Fox News Poll: Trump widens lead in GOP race, Clinton-Sanders tightens

by Dana Blanton
April 15, 2016

Donald Trump jumps to an 18-point lead over Ted Cruz this week with record high support for the Republican nomination.

Trump tops Cruz by 45-27 percent among GOP primary voters in a new Fox News national poll on the 2016 election. John Kasich comes in third with 25 percent.

Three weeks ago, the mogul was up by three over Cruz: 41-38 percent, with Kasich at 17 percent (March 20-22, 2016).

Forty-five percent is a new high for Trump. The previous high was last month’s 41 percent.

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  • Eleanor Cummings says:

    Do you prefer THIS man, CRUZ, or liberals over Trump?? Will you read AND CHECK THESE OUT? I have been researching ALL candidates since last July, putting many hours on this computer, but I’ll freely admit, I too, had listened to our mainstream media and Ted’s speeches, until I found out about the media ( Check these out: free press( dot).net/ownership/chart
    businessinsider (dot).com/these-6-corporations-control-90-of-the-media-in-america-2012-6)

    These were pulled by random so you can see some of the links and videos (Cruz’s own words) found in


    It sure made for some interesting reading. Made ME change MY mind about him.

    37) 2014: A) Ted Cruz wants to Sell OUR National Parks to Private Owners
    (Link: B) Ted Cruz Launches Senate Fight To Auction Off America’s Public Lands (Link:

    40) How Corrupt Lawyer Ted Cruz Helped George W. Bush Steal The 2000 Election. (Link:
    (Like he’s doing to Trump, who isn’t “in on” dirty political Games.)

    41) Top Ted Cruz Activist Jumps Ship…Joins Donald Trump Campaign (Link:
    (Evidently Trump didn’t offer him anything. He went with the RINO bribers.)

    42) Ted Cruz Visits Texas Border To Welcome Illegal Alien Families (Link:

    58) Ted Cruz is in the U.S. Senate Illegally! (Link:

    65) “All citizenship records for Ted Cruz are sealed”: TED CRUZ IS IN THE U.S. SENATE ILLEGALLY? (Link:

    67) How Ted Cruz Screwed Florida In The Year 2000 (Link:

    Ted Cruz is just another CORRUPT Politician working for himself and the Establishment, aka the globalists, the New World Order, NOT for the American people!. Ted Cruz is NOT adverse about doing a flip-flop on his own original campaign rhetoric to steal Mr. Trump’s, almost word-for-word. Oh, yes. Cruz has plagiarized from some of Donald Trump’s speeches!! Listen to what Cruz said at the BEGINNING of his campaign about IMMIGRATION and OPEN BORDERS, and what Trump has always said. Donald Trump hasn’t changed his position, but Cruz did a complete flip flop, USING PARTS FROM TRUMP’S SPEECHES. It stunned me! He’s stealing parts of Mr. Trump’s speeches now! Go back and listen. WE ARE FED UP WITH HIM – BIG TIME!!!

    .Now……read and then tell me why YOU still support Cruz…..there are more, but this will give you an idea of what kind of person he is!

    1. Lied about Ben Carson in Iowa
    2. Lies about his eligibility to be President
    3. Lied on a Facebook page where he said Gowdy no longer supports Rubio
    4. Lied about #Trump’s support of the 2nd amendment
    5. Lied about Trump’s stand on abortion
    6. Lies about his receiving money from the Chinese
    7. Lied about his stand on social security
    8. Lies about his support of Obama and the Washington establishment
    9. Lies about his voting record in the Senate
    10. Lies about financial support from “special interest” groups
    11. Lied about his interview on the Duke Machado show in August of 2011 where he himself said he doesn’t qualify to run for President
    12. Lied about Trump’s support of guns for Americans
    13. Lies about his support for people of color
    14. Lied about coming to the United States illegally
    15. Lies about his support of our military and defense budget
    16. Lied about robo-calls made in NH where he said Trump was not running, so be sure to vote for Cruz
    17. Lies about sending another mailer to NH residents threating to expose non-voters
    18. Lies about his non-supporters in the Senate – he is NOT well liked
    19. Lied about Rubio’s stand on pro-life
    20. Lies about his support from evangelical leaders
    21. Lies about his wife and his stand on the New World Order (He, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and many of our corrup politicians endorse NWO.

    I could go on and on but I believe the point is made that Cruz is all about lying and cheating to get votes! I also believe that it is a very sad situation when his supporters don’t want to admit all of this, when it is staring them in the face…..they must have SELECTIVE SEEING AND HEARING.
    I did not list, but it is very important to me…….RESEARCH what his father preaches and what he says about his son. Also, remember that Cruz has his father counseling him in his campaign (the apple does not fall far from the tree).
    Then, we HAVE to consider his ties to the Bush family through the years and he NOW has members of that family working with him and supporting him! Cruz IS NOT an OUTSIDER!!

  • Robert Russell says:

    Trump president he will know what to do , deport illegals build the fence Mexico will pay for it. Hillary give up you have no chance Trump will trounce and put you in jail where you and hubby belong.

  • kerijay says:

    The real Trump to destroy the republican party to elect Hillary because he knows he’ll get what he wants.
    It’s a toss up who lies more Trump or Hillary for God’s sake listen to his own words.

  • dawntoo says:

    I just read the comments justifying the demise of democracy in Colorado following Trump’s Wall Street Journal article. All these people in favor of delegates not based upon a vote of the general public and nullifying the vote of the people are nothing but elitist tyrants. Well, tyrants frequently die violent deaths and that it what should happen to all of them for seeking to disenfranchise others.

    Democracy. We will accept nothing less.

  • Harvey Thomas Creech says:

    How has the Trumpster managed to survive and thrive after the bad two weeks he had at the end of March and beginning of April and managed to increase his lead by 4 percentage pts.(PP) while Cruz dropped 11 PP’s and Kasich gained 8 PP’s. Nothing about this makes sense and defies conventional wisdom and history.

  • Seedman says:

    It’s probably a result of the plea he made to the people of Pennsylvania a few days ago to get back coach Joe Paterno at Penn State University.

  • Lina Klus says:

    I hope this lead keeps up. We need Trump in the White House.

  • CCblogging says:

    Thanks to Donald Trump, the American people have finally woke up! The Billionaire Globalist Elites that own the Republican Establishment & the Democrat Establishment are losing their grip. There is a God! Trump for President 2016.

  • David says:

    Hate to bring the news to people with sincere beliefs, BUT THE FIX IS IN!!!! (electronic voting is vulnerable to hacking/re-programming and ‘key’ states will be stolen, again, to put Hillary in office) It doesn’t matter what happens in the Republican ( I have my own preferences, and it’s NOT Hillary) OR Democratic races ( under this system) the next ‘President’ will be Hillary. The ‘powers that be’ will/have pardoned her treasonous actions and she has ‘bought’ the ‘Presidency’.

  • nodo says:

    It is amazing to me. True, the media hates Cruz and will even back Trump in a pinch (see all the free publicity he gets daily from them all!!!!) But the truly amazing thing to me is that a large majority of these same Trump supporters do not think he is mentally, emotionally, or any other way suited to be president. Yet they will still vote for him. Amazing. This death wish for our country is truly sad.

    1. Robert says:

      No its dummy’s like you who think that.

      1. nodo says:

        Well, since what I said is there for anyone with half a brain to see if they research before calling other people names, I wonder who should have that title?

  • champion2211 says:

    Widen it to 95% to 5% will be fine. Cruz doesn’t deserve even the 5%. Just thank the Lord for his help. God Bless

  • Terry Hoagland says:

    Why do they keep saying Cruz is winning and gaining on Trump they are doing nothing but putting propaganda out to try and hurt Trump!!! GOOO TRUMP 2016!!!!!!

    1. Gnowark says:

      I’m just guessing a reason, but promoting the socialist &/or communist Agenda disinformation, instead of truth, is driving most “reality-show-news.” Socialism & communism, in their practical terms are oligarchies NOT societies and communes, and elites (news, political partiers, rulers) always believe they will fare better, until reality can no longer be denied (when it’s too late)

    2. Barrustio says:

      I guess Wisconsin was propaganda…The propaganda started when Trump was saying he had a big lead in IOWA then he got “schlonged”.

      1. CCblogging says:

        That’s no way to talk about your next President.

        1. Dennis says:


        2. Barrustio says:

          heheh…that’s what one of my liberal friends says about Obama…calls him MY president…I state that I didn’t vote for him the first time nor the second…so he may be the president of the U.S. but he’s not MY president. My president would be…presidential. Trump just shares too much in common with Hillary and I have never been one to decide on the “lesser” of two evils, so if Trump is the nominee I will be one of those who just stays home.

          1. CCblogging says:

            OK, just stay home, watch TV, lay on the couch and enjoy your Crunch And Munch. We don’t need you to elect Trump because we got it covered.

          2. Barrustio says:

            Well if I do decide to get out I will just write in Cruz

          3. Robert Russell says:

            Now that is funny & scary Lib.

          4. Barrustio says:

            What’s funny about it…I would be doing what Trump is whining and crying about…voting “the will of the people”

          5. Eleanor Cummings says:

            That’s fine, as long as it’s republican. You can even write in Crybaby Jebbie, or Lying Kasich (guess his wife kind of slipped up and told the truth, huh?). AND, heads up, Cruz has plagiarized from some of Donald Trump’s speeches!! How about if you pull up some of last years speeches from both men, and listen to what Cruz said at the BEGINNING of his campaign about IMMIGRATION and OPEN BORDERS, and what Trump has always said. Trump hasn’t changed his position, but Cruz did a complete flip flop, USING PARTS FROM TRUMP’S SPEECHES. It stunned me! He’s stealing Trump’s speeches now! Go back and listen.

          6. Barrustio says:

            You can’t be serious…Cruz was fighting open borders and trying to finish the wall …it was NEVER Trump’s idea…how old are you…this is a matter of record look it up. Trump took a big part of his lead from David Brat who beat Eric Cantor on the immigration issue.

          7. Eleanor Cummings says:

            How right you are. He just doesn’t want to hear the truth about Cruz. I’ve even sent him the links (earlier posting) on the veracity of statements posted by people on this site, but evidently he doesn’t want to hear Cruz, in his own words, proving. What a liar he is.
            AND, hey!! Heads up, American voters! Cruz has plagiarized from some of Donald Trump’s speeches!! Listen to what Cruz said at the BEGINNING of his campaign about IMMIGRATION and OPEN BORDERS, and what Trump has always said. Trump hasn’t changed his position, but Cruz did a complete flip flop, USING PARTS FROM TRUMP’S SPEECHES. It stunned me! He’s stealing Trump’s speeches now! Go back and listen. Let’s ALL get aboard the TRUMP TRAIN. Working together, we will help Trump MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

          8. Terry Hoagland says:

            That’s what you need to do but you need to wake up and smell the roses!!!! Go TRUMP 2016!!!

          9. Barrustio says:

            I had smelled the roses from the start… Trump just confirmed that I had a good sense of smell when he flip flopped about 4 times on the “abortion punishment” question. I can just see him with his finger on the nuclear button ” Should I” …”Yes”…”no” “maybe so” “can I flip for it”…”let me think”…sheeesh

          10. Terry Hoagland says:


          11. Barrustio says:

            No not funny at all.

          12. Terry Hoagland says:

            You said it I didn’t sounds like you wanted it to be funny!!

          13. Barrustio says:

            Well under normal circumstances I guess his indecisiveness, would be funny if it wasn’t such a scary thought.

          14. Arizona Don says:

            So tell me just who do you see as the best president? Trump or hillary?

