Dr. Carson: No Refugees Unless Screened First

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said the U.S. must conduct thorough background checks on all Syrian refugees before letting them in to the country.

In an interview with NPR on Saturday, the retired neurosurgeon warned that terrorists could be hiding among the thousands of refugees seeking entrance to the U.S.

He added that until such mass screenings can take place, no refugees should be allowed into the country.

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  • teaman says:

    Wakeup you idiot politicians and perverted bleeding heart liberals. This rounding up ILLEGALS, housing them, feeding them, medical care, and this DAMN SCREENING CRAP is paid fore with TAXPAYER monies. We are fed up with this “FORCED” welfare crap of NON-CITIZENS. They must be returned at whatever the cost……PERIOD!!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Of course we want vetted refugees, they are educated, established families, and much to offer the U.S. Many are doctors and other medical persons. We need them, and they need us.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Right On ! Absolutely NO asylum, only refugees. They must be fully vetted first !

  • Colleen Gill Rotter says:

    Screening has to be done, but I’d prefer none !

  • FLORIDA LADY says:

    CARSON IS CLUELESS!! ABOUT HOW TO PROTECT OR TO BRING THE USA BACK TO PROSPERITY. The jobless rates ONLY INCLUDE THOSE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE STILL ON UNEMPLOYMENT…………..the other people unemployed are NOT INCLUDED IN those statistics……………one more way to fool the American People!!

  • NoBamaNoMo says:

    A Muslim woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: “That’s the ugliest baby that I’ve ever seen. Ugh!” The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming.
    She says to a man next to her: “The driver just insulted me!”
    The man says: “You go right up there and tell him off – go
    ahead, I’ll hold your monkey for you.”

    A guy goes in an adult store and asks for an inflatable doll.
    The guy behind the counter says, “Male or female?”
    The customer says, “Female”
    The counter guy asks, “Black or white?”
    The customer says, “White”
    The counter guy asks, “Christian or Muslim?”
    The customer says, “What the hell does religion have to do with
    it?” The counter guy says, “The Muslim one blows itself up!”

    Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns a camel and a goat?
    A. Bisexual.

    Q. How do Muslims practice safe sex?
    A. They mark the camels that kick.

    Q. What do Tehran and Hiroshima have in common?
    A. Nothing, …..yet.

    Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns 6 goats?
    A. A pimp.

  • ONTIME says:

    Well put Dr.Carson and you won’t get any conservatives to disagree with that……Best of luck to you in your campaign…

  • niko says:

    No FILTHY muslimes in America, None at all!!!!!!!!!

  • grafra102 says:

    I am really tired of hearing about all this “SHIT”, “DEPORT OR LINE THEM UP AGAINST THE WALL AND “BOOM, BOOM”!!! throw them in the ocean!!!!!!

  • grafra102 says:

    “I VOTE FOR TRUMP” he will take care of business and keep the “SHIT” where they belong, and that is why the Republicans/Democraps are all so worried about a man than know how to take care of business, and that is how the “GOVERNMENT” needs to be taken care of!!!!! Not by a bunch of fly by’s or attorney’s!!!!!!

  • grafra102 says:

    WE DO NOT NEED ANY “TERRORISTS IN MY AMERICA”!!! “F” them stay where you belong like the MEXICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICA HAS PUT UP WITH ENOUGH SHIT AND WE DO NOT NEED MORE!!!!!!!!

  • Nina says:

    I would think that would be a no brainier and I commend Dr. Ben for saying so. However this doesn’t mean that Ovomit will be doing this! Why…… You know why……….. Bc he’s an asshole!!!!

    1. 657241 says:

      Obama welcomes them, the illegals, the refugees, the jihadists, the Muslims, all our enemies. His purpose is to destroy the USA, to “fundamentally change the USA”.. He would lay a red carpet for them so it is easy to destroy or infiltrate the USA and force this Country to be part of ISLAM. His Cabinet is MUSLIM. He is MUSLIM. Anyone who thinks he is doing the country good is the enemy, the stupid, the traitors.

  • Patricia McGehee says:

    America should take ONLY CHRISTIAN REFUGEES!

