Electoral College to Make Trump Official Today, Unless…

DENVER — State officials braced for an anything-can-happen vote Monday of the Electoral College as Democratic and progressive operatives took their historic campaign to upend President-elect Donald Trump down to the wire.

Hollywood stars have issued personal pleas urging Republican electors to defect. The Hamilton Electors movement called Sunday for Republicans to back Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Protesters finalized plans to converge Monday for rallies at all 50 statehouses.

“I think it’s going to be a real scene down here on Monday,” said Lynn Bartels, a spokeswoman for the Colorado secretary of state.

And Colorado isn’t even a Trump state. The real action lies in the 30 states that backed Mr. Trump, where Republican electors are under intense pressure to defy the popular vote as part of a long-shot bid to deny him the presidency.

Organizers have described the revolt as “grass roots” and “multipartisan,” but Reince Priebus, incoming Trump White House chief of staff, said the campaign is being orchestrated by Democrats and MoveOn.org, founded by Democratic megafunder George Soros.

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  • Bob says:

    If the non-Progressive lefties were not so pathetic, they would be funny. Clinton back Jill “I need to be relevant” Stein in her bogus recounts, and Trump gets MORE votes. Now they are begging folks to become faithless voters, and more decide not to vote for Hillary than decide not to vote for Trump. As of my last check (about 1920hrs) 4 in Washington State and 1 in Hawaii decided NOT to vote for Hillary, and 2 in Texas did not vote for Trump. (Several more wanted to vote for Bernie but were precluded from doing so by States Laws.) Now what are they going to try? Have Biden read the wrong name in the Senate like Steve Harvey at a beauty contest?