          15. Barrustio says:

            Cruz 2016

          16. Arizona Don says:

            I like Ted so I’m not going to argue with you. As a matter of fact I liked them both but both are not outsiders just Donald. His, Cruz’s, underhanded tactics regarding Dr Carson was just one of the things that drove me off. There are others. However, if he were nominated without any underhanded tactics I would certainly support him. This is not about parties it is about a nation. That is why Donald Trump is leading

            Ted Cruz is hated by the establishment Trump is feared. The establishment is not going to back either no matter what they may imply. Ted has no pathway to the nomination whatsoever. If it is a contested convention and Donald does not win on the first ballet they will attempt to leapfrog them both and it will not be with Kasich.

          17. Barrustio says:

            The reason Cruz got as much support as he has after the Iowa mishap with Carson, is that people knew that Cruz had no part in what some see as being underhanded, rather than miscommunication driven by a misleading CNN story from which they quickly distanced themselves from, leaving Cruz holding the bag. Additionally Cruz being the honorable person he is, apologized personally and publicly in front of ALL America, an apology which Carson in his bitterness obviously rejected on TV and afterwards, resulting in his decline as being weak and un-presidential. The popular rhetoric of Cruz resorting to anything other than the rules and accusing him of “stealing” delegates is just that, rhetoric. The establishment might not like either one but they would commit the ultimate blunder were they to even attempt to nominate anyone but Trump or Cruz.

          18. Arizona Don says:

            I would still like to see them get together and get over the accusations about each other. The establishment even got the two republican front runners to go at each other by promoting personal attacks making the other think they had a hand in it. Each deny they had anything to do with it but it still caused bad blood so they would not or could not combine forces to defeat the establishment. As did Reagan and Bush. And we have been none the wiser. Most have not even seen through their charade to this date.

            Donald Trump has said time and time again he wishes he had not retweeted the wife thing. However, it is done now and nothing can change that. I think he, at least, is beginning to realize this could be a set up to divide and conquer. Hopefully Ted Cruz will also see the possibility and adjust. After All do we not know if they can get the Trump people fighting with the Cruz people doesn’t that make their pathway to getting a fresh face (Carl Rove’s statement) more possible?

            I read statements made between conservatives about supporting Trump or Cruz or someone else, why argue it will play out in time. I will not refuse to support Cruz even though my first choice is now Donald Trump. If either is the nominee I’m happy. If we argue and fight among ourselves all that does is open up a wide path to hillary winning. I personally do not dislike anyone who likes Cruz. Why should I?

            Everyone, should remember there is an extreme establishment drive to get them both out and they will do anything to get that done. My question is why can’t more see it?

          19. Barrustio says:

            Oh I have no doubt that the liberals are hard at work seeing how they can get the GOP contenders to fight among themselves… and I honestly could see myself voting for Trump if he could more clearly state his policies, and stop sounding like he hasn’t shed his Democratic side. His stances on abortion, gay marriage and the ridiculous trans bathroom issue leaves one to wonder why he would take such stances when he is clearly in the lead. I simply cannot vote for the “lesser” of two evils, so he has a bit of work to do if he’s the nominee and is going to convince me that it would be worth it to me, to leave the comfort of my home to vote for him.

          20. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Check and see how many times he was asked that same question. Sometimes with the defining word “illegal”, and sometimes with the defining word “legal”, or “all”. Sneaky people, the liberal mainstream media. How much do you know about our “wonderful” media??
            Go on the internet, learn who owns them and how they control the professional politicians.

          21. Barrustio says:

            I don’t know if you realized this but Trump is now a professional politician. But since you feel he is not controlled by the media…do you mean all those gaffes are his own doing???

          22. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Okay, I’ve been researching ALL the candidates and politicians for almost a year. Cruz WAS first choice but I don’t like his past actions and lies. Now look this stuff up to verify. Read to the end – especially “VOTED TO MERGE AMERICA, MEXICO AND CANADA!! Which explains his WEAK position on Immigration!”

            If you plan to vote for Ted Cruz, you MUST know these things! Educate yourselves on him and his wife. Check ALL the candidates. I am sickened at the corruption I’m finding in our “trusted” representatives!! I really thought Cruz was different. What a disappointment (for me, anyway)!

            * Heidi Cruz has been employed by Goldman Sachs since 2005. She is currently on leave.

            * Heidi Cruz is a member of the leftist council on foreign relations, advocates of world Government and a New World Order.

            * Ted Cruz was George Bush’s top policy advisor.

            * Ted Cruz was in the federal Trade Commission.

            * Ted and Heidi met when they were both Bush staffers.

            * Cruz advised on legal affairs and Heidi on economic policy for the bush administration.

            * Heidi was director for the Western Hemisphere on the national security council under Condoleeza Rice.

            * Heidi served as deputy U.S. Trade Representative to USTR head,
            Robert Zoellick, working on China trade policy.

            * Ted Cruz’ campaign chairman, Chad Sweet, is a former CIA officer.
            He also worked for Goldman Sachs.

            * Ted Cruz voted for cloture on TPA, (trans pacific partnership agreement)
            fast track trade authority, removing the hurdle of concern for further amendment, and clearing the way for passage!
            It didn’t have to be recorded, so nobody knew this. He voted NOT to require approval of congress before other countries could join, including China.

            * Cruz has openly stated that he will NOT use a deportation force, and will continue to use the failed ICE system, where an illegal has to commit a crime first, then be caught.

            * Cruz belongs to the radical Christian sect of 7 mountains dominionism, that seeks to place their members in control of our culture and create a NWO though the domination of business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion. He is the appointed messiah/savior of their group.

            * Ted Cruz has only been a citizen for about 19 months! He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014 so he could run for president.
            There are also other reasons that he is not constitutionally eligible, including the fact that both of his parents were NOT U.S. Citizens when he was born, only his mother was.

            Cruz will do anything to take the spotlight off the fact that he is IN THE POCKET OF THE BIG BANKS that gave him MILLIONS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT! Furthermore, Cruz certainly don’t want the AMERICAN PUBLIC to know that his

            Wife is a MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND VOTED TO MERGE AMERICA, MEXICO AND CANADA!! Which explains his WEAK position on Immigration!

            (This part I found scary)! Wise up, he’s not who you think he is but claims to be!

            Now go back and listen to his original speeches when his campaign first started, THEN LISTEN TO TRUMP’S SPEECHES!! A bit of plagiarizing on Ted’s part, wouldn’t you say? He stole Trump’s speeches, almost word for word. That’s guts!!

          23. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Sorry, Terry, but sometimes you can’t open a closed mind. Too bad he doesn’t use his computer to check everything out, even with the links, and the links to the videos virtually dumped in his lap. He should be glad someone’s found this for him. So much time and effort goes into researching.

          24. PEGIDA USA says:

            When your “president” loses, you and Ted can climb over the North Wall back to Canada.

          25. Barrustio says:

            Now now…my ancestors were here to receive the refuse from other countries when they landed here.

          26. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            In defense of Mr. Barrustio, you are so full of it and you probably need at least anger management classes if not full-blown counseling.

          27. Robert Russell says:

            Stay home you are voting for Hillary “moron”are you sure your not a Lib.

          28. Barrustio says:

            I’m 100% conservative like Cruz …that’s why I don’t waffle on abortion or gay marriage like some of the candidates…and because I’m a conservative, I don’t compromise my principles by voting for the lesser of two evils…which in the case of Trump and Hillary, it’s very difficult to determine who is the lesser evil. One thing I have witnessed already is that Trump would exacerbate the racial divisiveness already started by Obama…you can’t win with the White male vote alone…you have to have women and minorities supporting you…anyone who doesn’t understand that are the real morons.

          29. Robert Russell says:

            Do you believe Cruz will deport illegals & build the fence & Mexico will pay for the fence? Even minorities are for deporting illegals and the fence. Do you know Arizona has 130 miles of fence

          30. Barrustio says:

            Cruz has stated clearly that he will immediately rescind the illegal actions Obama has taken that are against the CONSTITUTION and enforce the laws therein. That means resuming the deportations on which Obama has basically put a moratorium. He has also made it clear that the fence will go up. This was a project that was initiated long before Trump thought of it and Cruz is one of it’s main proponents. YES even minorities are for deporting illegals and even though I’m Hispanic, I am one of those. I am for deporting ALL illegals from not just Mexico but from Central and South America, S Africa, China, Russia, Vietnam, Jamaica, Haiti, Europe and even the 50,000 Irish who are here illegally. As for getting Mexico to pay for the fence , I don’t think Cruz is going to push for that because it would be too time consuming going through the red tape and he wants the security of the border to be more immediate. The fence Arizona has, is about as porous as a sieve is with water. We need manpower, different rules of engagement, resources, more drones and penalties for Americans who employ illegals…these are all the things Cruz supports.

          31. Arizona Don says:

            I lived near the border for years here in Arizona. I still have friends who own ranches on or very near the border. I have driven miles of the border fence just last month. Most of the fence in Arizona is four strand barbed wire or very flimsy other fence material easily crossed without any trace. I also know of areas where no fence exists at all. There are washes in Arizona that look like super highways (drug runners and coyotes). I have had friends shot at near the border and even twenty miles or more north of the border. Washington DC politicians and easterners do not know what they are talking about!

          32. Patricia says:

            Hmmm more name calling,…

          33. Eleanor Cummings says:

            And not voting at all is a vote for Hilary Or since he can’t really control Clinton, if Obama is successful in pushing her under the bus, he has a more malleable Sanders to take her place. Obama has THAT fish hooked solid. BUT if either the socialist or the communist get into office, you will be looking at the man who will sit in Scalia’s chair – Obama! So go ahead – turn your back on America. Life isn’t fair when we can’t have our own way, is it? Pick up your marbles and go home. We, the American voters, will try to save your butt, too.

          34. Barrustio says:

            As a Vietnam vet I fought for the right to vote the way I wish to vote, IF I wish to vote and not be swayed by the rantings which are the signature of a loudmouth who is anything but presidential. So I guess you are right that life is not fair when YOU can’t get your way and get people to overlook Trump’s flaws …in my opinion, especially as of late, he has shown me to be no different than Hillary.

          35. Patricia says:

            Thank you for your service! Really 😉

          36. Barrustio says:

            It was my honor to serve.

      2. Terry Hoagland says:

        He who laughs last laughs best!!!!!! TRUMP 2016!!!!!

      3. DotDot says:

        Yeah, and what did Lyin’ Ted do in Iowa? Dirty tricks in saying that Ben Carson was no longer running for president, VOTE FOR ME (Cruz)! He also did the same thing in Hawaii with Rubio and also said in New York some weeks ago that Kasich wasn’t going to be on the ballot!!

        1. PEGIDA USA says:

          Don’t forget these..

        2. Barrustio says:

          Let’s not forget “Lyin’ Duck” who put out the story about Cruz affairs…now that was really low…but as Trump said in his own words “I could shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any votes”…now that comment speaks to one of two things or both, the arrogance of Trump or the ignorance of his followers that he can have the Jim Jones -type faith that his followers would swallow the Koolaid for him.

          1. DotDot says:

            That’s a LIE!! Marco Rubio’s campaign was the one that started it. They sent the story to several websites but they never took it because they didn’t know if it was true! Get your story straight!!

          2. Barrustio says:

            Stone (an CHIEF Trump supporter) was the only name associated with the story. Everybody with any sense knows that Trump can BUY deniability…like Rubio would be endorsing somebody who he tried to defame….sheeesh…stop drinking the Koolaid.

          3. DotDot says:

            Here are 3 articles proving who was responsible for it. And it did not start with Trump or Stone! Maybe you should stop drinking that Lyin’ Ted koolaid! Why hasn’t Lyin’ Ted filed a slander lawsuit against the “National Enquirer” if it’s not true? The rumor had been going around for months before it came out!!


