Donald’s great escape: Trump’s all-out debate attack on the Clintons

The debate night that will be discussed for generations in Political Science classes – and Women’s Studies seminars – ended with Republican Donald Trump landing more punches than Democrat Hillary Clinton, and successfully deflecting attention successfully away from a two-day-old crisis about graphic sexual language that threatened to derail his White House bid.

In the first debate at Hofstra University 13 days earlier, Clinton sat back and let Trump hang himself. But on Sunday her quiet patience gave him room to roam and dominate.

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who has been among Trump’s most forceful defenders, summed up the real estate tycoon’s performance with two words in the post-debate spin room: ‘home run.’

‘I think the momentum is going to switch, like that,’ Giuliani told, snapping his fingers. ‘It was one of the biggest victories in a presidential debate, ever.’

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta called Trump ‘desperate’ and called him ‘incoherent’ in policy discussions.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    Finally Don is saying Publicly what So many Americans want to tell the LYING Clintons FACE to FACE….Time to Unleash attacks on those SCUM BAGS

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  • justinwachin says:

    Donald Trump did well in his second debate with Hillary Clinton. I was surprised to see how quickly he dealt with the crude remarks tape. It was interesting to see the look on former President Clinton’s face as Donald was dealing with Bill’s sexual dalliances.

    Donald managed to save his campaign in this debate.

  • rockcut says:

    What scam this headline. Trump loosed angry, beaten like a puppy dog wondering around the stage trying to stock Hillary. Very poor performance and he did himself no good. All he did was throw red meat and the radical base that support him. He cannot win the election appealing only to thise people. The latest poll shows this with Hillary ahead now in double digits by 11 points !!!

    1. Webb says:

      November The 8th will be the deciding Poll…
      Trump took off the Gloves…The only thing left for Hillary is to dance and Hope she can Dodge…

      1. rockcut says:

        Trump looked like an angry bull dog and when around the stage stalling Hillary while millions watch this bullish behavior. Yes come November 8 the majority of voting Americans are going to tell Trump “your fired”.

          1. rockcut says:

            I bet you wait……… total fear Trump will said something else, and also the fear of loving on Nov. 8. I can understand you are waiting to lose.

          2. Webb says:

            NO…Lose, you must be kidding!

      2. ourzoo10 says:

        That one is full of bluster and BS…sure didn’t watch the same debate we did…lol

    2. Patricia T. says:

      rockcut, apparently proper grammar and spelling weren’t requirements to get a job as a Hillary troll. You do them proud!! You’re good at lying, too. That must have been a bonus in her eyes.

      1. rockcut says:

        I totally admit I did not proof read my post and missed loosed when I meant looked. Nothing wrong with my grammar and my thoughts were clear. Plus, I am not a Hillary troll. I guess your game is distraction for you did not address one of my observations…….so they stand. LOL

        1. Patricia T. says:

          You observations didn’t deserve a comment.

          1. Patricia T. says:

            Your observations…..

          2. rockcut says:

            Please, I am an adult. I know you have no response for there is nothing of value you can say about Trump that is positive. I know you are feeling that Trump cannot and will not win. I understand that and that is the way the ball is going to bounce. On Nov 8th, the American People are going to tell Trump “your fired”.

  • fish53 says:

    Killery had the audacity to grin while Mr. Trump was naming out her crooked deeds.Way to go Trump! Continue to show the world how corrupt the Clinton’s and the Obumo administration really is. Call out all this cover-up of wrong doing in our government. Keep hitting her on her e-mails and how the media is in her favor. Un-cover the corrupt scum-bags. Somebody needs to stand up to all this deception coming from this crooked party which is the demon-craps. Don’t worry about the establishment “clowns” running from you. You don’t need “traitors” in your camp. Let them run! Like the Bible says, “The Real Will Be Revealed”. This is a true statement. The losers bailed on Trump because of Killery and her cronies digging up past dirt on Trump. They tries to hide their dirt. At least Trump told the American people that he is not trying to hide anything that he done that wasn’t perfect in his life. He admit to his wrong doings and apologized. It’s time to move on to the most important issues our country and countries around the world are facing. Trump/Pence 2016!