  • How is that Israel has a warrant on Soro’s head for crimes against humanity for his part in locating the Jews in Germany and reporting them? Tinsel Town has been the haven of Fascism and Communism since the ’30’s. As I NEVER say something I cannot back up, Google this: Jonathan Goldberg’s “The American Left and the Secret History of Mussolini and the Politics of Meaning.” My company, The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company is on the final chapter of “Liberty Defined” by Houston author Neil Grant. In it, it has an Anarchy/Tyranny line, and you will be able to see that both parties are taking us down the primrose path of Fascism, one just much quicker than the other. At the end of the book, once you have mastered some basic tenets, you will be able to stick it to any Liberal and make them sound as stupid as the day is long. But, as much as I would love to, and I dearly would love to, I can divulge no more on it. I haven’t been this excited about a manuscript in many a year. So, as the elites, which is Hollywood, would have sold us down the road to making us slaves to the Chinese on our own land, just give a listen to what Damaged Goods HRC wanted for us…this Black Witch was about to bring a jihad down around our very suspicious heads right through our border-less country, a much higher tax on the Middle Class(You see, in Fascism or Communism, there are no middle classes). Then a death tax which would make it impossible to leave to our kids the family business. Next, more strangling regulations on our daily lives, and the burdensome Obamacare on steroids, to further punish the Middle Class, a %500 rise in immigration from Muslim countries, and her final nail in America’s coffin would have been those Supreme Court Justices. In their eyes, we are just the natives and the bottom feeders who give them their wealth by going to see their “seemingly” wholesome family movies, but the men behind those cameras are anything but “wholesome.” Then Barack goes off to Cuba, the closest dictator to us, and the elites are already salivating over the movies they could sell for Cuban consumption hungry for the American Democracy that has been no where to be found in the last 8 treasonous, treacherous years of this Regime, but so much damage has been done at the hands of today’s college gurus. But now, and one has to laugh, they harken back to our founders that they despise that Trump will begin talking relations with Putin. HRC even quotes Ben Franklin. RIP Ben, she didn’t mean to awaken you, there will soon be another founder in the White House. As I see it, this is calling the kettle black, for all Obama did was go hobnob with dictators whilst our allies languished. In my view, Putin is more honest that Obama and his cronies are. At least he says who he is, an ex KGB man and proud of it. Our American commies hide behind words like “multiculturalism,” “offensive,” “political correctness,” and so many more it makes me want to puke in disgust and yes, hate. Obama has made me absolutely hate being called an “American” for I have been an embarrassed and an ashamed “American” for far too long now. I am a Texas Separatist, a Texas Partisan, and a Texas Nationalist Movement member. At least here in the Free Texas, we sleep pretty damned good in our beds at night knowing that we are all armed to the teeth,and have our Governor, who is sort of a hero to us around these parts, who is keeping all who would do Texas or Texans harm at bay. Why aren’t these elites vacationing this year in Paris? I hear the weather is great, that is if you don’t mind the roving bands of barbarians who would rape your wife and daughter in front of you and then chop off all of your heads. I have been up late at nights out on my backyard patio with Mr. Jonathan Goldberg and his “The American Left and the Secret History of Mussolini and the Politics of Meaning.” You see, we Texans can read hacked emails too ya know. Sweden is no more, most of Europe is in chaos, and the elites of these countries? They are the kings now. So, you see, everything HRC was pimping was for the complete and utter downfall of the US and the incoming NWO. Only one thing was in her way…the people of the United States, those dogs of society who continue to bark. For the message of freedom has endured every tyrant or 2nd rate despot the world has known and for one simple reason the people have kept it alive. And with no end in sight to the level of violence that men in high places will sink for to silence the will of the people in you it must survive. With the words of Jonathan Gruber still in our ears,”The Stupidity of the American Voter,” we ran to the polls as if Satan was chasing us for he was, in the form of one old has been criminal Black Witch hag who never seems to take off her Halloween costume,for it comes in handy for all her appointments with the Satanists she mingles with (Good luck with that one HRC). For well we knew that it was the villagers and the natives..us bottom feeders…whose heads were on the chopping block along with each and every one of our rights. She and Hitler have said the EXACT same thing: “Society must come before the individual.” Think on that. We have a very American Constitution that makes clear that the individual rights are given to us through God, and even if you choose (at your own peril) to deny God, then by the natural laws, you still have those rights. So, by being a Liberal, you are denying yourselves those rights for and are therefore willing to be make a slave by your,”I pledge allegiance, to thee, my government, which is in Washington DC?” These Liberals, who have not one clue what our Constitution means, believes and ignorantly so that being a Republican means they are more for the rich, more for the Churches, and less for the poor, which couldn’t be further from the truth. They tend to lump in social issues as a basis for which parties stand for what. Let us make this really clear to others. Republicans believe in our founder’s view on rights. We believe that as those rights come by God, or by the Natural law, we send people to DC to defend us in time of war, to make currency, and to secure our rights. It has not got one thing to do on whether or not we are pro life or pro choice or whether we believe that immigrants should come illegally by the millions or come here the legal way. That is where they make their constituents believe a lie. For if most Liberals believed that they really wanted to take our rights, which is exactly what they would love to do, then they would never vote Democrat again. The Liberals, on the other hand, believe that if you throw away the Preface of the Constitution, look at the rest of it as a history lesson, then that is what they are straitjacketed with. Well, I can put that down easily myself, for that Preface is all of our rights enumerated, that “history lesson” tells us how we came by those rights which then justifies those rights, and that straight jacket is exactly where it is supposed to be if you believe n tossing away our rights and our history to those rights. I believe that that Constitution is a divinely inspired document. And as one of the founders said, “Whom would make willingly themselves a slave?” HRC was all for the firing and the closing off all of our coal miners, the steelyards who built this country with Homemade US steel which made the Empire State Building that is lined with homespun steel. For this thankless job, this was her Happy Holiday greeting, “Boys, you will have no more Christmases, I really preferred Happy Holidays myself,” (HRC). And then there were the coal miners, nope no more Christmases or jobs either, “on the welfare roles you go you dogs.” Then was her attack on the Middle Class whom she wanted to raise taxes on. Then Obamacare on Steroids, need I go on? Well, there is just one more tiny thing…she would have us in a war within months! But this was a war on her and Obama and something they should have picked up on 2 yrs ago, when we won a resounding and complete overturn of the Senate and House majority. But then, Boehner was still in and as soon as the majority was in place, he and traitor McConnell(the “let’s not be so drastic, we have to be more moderate”) who gave Obama the Keys to the City. But really, Obama said then, “My name may not be on the ballot this time but every one of my policies are.” Well that made Democrats like embattled Louisiana Democrat Mary Landroui (Sp?) claim that she too was for the Keystone, a little late, had an even less of a chance for while the Liberals try to tell themselves we can’t tell the difference between a rainy day and a clear one, let us just play the Devil’s Advocate here and say that all or more than half of the Elector’s bow to the money they are being offered, etc, and do not vote the people they represent who all voted for Trump. Well then another elector who will vote the people’s choice would be elected in his stead. But again, let us say that even if all of them didn’t vote for Trump. Then it would go on to the all Republican House and they would choose. Do you honestly believe that a Republican Senate majority, a House Republican majority and a sitting Republican president is not the answer to all of their dreams and prayers? You betcha it is. These electors have not one chance in the world to overthrow Trump’s win. So, what is their motives? They know that even if all 300+ electors faulted the will of the American people, it just goes to Congress. So what is the point? I believe Gingrich is right, for I remember him in the Clinton Era as Speaker, as I wasn’t into politics, but he would have been called a “Wacho Bird” by today’s standards and even then, he was called a “Wildcard” and a “Rebel.”He says that what is going on here is that they know, the Leftists, that their time is over, they misread the American people yet again, for we are thoroughly sick of having things shoved down our throats,made to buy this insurance, making our kids eat only those foods that were “approved” by Mrs. Obama? Just what office does she run anyway? All that did was to stop cafeteria food from being served because the kids were bringing their own lunches. Which goes to show that the American spirit is alive and well. It only had to be taught a very valuable lesson. When the guardians of the castle fall asleep, or let their master tie one over on the people for too long, then the people pick up their lanterns, their pitchforks, stop plowing their fields and deny the King his food, of which he depends for is own well being. So, what is left of Obama’s legacy. I believe Mrs. Obama said it fittingly enough, there is no hope left (for the likes of you two).

