Dump On Trump

CLEVELAND — Donald Trump spanked the press, the rest of the GOP presidential field, and politicians in general, calling them “stupid” and refusing to commit to supporting the eventual 2016 Republican nominee, kicking off the first prime-time debate of the 2016 nominating contest Thursday by saying he can’t be sure anyone else will be able to match his tough-talking solutions.

The top 10 GOP candidates, as determined by the polls, squared off in Cleveland, but Mr. Trump, who has surged to the lead since announcing his campaign in June, dominated the back-and-forth, with his fellow candidates repeatedly forced to respond to him and acknowledge he’s tapped into deep dissatisfaction among Republican voters.

“I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct,” he told Fox host Megyn Kelly, who asked him about disparaging comments he’s made toward women. “I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness and to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either.”

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  • Robert L Snyder says:

    Trump sealed his fate with me not being a straight voter but adjusting his direction benefit only him not the people would be elected to represent.

  • Peter Cabrel says:

    Much of the problem we Conservatives have is that for too long we “hold our nose” and vote for the “MALE, PALE, STALE” SOCIALIST REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE.
    Therefore, if the GOP does not nominate and fully back a CONSERVATIVE candidate; then I see no reason to “go along to get a long”, and back another “MALE, PALE, STALE” SOCIALIST REPUBLICAN!
    If I wanted an automobile manufactured with Foreign made parts, I would buy a foreign made automobile. Therefore, if I am to support and vote for a socialist then I will support and vote for a SOCIALIST-DEMOCRAT. Not a “Signal RIGHT, turn LEFT Socialist-Republican.

  • Smitch says:

    TRUMP will win!

  • hbcark says:

    Vote out the socialist (Democrat Party) if you relish your freedoms.

  • oleagleye says:

    Donald Trump or Donald Duck would be better than what we have now. Trump is not afraid and tells it like it is, go Donald.

  • Tom M says:

    Do you really want another senator in the white house even a GOP one? I sure as hell don’t. the only thing senators do is run theirs mouths. We need someone who has rand a state or business. No to Bush, Christie, and HELL no to Killary Clinton.

    1. MeForever says:

      We got it now, don’t we… yup, He’s OUR guy, Talkin’ about OUR guy. yup, Baby WE love you!! Oh his name is Donald, he’s the Boy From New York City… and allll American. Dang we are LUCKY!!

  • Jrmags says:

    These so-called conservatives that won’t vote for a so-called RINO, are really liberal RINOs trying to support/secure yet another liberal Democrat election to the highest office.

    Apparently, these so-called conservatives didn’t want to vote for Mitt Romney because he looked too RINOish! Well great, so the result has been 2 1/2 more years of the current administrations extreme leftist liberalism.

    That kind of thinking doesn’t sound too bright to me, they just cut off their nose to spite their face!

    So, how can a true, non-RINO conservative now say they would do it all over again, after seeing the results of such thinking?

    Lesson Learned: A so-called RINO as President is so much better than any liberal Democrat!

    And, remember a Cruz type of conservative, if nominated, like any RINO candidate, also needs a united party to get elected.

    Whether conservative or RINO, both will be easier to control by the electorate than a run-away liberal!

  • bones1941 says:

    Fox News did not asked many people the same type of questions as they did of Donald Trump. Fox News is taking some heat for that . They were trying to get Trump to make a mistake. It was Fox News Megyn Kelly that lost out !

  • Robert Wilson says:


  • Dave N. says:

    Trump is a lose cannon with no political patience, just about everything in politics takes forever unfortunately. The main reason is government has become so large and obtrusive its like trying to reverse directions with a mile long train. All of the candidates are natural born U.S. citizens and are there for within the constitutional requirements to run for office. Megan Kelly’s question to Trump was totally appropriate as he has on many occasions as a matter of record said a lot of derogatory things about women, whether anyone likes it or not, women’s votes count the same as anyone’s. Reading the blogs here there are a number of which I disagree with, that being said thank God we still have the right to express our individual opinions regardless of which side of the isle you hang your hat, or who you support.

    1. MeForever says:

      Dave you sound PC. A re-write will Americanize it.

      1. Dave N. says:

        No reason to rewrite anything, everything I wrote is true and accurate. I have no need to call names or cuss my way through a blog to get my point accross. I’m not PC, I’m just not crass or excessively over expressive. I’ll assume that has something to do with the way I was raised and my age. Sorry you weren’t offended by my opinion.

  • molly kennedy says:

    What Trump said was he would be a 3rd party person if the Republican party did not treat him fairly. Makes no sense for them to keep bad mouthing him thus encouraging him to do it sooner than later. At least they are getting more publicity than they otherwise would get. The debate set a record for the number of people watching, do you really think that would have happened if the majority of the people hadn’t tuned in to see what Trump was going to do?

  • Kevin J. Simnacher says:

    I like Rand Paul, but he doesn’t have the financial support behind him to compete with Hillary. Trump can be a very strong president. IF we get behind him.

