Goodbye Dixie

WASHINGTON – With South Carolina poised to take down its Confederate flag on Friday, the debate is quickly expanding to all symbols of the Confederacy — and causing consternation among lawmakers.

The conflict over the Confederate flag spread to Capitol Hill Thursday in a politically-charged and emotionally-draining display from both House Democrats and Republicans, who accused each other of using the controversial and thorny topic as political leverage to advance their own agendas.

House Republicans abruptly abandoned plans to vote on a spending bill that included a provision to allow flying the Confederate flag in cemeteries operated by the National Park Service.

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  • Shelly Dean says:

    I just cannot believe how ignorant our government is! To jump on a flag of all things to blame for racist expression. If the President would have never spoken out for Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, the Baltimore Gov. would not have encouraged her people to riot and vandalize. The shootings in S.C. would likely have not occurred. If he really wanted to help he woulld have spent his term in the inner-cities reaching out to gangs, and at risk youth to turn our country in a different direction.

  • Slim Jim says:

    the white politicians are just bowing down to the blacks to make sure they get their votes.the blacks are like ISIS out to destroy the history of confederacy

  • Leona says:

    I agree with you libsrtheh8ters, though there are a a lot of Americans unlike you and I that do not do their own research in the matter. I have posted so many links on Facebook on the Confederate Flag myself and the history behind it. I have researched all the Civil Wars the flag was flown on from 1861 to 1865. Not one thing listed on those sites spoke about the Confederate Flag was a sign of hatred. Wish people would take the time to do their own research and get the real facts.

  • Texas Belle says:

    The national frenzy over this issue has gone completely amok. It is an example of mob behavior which almost always leads to violence. The flag is a symbol of what occurred in history, and no matter how much the left feels it is inappropriate, we cannot erase that history. My grandfather fought in the Civil War and I am sure that he was not a “hater”, nor was his family a slave owner. He was an 18 or 19 year old kid who thought he was defending the honor of his country.

  • Seedman says:

    Progressive Democrats have this country on the run to the nearest precipice.

  • Patriot47 says:

    WTF? They don’t have time to prosecute administration scofflaws but spend energy on this BS?

  • Holy Joe says:

    Winston Smith still has his safe career in the U.S.A. carefully deleting history. I think it was Lewis Carrol’s Red (or White) Queen who said that words had precisely the meanings that she alone decided upon. If you don’t believe this – just take a look at the propaganda take over techniques of the the so-called LGBT Movement, (Actually more like the ‘Solidarity & Predominance for Sodomites’ campaign now emanating from our ‘Rainbow House in Washington DC.s

  • Ken V says:

    It’s time to disban the NAACP, LULAC, LaRaza, and other hate organizations OR bring back the KKK and let them fight it out.

  • Ken V says:

    Give the Left and inch and they take a mile….what the hell is next, the American flag, the constitution or our very freedom? It’s time to stand up and take our country back before it becomes a total third world country.

  • scott says:

    all liberals are communists and the enemy of the united states.time for the revolution people,the enemy is taking over your house

  • Snoopy says:

    If the Confederate flag must come down then ALL flags other than the American flag and the flags of each state must come down. No more flags of Mexico, or other foreign countries, ISIS, etc. What’s next? These PC police are getting entirely out of hand!!!

    1. Ken V says:

      What the hell they gonna replace the American flag with? The Rainbow flag? Where does this crap stop?

      1. Snoopy says:

        If the Confederate flag must come down, the Rainbow flag must come down. All’s fair in love and war!

  • Sylvester Jones says:

    They didn’t die to defend slavery, that wasn’t the cause of the revolution, it was Lincoln saying we can’t let the south secede, who will pay the politicians then?

  • Upaces says:

    Confederate Flags-Stand for Freedom; a Stand Against Tyranny

    csacitizen • 4 hours ago

    This whole thing shows the total ignorance of the American people. The Slave flag was only one flag from this hemisphere = THE US FEDERAL FLAG !
    The Confederate flags are Christian flags and stand for freedom and stand AGAINST TYRANNY – the very thing DC is all for.
    The Confederacy forbade our flags from flying over anything to do with slavery and they NEVER DID !

    DC Elite Feds LIES TO ALL OF YOU IN THEIR RECONSTRUCTION OF FABRICATIONS THEY CALLED “HISTORY” !-you went to DC Federal schools and were fed total lies since 1865 ! And you all fell for them and now the ignorant ones who believed those lies are doing DC’s dirty work for them ! DC hates Christians and Christianity just as Lincoln did = this is an attack on the Christian nation of the South – this is a religious attack ! The US Flag (is not “American by the way) is your only slave flag that flew over all the slave ships and the Slave Trade. The Confederate flags never had anything to do whit hate or slavery ! You fell for the DC lies blaming the South for everything the North was guilty of ! You still are today !
    The Lincoln War (was not a “civil” war) had NOTHING to do with slavery – that was just the cover for it ! DC always has a cover for their dirty deeds ! You should know that by now !
    The Confederate flags are the most Honorable flags that ever flew anywhere !

    If you bothered to dig for truth of our TRUE history – you’d know the REAL history of America instead of the DC Federal fabrications you were fed in the govt schools !
    Then these flag haters would not look so down right uneducated and stupid !
    But you sure have wicked DC smiling ! They are lovin’ this attack on the South that they plotted !

    Try a real history book for a change = THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT by Kennedy seems to be the favorite.
    But there are hundreds more if you really wanted to know the REAL truth that has been forbidden for you to know and well hidden for the past 155 years !