            Ted Cruz ‘Affair’ Rumors Peddled by Marco Rubio’s Allies

            Marco Rubio allies tried to spread rumors of alleged Cruz affairs for months

          4. Barrustio says:

            A lawsuit by Ted is exactly what the Trump camp wanted…an ongoing distraction that he could milk just like the “Lyin’ Ted rhetoric that the Trumpites love to mimic. Cruz is focused on winning the Enquirer will get it’s day as will an investigation of who TRULY put the story out. When asked repeatedly by different journalists who are in the pocket with Trump about the alleged affairs, he CLEARLY stated that he had ALWAYS been faithful to his wife. But the pro-Trump media will feed it over and over to cast doubt among the gullible, but for a gentleman, the answered should have sufficed…it was enough for me. I read all the allegations trying to pin it on Rubio’s camp…they just don’t make sense for someone who was out of the game… but might make a good endorsement for Cruz…unless someone could throw a wrench in there and cause a riff by having Cruz believe it was Rubio.

          5. DotDot says:

            Sorry to bust your bubble, but Rubio DID NOT get out of the race until March 16. The Enquirer came out a few weeks later. The rumors had beencirculating for six months!! Rubio was still in at that time.

          6. Barrustio says:

            The story was peddled to many outlets AND candidates. What would Rubio have to gain since he was out. Do you think Trump wasn’t saving it until it was down to three and people were seeing that he didn’t want to debate Cruz…he needed a distraction badly and that was it.

          7. DotDot says:

            Excuses, excuses!! It’s impossible to talk to someone who can’t face the facts!! Bye Be!!

          8. Barrustio says:

            I just gave you a scenario…nobody KNOWS the facts but sensible people know where the arrows point.

          9. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Good heavens, but that barrustio is a hate monger. Possibly a troll. Even with the proof sent to him like yours, he persists on accusing a man who had nothing to do with it. The man is a sick puppy! I’m finished sending him links to prove a point. Researching for the truth takes time and effort, which I’m sure you know, judging by this posting of yours. I’ll just ignore him from here on. Than for the links. Forgot to save them to my Rubio file. (Now THAT’S one sleazy character! Ugh! Is this what our professional politicians are like any more???)

          10. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            Thanks Mr. B. Well said! I talked about the KoolAid in a previous post. Guess we’re on the same wave length.

          11. Barrustio says:

            I just hope some of these Trumpites wake up before it’s too late…there’s not many states left. What is really sad, is you see these street interviews of Trump supporters being asked why they support him and the main one that they come out with is…”He tells it like it is”…what the hell kind of qualification is that for being president…nothing substantive… sheeesh and these are COLLEGE students who can’t name ONE thing which qualifies Trump for the office.

          12. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            Mr. B., your my kind of guy. You make a lot of sense whereas these rabid Trump supporters don’t. Would like to meet you sometime over a cup of coffee. I live in Charlotte, NC. Where do you live?

          13. Barrustio says:

            In Seguin Texas…and what a coincidence, I have decided that later this summer I wanted to show my support for NC to counter the boycotts from the idiots who believe it’s alright for a man to go in the ladies room. I understand they have some good Blues Jam Sessions in Charlotte and it was one three places in NC I was going to visit.

          14. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            As far as blues jam sessions, there’s the Double Door Inn, where Eric Clapton jammed after a concert in Charlotte back in the 80’s. I was not there for that, but many people claim to have been there. If you do come to Charlotte, please send me an e-mail at to let me know when. I shall give you my cell phone number at that time. Can’t do it here. By the way, better hurry if you plan to go to Double Door Inn. The block that they’re on has been bought out by the local community college and they’re probably going to be evicted(along with some other businesses). DD Inn has a legendary Monday night jam session.

          15. Barrustio says:

            Thanks …will do

          16. Eleanor Cummings says:

            It was proven that the infidelity stories did NOT come from Donald’s camp Check for yourself to find out who started it. (He’s another Trump hater)! And it was the media that said that about Trump’s followers, and Trump was REPEATING IT TO HIS FOLLOWER’S!! Sheesh!! Don’t you check ANYTHING out before you repeat it??

          17. Barrustio says:

            Yeh right…like he was repeating the lady who called Cruz a p*ssy. Was he repeating the media when he called the audio man a SOB and a bast*rd. Just like he was talking about Fiorina’s “persona” when he said “look at that face”…he was right, he actually could shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any votes.

        3. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

          Can you provide proof of your statements? You are probably repeating what some Trump supporter said without verifying the veracity(do you know what means?)of the statements.

          1. DotDot says:

            Here’s proof of Lyin’ Ted’s LIES!! Looks like you haven’t done any research on him and all his dirty tricks!! Just shows you’re not smart enough to do any research on your own! It’s sad when someone else has to do the work for you. Lyin” Ted is NOT at all what he pretends to be!! Holds a Bible up high in one hand, puts it down and then lies!! Now you know why he’s called Lyin’ Ted!! He’s so desperate he’ll say and do anything to get elected!!

            Cruz camp voicemails said Carson was dropping out

            Carson accuses Cruz camp of spreading false rumors on campaign suspension

            Rubio Campaign Slams Ted Cruz For Spreading ‘False Rumors’ He Might Drop Out

            Rubio camp accuses Cruz of ‘dirty tricks’ over Hawaii ‘dropout’ email

            ‘Cruz is up to his dirty tricks again’: Marco Rubio campaign blasts Ted Cruz in new campaign-trail dustup

            Voicemails from Caucus Night Say to ‘not waste a vote on Ben Carson, vote for Ted Cruz’

            Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols told Breitbart News exclusively after reports surfaced that Cruz falsely said Kasich wouldn’t be on the ballot in the Empire State:

            Kasich: “Look, we all saw what Ted Cruz’s people did to Dr. Carson in Iowa. And we also saw what they tried to say about us in Illinois suggesting we wouldn’t be on the Illinois ballot when we were in fact on the Illinois ballot. And now we’re seeing him and his people say that we’re not going to be on the ballot in New York when I am currently looking at a picture of the ballot in New York with John Kasich’s name on it. This is a disturbing pattern, we think this race should be above that and our campaign will never drop to this level of untruthfulness.”

            Exclusive — ‘Disturbing Pattern’ of ‘Untruthfulness’: Team Kasich Says Ted Cruz Lying About New York Ballot

            Ted Cruz tries to get John Kasich thrown off Montana ballot

          2. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

            I resent your personal comments /attacks on me , esp. on my intelligence level. I have both a bachelors and a masters’ degree. And why should I go to all of the sources that you apparently did, some of which I’ve never heard of, to find negative things about Cruz. Did you think that I was a neutral person trying to find out info about all of the candidates that are remaining. Have you to know that I originally supported Dr. Ben Carson, then when he dropped out and supported Trump, I went to Rubio. Unfortunately, Rubio broke away from his “good guy” image and high level of intelligence to try and use Trump’s insulting tactics against him, but Trump was much better at the insult game and it backfired on Rubio, causing him to drop out. I don’t think Cruz had anything to do with Rubio’s dropping out and Kasich is still in the race and may be the deal breaker at the RNC if Trump doesn’t win on the 1st ballot. So any gripes about Cruz affecting Kasich’s low standing is just uncooked beans. In truth, it was mainly the media that didn’t cover Kasich – devoting the bulk of their coverage to Trump(who demands attention and pouts when he doesn’t get it)and Cruz who is the best alternative for evangelical Christians and social conservatives. I think I have pretty good analyses and am not the idiot you think I am. What is your level of education if I may ask.? Or do you have a degree in rumors and innuendo? Hopefully, this is my last post responding to your hateful posts.

      4. PEGIDA USA says:

        So did Ben Carson. Karma can really suck for Ted.

        1. Barrustio says:

          Yeh I remember this CNN story that they never apologized for. Who knows it may have even been a Trump/Carson/ MSM setup…it wouldn’t be the first time Trump has “bought influence” as he is so eager to brag about.

          1. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Yep, you’ve been listening to Cruz’s speeches and the mainstream media liberal gobble de goo again – and taking it as the gospel truth.

          2. Barrustio says:

            Taking the media as gospel truth is about the same as taking as gospel truth Trump’s statement that he is “pro-life”.

      5. Eleanor Cummings says:

        These RNC/GOP ÉLITES think it’s permissible to “disenfranchise” and “purge” the names of republicans from the voting registrations, switch votes from a candidate to one of YOUR choice, buy and bribe the delegates (legal, says Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House), run negative ads against a member of your own party because he’s not THEIR choice, make a candidate sign a pledge but then break that pledge THEMSELVES before the ink has even died and become oath breaking, back stabbers!
        And yet, they want MR. Trump to keep HIS side of the RNC “deal”!! It was the RNC that broke their word before the ink was even dry, thereby negating thee “DEAL”, making it null and void! Mr. Trump is not obligated to them to them anymore; they broke the contract.
        (They are using Cruz as a cat’s paw to do their dirty work by stealing votes and delegates from Trump, then they’ll dump him and nominate Loser Kasich, Crybaby Jeb, or Turncoat Ryan – all bought-and-paid-for by Soros.)
        We SEE how they’re circumventing the fact that Trump has the majority of votes by the people!! The voters of Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Utah, Louisiana, and now Wyoming and Indiana have had their Civil Rights violated, and there has been fraud proven in EVERY state since Iowa; fraud committed by Cruz, Rubio, RNC/GOP And their big money PACS.
        We need primary election rules that state that the candidate with the largest number of votes from All states wins the nomination; no more super delegates and no more winner take all plans. It’s much past time that We the People, no longer to be called the SILENT majority, took back the GOVERNING of OUR NATION from the RNC and DNC with their BIG DONORS.
        WHEN will we republican voters LEAVE the republican party and FORM OUR OWN THIRD PARTY?? VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE?? They’d have those polls rigged too. How do you think some of them got elected in the first place??
        Read more at 1776 Coalition:

        It is the corruptness of the republican party which WILL destroy it, so they can lay that at their own door instead of trying to blame someone else!!!!

        1. Barrustio says:

          Enough with the thievery whining already…the fact that Trump was too stupid to know the rules or too lazy to get off his ass and go after some delegates the way Cruz did, does not constitute fraud on Cruz’s part…simply ineptitude on Trump’s part.

          1. Patricia says:

            I knew I liked what you were saying 😉

          2. Barrustio says:

            Sometimes I even get riled up 🙂

          3. Patricia says:

            Yup, it’s difficult not to!

    3. Lina Klus says:

      Don’t believe the left media, Trump is “right”and they don’t like him.

    4. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

      That’s just politics in the 2010’s in America. Besides, if you were in 2nd place in a Presidential race, would you just throw in the towel 3 months before your convention or would you fight and use every legal thing you can to try to at least draw even with your rival , surpass him, or position yourself in a brokered convention in which no candidate has the 1237(or 1257) delegates to secure the nomination. Trump would do the same thing if Cruz had a big lead. And it is very obvious that Trump has tried for weeks to hurt Cruz. Trump is no saint, knight in shining armor, or a paragon of virtue. Anyone who still supports Trump is kidding themselves if they believe that Donald is a saint, knight, etc. They’re drinking the tainted, poisoned Kool-Aid.

      1. jamespadgett says:

        Cruz is a puny little whiner…sickening

        1. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

          Hey now, the Donald is the epitomy of whining. He should host ‘whine and cheese(or cheesy referring to his hair and orange complexion)parties.”