  • Phyllis Schultz says:

    I hope he won’t seriously run as 3rd party if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination. The only ones to benefit from that would be the Democrats.

    1. The redhawk says:

      Why do you Think BILL CLINTON called him??????????

  • Charles W. Bell says:

    I wish they would use the same pledge on John Bonner Mitch McConnell to swear in public like they did Trump they would up hold their complain promises and if they don’t they will resign and FOX always refers to Trump as a bully and ignore what the RINOS do to member when they don’t tow the line and the interference in the GOP senate primary’s like Mississippi, NH, and other states because the likely winners were Tea party members.

  • muthamedia says:

    I wish this had been a real debate.

  • holland180 says:

    I enjoyed watching both debates. Anyone of the 17 candidates would be better then Obama, Hilliary or Sanders. Rand Paul would be my least choice and Walker, Cruz, Perry, Santoreum, Florina and Jindal and Christie would be my top contenders! Carson is a fine, cultured gentleman but would come across as maybe mild and weak to the bad guy leaders around the world. At least Trump might make them think twice and fear reprisal. All in all, great entertainment and lot’s of great candidates to consider. Chris Wallace came across as definitely anti Trump and Wallace is no republican anyway. He made the same question not once, not twice but three times in trying to make Trump look bad.
    Can’t wait for the next debate.

  • Bernie Lounds says:

    Refusing to commit to their silly assed political games because that’s all they are.I would have done the same and I don’t even know the candidates like he does.They would all go along with it because none of them have the balls to stand alone.

  • Snoopy says:

    If everyone is “Dumping on Trump”, it MUST mean they are afraid of him. That ALONE makes him worth voting for!

  • dennis totman says:

    they give inappropriate and discouraging question toTrump, Kelly made me sick,,they want jeb to win,i never give my vote to him

  • pete G says:

    Trump is brash and rough around the edges when attacked, he needs to ponder the questions more before he answers. He is as far away from being a politician as you can get. But his answers are honest and that is refreshing and we need more of him to wake the others up, we’re tired.

  • Vernon says:

    Dr. Ben Carson gets my vote.

    1. MeForever says:

      Perfect heading Dept of Health. Trump is skilled at recognizing talent and placing talent where opportunity to excel is greatest. He will not ignore Carson.

  • chris berrian says:

    Trumps a powder keg, cruze and Rubio are not eligible as there parants are from other countries rand and chris cristy seems to only support some of the Constitution. Walker is ok but haven’t heard enough about him, Now carson I believe has more brains than most of those career politicians and elites.

    1. Kent2012 says:

      they are just as eligible as kenyan boyo is…

      1. chris berrian says:

        Nope they are the same. All have fathers from other countries which makes them all including barry boy not eligible to be our president. I personally am not going down that road again. Didn’t vote for barry boy and won’t vote for cruze or rubio. But I think we need someone like carson maybe walkerat least they are full blood american.
        I can’t believe their even pushing people that are not eligible anyone that is born of a father from another country is a type of forign influence is that what you want.cruze is great as a senator. Rubio is not a great senator here in my state he’s known as a back peddler and lier he sounds good but isn’t.
        I hope everyone looks at what they are voting for make sure they are eligible and trustworthy unlike the people from our last election cycle

    2. rafapc5 says:

      You are right on the money with your observations, Chrs, particularly with your last sentence! I urge you and your friends to read the several available books on Dr. Carson. You will find him to be an even more viable candidate than the others, none of whom have unblemished careers, as does Dr. Carson! In particular go on the web and listen to his speech to the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast attended by Pres.Obama and V.P. Biden.

  • Brady Harness says:

    After last night I still want to see a Ticket with The Donald and Dr. Ben Carson!!!

  • The redhawk says:

    Fiorina and Carson , in my opinion STOLE the Show, The Donald turns out to be a HUGE thin Skinned Bag of HOT AIR….. CRUZ and Rubio did well

    1. don says:

      screw rubio the amnesty king

      1. The redhawk says:

        Spoken like Someone who has NO idea of what It says….Just another NUMBNUTS potted Plant by SHILLERY..who gets Wadded panties at the Mention of RUBIO…She be AFRAID!!!
        And Scared SH-TLESS about FIORINA!!!

        1. MeForever says:

          Liked Rubio before he bent for McCain and Graham RINOs and made himself their fool. He’s O.U.T.

          1. The redhawk says:

            Are BOVINE DROPPINGS also come out when you Speak??

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Good going Donald. Looks like Fox News and the Washington Republicans are trying to force you to run as a third party candidate, so democrats can win again. Hang in there and speak your mind. Reporters are all a bunch of self centered whackos with personal agendas.

  • Maynard Walker says:

    Lost respect for Meghan Kelly and her clowns they are kissing the ass of Jeb.