    1. 657241 says:

      Yes. The screen-ers, police, Border Patrol, the TSA should make them kiss the Crucifix, say the “Our Father” or the “Hail Mary” before admission. All Christians know these prayers. And denounce Allah, their GOD and throw away or leave behind their QURAN, Do not wear Burkas or any Arab clothing and speak ENGLISH ONLY. And feed them only for 1 week in detention camps while being screened. Pass Medical testing for TB, AIDs, Ebola, DC-8, and other contagious diseases. If failed, send them back to their country of origin. If passed, send them to Humanitarian Centers, like a Red Cross Camp. Wait for someone to sponsor them or adopt the Children. If no one will sponsor them, send them back to a safe place, secured place in their own country, not in the USA. These refugees should not be given any food stamps or welfare money or participate in any WELFARE benefits program.

  • American says:

    Certainly any immigrant entering the US should be screened. However, our government would say that they are screened now; the only problem is that that screening is meaningless – how you get our government to do a meaningful, effective screening is a serious question – there are no records to review for that purpose from the failed state they are emigrating from. Secondly, any Muslim immigrants entering our country, if they are at all devout or take their “religion” seriously, understands that their objective is to conquer non-Muslim lands, and impose Sharia Law (which means replacing the US Constitution). This means devout Muslims are, by the Word of God presented in the Qur’an, obligated to be seditious to the land that they enter. The only ways to prevent their never-ending drive to their objective is to either (1) have them denounce Islam, or (2) remove them from the land they intend to conquer. Look carefully at the Muslims masses immigrating to Europe; are they behaving like asylum seekers, or are they behaving more like invaders? They are violent, disrespectful to the country that is accommodating them, and many even voice their intentions to overtake the nation they are invading. Note that the vast majority are young men. This is war. Don’t let the enemy in.

  • afanaglenn says:

    That is the most logical thing I have heard any candidate say for a long time, except for the programs Trump is advancing. Trump, or whoever the next president is, should adopt such a program. One of the best examples calling for such a program is this Obama character who was not checked out before his election. Americans still don’t know who he really is or even where he was born.

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    “No Refugees Unless Screened First.” Gee, I wonder why Obama never though of that? I know, Obama is in a hurry to turn the US into a Muslim country before he leaves office.

  • Debbie says:

    Now we will have 75% on Welfare, Our pockets are empty. We are in debt up to our ears, How much more can they expect us to pay for, Tired!!!!!

  • Jack says:

    “NOT” good enough,We have laws for legal immigration!!,The immigrants initiate any/all requests(AND FOLLOW?OBEY ALL PROTOCOL) to/for entering the United States of America In the meantime DEPORT ALL,ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS,currently in America.

  • Walt says:

    This is unbelievable. Watch this video, and hopefully you’ll pass it on. This whole thing is a joke. And here’s the biggest joke. Obama hired a Muslim to do background checks on the so called refugees coming into our country. Here’s what I say, folks, stock up on plenty of ammo. You’re gonna need it! Click on the website below and look at what’s happening to our world…


  • pete G says:

    This may be the most sensable man on the planet, he has my vote. Someone said he was just another Carter. Does this plan sound like Carter to you? No. Carter would have taken them all without a thought of some being terrorists.

  • lea82835 says:

    Were all the 500,000 Muslims Obama has already bought here “screened”. How about all the Mexicans that cross the border, are they “screened”. Oh yes, and all those that came from south America, El Salvador, Guatemala, etc., were they screened. When our ancestors came thru Ellis Island, THEY WERE SCREENED

    1. Dave Batz says:

      Background Checks? Most likely not even necessary. Because the nation they come from has been in “Civil War” conditions for some years. Most likely is there are no records, or if there are records they will be unattainable because that gov’t will not release them. Also, most highly likely is that there are no health records on any of these people. Ben Carson, being a doctor, should fully realize that health screening is absolutely necessary to allow any refugees into our nation. In fact, this should be a requirement for any immigrant/refugee entering our nation. Compounding that fact is the millions of undocumented immigrants illegaly entering our nation coming from poor, dictatorial, poverty-ridden, no-healthcare, third-world nations around this world that results in a higher level of health threats to our citizenry.. Yes, we should help these people, just not by bringing them “Home” to “Our” nation until we are sure of their “Intents” and their possible “Diseases”, and infestations.

    2. Imogene B says:

      I agree with you, stop all from coming in put those borders up, it may be too late already, like you said they are most likely already here!

      1. 657241 says:

        Just do not forget, the Boston Bombers were refugees.

