FBI director: Cover up your webcam

by Julian Hattem | The Hill
September 15, 2016

The head of the FBI on Wednesday defended putting a piece of tape over his personal laptop’s webcam, claiming the security step was a common sense one that most should take.

“There’s some sensible things you should be doing, and that’s one of them,” Director James Comey said during a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“You go into any government office and we all have the little camera things that sit on top of the screen,” he added. “They all have a little lid that closes down on them.

“You do that so that people who don’t have authority don’t look at you. I think that’s a good thing.”

Comey was pilloried online earlier this year, after he revealed that he puts a piece of tap over his laptop camera to keep away prying eyes. The precaution is a common one among security advocates, given the relative ease of hacking laptop cameras.

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  • Tiger says:

    Pretty much puts an end to those so called conspiracy theories uncle Sammy watching you because he is every chance he gets.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Comey has turned out to be a true Homey for the black house thugs and the Clinton cartel, when will the madness end!

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    2. Tiger says:

      He betrayed his country and us. FBI agents not happy with him from what I am reading.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Sad that we now can no longer trust the FBI, he has put a black eye on them! Been OK!! 🙂

        1. Tiger says:

          Hey there my friend yep just rubbing every liberals Demoncat’s fur the wrong way I can. Hope you are well.

          Yes it is sad and it is even sadder to watch a Senator, athletes and others not stand for our flag. The ignorance they have is thanks to American schools. There is no respect for anything American today, Congress, Police, Military, Christians, Evangelicals but then I have no respect for H or O the HO’s of America prostituting our wealth and our country to Muslims.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            Glad to see U doing great and keep up the good work on the liberals, and D’N those HO’S!!

          2. Tiger says:

            They be slummin mon they be running a muck.

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            HA, HA, they be full of Chit too!! HA, HA, ……….

          4. Tiger says:

            And mon dey be chittin on us all over the world coming to America soon.


          5. Rodney Steward says:

            And why we must keep or weapons, it’s a must, because this is not all we’re going to have to fight! Like I’ve said before, You take care of yourself, we’re gonna need you and others like you!! 🙂

          6. Tiger says:

            With you all the way and there are millions of us. Look at this picture taken on 9/11 a vision is standing on top of the beam of light and think how big the being was to be seen like that.


          7. Rodney Steward says:

            Amazing, I didn’t hear about this, but of course U won’t when it anything at all to do with Christianity, loved it!! How’s my friend this morning, been ruffling any feathers this morning!! 🙂

          8. Tiger says:

            All over the place carnage with my name on it.

            Indeed this beautiful being I believe, is our Light that came into this world and has not forsaken us and that very day the evil Hellery went down. Coincidence I don’t think so. We are in good hands and that hand is getting ready to slap some sense back into this country.

            Hope you are well also.

          9. Rodney Steward says:

            I’m doing fine girl, and I believe this country needs a good ole spanking!! And that is truly mind blowing, and like U, it does mean something!!

          10. Tiger says:

            Spanking many people need to be taken out and tarred and feathered not to mention a few other things.

          11. Rodney Steward says:

            HA, HA, I know what U mean! I’ve been trying to get a couple of family members to open their eyes about things, but NOOOO, don’t have time and can’t tell U anything that’s even going on in the world, and don’t care and they’re not even in the Millennial age group!

          12. Tiger says:

            I finally got through to my Liberal RN neighbor. He was Calvary long ago before these wars. He works at the VA but he finally saw the light. ISIS and the Muslims ripping and tearing in America really got him shaken up. Boy howdy he is now all gunned up, got his entire property with all kinds of motion lights and alarms the today brought home two geese. I says to him what for. He said they are good alarm systems. We live in the boonies a National Forest down the street so I says, they will be an early Thanksgiving dinner if you don’t put them inside something at night. I reminded him we have bears, bobcats and a black panther who is seen now and again in these parts.

            Maybe I did too good a job. ;p

          13. Rodney Steward says:

            I live in the sticks too, and he$$, if we don’t kill it, catch it, or grow it, sometimes we don’t have it! 🙂 But Deer season is just around the corner and I need to get at least 2 to last me till the next year! I have most of them ground up into deer burger, and hadn’t bought hamburger meat in over 6 years! And those geese are some super watch dogs and will bit the he$$ out of u if not careful, I KNOW, they’ll bring blood!! 🙁 And we have basically the same creatures U do, except for bear,they’re just starting to come this way! It sounds like U done this man a big favor, opened his eyes, that’s great, but your the Tiger!! 🙂

          14. Tiger says:

            Well thank you. The men out here hunt season or no. We have wild turkey and boar also. They are good hunters they eat what they kill and don’t kill for fun. It is good you are on your own, we feel we could make it out here all of us with different talents. Among us, all outdoor people could survive long as we can hunt, fish, trade with one another and there is plenty of water from the springs.