    1. Liz says:

      Because I think they feel Jeb will loose to Hillary

  • Tom M says:

    I really think Trump should have pledge to not split the party and run as some other party. Trump gave the impression its may way or nothing just another Obama in that aspect. All this will do is to split the party and hand the Socialist a sure victory. I still am a Walker supporter and have no plans voting for any senators. Just look at what the current one (Barry) has done to us. I think Carly wipe them all out and she would make a very good VP.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Trump is a business man used to being a dictator. That’s how large business are run these days. He doesn’t play well with others. The government is not a business. It is run by the customers and it is the will of the people that should matter not the will of the leader, Trump doesn’t get it. Trump believes that if it’s legal it right. If you didn’t like Obamas governing style you will HATE Trumps.

      1. OnlyTruthFirst says:

        Did you hear Karl Rove (a top
        establishment spokesman) this morning, when he inferred Trump was a business
        man and not suited for politics? He
        basically said government is not a business; it is all about politics.
        REALLY!! That is the problem, because if government ran like a business
        with fiscal responsibility, accountability and good leadership it would not be
        on the verge of bankruptcy. It would not be robbing Peter to pay Paul.
        Thank you Mr. Rove for pointing out the real issue.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          I once thought as you do but I have run a number of business and I fine that if you try to do it as a democracy you go out of business. Only a dictatorship works. Fiscal responsibility is important but you must always remember that you are there to serve the people who put you in office. A company is run from the top down a country should be run from the bottom up.

      2. don says:

        so says you? who? o you

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Everything that people are complaining about Obama trump has in spades. He doesn’t work well with others, he likes to fire people. He ticks of members of his own party, and not just the ones you call RINO’s. everyone. This is the person you think can lead our country?

    2. Texas Dad says:

      I’ve had my eye on Walker for some time, as well!

    3. Kent2012 says:

      unfortunately we may find a senator as the candidate…not voting for an adult is what got us kenyan boyo twice, and billy “the traitor” clintoney twice..a great many voters stayed home in 2008, and again in 2012, in fact a lot of democrapos stayed at home, but not enough and we got the illegal alien again…

    4. Mike O'Mara says:

      There is no way our devastated country can be salvage by compromising with another enemy. Your icon is a great reminder of compromise. What have they done to the Stars and Bars? What for? Some asshole with a gun went and did something not only evil but stupid as well so they sold out the symbol of the south to try to cuddle their way out. Thereby accepting responsibility for something they had nothing to do with. Good plan. So what will they do now? Look for volunteers to be killed by Farrakhan’s 10,000 man hit squad instead of locking up Farrakhan? Makes just as much sense.

  • FedUpConservative says:

    Trump – Cruz 2016. But I will never vote for Jeb – Rand – Lindsey and a few others. And, Megyn-Candy Kelly-Crowley needs to be fired today. He obvious dislike of Trump and gotcha questions ruined her credibility. Chris Wallace-Stephanopoulos was not much better. Note FOX….. I will never watch any show Kelly is on – send her to MSNBC.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Let’s be politically incorrect here and just lay it out: Megyn Kelly was an embarrassment. The only thing she’s got going for her is her looks. Throughout the entire evening – including the post-debate – she made it sound like it was all about her. She treated the night like a sports event, with no appreciation of the significance of the evening. To have all the candidates stand for pictures and look uncomfortable was funny to her. Her questions for Trump sounded like a personal vendetta. What a fraud!

      And the rest of the FOX production team was third-rate, too. To keep all the moderators’ mics open when they weren’t on camera – like we’re listening in on the sidelines of a football game or in a locker room – again showed how little FOX appreciates the gravity and seriousness of the event. It was all about entertainment, and their Fox Sports mentality.

      Finally – They certainly did realize that Trump provided a LOT of the ratings points for their debate. It was Must See TV with Donald there, but without him – meh. So why did they try to continually trash him?

  • 14usa says:

    I thought the group in the front were moderators. Asking a stupid question like will you support who ever is nominated by the party. Fox does not understand yet the anger being expressed by the voters after betrayal from 2014 elections.

    1. don says:

      fox news has no idea what they did last night but the storm is comming

      1. Brady Harness says:

        I have talked with people from the Democrats(NOT Dumbocrats(a sub-species of the Democrats) to Independences to Republicans and there may very will be a Happy Surprise come next Election Day if things keep on track!!!

  • Bob Stewart says:

    I was embarrassed for Fox News and the panel of questioners. The debate was a fiasco and maybe Fox intended for Trump to run as a third party candidate. Rand Paul was a brat who interrupted other people and made infantile expressions as others spoke. He was sad. Ted Cruz held his ground, but it didn’t seem that Fox wanted him to get many questions. Marco Rubio was the class of the field. I wish each candidate would have been asked if they supported the national right to work law. We know what Scott Walker thinks about unions, but Kasich leaves a doubt. Questions about how to accomplish certain goals, but they didn’t get there because of Fox opinions prefacing questions. I turned off the TV after the first 20 minutes. Since Tennessee is an open primary state, I think I’ll vote in the democratic primary to vote against Hillary. I’ll vote for the most conservative candidate in the general election.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Fox worked hard to get the candidates to say what they wanted them to say. They had decided what they wanted to hear. It was a horse and pony show from beginning to end.

