Free Birth Control for EVERYONE!?

by Tom Howell Jr.
May 12, 2015

The Obama administration on Monday ordered all insurers to provide IUDs, the contraceptive patch and other birth control free of out-of-pocket charge to all women, thereby rewriting the rules after reports that some insurance carriers were refusing to cover all types of contraceptives.

Insurers must now cover at least one brand of contraception in each of 18 different methods outlined by the Food and Drug Administration, such as one type of oral contraceptive pill, one version of the emergency contraceptive morning-after pill and, notably, the vaginal ring, which some women could not get before without paying out of pocket.

In New York, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman called for his state to go even farther, proposing legislation that would force insurance companies to pay for men’s sterilization procedures.

At the federal level, the Health and Human Services Department said it was trying to clear things up after women and members of Congress complained that some insurers were refusing to cover the specific contraceptives women’s doctors were recommending.

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  • reggie says:

    The little sign says join the discussion. Be sure to state only what they want or your part in the discussion is eliminated. Ah, censorship at it’s finest. The people who need the birth control the most won’t use it. More babies = more money. I disagree with someone who said that the kids won’t stop coming, but they’ll be hungry.

  • enubus says:

    You are seeing despotism and trying to make us just like the European Socialists, which has caused noting but financial ruin.

  • Sandra Trusso says:

    Why do insurance companies have to provide free contraception, when they can get it at a local Health Dept.?

  • William says:

    What right or authority does the tyrant-in-chief have to order insurers to offer birth control measure! This is a free-enterprise republic of the people, by the people and for the people.The POS in the White House has no right “ordering” any business to do anything. He is trying everyday to look more and more like his mentor Fidel Castro.

  • cool breeze says:

    i like to drive fast too. Does that mean when i cause a wreck its not my fault because the others didnt know how to get out of my way There’s a whole industry that caters to the unfulfilled needs of such neglected libidos. Brothels and battery operated eguipment cost money too. CLOSE YER EYES AND ENJOY THE RIDE

  • The redhawk says:

    Don’t you wish that Barack and MOOCHIE’s Mom had practiced BC???

  • joe says:

    Darned shame that “mr.” obama’s mother did not use that option on or around 04 Nov 1960.

  • prm2012 says:

    The Obama administration, has no business mandating birth control.
    I don’t remember him being the King yet. People have rights,or did long before this clown came along. That is the war on women.
    He is just a wamtabee King/Dictator, what ever he decrees is law in his mind.

    1. megan says:

      He has become a dictator and the Congress is doing nothing to stop him.

      1. prm2012 says:

        I concur, both him and congress and the senate needs to be replaced”PEROID” They have benn in office so long they think that we are thier slaves, they get all the money and let us have just enough to get by. Remove and Replace the lot of them, “Peroid”!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paul gionet says:

    Free birth control is a good idea, but how about subsidizing it with one of the many proven useless other give away programs That don’t work. There’s an awful lot of wasted money out there that the tazpayer shoulders the burden of absorbing. Although that most likely wouldn’t happen, because once its given, its always given.

  • Noah Rosenblum says:

    Why couldn’t Obama’s mom use birth control years ago ?

    1. Steven Swanson says:

      And Michele’s !

  • GAGIRL12 says:

    Lets by all means pay for all birth control. Also, let’s pay for hair salons for women- they might get depressed if their hair doesn’t look good. After all, we can afford it!

    1. David in MA says:

      tattoos & body piercing next?

      1. prm2012 says:

        That could be comming to a town near you/US. Soon.!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Jarhead says:

        How about Xanax for those monthly hormonal tizzie fits?

    2. prm2012 says:

      We, have you got a mouse in your pocket?

      1. GAGIRL12 says:

        I presume if our tax dollars are used, “we” will be paying for it.

        1. prm2012 says:

          Yes, that is for sure, just a little humor. It is bad when this wantabee Dictator puts himself in everything, that he has no business doing. Wants to be the King and rule by decree,(It’s Good To Be The King)

    3. megan says:

      Why not just sterilize all women that are third generation welfare . Problem solved.

      1. GAGIRL12 says:

        Makes sense to me!

  • Jarhead says:

    Maybe they could include a bumper sticker that reads:
    “Morality can stamp out gonorrhea, AIDS, HIV, syphilis”

    1. The redhawk says:

      As well as HEADSINASS Elected Officials and SPOUSES like MOOCHIELLE the Sasquatch!

      1. enubus says:

        LOL! I never thought of the Mooch as Sasquatch rather she looked and acted like the forest people, chimps!

        1. The redhawk says:

          Well if you se her climbing that Banana tree Commando.. do not look up.. the sight will ruin your Week!

          1. Sam W says:

            Would probably ruin you for life. You many not ever want another……

          2. The redhawk says:

            and that will make Headinass Barry happy since it will be a real Birth Control ….and true Contraception .. but Abortion Clinics would NOT be happy

          3. enubus says:

            No I think the shock will cause temporary blindness!

          4. The redhawk says:

            COPY THAT

          5. prm2012 says:

            Maybe for life, to see such a sight as that.

