Dr. Carson: Borders Sealed Year One

by Pam Key | Breitbart
September 14, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said the “logistics” of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s plan to deport 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States is “difficult,” so he would focus instead on sealing the U.S.-Mexico border, promising it would be done in one year.

Carson said, “The logistics are difficult. As I said, I’m all ears if somebody can tell me exactly how you can do that. I would certainly be interested in hearing it. But the fact of the matter is, our problem is that our federal government is not supporting the local authorities at the border. It’s disgusting what is going on.”

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  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The correct term is………………illegal aliens NOT illegal immigrants.

  • Yevrah Kahn says:

    Sorry to dis-agree with you but building “THE GREAT WALL OF AMERICA” can be done, we could put thousands upon thousands of Legal Americans back to work in many trades as well as many companies will be re-opened producing the materials needed to build the wall, these workers will generate millions of dollars in tax revenue for the government and I would be willing to bet that all of those who have land along the border would be willing to “Give” 60 feet of it to the government for free so the wall can be built because it will protect them and their families from those coming across the border illegally and stop the drug dealers as well.

    1. Nicolas Antonoff says:

      Kahn, who exactly are you “disagreeing” with? Your point is perfectly logical and in agreement with Trump”s position. cheers

  • Nicolas Antonoff says:

    Carson and the rest of the sorry GOP field of tired bleating
    candidates are totally missing the point on the importance of
    border control (all the borders, maritime on both coasts and land
    north and south). A state that fails to enforce its sovereignty by
    tight control over who and how many get in over the borders rapidly
    gets relegated to the dustbin of history, i. e., ceases to exist.
    The Roman Empire is a good case in point. Aside from the fact that
    an overwhelming and growing portion of the electorate see that as an
    existential issue, how in blazes are we going to employ the hordes
    of semi literate, unskilled workers flooding over the all but open
    border? We have 6 million “documented ” unemployed/underemployed
    workers who would like to get full time jobs. With Obamacare driving
    the workweek down and the hordes coming over the southern border,
    getting growth by full employment of in Country resources is like
    using a tea cup to bail out a leaking boat surrounded by sharks.

    Moreover, aside from not being able to afford all the illegal
    immigration driven education and welfare benefit cost explosion,
    allowing “legalized” illegals to get citizenship and the vote would
    be the end of the constitutional order – we cannot allow the illegal
    horde to get control of their legalization process. Like the stupid
    Iran nuclear deal (shades of Munich), we would at best be kicking
    the can down the road, depending on how we set the initial barrier
    of fees and waiting periods. Admission of (temporary) guest workers
    must be calibrated to the existing slack in the economy and the
    admission criteria must be based on what the guest worker can
    effectively do for the economy, aside from providing muscle power,
    not serve the interest of shibboleths like “family unification”..
    The Eisenhower era Bracero program is a good template. Above all,
    temporary H2-A workers travel without family baggage, which only
    adds to the overhead welfare costs. Skilled technical H1-B s long as
    we clear the senseless Anchor Babies impediment. The EU is rapidly
    learning the facts of Immigration out of control. Assimilation has
    its limits. The culture cannot stand it after a tipping point, which
    the EU will reach very soon ‘as the spreading resistance shows.

    Besides, immigration and naturalization rules are for for the
    Congress to set. Trump will sign whatever bill he is presented with
    as long as it does build the Wall ASAP. That and the use of E-Verify
    and Visa to certify the delousing

    are the only way to get positive control of the illegal invasion, by
    land, sea, and air. Kate’s Law and wiping out sanctuary cities will
    automatically fall out of the settlement – they are secondary but
    important considerations. No more empty shibboleths, let us get real

    Carson also falls woefully short in the trade and economic
    reconstruction area (e.g. focus on cutting the Debt and getting
    back US jobs siphoned off to China and Mexico) All geopolitical
    contests (domestic and international) are zero sum game hostile
    takeovers. Strategic selective defaults on the Debt (as in. chapter
    11 bankruptcy) are a perfectly good tool, as the Greeks tried to use
    but they forgot their economy was not big enough leverage by far to
    threaten the opposition.. The US economy is too big for any
    international sanctions to work on us, they will be cutting off
    their noses to spite not our faces (i. e. lose huge market share for
    their assorted products, all of which we can produce domestically).
    Conversely, if we chose to apply sanctions to say Iran, the rest of
    the international players would have a choice of doing as requested
    or again being cut off from our sphere of control (market) which is
    far more onerous to them than losing Iran as a paying customer.

    Trump is perfectly aware of that leverage and perfectly willing
    to use that tool if necessary free of any “Free Trade” shibboleth.
    We win, you lose is the operative concept. None of the bleating
    politicians in either establishment have the guts nor leadership
    skill/stamina to play the game as it should be played to further
    US interests. No more playing doormat for Putin and Xi and whoever
    to wipe their feet on. Can anyone see Carson or Fiorina (who
    prattles about leadership all the time) being tough enough to
    bring that off? Or force the US multinationals who exported all
    the jobs to all and sundry to bring them back to the US? If you
    do, I have a brand new unused bridge in Alaska I can let you have
    cheap.Up the USA, to Hell with the rest Make America Great Again.

  • whoisshe? says:

    Donald Trump has the answers, I am very disappointed with Ben Carson, if he has been selling all of these brain pills and that is what helped him, why, didn’t he help all of the military who have PTSD, I don’t understand that, what about the movement he belonged to , abolishinist, when did he become a republican, and is he a registered voter? Why is he moving in the polls , no personality .

  • willr3 says:

    Carson is touted as being a genius brain surgeon. All I hear from him is variations on the Original Donald Trump Themes. Can’t he think up something new on his own. NO candidate would even be talking about the borders and immigrants if it were not for Trumps forward looking vision. He is the next president; not Carson

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    12 million is really not that hard to deport. There will be some obstacles, such as the left-wit news media, activists, and then public opinion swayed by left-wit news.
    Start deporting from the prisons, but not the ones who have committed major crimes.
    Hit the gangs, clean the streets, do a sweep.
    Cut off all aide, benefits, medical, licences, everything, they will then begin to leave on their own.
    Jobs, cut off every possible area, place, business where they could work.
    Shut down sanctuary cities, enforce the laws that are already on the books, there is no need for more laws.
    There are almost 100 million Americans on some sort of social assistance, any jobs that are vacated could easily be filled. There are plenty of personal available to man the border, while the wall is being built.

    1. Nicolas Antonoff says:

      On target. Let us not forget to charge all in country illegals retroactive penalties and taxes for non-payment of social security and medicare taxes. Collect from the employers of illegals double penalties and all back payments of unpaid payroll taxes. Hungary is showing the stupid EU internationalists the way to fix the illegal infestation. The EU is coming to a tipping point.Trump has the right solution – set up “safe zones” in Syria and Iraq and ship all “refugees” back to where they came from and keep them there. Let Assad and Isis and the shia puppet regime in Baghdad duke it out and go in and pick up the pieces. 70 % of the refugees are military age men – if they will not go in an fight the rebellion they started, put them in the safe camps. Cheaper to do than get involved in another interminable welfare and entitlements cycle. Muslims in the US should be shipped back as well – we do not owe them a thing. Forget “democracy building” inanities, the cultures are incompatible.

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        Agreed. Then too, they are not assimilating, they are re-designing, re-creating, and slowly attempting to replace our laws with theirs.

  • jdbixii says:

    All of America’s problems have to do with obedience to the law. Changing the law to legalize the offense for purposes of political benefit has not eliminated the consequences of the behavior which is a legalized offense. What many American citizens and resident aliens fail to understand is the extent of the pervasiveness of the mentality concerning the cost of legalized, offensive behavior. There is a huge economic factor involved in the treatment of the symptoms of lawlessness. Were this not the case, there would be an immediate consensus with respect to causality because of the effects of behaviors which create unsustainable cost factors.
    We have idiot politicians who rant on about women’s rights, when a woman’s right is to not do the deed in the first place. America does not have the right or freedom to be an incorrigible, debtor nation. The issues of the campaign all represent the problem of basic, immoral or unethical behavior and lawlessness with respect to personal behavior. It is that which has to be corrected. America needs change from the elected, not the continuing, politically-advantageous promises of policies which will compensate, financially, for wrong choices. While it may be impossible to legislate morality, government does not have to compensate immorality.
    Stopping the problem, getting to the source of the problem, eliminating the cause of the problem has to be the first step in solving the problem.
    There is no honor in being as stupid or ignorant as the rest of the world.
    For decades, our education system has taught that there is. Equality in stupidity has a very high price.

