First Government Run Marijuana Store Opens In USA

by Washington Post
March 17, 2015

Deep in the Columbia River Gorge, a short drive from the Bridge of the Gods, the nation’s only government-run marijuana shop was running low on weed.

The store had been open for just a few days. Inside, manager Robyn Legun was frantically trying to restock. Outside, five customers stood waiting for the doors to open. Someone cracked a joke about this being a typical government operation, always running late.

But, of course, it’s not. This government store, bearing the cozy name Cannabis Corner, sells dozens of strains of marijuana and in several different forms, from pungent buds to infused cookies and coffee. It sells glass bongs and rolling papers. And it does it all at the direction of the North Bonneville Public Development Authority, making the local government uniquely dependent on this once-illicit drug.

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  • Dee says:

    Doesn’t these idiots know that smoking marijuana can damage your brain? Or do they care?
    Stupid damn government.

  • Nancy says:

    If the government couldn’t run a whore house in Nevada without going broke how they hell are they going to be successful with a pot shop.

  • Indian Andy says:

    If it’s GOVERNMENT, it’s bound to be a flop.

  • Ted P says:

    How can it possibly be true…It is a federal crime so how can the government run this???

  • danielle jenkins says:

    legalize pot & ban alcohol thats more than 80 proof

  • Lloyd Chandler says:

    It will be like the health care, a total failure, plus to expensive to buy.It took the government long enough to find out how bad pot isn’t.

  • After years of confiscating and burning tons of it ,arresting and putting people in jail for possession, Now that it’s out in public and people are openly talking about all the benefits of it
    mark my words the government will get their CLAWS into it ,so they can tax it , and things will never be the same . I have never smoked Marijuana nor do I want to but I have seen the benefits of it . I had a 14yrs.old daughter who was hit by a car walking home had severe brain damage , and years later had post traumatic stress disorder, she was put on meds. that didn’t really help her . then one day someone introduced her to Marijuana after that she was able function even hold a job which before she couldn’t

    1. BHR says:

      Marijuanna is great for medical purposes.

      Especially for cancer patients. But it should never be legal for the general public. It does have a lot of side effects and does cause medical problems used on a regular basis. They have been so many studies come out in the last 3 years about how dangerous it can be. People who use it totally deny how bad it is, they say, it is better than alcohol. That is not true. Alcohol, also cases many problems.

  • The redhawk says:

    WELL One thing will be TRUE… If it it government run IT’LL BE THE ONLY ONE TO LOSE MONEY!!!

    1. Leslie Brooks says:

      Amen to that !

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