‘Don’t Tread On Me’ patches allegedly banned from Navy SEAL uniforms

DALLAS – Former Navy Seal Carl Higbie claims a senior enlisted advisor has banned “Don’t Tread On Me” uniform patches for active-duty operators. Per Higbie’s Daily Caller column, an email circulated on October 22 advising personnel to wear only an American flag patch on their right shoulder. The correspondence was forwarded to him by multiple active SEALs.

“You are no longer authorized to wear the “Don’t Tread On Me” patch. Again the only patch authorized for wear is the American flag on the right shoulder. Please pass the word to all,” the email reportedly said. The Navy Jack is a very popular symbol among SEALs, Marines and Navy personnel, including but not limited to conservatives, constitutionalists and libertarians.

The flag features a rattlesnake and the words “Don’t Tread On Me,” against 13 red and white horizontal stripes. Continental marines carried the message into battle against the British for its symbolism of resistance. Since 2002, all U.S. Navy ships began flying the First Navy Jack in place of the Union Jack for “the duration of the global war on terrorism”.

Higbie warns this move highlights the growing breach between lower ranks and “yes-men” of the top brass which threatens military cohesion. He believes the Obama administration is waging war on the Navy’s heritage in pursuit of political correctness, and complicit leaders embrace this agenda for career health.

“Why would our leaders sell out our heritage? Why would they rob present and future sailors of our battle cry? When a friend of mine asked his leadership the same question, he was told, “The Jack is too closely associated with radical groups. We must assume that this thought policeman embedded in the SEAL community is speaking of the Tea Party, whose flag (which also dates from the American Revolution) depicts a snake with the same defiant slogan as The Navy Jack.”

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  • skipboe910 says:

    What a bunch of hooey…. What’s next? Asking our enemy to ‘dance’ versus just taking it where we know it needs to go?!!? It is an insult to take this patch off.

  • SniperToo says:

    Well kids, what did you expect from a illegal British subject, born in Kenya, a Muslim, homo and a Dictator. He ursurpe the senate seat, and the white house two times. What’s new. He has taken our military (every branch) and watered it down to the level of where we were before WWII. He has taken the oath, “so help me God” out of the military acadamy’s, etc.. Kicking out Christians who refuse to shut American citizens (when uncalled for); so, what’s new. You were expecting someone who was born here and loves the Constitution and this country?????Really?

    Go to Beforeitsnews.com and read the article “I need to know what was the cause of death of Sherman Skolnick. MI-6 sealed all of Obama’s Kenya and British records/Obama’s birthplace controversy. Than look for Seymour Hersh book, coming out soon, The Big Lie. Ben boy died in 2002 and the 16 Navy Seals shot down by Al-Q via Obama to hide the truth.

  • msbets says:


  • jamohio says:

    The Seals and other Special Op forces have more than earned the right to embolden their heritage!!

  • Kenneth Hall says:

    He does not hate our military, that is too limited, he hates our country as does his wife

  • Kenneth Hall says:

    He is firing any officer that he feels is not toeing the mark. Ahole that he is

  • donl says:

    Disobey his every command. He HATES our military. He is destroying our military more and more each and every day. He just fired his TENTH commander. That in itself is very anti-american. The military needs to respond in a very “positive” way. We REAL americans will back you all the way!!

  • Kristi17 says:

    Obama-COWARD is Anti-American and Anti-FREEDOM in our Nation! DO NOT TRUST Obama-Nation!! Obama-COWARD is DESTROYING our CONSTITUTION and BILL of RIGHTS in the USA, this is TYRANNY!!

    1. Linda Dawson says:

      thank you I could not have said it better

  • modernminuteman says:

    Obama and his scumbag sellouts in action trying to destroy america’s heritage.

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