  • David Tierney says:

    Clinton speaks of Donald’s disrespect for women yet along with Obama she wants to bring in more and more Muslims every day. The same Muslims who have zero respect for women. They were supposed to be mostly women and children, not true. Go figure.
    And let’s not forget, she is married to a serial rapist and she has attacked Bill’s victims over and over again.

    1. Webb says:

      David…Great Point, Only If Trump had used It!!

  • pennsyltuckian says:

    I never learned vulgarity until I joined the elite power mongers at Price Waterhouse. After working at a steel company I was amazed at the vulgar language and talk by the partners.

    I guess you have to be one of the elites to really be like that, eg Bill (the accused rapist) Clinton and his henchwoman Hillary for the coverup and destruction of the victims.

  • Angelika G says:

    Finally, Trump put her in her place like no other…Everybody is just bowing down to this “devil” of a woman….As President, he would put her in jail where she really belongs and that to me would feel like a birthday gift….But I am sure , if she ever stands before a judge, she would play her role as being so old and sick that the judge would give her, teary-eyed though, house arrest….

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      I’m afraid she has already told her hit men to lock and load!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    That little sh eating grin of Hellary’s didn’t last long last night at all! Trump told the truth about everything and Hellary tries to lie about most everything, but Trump caught most of it! And poor Billy-Bob, looked like someone took away his sack of candy!

    1. Patricia T. says:

      It was brilliant of Trump to invite three of Bill’s sexual assault victims and the woman who, at 12, watched Hillary successfully defend her rapist, laugh at her and tell the world she “asked for it.” Bill looked angry when the camera focused on him.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Time the Clinton’s started paying for all the evilness they’ve done to others!

  • Estoban says:

    The Clintons are both predators. Bill is a serial rapist and child molester. Hillary is a liar that defends the gang rape of a 12 year old girl and now tries to say she’s pro women’s rights. How do our 160 million female Americans feel at having mentally ill men sharing women’s facilities? Hillary is all for this communist concept.

  • James in Texas says:

    Note to the GOP: Trump is “Our Choice”, not yours! Either join us or we, the people, who are registered Republicans, will throw you away like yesterday’s “garbage”! It seems to me that we have nothing on the Republican side but turn-coats and cowards, and the Dem’s are laughing at you, not with you! The “End” of the Republican Party starts on Nov 9th if you screw this one up like you did the last several Presidential elections!

    1. David Tierney says:

      Well said. “Join us or we vote you out. You are traitors to your Party, to the People and more importantly to the U.S. of A.
      “We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union”, must stand together and remove the traitors from our Congress before it’s too late. And the clock is ticking, we are running out of time to return this Country to greatness from where the past 28 years have have removed us.

      1. James in Texas says:

        I have voted Republican, and now Conservative, since 1963 when I changed my party (Southern Family, all Democrat) and I have never seen an election that has so much at stake and importance. If the GOP screws this one our nation is toast!

  • Connie Alsip says:

    He killed it! The MSM might try to deflect the truth, but WikiLeaks truths, the Hildebeast’s behavior, and the CROWD said who won. In SPADES! Whoot!!

  • A natural born American says:

    We all know Trump’s not a politician which is one of the biggest reasons why we’re voting for him; we’re sick-n-tired of lipservice politicians. We also know he’s learned how to surround himself with the smartest people in their area of expertise, so we know he’s NOT going to make someone like hillary or john kerry his Secretary of State, nor is he going to put someone like Ashton Carter in as Secretary of Defense or another Loretta Lynch as UG. I can see possibilities like Ben Carson as Secretary of Health and Human Services; maybe Alan West as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and Trey Gowdy as AG. No matter how it turns out there will be 16 new faces in Trumps Cabinet beginning with Pence. I cannot fathom reelecting someone who did NOT even attempt to honor their campaign promises the first time around. You’ll know if they did because your lifestyle and your wallet will let you know one way or the other BEFORE the term is over.

    Reagan, who was an actor NOT a politician, kept his promises. I didn’t know anyone who was unemployed unless they preferred living off welfare. GW was very respectful of and good to the Vets. Only now he and his family are pissing all over the best legacy of his presidency by choosing to elect someone who’s going to crap on the vets long enough to ensure those who come back damaged have zero chance of being able to lead a relatively normal life after giving this country everything but their lives. And the families of those who did give their lives (so we can continue to call each other assholes on the internet) can look forward to being treated with the same respect as the families of the Benghazi 4.

