Eric Holder: ‘Racial animus’ fuels opposition to Obama and me

Attorney General Eric Holder threw down the race card and said on national television that at least some of the political resistance that he and President Obama face is due to the color of their skin.

“There’s a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that’s directed at me [and] directed at the president,” Mr. Holder told ABC News. “You know, people talking about taking their country back. … There’s a certain racial component to this for some people. I don’t think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some, there’s a racial animus.”

As the New York Post noted, Mr. Holder is the first black attorney general serving under the country’s first black president.

Mr. Holder also went on to say that the country is “a fundamentally better place than we were 50 years ago,” The Hill reported.

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  • John says:

    Corruption fuels the opposition of Obama and Holder and not race. Both of those individuals will someday be judge by a higher court than the Supreme Court and be found wanting. Martin Luther King a conservative Republican warned us not to vote for those who push the color they represent but rather vote for men of character. Corrupted lawyers and judges, which this country has many of, is the downfall of this society. Black America you voted for a man of color without reviewing their character. Now you are being punished by the high unemployment and have become the slaves of the black caucus and the two corrupted lawyers Obama and Holder. The National Democrat Party has sold you for a price, next time, if their is a next time, study history and perhaps you can regain the freedom you have lost through Obama executive orders, and Holder’s corruption.

  • Jimmpeeh says:

    Holder is nothing but a bag man for Obama. Neither one of them are worth a tinker’s damn for anything.

    1. William C. Benedict says:

      “is worth” “tinkers dam” They might be worth manure, if all you wish to grow is rank weeds.

  • Rosie46 says:

    If both Obama and Holder would do their jobs and stop defending their failures and breaking the law on racism, the people would at least respect them. Maybe we would not always agree with them, but would respect their efforts to abide by the laws and defend the citizens of this country. Hiding behind their race makes them more racist than those they are accusing of racism.

  • insaney says:

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck……….. Stop acting like one! AND the race card was played out YEARS ago, but not for people of color. They will keep using it forever until ” crackers ” actually become racist!

  • Phil F says:

    Holder and obama are racist. Both of these traitors use their darker pigment to attack anyone that doesn’t agree with them. I know obama’s mama was white. I don’t really know who his daddy was. Obama has yet to come out with a legitimate BC. I think he was an Arab in Kenya. Holder looks like he is from a long line of Caucasians.
    I would think the term African American should be highly offensive to Blacks born in America. They are not from Africa. They are born here and are Americans. Calling someone AA sets them up for discrimination, and promotes racism.

  • GR says:

    I have never seen so much racial junk since Obama and Holder got in office.
    When growing up my parents me taught there is no such racial slurs.
    That all of us on this earth were equal, no matter what color. In all of my
    Seventy years I do not believe what is happening to our country. If Holder
    believe this he should get on that south bound train and go south. Then
    He and Obama can start a new life.

  • james lloyd says:

    Both Holder and his boss like to use RACE as a weapon in their defence. It has been used so often that it has lost it’s edge and with it the ability to shock. The defence for being an idiot, liar, scoundrel, and flim-flam man is not pulling the race card, unless of course that is all you got. And it is all that either of them have. Neither of them has acted in accordance with their oaths of Office, neither of them has acted in good faith, both are PROVEN LIARS and both of them have the moves of a con artist. Both of them have committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  • Robert Myles says:

    The only Racial Amimus that I have seen comes from 2 places. The Whitehouse and your office mr Holder

  • James in Texas says:

    Take away his skin color and his hatred of all things good and right and Holder would be nothing, even unto himself. Color is not a race, Black is not a race. Both are a politics which is in-place to hold Black Americans “In their Place”. This was the policy of the Democrat Party back in the slavery days, in the post Civil War days, in the Jim Crow days and remains so to this day. Put them in their place and make them vote Democrat for “their” own best interests! If you think Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi love you, show up at their home, uninvited, and see “The Love” you will receive, Period!