    2. Brady Harness says:

      The Liberal Media clowns left out half the Contestants it seems on purpose but The Donald and Dr. Ben Carson the non-establishment Candidates still have my VOTE!!!

      1. Snoopy says:

        I get the strangest feeling that YOU are not ALONE!!!
        Certainly not from MY point of view. “The Establishment” has taken this country AND it’s tax payers for a ride long enough!

        1. Mike O'Mara says:

          That’s because there is only one establishment and 80 to 85% of both parties are part of it. They aren’t even trying to hide that anymore. When the TPP was allowed to drop by the socialist democrats it was picked up and passed by the rhinos. That little item allows the UN other foriegn governments and even foriegn unions directly into our treasury. 19 trillion deficiet is evidently not enough so we will let our enemies inside and out to spend more for us. Bohener gets the blame and he deserves it but he could not have done it alone. He is just somebody’s lap dog.

    3. Kent2012 says:

      Kasich and others are not well loved…no matter if the “single candidate” voters do the same thing that they did in 2008 and 2012 we will have another rag loving commie in office…the USA cannot afford 16 years in a row of economic put downs, pervert agendas, rags being brought into the oral office as advisers, commie twits as agency heads, lezzy commies appointed to the supremo courto, and the rest of the world told that we are weak and we apologize for having gone after the scum and smacked their clown azzes…

      1. don says:

        then get off your asses an do something

        1. The redhawk says:


    4. don says:

      marco rubio was the class of the field—haha yep that gang of 8 member lies -an can not be trusted

      1. Flobill says:

        He was not born of natural American parents. His father only became a citizen 5 years ago.

        1. Brady Harness says:

          What’s that suppose to mean? I have had the Pleasure of knowing several first generation Americans and because they know what it means to have the FREEDOMS that too often most Americans take for granted they make damn Positive Patriots and Republicans!!! Just a side note for You, my Dads side fought in Our War for Independence and a four(4) came over on the “May Flower” if You know what that is!!!

          1. Flobill says:

            The reason is because it is in our Constitution. I happen to like Rubio myself. I think he can get more done by following the rules and being very effective in the legislature. Yes I know what the Mayflower is, as well as the Constitution. I agree, people living under oppression really appreciate freedom, as opposed to many that take it for granted. We should ALL become educated as to the issues and all of the candidates, and not vote just for a party, or a phone, or ?

          2. 14usa says:

            Rubio may get more done but will it be the right thing. He is the young man in the good old boys club.

  • Keep exposing the Elites Donald and the foolish Progressive policies, that have been destroying our great country! Time for the Minority to sit down and shut up, as this is a Republic governed by our Bill of rights, that gives power to the Majority, not the minority! What the courts have done to us since choosing to champion the Minority, is unconstitutional under article 3! They are to uphold the Constitution and be a liason between the Fed and States, not a Rabid Bully pushing the will of the minority onto the Majority! Keep raising hell Donald and maybe we can send a clear message to Washington: We The People will not be ruled by PC Tyrants!!!! Also the article says 5 Justices forced gay marriage on us, but that’s really not true, as it was only 1 Justice (Kennedy) that rules over 300 million with his opinion alone! The rest of the Justices on the left, had already made their decissions long before the ruling and 2 Justices violated their oathes of office, by performing gay weddings and not recusing themselves from the vote! Several Politicians and Candidates for POTUS say this is now the Law of the land, but that is FALSE, as the SCOTUS only can give Opinion, not Legislate Law and the SCOTUS cannot enforce their Illegal Rulings and can be ignored! Stop letting the Media and Politicians LIE to you, Study your Constitution and use it as the Sword of Truth!!!

    1. I Seigel says:

      You’re right – Trump did raise hell and he pointed out a lot of the hypocrisies in current policies.

      I missed the part though where he offered any solutions. The only thing I recall that he said was that he liked the Canadian health system. What were some of his other solutions to fix what’s wrong?

      1. Actualy I was generalizing, as I’m a bit fired up these days. Not necessarily a Trump fanboy, but love to add to his exposure of wussy politics as usual. The one thing about Trump, that used to also be true about Bill Clinton, is they are Patriots that are concerned about our country. Beyond that I just find it refreshing that the Elites are being exposed, for the Tyrants that they are. Economics and People are Donalds possitives, social issues probably like the drifting tide, Thanks!

      2. don says:

        what was any of thems—none

        1. I Seigel says:

          English, please.

    2. Brady Harness says:

      Chris you are so very Right, as the Old Saying goes: The Squeeky Wheel gets the Attention; now is the Opportunity for All Americans of every Party to stand up and Yell from their Hearts; we have had enough and are taking Our America back, get out of Our Way, now!!!