  • tk-atty says:

    We don’t need anymore jihadists here, we already have enough. 75% of them are young males and they don’t know who they are or where they really are coming from. We are already becoming like Europe where they are losing their Countries to Islamic terrorists. We must stop it now. Obama has been bringing in as many as possible, and it is not the Christians and Yazidis. There are Christians from Syria currently being held by our immigration department. Have you heard of them stopping anyone else from entering our Country? NO. Obama is a Muslim and a jihadist supporter, we can’t afford anymore of them, than are already here, and those that are here, illegally or on visas should be sent back to their Countries immediately.

  • Lou J Apa says:

    This is a dreamers plan…by the time these folks are cleared to come into the USA…the “END” will have already come and gone….NO REFUGEES AT ALL!!!

  • Peter Smith says:


  • deltainny says:

    We need NO MUSLIM refugees. The should ALL be accepted by and resettled in MUSLIM countries. Any Muslim is a potential problem. Just look at Dearborn, Michigan, or anywhere else there is a significant Muslim population

    anywhere in the Western world. Search the 20 Year Plan of Islam. We are now in year 15 and it is right on schedule.

  • Beachley CE says:

    Absolutely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrong answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JAMES says:

    First question to refugee are you a muslim – yes – get the hell out of here or we shoot you in the head with pig blood all over you…LOL NEXT PROBLEM

  • jakex_iii says:

    OK, but who will do the screening – TSA? HA!
    IF USA allows these ‘refugees’ then something must be done to assure …
    Oh, what the heck – just let them in, give them Illegal Benefits (/sarc).

  • David Stovall says:

    We need to take in the same number of refugees as Saudi Arabia. – Zero.

  • Shane says:

    Background checks will not reveal which Muslims will turn into jihadists and rape and murder Americans in the future. We should take in ZERO Muslim refugees, but take in as many Christian refugees as we can. Let Muslim countries and the suicidal European countries take in large numbers of Muslims.

  • 7papa7 says:

    There are a couple of things that need to be looked out. How can you trust that the background is accurate. If ISIS is trying in infiltrate us everything with those folks will be totally fabricated. Secondly that only calls for larger government and more debt. Therefore what should be done is NO refugees period.

  • VirgoVince says:

    NO refugees, NO immigrants, PERIOD!!!!
    NO more imported 3rd world garbage; get rid of what we already have!!

  • Charlotte says:

    Bottom line .We don’t need anymore immigrants. When you are a millionaire is easy to say yes BUT when you are a forty hour a week factory worker with kids you think some one else to take our jobs, more burden on the tax payers and the environment MORE WELFARE. Our country is drowning in deat our schools are over crowded,our hospitals are shutting down and yet they just keep coming. We are quickly becoming a third world country. THANK YOU OBAMA!

    1. Paul Dragotto says:


  • Sue4477 says:

    It’s been traditional for refugees to be supported in refugee settlements IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY so that they don’t have far to go when it’s safe to return home. Right now their countries are so torn up the checking of records isn’t going to work so well for all refugees. NO REFUGEES HERE!!!! Support them IN THEIR OWN NATION OR AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE!!!

    1. paulyz says:

      RIGHT. Resettle them either in camps in their own country, or countrys nearby & with similar cultures. The U.S. has done way more than our share of humanitarian issues. Most people entering the U.S. now never assimilate & many end up on government assistance, which comes from our pockets by the way.

  • jdbixii says:

    English and Dutch Americans fought a revolution against the imperial British.
    Why is it the duty of Americans to go to whatever country and facilitate the installation of governments that the people do not support, could care less about or are content to abandon when the conflict over their government gets bloody militant? Rather than making the middle Eastern countries representative democracies, their peoples are moving to the West in droves.
    How do you know that this is not the means by which Islam plans to conquer the entire world? Are Europeans content to see their homogeneous societies obliterated by people who refuse to assimilate, respect heritages and traditions or religious differences?
    Dr. Carson is absolutely right. We need to thoroughly investigate anyone coming into the U.S. The American citizenry has a right to the security of the blessing of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as the common defense and the general welfare. America does not need a fundamental transformation to totalitarian, intolerant Islam.

