Everywhere Republicans turn, it’s all Trump

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) wanted to talk about poverty at his press conference on Tuesday, but the media was intently focused on a billionaire businessman running for president.

After unveiling the House GOP’s new plan on combating poverty at a drug rehabilitation facility in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, D.C., Ryan opened up the media briefing for questions.

The first round of questions centered on Donald Trump, the real estate mogul and presumptive GOP presidential nominee who shocked the political world by recently launching racial attacks on a Mexican-American federal judge.

Do you regret your endorsement of Trump?

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  • Beau Monet says:

    Whatever! You look at it from your point of view and I’ll look at it from mine!!

  • Ritaritarita says:

    Interesting. These republican politicians in office have their doubts about Trump until they meet and talk with him. Then that all changes.

  • doc suske says:

    I support Trump- since what he says is what I’ve been saying for over 10 years & no one in DC was/is listening’ I Was a donating Republican- but quit when i saw my money was wasted on PC crap- Repubs afraid to fight back against dirty Dem tactics- remember the debates where even the moderators lied & were stacked against Mitt? He just stood there & took the
    left-wing/media abuse— Trump fights back,
    I’m Independent/conservative & feel he best says what I feel & what I feel should be done FOR this country. No he is NOT PC & not the best speaker- but look what a good speaker-in-chief/teleprompter reader we have- what has that gotten us?
    I feel powerless & feel Trump will best support the interests of the US & we the people.
    The fact that Repubs are against him, proves that the whole system is corrupt & they fear for their cushy jobs & self-approved raises benefits!
    Term limits for all- clean them outta there!

  • 906 Sparky says:

    Go Trump! I will send contributions to Ryan’s opponent!

  • eddie says:

    as the angry Muslim is holding down his head to cut it off,, I”m sure mr. rockcut will still be siding with obama & hillary and thinking they did NO WRONG in their selfish acts against this ONCE GREAT COUNTRY and on allowing all those muslims into this country..so sad for him!!!!!

  • beowulf32 says:

    Trump 2016 all the way or we will suffer under Hillary, she will be worse them Obama.

  • Beau Monet says:

    TRUMP!! Americas Only Hope!!

  • maxx says:

    Paul Rino Ryan is a useless pile of PC garbage and needs to be removed by the Wisconsin voters the same way Kevin cCarthy was by his home state voters. Ryan just can’t be trusted to work for we the people because he has shown his true colors and they are not red, white and blue but a pale shade of pinko.

    1. Beau Monet says:

      While your at it get rid of those lunatics Bill Krystol and Lyndsey Graham also!!

  • Beau Monet says:

    Go Trump!! Squirt some of that snake oil into “The Scaggs” eyes!! She is blind to the real things that matter to real Americans anyway!!

  • Sinnie Kemp says:

    I am proud of Trump and he should be proud of himself too of having the gut to call out the bias judge who uses his position for political advantage for his candidate Hillary Clinton.

    The GOP is better to end this stupidity soon before it becomes the end of the republican party itself which the democrats would love to see that with the liberal in the white house and the liberal majority on both houses, senate and congress.

    If that happened it is because of their own doing on wanting to destroy Trump.

  • HadEnough says:

    I do not regret endorsing Trump, and I Agree with him on everything. That’s why I’m voting for him, he stands for what I stand for. Trump All The Way !!!

    1. I Seigel says:

      Trump was one of many businessmen and industrialists who wrote a letter to Obama in 2009. Here’s part of what they wrote:

      “We support your effort to ensure meaningful and effective measures to control climate change, an immediate challenge facing the United States and the world today. Please don’t postpone the earth. If we fail to act now, it is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet.”
      Do you agree with him on EVERYTHING?!?! Or can’t you tell what he means when he says anything?

      1. HadEnough says:

        SEIGEL– You are just another one of the Trump Haters who
        Trash him for the (((PAST))) You blame him for the Past. Don’t you Imbeciles think that anyone can change?? I (((Agree))) with him on Everything. He has Never said anything that I don’t Agree with him on. I can name you 23 issues that WE Agree on. You don’t even find out what he stands for, you just (((automatically))) Trash Him. Don’t reply, I won’t read it, we don’t have time for Fools like you.!$%

        1. I Seigel says:

          “You don’t even find out what he stands for, you just (((automatically))) Trash Him.”