  • Catherine McCoy says:

    The race card wont work anyomore. Just today the black citizens of south Chicago said Obama was the worst president in history. It’s all over folks. Those were the Democrats Holder and Obama thought would never abandon them.

  • Concerned says:

    When committing crimes, your political affiliation, nor your skin color make any difference. When you break the law, you are a criminal performing illegal acts. The law is there for a reason and if you fail to follow the law and fail to uphold your sworn oath of office, you should be arrested and prosecuted Mr. Holder. If impeachment is the only way, then so be it.

  • guest says:

    You sir are a major part of the reason Racism has been reborn it isn’t the color of your skin – it is the constant lying you do and the rules of law you choose to ignor – you sir should be in jail and your boss should be tried for treasonous acts he has perpetrated on this country – no one listens to you when you speak because no one can trust you to tell the truth – one day you just like the rest of us will answer to a power you won’t be able to lie to – you have time to change but people such as yourself that have to find someone else to blame for their short comings will never amount to much – the office you hold is much bigger than the one in it – once you get over yourself – you will be successful – right now you are just marking time – once you have vacated the office and an honest person takes over – don’t be surprised if you get brought up on charges and be placed in prison.

  • Kelly Guthridge says:

    Eric Holder has it all wrong… He and Obama can go and do whatever the want to do in the privacy of their own bedroom together (perverts) but when it comes to the running of the US Government they both need to be Impeached, Convicted and then punished as the Treasonous Traitors they are!

  • PIERRE77L says:

    Subhuman Mongrels, Obama and Eric ” Weiner” Holder !

  • rivahmitch says:

    Any “racial animus” toward the Kenyan fascist and it’s pet, they have personally earned and thoroughly deserve.

  • DOUG MCLEOD says:


  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    Those whom make such proclamations; are in fact the very racist whom accuse others ” Falsely”. For it is found with in their hate filled hearts; Where racism & bigotry resides. They need only look at the reflection in the mirror each morning to look into the eyes of pure hate. How O Bummer & Erik, holds on to hate Holder. How they must loath them selves.

    1. das_Aardvark says:

      They have not the wit, Peatro.
      BTW, did you find my explanation regarding the matter in Genesis to be of any help?

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Yes Thanks Brother I was unable to answer your reply any sooner as for My count on the number of sins I look at the over all text of scripture to discern the meaning of sin IF it does not harmonize from one book to the other then I am discerning incorrectly. Adam having been given a Command By the lord to not eat of the fruit of the tree from the center of the garden. Failed to impart this to Eve his helper though it is not said or implied. what he had relaid to his helper Eve. For eve to have added not touch to me appears as something fathers and husbands do to protect the innocent We dramatize or ad falsely to the dangers that already exist and when thinking of the entirety of scripture. It is both spiritual and mortal death which is implied. Now on to my count thus far The first sin Adam #1 . 2nd sin serpent surly you should not die. 3rd.sin eve defying the lords command eating the fruit .4th sin eve enticing and deceiving Adam into eating the fruit. 5th sin Adam defying the lords command and eating the fruit,6th sin shared by both attempting to deceive the Lord ” Hiding From Him ” 7th also both share blaming others for their sin Eve the serpent Adam blaming Eve.

        1. das_Aardvark says:

          Interesting analysis. I must say I agree in part and disagree in part. As to #1, you make the point yourself that we have no way of knowing what Adam actually said to Eve. Simply because one verse says it in one way and a second verse says essentially the same thing in a separate way, does not validate two distinctions. The entire Holy Bible is replete with such minutiae, both with the same chapter and throughout the same book, and between books. The question is, do you always say the “same thing” the “same way,” or do you add, delete, and substitute words.
          When one is considering a work that began in one language, underwent internal transcriptions by differing scribes over time, were then subjected to interpretation into one or more languages, and each of these interpretations underwent transcriptions of an untold number, then one must leave room for such discrepancies. The overall validity of the work depends, of course, on whether the original intent is retained and the truth of it survives the transcriptions and the translations. If the Holy Bible indeed be the inspired Word of God, as I believe it to be, then such transcriptions and translations and their discrepancies are of little accord—provided that the transcriber and/or the translator were honest in their intent.
          That, in itself is a question we shall not be able to adequately answer. We know, for fact, that there were deliberate adulterations of the King James Bible as it was translated at King James’ command. He was at variance with the wordings and certain moral dictates clearly spelled out in the Geneva Bible and his translators, to keep their own heads, played his immoral game.
          That aside, many variances in wording and content of statement persist throughout the entire body of works that constitute the “recorded” Word of God. That we are compelled to accept and live with.
          Your No. 2 is my No. 1. We agree on that. Your No. 3 is my No. 2. Again we agree. Your No. 4 is my contention that her act was merely a compounding of her original sin. There is no clear distinction to be made here as to how she coerced Adam into taking the first bite that constitutes your No. 5 and my No. 3. I still see it as a compounding of her 1st sin. Perhaps I err in my own distinctions; that is quite possible. Moving to your No. 6, I would have to ask, were they attempting to deceive, or were they simply reacting in mortal fear? I personally think the latter. Your No. 7, I do not see as a sin, but as a natural condition.
          To place blame is to shift responsibility, yes, but to render honest explanation is not, nor is it a sin. The Lord God asked each a question, and each answered it in truth.
          Adam ate the fruit because Eve gave it to him. Consider: the fruit she gave him had at least one bite taken from its otherwise unblemished body. Eve was alive, animated, and running off at the mouth. She was not, as Adam could plainly see, a corpse on the ground. He bit before he thought; have you never done the same in the face of your own favorite airhead?
          Eve spoke and said that the serpent beguiled her. To beguile is, first of all, to deceive. Further, beguilement is to obfuscate, to confuse, to render uncertain as to fact, truth, reality. Eve was a “newbie,” a neophyte, a novice of the first rank, at best, in the game, and the serpent was the ancient master of the lie. In truth, Eve was outclassed.
          We have to ask . . . if YHVH is in fact omniscient, would it not be a contradiction to state that He did not KNOW that the serpent would beguile Eve, that Eve would eat of the forbidden fruit, that Adam would follow his gonads instead of his conscience?
          Would we, in making this distinction and admission not then have to conclude that the entire sequence of events following the first instance of Creation, from then to this very moment, was a planned and predetermined sequence of events?
          Why? . . . would then be the logical question to ask.
          The answer is actually quite simple, once one truly learns and understands the Word of God.
          God wanted a companion. He created everything in all of creation for the sole purpose of providing an environment for that companion to inhabit. He then saw the need to create His companion’s companion, thus He created his companion’s companion out of His companion’s own body and self.
          Consider, if Eve was created of Adam, then any deficiency Eve possessed, she derived it from Adam. If she were to fall fault to her deficiency, would it not be reasonable to preclude that Adam himself would fall fault to that same deficiency?
          Why then, the lethal deficiency? In order to know God in totality, one must know the totality of reality. Reality is a two-fold condition; it consists of truth and fallacy. Truth is that which IS; fallacy is that which IS NOT.
          Life is the essence of truth; it is the condition of being: Death is the essence of fallacy; it is the condition of non-existence. One either maintains one’s existence within God’s reality, or one does not.
          In order to know Life, one must, of God’s will, be created. In order to know Death, one must be rejected from God’s will. In order to know life (the carnal experience), one must be born; in order to know death (the cessation of the carnal experience), one must die. These are clear distinctions between the conditions of the carnal and the spiritual existence of the human soul.
          God wanted a companion. The carnal body is corruptible; the soul itself is corruptible. WHY?
          God wanted a companion—an equal; he did not want a slave. Had he wanted a slave he would not have given Adam free will; that free will would not have passed to Eve, and from her to every human being to ever since be birthed of woman. Here lies the reality. God wanted a companion. In order for the companion to be his equal, his companion HAD (and still has) to KNOW the diametrical conditions of Life and Death.
          God created Earth as the habitat in which his companion was to live (Not Live); Earth is the carnal realm, and by God’s own Word is the realm of Satan, of whom the serpent is the chief lieutenant.
          The Earth is the realm of death (Not Death), presided over by Satan—the author of Death. The Earth is the testing ground (the proving ground) of the human soul. It’s sole purpose is to provide the environment in which the human soul may experience both Life and Death, in full measure, and thus, of its own free will CHOOSE the direction of its response.
          Will it respond in righteousness (God’s will) or will it react in sin (Satan’s will)? It will know both and be given ample opportunity to come to its OWN conclusion. It will know; for that is the very purpose of the carnal experience. It shall know; it shall know either as a consequence of its own acts of righteousness, OR its own acts of sin. Too, it shall know through observation of another’s acts of righteousness AND sin. The human mind is built to LEARN vicariously. One need not of necessity factually experience, through act or even thought, a truth; by the same measure one may indeed see and fully comprehend a fallacy through the acts and thoughts of another. That is the advantage humanity has over all other in carnal creation. What one LEARNS, not what one DISREGARDS, is the true measure of one’s carnal experience. It is the true gaining of the understanding of Reality, the factual existence of Truth and Fallacy. It is the true understanding of the “knowledge of good and evil.”
          Once the soul has learned the full of this lesson—to God’s intent and purpose—it is then prepared to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Life, that it may then be a fit companion to God and thus Live forever.
          Call not God’s intent cruel, for to be the fit companion to God, one must know the fullness of reality and know the pains and the joys . . . which God Himself knows. Thus plays out one’s carnal experience. The final result is ever the sole responsibility of the one who makes the choices between the good and the evil. God gave every human ever born not only free will, He gave him his conscience—the innate capacity to distinguish between right and wrong, when acting in His will.
          Lest you mistake the distinguishment, neither Adam nor Eve was born. They were created, and in being created, they were set up in the necessary condition to bring forth the further substantive conditions whereby God’s potential companions should succeed or fail of their own choosing. We see the immediate result in the lives and actions of Cain and Abel.
          One further point. Nowhere in any of the known Hebrew writings is there any indication of the fate of Adam and Eve once they died the carnal death. I contend that they, in fact, experienced the eternal Death, for the simple reason and fact that God told them that to eat the forbidden fruit would result in their experiencing “the death.” He was not concerned with their carnal death, for that must come to all within the carnal realm. He was concerned with their spiritual death, for in their disobedience, they, in essence, committed spiritual suicide; they rejected God’s gift of eternal Life of their own free will, deceived or not.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says:

            My Brother May God bless you: I found myself totally and thoroughly absorbed. in your analysis and teaching. I have never experienced such an in-depth expression or understanding of my very own firmly held beliefs. 5 years ago I attended a 14 week course which was title the Truth Project. Are you familiar with that course study?. Then I found myself unwilling to leave my sit,not wanting the 14 weeks to ever end. To this very day those feeling have never subsided. You my Dear brother have in fact cause a stir an increase in those emotions and help me greatly to elevate as well strengthen my resolve to know our Father more deeply, richly.You have answered for me the very question I have been turning over & over again in my mind. That question is; Shall I or is Our Father the one compelling me to move forward and become a minister to his People. Two things have Held me Back the first an foremost is the doubt with in me ? Is this I or Is this God’s desire for me . Then the rather small financial matter of the ordination expense which Of course is a bit of struggle today. We are in fact just getting by meeting our very needs with little or nothing left at the end of each passing month. Mind you I am not complaining ! In fact My Beautiful Bride and my evermore beautiful Granddaughter and I all; truly feel Blessed in O so many ways. You can not know how very blessed Iv’e been just through our greeting’s of each other here, as well our continued dialogue. I wish you to know ! You have opened to this modest, humbled man so much need understanding. Brother I thank you. Good Night live in peace and Love Your Brother Peatro.