          1. Eleanor Cummings says:

            I was an ardent Cruz fan for many months. Then I checked him, Trump and Kasich out. Donald Trump has been trying to bring awareness to the shady backroom deals that have gone on in our election process for years. At least one state (New Mexico) is hearing his plea and doing something about the corruption. 67 REASONS NOT TO VOTE FOR TED CRUZ. These were pulled by random so you can see some of the links and videos (Cruz’s own words) found in videos Do you think Cruz and his father care about the U.S.A.?? You do remember Cruz’s father runs his campaign?? Wait until you check HIM out! Wow!! “It’s painfully obvious that Cruz’s statement is self-serving. He couldn’t possibly believe that having Clinton in the White House would be better than Trump, so his remark comes off as nothing short of manipulation of American voters. It’s basically extortion.” (See: Angry Patriot).

            67) How Ted Cruz Screwed Florida In The Year 2000 (Link:

            65) “All citizenship records for Ted Cruz are sealed”: TED CRUZ IS IN THE U.S. SENATE ILLEGALLY? (Link:

            58) Ted Cruz is in the U.S. Senate Illegally!


            42) Ted Cruz Visits Texas Border To Welcome Illegal Alien Families

            (Link: (Evidently Trump didn’t offer him anything. He went with the RINO bribers.)

            41) Top Ted Cruz Activist Jumps Ship…Joins Donald Trump Campaign


            (Like he’s doing to Trump, who isn’t “in on” dirty political Games.)
            40) How Corrupt Lawyer Ted Cruz Helped George W. Bush Steal The 2000 Election.


            B) Ted Cruz Launches Senate Fight To Auction Off America’s Public Lands


            37) 2014: A) Ted Cruz wants to Sell OUR National Parks to Private Owners

            25) Cruz’s Demagoguery on Ukraine. (Link:

            24) Ted and Heidi Cruz and The One World Government Connection. VIDEO:

            23) FLASHBACK 2014: This Ted Cruz Bill gives shocking new powers to…Barack Obama?


            20) Cruz Won’t Rule Out Legalizing Millions in U.S. Illegally.


            19) Cruz’s largest donor “Club for Growth” launches sewer-style anti-Trump ads in Iowa. (Link:

            18) Cruz stands with the Ukrainian fascists: Cruz wants to arm Ukraine fascists and calls Putin a “KGB thug”! He’s a Warmonger.

            (Link: VIDEO:


            14) Cruz Supports Giving Fast Track Authority on Trade to Obama. VIDEO:

            13) Ted Cruz gets called on Immigration Flip-Flop. VIDEO:

            It sure made for some interesting reading. Made ME change MY mind about him. Copy and paste headline into search engine for video.

      2. Eleanor Cummings says:

        Good heavens no, Trump is not a saint, but then, neither are you, nor me, or John Doe down the street. We’ve all made mistakes in our lifetime, and regret it later. Is that not so? You know, the people who bash Trump aren’t seeing the full picture. Is it not reasonable to presume Donald Trump is NOT running for president to make money since he is already a billionaire and has also declared, like JFK, he will not even take a salary if elected? He will be working for us as a volunteer, even using his own plane instead of billing taxpayers to use Air Force One. (And I presume he will buy his wife clothes and jewelry that the taxpayers won’t be paying for and funding their vacations himself).
        Isn’t it also not reasonable to presume he is not in it to make a name for himself since he already has name recognition world wide in business circles? Donald says he is going to use his acquired successful business experience to get America back on track and Make America Great Again. If he does do that EVERY American will benefit, not just republicans. Everyone, regardless of political party, ethnic group, color or national origin. Furthermore, it should also be known as America goes so goes the world.
        Trump will create jobs! He is a builder, as most people are aware, plus a lot of our infrastructure are in need of repairs or replacing. (Seems a lot of the funds allocated for just that kind of found its way into the pockets of corrupt officials and politicians?) He will create jobs, hiring people based on their expertise in his or her particular field. He won’t care if you are black or white, male or female, Christian or Jew, if you meet his requirements and can do the job, you’re on. No illegals need apply. You can tell by who he has had working for him in his many businesses for years that he could care less about the mundane things like skin color, gender, etc. He WILL care if you love America a much as he does and will work to make her great again.
        In the final analysis however, it is obvious, to me at least, members of the establishment realize they will not be able to influence Donald Trump like they have other presidents in the past. Some have even threatened to vote for Killery. NOW, think about what that actually tells us. They are willing to throw the republican party, our nation, and our way of life away for THEIR benefit. All in an effort to frighten voters into not supporting Donald Trump. Seems to me like a threat out of desperation. Keep in mind the next president will install 1 to 4 supreme court justices. Donald has already stated the kind of people he will nominate, very conservative. . America is at a cross roads – consider wisely your choice of which way to go. It may, and likely will, effect many generations in the future for our grandchildren and their grandchildren’s grandchildren.
        Again, there is NO PERFECT CITIZEN FOR A PERFECT PRESIDENT. Currently Donald Trump come closest. Are there others who have good intentions now? Of course! Can they be influenced and/or bought? Again of course! Many, like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz , have even “proven” they can be, therefore I will stick with Donald Trump.

        1. Arizona Don says:

          Extremely well stated Eleanor, I could not have said it better myself. I knew we were on the same page. Keep up the good work.

          1. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Thanks. I’m learning. I go into compose, type my thoughts, THEN check for errors. I feel like I’m getting there, Don. I’ve never actively “campaigned” before, but so many of us are realizing how deep the corruption has gone in our government (starting at the ‘good ol’ boys’ grassroots)! I’m just waiting now, like the rest of the people who love America. Have we smelled the coffee too late?? I pray God has mercy on us and this brash young man, Donald Trump. With the people behind him, can he turn us in the right direction again in time?? I find his honesty and fire brand attitude against corruption refreshing.

    5. jamespadgett says:

      The media is controlled by the corporatracy …and since it can’t control Trump, sees to destroy him. HELL-ary, Bernie, Cruz are all in their pocket.

      1. Eleanor Cummings says:

        You hit the nail on the head.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Here is the real question, will the 55% of republicans that don’t support him vote for him in November?

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Good point bobnstuff but apparently there are many more behind Trump than the other two. Time for the party and other contenders to make that deal with Trump and get united. Hannity has talked about this and it is a good solution. Either of the two politicians would be a solution with Trump but the politician has to take the second seat. We don’t trust them anymore, either of them or the party.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        As a life long republican I can not support Trump. I wish my party would find a candidate that shared my values and would stop saying stupid things. There are a lot of old school republicans out there and they will stay home before voting for Trump. Neither Trump or Cruz believe in the values the party has been built on for a hundred years. There was a time that the republicans were the big tent party welcoming all people but not any more. If you don’t follow the dogma of the far right you are called names and told to shut up. When did we become the anti science party? How did we become the Christian Right party? We once valued education and freedom from government but now we are the party of stupid and will stick our nose into peoples bedrooms. I’m a republican but not one who supports stupid.

        1. Terry Hoagland says:

          You don’t support yourself then huh?

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I support the values of the true republican party not those of the hijackers. I support good government that is far for all the people not just the rich. I believe that religion should not be party of government. I want my tax money going to make a better country not to hold endless hearings trying to attack members of the other party. I believe in one nation were every voice counts and were government works. I want good roads, good schools, laws that are fair and work. I don’t believe in hating others but instead trying to work with the for the good of all. I don’t see those value in Trump or Cruz.

          2. I Seigel says:

            The hijacking that you refer to was encouraged, aided and abetted by the GOP. In my recollection, that hijacking started with Ralph Reed and his Christian Coalition. The Tea Party really came into its own during the 2012 election cycle. Those people were protesting the loss of jobs, the whittling away of pay, and Obamacare mainly. And if the Republicans in Congress – the ones that promised that Jobs would be their Number One priority if they got elected – had actually worked with Obama on his jobs bill (instead of declaring his DOA), and worked to help with unemployment benefits (slashed), foreclosures (nope, it’s the homeowners’ problems) and not refusing to expand Medicare in EVERY Republican-led state, there wouldn’t have been so much Tea Party anger, and Trump would have much fewer, angrier supporters. But what did the Republicans vote on? Abortion, gay marriage, Ten Commandments and other BS – all distractions encouraged by the party elite so that their profits wouldn’t be threatened.

            Take for example the REAL agenda of the Republican elites – to finally do away with labor unions, and good, well-paying jobs with security and health benefits. Unions are now the consummate evil in Republican thinking, but what about all those angry white workers and unemployed who would have benefitted from a union job at the expense of a few less dollars in the pockets of the CEOs?

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Go back fifty years or so and the Republican party was the party of labor and supported Unions.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Exactly my point. They have morphed into an anti labor – and by extension, anti-middle-class – party. They have used religion, mainly, as a wedge to drive their elitist agenda of protecting their profits. They’ve fought against every kind of regulation of business – those regulations protecting workers (take the coal miner disasters, as a recent example), the environment (the Duke Power sludge spill in North Carolina, for example), and their profits (outsourcing, offshoring, and tax inversions, for example). And what we fighting about here? Gay marriage, bathrooms and abortions – all distractions which have absolutely nothing to do with their profits, but they are like the good magicians that make you look in one direction while they do their trickery while you’re distracted.

          5. Webb says:

            So I take it you will not be voting Republican…
            Now That you have brought forth the problems with Republicans…Can you now do the same with Democrats?

          6. bobnstuff says:

            That’s easy they have no spine, they are the please don’t hurt me party.

          7. I Seigel says:

            And who are all the Trump supporters? Sounds like they’re a bunch of whiners and blamers to me. They don’t see the parallel between all the people they complain about being moochers, and themselves as whining about everyone else causing their problems and wanting help. They’re whining at the wrong target – their problems aren’t with immigrants (legal or illegal) taking their jobs. Their complaints should be directed at the companies hiring these low-wage workers, and companies busting unions and their good-paying jobs, and companies seeking ever-greater profits by taking their labor needs to China and India. THAT’S where their anger SHOULD be directed. But it’s easy for elites to divert their attention to a visible, easy scapegoat, like immigrants.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            You don’t hear about illegals working in union shops.

          9. Robert says:

            How do you know that? Its so easy to get papers that say you are in the Country Legally. Depending which part of the country you live in. Plus all the CROOKED Lawyers that make a Living trying to Legalize Illegals.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            Have you ever been in a union? Have you ever tried to get into a trade union. I think not.

          11. I Seigel says:

            No, of course not. Why would they? If it was a union shop, they would most likely be hiring citizens, or immigrants with work permits. The illegals will work for the lowest wages, so the non-union companies will grab them up

          12. Robert says:

            You are not as smart as you have led your self to believe. So you think flooding this country with ILLEGAL ALIENS and Foreign workers from other countries who come here on H-1B and H-2 Visas is going to help raise
            wages and benefits for American Citizens? I don’t think so. Even Caesar Chavez understood that you can’t have open Borders and expect to have a high standard of Living. Why don’t you blame Microsoft, Facebook, The Walt Disney Co. just to name a few who are always Crying for more H-1B and H-2 Visas to be able to use Cheap Labor, because they say we don’t have enough
            American Citizens that are smart enough to do the work.
            Hundreds of Companies in this Country do the same thing many of them companies you support. As long as you support open BORDERS and GLOBAL Ownership of AMERICAN COMPANIES nothing will change.

          13. bobnstuff says:

            Illegal population has dropped in the last seven years and if you check the records Trump has no problem bring in works to pay low wages to.