          Say WHAT now? I did EXACTLY that – I did some research to find out what he stood for. Have you? Kerry was trashed years ago for flip-flopping. What is Trump but the Master Flip-Flopper?

          He’s flip-flopped on climate change, on his wall – “What difference does it make if it’s 40 feet tall or 20 feet tall? We can negotiate it.” He’s flip-flopped on Planned Parenthood, on seeking money for his campaign. He’s flip-flopped on abortion.

          Have YOU done the research to find out what he believes? Is what he says even believable? Or does he say what’s on his mind, and then change his mind if he gets bad ratings or press?

          And you criticize me for trashing him because of his PAST. And if you think that people can change, then why can’t Hillary change? Why trash her because of HER past? Or does that only work for Trump?

          You’re a hypocrite, so don’t bother to reply. I won’t read it or believe it.

  • SueT says:

    Get ready we are gonna get Hillary whether we want her or not because to many big wigs are pushing it for her.Even Google is pushing for her.. Also think who will be running the voting boxes. It’s gonna be like when Obama was elected.. It’s rigged. Wait and see. Remember how it was when they messed everything up in some of the state’s that were going for her. She had all those delegate for her because she promised them something. Not sure she really won but who knows for sure, who is really gonna count the votes.Think about it. There are a lot of dishonest people today that would do anything to get what they want. First thing she will do is take more of our Rights and the way that we can defend our selves. That’s why there are Muslims in every state . They know the Police won’t take our guns but the Muslims will have no problem doing it. What’s happen with the American people. What’s happen to AMERICA? Be afraid, be very very afraid of what is coming. To many looking the other way.

    1. Not_Easily_Impressed says:

      Get over it with the negativity. You don’t know what can happen between now and whenever.

  • Dr. G says:

    So-called racial attacks against the Judge who is a card carrying member of La Raza (The Race) who want all of the Southwest US returned to Mexico? Are you referring to the Judge that has already made (previous to any Trump calling-out) prejudicial remarks against the case before him involving Trump? You mean the Judge who has contributed both directly to the Clintons and their Foundation? You mean THAT Judge?

  • Lina Klus says:

    no, not at all. he’s just being honest which what makes him our number one guy.

  • The Reader says:

    Ryan is in my district and a GOP loser. I won’t vote for him again. We should be thankful Trump is running and so should cry baby Ryan.

  • Phil Esposito says:

    Make America great again. Kill Obozo.

  • Timothy Thompson says:

    Looks like all the Democrats have to vote for is an old crooked lady who will drive our economy over the cliff. We are lucky though only a little less of the looney Dems voted for a Socialist-Commie Bernie Sanders. Man what a country. Go Trump 2016!

  • Timothy says:

    I do not regret it. I to agree with him trump 16 . Politicians so wishy warsy get in line quit crying..

  • gerald Hughes says:

    Improve the economy, the poverty will take care of itself.

  • Donnie Buchanan says:

    Not only do I not regret endorsing Trump, I agree with him.

    1. rockcut says:

      Thanks for admitting you have bought into the snake oil Trump is selling and that you have bought a few extra cases.

      1. Donnie Buchanan says:

        Snake oil is better than treason, murder, fraud, lies under oath, falsifying documents, homosexuality, to name a few, or a Socialist whose first job was a carpenter whom co-workers said “couldn’t nail a nail in without bending it”. Looks like you have bought a mouthful of Shiite .. and like it.

        1. rockcut says:

          Unproven charges: treason, murder, fraud, lies under oath, falsifying documents, homosexuality. You throw around the charges without proof. You are drinking cases of that snake oil and expecting others to buy into you myths.

          1. PatrickJoey says:

            Obfuscating tactics. You need a reality check. Just admit that you are an ideologue who hates America. Seriously, throwing around charges you say? What will you say when they are proven to be true? We have the bodies in Benghazi and the lies of a video and that still is not good enough. We have an illegal email server which has been hacked and that is still not good enough for you. During her administration Hillary’s attacks on women and saying it was a right wing conspiracy until a dress soaked with her husband’s semen is produced and STILL the other women paid a price. WOW. Question: How DO you manage to get our head that far up your ass?