    1. PatriotGal says:

      Mostly true, but under GW our vets were also not taken care of properly at the VA. You must know that the Bushes, McCain, Ryan, Walker, McConnell, Sasse, Kirk, Kasich, etc., are all New World Order elitists and are not going to support PRESIDENT Trump – but they would support KILLary as they have OWEbama. PRESIDENT Trump will have to do as Reagan did and take it to the people so we can clean out the RINOs in 2 years. We have awakened and we are NOT going to sleep again.

      1. reggie says:

        obama was on the VA Committee as a useless senator, He missed 19 of 37 meetings, and 38.8% of the votes. What has he done since? Play golf. Soros is the shadow government, and they all kneel to him. He’s into his 80s, and wants this country down before he dies. His destruction started as a 14 year old helping hitler to round up his fellow Hungarian Jews. he’s brought down the UK, his fingers are in the Ukraine situation, apparently Venezuela, he was kicked out of Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. That’s just for starters.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          His last victim was England!

        2. Ken says says:

          Soros is a major player in the Establishment and the Council on Foreign Relations (home of One World Gov) and King Bo (along with Hillary, Kaine, Ryan, Bush and the Ilk) are the Puppets of the Establishment.

      2. David Tierney says:

        I agree, the two Party system is BS and just for the sake us dumb ass deplorables. I’ll tell you the real Deplorables are, the fools who voted for Obama and now support Hillary. Will they ever wake up?
        ps. I live in AZ where the tv commercials speak of how McCain has been a lifetime supporter of Veterans. What a bunch of bs.

      3. A natural born American says:

        I realize the bushes, clinton’s, obama’s soros, gates’, buffett and all the other powers that be and our wealthy want this to be a one world government and they all think THEY will have positions of power once that happens… AS IF the kids who will be in the drivers seats will let THAT happen. But bush at least played nicely with the Vets for the camera and the general population giving the illusion that he cares. Which is something our kids need to see. Soon enough they will understand the maggot holes of politics.

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Great comment my friend, great comment!!!

    3. Webb says:

      Great Line Up for The Trump Presidency…
      Lets Make It Happen…Just Hope some of The Swing States will take off The Blinders!!

    4. bobnstuff says:

      Reagan was a politician both while acting and then he went on to became governor of California. Trump is not Reagan. As far as respect, Is it respectful to pay women to display Bills past to try to save your bacon. How is Trumps past made any better by saying Bill did worse? Maybe we should be looking at Trumps wife. If Bills far game shouldn’t Melania also be? How about this, Trump starts laying out detailed plans to improve our economy with solid facts and real, not made up numbers. It also would be nice if he stop lying to the steel workers in Western Pennsylvania saying steel jobs will ever come back there. The mills are long gone and the new ones don’t need all that many workers. He is building up false hope. Lets stop talking about who slept with how as see real plans. Is it asking to much.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Was it just me or did Trump get his facts wrong one or twice. The sex tape thing comes to mind. Trump does know that he will be fact checked. This was no home run for Trump. His supporters will believe him no matter what but 40% doesn’t win the election. Personally what Bill did 20 years ago should have no place in this election. I don’t care. What I do care about is how our country is going to be lead in the next few years. Also shouldn’t Trump and his VP be on the same page? Trump spent most of his time playing defense or talking about Hillary. The few facts about his own plans are kind of hazy. Some how opening up insurance companies to sell to the whole country will fix or health care system. Trump had no knock out punch here. The only thing you can say about Trump is that at least he didn’t light his hair on fire.

    1. PatriotGal says:

      bobnstuff, why MUST they be on the same page? I would rather have someone on my team, as close as possible, who would say – I don’t think so – let’s look at this, rather than a yes man – or you have a dictatorship. Mr. Trump is accustomed to listening to the very best, thus making the best decisions possible.
      Mr. Trump was on target with his statements. He has been fact checked by several already – some a tad off, whereas Clinton was way off several times.
      What Bill did 20 years ago should not have entered into this campaign; however, when the Clintons decided to dig up a tape of words from 11 years ago – they opened the door and never expected Mr. Trump to walk through it. They thought he would not embarrass Chelsea – well, our country and we the people mean more to him than Chelsea – so let her deal with issues – she knew them already. Mr. Trump’s words were nothing in comparison to the ACTIONS of the sex predator in the Oval Office – those were felonies!
      I expect the Clintons will contrive some filthy issues to use against Mr. Trump before the next debate and it will be lies covered with horse manure to try to take him down. They are filthy trailer trash.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        The Clinton campaign didn’t release the tapes. that honor goes to NBC.