    1. Gnowark says:

      “While it may be impossible to legislate morality, government does not have to compensate immorality”& “Equality in stupidity has a very high price” are two of the better sayings I’ve heard, thanks

  • Gnowark says:

    Amnesty from Gk ‘forgetful.’ To shortcut those who can’t/won’t/don’t remember, it makes every illegal participant KNOW they may violate our laws with impunity, including tax, welfare. in some cases violence, but in ALL CASES CONTINUED EXISTENCE WITHIN OUR BORDERS IS BREAKING A LAW THAT ISN’T GETTING ENFORCED. Build “the Fence” first, then deport ALL but the citizens. (If the “anchor children and adults” aren’t able to take care of themselves, that means we already are taking care of them, but their illegal parents will be able to in-migrate back to their native country with or without their offspring.

  • syntex1@comcast.net says:

    His idea is much better than Trumps, i know it’s a bad situation and our Congress leaders and nobama could care less, all they want is money.

  • Elizabeth says:

    The German Chancellor has the correct stance. Go to the UN Camps and get vetted for the correct place to be moved to. The public would be OUTRAGED to know how many free services and monies are given to illegals. It would seriously cause a civil war ! They receive free HUD housing, Food Stamps, Disability and SSI, living stipends, etc., etc., etc.. Then they apply for hardship cases to bring more family members here, all while getting married and having children here. The 1981 amnestied illegals are still not all “vetted” (paperwork complete). Plus, they have filed thousands of law suits against the U.S. causing billions of lost dollars. Trump is correct, ALL illegals must go. Only properly vetted refugees and guests are welcome.

    1. dmttbt says:

      It is all part of the governments plan to have the people become totally dependent on the government and then we will have to do what we are told. How ridiculous can we be to want gun control for legal gun owners and the criminals get a free pass? Criminals break the law and the gun control people think if we pass a new law they will obey it. Now how idiotic is that?

    2. S.J. Jolly says:

      If you think the illegals are riding a government gravy train, why not get aboard it? Become a fake illegal ! (See how long you can stand living on the “gravy.”)

      1. Edward Canady says:

        Approx $50-60,000 per year..not too bad. How did you get signed up?? I just might use your method…try to recoup some of my wasted tax dollars
        .Molon LABE.

      2. Elizabeth says:

        They live multiple families per house, as is their life experience elsewhere. They make undeclared cash earnings. They have not necessarily won court cases, but have cost OUR government 34 years of tied-up court hearings while they multiply. Think about it. The news has spread, and many ARE coming to “Get on board the gravy train!” MOST (over 90%) ARE NOT REFUGEES ! They do not qualify to come legally.

    3. Joseph Le Bard says:

      The German goverment there a joke half there city’s are under Sharia law.

      1. Edward Canady says:

        Got to respect the opinions of folks even when it is nonsensical.
        Molon Labe.

        1. Joseph Le Bard says:

          Just as you texted molon labe (come an get it)an thats what the muslims did they came an put there citys under sharia law , Not an opinion fact get a dictionary .

          1. Edward Canady says:

            A greart orator said that the most dangerous Thing in the world is severe Ignorance and conscientious Stupidity…you are one of those Things.
            You cannot eve write intelligently nor spell and punctuate even minimally. Please Lord..let you be a Liberal.
            Obviously you cannot use a dictionary, a history book or even use google, Wikipedia or youtube.

            You must be in middle school to be so Ill informed.

          2. john says:

            well ain’t you just top sh#t ..your just so much better than everyone else why aren’t you in white house and saving the world you liberal piece of $h#t…your so highly intelligent…ha god is a conservative….remember not to judge others just cause their not on your high level…ha ha ha woo

          3. Edward Canady says:

            Jonnie Mop…who rattled your cage?? You act like a Troll…drop in on a site ..attack one person for no reason and disappear.
            No I am not top shit…but you are a lowly turd in the wedding punchbowl.
            Wrong…I am not a Liberal piece of Sh#t.I am surprised you can spell Liberal…which I’m not…and you can’t spell SHIT.
            Yes..I am reasonably intelligent…a trait that will forever elude you…you will die in Stupidly Ignorant bliss.
            A greart orator said that the most dangerous Thing in the world is severe Ignorance and conscientious Stupidity…you are one of those Things.
            You cannot even write intelligently nor spell and punctuate even minimally. Please Lord..let you be a Liberal. Unfortunately….you are an embarassment to Conservatism.
            The use of God by you is somewhat blasphemous.
            I do not judge …your own words convict and condemn you.
            I bet your wife left you …could not stand being around an uneducated ignorant pompous ass. Probably ran off with the drummer in a Madonna concert band.
            Did she leave you to raise another man’s kids.?? I also bet she left you the one-eyed dog. It must really suck to be you.
            Other than YOU…did your Sister have any children that lived..do you still call her Aunt Mom??…or sissy mom ?
            The best part of you is still in the ruptured condom she keeps in her dresser drawer. Too bad she did not have a morning after pill.
            Have a life WIMP…Weak Insignificant Malingering Pussy.

            Thanks for the unwarranted personal attack…hope you are satisfied with the return in kind…however, I really do not care…your opinion is as worthless as a bucket of warm spit.
            Molon Labe

        2. Ellen says:

          And Saudi Arabia said they will help the refugees…..by building 200 mosques in Germany. But none of them will take in a single refugee!! Germany will live to rue the day.

          1. Edward Canady says:

            Possibly..they do not want to face the wrath of ISIS if they do so.

          2. Ellen says:

            And Europe and the West has to face the wrath of ISIS? They do not want terrorism in their midst but have no qualms in letting that happen to other countries. Smart move on their part, isn’t it?

    4. Marty says:

      I heard today something close to 91% of these musleem refugees are on gov’t paid health care, 80+% gov’t paid housing and 73% on cash welfare. What are we thinking?

    5. Ellen says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Somebody has to start enforcing our law and deporting all the illegals. It may take a year or so but at least it should be started. President Eisenhower deported all the illegals without fanfare and without much expense. It can be done and should be done. Do not let the ILLEGALS manipulate us. Sympathize with them but we should definitely not subsidize them. They are the responsibilities of their own countries.

    6. FLORIDA LADY says:

      I agree!

  • LaRae Bailey says:


  • Ron Hirschkind says:

    Here’s how you seal the border. Put troops on the border with orders to shoot and kill if someone attempts to cross. At the same time we build a wall . I personally prefer the military to guard and protect our borders. A wall might sound good, but in the end we still need troops. Anyone who has the slightest dust up with the law, gets a quick boot, no matter who they are. That would instantly remove alot of illegals.

  • Mark Davison says:

    I’ve heard Carson supports FORCED VACCINATIONS. Bad News for our health and freedom.

    1. Edward Canady says:

      Then don’t send your kiss to school.

  • Dave Batz says:

    I’d say, institute health screenings for any and all immigrants/refugees entering this nation. This is the threat we all face. Years ago when European immigrants were entering this nation through Ellis Island there were health screenings provided. Any immigrant with health issues were held until healthy or denied entry. This should be the case now!
    In past years this has been ignored which has increased healthcare costs accross our nation, even to the point that hospitals are closing, doctors are specializing, enrollments at universities for general healthcare providers has decreased, and welfare costs have increased.
    The short of it is, we don’t know what these immigrants/refugees are bringing with them. We must demand health screenings be instituted to save us all!

  • donemyhomework says:

    Each and every one of the candidates has something important to offer. With Trump I like the best man for the job mentality instead of political debt payment. When he says management…I have a tendency to go with a proven BUSINESS track record. It was argued that Trump received a good “seed” to start. But he made it grow substantially. There is a book called “Profiles of Genius” by Gene L. Landrum that gives some insight into the mentality of some rather significant people. I would seek a creative problem solver who knows how to manage a select team. The economy and the ISLAM problem are the two greatest problems we have. Especially Islam. After a full year of comprehensive (better than 3600 hours) investigation into Islam the threat is big time. Most of those people have no idea as to the Islam problem, especially Fiona. I think she would be another Merkel. Clueless.