    3. Mike O'Mara says:

      The Supreme court exists at the sufferage of the people. They have no means to enforce their opinions and that is how it was purposely set up. The states can also change a word in the law and reinstate it. The court however is not empowered to change any part of any law they consider. They are limited to ruling of any law as written not as they would like to see it. So we have 2 justices illegally sitting on the case because they had already taken a stand on it prior to hearing the arguments. Then you have Roberts altering the language of a law and all the other justices allowing these violations to go unaddressed. These are supposed to be the guardians of our constitution and the law. The fact that all this happened seems like grounds for removal to me. I just hope that Trump is president before we do this.
      If I was an old lady on the supreme court right now I would have my own crew for security and include food tasters because I know Obama is wetting himself over the possibility of appointing a new young Marxist Islamist Jurror that can be on the court for many years because of the idiotic law that appoints them for life. Ginsburgs life expectancy is not great with obama. Or Clinton for that matter.

  • beneyw says:

    Trump is just another egomaniac like Obama as it is all about him and not the country. The “I” am the greatest attitude is about as presidential as any 3rd world country dictator. Besides, Trump likes the Canada socialist healthcare system. “it works”. This is NOT a true conservative and those impressed by bravado and histrionics and not facts are not conservatives either IMO. Add the promised Ross Perot effect and enjoy the next 8 years of Hillary and company.

    1. You really don’t know much about Trump do you? And the Ross Perot effect is totally lost on you, Perot would have won, if not for the Elite Progressives threatening his family and the massive Fraud committed by both the DNC and RNC! There is no difference between the two parties anymore, as both have compramised to the UN and Chamber of Commerce to form the NWO! Wake – up or you’ll end up with another bird in the Bush!!

      1. beneyw says:

        Get some help bro,

        1. don says:

          yes you could use some

          1. beneyw says:

            Actually I am quite together, thank you. Again, the fact Trump likes the Canadian Health Care system seems to elude the Trump devotees.

      2. don says:

        its in the plan an last night fox news led the way–destory who we the people like–no more fox news

    2. FedUpConservative says:

      Here’s your sign… and a glass of Kool-Aid.

  • There are only two people who will get my vote, either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz! If one of them win the GOP Nomination, then the GOP will get my vote. If not, then if Trump or Cruz run as an Independent, which I don’t think Cruz will, but Trump will for sure, then he will get my vote and the GOP will lose out. I refuse to vote for a RINO like seven of the ten are. Only ones who aren’t are Trump, Cruz, and Carson. A vote for Jeb is a vote for the Democrats!

    1. Bob Stewart says:

      I’m a Cruz supporter, but I would vote for any republican before I’d let a democrat in the white house again. Regardless who gets the nomination, real Americans who believe in freedom better think twice before they take their ball and go home. Would people feel great about allowing the country to suffer another Obama? Swallow that pride and at least give your country a chance to correct the harm Obama has done.

      1. Texas Dad says:

        Here, here, Bob! I may have to hold my nose but I will vote for whomever gets the GOP nomination. To sit it out or vote for a 3rd party candidate will be the same as voting FOR Hillary and I WILL NOT have a part in catapulting her into the Oval Office for 8 long years.

        1. heights2012 says:

          wake-up and smell the coffee–a vote for any RINO is a vote for the liberal movement, regardless of party. What in the world do you think has put this country into the mess it’s in—-Jeb is simply the Liberal Republican front runner at this time & is no more or any less than a useful tool for the American Liberal Socialist movement. Anyone that’s serious about returning America to it’s amazingly successful Conservative Liberty driven past had better think twice about giving their vote to a liberal and vote Conservative

          1. Liz says:

            But if you don’t vote for the GOP candidate you will definitely put the Democrat in office without a fight.

          2. heights2012 says:

            You’re not paying attention; This kind of thinking is what put us into this mess in the first place. This kind of thinking has been used against Conservatives by Establishment for a long, long time. Anyone without the courage of their convictions and without the courage to vote accordingly, is spending way to much time with a closed mind and lying to themselves along with those they talk to.

          3. Liz says:

            Oh I pay attention, We might have had a Rino in office the last time but it would still have been better than O’Bama’s second term. Voting third party or not voting at all gave votes to O’Bama’s second term and also his first term. At this point those in office are traitors to our Country, vote 3rd party and get Hillary, more of O’Bama’s thinking.

          4. heights2012 says:

            Sorry I have the inability to get across my meaning—–kicking the can down the road will accomplish only one thing—-you have a can that still needs to be kicked

          5. Liz says:

            Now Fox News is thrilled because Liberal news papers and media are praising the questions Fox mediators asked, gee, I wonder why the Liberals are praising them. Could it be because the Liberals think these questions hurt the ones they are afraid might get the votes away from their candidate?

          6. heights2012 says:

            Picking and or choosing a candidate guided by our fear of the election result is what has been going on for decades—-it’s a strategy that’s works quite well. read the fine print and just look around you

          7. Liz says:

            I do read the fine print but up to this point it appears to be a crap shoot.