  • Roger says:

    The total difference in the popular vote was in California where illegals are allowed to vote and most likely did after Obama encouraged them to do so! There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump won the real popular vote! Even cheating every way they could imagine the democrats still lost and now they cry like babies! Crooked Hillary blasted Trump when he didn’t answer the question if he would accept the outcome of the election, of course she ducked the same question! I guess the world now knows who is appalling! In my personal opinion, Hillary Clinton is a WPOS in fact she is lower than whale crap and that is on the bottom of the ocean!

    Donald Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!

  • Roger says:

    Donald Trump has all the solutions! Hillary Clinton nary a clue!
    Donald Trump, the man that didn’t need to be President!
    Donald Trump, the man that America needed to be President!
    Trump-Pence, the dream team of and for the American people!
    Making America safer, stronger and greater than ever before!

    1. Roger says:

      Donald Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!

      1. Roger says:

        These are some of Donald Trump’s good deeds!
        Donald Trump kept the Harlem Hoops project alive after learning the man who ran the program was killed during September 11th. The program gives urban youths a safe place to play basketball while instilling a positive influence in their lives.
        When no commercial carrier was willing to fly a critically ill little boy from California to New York for medical treatment, Trump offered up his private jet to the family. The little boy’s medical care needs during the flight and space for necessary equipment were completely accommodated on Trump’s airplane.
        When Ed McMahon was losing his home, Donald Trump stepped in to save the property from going into foreclosure. Trump then allowed McMahon to go on living in his home.
        Donald Trump saved an ice skating rink in Central Park after the city planners in charge went grossly over budget and were not going to be able to open the rink for the Christmas season. Trump finished the project on his own dime and then operated the rink at his own expense for a year and donated all of the profits to charity.
        Trump partnered up with Mel Farr and offered the opportunity for urban Detroit artists to appear at Carnegie Hall. The young artists would never have had such an opportunity to showcase their work without Trump serving as their benefactor.
        Donald Trump broke the glass ceiling for women in the construction business. In 1980, he hired 33-year-old Barabara Res to head up a NYC skyscraper project as the site manager of the building.
        After learning about a Buffalo bus driver stopping to help a woman attempting to jump off a bridge and kill herself, he tracked down the hero who talked the woman down. Trump gave the man a $10,000 check as a show of gratitude for the act of human kindness he felt should serve as an example to us all.
        He also once sent his personal airplane to rescue 30 stranded Marines!

        This is the best thing Hillary Clinton has ever done in her entire life and it is horrible!
        She let these 4 men die in a terror attack in Benghazi, ignoring their pleas for help 600 times!
        Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Management officer, Sean Smith, Navy Seal, Glen Doherty and Navy Seal, Tyrone Woods.!

        1. Roger says:

          I want to know why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been arrested for her crimes against the government and humanity. This woman has broken more laws than can be counted on both hands. If you think that Hillary what difference at this point does it make, that four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens died Clinton hasn’t broken the law and was a complete failure as Secretary of State you aren’t fit to be a member of Congress! I am an American citizen and I demand justice for all. Hillary Clinton is not above the law, she is a criminal and certainly not fit to be President of the greatest country in the world!
          Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton belongs in prison!
          The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws”.
          Anyone with a functioning brain should understand that this means all criminals shall be held accountable for their crimes as well! I also demand that Hillary Clinton return or replace the six billion dollars that went missing from the State Department when she was Secretary of State, that is taxpayer money and we want it!

          1. Roger says:

            It is up to the people to put an end to sanctuary cities, especially the people that live in those cities! People of America we must demand that the leaders of our communities stop protecting criminals!

          2. Roger says:

            Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton and James Comey all need to be arrested and prosecuted! Hillary Clinton with he private email server and gross stupidity risked the security of the United States without regard of who could get harmed or killed! Her unethical and illegal behavior and her private email server violated federal law, she knew it, you know it and everyone involved knows it and this alone is enough to send her to prison! First Hanoi Jane and now Hillary Clinton, why in the hell do we have laws if no one is going to enforce them!Stop, I could right you 100 pages why all of these people should be in prison! Anyone in Congress that doesn’t pursue making this happen with a vengeance should probably be in prison too and most certainly should resign from Congress!