  • pennysca says:

    These two people are a embarrassment to themselves and to our beloved country. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.

  • pennysca says:

    Everytime another crisis pops up or scandal they play the race card. They are such a bad example to the youth of this nation. WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT IN ANOTHER SCANDAL JUST BLAME RACE. VERY SAD

  • elton123 says:

    EH threw down the race card again and it has been used SO many times that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. It is not racial but factual that Americans do not like BO or his policies

    1. rivahmitch says:

      The race card never did mean anything except to those who choose to give it meaning.

  • Glennl says:

    Funny….. I didn’t know Holder was black until I read this article. I don’t like Holder or President Obama because they are destroying our nation with their action/inaction. It’s not about color. Its about Big Government vs Small Government. It’s about Opressive Regulation vs Freedoms. It’s about Entitlement vs Self Sufficiency. It’s about Blaming Others vs Taking Responsibility. It’s about Upholding The Law vs Twisting It To Meet Your Agenda. It’s about character and justice… something few of our elected officials seem to have personal knowledge about.

    1. das_Aardvark says:

      Where have you been for the past six years? Have you read no newspapers or magazines; have you neither watched TV nor listened to any radio programs; have you spoken with no one who knows anything of the matters of national concern? The remainder of your post makes sense, but how could you be so ignorant—after six years—with respect your first sentence? I would really like to know. It might help me to understand more fully and accurately why our country IS so screwed up.

      1. rickouellette says:

        Lighten up Aardvark-holder is light skinned and could be of Hispanic descent to someone not familiar with him. As for the grammatical usage of the English language look at your own second sentence. Have you read no (Have you not read any) Have you spoken with no one ( Have you not spoken with anyone) Posters on this forum will not always be grammatically correct so bear with us. The country is screwed up because we have a president who has made it a priority to accomplish his goal which is to bring America down to the level of the other countries of the world. We are no longer the economic or military super power we once were, our enemies no longer fear us, our friends do not trust that we will come to their aid in time of need, and we are no longer respected in the world. Ironically, the democrats,who control government, go along with what this president is doing so they must agree with him. We have to survive two more years after which we can start re-building America and restoring its greatness. Good Luck America !!!

        1. das_Aardvark says:

          Over the past six years the news media and Holder have repeatedly made it clear that Eric Holder and Hussein Obama both identify only with the BLACK RACE (please explain to me what kind of a lower animal race that is). As for my grammatical construction, brainless wonder, please give me the name, authors name, and copyright date of the Grammar that you feel I have violated the rules there of, and I will check it myself to see what witless Liberal damnfool authored it and struck down the Queen’s Rules. As for everyone else’s functional illiteracy, that I lay the blame for squarely on the Communistically inspired Liberal Educational Establishment—dumb down the masses so they have no comprehension of how they are being fornicated over. As for this country being screwed up, that is not such a simple thing as one bastard president and his clique’s doing. The issue is so old as to date back to the liberated fools who started loudly declaring us a democracy while the ink on the Constitution, declaring us a republic and mandating the states to guarantee us a republican form of government, was not yet dry.
          Ask yourself, why did the founders themselves declare a democracy to be the worst form of government known to mankind. Ask yourself why every communist country on Earth calls itself a democracy. Ask yourself why even those countries calling themselves democratic republics are suffering under oppressive socialistic rule. Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, and do take a couple of days to research these questions, then come back with, we would hope, a more informed and intelligent answer. I’ll still be here waiting.
          OH! One other thing. What matters the color of a man’s skin if God only created one race of humankind? It is the color of the bastard’s soul that is black.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Brother Might I suggest those questioning your grammatical errors; pick them selves up an 1828 Webster dictionary as well an 1800 Patriots Bible.New King James version. It just may open their eyes to some truth. Then again; they may find nothing there; which shall enlighten them with greater understanding to those narrow minded, Narrowly focused.

