Dying CIA Agent Confesses He Assassinated Marilyn Monroe

by Inquistr
April 20, 2015

Dying CIA officer Normand Hodges claims he assassinated 37 people, including Marilyn Monroe. The 78-year-old said he worked for the CIA for 41 years as an operative. He also admitted to acting as a hitman for the governmental agency.

Normand Hodges is slowly dying. The retired CIA officer confessed to committing the assassinations during his stay at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, in Norfolk, Virginia, according to a World News Daily report.

According to Hodges, Marilyn Monroe was the only woman he ever assassinated. Hodges said Marilyn “had to die.” Monroe had to be eliminated because the famed actress had become a “threat for the security of the country.” Your News Wire reported a comment made by Normand Hodges regarding Marilyn Monroe’s death.

“We had evidence that Marilyn Monroe had not only slept with Kennedy, but also with Fidel Castro. My commanding officer, Jimmy Hayworth, told me that she had to die…”

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  • Rick says:

    Snopes is about as credible as Wackapedia.

  • Tony says:

    All I know is if I were in office acting Commander and Chief a few things I would do is:
    1. Lock up the border.
    2.gather all illegals give them a free ride back to the border and anyone that hired them would go with them
    3.I promise that if they stepped foot back in the UNITES STATES OF AMERICA a solder would be ordered to shoot them if they came across the border illegal.
    4. I would stop paying retirement to all the people that held office for less then 20 years.
    5. I would drill US soil for oil.
    6. For every load of corn going out of the country a load of oil would come into the country as a fair trade.
    7.I would be on top of my list to controll terriosist

  • Patrick King says:

    I never believed Kennedy slept with Marilyn Monroe. I never even heard the rumor until Speriglio’s
    The Marilyn Conspiracy came out in 1986. Kennedy was dead 23 years at that time and so was everyone else Speriglio accuses except Frank Sinatra. First these people assassinate a president then they assassinate his reputation. For a man with a back so badly damaged he wore a brace most of the time, how could he have been such a stud in bed? People believe what they want to believe, logic doesn’t enter into it.

    1. Louis Guin says:

      If his back was so bad how did he have sex with his wife. He has childen.

      1. Rick says:

        Good logic!!

    2. MaryV. says:

      I remember the Marilyn Monroe scandl so much she was having an affair but they quit she was going out with her ex Joe DiMaggio this was even on the History channel.they were supposed to be re-united the day after she committed susacide.she tred killing herself many times when she;d miscarry.she was unstable her mother was also unstable and from what I read instutionalized.and Marilyn aka norma jean was in foster homes many times.she went home took what was called reds at that time a whole bottle and called Joe DiMaggio and why he never called an ambulance is beyond me but by the time he got to her house she had expired.so that was the stories I got as a young girl.i do remember some sort of celebration with Pres.Kennedy and she was either high or drunk singing something mr.President.

  • Glen says:

    What would Snopes know about a secret operation of the Gvt

  • T. Ray says:

    Yeah yeah bullsh*t.

  • Sonny says:

    I always did think it was such a pity poor Marilyn never had the chance to meet me.

  • Steve says:

    Now is when we need this guy!!!!

    1. Needed now INDEED, unfortunately I believe another entity other than the CIA need to be calling the shots, (no pun). We the tax paying hard working people need to have some say or votes on these hits that will be effective… If nothing less, thanks for the comforting thought, what a nice dream!

  • Florence says:

    I have always believed Marilyn Monroe was “eliminated” by the government in that she knew too much, whether or not his guy and the CIA had it done. As for “snopes,” they are more or less a left-wing ideology run by a husband and wife team. Really have never considered them “the all and only word” on anything just because they say what is and isn’t true. Their liberal ideological slant tells me they really don’t check anything out. I have also wondered about this site and their news stories, but snopes is one that someone should check about their fact-finding also.

    1. Don says:

      Snopes is owned and controlled by the one and only George soros and the extreme left so who could ever believe there could be any truth involved. Obama’s puppet master!!

      1. Russ says:

        Now that’s reality

    2. GG says:

      I agree with you 100% on your write up about how the government assassinated Marilyn Monroe and why. I remember so well when that happened.

    3. Roger says:

      FactCheck.org, and Snopes “truth”-detecting site’s that are sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation, the same foundation that hired Obama and his terrorist pal William Ayers and gave them millions of dollars for a research project in Chicago. In other words, the least credible source!

    1. Sue Smith says:

      Who uses the “fake” snopes site anymore? Not credible!

    2. oldgringo says:

      Thanks for the tip…I believe I will go along with “snopes” on this story.

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