          3. Roger says:

            Hillary Clinton risked America’s national security and let four brave Americans die in Benghazi while losing or stealing six billion dollars from the state department! This WPOS and poor excuse for a human being needs to go to prison for the rest of her life!

          4. Roger says:

            Donald Trump has all the solutions! Hillary Clinton nary a clue!
            Donald Trump, the man that didn’t need to be President!
            Donald Trump, the man that America needed to be President!
            Trump-Pence, the dream team of and for the American people!
            Making America safer, stronger and greater than ever before!

  • TAM44 says:

    Hey cry babies, Trump won, get over it, we endured eight years of the worst piece of human waste to ever step foot in the white house in our history, barack hussein obama.

  • steve whitlow says:

    OH FOR J.EDGAR HOOVER, I know what he’d do to ALL those ” USEFUL IDIOTS ” . Alansky would have been gone along time ago plus SOROS back to the Depths Of HELL & FIRE !!!! They will Burn one day, it will happen !!! Thanks SCW a Vietnam Era Vet 1965-1971…IN GOD WE TRUST, ” SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS ===DEATH TO ALL TYRANTS: Virginia’s State Motto…

  • Patriot47 says:

    And when it fails, there’s always the massive protests.

  • CBUJAN says:

    Who listens to Hollywood? They live in a different world and think of themselves as one of us, but they are not.

  • pappy450 says:

    I agree with Leslie Woodhull,
    Time to hold the fools like Soros and Sons (that are paying these “professional protestors”) and these other “groups” responsible and PROSECUTE THEM, for inciting RIOTS, to try and turn our Country into a COMMUNIST country for monetary gain.

    1. Anouk says:

      Absolutely! But what are they waiting for.
      I guess, as long the left is in power nothing will be done to get rid of Soros and his gang.

  • ArcticGrayling says:

    What really scares the Hollywood shills about Trump is not the possibility of a major war. The likelihood of a major war was greatly diminished with Trump’s victory.

    What really scares Hollywood and the MSM is the mere possibility that Trump will be successful. If Trump is even moderately successful, it will show that the social experiment of putting an affirmative action non citizen ghetto faggott muslim nigger queer (with a tranvestite wife) in the White House has been a failure. The thought of that becoming apparent to more people truly terrifies them.

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      You shouldn’t use such bad language, like MSN, and Hollywood, but you forgot one other “swear word” CNN. Other then those swear words 100% agree

      1. Retired says:

        All media cater to the viewers for the rating system.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          they most certainly have, but wait, the news will become news once again, they can have their “opinion” sections, but the catch will be that they must be honest, straight talking, and non libelous.

  • joe says:

    I stopped listening to those perverts in Hollywood long time ago

  • Terry T says:

    Hillairy electors should get off that train and vote for Trump as a demonstration against her hypocrisy, incompetence, and arrogance.

  • Leslie Woodhull says:

    What gall these idiots have! And when is it time to GET RID OF SOROS & SONS??? TAKE THEIR CITIZENSHIP AWAY AND TRY THEM IN THE WORLD COURT for FOMENTING REBELLION and DESTROYING ECONOMIES JUST TO MAKE A DOLLAR. That’s all MoveOn.org & Black Lives Matter are-fronts for staged rebellion. That’s why you see George Soros sitting there plain as day in the photo of O announcing his first run for president. O is a “community organizer “, that’s it!! That’s all he does, and SOROS is the guy in charge. He’s not they only one tho.

    1. Tiger says:

      Keep this in mind. We have laws on the books concerning inciting violence and so does every state. We also have laws on the books for people who are trying to overthrow our government. That includes these groups. Trump is elected, they are not just trying to overthrow him but the government he now represents.

      The fact we see this huge outcry makes me all the more secure in my vote for him. He is not a member of the Globalist, the Bildergerg or any Secret Society like Skull and Bones or the Masons. They wanted One World Order, O brought it to the American people in every sense of the world and they really figured that Plan 21 they signed onto with the UN was going to come to fruition.

      I said years ago when I smelled these rats that they were jumping the gun, too many left who know Freedom and Sovereignty and want it. That is what happened in the UK and here along with going to happen all over Europe. These people you mention will face the prosecutors of a Real DOJ under Trump and Real AG. The trials for Treason and for inciting violence and attempting to overthrow our government will be like a who’s who of the One World Order Liberal Communist nuts.

      The Nuremberg Trials all over again. Getting all these problems out.

