everybody new Cruz was NOT going to endorse Trump,even the the media knew it. Peter King knew it and thats why he got the New York delegation to chant “Endorse Him”. It just showed how disrespectful King is. Once agin my vote for Trump will not be for Trump but it will be against Hillary.
      I am troubled by the people that Trump is gettig around him. Like Paul Manafort a Ford adviser. Dole advisers and his financial adviser that work for Georg Sores. All losers.

      1. Catnip says:

        Soros. And Trump has nothing to do with him.

    3. Elaine Morris says:

      My words first: This is sooo sleezy of Cruz to do:
      Then, next question: Senator Cruz, what did your people have in mind when you bought the rights to the 16 year old modeling pictures of the now Mrs Trump, which oddly ended up in the media right before the Utah primary ?? Next Question: Do you not find it odd that your campaign gave to a competeting candidate $500k? What reason was their for this??

    4. Elaine Morris says:

      Did you ever hear of “Search Engines”? Might want to learn so you don’t sound so stupid….or blind.

      IF the Enquirer was wrong, they would have had a massive lawsuit. Where is it? A lawsuit would have made Cruz look even worse.

  • justinwachin says:

    Hopefully Donald Trump’s comments marks the end of the matter. Ted Cruz isn’t going anywhere. His focus needs to be on winning the election in November.

    Ted’s speech is probably not going to have the result that he thought it would have. I’m more concerned with seeing Donald Trump win the 2016 election than I am in dealing with the vultures who are circling for Trump’s demise. Ted has had a history of making really poor strategic moves. Wednesday night’s speech may have ended any hope he will have for the presidency or anything else on the national stage.

    1. Ethel Halstead says:

      For me, Ted Cruz’s run for president of this great country ended when he pulled that shitty, back-stabbing job on Dr. Carson. I still wonder how any man who claims to be an intelligent, fair minded man who is capable of running the greatest country on earth, could stoop so low as to do what he did to Dr. Carson, a man who is possibly one of the finest men on earth. Aside from which, In that particular case, there was absolutely no rhyme or reason for what he did, even if he did believe he had a reason for the petty crap he dumped on Donald Trump. However, Trump has proven to be twice the man Cruz will ever be. I believe Trump is capable of putting this country back together again and I’m not only supporting him as much as possible financially, I’m campaigning for him.

      1. Brenda Stephens says:

        <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!be86p:….,…

        1. william couch says:


          1. Wingedgodd3ss says:


      2. Elaine Morris says:

        How in the world did I miss the “back-stabbing job on Dr. Carson.”???
        What did he do to that great man?
        For those who don’t know? Dr. Carson was the first surgeon whoever divided adjoined twins; AND THEY BOTH LIVED.

        GO TRUMP!!!

        1. Donnie Buchanan says:

          Just before one of the state primaries, Cruz spread the lie that Carson had dropped out of the race. This cost Carson many votes.

          1. Thirstiest says:


          2. Wingedgodd3ss says:

            I’m not sure if he did it or not. If it was “his staff” that did it cruz still had an obligation to offer sincere apologies. I can believe in the possibility that he didn’t. But once the mistake was made he made no move to ask delegates who planned to vote for Carson to re-vote or anything. The other thing that happened is that Carson was announced but didn’t hear his name called to come on stage for a debate. then Cruz was called and then Trump i think. Cruz walked out-that left Carson in an awkward position so Trump let Carson walk on in front of him which was a very classy thing to do. Course then you have Fiorino falling off of the stage and Cruz totally ignores it. He’s a buffoon.

          3. ADRoberts says:

            No, he didn’t. Someone did. But only a Trumpster would jump to the conclusion that it had to be Cruz. Now explain why you dump the man with a conservative record of 97% in favor of a foul mouth philander who has a full year reccord of vicious attacks on EVERYONE. So far as YOU know, it was one of Trumps people who made that accusatin against Carson.
            And Carson? He showed his lack of backbone by endorsing the very man who had spread so many lies about HIM. Trump.

        2. Catnip says:

          It was the very first, Iowa, which was a caucus. He spread the lie that Carson had dropped out of the race.
          Cruz antics didn’t stop there. Google it.

          1. Elaine Morris says:

            O’ Lord! Believe me, I do know. I have extensive files on Cruz and Clinton.
            What is realllly toxic is that Cruz thought he could get away with it.
            What is sad? He had a huge following UNTIL he started with the dirty tricks. Many, many people in his fan club dropped him.

          2. Elaine Morris says:

            My Lord! There are soooo many on Google!!
            Catnip, did he really believe he could get away with all of this?! IF he did, the man has not only a severe learning disability….he is also extremely corrupt.

          3. Catnip says:

            Yes I think he actually thought he was getting by with it. Speaks volumes about his disconnection with real people. That does look like a learning disability! After candidate Mike Huckabee got out of the race he was asked about Cruz on Fox News. He let them know that he tells the banks one thing and the people another thing.
            The last part of his campaign displayed his huge ego and prideful spirit.