            LOLOL Yes I know about geese we used to feed them at a pond and one got hold of my youngest son’s backside when he was little wasn’t a fun experience.

          15. Rodney Steward says:

            I can’t believe it, where U live sounds just like how we live, everyone has their thing they do, between everyone around her there isn’t anything we can’t build or grow and stop when needed!! Kinda gives a person a piece of mind at times!! And sorry if U see what’s taking place with mrpoolhead and me, but he has hit me wrong and I didn’t mean for it to happen, but don’t take no crap!

          16. Tiger says:

            Yes it does and that is why we moved here for real freedom. We all know each other for miles around, we keep an eye out for each other, we help one another even with cash if someone in trouble.

            Didn’t see a thing fighting my own battles on a few sites and sorry I do get ugly myself only way to handle filthy people.

          17. Rodney Steward says:

            Around here we’re basically all kin folk and most families have lived here for generations and my 3rd Great Grandfather homesteaded 6,000 acres, but of course most of it was sold, traded, and you know how things work out when people marry so and so, and their kids got this and sold this to so and so and on and on but there’s still about 2,000 acres left, but split up among about 6 families! I own a big part of my Grandfathers farm, and have 3 big springs, GREAT WATER, and a creek runs through part of it, love it!!

          18. Tiger says:

            How wonderful how wonderful same story around here. People fighting to keep their water, Nestle and a Canadian run out of town but it is a constant fight believe me the County Commissioners hate to see me darken their door. Their secretary said last battle she never heard them treat anyone the way they did me and I fought them tooth and nail and we won.

            She wanted me to run for office I can’t take that heat Rodney my children alive and well and I have been a rogue, a scoundrel a Saint (almost) and a Sinner.

          19. Rodney Steward says:

            Lord Girl, I bet you could be a handful if you wanted to be, LOL, run for office and straighten that bunch out!! 🙂 🙂 GO TIGER!!!!!

          20. Tiger says:

            LMAO my man is fifteen years my junior had to go younger to keep up with me. LOLOLOL

            Can’t run for office would be a mess for my family and still a few Muslims who don’t want me alive.

          21. Rodney Steward says:

            D’N the muslims, but we are Infidels and Deplorables, but we have one bad Tiger!! You go Girl, take no Crap!! 🙂 🙂

          22. Tiger says:

            Take no prisoners, show no mercy. Know your enemies as you know yourself. I know myself and I know the enemy. ;p

          23. Rodney Steward says:

            We need many to know the enemy, I think thing are going to start heating up with these real infidels! With Obama hopefully going out, I believe things might get nasty!! Hopefully U do the CC thing!!

          24. Tiger says:

            You bet millions of us will.

          25. Tiger says:


            Help is on the way but be ready if he wins for all Hell to break loose.

          26. Rodney Steward says:

            HA, HA, loved it Tiger, loved it, my legs were jumping all over the place wanting to bust a move!! LOL….

          27. Tiger says:

            Yepper somethings just get our bodies into dancing mode.

          28. Rodney Steward says:

            Morning my Tiger friend,hope you’re having a great day, I’ve got to plow the garden today and plant some Turnip Greens, love this time of year!

          29. Tiger says:

            Morning well getting posts out then going for a walk, still no sign of Fall here hotter than a stripper riding a pole in a club full of bodybuilders.

            Planted seeds and the squirrels dug them up so replanting some things when cool enough to tolerate being outside for any length of time.

          30. Rodney Steward says:

            LOL, it’s actually cooled off her, it’s in the upper 80’s, after the 100 degree summer this is great! The squirrels can be aggravating as he$$, when they take over my bird feeders I have a thinning out!!

          31. Tiger says:

            Ohhhh I only kill roaches, hung my bird feeder and they are so funny trying to get to it. Love watching them jumping on it then it swings and turns and they fall off. They try getting on the fence and reaching for it. They are ingenious can see their little minds working.