      1. Retired says:

        If you are a member of BLM those laws do not apply and the same goes for the Latino groups. The UN is our biggest problem today.Plus the other groups you mention.

        1. Tiger says:

          They will be done when Trump comes in and the laws will once again matter remember Obama is no longer our president, Lynch no longer our AG and so forth and so on.

          1. Retired says:

            We sure hope so.

          2. Lorijstewart says:

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        2. ricktenny says:

          I imagine the building the U.N. occupies could be put to much more constructive use than a nice place to gather while they discus how to tear down the U.S.A. Not sure what all those flag poles would be used for? Maybe the worlds largest display of Old Glory.

      2. Rob1911a1 says:

        No offense, Tiger, but my late Dad was a 32d Degree Mason, and as a youth I was a member of DeMolay. The Masons are the descendants of the Knights Templar, and they are in NO WAY associated with Bilderberg Group, Globalists, Skull and Bones, or any of these crazed one world order types. Respectfully, Bob Anderson

        1. Retired says:

          Did you look at the members of the Bilderberg group [ Google them ] and compare it to members of the masons, plus how many of our past Presidents were members of the Cross and Scull Bone and globalist. Or any of the other secret societies.

          1. Rob1911a1 says:

            The Masons are not a ‘Secret Society’. Many of our nation’s founders and Presidents were Masons, no big secrets there.

          2. Retired says:

            The Masons are a very secret society , try joining.

          3. Rob1911a1 says:

            Again, I was a member of DeMolay, the youth group of the Mason’s. Any time I want, I can get a friend in the local Lodge to refer me; it’s easy as pie. I am just not the joining type, absent being in the Legion as a veteran, and the NRA to support my Second Amendment Rights. And, my Dad never was part of a ‘secret cabal’, and he was a 32d Degree Mason; again, the Mason’s are just the inheritors of the Knight’s Templar, despite what revisionist historians might say. The other groups are a different matter altogether.

          4. Retired says:

            That is why they tell you if you want to know about the membership you must join and go through month of training and swear to secrecy . There are many other orginisations that fallow the same principal.

        2. KT says:

          Sir! No disrespect too you nor your father….this is a secret society, that operates out of witchcraft!!! The Mason’s s are not a Godly organization. They started out that way, but not so anymore…did you ever see the History channel in 2010-2012 exposing them?

        3. Tiger says:

          Oh I know that Bob but I also know the history of the Mason’s and I also know they had designs on America. We can see their influence all over Washington in the buildings them selves.

        4. I have no idea,but I do know my mother, she was born in Poland, my Dad in Germany. They came in the ’20’s from a lineage that I can trace back to 1415 Russia. They were the elites. But they soon found that even Bolsheviks loved the beautiful handmade furs they were so famed for. They were given TRAVELING VISAS, for the Furrier’s Guild was something like the Olympics of today; every country vied for them coming to theirs. Supplies, furs of course were bought and sold, marriages arranged and dowries argued over. But the real deal was what was going on in the Jewish communities of the countries they had just traveled to. My mother was 6 when she got here and my dad only 3. Bu my great grandmother, the Matriarch of the Family, who had as an engagement dowry from her soon to be my Grandfather was a very large diamond cut amber necklace that came from Queen Katherine the Great’s amber mines–hence my name. They were soon in business here, selling furs first to the Ziegfeld Follies girls and then to the Hollywood elites. But my mother was in a secret group known as the Eastern Star. She never said what it was, just the name. I never remember her going to any meetings,but my Mom was as slippery as they come. But I ended up with our Coat of Arms, all it says is simply “Mordecai the Furrier” and our symbol is the chinchilla. I often wondered why my beloved Russian grandmother kept four chinchillas in a cage in her fur shop, and my grandfather had a few in his fur shop in Houston…It was an arranged marriage and it worked out very well, for my grandmother that is. She also had a necklace with the Eastern Star symbol on it. I had no idea where it went when she died. If anyone does know what the Eastern Star is, would appreciate knowing. Think I will Google it.

      3. WRBuchanan says:

        Plus one on this one. Soros is a Hungarian born Jew who made his first money by ratting out his fellow Jews in Hungary during the Russian Occupation.

        He then moved to England where he went to the best schools and set up a Hedge Fund.

        He then shorted the British Pound and nearly brought the country down, and subsequently was told that he was “persona non grata,” and to leave. He then came here and has been causing problems ever since.

        He is behind all “Gun Control” movements and is trying like hell to evoke world Communism. Which is the goal of the left, whether they know it or not.

        They like to say it “Socialism” but that is just the PC term for Communism. the left in this country is what Stalin referred to as the “Useful Idiots.”

        Read what they are trying to do here and after you read this think about how many of the eight steps that you can see that they have in place.