          14. I Seigel says:

            Robert – is English your main language? Because you seem to be having a big struggle understanding, or at least reading, my comment.
            What I said was that flooding the country with illegal aliens – or legal ones – is exactly NOT going to help wages and benefits for American Citizens. It is the strategy of corporations, big farmers, etc to suppress wages and get the cheapest workers possible. Look at what’s happening in Alabama and Indiana, for example. Those states – and probably many more – are LIVING off of migrant laborers and illegal workers. When THE PEOPLE voted to limit it, the corporations in those states cried bloody murder and got the laws overturned. Have you been paying attention to these things?
            As for H-1B visas, the tech companies wanting to bring in more skilled (tech) workers are ones like those in Silicon Valley and Microsoft who can’t find qualified college grads here. If they could find them here, they certainly have the money to pay them. But they aren’t here, in enough numbers, so they look elsewhere.
            Please actually read and think about what I posted, rather than just trying to label me as a libturd and attack and dismiss what you THINK I’m saying.

          15. I Seigel says:

            Strangely enough, I can’t! I don’t see the Dems as a party that have changed significantly from their previous positions. I don’t think they’re a party that has been hijacked by a different ideology. They believe that government can be a force to improve people’s lives, not something that has to be shrunken down so far (defunded) so that it can be strangled, as one famous Republican said many years ago.

          16. Webb says:

            Now I understand your previous post…

          17. Gnowark says:

            AGREED! ” I don’t see the Dems as a party that have changed significantly from their previous positions.” Jim Crow laws, KKK, “No guns to negroes,” Dred Scott, etc. The only significant change was LBJ’s repackaging slavery to appeal to the slaves, and now we’re ALL slaves to them and “government can be a force to improve (their own) lives.” Dems still appeal to many, not most. .

          18. bobnstuff says:

            You are thinking of the Dixiecrats, they switched over to the republicans as part of the southern strategy.

          19. Robert says:

            This Country is BEING Run by GLOBALISTS from both Parties. They do not care about AMERICA or AMERICAN CITIZENS. They only CARE ABOUT MONEY AND CONTROL of AMERICAN CITIZENS, they believe in One World Government.

          20. Robert says:

            We aren’t living in the past. We are living in the Present.
            Our Federal Government has gotten more Corrupt with the HELP of both parties. They only care about themselves and feeding at the Trough in Washington, D.C.. Wrighting Laws that apply to all Citizens except themselves, such as They can’t be Prosecuted for Insider Trading, They get a Subsidy to help them pay for their HEALTHCARE, and there are many more to numerous
            to mention. And you don’t know what’s wrong with CAREER POLITICIANS?

          21. bobnstuff says:

            Do you get heath care from your employer? 85% of the country does. Find another point. They have changed the insider trading law, find another point. If you need a job done do you look for someone without any experience or someone in the business for a while? If I’m hiring someone for a job I want a person how knows the job and has done it before. Maybe someone who has made a career of that job.

          22. I Seigel says:

            Remember when a big campaign topic not that long ago was “term limits”? Why don’t we hear anything about that anymore? You had a guy several years ago, George Nethercutt in Spokane, who campaigned against the Speaker of the House Foley, from Washington State. Foley was a senior Congressman and was doing some good things for Washington, but Nethercutt promised to voluntarily have a term limit if elected. He promised to step down after 2 terms max. So he got elected – the first time a sitting Speaker ever lost a re-election bid – and what did he do? Stayed on and on and on, of course. Politicians – or even “non-politicians” who get used to feeding at the taxpayers’ trough, get used to the perks pretty quickly, and then who wants to vote for term limits?

          23. Robert says:

            Well how about this. If the Federal Government gave your employer a TAX deduction for Providing your health care you would be able to pick your own doctor and better health care then Obama Care. And as far as Obamas Jobs Bill more BS, Like the Solar Power Co.Obama gave millions to start the Company and then they file bankruptcy and steel the money. How about the company from Canada who set up the program for the unworkable Affordable Care Act, that cost Taxpayers a couple of Billion Dollars. What happened to the money it wasn’t spent in this country. I could go on and on.

          24. bobnstuff says:

            The government gives your employer a tax deduction on what they pay for your insurance and you don’t get to pick your doctor, you get the one in network with the insurance company. My employer changed company twice and I had to change doctors twice. It’s the insurance company that picks your doctor no matter how you buy your insurance. As far as the solar power industry they now employee more people then the coal industry and is growing.

          25. I Seigel says:

            Yes, Solyndra was a bust. Does that mean that government shouldn’t help the solar industry? When the Challenger exploded, should NASA have been disbanded? When we didn’t find any WMD in Iraq, should we have pulled out of Iraq? When FEMA completely failed during Katrina, should FEMA have been defunded?
            Government makes mistakes. So do people. But there is still good they can do. But why do we keep giving “exploration” money to the oil industry? Why do we keep subsidizing huge farming conglomerates? Why do we pay for people’s insurance so they can live on a flood plain along the Mississippi, or along a nice beach that gets flooded during hurricanes? I think R&D money for solar panels would be money better spent than giving Cargill and ADM huge subsidies to guarantee their profits.

          26. paul says:

            and finally after reading your other mindless posts,.. I read this one .. and know who you are… you are a follower.. not a leader… you listen to whatever you want to hear.. you like the rhetoric, you love talking points ..none of which are your own, you talk about hate, you are caught up in the BS.. like the war on women.. there is no such thing.. one would have to be a mad hatter to wage a war against the women of this country.. I know nobody that is that stupid.. yet, folks who say there is such a thing have no basis whatsoever… a talking point .. nothing more nothing less. I, for one, am glad that you jumped ship.. you sound like a left wing nut. so join with them and vote for Hillary.. you are an ugh moment

          27. I Seigel says:

            Paul, give us an example of the kind of “leader” you are. I can see you’re not a “follower”, but I notice all you’ve done is comment on Bob’s posts. You haven’t offered any original thoughts of your own. So please “lead”.

          28. Robert says:

            VOTE FOR HILLARY or BERNIE they will give you every thing you want and your neighbors will have to pay for it.

          29. bobnstuff says:

            I want peace not war, I want the government to keep it’s nose out of my bedroom, I want my grandchildren to get a good education and I want roads that I can drive in a straight line on. I want my taxes to go to improving my world not into the pockets of the very rich in hopes that there is a hole in the bottom that some change might fall out. Do you see this as important to Trump or Cruz?

          30. Nina814 says:

            It isn’t important to Hillary and Bernie. I’ve been following your posts and think your mentality hasn’t changed with time. You are expecting utopia, a perfect world, but this is the 21st Century and things are very different, and there’s nothing anyone can do about taking back to the time of your childhood and youth. The world situation affects us all and we have to cope with the changes while maintaining our principles as best we can, but cannot take back all of what “it used to be”; it’s simply not feasible. In the time we’re living we have to take and accept the best prospects; we cannot expect a perfect person in government, because nobody is perfect (are you perfect?) If we think we are we are being like the pharisees in Christ’s time, which He rebuked. Stop dreaming, living in the past, and do the best you can in humbleness.

          31. I Seigel says:

            Nina, do you REALLY think that the things Bobnstuff mentions in his previous post are THAT unreasonable? Does it really sound like he’s describing the world “as it used to be”?
            Let’s try to be a little realistic. Don’t you think it’s Trump – and to a lesser extent Cruz – who has us pining for the Ozzie and Harriet Days, where you lived in a white neighborhood, had a good office or factory job to go to with an outlook for a good retirement because you had a pension plan, and all we had to worry about were the Soviets dropping ICBMs on us? Where moms and dads slept in separate beds, and you never heard of a gay person, much less HIV, “mixed marriages” and “illegal aliens”?
            Yes, those days ARE gone, but it’s the angry, overwhelmingly white and non-college-educated Trump supporters that are protesting to get those “good old days” back.

          32. bobnstuff says:

            I can’t remember a time the world didn’t have a war going so my wish is not to go back to an earlier time. What I want is someone who’s first response isn’t nuke them but will try to make the world safer.

        2. Webb says:


          “We once valued education and freedom from government…Most still do! but now we are the party of stupid and will stick our nose into peoples bedrooms…I agree!”
          Yet, we must support the which ever, candidate is selected…

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I stopped working for the republican party in 2004 because I could not support GW and the way the country was going. I was a ward chairman and to hold that post you must support the candidate of your party. I resigned.

          2. paul says:

            no body really cares about your amazing accomplishments.. go join the democrats , where you will be gladly welcomed.. your a quitter ..

          3. bobnstuff says:

            So have you ever done anything with the party? Tell me about the elections you have work on. How many miles have you walked handing of fliers. I have earned my place in the party by actions. I still support my local party. they haven’t lost their minds like the national party has.

          4. Gnowark says:

            How did that work out for you?

          5. stluyjuy says:

            So now it becomes clear, you won’t vote for a Republican, no matter who is nominated. You are a spoiler who just wants to spew discontent among the voters.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            I will vote for Kasich in the primary in two weeks and I vote for the best person running no matter what party they are from. I will not vote for Trump.

          7. stluyjuy says:

            Like I said, you are a spoiler, you will vote for Kasich because you KNOW he has no chance of winning. And you will vote for a Democrat in the national election because Trump is going to win the primary.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            I vote for the best candidate running. I will vote for a democrat if they are the best I have to vote for. Am I happy about it, no but if the republicans don’t put up good candidates and I can’t find a third party candidate that is better I vote democrat. What good is voting for someone who you don’t believe in. I want my view heard even if my man doesn’t stand a chance.

          9. CCblogging says:

            Good luck sucker

          10. CCblogging says:

            Kasich? Woooooohooooo

          11. Terry Hoagland says:

            Nobody cares who you vote for!!!!

          12. bobnstuff says:

            And your comment adds so much to the discourse.

          13. Terry Hoagland says:

            Thank you!!

          14. CCblogging says:

            He’s a cheap troll

          15. stluyjuy says:

            You are right, of course, I don’t know why I even replied to his nonsense.

          16. CCblogging says:

            Good, now do the right thing and vote for Trump

          17. Terry Hoagland says:

            Bless your little heart!!!!

          18. champion2211 says:

            Not if you don’t believe in them. You can vote for America and the person who will bring it back. Trump No one else can do what he can do. Trump is your man.

          19. Webb says:

            Your choice…
            Mine is Cruz!

          20. Robert says:

            CRUZ is a GLOBALIST as are most of his Supporters on Wall Street. He is also supported by the BUSH Career Politicians. I wonder why that is?

          21. Webb says:

            As Stated, my Choice!
            Cruz is being supported by a great deal of establishment
            because they detest Trump otherwise their would be no support from them……Wall Street money is going to many candidates.

          22. CCblogging says:

            You must face it and you will feel much better. Trump will be your president.

          23. CCblogging says:

            Because they are Globalists too. The Globalist Elites control both Cruz and Hillary. Globalist Elites like David Rockefeller, Barack Obama, the Pope, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, the Clintons, the Bush family, the Rothschild’s, Bilderberg, members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee & the Tri-Lateral Commission

          24. CCblogging says:

            Lose with Cruz

          25. clifton says:

            that’s Hillary trump is all talk no action

          26. Robert says:

            Another Progressive Democrat who thinks his neighbors should take care of him the rest of his life

          27. bobnstuff says:

            You don’t believe that we should take care of one an other? I guess you think we should let them die and decrease the population. You do know that to be progressive means to be forward looking and forward moving. It was once the Republican that were the Progressive. Even if you don’t want to be part of the ever changing world it will move on with out you.

          28. CCblogging says:

            No, that’s what the Globalists want. They intend to eliminate 90% of the world’s population. You are voting for your own demise sucker.

          29. bobnstuff says:

            Do you know that the line you are being feed about the NWO and Globalist doesn’t make any sense if you think about it. If you eliminate 90% of the population who is going to be the slaves. Who is going to create the wealth for the 1%. I guess you will just have to go buy gold.

