Georgia special election will go to runoff

by Greg Bluestein | ajc
April 19, 2017

Democrat Jon Ossoff is headed for a runoff in June against a Republican contender after failing Tuesday to score an upset victory to represent a suburban Atlanta district in Congress.

CNN called the race just after midnight.

The 30-year-old investigative filmmaker aimed for an outright win in the 6th District race, but a furious Republican counterattack joined by President Donald Trump appears to have kept him under 50 percent.

A Democratic victory would be an embarrassing defeat in a district held for decades by Republicans, and Trump’s opponents would have cast it as a devastating rebuke to his administration. Republicans downplayed the implications, saying Ossoff benefited from a cocktail of money, national attention and enthusiasm that’s nearly impossible to replicate.

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  • TAM44 says:

    Never voted for a democrat and never will, they are a menace to our society.

  • Luke says:

    Get out an vote Georgia Republicans, never ever let a demonrat win in your district..

  • joe s says:

    HE will lose for certain in the runoff .

  • Linda says:

    I hope Georgia realizes the importance of this run off. This man is a Hollywood hack that would destroy our Constitution if given the chance. Stand up and say NO to Hollywood and all the idiotic democrats.

    1. joe s says:

      He doesn’t know the Constitution , just a hack.

  • maxx says:

    How much “voter fraud” was involved? There isn’t a single election no matter what level that isn’t corrupted by liberals/communists. How do I know? Because that is the only way the democrat communist party can win. Look how they dealt with Bernie Sanders. They put him into the primaries as a token just so it would not look like a coronation and even Sanders was shocked by his success. So Wassermann-Schultz had to make sure he lost and rigged everything possible.

    1. Robert Brumley says:

      How about the fact that all people in America are fed up with Democrat lies and the long trail of corruption and don’t want them in anymore, that they are just out voted. There is no voter fraud but media deception and the sad part is you’re buying it.

      1. maxx says:

        If anyone is “buying” anything it would be you. I have been a poll worker for 20 plus years and in 2016 alone I personally challenged 5 people. What happens then is their vote is placed into a “quarantined status” awaiting further review by the city attorney. By the next day all 5 were confirmed to be non residents of our district and in fact our state and the ballots and information was turned over to our state A.G. for further processing. It’s liberal blowhards like you that are the problem.

    2. Minajavila says:

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  • Bob says:

    They lost, big time, in November. They lost in Kansas, thinking they would pull that one off. Now they failed, with all the out of state money and assistance coming in, in GA. Now it will be one on one, let’s see how they do. I would bet this is great for the economy of GA, what with all the money being spent by the Democrats to try to get this seat.

    1. maxx says:

      There will probably more votes counted than registered voters. Happens a lot in democommie districts.

      1. Bob says:

        Luckily, this has been a reliable Republican district for dating back to the 80’s. Unless the criminal Clinton/Democrat machine gets into gear here, I doubt they will be able to have more voted counted than registered, but it should be guarded against.

  • McFerguson says:

    The democrats lost, they shot their wad when the GOP vote was split 6 ways to Sunday, and the top vote getting democrat candidate, Ossoff, only had one other democrat with which to contend, and failed to cross the threshold of 50 percent of the votes. Now, it’s a whole new ballgame. It’s one-on-one for the election runoff in June where the GOP candidate, Handel, I think her name is, will be running against this 30 year old Ossoff character in a republican district, Newt Gingrich’s old district in Georgia. The GOP candidate should come out on top in that race. If they don’t, the GOP could be in deep kimchee come the
    mid-term elections in 2018.

  • Humble Servant says:

    The fight for position will be furious because the Democrats thought they held enough power to show their real colors. Now they know there are still enough people with a soul and a mind to fight back. Keep up the good fight……

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