          2. rockcut says:

            Let me start by saying insulting me like a grade school child does not enhance your case one bit. Throwing out the charge I hate American is beyond belief but a common one used from your side. It is meaningless. Benghazi is nothing more that a political witch hunt. Hillary did not kill those four and to use it as a political point to me is disgusting. Bill’s sins are not Hillary sins, but pull out all that crap; 20 ears ago will not stop Hillary at all. But go ahead, it might make you feel powerful.

          3. PatrickJoey says:

            Can’t stand a wee bit of the left’s own medicine can you? Well, we have had 8 years of your insults and denigration. We haven’t even started yet. You are a rock loon. And I for one have no need to MAKE myself feel “powerful” bud. YOU are going down.

          4. rockcut says:

            Is that another of your grade school recess threats . Thanks for the humor of your little boy act. Pretty good.

          5. Beau Monet says:

            She did not kill them with her own hands…she caused them to be killed by not taking action to stop it!! Guilty as charged!!

          6. rockcut says:

            The actions to be taken would be the Military not Hillary. You are so hell bend to blame Hillary. What actual actions should she have taken . Tell me if you are so smart or maybe you just want to throw mud on Hillary.

          7. Beau Monet says:

            I blame Hillary because she is the guilty one!! Plus she is an extension of Obama’s terrible reign!! More years of Socialism and Communism!! And that is total truth!!

          8. rockcut says:

            Your logic is wacky. Hillary should not be blamed. She is guilty on nothing.

          9. Beau Monet says:

            She is an anti American Socialist!! That is being guilty of a lot of things!!

          10. Lkfeinb says:

            There is nothing wrong with being a socialist. A lot of Americans don’t know the difference between a Socialist and a Communist. I am not either, but a pure system is not good for the society. Pure socialism, I feel, is naive , but not evil.

          11. Beau Monet says:

            Socialists and Communists SUCK!! Period! I’ll fight them till I die!! And with God’s help I may even win a few!!

          12. Lkfeinb says:

            Historically Obama will be proven to be one of our better presidents. I don’t like everything he did, but he did many great things. If you want a list, I will give you one when I have more time.

          13. Beau Monet says:

            From a Socialist or Communist view maybe…but in reality he has been the worst President so far in the history of the USA!!! Without fail!!

          14. Lkfeinb says:

            I seem to remember a war criminal some years ago and the 22000 maimed soldiers remember him too. I didn’t mention the dead boys, did I?

          15. Beau Monet says:

            I was in the Vietnam War so I can name you a few war criminals, and from history a few more…Obama has been worse for America than any of the wars we have had so far!! And Hillary will carry on in his footsteps! That is their set agenda!!

          16. Lkfeinb says:

            I am so sorry you were in the Vietnam War. My husband was a surgeon in that war. You would think the government would have learned a thing or two before going into Iraq.

          17. Beau Monet says:

            I was proud to serve! Tell your husband thanks, for patching us up over there! I know they had their hands full and not enough proper medical equipment!! But we were there…in my opinion to keep Socialism and Communism away from our shores in the USA. God knows we never expected to have it born and bred right here at home and to see it has taken over the government now is really a sad and sickening feeling. A kind of helpless feeling because you can’t kill these home bred Commies!!

          18. Lina Klus says:

            name one good thing obama did good for this country, brew. even leaders of foreign counrtry don’t have any respect for him.

          19. Beau Monet says:

            If you look it up she called off any military action!! So they could die…that is treason!!

          20. Lkfeinb says:

            She had an entire agency who saw to those things and there were mistakes that could be classified as incompetence. Reagan supported terrorists and ignored AIDS . Everyone in power makes mistakes, but they are not considered criminal.

          21. Beau Monet says:

            Any time a person makes decisions against what the top military brass has warned about…should be charged with treason!!

          22. rockcut says:

            She did not call off military action. Your comment is delusional and is any out right fabrication. It is sad to see an American like you with such faulty thinking.

          23. Lkfeinb says:

            You know, one person did not make that decision. It was a terrible mistake, but every single person has made mistakes while in power. She is still the most experienced and intelligent of the two and she is NOT a misogynist or a racist.

          24. Beau Monet says:

            She is proven to be a total racist…ask the CIA agent who worked for her husband during the 8 years he was in office!!

          25. Beau Monet says:

            No she is a Socialist!! Just like Obama is!! They are just scared to admit it like Bernie does!!