          32. Rodney Steward says:

            They are smart little creatures and fun to watch, but they can get over populated and do damage to the house, had them in the attic a couple of times!

          33. Tiger says:

            I understand your point and the reasons for eliminating some. In Jacksonville, Florida we used to get some torrential rains and winds afterwards baby squirrels called “Pinkies” would have been thrown out of their nests. Wildlife officials had sites and put out brochures how to care for them. Raised one and what a character. What a hoot and what fun. Let him free and he used to come when I called him. Same for Mockingbirds. Raised some and they are so smart and set one free and he would come when I called. Had a flying squirrel the sweetest things around, as a child my mother had healing hands I believe she had all sorts of wild things fall into her path. She set the wings, the legs whatever and set them free. Horny Toads, Owls, Crows, Jack Rabbits, Possums you name it.

            I love things with wings. Here is a cute little poem my children loved it. Leaving on a high note.

            A little light is going by
            A little light with wings.
            I would have never thought of it
            To have a little bug all lit
            And made to go on wings.

          34. Rodney Steward says:

            That was sweet Tiger, don’t get me wrong, I’m an animal lover, like you, if I can help one of Gods little creatures I will! And anytime I take one it doesn’t go to waste!

          35. Tiger says:

            Got ya like the men around here. They kill for food and would never kill for fun, although taking any life can’t be fun or something wrong inside the person.

            As to squirrels they are not liked by these guys, nor possums and raccoons etc. LOLOL

          36. Tiger says:

            Take a look at the powerful video Trump just released. Please share it is going to open some eyes. Hope he plays it prior to every event.


          37. Rodney Steward says:

            This makes me sick, and these gutter dwelling rats call islam a religion, he$$ these are nothing but animals that need killing!

          38. Tiger says:

            The question begs to be asked by the people of our leaders why are they doing this? They know and in Europe they have suffered under crime, rape and terror but Merkel and others insist like O on piling them in. Someone told me it is these leaders who are Globalist plan to do away with all the opposition to the New World Order and instead of doing away with us like Stalin did they will use these people to kill us. One has to wonder if this is not so. Then they can do away with these monsters using their armies and there ya have it. They have a clear path to a One World Order. I am beginning to think he is right.


          39. Rodney Steward says:

            I totally agree and have basically said the same thing, they’re using these rat pills to do the dirty work so they’ll have someone to blame other than themselves! I seen where Merkel was voted out by a VERY LARGE number and is basically going to have to move out of the country, and had 2 assassination attempts, we’ve not been that lucky yet!!

          40. Tiger says:

            You bet Germany woke up and nobody is reporting it here she is indeed threatened and the German people were thinking Civil War on the horizon. I hear from Europe all the countries turning a Hard Right and even Geert Wilder is looking to get elected but it is going to be mayhem for Europe to get rid of these parasites.

          41. Rodney Steward says:

            Yep, and the sad thing we’re going to have to go through the same BS if congress keeps letting Obama play his pathetic games! If only he were White, he would already been gone or shot!!

          42. Tiger says:

            Amen shot and strung up and let out to dry for all to see.

          43. Tiger says:

            Right on and worse.

          44. mrpoohead says:

            Whoopee the Montana Freeman have arrived – am sure “Freeman” is a pseudonym for men in skirts with plenty of petroleum jelly. Apologies to Scotsmen.

          45. Tiger says:

            Well aren’t you charming. How lucky to have such a whoopee dupa to post to me. Oh maybe you could loan them your petroleum jelly and show them how to use it appears you have a lot of knowledge on that process.

          46. mrpoohead says:

            Merely riposting to your un-substantiated idiotic claims which are only worthy of the “alt-right” idiots. An’ no, never voted Democrat or commie just don’t like bigots – mirror honey!

          47. Tiger says:

            Mirror yourself and take a look at an uneducated person who doesn’t understand the severity of the situation the wonderful Republic is in.

            It is not bigoted or racist, those terms flow freely from the lips of those like you to shut people up and down, to want to secure your country and to keep your Sovereignty.

            Wake up or take a long nap and don’t vote. I am not your honey I am your worst enemy.

          48. mrpoohead says:

            Hardly; you’re just a silly hick.

            Your attitude to Muslim’s is to say the least short-sighted and bigoted. How many Muslim’s have you met, have you been to a Muslim country? Who are you to judge?