          6. The redhawk says:

            or have some “CHANGE TEAMS”… as “BARRY” might have done!!!

        2. prm2012 says:

          Did you mean GUERRILLA?

          1. enubus says:

            You mean Gorilla, they are interchangeable.

          2. prm2012 says:

            True, I agree.!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Sue4477 says:

      AND pregnancy.

  • Steven Swanson says:

    There are a lot of people that should be required to take the pill no matter what !!!!!!!!!

    1. Gnowark says:

      BUT WE SHOULDN’T PAY FOR IT!, Her parents should have kept their clothes zipped. I’m expecting Progressives to make it illegal for only women to become pregnant (although I do agree that pResident’s mother should have had IntraVenous contraceptives).

      1. Patrick King says:

        Pal, if YOU can “keep your clothes zipped” there’s something physically wrong with you. Like sweating and defecating, sex is an essential bodily function. We all have seen too well what happens to the psyches of these pathetic “Christian” women who manage to make it to middle age with little or no sex. Between 12 and 38 AT LEAST, humans need regular sexual outlet to be productive and sane. If you’re not getting that you are probably neither. Very few people, however, in today’s world can afford the number of children this activity will generate nor can the planet. Birth control, abortion and family planning are necessary. Either we pay for these or we pay, one way or another, for a huge population of unwanted people. Trying to psychologically curtail sex hasn’t worked in more than 1000 years.

        1. katie1111 says:

          Thank you, Patrick. I am so glad to see an intelligent comment on this post. You are totally correct.

        2. Steven Swanson says:

          Earth to Space Cadet , The Pill !!!!!!!!!!!! What’s all the other Bull Shit ??????????

          1. Jarhead says:

            Why are MALES discriminated against? I saw no free rubbers for MEN? Has the War on Women shifted to the War on Men?

          2. Sandra Trusso says:

            Where have you been? Since 1972 white males are the most discriminated against in the workplace and everywhere else. They’re not even allowed to have a say over whether or not a woman can abort their child even if they want to pay for the child, or raise the child themselves. They have NO say if the woman wants to abort, but if she decides to let the baby live, the father has to pay to raise it (and even then custody isn’t always fair).

          3. The redhawk says:

            Only on WHITE MEN…

          4. prm2012 says:

            They hand them (rubbers) at most clincs around here.
            Also doctor offices has self service, just reach into the box and get a handfull.

        3. joe says:

          Patrick, your post is very like the plea of adolescent boys saying to their date of the evening that “it will cause harm if we do not ‘do it'”.
          That line is as old as the earth and as true as a campaign promise.

          1. Right on! And I’ve heard thousands of women say
            sex is over=rated ,but they “do it:” it to keep hubby/
            boyfriend happy & quiet!!

          2. Sam W says:

            And they are lying too! Girls/women have desires and sex is one of their strong ones.

          3. Sandra Trusso says:

            Great post, Joe!

          4. Patrick King says:

            It is also a fact and either you’re a hypocrite or there’s something physically wrong with you. I turned 66 two weeks ago for your information, after a long a fruitful sex life.

          5. joe says:

            Spoken like a true hedonist, Patrick.

            You claim 66 years but you post like a horny adolescent.

          6. Patrick King says:

            I WAS a horny adolescent. You say “hedonist” like it’s a bad thing. If you’re an ascetic you should see a doctor.

          7. joe says:

            So, are you now a horny old guy? LOL…most of us are…..

          8. Patrick King says:

            Oh, sure. It’s all seriousness and sermons until someone’s kid gets raped.

            No one with a normal glandular balance can restrain themselves sexually over a prolonged period. Have you learned nothing from Father Shanley… and the HUNDREDS of other pious frauds.

          9. joe says:

            There you go, thinking with the little head again.

            Honestly, the lack of sexual relations is not fatal, it won’t make one crazy, and it really doesn’t hurt.

            In fact, abstinence can build character.

            Anyone can go out and have sex with willing (or paid) partners, but it takes a _man_ to practice self-restraint.
            Animals are ruled by their glands.
            Humans are ruled by their brains.

          10. Patrick King says:

            People with brains, Joe, do not make themselves sick, as you clearly have, to prove something to charlatans. Constipation can build character too. Don’t shit for two months. See how that works for you.

          11. joe says:

            Oh my stars, Patrick, you really never did make it past 16, did you?

          12. Sandra Trusso says:

            You’re absolutely right.

        4. Sandra Trusso says:

          You’re ridiculous. No sex, isn’t life threatening, nor is it mental health threatening. You’re just one of these people who thinks that you should never have to exercise self control.

          1. Patrick King says:

            No, it’s not “life threatening.” It’s SANITY threatening. Why don’t you practice “self control” and hold your breath until you pass out? If you are not having regular sex by the time you’re 17, there is something physically wrong with you, you are not sane, and I am telling you you’re not. Anyone who can stop themselves from masturbating at 14 should see a doctor.

          2. Sandra Trusso says:

            Everyone knows that most of sex, is mental. So, because everyone’s brains don’t revolve around their crotches, doesn’t make something wrong with them.