      2. insaney says:

        Are you serious? Can’t you recognize sarcasm when you see it.? I’m pretty sure Glenni was trying to get across the fact that he doesn’t see color when he looks at a person. He only sees a person.

        1. William C. Benedict says:

          Hell yes, I’m serious. My question to you is this: are you claiming some omniscient access to Glennl’s mind and mode of expressing his thought? If so, you’re the most insane fool of us all. I think mayhap your avatar fits you like a glove.

          1. insaney says:

            I am not claiming any such powers at all. I am merely stating the most obvious thought process which even a village idiot would most likely use. And please don’t use such ” big ” words. Not all posters have a Ph.D. In vocabulary and it really only shows your desire to seem smarter than all other posters.
            Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

          2. William C. Benedict says:

            You make presumptions you have no basis to make. Both in my regard and that of others.
            I do not expect everyone to have a PhD in “vocabulary.” In fact, I know of no one, have never heard of anyone, and suspect that there has not ever been one, who held such a PhD. What I do expect is of people who have gone to school for a number of years, have any self-respect at all, and who expect to be understood at somewhere higher than the 4th grade level of average reader and speaker that constitutes the American average level of literacy, is to make a self-directed effort to make remedial corrections to the absolutely piss-poor education that they have received from the communistic/liberal led educational establishment in this country for the past fifty to sixty years. I myself saw the serious beginnings of the Liberals’ agenda to dumb down America when I was still in school in the late 1950’s. There is one thing you need to understand—it does not matter which political party is in power because all politics actually is a game of compromise. It is one person or group of persons espousing one utterly dishonest concept in contrast to a second person or group of persons espousing a contrary utterly dishonest concept. The compromise comes from each side agreeing to relax, or even rescind or reject one or more trivial aspects of their concept in return for the opposing side agreeing to do the same thing with respect their own concept. What the result of these concessions is, is nothing more that a new lie that both parties have agreed to accept and to promote. Had there been “Truth” involved in the first place, there would have been no need for a compromise, because the truth cannot be compromised without creating the lie. The man who speaks the truth, and knows that he speaks the truth, refuses to compromise that truth with some slimy satanic bastard that cannot abide the truth in the first place, just to maintain some balance of mutual deceit.
            To adequately and accurately express one’s thoughts, beliefs, and convictions, one needs a vocabulary adequate to the task of ascribing the multitude of variable, yet each in its own aspect distinct, meanings and senses of expression. If that takes “big” words, in the mind of an inadequately elucidative speaker/writer/listener, it bespeaks an ineloquence of a deficient and “little” mind. There is, in truth, no such thing as a “big” word; there is such a thing as a mind that is incapable of expressing a “big’ thought, simply because it has bought into the asinine Liberal concept that all one needs to express any thought adequately is a three or four thousand word vocabulary; why else do you think that the vast majority of liberals and liberally indoctrinated “students” sound like just so many idiots? If you want to actually sound like you know what the hell you are talking about, you have got to use the appropriate vocabulary. Why else would the English language contain between three and one-half and four million words? So that the educated man can say what the educated man means to say with the most distinct degree of clarity. If you intend to understand what the educated man has said, when you ascribe to him the usage of “big” words, then you damned well better know what the hell those “big” words mean, or you are just another screwed, illiterate puppy, whining because your doggie biscuits haven’t been dabbled in the liberal pabulum of mediocrity. Contrary to the beliefs of every fool out there, a man’s education, including his development of his language skills, is solely the responsibility of THAT man. If the fool does not understand something that he has had his entire educational experience to learn, it is that fools OWN DAMNED FAULT! As a teacher, my first lecture, to every new class, every semester, if you wish to call it that, was to inform the dodo’s sitting in the seats in my class, that their own education was the most valuable asset that they would ever possess in their life, and that the most valuable tool that they would ever possess was the language they were destined to proceed through life and their every experience with. And I made it damned clear that the acquisition of both was the individual’s sole responsibility. There never has been, there is not, and there never shall be a teacher that can open a hole in a fool’s head and pour in knowledge. The fool has got to learn it of his own desire, and if he has no desire, then the end result, as Solomon is famous for having said, is that “the fool shall never learn.”
            Is the displeasure of ‘big” words the impetus of your reticence to developing your own most powerful tool? If so, I pity you. Whoever you are, for your harvest is the singular result of the of the crop you sowed. If you plant stupidity, you reap stupidity; if you sow true knowledge, you reap true understanding. It is as simple as that!