    2. Connie Alsip says:

      So, you’re going to try to beat Trump up over an 11 year old locker room conversation, and ignore the malfeasance in office by Crooked Hillary? Trump hit a home run, and the audience reaction shows how much Hillary is despised. She is a lying, One World, anti-American POS. #NeverThePerjuringButcherOfBenghazi #HillNO Take America BACK with the Trump/Pence ticket in 2016!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        No I’m going to beat him up on his lack of plans to solve the problems of the country, I’m going to beat him up over ripping off people because of his bad business management. I will beat him up for changing his mind on things over and over again. I will beat him up for claiming he didn’t say things that there are tapes and video of him saying them. Doesn’t he know that people are paying attention to what he does and says and once something comes out of his mouth he must own it. Trump is a train wreck but his true believers don’t care.

    3. Rodney Steward says:

      Of course it was U, IT always is, U stay to uninformed on everything, Trump BLOW’D her away!!

    4. Brad says:

      Not 20 years ago. Bill is a member of Epstein’s underage fantasy island, and still participates.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        You mean Trumps good friend Epstein. Isn’t that were the thirteen girl got raped by Trump.

        1. Brad says:

          That’s exactly who I mean. And that list of visitors on the Lolita Express didn’t include Trump. Do you actually think that the lying bias msm would not have brought that up if they thought for one second that Trump participated in that? Question for you: It’s known that there are shills being paid per comment to post against Trump. You wouldn’t happen to be one of them, would you?

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Sorry but the facts say different. For a man you say Trump wasn’t friends with he sure has a bunch of phone numbers for him.

          2. Brad says:

            You know what? You’re full of crap. I didn’t say he didn’t know him. I heard the list from a credible source and Trump wasn’t on it. I just said he wasn’t with some teen on pedo island. And you never answered my question about being a shill. Enjoy your per post blood money at the expense of our country’s future. I’m so tired of your type. Take a walk.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Trump was with the teen in New York, at his friend Epstien’s place, that’s the one we know about. You know that the man you want as president has ripped off thousands of people, a number of state and local governments. and spend 75% of his time saying things that are either half lies or out right lies. He has already stated he will violate the first and fourth amendments. Forget the fact that he’s a rapist, he’s a liar and a thief. He’s even ripping off his own campaign for money. He will be the first man to make a profit from running for president. I know you don’t want to hear facts about your boy but they are all there.

          4. Brad says:

            So, how much are you being paid per post? I almost don’t want to argue with you because I know I’m helping you make money per post. The pathetic part is, is that you don’t even believe the lies you’re spreading. Why don’t you go get an actual job. Oh, that’s right, clinton gave them to Mexico and China, so I guess I’ll give you a pass on that. This BS about Trump has got to stop right now. Anyone reading this, go here to see the latest railroading plot from the Clinton side: How coincidental that this case is coming up right now. So, a few totally anonymous people are making false claims in a BS lawsuit, which as I speak has been debunked by several individuals. A similar case was filed several months ago using false witnesses and it was thrown out by the courts. That’s why the media didn’t report this malarkey then. Don’t you find it somewhat peculiar that this case was filed only recently? That the judge came in on a weekend to set the hearing date? It was released 28 days out from the election, so there would be no time for it to be thrown out by the court before the election. You know Epstein founded the Clinton Foundation, right? He was given full immunity by the fbi, and now this is coming out? There’s a surprise. This is last desperate attempt from a crime family to hold onto their power. A family who has had 47 people who were close to them die from, shall we say, mysterious circumstances, like “suicides” from multiple gunshots to the back of the head. Drug and gun running out of Arkansas. Someone who was fired for unethical behavior during watergate, and defended known rapists. You realize you are losing this argument, right? You just got body slammed to the pavement, but just keep on posting your pathetic drivel, Bob, so our country can be left to rot by the leftist elite. Maybe you can make enough money to buy some fish oil capsules to push your IQ a little further up left side of the bell curve.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            NAFTA was put together by Bush not Clinton and really not Hillary Clinton. We were doing business with China before Bill Clinton was in office and if you want to blame the amount of money we spend with them on someone look in the mirror because it’s the American people that keep buying cheap junk. Even Trump likes cheap stuff like steel to build his buildings. Trump would sell his own mother for a buck. You will notice that I give links to back up what I say. Unlike Trump followers I can read and use the internet to look things up. I wasn’t born yesterday and have followed Trumps business dealings over the years. What is really amazing is no one shot him yet.