    1. Barbara Moody says:

      Well said,as are many other posts! We have the words and the intelligence to know we are absolutely going to have to stand up and fight,not JUST for the country but for our lives.Obama has torn this country apart and allowed any and every kind of criminal and terrorist into this country to finish what Obama has started.All of us will have to stand up and be counted or lay down and be trampled on,alongside our families. Not me !! Freedom isn’t free,friends !!

  • jerry young says:

    background checks? just more burden on Americans who pays for this? this is not the answer we don’t need more refugees right now, we need to take care of our own first

    1. paulyz says:

      Ask Dr. Carson why he says we can’t deport Millions of Illegals also, what makes him think many of them may not harm Americans some day? Many already have. Trump’s solutions are the best.

      1. 7papa7 says:

        Every illegal in the country needs to be deported no matter where they are from. On top of that ALL muzzies need to go. If they aren’t terrorists now they are supporters of terrorism and muzzies and patriots can not coexist because the beliefs are mutually exclusive of the others.

        1. podunk1 says:

          Can’t argue with that… it’s a matter of survival!!

          Look at the chaos, terror, and tragedy Obama engineered in the mid east and Africa! The lawlessness he created in the USA is equally unbelievable. McConnell, Boehner, Corker, & other RINOS are equally BAD!

          Moral of the story – patriots don’t count votes & retreat when they don’t have a 2/3 majority when the country is in mortal danger, THEY FIGHT TO DEFEND AND PROTECT!!!

          Due process begins with indictment, trial, judgment, and punishment according to law (Article 1 Section 3), applied to every democrat and RINO who acts against Constitution or country WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION OR PURPOSE OF EVASION!

          1. 7papa7 says:

            They all need to be removed from office and replaced with people who love America and will fight hard to return her to her glory days. That is why we need a Ted Cruz so badly. He is a proven fighter and he is totally 100% pro America, pro Constitution and pro Military.

          2. podunk1 says:

            I couldn’t agree more… Cruz has been in the fight against progressive Maoist democrats and Maoist RINOS, their media madness, and the global monopolist wealth behind it. Cruz is true to the core & no other candidate has been there. Trump has been attacked, but it’s a different sometimes gutter game that doesn’t compare to the disciplines of Cruz.

            Carson is an excellent person, superior to any other republican or democrat running , except for Cruz who has proven himself in action. A VP slot for Carson could put him in a position of later becoming the best president EVER SINCE WASHINGTON.

          3. 7papa7 says:

            Dr. Carson is a really neat guy and I would love to have him for a neighbor and have BBQ with him but he is to liberal for me. I have a problem with the fact he doesn’t have a problem with government mandates that go over the desires of the parents and would contradict the first amendment. I am talking about he would force everyone to get specific shots. There are religions that adamantly refuse to take medicine or even go to Dr’s. This would violate there first amendment rights. If he would do it in this area he would do it in others and that is how we got obamacare by the government stating you will have it, case closed. I don’t like his weak stand on illegals that are here and some other areas.

          4. Paul Dragotto says:


          5. 7papa7 says:

            I have no problem with blacks being president but ONLY if they are competent. There are some excellent blacks that I could support. People like Col. West out of FL or Herman Cain and others. They have to be competent and committed to try and get the country together and not divide it by race, financial status etc.

          6. Ellen says:

            We already bombed our country’s welfare and the legal American’s welfare by electing Obama. I did not vote for him but obviously a lot of people did. Plus the fraud. Reason why he won.

          7. 7papa7 says:

            Anything that is broke can be fixed.

          8. Barbara Moody says:

            I would vote for Herman Cain in a flash! Too bad he isn’t still campaigning. He is a good man.

          9. 7papa7 says:

            He is indeed a good man. I would be very very comfortable voting for him.

          10. Barbara Moody says:

            We have had more than our share of white presidents that have done their fair share of racially dividing this country and her people.Color should not be an issue when voting. Just VOTE ! and vote for the person you honestly feel like is the best person for the job.I don’t care if walks like a chicken and has fruit tree branches growing out from their head,if they can do the job They have my vote and my support in any way I can help them.WE are the only ones that can pull this country and her people up by their boot-straps and we are gonna have to get involved to do it!!!

          11. Ellen says:

            I am not so sure about that. He can always turn around for votes. Let him prove himself first.

          12. FLORIDA LADY says:

            TRUMP/ CRUZ IS THE ONLY reasonable winner FOR 2016………….So that will give Cruz a path to be Path to be President………in 2020. ?