        Look especially hard at the education point, as that’s where these idiots who are protesting this election are all coming from. Our schools are educating the people that will destroy us and they don’t have a clue what is going on.

        Just remember, there are no students in the “Teachers Union.”

        1. Tiger says:

          Have read it, have known about it and the history of Soros and have spread it far and wide and the leaked emails confirmed it along with UN Plan 21 this I share also, would you join me in doing so, it really puts everything into perspective. Thank you.

    2. I say forget the trials. What good have all these commissions been? With Cummings sitting there playing goalie, cheerleader and lawyer for each of them? I say forego the trials, the proof is in the emails that no one doubts that they wrote them. That was her way of covering up using taxpayer funded State Department as a ching ching cash register of sorts for her illicit money for a foundation they say does so much? Then just explain to me how is it that after years, no, decades, cholera had been eradicated…but now it is back and you wanna know where? Haiti that is where, where the Clinton Foundation does so much of its good and charitable works. Really St. Hillary! Gotta hand it to you. (I understand that there really is a St. Hillary in the Catholic religion, so I meant no disrespect). She put the entire country at risk by letting every country in the world with half of a computer hack with a little wit read them. And then they say Russia hacked? Why do that? They had those g mail.com emails within 3 seconds of them being written. How is it no one is decrying the truth in the contents of said emails, just the way the were obtained? When North Korea hacked Sony, no retaliatory statements? Oh, forgot, that damned line in the sand huh? Please, let us not bother Dictator Kim, he said he was at war with us, and our wonderful Obama said at the time,”Well, their missiles do not have the capability to reach us.” No? But they do to South Korea and our bases there with our American personnel. But what you did was even worse…nothing. So, that was two years ago. I am quite sure they do by now have that capability you were so sure they didn’t have. Yes, Mrs. Obama, you are quite right, there is no hope, not unless Donald J. Trump is elected to his well deserved place in American Presidential history, and at this point, I believe the people would be willing to crown him king for he has done more in the few weeks he has been the President elect than you have in the last four years.

  • ArcticGrayling says:

    And of course it was Hillary and her shills in the media who were chastising Trump for refusing to commit to the election result.

    The hypocrisy is surprising…NOT.

  • itsfun says:

    The fake world of Hollywood and the fakes living in it are nuts.

  • The_Frog_Prince says:

    The Dimwits need to slink back into their progressive corners and lick their wounds and wait about another 30 years before trying to ruin our Republic again.

    1. ArcticGrayling says:

      They will never stop trying.

      1. kbfallon says:

        Ahhhh……..the reason they are so distraught is because they came sooooo close to obtaining their goals……..and we PULLED the rug out from under them!

        1. Retired says:

          We still have Peelosi – Feinstein and McCain.

  • Hambone says:

    What these idiots are doing has nothing to do with “grass roots”, and everything to do with keeping the same unpatriotic, anti-American scum in power!

    1. ArcticGrayling says:

      Hollywood types are convinced that they know more than anybody else about how people should run their lives.

      Just ask them.

  • Tiger says:

    What a deal just a few hundred people decide who our president is. Well if they go against Trump and the Will of the people, because now with the recount we see rigging everywhere by Democrats not Republicans and some states said no to any recount after the others found all the rigging and cheating.

    Now with this and people like Michael Moore offering to give anyone who votes against him 1,000 to pay their fine and all also trying to get rioters to stop the inauguration this is all illegal. But you folks see once again why Trump was elected, the Lawlessness and those behind it don’t even bother to hide anymore because they know O is still in charge.

    If this were to happen and Congress put someone else in I don’t know what the people will do. I know what people in my area are ready to do and my guess if they want to see riots do it and you have your wish.

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      not to worry, Trump is in today!!!

      1. Retired says:

        That does not stop Idiots like Moore with his plan to disturb Jan 20 2017. Moore should be banned from WDC along with his followers..

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          Well then Moore would be making a major mistake, the Obama days are over, and Free Speech does not cover anything beyond a PEACEFUL protest. Operative word is peaceful, anything else beyond that is open to arrest, and criminal prosecution

          1. Retired says:

            I agree the US needs to get back to law and order, the problem is Cities that are controlled by the Rat Party .WDC is one of those cities.

          2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            yes, true, but not for long, we do have a “REAL” new sheriff in town, and his deputies, are no nonsense people, the left-wits have no idea what kind of butt kicking they are in for.
            We have become so used to limp wristed fools, that we seem to expect not much new, or tough from the Trump administration/presidency. Well hang on, because those changes are coming, and they won’t be in slow motion.

        2. kbfallon says:

          I think they will be far enough removed from the actual inauguration site that they will not be disturbing much and the security will be extreme. But the liberal media hacks will make it appear to be way more than it actually is.