          26. Beau Monet says:

            You are totally wrong about being a racist! She has been proven to hate some groups of people!! And there is a CIA Agent that spent 8 years in the White House with her and Billy boy that is ready to testify to that!!

          27. Lina Klus says:

            in your dream, what drugs are you on, hillary shares her diazapan with you probably with you which she gets injected with when she starts bobbing her head which is a sure sign of her abnormality, like parkinson disease and dementia.

          28. Lkfeinb says:

            Keep drinking the kool aid.

          29. Lina Klus says:

            yeah, she sure also has a good goons who kill everybody who goes against her.

          30. Lkfeinb says:

            Of course you didn’t go to the trouble of looking up the facts of those tragedies, did you? I mentioned to one of your lovely co writers on this site to go and Google the names, but he said he would never go on Google because it was run by a fascist/.
            If it makes you happy to blast Hillary for everything , then so be it. By the way, your beloved Ronald Reagan did some really bad things, but I didn’t see him being blasted ever. Are you aware?

          31. Lina Klus says:

            yeah and she had the gull to say what difference does it make. i hope your fugly daughter whose father is not bill, gets in the same situation, gets rape then beheaded by radical muslim. i’m sure you won’t be saying that.

          32. rockcut says:

            Right. Do wear a tenfold that ?

          33. Beau Monet says:

            If you actually believe Hillary is on the up and up!! Then you have been drinking way too much of that snake oil you’ve been talking about!! She is lower than that snakes belly you got the oil from!!

          34. rockcut says:

            You Hillary haters after a while are boring. Is it just a Hillary hater or do you just hate women.

          35. Rodney Steward says:

            Just hate sick puppies that love sick women!

          36. Sickofit says:

            Oh yeah let’s start the sexist charges. First racist & now sexist if you don’t agree with the dumbocrats! What a fucking laugh you idiots are!!!

          37. rockcut says:

            Very weak reply. Try to up your game for not you are surely playing on a grad-school field.

          38. Beau Monet says:

            You can always tell a socialist or communist from their group answers. It is in their agenda!

          39. rockcut says:

            I am sorry you see a socialist or a communist around every tree. I think it is a bit silly myself.

          40. Beau Monet says:

            Well. that is true…they are everywhere!! But most of them work for the government right now! Or in our schools and Colleges teaching our young people how to be Socialists or Communists!!

          41. rockcut says:

            it is so sad that you believe something like that. How did you get so far off the rails?

          42. Beau Monet says:

            I’m not going to answer that question from a Commie!!

          43. rockcut says:

            Do you know how silly you look calling me a Commie. It is foolish and childish. I am as much of an American as you are and I have defended my country in the military. Have you?

          44. Beau Monet says:

            Yes, I was in Vietnam! I was in Para Rescue! My job was to jump behind enemy lines and get the downed pilots out of Commie territory!! And anyone with your views about America needing to be more Socialist or Communist would have probably been fragged while sleeping in your tent!! If you don’t know what being fragged means…ask any Vietnam Vet!!

          45. rockcut says:

            I commend you on your service and the dangerous job you did. Likewise, I served for 22 years in the USAF and then served for over 10 years in a Military Retiree Association even rising to National President. So, let’s drop this silly ass Commie routine you are trying to lay on me.

          46. Beau Monet says:

            Peace! Just lay off the Hillary is a good person bit…when she would wreck America at least to Obama’s equal! We all know better from her prior service!! Better give Trump another look….he is for the military and prior also…where Hillary hates us!! Congrats on your military service and as a retiree!!

          47. Lkfeinb says:

            He is for himself, period!

          48. Beau Monet says:

            If the shoe fits wear it!!

          49. rockcut says:

            I would not let those type of shoes in my house

          50. Beau Monet says:

            Let me ask you a simple question? How can you love America so much and want to vote a person into office that wants to destroy America as we know it??

          51. rockcut says:

            Hillary does not want to destroy America. That claim against Obama and now Hillary is nothing but a vicious lie. And, again sadly I have to say you bought into it hook link and singer.

          52. Beau Monet says:

            It is so sad to see a fellow American deceived into believing this Socialist Propaganda!! But my friend…if you live long enough…you will see with your own eyes..
            and hear with your own ears…that I was telling you the total truth all along!!