          13. 657241 says:

            But TED Cruz is NOT eligible. He was born in CANADA with only his mother a US citizen. His father is a citizen of CUBA and worked under Fidel Castro.
            TED CRUZ, unfortunately is not eligible. He has dual citizenship. Although he denounced his Canadian citizenship, JUST THIS YEAR, he still is ONLY a NATURALIZED CITIZEN. The Constitution requires the POTUS to be born in the soil of the USA and with BOTH parents US citizens at time of birth.
            BOBBY JINDAL and MARCO RUBIO ARE IN THE SAME “NOT ELIGIBLE” BOAT. These three fine men are unfortunately in the same “NOT ELIGIBLE BOAT” as THE USURPER in the WH.

          14. 7papa7 says:

            I hear this all the time. Ted Cruz is eligible. I suggest that you do your own research on natural born citizen. Taking what you said that make every single person born to the military oversees would be ineligible. It means children born to any and all personal working out of the country would be ineligible. McCain was born out of the country are you saying he wasn’t eligible to run. I believe, not positive, that Romney was born out of the country. All that is required to be a natural born citizen is for one parent to be an American citizen.

          15. Barbara Moody says:

            Romney was born in Mexico.

          16. 7papa7 says:

            That is what I thought I remembered but I wasn’t positive so I just let it go.

          17. 657241 says:

            McCain is exempt or eligible because his Dad is in the Military and was stationed in PANAMA. Both of his parents are US citizens.
            Imagine if only one parent is required to be a US citizen, In the case of TED CRUZ, his DAD was born or a citizen of CUBA and worked for Fidel CASTRO. Where would the loyalties of Ted CRUZ be? CUBA, CANADA or US? TED CRUZ is a naturalized citizen, or dual citizenship, not NATURAL BORN. His parents were not in the military at all. This requirement is only for POTUS, VICE POTUS and Secretary of State. Because these positions are the highest in the land, the founders required 100% loyalty only to the USA.
            He is a good man, I know, but he is not eligible, according to the Constitution. Should we violate the Constitution and be just like OBAMA? Just because Obama did it? Two wrongs does not make it right.

          18. Barbara Moody says:

            Well,if Obama can be pres.,I see no reason why Cruz can’t.At least he has been honest about where he was born. Obama had all his records seized and locked away and still lies even after the truth comes out.We have some big time criminals in our WH.!!

      2. David Stovall says:

        I am tired of Republicans giving us a list of things we can’t do. Trump has a list of things we can do. We just need to send Trump to finishing school.

        1. Beachley CE says:

          I like him just the way he is a refreshing breath of air!

          1. pete G says:

            This whole thing is just Obama counting more welfare, more SS, more medicare, and of course more votes once they settle here. Commie Democrats are nuts.

          2. David Stovall says:

            I agree but remarks about a lady’s face being ugly is a comment from the brat. I like him , but I don’t like immature brats. He needs to grow up in some areas.

          3. jondarmes says:

            Did you ever vote for a perfect candidate? The only time anyone in media quotes rolling stoned is when they screw with someone that the media has issues with.

          4. 657241 says:

            It is just fair, in this fight, it is fair. Why, people made dumb comments about TRUMP’s hair. That it is a wig or toupee. It is his real hair. People made comments as the “fat so” Chris Cristie or the “ear sticking out” of Bobby Jindall, just like Obama or the “Boyish” look of Marco Rubio. or the “Fat Face” Ted Cruz. If you are in this game, be prepared to get punched, criticized everywhere, anywhere, anytime.

            I am glad Carly just ignored it.
            Hillary, she is a grandma, too old for the job. Look at those wrinkles and her neck, more sagging and wrinkled than a turkey neck. Besides, she is neglecting her brand new granddaughter, not doting or singing lullabies to her one and only granddaughter. She prefers power and money than family. SAD.

          5. Ellen says:

            Me too. I like him the way he is. The only one who has the guts to say it the way it is. Being politically correct is being a fool. And Trump sure is not a fool.

      3. Paul Dragotto says:


    2. Paul Dragotto says:


  • MegaMouseGW says:

    I really do not want ANY of the Syrian refugees. No matter how many background checks will be done, there will be quite a few getting through that are TERRORSTS or TERRORIST supporters. We do not want any of the refugees at all.