    2. kbfallon says:

      Michael Moore…..the fat-greasy pig that he is offers a lousy thousand dollars to those who try to unseat the President elect…..I almost busted a rib laughing at the cheap bastard…..a thousand dollars….WOW! That shows that he isn’t serious …….a hundred thousand? NO! ONE thousand dollars….well golly!

      1. Tiger says:

        He has to keep that fat belly fat and he says the fine for going against your vote is 1000 I feel sure Soros offered more.

      2. Retired says:

        He ought to go to North Korea with his buddy Kim Boy.

    3. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      Dec. 19th 4:02pm my time, just found out E C has confirmed Trump

      1. Tiger says:

        Yepper and Hillary lost 5 more Electorate votes LOLOLOL. Keep up the good work Progressives keep lifting your skirt up and showing your asses.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          There is something else coming down the road, it has not yet made the news yet.
          It is Obama’s birth certificate is to be investigated by congress. The pooh is about to hit the fan on this one.
          Sherriff Joe, and Mike Zullo had forensic scientists check it out.
          The following is what I said about this on another site;
          used_to_be_a_liberal • 24 minutes ago
          I have seen the video presentation on this, and the evidence that is presented would stand up in any court room. There are 9 points of forgery, and Mike Zullo explains how this was done. There is no guessing, there is no inference, there is no innuendo. There is only fact, and point, after point, after point.
          So then, where does this lead, and how many heads will roll?
          Congress investigates, has those forensic scientists testify before congress, proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the document is a forgery, which means that Obama was and is a fraud, and a fraud was perpetrated upon the American people.
          Next question is, who knew, and when? Who aided and abetted in perpetrating this fraud. There is no way that Obama could have done this on his own, it was done for him from the “get go”
          A part from individual players in this “mess” I find it very hard to believe that certain people at the F B I, the C I A, the N S A, and other “intelligence” agencies were not aware of this. Then there is the “News” media. Odd that they can uncover that some-one’s great-grandmother, stole an apple from a neighbors tree way back when, and have all the details for that occurrence, but were too inept to find anything on Obama? Yeah, sure thing. So then, they are also guilty of complicity. Is this why they were so much kissing the butt[s] of Obama, and Clinton? in order that this just goes away?
          Then Gorge Soros emerges from his hole in a wall, just like the rat that he is, exposes himself, probably out of desperation to try and cover his butt. What is his involvement??
          Isn’t it odd too, that during the 2008 campaign, it was The Hilda-Beast that brought up the question of Obama’s birth, what did she know? Then the head honchos at the D N C have a not so secret meeting with Obama, Clinton, and good old Henry Kissinger. Clinton drops out, and shuts-up about Obama’s “birth thing”
          Far more questions then answers.

          1. Tiger says:

            Saw the video and also saw Corsi arrested in Kenya when searching for clues and interviews and O’Dinga captured him and his crew taking their passports and if Hannity had not been covering it then nobody knows what would have happened. All you say is true but Trump will be president and like with Hillary he will wash his hands of this sticking wicket and allow the DOJ and AG and Congress to handle it.

            Yes it has broad implications and we all have known for years what he is and what he isn’t and when all comes out the American people will be exposed for the fools they are and he will be disgraced in the history books and throughout this world.

            O’s mother’s passports all burned in a fire, 5 lawyers keeping all O’s records out of public eye and asked to have them covered-up forever but was refused, on and on and who vetted him? Yes he is and has been an Imposter and used Americans like the Great Oz used the people.

          2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            100% agree with you!

  • CCblogging says:


    Barack Jihad Obama and Hillary Benghazi Clinton used Obama’s CIA to interfere with Israel’s election. However the dims failed to elect Bibi’s opposition, which was their goal. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton also used Obama’s CIA to interfere with Egypt’s election. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s CIA promoted and backed the Muslim terror group, The Muslim Brotherhood. For that treachery, Egypt has issued arrest warrants for both Obama and Hillary. Also, Obama’s and Hillary’s Globalist puppet master George Soros has an arrest warrant waiting for him if he ever steps foot in Russia. Those are facts.





    1. Tiger says:

      Yes you are right on and Israelis knew what was going on, it was in their papers and Bibi knew. As to Egypt not only did O interfere but he broke the treaty we had with Egypt concerning their buying weapons from us and he never honored it, never. When McCain and Graham went to Egypt to outrageously insist they take back Moris they were ran out on a rail and O was burned in effigy.