          53. rockcut says:

            I am not worried that your type of thinking will prevail and come to the conclusions you predict.

          54. Beau Monet says:

            Call it what you want! It still equals out to choosing right or wrong…and I believe Communism/Socialism is wrong for America. Obama has pushed it down our throats for 7.5 years now and Hillary will do the same!!

          55. rockcut says:

            you are so wrong Obama has never pushed Communism/Socialism down anyone’s throat. You are so misinformed.

          56. Beau Monet says:

            I love being an Obama and Hillary hater!! It makes me feel like I have done something to help my country get rid of two traitors!!

          57. rockcut says:

            The more you post the more pathetic you sound. Very sad.

          58. leisureal- says:


          59. rockcut says:

            You misguided opinions are not facts. Don’t go to your room and cry on me, now.

          60. Beau Monet says:

            They are facts…you just don’t want to hear the truth! If you look them up (and not in the Socialist readings) you will find many truths that will surprise you!!

          61. 906 Sparky says:

            Benghazi a political witch hunt! How about a major cover up!

          62. rockcut says:

            Sorry, I will stick to my term Witch hunt since there have been 5 investigations and nothing of a cover up has been discovered. Oh, and by the why what was covered up?

          63. 906 Sparky says:

            Start with the false narrative about the video. Why was the CIA operating their, reports of weapons being funneled to Syria/ISIS, and the lack of response by military assistance during the attack. Obama and Hillary have perfected the art of the “delay” in all the Congressional hearings from the emails, IRS, Benghazi, and the VA. The hearings continue because there is still evidence that has not been turned over.

          64. rockcut says:

            The video was not directly the cause of the attack because the attacked was planned in advance. However, the Video sparked all kind of protects all over the region and took advantage of this situation and launch the attack. The reason for the CIA being there has been pure speculation since no office statement has been made as far as I know. Your smug simple angers of blaming everything on the art of the delay I do not buy because 3 of the 4 investigations on Benghazi have been completed and the VA investigation has been completed. The only one still open that has found nothing is the one run by the GOP Congress. Enough said.

          65. Beau Monet says:

            Right On!!

          66. Lina Klus says:

            what planet are you living rockcut, it sounds like you’re neighbor with hillary. keep going, birds of the same feather flock together, bravo.

          67. rockcut says:

            The hate America charge is childish. Get back to me if they do. 8 Benghazi hearing NO charges. Enough said.

          68. Sickofit says:

            You are an idiot!! Open your eyes!!

          69. Lkfeinb says:

            It sounds as if his eyes are wide open. He has the facts, what do you have except innuendo?

          70. HadEnough says:

            rockcut. That’s exactly what he’s doing. Throwing around LIES Without Proof. There Is No Proof. He’s just another Imbecile Trump Hater. Don’t give him another thought. !!

          71. Lina Klus says:

            it;s been proven but of course the liberal media always sweep them under the rug. any more you want to hear/

        2. HadEnough says:

          Absolutely !!!

        3. Lina Klus says:

          right on donnie, looks like you hit the nail in the head.

      2. PatrickJoey says:

        Snake oil? Really? So what is Hillary selling? Remember one or the other will be president. I do not find that Mr. Trump is selling anything at all.. I am sick to death of people such as yourself who espouse raw cynicism without on centilla of evidence. All you are doing is running at the moth with nothing to show for it. Mr. Trump does not need the money or the fame to do what he is doing. He has been a critic of American politics for an exceptionally long period of time. In case you haven’t noticed, this country is in an existential crisis. So Mr. Snake oil man, what are YOUR solutions?

        1. rockcut says:

          Honestly, I think the proposals of Hillary are far more anchored in reality. He has outlined in detail your positions on many areas. On the other hand, we have Trump talking in emotional sound bites, acting like a spoiled child and insulting people along the way. I have to strongly differ with you Trump is driven to acquire personal fame. He runs on it. He shows it …..always it is about him. And, as a critic, he has been on every side of ever position and there are tapes to prove it. Trump offers nothing but emotional snake oil. No wall will be build and his America will be great again is just empty emotional promises. (snake oil) Be my guess and order a few cases of it but I am not buying any of it.

          1. PatrickJoey says:

            What country will YOU be moving to when Trump is elected?