  • Bob LaNinfa says:

    S.J. Look on the Jolly side of Cason’s statement. First year he will close the Southern border. Then next year he’ll work on the port of entry, at the same time, the planes coming in. Golly S.J., as great as God Is, it took him 6 days to make this world you live in. I hope you have a Jolly happy rest of the day.

  • paulyz says:

    Dr. Carson figured out Border Security is a popular issue AFTER Trump brought it up. But we heard this song & dance before. Meanwhile Carson will allow many Millions of Illegals to stay. Trump will build the Wall, instantly deport criminal Illegals, & have the others return home within 2 years to apply LEGALLY, as our Laws require.

    1. I Seigel says:

      “Instantly”. Yeah, gotta love that! Maybe just get Barbara Eden to be Secretary of Homeland Security – she could just cross her arms and do her little blinky thing (I hope the harem outfit wouldn’t be too non-PC!!) Or Ray Walston as Defense Secretary – he could just wiggle his nose and get rid of ’em all.

      1. Gnowark says:

        Why am I not surprised, Mr./Mrs./Ms. seagull, that you prefer to believe in fairies and aliens to solve our problems? I do have to give you credit for realizing our current (40-50 years) politicians aren’t able to handle the tasks (for which they are responsible) either.

        1. I Seigel says:

          If you’ll notice, it was PaulyZ who used the word “instantly”, as in, “Trump will build the Wall, instantly deport criminal Illegals, &…” I think he will need some help to do that, don’t you? Who else could “instantly” accomplish those tasks except fairies and aliens?

          (At least you understood my references. Thank you!)

  • jerry young says:

    so which is it close the borders and let no more in or we need to accept refugees? you can’t have it both ways

    1. paulyz says:

      Build Wall, mandatory E-verify, track-stop visa overstays, deport criminal Illegals, then give other Illegals 2 years to leave & apply Legally. We need to also take in less Legal Immigrants for a short period until Americans are fully employed & trained.
      As for refugees, they would be better off resettled in either their own countries or countries nearby with similar cultures. Would be problems having many come here because the checking process would never be handled properly. Let the many other nations of the World do their fair share, the U.S. certainly does more.

      1. I Seigel says:

        “We need to also take in less Legal Immigrants for a short period until Americans are fully employed & trained”. If you can find teenagers or college students to clean toilets, do landscaping or pick apples, let me know. And for 8 dollars/hour, no benefits. Or would you support unions?

        1. Gnowark says:

          Gee, what a novel idea, it takes me back 40-50 years when I was paid minimum to clean toilets, mow grass, and pump leaded gas, but it sure wasn’t for 8 dollars/hour.and no benefits. That was when it was known as “entry level job” for low pay and no-one expected benefits. And yes, I support unions for the benefit of workers, NOT for their lack of political intelligence.

          1. I Seigel says:

            Well, it’s refreshing to hear you say you support unions. And of course for the benefit of workers – that’s what they’re designed for.

            Yes, my “entry-level job” was at $1.60/hr and no benefits. I used the $8/hr figure as a minimum-wage translated to today’s dollars.

        2. megan says:

          Cut off all benefits. No more years of unemployment, welfare, etc. You might be surprised at how soon teenagers would work again.

          1. I Seigel says:

            You think that teenagers and college students are collecting benefits??!! Hah! Maybe benefits from their parents. But if they haven’t worked, they can’t collect unemployment benefits. If they haven’t worked, they have no Social Security to draw from. Food stamps? Maybe, if they’re living on their own without parental support.

            Maybe try one of those 8 dollar/hr jobs for a day, then go buy yourself a clue.

          2. megan says:

            No..their parents are and businesses won’t hire teens when they can get illegals.

          3. I Seigel says:

            I guess I misunderstood you. I thought you were connecting cutting off benefits to the hiring of teens. It sounds like you weren’t doing that.

            So do you think that businesses hire illegals because they prefer brown-skinned workers over white-skinned? Or is it because they can pay illegals less money? If you believe it’s an economic issue, then you should be supporting higher minimum-wage laws in your state and stronger unions, don’t you think?

  • David Stovall says:

    Carson is good, Fiorina is good ,, in fact we have a tremendous bench. I am looking at who has the list of things we can’t do, Trump has the list of things we can do.,, like the border, deportation, 14th amendment anchor babies, federal dept. of education, etc. , etc.

    1. FLORIDA LADY says:

      Carson can’t win. Fiorina says she is rising in the polls, while she is GOING DOWN…………….???CLUELESS!! Trump is the only candidate of the Republican line up WHO CAN WIN A NATIONAL ELECTION!

  • Icemancold says:

    WELL: I say Trump is the man with a PLAN and He has my vote

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says:

    Very disappointed. Carson is out for me. Amnesty, refugees, now this… I had no worries he was anything like Obama. Now I do. We don’t need another race baiter. Dr Ben Carson Second Guesses Officer Darren Wilson – Says He Wouldn’t Have Shot Michael Brown Very disappointed. Carson is out for me.

    Ben Carson says we need a guest worker program because Americans JUST WON’T WORK harder JOBS

    1. megan says:

      Carson also said he would have “charged” Zimmerman with “something” just to prevent any violence. He didn’t mention the fact that Zimmerman had not done anything to be charged with. Carson would be black first.

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says:

    Ben Carson says we need a guest worker program because Americans JUST WON’T WORK harder JOBS

    Read more: http://therightscoop.com/ben-carson-says-we-need-a-guest-worker-program-because-americans-just-wont-work-harder-jobs/#ixzz3liXWkBT1

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says:

    Saudi Official Says They Are DELIBERATELY Ignoring Refugees, To Allow The Spread Of Islam To Flood The West

    ‘We’re letting them go to Europe, isn’t that enough?’

    Riyadh: The Saudi government has responded to increasing backlash over the lack of refugees that the country has agreed to host in the recent refugee crisis.

    Khabaristan Times had earlier reported on Muslim Ummah unanimously deciding to be offended by EU’s refugee policy, and elaborated on Saudi Arab’s reaction to an extent.

    Many have lost their lives in trying to reach European countries for a better life for themselves and their families. Recent images of a young boy, lying dead on a beach, have caused a new uproar asking Arabic nations to act.

    “We are ignoring the issue as a strategic maneuver. If these refugees go and settle in the west then they will take the beacon of light i.e. Islam, with them,” an official from the Saudi government said.

    “What we are doing is waiting for them to set up camp so that they can show these infidel nations how to save themselves from kufr,” he said.

    So, we can look forward to this:
    As long as the Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone. In fact, they may be featured in articles and films, stereotyped for their colorful uniqueness:
    United States — Muslim 1.0%
    Australia — Muslim 1.5%
    Canada — Muslim 1.9%
    China — Muslim 1%-2%
    Italy — Muslim 1.5%
    Norway — Muslim 1.8%

    At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs:
    Denmark — Muslim 2%
    Germany — Muslim 3.7%
    United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%
    Spain — Muslim 4%
    Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

    From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.
    They will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. ( United States ).
    France — Muslim 8%
    Philippines — Muslim 5%
    Sweden — Muslim 5%
    Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%
    The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%
    Trinidad &Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

    At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islam is not to convert the world but to establish Sharia law over the entire world.
    When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions ( Paris –car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats ( Amsterdam – Mohammed cartoons).
    Guyana — Muslim 10%
    India — Muslim 13.4%
    Israel — Muslim 16%
    Kenya — Muslim 10%
    Russia — Muslim 10-15%

    After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning:
    Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

    At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare:
    Bosnia — Muslim 40%
    Chad — Muslim 53.1%
    Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

    From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels:
    Albania — Muslim 70%
    Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%
    Qatar — Muslim 77.5%
    Sudan — Muslim 70%

    After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide:
    Bangladesh — Muslim 83%
    Egypt — Muslim 90%
    Gaza — Muslim 98.7%
    Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%
    Iran — Muslim 98%
    Iraq — Muslim 97%
    Jordan — Muslim 92%
    Morocco — Muslim 98.7%
    Pakistan — Muslim 97%
    Palestine — Muslim 99%
    Syria — Muslim 90%
    Tajikistan — Muslim 90%
    Turkey — Muslim 99.8%
    United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

    1. FLORIDA LADY says:

      You are correct!! And the Christians in the USA are at greater risk each week!