          3. insaney says:

            Well, I certainly hope you are not a teacher of English Grammar. Your little speech was so full of run on sentences sit was hard to keep track of what you were saying. Your use of the same word three times in one sentence, over and over, is quite unnerving. And of course there is no Ph.D in “vocabulary”. Did you not read the parenthesis correctly. Once again, there was SARCASM in the ( Ph.D) sentence. Which I believe is where this whole debate started. I agree with you 100% regarding our public educational system. And with Common Core, it is only getting worse. I also agree with your thoughts on liberals. But you, sir, are one condescending SOB. Have the last word if you must, but stop beating a dead horse. You actually sounded like a politician with all of your double talk. The original subject is so far in the rear view mirror, I can’t even see it any more. And I am done trying to prove my intelligence to someone who neither believes it, nor really cares about. Good day, Sir!
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      3. Merle Dickey says:

        What is the matter with you? Did some elect you to criticize everyone. They have several points up for their comments so it looks like most follks knew exactly what they were talking about. Perhaps it is folks like you that helped get our country “so screwed up”

        1. William C. Benedict says:

          If expecting people to wake up and smell the fumettes wafting through the political skies is having something the matter with me, then I would suggest that we need more people with that being the “matter with them.” No one elected me to do any thing. This is an open public forum. My opinion is just as free as is yours, and if you find some fault in my assessment of things and people and their assertions and opinion, I have the same right in rebuttal that I extend to them. Just understand one thing; I stick with reality. Where do YOU come from?

  • das_Aardvark says:

    The far less than Honorable Erik Holder:
    The basis of the animas you detect in We the People is not racist, sirrah, unless you choose to define satanism as racist. You, Eric Holder, sirrah; your bosom buddy Hussein Obama, sirrah; your equal partners in crime and treason, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, John Boehner, and the remainder of your satanic clique, your coven, are intensely disliked, by even many Democrats, sirrah, because that is exactly what you are: Satanists! Your agenda is the destruction of this nation’s Constitution and the bringing forth of your own Godless dictatorship over a satanic hellhole. That, BASTARD (God’s own definition of a Satanist, by the way!) is why you are so despised. Do note, four of the six named persons in this post are white. Excuse me, that is the color of their skin; like you, it is the color of their—and your—souls, as black as the filth of Satan’s rectum. That is the cause of We the People’s animas. You can take THAT TRUTH to the grave with you.

  • savage24 says:

    Eric Holder is certainly a problem, but the biggest problem is the U.S. Senate. The greatest share of them were Senators when Holder was Asst. AG in the Clinton administration and at that time everybody knew he was corrupt, and yet when Obama appointed him to the AG slot these clowns confirmed him. So if you want to point fingers, look at that august body of mostly idiots and blame them for compounding stupidity with idiocy.