    1. Terry Rushing says:

      I fully agree that we are overloaded with “refugees” now but the little man with the big ears is determined to “pack ’em in” so if these people are to be rammed down out throat anyway then Dr. Caron’s recommendation is “plan B”.

      1. Ellen says:

        Dr Carson’s recommendation should be Plan A. But we still would be subjecting ourselves to another 9/11 as screening can never really be 100% effective. Plan A should be, TOTALLY NO REFUGEES, at all.

      2. FLORIDA LADY says:

        CARSON IS CLUELESS………………and he is 7th Day Adventist………..research that religion………..no Christmas presents or cards, no Christmas parties, no tree, no decorations, no SANTA, etc…………the same with Easter. IS THIS A MAN WITH A DIFFERENT RELIGION THAT YOU WANT IN THE WHITE HOUSE?

        1. Barbara Moody says:

          Seventh Day Advn. are good people,Fla. and they don’t push their beliefs on other people. Jesus wasn’t born in Dec. so the church doesn’t celebrate it. Our holidays are all “man-made.”Even Easter.Dr.Carson and his religion base their beliefs on the Bible,not on man and what man has conjured up.If more religions taught the actual things in the Bible this world would be in much better shape. Just saying…..

        2. ken51136 says:

          Carson’s views are what makes him. Compare them to what we have now in Washington; he is a genius, or the politicians in Washington are idiots who don’t understand what the people want / and don’t really a damn. All they are concerned with is how the Unions can pad their pockets as they spend our tax dollars to buy support from those who don’t pay their share of taxes.

    2. lea82835 says:

      I agree, totally agree. I watched the footage of 9-11 again and the horror of what happened and wonder WHY they were not screened. Well Obama said he wanted to change America but his real goal has been to destroy America.

      1. afanaglenn says:

        And why he is still president is a mystery. The communist party, previously known as the democrat party, have done all they can do to stifle his elimination, having common goals with Obama to destroy the country. They have almost achieved their goal and we are less than one month away from the beginning of the end.

        1. Ellen says:

          I think the reason is, other politicians are afraid they will be labeled racist. Very, very sad. When all this guy does is bring downfall to our country.

          1. afanaglenn says:

            I used to think that and you are probably correct but I just wonder if Obama and his goons have dug up some dirt on many and they don’t want this dirt revealed. He’s kinda blackmailing his foes, as well as friends to get his way. I am probably giving Boehner and McConnell some benefit of the doubt but it is difficult to believe that they have been lying to the voters each term. Obama and his goons could have released some of the dirt but Obama must know these two, at least these two, are the best chance he has a running their political lives. No doubt race is such a problem and you are probably correct. Being called a racist is a political grave for some of these politicos. The irony is, if there is such, blacks are the most racist jackals. Whatever it is, for the sake of our country, Obama has to be dispatched elsewhere. Who would have believed that in 7 years a president could have doubled the national debt, lost the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and virtually bankrupted the country in such a short period of time, and remains in office. And democrats still find favor with him, not to mention the favorability of Clinton with all of her criminal and treasonous acts. Who would have believed that within such a short time, a president could have divided the country like Obama has, and has immigrated so man of our enemy and placed them in high security positions throughout his administration and turned the democrat party into a full fledged communist party.

    3. pete G says:

      Why not take the women and children and no men? Let the men form their own army and supply them with weapons to defeat ISSI.

      1. MegaMouseGW says:

        Problem is that most are probably in league with ISSI already. So arming them would do more harm than good. Plus the cowardly ISSI use women and children as suicide bombs.

        1. pete G says:

          That’s a good point but i certainly wouldn’t take any of these men in. I notice allot were dressed like westerners and smoking like they weren’t to worried about anything.

          1. Debra says:

            Because they’re not.

      2. Ellen says:

        Yes, arm the men, but never, ever let them in into our country. Let them fight ISIS to take back their own country.

      3. FLORIDA LADY says:

        Sorry, the Muslims use children and women to bomb and murder non-Muslims!! that will not work.

      4. Barbara Moody says:

        Some of those women and children are as dangerous as the men. They are all taught that giving up your life for a nonmuslim is an honorable thing to do. How can we ever know the good from the bad? They all hate the US and have vowed “death to the Americans/to the Us.A. I would prefer to keep my distance from all of them!

    4. ONTIME says:

      Since I believe that no government agency is not corrupted anymore, I cannot help but to agree…..

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