          6. Brad says:

            Clinton signed nafta into law. If he cared about this country, he didn’t have to. Ross Perot was correct, and he was vilified by msm, and it was most likely people like you who supported the vilification. I have zero time for the bush’s, or the
            other rinos, so don’t even lump me in with them. Many of the dc mainstream politicians, both sides, are
            worthless, and won’t do anything about the current problems. Some who might want want to make a difference, can’t, because because they have been “compromised”. Read that, playing midnight cowboy without wife’s acknowledgement, or subscribing to a local dc gay/underage escort service, you name it. Hard to vote for change with that being hung over your head isn’t it? And many are part of the neocon
            movement for globalization, or neoliberals cooperating with the neocons.
            They want control over the middle east. What I can absolutely not
            comprehend is that Hillary is also a globalist, and you blame bush who
            was definitely a globalist, yet you support this woman? Why? Because
            you don’t personally like Trump because of his business practices? So
            you are for Hillary because for that reason? Seriously? Do you understand just
            how dire of a situation this really is? Despite many warnings from
            Putin, we are arming up on their borders. Why, because nato wants it?
            Putin is trying to fight globalism, meanwhile trying to protect his
            country from Islamic extremist contamination. He’s the only leader nowadays with more than half a brain. The globalists want war
            with Russia. We are talking about possible nuclear war. They are twisted
            bat sh!t crazy people. The neocons think we can actually win a nuclear
            war with Russia. Russia just had a massive 40 million person drill
            preparing for war. Didn’t hear about that? That is why I don’t want her in. She is for this aggression.
            Many people know this. Why don’t you? Is it because all you listen to is
            cnn and npr jazz sessions, which, to quote Carlin, Is about as exciting as watching two flies f***. They didn’t mention these things? I don’t care if Trump bought
            his steel from China. I have to buy steel from china too, because our
            steel mills have long shut down in the US. And don’t go blaming the victims here. We only allowed this to happen because we were given no real choice in the ’92 election, and the local politicians who passed the nafta bill sure didn’t come out and tell there constituents, “”Hey guys, just wanted to let you know, ha ha, that this nafta thing I just voted Yay on, well, you know, it’s really pretty cool. It’s, you know, going to allow my corporate friends with the nice lobbying office just down the street here that I go to quite a bit, to um, help me win my next seventeen elections. And in since I’m taking there money, well, you see, I sort of have to cooperate with them and let all your jobs to out of the country. But don’t worry, I’m going to have my msm media friends tell the people, Hey folks, it’s all good. We’ll all do just great with a service based economy. After all, it’s done wonders in the Caribbean. You can all get cushy high paying jobs at walmart or 7-11”.

            We were, and are, being propagandized by
            msm continuously. After a while we had no choice but to buy from china. What were we supposed to do, lay in front of the bull dozers cutting ground for the new walmart store? But it’s
            ironic you blame the American people, because it is actually people like YOU who KEEP ALLOWING THIS TO
            HAPPEN by pushing these POS mainstream politicians on us and demonizing someone who might actually make a difference!!! So don’t you dare lecture me on who I should vote for. Trump is the only one in the west that is fighting against globalism and open borders right now, and wants to actually be an ally with Russia. Sure beats war. I honestly don’t know if he’ll be able to prevent it, if it would come to that. The power structure in dc is so big, he would have an uphill battle. Can’t you see the blatant bias against Trump by the msm? The obvious frontal attack by cnn at the last debate? These a$$hats in the media hardly even try to hide it anymore. We basically are being brainwashed by what is the US version of the Pravda. I was so glad when trumped called out the moderators on the time-limit favors they were allowing the hag, and about the constant interruptions toward Trump. It’s convenient that they don’t show the debate stop watch. And how Gloria Jr told the audience to essentially shut up when they applauded Trump. I’m thrilled the American people are finally starting to see what’s going on. We’re not buying it anymore. The ship is sinking, and I hope the rats can’t find a way out. Even if, IF half of what Trump says he is going to do is beyond his control, he is still a better choice than those who will continue to allow a massive amount of unvetted refugees to pour into this country, continue to open our borders, and continue to destroy our country.