          30. Gnowark says:

            the question is SELECTED BY WHOM? The people, yes, the “leaders” will say you can keep your doctor, it’s not a tax, and we’ll repeal it as soon as you vote us in.

          31. bobnstuff says:

            Obama is soon to be history and is not running for anything. What he said eight years ago has nothing to do with today or the republicans running for office. Why is it that you only use very old statements. Don’t you get newspapers? The Republican candidates will as always be selected by the republican party. It’s always been that way and will not change this year. Trump didn’t do his homework and now looks like he may fail the test.

          32. Gnowark says:

            You sound like hillary: “that was so long ago, it shouldn’t be brought up any longer,” We are who we are, and the passage of time won’t change it, but it does become easier to pretend to not be who you really are. I thought I said “by the people, yes” NOT by “leaders,” yet you affirm “the Republican party” will select, as if that was not my complaint. I’ll agree Trump didn’t do his homework. Please try to focus on the topic, not necessarily what you can use to make it work for you. Thank you,

          33. bobnstuff says:

            So bring up all the things that Trump has said or done is fair play. Didn’t he say he was very Pro Choice once. Didn’t he support Hillary in the past. The party selects their candidate not the voters. If you don’t like it to bad it’s the way it has always been.

          34. Terry Hoagland says:

            bob You need to get a life!!!!!!

        3. champion2211 says:

          Some of us hard core Republicans will still come out to support Trump. He is the candidate of the future and to bring America back from ruin. We need Trump and he needs us. Trump 2016. Don’t stay in your hide a way, come out to support Trump. If you don’t vote you need to shut up for the next 4 years until the next time. If you love America you need to vote for Trump, just as the rest of us are doing and is so much better than Cruz or anyone else.;

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I will not support a bad candidate and Trump is that very thing. He stands for nothing. If you don’t like his views wait a day or two and he will change them. Romney was bad but Trump makes him look good.

          2. paul says:

            let’s just say Bob, that as soon as you have a thought of your own, and not talking points of others or rhetoric , you may, just maybe, will be able to figure this out.. if not.. you’ll be replaced at the voting booth by a more enlightened. right winger.. whether you like it or not

          3. bobnstuff says:

            I have taken the time to really look at who Trump is and his life. I’m not anti business and understand how they work. Trump is not a good business man. He took a company that had a share price of $2.40 a share down to 23 cents a share. He ran up 3.6 billion dollars in debt in a billion dollar project. He sells his name to anyone who will pay for it not caring if they are a scam or not. He blow a deal because he hadn’t checked the zoning. The list goes on and on. In his personal life he claim to be a Christian but says he has never as God to forgive him and can’t remember what church he goes to. He has cheated on not one wife but two that we know of and shows little respect for women. Now tell me why I would want this man to be President of the United States.

          4. Gnowark says:

            Because Trump is better than his former senator, or Vermont’s, by a huge margin. (I didn’t know fidelity in marriage was a concern ever since most of Blue-Dress-Bill’s paramours were reviled by hillary).

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Hillary has been faithful to her wedding vows even if Bill hasn’t. Trump will have to take a vow of office as president, will he honor it as well as he did those two marriage vows? You are saying that you are voting against Hillary and Bernie not for Trump since you give not support for Trump when asked.

          6. CCblogging says:

            Ha, Ha, Ha, Hillary is a carpet muncher you liar.

          7. CCblogging says:

            All you just said is Trump is a smart biz man.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            A failed businessman more like it. Smart businessmen don’t go bankrupt or burn their suppliers. The banks don’t have to bail out smart businessmen. What he is is a good salesman. Had Daddy not had money he would own a chain of used car lots.

          9. CCblogging says:

            Oh, so you are a psychic too

          10. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Tell me, when was the last time you checked the scandals involving our senators, congressmen, representatives and even our presidents, past and present? It seems to me adultery heads the list, gun running, accepting bribes, and even aiding and abetting the enemy. Cheating the voters at the polls is happening right now, and the people are tired and angry about their votes being misused! Haven’t you kept up with all those scandals – and in our government too. (Weiner, Edward, Ted Kennedy, etc). Scandals about Obama? Bill had a sort-of wife, but how many women? Did you forget – a “First Lady” that has a daughter not by her husband but by her former law partner??!! Even Reagan had been divorced. Where have you been? The saying is “He who is without sin…”? Are you lily-white?

          11. bobnstuff says:

            I look at everyone, there is lots of dirt. My pointing out Trumps short comings are because he claims he is a great businessman when he isn’t really all that great, he has never ask the God he claims to believe in for forgiveness for his sins. Trump has a supper sized load of dirt in his back ground. Unlike most people he doesn’t feel bad about his misdeeds he brags about them. Just out of curiosity when did Cruz or his wife ever say anything about the NWO or anything close to it. A link to a quote from one of them would be helpful. I’m a better businessman the Trump but my Dad didn’t have millions to give me. I have never declared bankruptcy and never run up $3.8 billions of debt on a $1 billion job. The banks have never bailed me out and my customers have never had to sue me for their money back. I have never been investigated by the NY state AG and never pay a fine for money laundering.

          12. Eleanor Cummings says:

            #1 Cruz was a favorite of mine on a Trump/Cruz ticket up to around February. I’ll not say he has done NO good at all, but his AGENDA is diferent than most people know. Because I am retired disabled l’ve had time to do extensive research, starting around July last year, ALL candidates and ALL parties I think when this election is over, I’ll get rid of this computer and just go fishing. I spend every day, from around 5AM TO about 8PM researching, missing very few days. Yes, I was (and still am) VERY disappointed in Ted, but then, such is life. I’m just glad I found this out BEFORE I voted.

            Some things he did because of NWO. He is the appointed messiah/savior of the radical Christian sect of 7 Mountains Dominionism that seeks to place their members in control of our culture and create a NWO though the domination of business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family, and religion. To keep this fact hidden from the voters, he has been attending a protestant church (Methodist or Baptist) in Texas, per his father’s advice, who manages his campaign. Check it out. (

            Ted Cruz has only been a citizen of the U.S. for about 19 months! He renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014 so he could run for president. His father didn’t even get his citizenship to the US until Cruz decided to run for Senate. All this bull about his escaping Cuba and coming to the USA? He moved to Canada. months! Obama wasn’t born here, so I guess Ted figures, why not!!. Look up “67 REASONS NOT TO VOTE FOR CRUZ”. Is he even a legal senator??? Isn’t a senator required to be at least a “naturalized citizen” at least 9 years before running for the senate?? Ted Cruz seems to be breaking quite a few laws lately. There are also other reasons that he is not constitutionally eligible, including the fact that BOTH of his parents were NOT U.S. Citizens when he was born, only his mother was. He, Bush, and many of our rich professional politicians support NWO, along with Clinton, and Obama!

            Cruz will also do anything to take the spotlight off the fact that he is IN THE POCKET OF THE BIG BANKS (including Soros) that gave him MILLIONS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT! (A wise man said “When a poor man gives to a politician it’s a donation When a rich man gives to a politician it’s an investment”.) Furthermore, Cruz certainly doesn’t want the AMERICAN PUBLIC to know that his wife Heidi is a MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND VOTED TO MERGE AMERICA, MEXICO AND CANADA!! Which explains his WEAK position on Immigration! (This part I found scary)! Wise up, he’s not who you think he is but claims to be! Meet the REAL Ted and Heidi Cruz!!!

          13. I Seigel says:

            “A more enlightened right-winger”??? Now there’s a contradiction in terms!

            If you’ll actually READ Bobnstuff’s posts, you’ll see he’s a pretty thoughtful person, with some pretty well-thought-out reasons for saying the things he does. I personally don’t agree with his views on some things, but I can respect that he’s a sincere person and doesn’t try to revert to name-calling to voice his opinions. It’s really easy to simply label and dismiss someone who you don’t agree with (most likely me, for example). But a few people come here for some thoughtful discussion, rather than just a food fight, and I always learn something from those reasonable people, even if I disagree with them.

          14. CCblogging says:

            He’s brainwashed by the state media just like you are.

          15. I Seigel says:

            Yeah, well, it’s not really important in the long run, now is it? We may be brainwashed, but our votes count just as much as yours, so you need to deal with the reality of the situation and realize that calling names and attacking people won’t get you very far.

          16. CCblogging says:

            Thanks for the advice. I am crushed.

          17. I Seigel says:

            As I am crushed knowing that the “state media” has brainwashed me. (Is the “state media” like the People’s News Daily, or TASS? You mean Fox?)

          18. CCblogging says:

            Actually Fox News is in the Republican Establishment’s pocket. All the others are in the Democrat’s pocket.

          19. I Seigel says:

            So that’s what you lump together as the “state media”? Not like the state media in other countries like Iran, Russia, North Korea and China, which are really just a propaganda mouthpiece for the ruling party?

          20. Robert says:

            You stand for nothing. You are either a RINO or a Progressive Democrat Shill.

          21. bobnstuff says:

            It’s because I stand for values that I can’t support Trump or Cruz. You can call me a RINO if you life but I was working for the republican party and an active member for long before Trump started in business or even joined the Democratic party.

          22. CCblogging says:

            Name your values troll

          23. bobnstuff says:

            Most of all I value Truth and Facts. I also value manners and trying not to name call. I value working with others to get the job done. I value respect for myself and for others. Do you think these are the values of Trump or Cruz?

          24. CCblogging says:


          25. Terry Hoagland says:

            I don’t believe you know what you are!!!!!

          26. Gnowark says:

            bobnstuff: Sounds like you happily watch MSM and believe what they tell you to believe. I understand, it’s so much easier to just believe what WH, RNC, MSM, DNC, et alia, desperately want you to believe. Trump is probably not as good as he thinks he is, but newsflash: neither am I, OR YOU!

          27. bobnstuff says:

            I reads four to six newspapers a day and follow a number of news sites. I also have looked at Trumps way of doing business and as a businessman would never do business with him or one of his companies, I like getting paid.

          28. CCblogging says:

            ha, ha, ha. You are funny, give us some more.

          29. CCblogging says:

            You sound worried. Give it up and resign yourself to the fact that Trump will be elected.

          30. I Seigel says:

            Geez, you’re starting to sound like a pathetic fanboi. Really? Is that all you got? Why don’t you just recognize that your opinion is just your opinion, and leave it at that. You certainly aren’t convincing anyone that you’re right and they’re wrong.

          31. stluyjuy says:

            I am a hard core Republican woman and I will come out for Trump. As a matter of fact, every woman that I know will vote for Trump, I don’t know where this statistic comes from that women hate him.. I and all my women friends love him

          32. champion2211 says:

            I have been posting for Trump since he started his run. All of the people on the other side keeps saying the same things over and over in hopes to change women’s minds to vote for Hitlery. Some day it might be time for a knowlegeable woman to be President but not this one. We now are in a fight for America. To return it to the former glory of yesteryear. I think Trump is the only person that will be able to do it. Glad you ladies are on board. Trump 2016 Pass it on.

          33. CCblogging says:

            Wow, Hillary is a woman. I thought HC was the devil.

          34. Lina Klus says:

            I thought so too.

          35. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            Nope, not the devil, she is the Hilda-Beast. By the way, the devil would not let her into hell. He has a good thing going for himself, and the last thing he needs is the likes of The Hilda-Beast.