          2. rockcut says:

            I hate to disappoint me but I am an American thru and thru and will be moving nowhere out of the country. I surely hope you don’t lose it to bad when the majority of people in American will tell Donald Trump in Nov. “You’re fired”.

          3. PatrickJoey says:

            You are a left wing nut job. Face the facts and deal with it. The whole world knows that Hillary is a lying bitch …save for her acolytes like you.

          4. rockcut says:

            Is Parickjoey upset,,,,,,,,,,,,,go to your room until you get some sense about you.

          5. Sickofit says:

            Maybe you might want to move to some Muslim country?? You love them so much as to let them in here, just move your stupid ass there! Do us all a favor!!

          6. rockcut says:

            It that the best you can come up with after thinking about it all night. Very poor and misguided post. But please keep shooting off with these kind of posts and confirm once again you have no idea what you are talking about.

          7. Lkfeinb says:

            I am so happy that you, and others like you, are answering these posts.

      3. Beau Monet says:

        If Trump was selling Crap….I would buy it and feed it ti some Democrats!!

        1. rockcut says:

          I hate to see another American with such a immature attitude. We are all Americans. Fighting each other hurts this Country. But I guess you cannot see that clearly.

          1. Beau Monet says:

            I see that very clearly!!! But what I don’t see are Socialists and Communists as Americans!! Never did!! Never will!!

          2. rockcut says:

            There are very little communists and Socialists in America. But to use these two terms in a blanket manner you misuse the words ….

          3. leisureal- says:


      4. Rodney Steward says:

        It’s much better than the camel sh$t that’s in the Hellary Kool-Aid! For a person that has claimed to have served in the military, you don’t mind letting Hellary come an take your guns!!

      5. Ritaritarita says:

        What snake oil ? That he wants to keep terrorist from our soil? How stupid can you be? you must be a liberal.

        1. rockcut says:

          Trump has shown loud and clear is is not fit to be president. He denouncing the judge (Wrong) Calling women pigs (wrong) Kicking all Muslims out of the country (wrong) Over 2000 Muslim Americans are fighting in our military. Building a wall that never will be build. (wrong). Getting in trade wars with other countries (wrong). Making fun of the disabled (wrong). Yes, he is selling snake oil.

          1. Ritaritarita says:

            Why don’t you get your head out of your A$$ and get lost. Go live in Mexico or, better still, move to Afghanistan and see how those Muslims live. Get educated kiddo.

          2. rockcut says:

            Wow, you now revert to total insult because you cannot answer what I said was WRONG about Trump. Problem is I am educated and I will not let little people with big mouths get away with the nonsense you spout. Remember that !

          3. Ritaritarita says:

            Oooooooo. I’m shaking under my covers. What are you selling my man, Koolaid?

          4. rockcut says:

            Very weak reply. But, I expected it since defending Trump is like defending hot air.

    2. Lkfeinb says:

      What a terrible thing to admit. You are a racist? Ok. There are plenty of you around.

      1. Donnie Buchanan says:

        NO, I’m a realist.

        1. Lkfeinb says:

          You are a selective realist. There are an average of 3400 intentional gun murders a month in this country. How many people are killed by terrorists? Our feeling of entitlement to own a gun is insane. It was meant for militias. We don’t have to worry about Muslims, we have to worry about the American next door.

          1. Donnie Buchanan says:

            It is hard to reason with anyone who doesn’t use logic. Your stats are waaaay off.

    3. Beau Monet says:

      Trump for President in 2016!!! Vote Hillary for Prison in 2016!!

    4. HadEnough says:

      Donnie, I feel the same way.

    5. Beau Monet says:

      Trump Rocks!! Go Trump 2016!!

    6. Lina Klus says:

      me too my friend,

  • jandjnesbitt@aol.com says:

    GOOOO TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. rockcut says:


      1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says:

        Trump will smash Killery in November. Everyone knows that a clinton has no business anywhere near the whitehouse

        1. rockcut says:

          Don’t talk too soon for you might be bitterly disappointed in Nov.

          1. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says:

            google clinton chronicles…it will help you out

          2. rockcut says:

            Let’s look at the Clinton Chronicles: The video, directed by conservative activist[citation needed] Patrick Matrisciana, was characterized by The Washington Post as a “bizarre and unsubstantiated documentary. The New York Times reported that it was a poorly documented “hodgepodge of sometimes-crazed charges. It helped perpetuate a conspiracy theory known as the “Clinton Body Count” about a list of associates Clinton was purported to have had killed.[3] The deaths listed in the film have largely been discredited due to deliberate bias, weak circumstantial evidence. Do I have to go on?