          4. Elaine Morris says:

            I am not one who throws Bible Sciptures at people. However, this one is sooo blatantly apparent:
            “Pride Goeth Before a Fall.”

          5. Catnip says:

            Ha. Yes agree with that

      3. reggie says:

        Agreed. I’d like to see Dr. Carson clean up the FDA, CDC, HHS, and other so called health protecting organizations. Taking the word from obama, Dr. Carson needs to become a CZAR. He can do even more as a physician than as president. He’s an expert and would smell the coverups a mile away.

        1. Catnip says:

          Ah so true!

        2. Elaine Morris says:

          You have GREAT IDEAS!!
          What do you think of Dr. Carson as the head of the VA Hospitals.

          1. reggie says:

            Even better. Our military deserve the best, not the dredges left over from taking care of illegals and those who can but refuse to work.

      4. Ann Broadhead says:

        Cruz will do anything to benefit Cruz and his radical, not even far Right views.
        Hope to never hear his name again in running for any office!

      5. Mike N says:

        Cruz had nothing to do with Carson’s issue. His staff did without Cruz’s knowledge. Cruz apologized for it and Carson was not man enough to accept it. You Trump fans are not interested it the truth.

        1. Elaine Morris says:

          You don’t keep up as much as the rest of us. Might want to go to any search engine. It will hurt, I know. You do want the 100% truth, don’t you?

          1. Mike N says:

            I read news on the computer at least 3 hours a day. I know what happened at the time. People tend to believe what they want to believe. News on the internet gets distorted. You can find almost any view you want to believe. Ted apologized for what happened and Carson refused to accept the apology.

      6. ADRoberts says:

        And you, like so many others jumped to the conclusion that Cruz was the one who did it. So quick to condemn the ONE MAN with a conservative rating of 97%. Compared to Trump who has NO RATING, BUT a record of giving massive amounts of money to MAINLY liberals.
        You are going to get what you deserve. You want a man of NO PRINCIPLES. He will show you what that means.

      7. Banjo says:

        Oh, you mean the tweet that the Cruz campaign sent around 2 hours AFTER CNN announced it, forwarding the news that CNN put out there…is that what you are talking about?
        BTW, Cruz, even though he was out on the road and had nothing to do with it, manned-up and apologized to Carson even though CNN’s story already did what little that happened.
        Trump, even though I am supporting him because of the alternative, is a bit too thin-skinned and will have a tough time with with Wolves in Washington!
        No rhyme or reason? Hmmm, well, lets see if I can make you understand.
        “Your husband is a worthless piece of crap and a cowardly little rat! Your Father picked-up hookers, sodomized and beat them afterwards!”
        Now, I’m sure that probably made you a little bit angry especially since it came out of nowhere and for no reason…right?
        That is how Cruz felt after Trump blamed him for the ad against his wife and vengefully attacked Cruz’s wife and Father. Well, Cruz isn’t going to endorse Trump after his family being attacked, he believes for no reason. I wouldn’t either! Trump stated publicly multiple times that he neither needed nor wanted Cruz to endorse him!
        Before that, Cruz was civil and did not attack Trump like the other candidates, but after the attack on Cruz’s wife and father, things got personal and nasty.
        The thing here, is that there are people who dislike Trump, but they despise Cruz because he stands-up to their unconstitutional actions and it does not win him any favors. THEY are behind all of this. They couldn’t have Trump and Cruz getting along, they seemed like they could have become running mates at one time and that scared the pants off of these people! So, they introduce a little anarchy and Viola! We have a rift.
        Just about all of what you believe about Cruz is mean, ruthless campaign dirty tricks. After all, when you have members of Congress stating “If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you.” Indicating their utter contempt for the man who stands in the way of the establishment.
        That’s all you need to know!!!

    2. Mary says:

      I had to laugh when I saw this post, which was awesome. By letting Cruz speak the other night, the post said, “Trump handed Cruz a shovel, and Cruz dug his own grave”. That post said it all, good for Ted.

      1. mudguy1 says:

        Trump knew before Cruz spoke that he was not going to endorse him and he read the speech and approved it. Trump invited Cruz to speak knowing that he was not going to endorse him. Trump kept a shovel for himself. Trump is a sore winner. All he did by is news conference yesterday was to give Hillary ammunition. He sound like he was was still tying to win the primary election. he forgot he needs to beat Hillary.

        1. Catnip says:

          You forgot that Cruz added a sentence that wasn’t written in his speech. It implied something and DT is correct that it was dishonorable. I will add sneaky to that.
          That wasn’t a news conference yesterday. He was addressing his volunteers which isn’t you but it IS me. He was brilliant to let Cruz remind everyone what a petulant man he still is.

          1. mudguy1 says:

            Do you know what that sentence was? It was real sneaky sentence All it was a reminder for all Republican to not forget our values. That was really really bad.