        4. paul says:

          you are sadly misinformed… you are not talking about Trump, you are talking about the establishment Republicans.. the very people who Trump is railing against, and if you were what you say you are , you, too, would get on board and help get those corrupt scallywags out of our gov’t. that’s what Trump is trying to do.. you may not support stupid , but unless you figure this out , you will be part of the problem

          1. clifton says:

            trump is just as bad has any republican racist bigots

          2. Dennis says:

            Stop being ignorant! Please…

          3. CCblogging says:

            Trump is another Ronald Reagan. I remember the state media saying the same things about him that it is now saying about Trump. President Trump! Doesn’t that title have a nice ring to it. 🙂

          4. clifton says:

            trump is far worse than reagan Reagan wasn’t all that great he started that give it to the rich hell with the rest you know trickle down crap

          5. CCblogging says:

            You must be on the government dole.

          6. Terry Hoagland says:

            Looking for those FREE hand outs!!!!

        5. Robert says:

          Apparently after the last 2 elections you still don’t understand that the GLOBALIST RINOS still control the party, have no ethics and have no Values. Its all about money and power. We don’t need any more CAREER Politicians who only care about themselves. They don’t
          CARE about AMERICA or American Citizens. I assume you are going to vote for Hillary, or maybe BERNIE.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            If people believe that America should be the leader of the free world and that our country should play an active part in the world I’m not sure it’s a bad thing. There is no one in our government that is willing to give up any of their powers to another person much less to some NWO that you seem to believe they are part of. We are not being taken over, we are taking over. Big difference.

          2. Robert says:

            Keep deluding yourself they have already started the takeover you just don’t realize it, yet.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            So name a politician who would willing give up any power to a NWO. Now explain how a group known as Congress would give up power to some outside group. Just who is deluding themselves.

        6. Barrustio says:

          We are not the Christian Right party…Cruz is just a reminder that as opposed to the Democrats we are just not the GODLESS party. As an old school Republican I happen to believe that you cannot put Cruz in the same barrel with Trump…Trump changes stances more often than he changes underwear. Cruz has been consistently conservative with conservative values and will not dwell on religion but does not hide (nor should he) and is not ashamed to admit that he does have religious values…which has nothing to do with being anti-science. We are not sticking our noses in anybody’s bedroom, we just don’t want anybody bringing their bedroom fantasies into a Christian forum and force Christians to accept them…those who try to do such are the real stupid ones.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            You must be a RINO, All old school republicans are you know. I get called a RINO often. It’s the Christian Conservatives that seem all up in arms about bedrooms and who does what. They seem to believe that America is a Christian Nation and that their view of what a Christian is the only thing that matters. They seem to have a strange idea of what Christ really said about treating others. I am a Christian and know that true Christian values are a plus in my life. My problem with Ted is not his Christian values but his understanding on how our country works. He seems to believe that it’s a us against them and that there are winners and losers. For our system of government to work there must be give and take. You give a little to get a little. No one wins and no one loses. Our leaders must work well with each others and respect people on both sides. I don’t think he respects anyone much. He also has no problem misleading people, he says he’s a outsider but has never really worked outside of government. He is independent but yet Wall St. paid for his senate seat. He sleeps with Wall St. He is only an outsider because no one in congress likes him, he is not a leader. Unlike Trump I don’t believe Ted is a bad person, just that he would not make a good President.

          2. Barrustio says:

            You may be right except for the RINO part. I don’t check my Christian beliefs at the door for the sake of political correctness and I guess that’s one reason some of my RINO friends don’t take kindly to my stances, as a good part of Congress doesn’t take kindly with Cruz. You don’t have to work outside of government to be an outsider (like Cruz) just like you don’t have to be working IN government to be an insider. In his own words and stances Trump was/is very much an insider and admitted to buying influence. But you seem to believe that Trump would make a better president than Cruz, based exactly what, I don’t know. The fact that Cruz wasn’t born into money and could not self fund his campaign should not disqualify him or have people imply that he would be indebted to Wall St. You say he has a problem misleading people, again based on what? He obviously has the vote of confidence from his constituents who recognize that he is one of very few members of Congress who have actually kept ALL the promises he made to them from the beginning, even at the expense of alienating his colleagues and jeopardizing his career. I can trust a consistent conservative easier than I can someone who changes stances more often than he changes underwear…witness the four different stances on abortion from Trump in two days. I knew it would catch up to him sooner or later someone would press him on it…and he wasn’t prepared.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Trump would make a much worse president but that’s not saying much. Cruz has no problem taking the governments money but the people he represents are getting short changed. His state has some real problems but instead of working on them he wastes his time trying to defund things. Texas has a very large population of Vets but Cruz has done nothing for them. Texas has a high poverty rate but Cruz has done nothing for them even the elderly are not important enough to get his attention. There is a high number of Illegals in Texas but I see no immigration reform bill with his name on it. Ted is not a problem solver. Mr. Cruz is suppose to represent the good people of Texas and look out for their best interests but it sure seem like he is more interested in making a name for himself.

          4. Barrustio says:

            It’s easy to make off the cuff statements about Texas when you have no documentation and you’re not living in Texas to have the experience. First, Cruz takes no money from the government which he doesn’t intend to use to benefit his constituents that’s why in spite of being hated by many in Congress he enjoys one of the highest rates of support from his constituents than most people in Congress.Second, EVERY state has problems but since you are being very general about what he is not working on, you must take into consideration that rather than having the outlook that he is trying to “defunded” things perhaps you should consider it trying to cut government waste, as he looks at it. As for the vets, in Texas perhaps you should research his record and you will find that his support goes way beyond having a PR rally that allows him to escape a debate to “raise funds for disabled veterans” which cost Trump nothing and a lot of the money is unaccounted for. As a disabled vet myself I have no qualms about what Cruz’s support for veterans OR the way the Texas VA works. No you do not see a reform bill on immigration from Ted because as he has clearly stated for those who have been listening, that FIRST the border must be secured (the wall long before Trump started using the idea) SECOND the illegal de facto Obama amnesty must be rescinded. THIRD the existing laws must be enforced through expanding the resources and manpower of the border patrol. THEN he will consider immigration reform. His biggest contribution to stopping illegal immigration was bringing the Gang of 8 to a halt basically causing them to disband. So he doesn’t waste much time TALKING about what he WOULD do…it’s easy to see what he HAS done. Cruz has never had the ego to match Trump when it comes to”making a name for himself”. He allows his actions ( like winning 5 out of 9 cases before the Supreme Court) to speak for him. Too bad he wasn’t fighting the fight against homosexual marriage…we may have had a chance, on the other hand Trump’s nonchalant answer is that the Court has spoken on gay marriage and we don’t need to change the laws on abortion. To me that is not being tough, it’s caving to the liberal agenda and it’s ideals

          5. bobnstuff says:

            I have done my homework on Ted, have you. He has never seen a bill that he couldn’t say no to. His idea of fixing the illegal immigration problem is take funds from one under funded agency and give them to another one. The immigration bill that he hated had everything you asked for in it and it had teeth but since Obama wanted it the Republicans didn’t. The gang of eight work like congress should but Cruz is a My way or the highway kind of guy. I don’t guess you ever read the bill itself. Texas is the only state that you can hire an illegal. I don’t care if the good people of Texas elect Ted for the next thirty years as senator, it’s on them just don’t make him president.



            There are a lot more but I will spare you the details.

          6. Barrustio says:

            Texas is the only place that you can hire an illegal??? Really…you obviously haven’t been to California, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and even working on the Trump towers. The Gang of 8 was bipartisan, yes but the issues that they were agreeing to were all liberal in structure and illegal according to the Constitution. The language that Cruz insisted on, was that anybody “legalized” for the purpose of labor could NOT have a pathway to citizenship…knowing the liberals who wanted more Democrat voters wouldn’t agree to that. I think that was pretty smart. With Cruz it’s not his way or the highway…it’s if it’s CONSTITUTIONAL, he will consider it otherwise it’s a no. Perhaps you should do a bit more research and find that he has signed over 51 bills in his short time in the Senate and proposed a or co-authored several…that’s a much better score than many others…and one of the few who have 100% consistent conservative rating…not changing stances on abortion or gay marriage like most candidates.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            Texas state law protects people who hire illegals as household workers. As far as I know they are the only state to make it legal to hire illegals. I sent a link to all the bills Ted wrote, voted on and the number of missed days. I guess you don’t read links. His view of what the constitution says is not always the same as others including the SCOUS. There are a number of areas that the courts have said things are constitutional but Ted doesn’t agree. Under the constitution the court wins.

          8. Barrustio says:

            Apparently Cruz is not doing too bad with 5 out of 9 arguments before the SCOTUS under his belt.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            Cruz is a very good lawyer. He is well educated and if he was running for attorney general he might be good at the job but he’s not. He is a lone wolf not a group player. As president you represent all Americans, not just the ones that voted for you. You must look out for everyone in the country and run the largest business in the country, the US government. Cruz does the lone voice in the wilderness part very well but as the leader of the most powerful country on earth he is out of his skill set. This isn’t a sport were winning or losing really make no difference to people in the real world. We are hiring an employee to do the business of our country and to try to solve the problems of the world. This is not a one man job and you need a strong leader who works well with all kinds of people and understand the views that are not his own and respect those views. This is not Ted. It’s not Trump either. Trump heads a very large company but it is hit or miss in its success rate. When a President fails people can die. Trump also is a bully which doesn’t do well for the leader of a democracy were other peoples view matter. Trump runs his world as a dictator and that’s not what as president. Trump also doesn’t understand how or system works as his rants about Cruz stealing the nomination shows. There are buffers built in to our system because our leaders have never trusted the voters to pick the right person. It’s been part of the system from the start and someone running for president needs to understand it. Trump didn’t bother to do his homework. Her is my problem. No one running , republican or democrat is someone I really like for the job. Of the four leaders in the race it’s very much pick the one that will do the least damage. No one who is right for the job wants to go through the grinder to get it.

          10. Barrustio says:

            While I agree with the most of your argument. I don’t believe Cruz is a lone wolf…he was “turned” into that after, for the sake of his constituents he did what he promised to do for them (or at least try) to the dismay of his colleagues who were content on sitting on their butts and not doing what they told the voters they would do if voted in. One thing I look at when it comes to the will of the people is the fact that the sweethearts of the party Jeb, Rubio, Christie and others (who supposedly can “work with others”) are all gone. This says that in spite of what his colleagues think and try to paint Cruz as someone who can’t work with others, the people who support him believe that is not so. As a senator he is only one voice against many who can ignore him if they wish, as president he would be one voice for the people to whom Congress would have to listen.

        7. CCblogging says:

          Laughable post. Who is more arrogant and stupid than Obama & Hillary.

        8. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

          Interesting statement – “If you don’t follow the dogma of the far right you are called names and told to shut up.” In reality it’s the LGBT rights people including their straight supporters who call out social and Christian conservatives for their so-call ‘hate’ and told to shut up. There’s no such thing as free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the(conservative)press, and freedom of assembly if one is not on the right, i.e., “progressive” side of the debate. There are many examples of this if you research this. If you are at least a little bit open-minded, I can provide you with some conservative websites that will report what the MSM won’t.

      2. Barrustio says:

        Hannity initially supported Cruz …rightfully.

    2. Terry Hoagland says:

      Yes and I believe most all of Bernie supporters will vote for him because they can’t stand Hillary!!!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        It’s not that they can’t stand Hillary, It’s they believe in the dream. Unlike the republicans the democrats are voting because the believe not because they hate. It’s issues that are driving the democrats unlike the republicans that are personality driven. Burnie hasn’t attacked with mud but with a different view of the world. Sanders voters will in much greater numbers vote for Hillary then Cruz voters will vote for Trump.

        1. Terry Hoagland says:

          You are right they are looking for the FREE stuff they think it’s all free but somebody has to pay for it the tax payers!!!!