          8. don says:

            an we are the ones being shot at

          9. John_Eidsmoe says:

            A very good point! Consider this: John McCain was not my choice for the Republican nomination in 2008. But if he were President instead of Obama, we’d have two new conservative Justices on the Supreme Court instead of Sotomayor and Kagan — a 6-3 majority even without Kennedy. We’d be in a position to overrule Roe v. Wade, Obamacare would have been struck down (actually it never would have passed), and Windsor and Obergefell would have been decided in favor of traditional marriage.

          10. don says:

            look we have control of both houses–nothing get done but obamas agenda–they told us they would do what we wanted–they went the operset –this you can not fight–let her fall take up the gun an make the lady standing in the harbor proud once more

          11. Mike O'Mara says:

            Wrong. They have full control of the only party. Also Obama is making royal proclaimations removing the last of our constitutional rights. Revolution is so close you can taste it in the air.

          12. John_Eidsmoe says:

            The fact that somebody disagrees with you does not mean they aren’t paying attention.

          13. don says:

            but we will deserve just that

          14. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            No, we don’t and won’t deserve, what they will serve out, if we hand their program to them on a silver platter by taking our ball then going home.
            Be angry, but never give up.
            Defeatism, is not the way to go. To do that will give them exactly what they want.

        2. don says:

          never again the lesser of 2 eviles

      2. But if the GOP Nominee is a RINO, we will only see the same as today with this pathetic Obama. Trump or Cruz are out only chance out of the sewer we are in.

      3. Walt says:

        Bob, a good faith Republican would vote for their party over a Democratic party, but a couple of things that bother me about Trump is the fact that he’s been in bed with the Clintons. She went to his wedding, and he spoke to Hillary on the phone four weeks ago. The comment he made about possibly not supporting a Republican candidate, and he may run on a third ticket, automatically put Hillary in the White House. It’s like he’s blackmailing the American people to vote for him or else.
        Another little tidbit that comes to mind. Suppose Trump and Hillary worked out a deal regarding the third ticket. He knows by going rogue Hillary will be guaranteed the oval office, and after all is said and done, he tells Hillary, “you owe me”! Not to mention, in last night’s debate he acted childish and un-presidential. I lost my trust for the man. So that leaves, Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee, Walker, Kasich and Fiorina. I have to see more debates before I select one, but nobody should be blackmailed or bullied into making a choice!

        1. 14usa says:

          Rubio is a “Gang of Eight” Rino.

        2. megan says:

          As I understand it, the Clintons called Trump. In my OPINION, they asked him NOT to run.

      4. Mike O'Mara says:

        Have you seen what those wonderful republicans have done for us lately. They are the ones killing us right now and the only possible explaination is that they are under obama’s control or on the same side as him. Completely unacceptable. Last week I changed my 44 year republican registration to independant. I will never vote democrat but I refuse to be identified with the rhino party either. BeforeTrump came in I was leaning heavily toward Carson. He’s a good man. Recently I have been paying attention to Fiorina but I don’t think there is anyone else. At least not at this time. I still don’t expect obama and his gestapo to allow this election to take place any way. His owner still has the machine that creates or removes votes with out evidence of the changes that they had in 2012. It’s only used in presidential elections. That’s why the socialists got crushed in 2010 and 2014 but won in 2012 when the Soros machine was used. Add the illegals who are not required to show ID to vote and you have a very shakey situation.

      5. Bob in Florida says:

        Bob –
        We’ve tried that for – how many election cycles has it been now? – last time it was Romney (good man, nice person, but not the leader we needed at the time) – before that it was McCain (might as well have been voting for a Democrat).

        How many times do we do the same thing and expect different results? (you’re aware of the definition of insanity, are you not?).

        We’ve tried holding our collective noses and voting for the ‘establishment’ candidates they have forced upon us. Against all expectations, we’ve given them a majority in the House, a majority in the Senate, and they still have not given us the actions we were promised. How many times do you feel we should fall for this SCAM?

        This time we MUST show up for the primaries and force OUR candidates on them! (including for President) If, we cannot get a Conservative Republican candidate for President, we MUST jerk the rug out from under the establishment Republicans. Vote for every ‘Conservative’ Republican candidate on the ballot BUT NOT for president – vote for the Libertarian candidate for President. He’ll not win, but the Republican elite will not be able to spin the result anyway except how it was intended i.e., “We’re damn mad and we’re not going to take it any more.”

        We will hopefully be able to maintain the Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. Perhaps, we’ll be able to put enough Conservatives in leadership positions to instill some backbone into the people we have elected to represent us.

        We CANNOT continue to do what we’ve been doing! It hasn’t been working! What alternative do you suggest?

      6. lea82835 says:

        My vote will go to Cruz also, simply because he is sticking to the U.S. Constitution. I wish he had a little more experience but by the time we vote, I’m sure there will be an improvement. What about Carly for V.P. They would make a good team.

        1. megan says:

          I just wish he voted the way he TALKS. He is not to be trusted.

          1. lea82835 says:

            Why do you say he can’t be trusted. Will you be more specific as I am open to any information you have. We can’t afford to make another mistake in electing a new President.

          2. megan says:

            Check out his votes lea…just do that.