    2. megan says:

      Why are these refugees going anywhere? Why aren’t we funding camps like we always do? Then they go back to their own country.

  • FLORIDA LADY says:

    Carson HAS NO IDEA THE DAMAGE THAT IS BEING DONE TO THE USA FINANCIALLY AND THE LACK OF SAFETY that is happening here due TO ILLEGALS IN THE USA!! Muslims are establishing Sharia law, insisting that children in public schools are studying the Curan……….and STOPPING CHRISTIAN PRAYER ALL OVER THE USA!! Carson is a 7th Day Adventist and that religion HAS NO COMMERCIALIZATION OF CHRISTMAS………..no presents, no Christmas parties, no cards, no Christmas trees or decorations, no Christmas office parties, NO SANTA, NO CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS……………..the same with Easter……no Easter baskets, no Easter Eggs, no cards ……………and no special dressing up. The 7th Day Adventists also have published their OWN BOOK for religious teaching…………not the BIBLE……..MORE SIMILAR TO MORMONS WITH THE BOOK OF MORMON…………But at least Mormons openly celebrate Christmas and other religious holidays………………..SO CARSON IS ATTACKING TRUMP ON HIS RELIGIOUS BELIEFS WITHOUT REVEALING HIS OWN!!

    1. swamprat1937 says:

      You’re probably too young to remember when John F. Kennedy ran for president. After all, he was a Catholic and how dare a Catholic run for president! A Catholic president – how dare he. Get your nose out of joint Florida Lady.

      1. FLORIDA LADY says:

        Swap rat has no idea what she OR he is talking about. Catholics are Christians….and teachers from the Bible.. the Mormons and 7the Day Adventists have composed there own books…and those are Not the Bible. Try researching for yourself.

        1. swamprat1937 says:

          I’ve done a bit of research and learned 7th Day Adventists DO use the Bible, they DO celebrate the birth of Christ – not necessarily on December 25. You seem to be an angry woman. Calm down.

  • jdbixii says:

    Given the history of relations between the U.S. and Mexico, it is difficult to understand why the U.S. did not build a system of military forts all along the border with Mexico to control all immigration into the country. It seems, now, an intolerable oversight. On 9/11/01, President Bush had the “golden opportunity” to seal the border. The sentiment and sympathy of the entire non-Muslim world were with the U.S. Had we sealed the border by stationing troops all along it, increased security at all ports of entry, stopped all tourism, all trade, all shipping and all airline flights to and from ALL Muslim countries,
    we would have accomplished more, with no additional bloodshed and saved America the cost and grief which the prolonged, continuing “war on terror” has burdened us with.
    The solution to the nation’s problems is a return to law and order, (which is always the solution). There is no substitute for obedience to law, particularly, God’s laws and the purposeful life which they enable.

  • S.J. Jolly says:

    Has Doctor Carson even explained if his “seal the border” includes closing the ports of entry? Thousands of cars, trucks, buses, trains and planes pass through the ports of entry daily, with very few getting thoroughly searched.
    With billions of dollars in trade passing through the ports, closing them will produce screams of protest from many corporate boardrooms.

    1. FLORIDA LADY says:

      CARSON is clueless!!

      1. william couch says:


        1. Andi says:

          I’m not sure if Canada has accepted any refugees. I will check with my relatives. I know that they are trying to get a liberal in office and Obama’s people have been in Canada working with them.. Obama also had his people in Nigeria and they turned liberal. That is why it is so concerning about the Soros/Obama connection to bring upon us the “One World Government. Truly evil people.

          1. william couch says:

            I’ve been hearing that the pope is in on it also. He’s addressing the UN this week.

          2. Andi says:

            Yes, it is very sad. When the Pope was elected I thought what a nice man, no pomp and ceremony, etc. Now, realizing he was born in Argentina a Communist Country with dictator, I believe he leans towards that way of life. It is the taking down the job creators and every one is the same. But that is not what God intended, he gave everyone free will to make decision, right or wrong. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is up to each of us to take that road.and encourage others to come along. Give a man a fish and he will want more, teach a man to fish and he can fish for more.

          3. william couch says:

            Indeed! This is part & parcel to the Illuminati. & organization that’s been around since the pharaoh’s. Bilderberg is part, of which the Clinton’s are members, & now OSPOOK because he’s been a leader of a nuclear nation. The sign for the illuminati, is a upside-down triangle made with the middle finger & thumb. OSPOOK gives this a lot when he’s traveling. Another signal that he uses is the first finger pointing up, meaning one god Allah

          4. Edward Canady says:

            The Pope is not a “”Leaner””…He in fact IS. Born that way ..raised that way…loved his entire life that way…knows no other way.
            His business is Salvation. When he ventures into the arena of politics of which he knows very little..he loses the moral high ground and loses credibility in both arenas.
            Molon Labe

          5. Andi says:

            So true, he is supposed to be helping to save souls, not the environment, which is in the hands of Mother Nature as far a the global warming issue. Other parts of the environment need help, but that is not for him to get into the politics. It is disturbing to the conservative christian Catholics.

          6. Andi says:

            Just another thought. Just because he was born that way, he still accepted that he was a messenger of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Therefore he should follow his commitment, not Obamas……

          7. Ron Hirschkind says:

            The Poop is a phony and rapidly destroying the church.He is a communist and strong ally of Obama.
            He should not be allowed to visit. The administration only wants muslims here. If something happens to this Poop, our country will rightly be held at fault. We don’t need that. OOPS, Obama and his commie buddies would love it.

          8. william couch says:

            YES, even with ejaculation parties, as to say,,,,, This is how to F a nation.

          9. swamprat1937 says:

            Ron, I am a Methodist; however, I have a great deal of respect for this Pope. You’re saying ignorant things about a good man.

          10. Nina says:

            Do you have a great deal of respect for him just because he is a pope or do you like his policies? You do realize he’s a socialist/communist don’t you. By your pic you look like a very lovely lady. Maybe you’re just not paying attention to his policies that’s all I can guess. Btw he SHOULD NOT have any policies he should be preaching salvation, PERIOD.

          11. S.J. Jolly says:

            To many right-wingers, anyone who’s not a rabid, all profits to the “makers” and the Devil take the rest, free marketers, is a communist and / or socialist.

          12. Edward Canady says:

            Are you talking about the Pope politics.salvation or just NOTHING at all.??

          13. Nina says:

            What do you think of him? He is coming here and he is going to speak in Spanish??? Well excuse me!! We speak English here! He knows how’s how to speak it. Sorry, rude. Wrong turn Mexico further south!!! Look he’s just another man I owe him nothing! My allegiance is to GOD!!!

          14. S.J. Jolly says:

            The “Poop” ?? What’s the, the Anti-Pope, if not the Anti-Christ ? Or, is he something your fevered brain thought up?

          15. Nina says:

            The pope, another fraud!!

          16. S.J. Jolly says:

            There IS a “One World Government” in development, yes. It’s formed of the multi-nationals, and seeks to gain power through Trojan-horse treaties like TAPP.

      2. swamprat1937 says:

        Hey Florida “lady” – there is nothing clueless about Ben Carson. He is by far the best candidate for president. A far cry from what we have now. A person who has almost ruined our country. Dr. Ben Carson is the man who can do it.

        1. paulyz says:

          Dr. Carson is a good man but Trump is better, more understanding of how economies work, & will solve the Illegal “immigrant” mess that is crippling us. Trump for President.

          1. judyann j says:

            Here’s my take on Trump…this is the first time and most likely the last and only time, we have an opportunity to vote for a candidate not wholly owned by big donors and special interest groups. The Washington establishment is completely corrupted, morally bankrupted…BOTH parties.
            No, Trump is not a politicians, doesn’t do “political speak,” and is not perfect to all (impossible to achieve). But he does love this country and is not a man who is accustomed to failing at anything he puts his mind to.
            Deport every illegal? Of course not but how about starting with every convicted felon, the hundreds of thousands of them Obama has set free from prison and unleashed upon our communities? How about starting there?
            As for having Mexico pick up the tab…EASY and something I’ve been long suggesting. Deduct the cost of those we do deport back to Mexico from the US aide they receive AND WATCH HOW FAST MEXICO SECURES THEIR SIDE OF THE BORDER.