          7. bobnstuff says:


            Sorry but it was Bush. I voted for Perot and though he would have made a good president. Putin wants a one world government but with him as leader. I fear you don’t understand what’s happening in Russia. They are in economic collapses and saber retelling is a tool to keep the country distracted. Putin isn’t stupid enough to start a real war with us but he must convince his people that the country is still great.

            I see you know nothing about the steel industry in the US. Trump could very easily gotten US made steel, Pittsburgh still is a large producer of steel and American steel is much better then the stuff China is sending out.


            The steel industry employees 150,000 people directly in the US. Trump went cheap not because better steel made in the US want available but because he could make more money and didn’t care about anything else.

            We buy to much junk from China, It’s cheap. There are choices, I buy mostly American goods but I also read labels to see where things are made. We are still a very large manufacturing country, if not the largest very close. If you trust China’s numbers they beat us by 1% but they have 6 times the work force. If want to see just how much we make go to some place like Home Depot and look at labels, over half of the goods sold there are US made. There are some things you can’t even find not US made. Even Walmart has some US made things, I have socks made in the US bought at Walmart, it seems that there are 12 sock manufactures in the US. Trump could have chosen to make his Suits and ties here, there are a number of companies that would have been more then happy to do it. Better quality shorter supply lines and faster turn around. Those are the reason companies life Rubbermaid manufacture here.

            You like Trump because of his business practices. Which ones are you talking about? His stiffing suppliers and contractors, his stiffing banks and stock holders by declaring bankruptcy, His using foreign workers instead of Americans, which of these practices do you admirer. Explain how you can say a man is a good businessman who personally looses almost a billion dollars in one year. That’s just his personal looses, not the investors.

            Trump is going to protect us from Islamic Extremists but here’s the thing he doesn’t know anything about them. He thinks that they are coming into our country when in fact the US is creating our own terrorists just like Europe is. It’s not the refugees that are doing the killing but locals who have been here for years and in most cases are citizens that are the problem, not all that big a problem either if you take the time to look at the numbers. Trump likes big showy solutions not well thought out.

            You have been sold a bill of goods by Trump and people like Rush and Hannity. They tell you we are weak Military but we have the strongest firepower in the world.

            I’m not thrilled with Clinton but if you look at Trump she is so much better.

          8. Brad says:

            What are you talking about??? It was clinton who signed nafta in 93. Look, I don’t have all day to keep this argument going. I have things I really need to do, and making you “per post money” isn’t one of them, which incidentally, you never refuted.

            You are greatly minimalizing the problem. Even your friends at cnn have reported that US steel production has dropped by record numbers in the last several years. Even they don’t agree with you. Do you feel alienated now? Don’t worry, you still have npr socialist jazz network to tune in to.

            I try to buy American and I don’t buy cheap tools. It’s difficult, especially in rural areas. Home depot? Yeah, try to find to find me a tool there not made in china. Maybe. Finding an Amercian made product shouldn’t require a treasure map and a gps.

            Russia’s economy is having a hard time partly because of low oil prices world wide, and also sanctions against them. Many find it suspicious that the Saudi’s flooded the market with oil just when we started messing with Russia. Still, Putin’s approval rating didn’t drop under 83%, and is still one of the most highly regarded leaders in the world, except by the left wing media of the west and clinton, who compared him with Hitler??? Wtf? Idiots.

            Putin wants to take over the world? That is the globalist’s lie. Ukraine was a US led coupe. Putin needed to ensure his warm water port was not threatened. Nato is the one sitting on their border pointing missiles at them. How would we react if Russia was in mexico pointing missiles at us?