            News; world shrinking, sovereignty becoming more irrelevant – the world is either going to become one big China, America or Europe. Fingers crossed it’s the latter – the first two only care about the top 5%, Europe model at least has compassion for people. It’s coming, maybe not in my lifetime, but everything is working towards it. “Nationalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”.

          49. Tiger says:

            Name calling is your forte’ and how bigoted to use the word “Hick” but then that is what libturds do.

            My attitude toward Muslims is “Reality” having been a Combat Support Army nurse since 1988 and served in Shield/Storm and this war. My attitude is “Long Sighted” having read the Qur’an, looked into Sharia Law, studied the life of Muhammad and looking at the “Reality” of what has happened in Europe and is happening and around the world daily perpetrated by Muslims. I have lived in Europe, the Orient and been to the ME and yes I have met Muslims. I am judging by your attitude you are either a Muslim or a Sympathizer who wants all information stopped concerning the danger they are and can be to any country. History has proven it and continues to prove it.

            Ahhhhh now you come with it “Sovereignty becoming more irrelevant” to whom? Those who want to take over our countries? Take down borders and then let the running of the Bulls “Muslims” Begin? You are “Delusional” that won’t happen not in my time or yours. Europe is deporting refugees by the thousands. Sweden just deported by force over 60,000 and refused another 80,000. The UK left the EU due to refugees and they are building a huge wall and making it slippery so it can’t be climbed. Slavic countries are refusing them. Germany preparing for a Civil War and both Germans and English want their guns back. Borders being built all over the European countries with razor wire and guards.

            “Nationalism is the last refuge for a Free People” who eventually will do as they have done throughout history get rid of scoundrels.

          50. mrpoohead says:

            Biblical Law is as bad as Sharia – one country uses Sharia and thankfully most have moved on from Biblical. All Middle East countries but one are secular. Travelled all over, don’t have a problem with anybody except the ignorant.

            The Bible is nasty – so what’s your point? Think you’ll find education and opportunity set people free.

            What has happened in Europe – they’ve got a few refugees and that’s it. Same thing happened after WWII – the refugees were assessed and spread out around the world. Get a life. UK did not leave because of refugees, no one is preparing for civil war. You are an idiot. Equally no one is trying to take over – most folk generally just want a life – by your argument that’s what the US tried to do since 1945. Failed!

          51. Tiger says:

            Since when? You don’t even know Biblical law or that Jesus and the New Testament the fulfilling of the last of the prophecies and the final word. Nothing evil in it or intolerant.

            If the Bible is nasty to you the Qur’an is “Abominable”, “Disgusting”, “Offensive” and a book made up by a pedophile, murderer and a thief.

            A few you are insane. Europe had an invasion you are despicable peddling your nonsense on here and thinking educated people will buy it. Yes the UK left because of refugees, are building a wall to keep them out and the British want their guns back. So thankful for news and video that people like you can’t erase. I have a life, it is getting the truth about Radical Islam out and making sure our country safe and secure under Trump.

            You are a fool and think others buy your foolishness. U.S. failed at nothing in WWII took care of people who were very much like these invading Muslims and by the way the Mufti Hitler’s best friend and the Muslims fought with Hitler’s armies. Get an education.

          52. mrpoohead says:

            Try again – Biblical Law; death penalty for adultery, blasphemy, disobeying one’s parents, not being a virgin on wedding night (girls only – Mary, obviously worried) and witchcraft. Nice! Don’t mind reinstating “disobeying” one as long as no one tells my parents.

            Thus; God not very nice, Jesus merely admonished folk for not upholding beliefs, Muhammad ditto. God/Allah/Yahweh – same bloke, different trousers and a bit of an ass. Muhammad was none of those things you claim – or prove it.

            Hitler had all sorts of “friend’s” including American’s.

            Brexit was about “the good ol’ days” and cheap East European labour. Amusing considering they needed to join the old EEC as economy up the creek in 70’s. The majority of my family reside there, so think I’ll ignore silly “alt-right” sites.

            Please don’t bother with the silly video’s – they are cherry-picked rubbish for morons, I could compile similar on America. Are the European entry points like that everyday – no. Is it one or two or all – the former. Is there a Syrian Refugee Crisis – yes. Where are they – Turkey 2 million, Lebanon 1 million and Jordan’s population has grown by 25%. How many in Europe – 10,000’s amongst 500 million. Big deal! Are these video’s representative of all Muslim’s – no. Are the KKK hate video’s representative of all American’s – hopefully not.