          3. Patrick King says:

            First off, your initial premise is NOT proven i.e. that “everybody knows most sex is mental.” Maybe it is for you but for most people between 12 and 26 it is certainly physical. But even if your physical ailments enable you to avoid sex, who are you to condemn or judge people in better physical condition? If you don’t want to have sex, you don’t have to have sex. But don’t tell the rest of us what we can do based on some metaphysical notions.

      2. katie1111 says:

        We have to help pay for Viagra which has one damn purpose but we shouldn’t have to help pay for contraceptives which have several purposes? Seriously? Your ignorance is disgusting. Besides, we have to help raise most of those babies if they are born. Hell of a lot cheaper to prevent unwanted births and abortions. I salute President Obama for this. It is about time someone stood up for a law that helps poor people. There are some months these women can not afford birth control and if you don’t take them regularly, the ones you do take are worthless. If it is a choice between those pills and food on the table or diapers for their real live babies, the pills just don’t happen. This will be one less thing these women have to worry about. It must be hell to have to sweat most months over a period that is a few days late. And it must be hell for you to live in your little bubble of ignorance.

        1. GAGIRL12 says:

          Let’s by all means prevent these women from worrying. PAY FOR YOUR OWN DAMN BIRTH CONTROL!

        2. Nadine Faber says:

          Poor women can get BC through the Health Departments and Planned Parenthood…the rest of us should not be forced to pay for someone else’s sexual activity….their STD’s….whatever. A good education and goals for a better future often the best BC ever.

          1. katie1111 says:

            So you are okay with paying for Viagra but not contraceptives? Un-fricking-believable. I guess you don’t keep up with any real news or you would know that those clinics are closing at a frightening rate, so these women have to sometimes travel hundreds of miles to get to one. That means nearly an entire day to get the pills, added cost of the bus fare, child care and a day off work without pay. I am long past the age that I need contraceptives and I was blessed to have good healthcare coverage when I did but thank God I have not become so heartless that I would begrudge these women access to contraceptives. The war on women continues and sadly a lot of other women are helping to wage it.

          2. William says:

            No one is keeping these women from getting contraceptives. If they are going to give their sexual favors away and get pregnant, that is their problem and their responsibility to take care of it—not the taxpayer.
            She can go to all the trouble and expense necessary to get her contraceptives, and that is her problem too, not mine. Obama has no authority to order anyone to provide free contraceptives to any one.

          3. katie1111 says:

            Who do you think pays for these babies once they are born? The taxpayers do. It is a he** of a lot cheaper to help pay for contraceptives for them. The entire “they need to stop having sex” comments are totally ignorant.

          4. megan says:

            The taxpayer should stop paying………period

          5. prm2012 says:

            Amen, that is what i say That Clown Obumbler has no business giving away the tax payers money. Now if he would ask and say pretty please maybe he could get somewhere, but he isn’t going to do that he, will just make a decree with one of his E O’S.

          6. Gary in MN says:

            Nobody has to drive all day for BC pills. Ever hear of mail order? That, however, is not my point. My point is that nobody can tell companies, publicly held or privately held, what can and cannot be covered. If you feel so damn generous, pay for it all. You progressives think we all have a money tree growing in our back yards! Wake up and smell the coffee. And, check out where most of the “freebies” go. I watched it for45 years before I retired. It is only getting worse because nobody has the balls to finally say no to these freeloaders. Vots are oh so important.

          7. GAGIRL12 says:

            When liberals say “access to contraceptives” what they mean by “access” is they want someone else to pay for it. Either keep your legs closed or pay for your own contraceptives!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          8. prm2012 says:

            I think that comment about having to travel hundreds of miles is a bit much. If you don’t find a clinic at one end of town try the other end, not hundreds of miles, I think NOT.

        3. Sandra Trusso says:

          It’s even worse, Katie, for people to have to pay for other people’s sex choices. Choices we didn’t make. …. You make the choice, you pay for it. Since when did personal responsibility become something no one is expected to take.

        4. megan says:

          gee Katie, don’t you think if you cannot afford diapers, then maybe you shouldn’t be having sex? Good grief, we are supposedly “thinking” people. The individual has to take responsibility somewhere don’t you think?

        5. prm2012 says:

          The pill cost no more than a pack of CIG’S, just don’t buy a pack a month. This Obumbler waste enough money giving out all the free stuff now. Free obama Phones, welfare checks, and on and on it goes, get rid of that sorry fit for nothing LIAR.!!!!!!!!!
          He is a wantabee Kink/Dictator, also a real good LIAR.

    2. David in MA says:


      1. Steven Swanson says:

        Racist Hell , I was talking about the Democrats !!!

    3. The redhawk says:

      Could start with every INBRED LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE HEADSINASS voting IDIOTS…..Best way to use TAX PAYERS MONEY

    4. enubus says:

      How about more abortions for lefties, so they disappear by their own suction. Blacks represent about 12% of the population and they have aborted 13 million of their own. To bad it isn’t all of Baltimore and Ferguson

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