            I’m not going into Trump’s business practices. Yeah, he’s made mistakes. Yeah, he has losses. Large businesses do. Uh huh, he’s a horrible businessman. That’s why he’s a multi billionaire. I’ll take that anytime to having a couple in the white house who has had 47 deaths linked to them, not to mention her ties to Saul Alinsky. To quote wikipedia, “In 1969, while a political science major at Wellesley College, Hillary Rodham chose to write her senior thesis on Alinsky’s work, with Alinsky himself contributing his own time to help her.[27][28] Although Rodham defended Alinksy’s intentions in her thesis, she was critical of his methods and dogmatism.[27][29] (Years later when she became First Lady, the thesis was not made publicly available by the school based upon a White House request.[30])”

            Now why would alinsky contribute his own time to help her? Was it because she was anti communist? Sure. I should add that the sentence about the dogma, footnotes 27, and 29, were referenced from msnbc and the boston glob, such notoriously unbiased and fair new organizations. NOT!

            Wikepedia goes on to say that our potus’ actions in the house were influenced by alinski.

            Your arguments and accusations against Trump are thin and marginal at best, and these ridiculous assaults are being used as diversion tactics, and not even good ones. Your only doing this because clinton doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Even your story about Trump’s supposed romp with an underage girl isn’t holding water. Sort of suspicious that after 30 years, it’s coming out just weeks before the election by anonymous people. Even your buddies at cnn wouldn’t bite on that bait. By the way, Anonymous just said they are releasing an interesting video today. Not going to say what it’s about case they are bluffing, but I think you know what it’s about.

            And lastly, don’t blame the US citizens for Islamic terror, Bob. You leftists better start calling a spade a spade, or your going to end up with a rape culture over here like you now have in Swedenistan.
            -Signing off.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            If Clinton signed the bill why is there video of Bush doing it, look at the clip. I gave you a link

          10. Brad says:

            I saw the video. Bush signed the treaty as a symbolic ceremony. It had to be ratified by congress in 93, and then it was signed by clinton into law in late 93. It took effect in 94. I tell you this again. They are all globalists, with Bush having been one of the most serious globalists for a long time. It goes way back.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t need a job, I’m retired, no thanks to the Republicans. The crash almost wiped out my 401K and stock holdings but I held pat and they came back plus. I guess I should thank Obama for not following the republicans plans.

    5. CrustyOldGeezer says:

      “fact checked” by a liberal media?


      97% of their ‘facts’ are homegrown in focus groups on the idea of “What can we make people believe?”.

      REAL FACTS…. or at least ‘facts as made up for the internet’ are more believable.

      HONEST, FACT BASED DATA is hard to find now.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Donald J. Trump


        Did Crooked Hillary help disgusting (check out sex tape and past) Alicia M become a U.S. citizen so she could use her in the debate?

        5:30 AM – 30 Sep 2016

        Did Trump send out this tweet, he says no then is there another Donald Trump?

        This is what Trump said about going into Lybia.

        They quote him so it’s someone saying he said but in fact his own words.

        He also told Howard Stern he supported invading Iraq,

        He said that we should get out of Iraq completely in 2008 that it was a quagmire

        Trump supported a fast and total withdrawal. These are Trump own words so I guess his evil Twin must be saying things.

        1. CrustyOldGeezer says:

          You sound a lot like a Charlie Brown comic.

    6. ourzoo10 says:


    7. Patricia T. says:

      Hillary was the one who received boos from the audience, right after Trump received cheers for his.

  • Andy Palmer says:

    Hillary is the most corrupt, dishonest, unfit person to ever run for the presidency. Nuff said!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Evan says:

      No truer words have ever been spoken! Thanks!

  • Webb says:

    Debate…100% Trump!
    The 1st debate Hillary but now the Gloves are Off…
    I prefer…Jobs, National security and less Government intrusion in our lives along with less Regulations by Agencies!
    The Republican party has Promised change in 2010 Nothing…Again in 2014 Nothing!
    Vote Trump and Lets see if change is Possible…What do WE have to Lose?
    #NeverEverHillary. ..

    1. Karll says:

      It seems when his back is against the wall, that’s when he shines. I thought Donald did great. Best line “You’d be in prison.”

      1. Webb says:

        I agree the best line…

      2. Patricia T. says:

        The aidience agreed by cheering loudly.