            The British and all Europeans have guns – they just have licensing too. Can anyone have one – yes, unless criminal or mental health “issues”. How many “mass shootings have the Brit’s had 1 in 10 years, Australia 1 in 20, Switzerland 2 in lifetime of gun. America averaged one mass shooting per day last year – which one made the national news? The one involving a Muslim. Is that a fair representation of guns in the US? NO! The number of shootings was reported in NY Times and Time magazine though.

            Get a life – radical Islam is no different to radical Christians. Bosnian Genocide, Rwandan Genocide. Nice try, no cigar.

            Don’t want Clinton and definitely don’t want Trump – who if in cannot do any of the things he says. Why? Because the President is an administrator not a legislator. Duh! and I need the education?

            Oh and by the way – US gave us the Middle East problem – 1948. We turn up for the important wars late and stick our nose into other folks business that we should stay out of.

          53. Tiger says:

            Sorry once again you are quoting the Old Testament the Tanakh not the New Testament. Sorry no cigar for you.

            The video hurt don’t they yeh they are truth in film that can’t be denied. You try and shun them but millions know this is what is happening and much more than this.

            Don’t even try it. The size of the countries that you are talking about in proportion to the size of the U.S. has just as many gun deaths and violence and I have those figures but if you don’t look at the truth up in your face in videos then surely you wouldn’t take the time to look at the figures.

            Radical Islam has nothing in common with Christianity get a life yourself and stop trying to take people off the sites who continue to post truth it won’t work you are so far off the mark that you didn’t even make a dent. Nobody is killing anywhere today around the world daily but Muslims.

            Bosnia was due to the Muslims mass killing of Christians and the last time they killed 3,000 seems to be a popular number with them. Serbs resent Clinton’s interference to this day and showed their disapproval when Biden came to visit greeting him by wearing Trump tees and carrying Trump signs. Radical Islam brought about the Crusades called for by Pope Urban as the hordes were at the gates of Europe and they will be defeated again by the world.

            The president as we have seen with O has many powers and the power of the pen one of them. Too boot yes Trump can do what he says when he puts our immigration laws back in place you might want to read them, long read but worth the time says a lot about “Alien Threats” and what can be done with any faction that is just that. You sound like you live in America that sickens me.

            Up until Iran it was the French and Brits in ME business educated person yeh right. America pulled into Iran and then a stupid Carter, who knew naught about Islam was for Khomeini coming into power and out of exile thinking a Holy Man would be better than the Shah. How quickly he learned when Khomeini announced it was Islam for the world or the end of Islam then named America the Great Satan. You should know what happened after that with the embassy bombings etc and up to today Iran financing terrorism.

            Carter stopped all immigration from Iran just as Trump will use the same law on the books to stop immigration from countries that are a threat to us. Carter deported over 5,000 Iranian students. Then bin laden appeared and Saudi Arabia warned Clinton about him. New documents show it was Iran that backed bin and Iran that backed al Qaeda and Iran had ties to 9/11 which makes sense being as they have been screaming death to America since 79.

            So we go in and help Muhajideen get rid of the Russians and leave them weapons to protect themselves. Bin laden thrown out of Pakistan and other countries and ends up in Afghanistan and the Muhajideen and Muslims turn on us. We had 9/11 Muslims brought it to America. We lost over 3,000 in less than one hour and they had been killing us in America since 1972 but then you won’t believe those stats and incidences either. First immigrants to come to our country and do that.

            Hussein had WMD, they include Chemical/Biological and Nuclear and he killed over 100,000 Kurd with Chemicals. He bombed Israel and they bombed his nuke site near Baghdad. He invaded Kuwait and entertained terrorists and was a threat to all the ME and us. We went into Iraq and Afghanistan. O took us out and left Iraq unable to defend itself. The president of Iraq told him ISIS in the wings. O didn’t do anything to stop Assad.

            You should stay out of America and Muslims need to stay out of our countries. There are 50 huge Major Muslim countries and these immigrants not going there. Know why? Cause most won’t accept them, say they are dangerous. They flood Europe and America and these cowardly men leaving women, children and aged behind and not fighting for their countries.

            You are vile.

          54. mrpoohead says:

            Unfortunately Jesus merely advocated the former, being a radical Jew – duh! Silly answer.

            The videos are silly and made for the paranoid retards. Schizophrenic?