          3. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says:

            Oh rocky rocky rocky… you’re just stuck in that rut aren’t you…really??… your source: a couple of libtard rags. Bias???…Naw, no bias there…LOL…clintons are life long crooks and as guilty as sin and both should be in jail… Wake up rocky… smell the Trump Train

          4. rockcut says:

            Look, I could have gone on and referenced a half doz. more sources. You are dealing in a stockpile of Far Right garbage that was exposed years ago, but you hang on to it like a life raft. Trump is selling you emotional snake oil.

          5. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says:

            Rocky …the garbage that needs to be thrown out is the establishment, career, crooked politicians that are destroying our country…clintons are the worst of the worst with not one ounce of moral integrity between them…and exactly why we need Trump 2016. I really feel sorry for you if you trust one word clinton is spewing…you must be gullible to the max.

          6. rockcut says:

            Being of sound mind and body, I do declare with my own free will, I will never under any circumstances vote for Donald Trump, so help me God. That should neatly wrap up our conversation.

          7. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says:

            Yep. I tried to help you but it’s clear, clinton supporters are too far gone. You see, I’m a life long democrat…but clydesdale horses couldn’t pull me to the poll to vote for killery clinton…and I WILL now vote for Donald Trump, so help me God… and with that, our conversation has indeed, ended…good luck

          8. Beau Monet says:

            Watch that GOD thing! He is REAL ya know!! You may get away with ragging on Trump….but don’t try it on GOD!! HE will get you!! He is Even bigger than Trump!!

          9. rockcut says:

            You well out of Focus since God is my savior so your concern is meaningless.

          10. Beau Monet says:

            If He is your Savior like you say….do think He approves of Socialists and Communists??? He may love the person….but HE HATES THEIR LIFESTYLE!!
            Seriously think about that!!! Their lifestyle goes totally against the Bible…and the Bible is God’s Word to us!!

          11. rockcut says:

            How about my warning. You should not mix Religion and Politics. Also, you should use the words Socialists and Communists in the proper manner. To throw them out as scare words do not enhance your point of view when they surely do not apply.

          12. Beau Monet says:

            Very poor answer!! You fail!!

          13. rockcut says:

            My answer was straight forward. You just didn’t like the answer.

          14. I Seigel says:

            And the problem with what Trump is spewing is you can’t tell when he means it and when he’s just being “misconstrued “. Or whether he means what he says or its just a point to start negotiations. 40 foot wall, 20 foot wall – what’s the difference? Sounds like Hillary, don’t you think?

          15. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says:

            Not even close…killery is a life long career, establishment politician, lier and crook which is exactly what’s wrong with our country. We need Trump to clean up the mess. killery is 4 more years of obummer…only worse. No more clinton’s…Trump 2016

          16. I Seigel says:

            Oh! You’re a Trump supporter! Now I understand.

          17. Beau Monet says:

            And real proud of it too!! We don’t cotton to Socialists and Communists!! They ain’t even close to being true Americans!!

          18. I Seigel says:

            Right on!

          19. Sickofit says:

            So you must be a supporter of a murderer, criminal & liar?? Good for you asshole!

          20. I Seigel says:

            How about Trump 2009? (in a letter to Obama):

            “We support your effort to ensure meaningful and effective measures to control climate change, an immediate challenge facing the United States and the world today. Please don’t postpone the earth. If we fail to act now, it is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet.”

      2. Robert Russell says:

        Trump he will know what to do , deport illegals & build the fence & Mexico will pay for it. Almost forgot Trump will have the DOJ put Hillary in jail for lying to the American people, Lib hard to deny that all on “video”. LoL!

        1. rockcut says:

          Are you serious? Trump will not build a wall and he will not illegals. If you believe that, you are buying Trump snake oil. You are a very silly person and it shows in your post.

  • I Seigel says:

    Reading between the lines here, the story is that the GOP’s new plan to combat poverty is DOA, and the press couldn’t care less about it. Nice one, Congressman! What’s next – the GOP’s health care overhaul?

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