        1. Patricia T. says:


    2. A natural born American says:

      Unfortunately, in order to affect change there must be a majority vote and with our RINO’s that’s hard to make happen. That’s why people must do more than listen to all the candidate’s MT promises, they also NEED to read the voting records. You do know that the democrats are trying to get it changed so voting records cannot be viewed during federal election YEARS. Don’t you wonder why that is?

      1. Webb says:

        I agree with your post…
        Trump has his flaws and many are hard to swallow but I bit the bullet, Hillary Never! 30 years of lies and deceit by her, I will bet on Trump and The Rinos be darned…
        As for the voting records…More of the same from The DC elites!

    3. reggie says:

      He threw the first game to be able to scope her out. She got a little too confident that zipper boy’s escapades would never be used. It was a stroke of genius to say he’d say nothing because of chelsea. Her ear piece must have been going nuts.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Or they put it in the wrong hole! 🙂

      2. Webb says:

        The Gloves were off…Its Time!

        1. reggie says:

          Nice, wasn’t it.

          1. Webb says:

            Without A Doubt…

          2. reggie says:

            Big smile!!!

  • Linda says:

    Go Trump. I’m glad the Billy story was brought to the attention of the American people again because young people are not aware of how he had abused women and Hillary supporting him and threatening those women with harmful intentions. He nailed her perfectly last night. Great job!

    1. Patricia T. says:

      Bravo for Trump inviting four of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims, three of which were forcefully intimidated by Hillary after Bill was through wit them. Bill was obviously angry and uncomfortable last night, shooting angry looks at Trump throughout the debate. He did a great job staying focused. Hillary, on the other hand, did what she does best — lie over and over again. She lied about Benghazi, she lied about her guilt in destroying 33,000 emails and she lied about what she has done, starting after graduation from college. Five of the things she has used as things she did after college have been debunked. She worked for people who did those things, but they weren’t part of her job. Trump received cheers after his comment that she would have gone to jail under his leadership. Hillary received boos shortly after that. The audience responses were comparable to the show of support at rallies. Trump draws thousands and Hillary has to pay people to attend hers to make it appear that she has a following.

      As expected, the debate monitors and their co-workers showed their liberal colors right after the debate, giving the debate to Hillary.

      I think Trump overshadowed her in this debate.

      1. Charityneastwood3 says:

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  • CrustyOldGeezer says:

    The “Special Prosecutor” message is going to ring a lot of bells in the VOTERS minds that for TOO LONG and TOO MANY corrupt politicians have gotten away with too much BAD BEHAVIOR while in office.

    THAT crosses ALL levels of the Economic, Cultural, Social, and Race divisions in this Nation.

    People WILL CROSS THAT LINE to see IF it will happen.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      This was about the time the Clinton family lost their big ole smiles!

    2. pmbalele says:

      Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the explosive second presidential debate on Sunday night, according to live polling taken during the showdown on A slight majority of respondents named the former secretary of state as the winner, with 52.3 percent naming her as the winner compared to to 47.4 percent who named Donald Trump in the poll taken live during the the presidential debate in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday night.

      1. David Tierney says:

        I no longer believe any poll issued by the MSM. We all know where their loyalties lie.

        1. judge45colt says:

          and it sure ain’t with the repubs

      2. Webb says:

        The Only Poll that matters is the one the people decide on come Nov. 8th with their Votes…
        Lets see how that Vote calculates into the Polls!
        Choice Is More Demise Of America or a Change giving AMERICA Back To The Populace!!

        1. BOC says:

          Most any poll you see is weighted heavily Democrat. The last NBC/WSJ poll had the ‘Beast up +6 with the Dems over polled +15 over Republicans and Independents surveyed. The polls are skewed for Kankles,
          Check the Daybreak poll from LA Times/Dornsife, he’s up +3 today. Those two better reflect what’s going on in the electorate than a gamed poll from the “In her Depends” media.

          1. Webb says:

            Thanks for the Info…

      3. CrustyOldGeezer says:

        An ‘aol’ poll?

        ANYBODY that still uses aol is seriously underinformed.

        Well, at least 52.3 percent of them are irretrievably UNDER INFORMED.

      4. ClarenceDeBarrows says:

        Better reread the results, pm …

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