          1. I Seigel says:

            Bernie supporters ARE looking for free stuff. His supporters are very mainly young, with lots of idealism and very little realistic thinking about where all the money is going to come from for the things he’s promising. Hillary’s supporters are older, more realistic, and are much less likely to buy into Bernie’s pie-in-the-sky plans.

            In a way, Trump’s supporters are similar to Bernie’s. They like the things that Trump promises, but there is not too much critical thinking on how actually he’s going to accomplish any of his promises. Trump doesn’t even know – or at least he hasn’t released any detailed plans – of how he’s going to do the things he promises.

          2. clifton says:

            that’s why i’m voting for hillary

          3. Robert says:

            Then you lose.

          4. Webb says:

            Bernie and Hillary are two peas in a pod…and where is the money coming from for Hillary’s promises…No difference!

          5. I Seigel says:

            I think they are similar only because they belong to the same party. In terms of this campaign, their supporters and the future, I see more of a similarity between Sanders and Trump. Trump’s main scapegoat is immigrants. Sanders’ is banks. Trump’s main promise is to build a wall. Sanders promises to break up big banks. Both propose big programs – Trump promises a bigger military, an end to offshoring jobs, big tariffs on imports, crushing ISIS; Bernie promises to let lots of people out of jail and give them job training, free college tuition, a million solar panels. But both have no honest, realistic plan for paying for any of it. Get Mexico to build the wall, and force companies to keep jobs in America? LOL! Raise enough taxes to pay for college, universal health care, solar panels and job training? LOL!

          6. Robert says:

            So just because you don’t believe what Trump says, we are supposed to fall in line behind you like a bunch of Lemmings.

          7. I Seigel says:

            Not at all, Robert. I’m voicing an opinion, not telling you what to do. The same as you are. If you think my opinion amounts to a personal attack, then perhaps you should re-examine your beliefs and your arguments, because I’m not attacking you.

          8. I Seigel says:

            I don’t know what Hillary is promising that isn’t realistically covered in her budget and tax proposals. Are you believing that Trump’s promises to make Mexico pay for a wall are realistic? How about his promise to slap big tariffs on China – which he can’t do. Or his promise that the military will obey his orders to torture – the military has already said NO. Or his promises to rip up trade agreements, which other than the TPP are signed agreements which he can’t simply tear up single-handedly.
            That’s what I’m saying – Bernie and Donald have a lot in common: Both are promising stuff that they have very little hope of ever delivering on.

          9. Robert says:

            What critical thing do you use if any.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            Yes free education and free health care. both bad things to have. Here’s a funny thing. A good education make you a better citizen and helps you make more money so you pay more taxes. Free health care save the country money because you will need less services in the long run. Now if you believe that big oil needs more free money you can support Donald or Ted. How many millions of dollars has Trump gotten from the government?

          11. Robert says:

            Its obvious you know nothing about running a business, much like the CAREER POLITICIANS in Washington, D.C.. Who squander TAX PAYERS money because they don’t have to take responsibility when they waste your money.

          12. bobnstuff says:

            I have own four business and teach business classes. I want someone who at least knows what the powers of the President are and knows what the rules of their offices are. Trump didn’t bother to find out how a person got nominated for president and now, way to late he is complaining that Cruz has. It’s obvious that you don’t understand how our government works.

          13. Robert says:

            Trump is not against TRADE he is against Trade with countries that take advantage of us.

        2. Robert says:

          Well I won’t vote for CRUZ the GLOBALIST.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Where does all the stuff we export go? Are we not part of the world? Do you not think that we should be a major player in the world. How many countries does Trump do business with?

          2. Robert says:

            We import much more then we export. Mainly because of cheap goods.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Not as much as you would think. If this trade bill goes through we will be exporting more.

          4. Robert says:

            Are you Brain Dead or just Stupid? Are you referring to the TPP that CRUZ supported. We will be importing more then ever and our standard of living will continue our downward spiral.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Go read the treaty, It opens markets that are closed and levels the playing field. You seem to only know what you have been told, no first hand information. Go do some reading and stop believing everything youb are told by Trump.

    3. Robert says:

      Yes they will.

    4. Barrustio says:

      Not to mention the 75% of women who have great disdain for Trump as compared to Cruz…who do you really think can beat Hillary…Cruz obviously.

    5. CCblogging says:

      Most will! I have been suckered twice and voted for John McRino & Mittens but this time I will not vote for the lessor of two evils, no more establishment politicians for me. We are taking our nation back from the Billionaire Globalist Elites who control the establishments from behind the scenes.

      1. I Seigel says:

        And giving it to … who? A billionaire global elitist who outsources jobs from his own companies, has lost hundreds of millions in bad business decisions, fought with unions to get the cheapest labor with no benefits, and who has never led any type of democratic institution where he has equals that will want to be part of any decision-making process? Who promises all kinds of things, but can’t do a lot of them legally? Don’t look now, but I think you’re about to be suckered again!

        He DOES have a 10 for a foreign-born wife, though, I’ll give you that!

        1. CCblogging says:

          You vote for anyone but Trump and you are voting for the status quo.

          1. I Seigel says:

            OK, I respect your opinion. Let’s leave it at that, shall we.

      2. bobnstuff says:

        You do know that Trump is a Billionaire Globalist Elitist who has been buying politicians for years and has holdings all over the world.

        1. CCblogging says:

          I know he’s a Billionaire and you are not.

    6. Lina Klus says:

      They better, other wise I will become Independent.

      1. CCblogging says:

        me too

  • Webb says:


    1. Terry Hoagland says:

      You’ve got it all wrong you meant to say WITH CRUZ WE LOSE!!!! TRUMP 2016!!!!!

      1. Webb says:

        TRUMP vs. HILLARY…
        Your next President Will Be Hillary…Your Choice!

        1. Robert says:

          Ha Ha very funny, if you would rather vote for that Disbarred Lawyer, Crook, Thief, and Liar. Good riddance.

      2. clifton says:

        with trump or cruz we lose with Hillary we win

        1. Robert says:

          Only in your sick SOCIALIST DREAMS. Have you ever lived in a SOCIALIST country? That’s why many people want to come here so they can run their own life instead
          of the GOVERNMENT doing it for them. GREECE a Socialist country that has Collapsed.
          Puerto Rico a Territory of the United States that has started to Collapse under the weight of the welfare state and Expects The United States that already has 19 Trillion Dollars of Debt to Cough up Billions to keep them afloat.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Canada is a socialist country. Oh my God is Canada about to fail?

        2. Terry Hoagland says:

          With Trump we win with Hillary or Sanders the free loaders win!!!

    2. Robert says:

      CRUZ the GLOBALIST will never be PRESIDENT he is being used by The RINO Elites to stop trump. If he is successful with that he CRUZ as well as Kasich will be discarded.

  • Mike says:

    GREAT job, Donald! Let’s beat he hell out of Hillary! She should be in jail…..

    1. clifton says:

      president Hillary 2016

      1. Rolando Del Villar says:

        Front jail Hillary can’t be president

      2. Monika Bingham says:


        1. Barrustio says:

          It’s just as sick as Trump being president

          1. CCblogging says:

            Trump 2016

          2. Robert Russell says:

            Are you afraid of Trump what he will do? Trump will do away with free trade the rest of the world has been screwing us for the last 7+ years. Trump also wants to stop illegal baby becoming USA legal. Do you think Cruz will do this??

          3. Barrustio says:

            Cruz long ago stated that if the incentive for illegal immigrant children automatically becoming citizens were removed it would stem the tide of immigration. This was long ago before Trump thought of this. Trump also got the idea to make illegal immigration the crux of his platform after David Brat beat Eric Cantor in a surprise upset over illegal immigration. Read up.

            As for free trade, Trump is dreaming…the idea is not to do away with free trade…the idea is to balance the disparity of imports versus exports and the import/taxes taxes affecting them. If we stop all free trade you are talking about isolating America. That won’t work. What will work is imposing such a high import tax on American manufacturers who send their jobs overseas and minimizing the import taxes levied on American products overseas that it will be in the best interest of American manufacturers to just stay in America.. America produces much of the grain and other foods which other countries need desperately…when they start to lower their taxes on consumer goods exported from America…we may consider them good allies…and FEED them.

          4. Robert Russell says:

            There is another thing in fact there is 3 things that drive them out of our country unions & corp taxes & obamacare we have taxes upon taxes. war 2 a tax on tires “excise tax”when you buy a tire you pay for the tire also you pay tax on the excise tax put in by Democrats. Isn’t this great we should be swimming in tax money but no we have to get another trillion just to pay the bills. Large government & all the free stuff “welfare to the greedy not much for the needy”. IRS i wont get into that now. Sorry i called you a Lib , will you vote for Trump if he is nominated i will vote for Cruz if nominated. Sorry have to do this,Trump 2016.

          5. Barrustio says:

            I always felt Trump was a windbag but have always supported the CONSERVATIVE stances he professes to support…especially his stance on illegal immigration. I was very much in support of him after the first debate and the way Megyn came across. When I started having my doubts about him is when he started waffling on abortion and gay marriage because I am “very pro-life”. I am confident that those questions will come up again long before the nomination process. If he can CLEARLY state, before then, that his position on abortion and gay marriage are at least equal to those of Cruz, I have no problem whatsoever voting for Trump. Don’t worry about having called me a lib, I’m very thick skinned and not easily offended, especially knowing just how conservative I am. I have actually been called a religious extremist by fellow conservatives simply because of my belief in the preservation of the lives of the innocent. But I really wish you hadn’t brought up the IRS. I have this thing for them and Lois Lerner whom I feel was given a pass after she made a statement in her own defense and was allowed to take the 5th rather than being required to testify after she had volunteered testimony on her behalf. That is one of the MAIN reasons I admire Cruz…I don’t know how and if he COULD do it but he has been promising to dismantle the IRS…and I could go along with that big time.

          6. Robert Russell says:

            Tea Party got Eric Cantor just like dumped speaker of the house , must be getting old cant remember his name. 2012 Trump was thinking about being president , in 2010 the flap about the B/C

          7. Barrustio says:

            ‘The Boner” John Boehner

      3. CCblogging says:

        Naw, Hillary for jail or Hell

      4. NJ Lady says:

        The very thought of it…defies the senses.

        1. PEGIDA USA says:

          Then you’re obviously senseless

          1. NJ Lady says:

            Pegida USA — The blanket dismissive response of yours screams out ignorance and intolerance. We shall see, one way or another, how Americans will select their next Commander-in-Chief.

          2. Vangie Martinez says:

            That will be interesting to see how the people are going to be able to vote seeing how the GOP, RNC, The ESTABLISHMENT and GEORGE SOROS are trying to run away with the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

        2. harry says:

          yes the very thought that someone is not bought and paid for the the ultra rich defies the sense. hows that for a reply?

          1. NJ Lady says:


      5. jamespadgett says:

        Upon reading your post, I just vomited!

      6. Vangie Martinez says:

        Ahhh I don’t think so. One way or another she is going down. Any way she already has her Orange Suit to go with her in her jail cell.

      7. Terry Hoagland says:

        In your dreams!!!!!!!!

    2. jamespadgett says:

      No, hanging in the gallows for the war crimes in Libya which needlessly and illegally and cruelly took the lives of many 1000s of innocent Libyans while destroying the country.

  • wodiej says:

    We the People got your back Trump!!

    1. jamespadgett says:

      Go, Donald, go!

  • Rosemarie Saccardi says:

    Get on the Trump Train lets Roll we the People Rule not the Delegates or Establishment

    Go go Donald we got your back
    Nothing will change the minds of the people for Trump
    Trump will work for the people and will work with Washington he will surround himself with the Best to
    Make America Great Again

  • Moe says:

    That’s great. With Cruz u lose and kasich. Well who is that puppet anyway

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