          2. Andi says:

            You are so right about this being our only chance to vote for someone who really has our country first on his agenda. Canada requires passports to enter the country now. We have been to lax for too long and it is like a colony of ants covering our country and taking our jobs and wearing out our medical system so that it is getting harder for true American Citizens to get the healthcare they need, especially the Veterans.
            The people have been awakened by the man called “Trump” and he is very intelligent and knows how to create jobs and prosperity and will take no nonsense from the rest of the world.

          3. Nina says:

            Wonder if Canada is taking any terrorist refugees?

          4. Elizabeth says:

            No, Canada is not taking any refugees or asylum requests.

          5. Sue Johnson says:

            How about Americans who pay taxes and are self-supporting? I’m tempted to go.

          6. Elizabeth says:

            I heard that Canada is not accepting U.S. Americans at this time … too bad ! Wonder how long the waiting list is … but, I’m not ready to give up U.S. citizenship and neither Canada nor U.S. allow dual citizenship.

          7. S.J. Jolly says:

            Wrong on so many points. Where to begin?
            10 – 12 million illegals, covering a nation of 300+ million?
            Our medical system is far from worn out, as opposed to underfunded — ask the hospital corporations.
            Obamacare is helping American citizens get the medical care they need.
            Veterans Administration doesn’t treat illegal immigrants, only American veterans and their families.
            Trump knows how to create a relatively few jobs. And is better at creating prosperity for himself than for everyone else. (Ask all the people who lose money in his casino.)

          8. Marty says:

            Judyann, I completely agree. The one thing you left out of the major DC problem…Political correctness, and we have all seen how Trump could care less about that.

          9. megan says:

            Does anyone know who Carson’s donors are.

          10. I Seigel says:

            Obama has freed hundreds of thousands of illegals who are convicted felons?!?! Wow! I never knew that. Could you post a link to some news story about that?

          11. paulyz says:

            Check out numbersusa.org, they have excellent information on all aspects concerning ILLEGAL “Immigration”, plus have Free Faxes to send to your Congressmen.

          12. I Seigel says:

            You’re quoting from a website whose stated goal is to promote lower immigration. I don’t consider that a “fair and balanced” source, and neither should you.
            Fox reported a while ago that ICE had released 2000 low-risk immigrants when sequestration was about to kick in, because the Dept of Homeland Security was about to have their budget cut. There has been no, or very few, release of high-risk, dangerous criminal illegals back into the US, and certainly not the “hundreds of thousands” that you quoted.

          13. Edward Canady says:

            That is exactly the response I would expect from Uber Lib lockstep Obama drone.
            Paulyz did NOT say “hundreds of thousands”…get your “”fact”” correct..not what you want it to be.
            Slow down…read for comprehension ..not speed..
            To clarify your mis-information fabrication…I will post the “REAL” mission statement that you attempted to redacted and revise.
            Let the folks here decide.
            “””NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan immigration-reduction organization. We conduct research on the impacts of high numerical levels of immigration and educate the public, opinion leaders and policymakers on the results of those and other studies. Undergirding our work are beliefs in environmental sustainability, economic justice, the rule of law, and individual liberty, and opposition to federal immigration policies that threaten these values by forcing massive US population growth.”””
            …And now you know the crest of the story.
            Molon Labe.

          14. I Seigel says:

            Eddy, I appreciate you trying to join the discussion, but maybe it would be better if YOU slowed down and read carefully – read what is written here and not what you want to read. As it was, your response was so typical and predictable for a knee-jerk conservative puppet who simply echoes what he or she is fed by the rabid dog food business you call conservative news.

            Here is the quote, not from Paulyz but from Judyann J, who I was responding to: “Of course not but how about starting with every convicted felon, the hundreds of thousands of them Obama has set free from prison and unleashed upon our communities?”

            I’ll be sure to accept your apology if and when one is offered.

            As to the NumbersUSA website, as part of their LOGO it says “For Lower Immigration Levels”. I don’t know how much plainer they need to be, or me. That is what they claim to be about – their words, not me.

            Again, I’ll be gracious and accept your apology when it’s forthcoming. Until then, you really have nothing more to contribute to this discussion.

          15. Edward Canady says:

            Greeting dipshit…
            Sir…please accept my apology for NOT not calling you a Liar earlier…but on this occasion I am calling you a Damn Liar you pompous bloviating Prick.
            You replied to Paulyz and said “”hundreds of thousands you quoted””. You were NOT responding to anyone else. No matter how you try to redact or revise…you are still a Damnable Fraud and a compulsive Liar.
            The website is what it is regardless of your acceptance or rejection of its publically stated purpose.
            Obviously, your comprehension ability is on par with that of a SLUG. You sound you are a YouR use educated twit whose greatest aspiration was to get your GED from your beloved Obama School go the Mentally Deficient Dumb Ignorant and Stupid. Sorry you were not able to attain the minimum academic standards.
            Silly little PRIVATE boy from Brooklyn…the few posts I could find show that you contribute nothing of value…only acting like a Troll attempting to disrupt discussions.
            Other than YOU did your Sister/ Manmy have any children that lived. Too bad she did not use a better quality condom.
            Just so you know…your opinion is as worthless as a turf in a punchboel or a bucket of warm spit.
            Molon Labe.

          16. I Seigel says:

            Really Lil Eddy? Really? I was being polite, held my tongue, didn’t call you names. And you really want to pursue this? You really want to embarrass yourself like this, in front of strangers?

            Look above in this thread. Do you see the post from Judyann J? It starts with the sentence, “Here’s my take on Trump”. See it?

            OK, now look below it. You see my post there? It starts with the question, “Obama has freed hundreds of thousands of illegals?!?!?” See it? Now look at who I was replying to. It’s plain as day. See it? It was Judyann J who used the figure “hundreds of thousands”, and I was repeating her words in my response TO HER. Get it?

            And as to the website, here’s what you just said: “The website is what it is regardless of your acceptance or rejection of its publically stated purpose”. Exactly. So you don’t dispute its publically stated purpose any longer? Good. We agree then.

            I’m doing my utmost to not call you any names, but my patience is sorely being tried by you.

            Apologize or not, you’re of no significance to me.

          17. Edward Canady says:

            Really..dumb-ass…Really. Politeness is foreign to you, and I will return rudeness in kind and more…deal with it

            I do most solemnly and sincerely, promise and swear to apologize to your Mammy for having to birth such a turd, and to keep his smelly ass around the house..
            Apparently you lack the mental accumen to understand the difference between 2 names..and which one you sent your reply to.
            My replies to you stand as written and are correct..No change..No apology..No anything.
            You are still a Fraud and a compulsive Liar.
            Molon Labe

          18. Edward Canady says:

            Molon Labe

          19. I Seigel says:

            You have absolutely nothing worth taking. You never have, actually. Enjoy your empty life.

          20. Edward Canady says:

            That which I have YOU will never have and cannot TAKE…even though you sound like an uneducated Thug or a schoolyard bully trying to act important.
            You remind me of a mangy toothless attack mutt..all bark and no bite.
            Thanks …I will continue to receive great enjoyment from my wonderfully full “”empty”” life.
            I hope you are satisfied with your role as an UberLib Lockstep Obama Drone, bellying up to that hog trough..waiting for more freebies and goodies.
            The truth hurts sometimes..huh??
            Molon Labe

          21. S.J. Jolly says:

            How about reliable news sources, vice propaganda fronts for the Koch brothers and their allies, seeking to remake America to their liking ?

          22. albertbryson says:

            I am a member of the Americans for Prosperity and I love the Koch brothers.

          23. Edward Canady says:

            If you watch ANY news or read Any newspapers you would not have to ask for a link..you would already be informed.
            Anyway, see Paulyz’s posted LINK..that should fill in the blanks In your lack of info.
            Molon Labe.

          24. S.J. Jolly says:

            The last thing Mexican politicos want to do is secure their side of the border. Ten million hard working, self-sacrificing Mexican citizens, driven back into Mexico, with too few legitimate jobs for them? They would join with the drug cartels,, or with the revolutionaries up in the mountains.