        2. Mike Gunter says:

          obamma didn’t have any experience either. All Cruz has to do is go by the constitution.

      7. harrydweeks says:

        I don’t disagree with your logic . However, some day people will just give up on the Rino GOP and will not vote , In this election, everyone seems to think Clinton would win. If the GOP had a spine, she would be indicted and disqualified from running if convicted of a felony. This is one reason Conservatives are giving up on the GOP.

    2. truthseeker says:

      Ted Cruz is a likeable guy, but we have enemies who do not respect us and like Trump has stated in the past and present will eat our Lunch. All of the Candidates are well respected, Opp’s except for Lindsay Graham for his lack to not vote at all on Planned Parenthood . I would of told him to go home . He betrayed our Trust by not being our voice and with the amount of money and benefits these Senators get that is just theft.

      1. Liz says:

        I want someone our enemies not only don’t like but fear. You can’t kiss up to the enemy and get respect.

        1. don says:

          then just look to who fox news tried to destory last night

          1. truthseeker says:

            She Megan Kelly was doped up. Now how is that professional. She stated that she was not feeling good and the Doctor gave her something that took away some severe sweats, throwing up and upset stomach. We are talking about Minutes before she was to go on. They could of taken any drunk off the street and done a better job, but because she looks like a Barbie Doll they just had to have her. Chris Wallace calls Donald Trump a lire, it does not matter what it concerned that is just so disrespectful, of course he got to sit in the Big Chair that Bill O’reily promised him if he got good rating from this debate.

        2. truthseeker says:

          I know what you mean. I was not upset at Gov. Chris Christy for giving Obama a big Hug, but he stated it did not happen, when it was on TV. If you cannot tell the truth on something that really did not matter, than I guess he does not need to let us know about the money he took for the repairs of the town from Hurricane Sandy and used it to keep his Job as the Gov. of N.J. Seven Million dollars would do that ! Lindsey Graham was suppose to vote in regards to the Planed Parenthood and decided to skip out . I guess a vote is not that important, so a Vote for him should also not be that important .

        3. rafapc5 says:

          Then checkout Dr. Carson, who like rough rider Teddy Roosevelt “speaks softly but will carry a big stick!”

      2. don says:

        an rubio–one of the members of the gang of 8–he lies he still is for anmesty

        1. truthseeker says:

          Of course he is along with the lying Jeb Bush from Florida with 15 cities that have a sanctuary place and Chris Christy who stated he would not deport, but would make sure that they all from grades K-to-12 would be educated, of course that would cost the Tax payer 13 Thousand dollars a year per child, so I guess balancing the budget is the least of this Obama Hugging Governor who also spent the 7 Million dollars of Emergency money to repair the damage from Hurricane Sandy and instead spent that money to run for his position as the Governor. This reminds me of BOSS HOG FROM DUKES OF HAZZARDS .

      3. Cruz is the only Constitutional Conservative Christian of the entire group and knows his stuff better than the RINOS. He may not be ready to lead but he sure beats all of them except for Trump, and I love his outspoken way, making the RINOS look like the fools that they are! Of course, any of them would be better than the Kenyan Gay Muslim Primate, but I am only voting for Trump or Cruz and am hoping for a TRUMP/CRUZ ticket! That would be fantatic, then eight years of Ted Cruz! Obama, hopefully, would be dead and forgotten by then. A vote or any of the rest is the same as electing a Democrat.

        1. Belldancer says:

          Billwhit1357 conservative and a christian my a***!!!! You hypocrite…in one breath you speak on Christianity and in another breath you call the President all types of derogatory names and a primate you racist devil!!!! You wish him dead…remember karma is a bitch! Some of you white people think you are God and should have the power to control everything and everyone on Planet Earth and if you do not get your way then you set out on a path to destroy. History proves your insecurities, your fear, your psychopathic ways, control freaks, your hatred, alter ego and I could go on and on. Take your ass back to caves in which you came from. The world would be better off to rid away hateful racist people. It is time for a new day and true Christians that abide by God’s word not hateful evil false hypocrites. Do not even think about responding or any you other racist fools here! WHITE PRIVILEGE AT ITS WORST!!!!!! I pray to God do not let any republicans back in the white house!!!!!!!!!

          1. If you knew anything about the Bible, you would know that we are to speak out against Evil, or do you think doing so is false? And your Kenyan Muslim, Obama, is pure Evil! Also, you are a Primate, I am a Primate, we are all Primates, look it up, duh! Perhaps if you spent more time getting an education instead of fighting for your homosexual rights, or deluded visions of being owed anything, you might find life more sane, instead of rioting because a Ghetto criminal, like the Michael Browns of gangstahood, get what they deserve. Try working for once and actually contribute something to our Nation, instead of only sucking off the backs of the hardworking taxpayers. Real Blacks work, contribute, enjoy all that our great Nation has to offer. It is only the uneducated, lazy, ill informed Obama Supporters who continue to live on that Democratic Plantation, just like back before the Civil War. Democrats kept you slaves then, same as today. Praise Jesus there are still wonderful Blacks around like Allen West, Herman Cain, Allen Keyes, Dr Ben Carson, Mia Love, Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, and many, many more! Biggest problem that will come from having this illegal Arab as President is that there is a good chance no dark skinned person will ever win the Presidency again. You do know that Obama was brought up as a privilaged person, going to private school, never having lived poor, like many of us Americans have, Black and White? He never wanted for anything and is only using Blacks today for his own evil schemes. Seems to be working well for him too.