    1. das_Aardvark says:

      savage24 . . . and a whole slew of you others. Kindly stop referring to the filthy, satanic slime of the political world as idiots. It shows your own gross ignorance and yes, stupidity. An idiot is a mentally deficient person having intelligence in the lowest measurable range, being unable to guard against common dangers and incapable of learning connected speech.
      Idiots are a product of God’s will, and are not ours to judge or make
      jest of. The sense of the term that defines an idiot as a foolish or
      stupid person is a johnny-come-lately liberal definition used by
      fools and stupid persons in the manner of transference to lay the
      onus of their own bearing upon those with whom they stand at any
      odds. Are you one of those? The slimy Liberal, the slimy
      Conservative, the slimy POLITICIAN, is not an idiot. The bastard
      knows exactly how, in Satan’s will, he or she is corrupting humanity.
      Until YOU, and every other concerned American, wakes up to that
      reality, Satan and his slimy political minions are going to continue
      to control you and your lives. This nation, no nation, needs
      politicians as its leaders. It needs honest public servants who
      volunteer their time and knowledge to lead us correctly in honesty
      and integrity. Servants serve; they do not lead! The concepts of
      servitude to the people of this nation were founded on voluntary
      consent to hold an office of public service for a season, and then to
      step down and go the hell home. When did voluntary public service
      become a legitimized political career? It is time for We the People
      to once again outlaw it!
      We have the means; we have the method. We, as the People, simply do not have the will, nor the gonads to do it.
      It is called the Common Law Jury, and it is still the Judicial Body
      of the Highest Authority in this land, above and beyond the United
      States Supreme Court and every other court in this land. Learn what
      it is, join yourself to it, begin to show you have a brain that is
      capable of understanding and not simply a devise to separate your
      ears. Too, have wit enough to learn what the words you want to use
      mean and stop playing the part of idiots. It is a vile degradation to
      those whom God made so.

      1. savage24 says:

        You live in a fantasy world, the will of the people has been ignored for years. Our Government attracts the most unsavory people of this country and gives them unlimited power so that their self serving agendas can survive. The courts have been stacked with judges that do not support or defend our Constitution to which they swore an oath to. You damned fool, Satan is here ! Now!

        1. das_Aardvark says:

          Excuse me, but are you actually capable of “reading?” Reading is “understanding from the written word.” It is NOT picking and choosing that which you wish to attack or to parrot. Seek lucidity, thou fool. When you find it, respond in the manner of an intelligent soul who has more on his mind that the blatherings of a deinstitutionalized raving fanatic.

      2. Merle Dickey says:

        You must be bored.Most aren’t even reading the whole content of your posts.

  • Loyal Republican says:

    Mr Holder its not racial…..its the criminal acts you are doing by not upholding the Constitution you swore an oath to uphold. This is the driving force behind most everyone wanting you and your boss impeached…..gone……out of office…..not disrespecting this country

    1. Steve Thomas says:

      Unless he is saying that he commits criminal activity BECAUSE of his race. i.e. “All blacks are criminals whiteys should just get used to it. I have always thought that the black community endured the harm by idiots like these playing the race card.

      1. das_Aardvark says:

        Your lack of the appropriate usage of the grammatical rules for English leaves us wondering just what it is you are actually trying to say. Your ambiguity in statement does not help either. Would you care to try to be a bit more literate and clarify your post?

  • WiSe GuY says:

    Is this how blacks have to get their way? Hiding behind the race card is the sign of a COWARD!

    1. das_Aardvark says:

      Do not attribute this slimy cowardice to simply the Blacks. Attribute it to those to whom it belongs; the less than honest and honorable dregs of humanity of every color of skin and mix of genetic ethnicity [not to be mistaken with race: God created but ONE race of Homo sapiens] that have bought into Satan’s filth and have neither the courage, nor the intelligence, to understand their own plight comes not of another man’s political beliefs or actions, but of their own choices and actions, borne of the satanically inspired fallacy of their own beliefs, and thus to admit to themselves that their plight comes of their own reticence to face the truth (reality) and thereafter to dispel the lies of Satan that rule their lives, instead depending ever on the lethally flawed premises of their own wrong choosings. Thiers is the cowardice of the self-willed soul that rejects, refutes, defies, and denies the Will of God. They are the majority that the Christ told us would wander at will on the accommodating path to self destruction; and of whom Solomon, in his wisdom, defined and described for us as fools.

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