          25. Edward Canady says:

            I agree..except we return all Illegal Aliens to their country of origin. Except for the criminal element, they do not have to be arrested and deported at our expense.
            Enforce the laws we have..make it impossible for them to work or receive ANY type of Govt assistance for ALL family members..except emergency medical. They will quickly leave by whatever means available.
            Molon Labe

          26. Nicolas Antonoff says:

            Canady please stop the tedious blather – illegals that crawled in from Mexico get sent back and charged to Mexico. Mexico does not accept any illegal border crashers, it jails them or better yet ships them off to the good old stupid USA. Illegals from elsewhere get sent back to their point of embarcation for their trip to the US. If they overstayed a visa, rthey may be charged the cost if they can afford it (have any assetsthat can be seized), if not we will have to foot the cost and take it out of the welfare budget.

            You and the rest of your usually single issue respondents have either been ignoring what Trump has been saying in interviews when he consistently and succinctly pushes a national populist positions and SOLUTIONS c for immigration (illegal herd and legal), jobs recovery from China, Mexico and other places our corporate welfare promoting political establishment (both parties and in between) exports American jobs to maximize already excessive profit and manipulate the tax code, and rebuilding our military capability to levels required to ensure unchallengeable American geopolitical supremacy in our dealings with a basically hostile (very unfriendly) international environment.

          27. Edward Canady says:

            Nick the PRICK….I see you learned 2 New words …you TEDIOUS BLATHERING bloviatiing pompous ass…even though you don’t know the definitions.
            Who rattled your cage and what enticed you to attack me you stupidly ignorant turd.
            Everything you posted in your rambling somewhat incoherent tirade is nothing new. I guess you just had to post Something to pretend that you have a GED and want to appear to be Significant.
            Your use of a commonly used Masonic term does not offset your lack of common sense. Most Masons would embarrassed by your rants of an Idiot and ashamed that someone did not drop the black ball.
            Maybe with a change of your meds your Tourettes Syndrome and Delusional Psychosis can be controlled.
            Molon Labe

        2. megan says:

          Tell us exactly what qualifies Dr. Carson to be President? He is a man to be admired but not President.

          1. S.J. Jolly says:

            Quali8firs? How about, “Not bat-sh*t crazy like most of the Republican candidates”?

      3. Nina says:

        I’m sure he’s not just not running his mouth. The problem with these interviews is that they give you a candidate ANY CANDIDATE a certain amount of airtime toe explain or talk about wha t they want to and that’s not enough, so many times the conversation ends and policies that we hear are incomplete, but the media of course pushes it out bc that’s what they do.
        Now a man like Dr. Ben Carson is most definitely not a stupid man and a sponge for knowledge and I’m sure if he was given the proper amount of time mam I’m sure you would find he was not clueless!

      4. Edward Canady says:

        About what?? Please be a little more specific. I was considering giving him and Trump my support.
        Molon Labe.

        1. FLORIDA LADY says:

          Do you vote twice.? If not I would vote for Trump.

          1. Edward Canady says:

            You failed to clarify your contentions. Most everyone likes a little a##..very few like a smart-a##.
            Molon Labe

          2. FLORIDA LADY says:

            If you are a Christian ask your Pastor. He or she will know.

          3. Edward Canady says:

            I did..was told that you were just being a smart-ass about voting twice.
            Also that you were a religious bigot that her choice of faith is the ONLY true Christian belief.

          4. FLORIDA LADY says:

            Of course if I do not agree with you or CARSON then I am a racist and bigot? However if you disagree with my views then you can call me bad names and YOU ARE a good AND great CHRISTIAN and a fabulous person?? NOT!

          5. Edward Canady says:

            Got your panties in a twisted knot for whatever reason.

            Are you delusional psychotic..if so then I can understand your comments.
            I neither agreed with your opinion about Carson…nor did I disagree.I merely asked a question. I did not call you “bad names” because of those views
            But you did make a smart-ass reply to me…Ok per your standsrds ?? You later told me to ask my pastor.
            I never called you a Racist…you are the one that obliquely identified yourself as such.
            The response was that you appeared to think that you were religiously superior to Carson simply because of your denomination…yes that qualifies you to be identified as a religious bigot.
            Your opinion of me is meaningless

            Molon Labe

          6. FLORIDA LADY says:

            U called me names…but your opinion is of no importance to me. I love my Lord Jesus Christ and he protects AND loves me. I trust and believe in God, my Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.. I know how people view certain religions and that will put another Democrat into the White House if CARSON is the Republican nominee. If you don’t understand that, then YOU might look at history, demographics and statistics. I care about American. DO YOU?

          7. Edward Canady says:

            Florida Lady..you asked “DO YOU”? I served as a Combat Infantry Officer with 3 tours in Viet Nam as an Infantry company commander, as a Ranger sniper on Long Range Recon Patrols and as a SOG team commander. I retired after 21 years active duty. Following retirement I became a Dept of Army Military Operations Manager/Planner with short tours in Bosnia, Kosovo..Desert Shield and Desert Storm, etc,etc. After 34+ years total service I was medically retired with 100% disability due to injuries , exposure to various toxic chemical agents, including Agent Orange, and a few other ailments….and I would do it all again.

            I trust that this will satisfy your need to know whether I care about America(n).

            I have shown you mine …your time to show me yours.
            Molon Labe

          8. FLORIDA LADY says:

            I am sorry for your injuries. This is even more reason for the GOP to have a winning candidate. A candidate who will stop illegal immigration and deport illegal immigrants AND use American dollars TO support and provide health care for OUR VETERANS. A candidate who will make America stronger again as President of the United States.

      5. carpkiller says:

        yes he is.

    2. albertbryson says:

      We will require an passport and visa to enter the country and all necessary papers for goods being brought in and the inspection of all vehicles, buses, trucks, trains and planes. The business bringing good also pay the cost of inspection and the necessary paperwork. We will also charge a small fee for admission of each individual as well.

      1. Rx7pj says:

        How do you plan on doing all that? ?? That’s a massive amount of goverment buracracy that I thought the right hated.

        1. albertbryson says:

          It would be worth it to protect this country from any attack by terrorists and it would also keep out all the undesirable out especially illegals.

          1. Rx7pj says:

            Why would you want to spend billions on something we cannot afford and will NOT work???

          2. Sue Johnson says:

            It would be better than doing nothing.

          3. cindy smith says:

            Miss Johnson, the days of “doing nothing” are over, you can look around you and see what the results of this plan has brought us! How do you expect the nation to support “all peoples illegally coming to America” when our debt is over 18trillion $$$, where do you think we are getting the money????

          4. albertbryson says:

            Thanks Sue

          5. Edward Canady says:

            Rx7 Mazda Mouth…paid for by business…something you would like..
            You say “will Not work”…please provide realistic reasons why not…a “List” would be nice.
            Molon Labe.

          6. S.J. Jolly says:

            FYI: EVERYONE of the 9/11 terrorists came in on legitimate visas, and from the US-friendly countries of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Your plan wouldn’t have stopped them. Nor would it have stopped the Oklahoma City bombing, by home-grown terrorist Timothy McVeigh. Or, the almost daily mass killings by US born crazies. In short, it would be an American equivalent of the French Maginot Line — enormously expensive, and a failure.

            As far as keeping out undesirables go, the great bulk of the illegals are anything but undesired by American employers, which is the problem. Good, quiet, hard workers willing to do dirty jobs for low pay.

          7. Edward Canady says:

            That was then…this is now. Need to get out of the past and protect the future.
            Daily mass killings by Libs…sure you know that to be a complete fabrication…unless you are a charter member of the BLM cult that advocates killing police and white folks.
            By any legal standards of any soverign nation Illegal Aliens are just law breakers who have no right to be there…therefore undesired that they are allowed to steal from all tax paying citizens (49 %)that are already supporting the 51% of nonTaxpaying US citizens.
            Being an Illegal Alien with benefits is actually a good paying “job”…to the tune of approx $50-60,000 per year..tax free. Where do I sign up ?
            Please do not use the Crappy line that they only are here to do the jobs that US citizens will not do…what an insult…and a Red Herring.
            Molon Labe

          8. albertbryson says:

            We need to put real Americans to work now not these illegals who would not assimilate and learn our language and way of life and culture.