            Homicide rate per capita per country unfortunately puts the US on par with Cuba and Libya – W Europe, Canada, Australia and NZ way lower. No cigar. And “mass shootings”?

            Radical anything – bonkers. Bosnian Genocide – that’ll be why the folk in court are all Christians. Ditto Rwanda. Muslim’s were the innocent.

            Read the Constitution – second bit down. President – administrator not legislator. Duh! The House cut back funds for Iraq, this continued. “Leaving” had nothing to do with Bush or Obama. Fait accompli. Duh!

            Unfortunately the Muslim hordes were not at the gates. The entity that was was secular – there were Christian hordes too. It was politics to them, religious to the Pope. Duh!

            For 500+ years the Middle East was at peace. The Ottoman Empire was secular, in some areas the Muslim wasn’t even the majority. The military was comprised of Muslim and Christian regiments, Jews migrated there because of persecution in Europe. The US insisted on Israeli State (1948) and bribed and bullied countries to get it through the UN, thus alienating Muslim’s – which is why we’ve been propping up despots and dictators ever since, status quo. If what you claim is true, then why do all of those countries (ME) still have minorities including Jews? Radical my bottom.

            No WMD – that was the whole reason for going. If we’d found them the PR would have been good. Justified – but no! American intelligence – an oxymoron. Afghanistan, Korea and Vietnam none of our business.

            Refugees heading away from trouble, thus they are in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan – duh! Obviously best case scenario is repatriation or they’ll be assessed and spread around world, just like East Europeans after WWII.

            You are an ignoramous. Everything I have said is fact – I ought to mention my wife did history at Oxford. Funny how the most Christian seem to forget empathy and compassion – bigot!

          55. Tiger says:

            Jesus was the last word and the fulfillment of the prophecies thousands of years old and has nothing in common with Muhammad the thief, pedophile and murderer who wrote the Qur’an. He was born thousands of years after the Jews a Nation, David their king and their capital Jerusalem. Then Muhammad came and the end result was the Crusades that stopped the killing hordes who were at the gates of Europe and the Muslims killed so many scholars can’t give an accurate count.
            They are at it again today.

            The video are real and you are so unbelievably pigheaded and so inflicted with misinformation there is no cure for people like you. This kind of ignorance has to have been embedded in you from birth and on. How sad.

            Again do the math, European countries and others have huge rates of homicides and mass killings and they have strict gun laws. Also in America across our country, in the Ghetto and the Hoods blacks killing blacks in record numbers. You are wrong.

            O used a Bush agreement to leave Iraq but he failed to tell the people until after the fact as usual, that the agreement was dependent on Iraq being able to defend itself. O wouldn’t give them the weapons they asked for and the president of Iraq told him ISIS in the wings. O and H took out Ghadafi who was no imminent threat to us and kept al Qaeda at bay and we had Benghazi and now Libya biggest kicking off point for ISIS into Europe and filled with training camps.

            The Muslims were at the gates of France when Pope Urban read about the carnage in the Holy Lands and the slaughtering by the Muslims along with their destroying others icons like they do today and he called for the Crusades to stop them and said in his speech, read it that if not stopped all religions would be wiped out by these savages.

            The Ottoman Empire gave the areas of the Holy Lands over to the British and the French. The British tried to be fair with the Holy Lands but the Arabs tore into the Jews no matter what kind of chopping up of the territories and finally the British gave it over to the League of Nations and they divided the lands. The old Saudi king agreed with all the terms and acknowledged that the Jews were the rightful owners of the Holy lands and sights but when the League of Nations was turned over to the U.N. they were supposed to honor all agreements with Israel but the new Saudi ruling family went to the Saudi and from there we know the rest of the story.

            The Jordanians ran the Jews and Arabs off their lands into Gaza the Jews were taken in by their own people the Arabs stayed and occupied Gaza. Gaza is a city and during this was named the third largest Refugee Camp in the world. There is no Palestine and never was. The area was named by Hadrian a Roman Philistine which in Latin looked like Palestine and he did this to insult the Jews. We know the rest of the story the Arabs chose Hamas to help govern them and we have conflict to this day.

            ALL this is in the history books, all this read it. No refugees are not taken in Turkey. They have camps there where they can bath and spend time but nothing in the way of handouts by Turkey they move on. Jordan does not take refugees and joined the first Coalition to fight ISIS. Lebanon is a Muslim stronghold that ran the Christians out and is now a supporter of ISIS.