      Now O got up at his last Press Conference, I will believe it when I see it saying how America is more respected in the world. He is either insane, like X President Sarkozy said and others overseas or he is ready for the asylum. Due to the Main Media only putting up what O tells them to and all the sites on the net with the Real Fake news all these years, millions upon millions of Americans have not a clue how O is NOT RESPECTED overseas. This last tour he made he was met with rioters, 100,000 in Germany the night before he came protesting his trade deal and wanting him to get out of their country.

      Also O is wanted for War Crimes by the International Courts due to his Drone strikes that have slaughtered over 4,000 civilians and maimed many more. There have been documentaries on it. The truth about O is absolutely stunning and Europe is stunned at the Main media in America and the nuts they see now.

      1. CCblogging says:

        Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are guilty of Treason and crimes against humanity. Both of these horrible people should be executed for their criminal actions.

        1. Tiger says:

          Firing squad and I wouldn’t shed a tear our Founding Fathers wouldn’t either.

          1. CCblogging says:

            Tiger, neither would I

          2. Tiger says:

            My friend you know these are things considered not PC to be said. But that label has handcuffed not only Truth but Justice. The facts are according to the definition of Treason in our Constitution and our Immigration laws matter of fact, O has committed Treason, he has given aid and comfort to our enemies and continues to do so. We also have more than 3 witnesses to attest to it and several Admirals and Generals have spelled it out and called for his prosecution. When he is out of office and Trump in office a real DOJ and AG can do this.

      2. Retired says:

        Remember in the 80we were called the Ugly Americans, well in many parts we stiill are for sticking our nose into their political machines trying to force our system on those countries.

        1. Tiger says:

          Without America in WWI, WWII, S. Korea, Islands of the Pacific, the world would be really a different place. I take it that Americans are the better of the lot.

          1. Retired says:

            As long as we give Billions to other Countries , stop the money and see what happens. You saw what the Philipine Government just pulled as far as kicking our but out of their country.

          2. Tiger says:

            I am all for stopping giving to any country and most of all our enemies. Let them raise Hell who cares. As to the Philippines they are now begging for us to help them with their Muslim problems and our Special Forces are doing just that.

          3. Retired says:

            Yup, that is their plan Either give us more money or we are kicking you out of the country. I believe they set the date for 2020 to have all our military gone by then.

          4. Tiger says:

            Fine with me they been sucking off us for years all these countries and even giving Saudi Arabia billions, for what?

          5. Retired says:

            They pay the Arabs to keep the Stock boys happy.

          6. Tiger says:

            Saudi Arabia a strange bedfellow. They warned Bill about bin laden and even offered to get him if Bill would take him. Bill refused said he had no legal right to do that. Also Saudi Arabia has come together with Israel and offered their Air Space if Iran tries something funny. The keep our enemies close works here.

          7. Retired says:

            Billy boy screwed up royally on that one. It would be interesting how much the Arabs laundered to the Foundation.

          8. Tiger says:

            Enough for sure.

          9. Retired says:

            People were to busy listening to his smooth { BS } talking instead of paying attention as to what was happening.

          10. Tiger says:

            A walking Glittering Generality.

          11. Rob1911a1 says:

            Tiger – Actually (I, my wife, my brother, and my sister-and brother in law ALL had/have TS/SCI clearances), it was Sudan who sent a representative of their state Dept to ours in the 1990s, after the FIRST bombings of the parking garages in the twin towers traced to Bin Laden. Clinton actually refused to meet with them personally, and had State Dept reps meet with them. The Sudanese were very clear about exactly where Bin Laden was training in Sudan, and could literally give him to us on a ‘silver plate’. Bill Clinton REFUSED the offer, and the horror of 9/11 rests on his head. Also on the head of the gun control nuts; not many know this, but up until 1988 ALL commercial pilots were armed in the cockpit, because they routinely carried US Mail, and were REQUIRED to be armed. Thanks chiefly to that scum bag Ted Kennedy and his Dem cohorts, firearms were REMOVED from the pilots in 1988; without the ‘gun control’ nuts, 9/11 might never have happened. Just another cute fact about the liberal left, which is all about OPPRESSION of we decent God fearing gun loving decent folk.

          12. Tiger says:

            I and my X have SCI and did not know this about the Sudan but knew about the guns on planes. There were also three separate occasions when Bill could have gotten to bin laden. He even admitted it. The declassified documents put out last year or so told the entire story of the infighting between the CIA and FBI etc.

            Yes Clinton and Carter are responsible for 9/11. Good stuff. Keep up the good work.

        2. CCblogging says:

          Retired, we’ve been lucky but a bloody nose is in our future if we don’t stop our aggression.

    2. KT says:

      Thanks for the info! The more you post this ….it will get around quicker & hopefully eyes will be opened to the Truth, which will Trump all these joker’s from doing more harm!

      1. CCblogging says:

        KT, please post this info and get your friends to post this info with links to prove it..

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