          9. Yevrah Kahn says:

            If real Americans will not take the jobs that are out there to stop the illegals from getting them then their welfare and other assistance should be stopped

          10. Elizabeth says:

            Yet, illegal. Not “law abiding” because by definition they are already breaking the law!

        2. Edward Canady says:

          Mazda Mouth Rx7…
          Read his comment…and try very hard to comprehend…the basic answer is there. I know that is asking a lot from you ..but….
          Molon Labe.

      2. S.J. Jolly says:

        Have you any idea of how many government inspectors would be required? Tens of thousands; roughly two Army divisions. In short, NOT a small cost per loaded truck, thus NOT a small fee, and business will scream at the expense.

        1. albertbryson says:

          It will be well worth it. It will put into jobs American workers who not working now and want to work and on top of that it will make the corrupt businesses and corporations start paying their fair share of tax burden.

          1. Edward Canady says:

            The USA corporate tax is already the hiighest in the world. Wonder how many workers they would have to fire in order to pay more of their “fair” share.

        2. Edward Canady says:

          Two Army divisions…approx 20,000
          . I wonder where this number came from. Whatever the number, perhaps actually make them military members…arm them and they can provide effective port security while they inspect…would be less costly than contractors.
          Molon Labe

    3. holyblood1 says:

      Yea that’s the other big problem with this country, Corporates.

      1. Edward Canady says:

        Do you have a job?? Who pays your salary.??

        1. holyblood1 says:

          Yea Edward I have a job but I am self employed, it is the same old brain wash you and a lot of others believe. Corporate should not get by with what they do and should not be able to take a bail out and then leave the country and ship their junk back here, that’s my point. But yes we need big business just not their corrupt ways.

          1. Edward Canady says:

            You know..for some reason I knew exactly that would be your answer. I have asked it exactly the same at least 10 tomes…and have gotten essentially the same reply.
            Nobody with that reply has ever told me all the greedy bad things that big business does..except the same old cliches of no living wage,overworked, underpaid, mismanagement, bad treatment.inadequate medical care, No child care,etc ad naseum.
            Can you be more specific??
            Business leaving the country ?? Maybe the Libs can ‘ve convinced to lower the Corp tax rate…the highest in thevworld

          2. holyblood1 says:

            Ok Edward, here is your proof, Chrysler takes bail out (that big banks caused) and took the jobs and went to 2 other countries, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac gambled and collapsed the whole country with no punishment and this insane government rewarded them for their crimes and let the tax payer sink. So you see, forgive me if I don’t walk around blind to what they do. And Bernie Mac Ponzi scheme took billions and this is just a few.

          3. Edward Canady says:

            I was under the belief that the majority of Chrysler was still located in the USA.
            The US corporate taxes are The highest in the world. Agree or not, the Unions of most companies

          4. holyblood1 says:

            Well I have to say you are right on most of this, but the corruption of government is behind a lot of it. Chrysler on the other hand is not mostly in the USA they are in Canada and Mexico because I did work for a seat manufacture for Chrysler and it went belly up. Thanks for the conversation.

          5. Edward Canady says:

            Thanks..and to you also.

    4. Elizabeth says:

      The public would be OUTRAGED to know how many free services and monies are given to illegals. It would seriously cause a civil war ! They receive free HUD housing, Food Stamps, Disability and SSI, living stipends, etc., etc., etc.. Then they apply for hardship cases to bring more family members here, all while getting married and having children here. The 1981 amnestied illegals are still not all “vetted” (paperwork complete). Plus, they have filed thousands of law suits against the U.S. causing billions of lost dollars. Trump is correct, ALL illegals must go. Only properly vetted refugees and guests are welcome.

      1. Rx7pj says:

        You would be shocked to see how few there are actually getting those ‘freebies’ you’re talking about.

        1. willr3 says:

          You’d be shocked by the facts showing how wrong you are. In fact Immigrants as shown in this chart get more welfare assistance than honest legal -born here Americanshttp://www.nationalreview.com/corner/423422/majority-immigrant-households-are-on-welfare

          1. Pam says:

            Your link got broken. It missed the space between Americans and http. People can still right click to get the link, but that takes more work. So, here you go, guys:


            It is worth the read!

        2. Edward Canady says:

          Rx7pj….Mazda Mouth pecker jockey…aka bruner10 T-bagger Queen….I see you have been busily deleting all those stupid comments about Obama’s debt…and your demand for a “List”…sometimes what you ask for is not what you really want…..truth hurts sometimes…huh ??
          Like all your confrontations…you list your ass really badly.I will follow you to help you have the same degree of failure in the future.
          Keep deleting…like Hillary…good for the soul. Anyway, I have copies of yours…maybe I will REPOST them for you.
          Molon Labe

          1. carpkiller says:

            You got him pegged right.

          2. Edward Canady says:

            Thanks..I really appreciate that.

        3. Edward Canady says:

          Mazda Mouth Rx7o.pj, etc,etc…you lost badly on the Illegal Alien benefits costs also…may want to delete also…to avoid embarassment.
          Molon Labe

        4. Elizabeth says:

          I am in a position of knowledge to tell you with certainty that you are incorrect. Call your congressman, call The Department of Homeland Security, call your nearest Immigrations Officer/Adjudicator. Get educated.

      2. S.J. Jolly says:

        US cities which drove and scared out all their illegals soon regretted doing so. So many jobs needing done, and US citizens wouldn’t take them.
        “… thousands of lawsuits … billions of lost dollars.” IOW, the lawsuits won an average of $1 million or more each ??? Must have been plenty of hard evidence in the plaintiff’s favor.

        1. Elizabeth says:

          Court costs of billions, not necessarily settlements. Do you know how many illegals were amnestied in 1981? WE CAN NOT AFFORD IT again. Illegals must go!

    5. Buster's View says:

      Yes, he has. He talks about sealing all of our borders,not just the southern.

    6. Buster's View says:

      Yes, he has. He talks about sealing all of our borders,not just the southern.

    7. Edward Canady says:

      So…let them scream..and pay for properly inspected shipments..

    8. dmttbt says:

      Free trade agreement did not mean our companies go out of this country and hire others to take what were our jobs and send products back for us to buy. I will say that even I have gotten use to buying a big television for a small price. However if you look at the deficit you will find the rest of that price. the country is being run on counterfeit money, just printed by our government with no regard to what that causes. We have to get these people out of our government. I will vote for Trump because he is the one who can get it done. I like Carson but I am afraid he is too nice to cut throats in policy.

    9. catfish says:

      I really believe that if the “CORPORATE BOARDROOMS” scream, they will not scream so that anyone outside the boardroom will hear it.

      1. S.J. Jolly says:

        Their lobbyists will convey the screams to the VIPs in Washington and the state capitals, and the major political party bosses, never fear.

  • Joseph Le Bard says:

    A strong stance has to be taken , Remove the federal agents from the equation and hand it over to the states , ICE has only 5000 agents where the states have as many police officers as needed that will eliminate the revolving door effect alert citizens to potential treats in there community you’d be surprize how effective watch groups can be. Number one get rid of the gangs , S outh of the boarder will be reluctant to take back these citizens thats were sanctions play a roll mean time theres a lot of fema camps going to waste an this is a disaster on the citizens of America build this wall 15′ into the ground an 15′ curvercured to a 45 degree arch an Mexico can put the cost or end business with them Trump is right hit them where it hurts We have no other choice to stop terrorism at the boarders Canada also needs help in security which we can provide in policing.

    1. Marty says:

      Joseph, I agree some what with your comments. However, law enforcement at the local level does not have the manpower to take over from the feds. Especially lately, where due to the increase of assaults and murders of law enforcement members, most agencies are having problems getting enough recruits just to patrol their streets. Recently, several agencies had half of their academies drop out due to this violence. Sure, the feds could re-direct the funds to local agencies, but that would give them control over these agencies, which I am completely against.