            They are nothing like those escaping WWII. Those people were our ancestors, shared our religion and honored our Constitution and laws. Muslims do not as evidenced all over the world and this is why they are not welcome.

            May I tell you my grandfather was a Consul and taught history and music at the university of Moscow, he also wrote books and I am a student of history and religions. There is nothing racist or bigoted about wanting to keep your nations Sovereignty and secure its safety from threats foreign and domestic. Our immigration laws cover “Alien Threat”. You are nothing but a propaganda machine and are you Muslim? That would explain your distorted history.

          56. mrpoohead says:

            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate US on par with Cuba, worse than Europe. By far!
            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottoman_Empire#Decline_and_modernization_.281828.E2.80.931908.29 Ottoman’s closest to Vienna and in fairness they were a secular society with Christian regiments in the military, so not really a religious thing. Rampaging Muslims (and Christians perhaps?).
            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S.%E2%80%93Iraq_Status_of_Forces_Agreement Done deal – House had already cut funding so had to leave. Fait accompli.
            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Partition_Plan_for_Palestine#Reports_of_pressure_against_the_Plan US bullied and bribed to get plan through UN, alienates rest of Middle East – on-going. To protect Israel we have supported despots and dictators in the area to maintain status quo. After WWI British administered region until 1948, having been given a mandate by the League of Nations to do so after defeating Ottomans.
            Muhammad was a prophet, think today’s evangelicals. Same book, same God.
            Jordanians are Arabs. Still plenty of Christians in Jordan and it is a secular country.
            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebanon#Religion Lebanon still got lots of Christians and a few Jews. Muslims ran them out, but gave up after a day?
            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refugees_of_the_Syrian_Civil_War#2016 Refugees, where? That’s right Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.
            The video’s are cherry-picked garbage for morons, you can find equally distasteful KKK ones. If you are a sad person.
            Obviously your grandfather had a twisted view of history or your memory is bigoted an’ then some Alzheimer’s maybe?
            Please try again, when you’ve read history and not made it up. DUH!!! The words “silly cow” come to mind.

          57. Tiger says:

            Your video etc are cherry picked garbage along with you.

            Your wife is twisted and biased as are you.

            You filthy and mangy dog what makes you think I want any more time spent on you. I think you are nothing more than a Git.

          58. mrpoohead says:

            Truth hurts huh? I have the history and the knowledge – you have zip. Not sure what the wife has to do with it – she’s just got a cute butt, that’s all

            Despite the bile I’ll take that as an apology – facts win out and refute your idiocies. God luck with the Alzheimer’s

          59. mrpoohead says:

            Maybe they went to school and feel superior? Understandable.

          60. Rodney Steward says:

            No, they’re like those weak minded idiots that vote 2 or 3 times, they live off the free stuff and don’t care about anything, and think that the gov. will always be there! Poor suckers!

          61. mrpoohead says:

            Yet, they’re still brighter than you. At least intelligent enough to play the system if what you say is correct – which I doubt.

          62. Rodney Steward says:

            Well Mr facts, intelligent’s has nothing to do with it, it’s the C-O-L-O-R-!!!! DUHHHHH !!

          63. mrpoohead says:

            Should’ve known all your relatives would be niga’s – must suck being the only albino in the family. “Heh, Rodney-boy whatchall doing with them there niga’s” Glad we cleared that up.
            No other honky’s on the government payroll huh – sucks being you. Duh!

          64. Rodney Steward says:

            HA, HA, no not really, love being the smart one, and the White Privilege is GREAT!! HA, HA, ……………

          65. mrpoohead says:

            Smart? Really – I take it the relatives were visiting from the nut-house?

          66. Rodney Steward says:

            I can’t say some hasn’t been there, and prison either, so what about your tribe, can they read and wright, or do a lot of them suck too!

          67. mrpoohead says:

            Don’t have a tribe – ain’t an Indian or a niga. I have decided to riposte and put modesty aside.

            Rocket scientist, mathematician, biologist, chemist and business folk in immediate family.

            Left country at 22 with $500, hitch-hiked (mostly) around the world, got back at 36. Worked along the way to fund – often two full-time jobs at a time. Bought a shop, bought more property, retired early 50’s

          68. Tiger says:

            Here is a better shot it has gone viral around the world. You know in Egypt on top of a Coptic church thousands upon thousands saw the Virgin and crosses for days. It only makes my heart jump with joy.


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