      4. Elizabeth says:

        Trump is getting support out of anger and angst. Remember the 60’s? Antidisestablishmentarians ! But then, they were Democrats. Trump CAN NOT be allowed to embarrass the U.S., as we already have a reputation of being rude and crude. Cruz and Paul shut down the Government and came close to driving global economic ruin. Jeb did a great job in Florida. I was teaching there. He can get the Latino votes, but the illegals HAVE to go! It’s anybody’s guess what the Clintons have on Boehner and McCain … of course we are desperate!!
        I predict the largest voter turnout ever. Hopefully, every Christian and Jew will cry unto God. Jeremiah 18:8-9 says we must turn from our wicked ways and earnestly call upon God. Or, we can be the next Sodom and Gomorrah …

        1. truthseeker says:

          I know Mr. Donald Trump is very worldly and that can frighten many Christians, but remember we are in this world. You need to know your Enemy and who would know better than Trump. He stated that he had bought many of a Politician and we know this to be true. The last debate in Ohio was evil to its core. ” Thou shalt not be a false witness”. Megyn Kelly was called on her lie against Mr. Trump and Jeb Bush insisted he did not call Donald Trump all of those names that he was accused of by Megan Kelly and she refused to apologize to Mr. Trump for this lie. If anyone makes a false statement against another person and is corrected with the Truth and still refuses to take back the comment, especially someone who is suppose to be getting at the Truth, but feels comfortable in lying that is pure evil ! Shame on her !

    3. DEW says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth……..absolutely

    4. don says:

      never will i be forced to vote again the lesser of 2 eviles–never no more–i.ll vote the wind first

    5. pete G says:

      And Rubio can take his immigration plans and stick them were the sun don’t shine.

    6. Snoopy says:

      A vote for “Jeb” puts the Clintons back in office, if only by proxy!!!
      I think we have had enough of the Bushes AND Clintons! We DO need a new face and some new ideas!

    7. rafapc5 says:

      There are only three candidates who are true non-establishment, independent, conservatives: Mr. Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina! Of those three only Dr. Carson can assure that we will obtain the essential plurality of that crucial minority vote, that the Democratic candidate must have to retain WH control!
      If you would only take the time to review Dr. Carson’s remarkable background, and recent history (including his 2013 speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he addressed the problems of ObamaCare in the presence of Pres. Obama and VP Biden), you would realize what an excellent President he would be. Carly Fiorina might very well be an excellent running mate as well! Mr. Trump would serve tour conservative cause much better by switching his support to Dr. Carson who has supported Mr. Trump and who shares the same objectives!

      1. I am a big fan of both Dr Carson and Ms Fiorina. Have “America the Beautiful” and “Gifted Hands” on my bookshelf, excellent books. Also watched Dr Carson at the Prayer Breakfast and in many other videos, interviews, and such. Wonderful, gifted man! And Ms Fiorina is truly impressive also and I would love to see both of them in some position within our leadship. Trump is outspoken, which is what I love, and the fact that he can’t be bought, but I also don’t think Dr Carson, Ms Fiorina, or Ted Cruz can be bought either. It is truly a toss up between them all, but at the moment, Trump has the momentum. We will just have to see and pray that we get True American Leadership back in the White House and that never again will our 1st Rate Nation be brought low by a 3rd World Con Man such as Obama. God Bless you and yours!

        1. rafapc5 says:

          Thank you for your thoughtful reply! We are on the same track, as it appears, are many others. Though I like Mr. Trump’s forceful mode of presenting his ideas, if he too often repeats the type of response he used on Megyn Kelly, I think it may adversely reflect on his poll ratings. But far more importantly, his ability to draw votes away from the Democratic base, I truly feel, is much less than Mr. Trump thinks! Note the sizeable percentage of those who plan to support the Democratic ticket regardless of who runs. In my humble opinion, Dr. Carson gives us our best odds! John Philip Sousa’s “Rx For America” is an excellent read, as well. Dr. Carson’s mother deserves a high reward for bringing out those special qualities in him!

    8. Mike Gunter says:

      Just don’t forget Ben Carson.

    9. I Seigel says:

      From an independent’s point of view, I think Fiorina and Kasich are the most electable, with Rubio coming in 3rd. A Fiorina/Rubio ticket would be a strong contender in a general election. Or Kasich/Rubio. They could win over lots of independents and probably a few Dems as well. The others are on the fringe, in the minds of the majority of voters in this country.

  • Joe says:

    Trump you got my vote

    1. don says:

      he has had it–TRUMP

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