      1. Joseph Le Bard says:

        Marty, ICE isn’t cutting it , I too do not want to give that much power to one agency but you have to look at the long game being played out were getting threat’s from Chinia ,Russia , North Korea ,Palistine all with nuclear capibilitys an now 100 thousand Syrian young men cupple those with the 2.2 million muslims already here fukuobama will have us up against the wall in no time , We are being invaded I spent 22 yrs with the Army as a strategist with S4 an go out to the base frequently talk to our servicemen the morale is very low they have been cut back to pre WW1 capibilitys they make due with what they have an I know an feel the heat only other recourse is National Guard militia an bands of vigilanties

        1. Marty says:

          Joseph, thank you for your service. I agree with everything you say. Obummer has decimated our military, and just like our law enforcement, moral is at an all time low. Your idea about the Guard is probably the only option we have. I spent 31 years in law enforcement with an agency in Southern Kalifornia which shared the Mexican border. I’ve lived the problems with illegal alien crime up front and personal. The STATE Guard needs to be deployed along the border, taking it’s orders from the states, not the feds.Unlike previous deployments where they were unarmed and observers only, they need to be fully armed and empowered to enforce the law, make arrests and defend themselves to the fullest. With a wall from San Diego to Texas and the State Guard, illegal immigration would become a thing of the past. People complain the wall would be too expensive. This corrupt government wastes billions of dollars weekly. End the corrupt wasteful spending, and the wall could be built without adding 1 dollar to our debt.

          1. Joseph Le Bard says:

            Thank you Marty for your dedication to serve an protect , I whole heartly agree no fed involvement no restriction’s on the National guard . The waste they(FEDS) impose on the America people is outrages I am for smaller goverment have a good life p.s my cousin here in Bangor is a detective an we have alot of spirted converstation’s men in blue deserve better.

          2. Marty says:

            Joseph, I wish I had the answer. Somehow we have to get back to States Rights. The feds have control over the National Guard, although at least one state, Texas, I think, has their own State guard. As long as the feds control the Guard, our wish will never come to fruition. Since the government under obummer or his ilk, will never even attempt to protect us from the southern invasion, we will have to protect ourselves. At this point, I don’t advocate taking the law into our own hands, but it is getting real close to that. If the government won’t do it, we will have to, just for self preservation.

          3. Joseph Le Bard says:

            Got that right Marty fukuobama is playing the long game he’s setting us up for a take down just as the European nations an most of the population isn’t seeing it , Yet Trump is appealing to the common man, An the GOP is hating it the media doesn’t understand it so maybe there is hope there are good people in the world this is where trusting the lord we well pervail.

  • FLORIDA LADY says:

    Mr. Carson apparently does not understand the problem…………we have more than one million illegals here on WELFARE and more coming each DAY. SOME OF THESE ILLEGALS ARE MUSLIMS THAT ARE TAKING OVER THE SCHOOLS, THE CITIES (starting Sharia law to be applied), insisting that no CHRISTIAN PRAYER BE TOLERATED ANY PLACE. ALSO, CARSON is a 7th Day Adventist, and that religion does not tolerate commercialization of CHRISTMAS (no presents and NO gifts, no Christmas trees, no cards, no parties, no Santa, no Christmas plays or movies?) and no commercialization of Easter……no Easter bunny, no Easter Baskets, no dressing up for Easter, no Easter Eggs…………….THERE IS A BOOK that is used for teaching written by their religions………….that is NOT THE BIBLE.

    1. william couch says:

      This is very true. He can’t be president because he’d have to wear an American flag on his lapel. That’s symbolism & that’s against the church… I know I am one also.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Yes, being president doesn’t depend on knowledge, experience or ability. It depends on whether you wear a flag pin.

        1. FLORIDA LADY says:

          Well, Carson has no real business or political experience………..sorry, that makes him unable to lead the USA.

          1. william couch says:

            Look @ what we have in office. That idiot’s been in office for 6 1/2 years and still can’t lead.

        2. william couch says:

          As a 7th day, the lapel pin could be construed as a symbol of a “GOD”. & one of the commandments is not having another “GOD” before me.

          1. I Seigel says:

            Or, just a thought: It could be construed as a symbol of a country. Since there is no cross, Jewish star or other religious symbol on a flag lapel pin, maybe it wouldn’t be construed as representing God or any other religious figure or deity. Does a pin containing a Maple Leaf flag symbolize God, too? It’s just another reason to keep religion and patriotism 2 separate and distinct concepts.

          2. william couch says:

            I’m not sure, but the maple leaf is the symbol of Canada. But I can’t in all fairness answer that.

          3. I Seigel says:

            Just as the Stars and Stripes is the symbol of the United States. It’s the symbol of a nation, not a religion.
            If it was a bald eagle lapel pin, it would also serve as a symbol of our country, not a religion.

          4. william couch says:

            According to the Pentecost, it’s no different.

          5. I Seigel says:

            Well, I defer to your more thoroughly knowledge. To me, however, there would be a different perception of a person if I saw him/her wearing a flag pin or bald eagle pin vs a crucifix or Star of David. If the former, I would know what country they are proud to be from, but I wouldn’t know anything about their religion. If the latter, I’d know their religion but not have a clue where they’re from.

    2. Nina says:

      Lady what the hell are you talking about? Are you so sure that Trump understands the Muslim thing?? I don’t dislike him. I’m torn between him the doc and Cruz. But I in a religious front the doc def knows more, no doubt, between himself and Trump. Cruz is evangelical and I trust him on the world front in religion. As far as adverts go, don’t know where you got your info from but the only book that they go by is the bible!! I am a Christian and I raised my daughter not to believe in Santa! Does that make me a nut? OR does that make me a person that believes that Christmas is about the celebration of the birth of Christ?!?!?!? She did get gifts from MOM AND DAD not from silly fat guy! She knew and knows what Christmas is. Btw she is now a VERY well adjusted young woman of 25 with no s ar tissue bc she didn’t get to sit in fatsos lap!! She is an absolutely loving person.

      1. FLORIDA LADY says:

        I celebrate the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ……….not just Christ………….he deserves the full title?

        I worked for 7th Day Adventists in a very large company, and NONE of the employees considered them Christians. And I have been given “worship” books by 7th Day Adventists …….just like Mormons hand out The Book of Mormon, that are not Bibles.

        Do you decorate a Christmas tree, have any Christmas decorations in your home, have Christmas holiday luncheons? or Christmas parties for Christians to gather?……..no? Send Christmas cards? Give Christmas presents? Well, main stream Christians do not conform to your beliefs and practices.

  • rwp24382 says:

    The most important thing is to make sure the fence is built. Deporting the people will take time, but the criminals will expose themselves. They can be processed and returned to their country. The lawless will weed themselves out very quickly. That is what we are most concerned about. There will be no more excuses of ticket and release. Most of those law breakers never show for their court date. It will also start getting those that have no drivers license or insurance off the roads.

    1. S.J. Jolly says:

      Maybe it escaped your attention that there already is a border fence? Most places, a double fence. Or, that illegals with failure to appear warrants against their names don’t get ticketed and released?

      1. Marty says:

        SJ, you have no clue about the so called border fence. In a lot of areas in Kalifornia, the border fence is nothing but 3 strands of barbed wire. In other areas the feds don’t have any fence due to the rugged terrain. And we all know how the illegals like to travel in this terrain due to less enforcement. Please educate yourself and take your foot out of your mouth.

        1. megan says:

          It’s really simple. This is a war of invasion. Start shooting the invaders. We would be surprised at just how fast the long lines of young men would stop.

      2. Buster's View says:

        Only on very small segments of the border, and most of the “fence” is very inadequate, not the fencing that was required by law, and like has worked very well in the San Diego sector. We need a combination of better fences, technological monitoring, drones/planes, and increased border agents actually at the border and allowed to do their jobs. We also need existing law to be enforced. We need new elements added, but enforcing existing law again would be a good start.

      3. Edward Canady says:

        Where do you come up with this nonsense ?
        A fence ..what a joke just walk thru the holes or one of the pre-positioned ladders.

    2. Joseph Le Bard says:

      really! Did you want a nice old fashion white picket fence that would be pretty you know you sound stupid

    3. FLORIDA LADY says:

      Carson is clueless!

      1. swamprat1937 says:

        Do you enjoy using “that” word or are you clueless?

        1. FLORIDA LADY says:


    4. albertbryson says:

      We must build a cement wall. Which would be 50 feet deep underground and 100 feet high.

    5. megan says:

      Won’t take long..just cut off benefits.

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