      2. justinwachin says:

        Ted reminds me of Wile E Coyote from the old Looney Toons cartoons. Every one of the coyote’s schemes to catch the Road Runner always backfired on him. The Road Runner always came away unscathed.

        Ted Cruz is young enough that he can run to succeed Donald Trump in 2024. Hopefully Ted will take the time between now and then to make some major changes in his approach. The Carson rumor and the New York values remark are two examples of major goofs that Ted made in this campaign cycle.

        1. Elaine Morris says:

          Those weren’t “goofs”. They were planned malicious attacks.

        2. Catnip says:

          Disagree. He ruined his chances all through a campaign that was riddled with dishonesty.

      3. Elaine Morris says:

        Cruz is so arrogant, he doesn’t even know when he is being shown to the door.

        1. reggie says:

          Don’t forget that he and Heidi cut their teeth working for the Bush bunch. They learned arrogance from the best. After Jeb, I hope they just go home and count their millions, and stay out of politics.

    3. Ann Broadhead says:

      Good Bye Lyin’ Ted!

    4. helensatmary says:

      Try and harm Ted Cruz reputation,it will come back to slap you In the face. ” THE DON” and your stupid silly orange hair. You are not befitting the Presidency of the United States of America you are a Buffoon!!!!!! You cannot harm a man of character, dignity and a TRUE desire to stand for the United States of America against clowns like you!

      1. reggie says:

        Both he and his wife were Bush followers, he was the one who helped get GW elected. Bush senior was the 1st one to espouse publicly the new world order. Heidi was a member of the CFR member and part of the North American Community. If it passes, it will take away the sovereignty of the USA. We’ve already lost too much of it. No more rinos.

        1. helensatmary says:

          Well do you think Trump could even wife Bushes shoes! Bush is am American I am proud to say I also supported… Would you rather his opponent??????????????????

  • JEAN says:


    1. Elaine Morris says:

      It makes it very hard to read your post when it is in all caps.

      1. Defend America says:

        She uses caps because of her eye sight if this is the same woman in other post. I have poor eye sight as well so it helps me.

        1. Elaine Morris says:

          Guess we are all getting old Phooey.
          If it is hard to see,press: Ctrl and the plus sign on the keyboard.

          And, I buy those cheapie glasses so I can see!
          Dncha jist hate gettin’ older!

          When everythiing is all caps, it is like someone is yelling PLUS the eyes have a hard time focusing when there is no distinction.

          I just won’t read the posts that are all caps. Caps can be used on a specific sentence….not an entire comment.

          1. Defend America says:

            Yes it is hard getting old. I to use the cheap glasses but they do not help much on my little tablet.

    2. Anthony says:

      Ted Cruz claims to be a Christian, It means being Christ like, he is too far from it to be called a Christian. He lies, He cheats, he is full of Hatred, he is everything the a Christian can not be. and as a Politician for now and the Future, he does not have a light at the of the tunnel, he needs to find a life because if 4 years the Republicans still have not forgotten how much of a Hatred and nasty person that he is.

    3. helensatmary says:

      He also has the right and responsibility to not stand with someone who disgraces his wife and father without merit. Stick with Trump and you will find out this is justr an ego trip for him Trump loves Trump and no one and nothing else. And his kids, if they are smart, which they are will NEVER let their father know he sounds like a Buffoon!!! They have to support him in order to survive I do not!!!

      1. Catnip says:

        Ben Carson is the one who didn’t deserve what Cruz did to him. I didn’t care how he was brought down because he had an unfair tactics campaign. Making it even sadder was cloaking it with Christianity. It was contradictory.
        It sounds like you’re saying Trump’s grown children are superficial. That doesn’t have merit either.
        Trump is our nominee. We’ll do it without you.

  • Ken says says:

    The “Lose With Cruz Train” was buried before the Convention – Ted’s speech at the Convention was only flowers on his grave. The Convention welcomed his speech appropriately. To bad the Bush Boys weren’t there to be booed.

    1. reggie says:

      bushs knew better, cruz was their fall guy. They want clinton; bush father was the first one to publicly endorse the NWO; where’s the Haitian relief money from the clinton-bush initiative? barbara bush calls clinton her 3rd son (by a different mother). They’ll probably be at the demoCrap convention, which is where they belong.

  • rowleya says:

    Cruz Best Speech At a GOP Convention since Reagan.
    Trump spoke more Hooey than Huey, Kingfish, Long during his heyday as Louisiana Demagogue.

    1. Rocky says:

      Not so fast. Cruz stepped n it up to his waist Showed he was a very small self serving vindictive person. For the party to beat killary is the most important thing. And if you think that the US is going along just fine then get your head out of your ass

      1. reggie says:

        cruz is a bush minion. Both he and his wife worked for bush, that’s where they met. Open borders, CFR membership, heidi is a high muck-a-muck at goldman-sachs, currently on leave.

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