    The US nation ends at the Mason Dixon line – the South CSA nation never surrendered ! They are still lawfully and Constitutionally their own nation only under UNLAWFUL DC FEDERAL OCCUPATION ! They also never joined Lincoln’s NEW union he created to replace the Founders union. Lincoln replaced everything the Fcsacitizen • 4 hours ago

    This whole thing shows the total ignorance of the American people. The Slave flag was only one flag from this hemisphere = THE US FEDERAL FLAG !
    The Confederate flags are Christian flags and stand for freedom and stand AGAINST TYRANNY – the very thing DC is all for.
    The Confederacy forbade our flags from flying over anything to do with slavery and they NEVER DID !

    DC Elite Feds LIES TO ALL OF YOU IN THEIR RECONSTRUCTION OF FABRICATIONS THEY CALLED “HISTORY” !-you went to DC Federal schools and were fed total lies since 1865 ! And you all fell for them and now the ignorant ones who believed those lies are doing DC’s dirty work for them ! DC hates Christians and Christianity just as Lincoln did = this is an attack on the Christian nation of the South – this is a religious attack ! The US Flag (is not “American by the way) is your only slave flag that flew over all the slave ships and the Slave Trade. The Confederate flags never had anything to do whit hate or slavery ! You fell for the DC lies blaming the South for everything the North was guilty of ! You still are today !
    The Lincoln War (was not a “civil” war) had NOTHING to do with slavery – that was just the cover for it ! DC always has a cover for their dirty deeds ! You should know that by now !
    The Confederate flags are the most Honorable flags that ever flew anywhere !

    If you bothered to dig for truth of our TRUE history – you’d know the REAL history of America instead of the DC Federal fabrications you were fed in the govt schools !
    Then these flag haters would not look so down right uneducated and stupid !
    But you sure have wicked DC smiling ! They are lovin’ this attack on the South that they plotted !

    Try a real history book for a change = THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT by Kennedy seems to be the favorite.
    But there are hundreds more if you really wanted to know the REAL truth that has been forbidden for you to know and well hidden for the past 155 years !

    The US nation ends at the Mason Dixon line – the South CSA nation never surrendered ! They are still lawfully and Constitutionally their own nation only under UNLAWFUL DC FEDERAL OCCUPATION ! They also never joined Lincoln’s NEW union he created to replace the Founders union. Lincoln replaced everything the Founders established = he was called “The Replacer President” in his day , among other names !! He never “saved” anything – he REPLACED IT WITH HIS OWN MARXIST SYSTEM ! Then you wonder why DC keeps all this covered up ?! DC began their Communist public agenda in 1861 via Lincoln .

    TRUE history is much more exciting and interesting then the fabrications you were taught to believe !founders established = he was called “The Replacer President” in his day , among other names !! He never “saved” anything – he REPLACED IT WITH HIS OWN MARXIST SYSTEM ! Then you wonder why DC keeps all this covered up ?! DC began their Communist public agenda in 1861 via Lincoln .

    TRUE history is much more exciting and interesting then the fabrications you were taught to believe !

    1. Ken V says:

      It’s called indoctrination by the left..

    2. megan says:

      I tell all these guys..we never surrendered. And separation is looking very good once again.

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Dixie and the flag that represents it is not about slavery, even if that’s what liberals want to make it. Dixie is a state of mind and pride in a part of the country and it’s history, both good and bad. Liberals think they can erase history they don’t like, but they are wrong. Liberals are the modern book burners that characterized the third Reich. They are the speech monitors who would end honest debate. They are zealots who embrace a communist doctrine of destroying any opposition to their desire to institute a government that controls every aspect of life. They, as in the case of all dictatorial regimes, will eventually be responsible for the second civil war with the result being the takeover of a weak nation by stronger more committed zealots. “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”, or maybe they do.

  • xeriscapelady says:

    They are totally destroying our history and heritage and anyone who does see this is an idiot. I called for Nikki Haley to step down. She has NO hisotry and heritage in this country. I feel she is a horrible governor who needs to leave.

  • Robert Wilson says:


    1. xeriscapelady says:

      GOD bless you. I am trying to find one for my birthday. You sound the kind of person I want to know.

    2. Ken V says:

      It’s time to fly them proudly. If Obama and his crowd don’t like it too damn bad.

  • Whitemanfromtown says:

    I’ll fly that flag when and where I please and no stinking libtard is going to tell me otherwise. My Great Grandfather fought for the Confederacy and I’ll be darned if some pansy flake is going to dishonor him.

    1. xeriscapelady says:

      Lots of my family fought and some died for freedom. The SOUTH shall rise again!!! Check above for my email.

  • greg says:

    Time on your own property to lower the american flag and raise the Confederate flag over and above it. Keep the racist red,white and blue stay below the Confederate flag

    1. xeriscapelady says:

      Check above. I am hoping for new friends and email buddies with true Americans !!

  • greg says:

    I recommend, If you have an American flag on your property, hang the Confederate flag over and above the American flag, let see how that work out.

  • Seedman says:

    Progressive Democrat bullying succeeds again.

    1. Ken V says:

      Not for long….the South will rise again for the same reasons as before, States Rights.

      1. budgienation says:

        And, if it does, you’ll go down in flames just like last time. Fuck all you redneck assholes!!!!! Hurrah for the great state of New York, where we don’t marry our cousins! Fuckin’ jerk!

        1. gerald Hughes says:

          And you think rednecks are stupid?
          listen carefully you incredibly ignorant cretin.
          If we decide to secede, we wil and the Federal governmnet will do nothing.
          No one except you is is going to start a war when both parties are on th same continent and both parties have nukes
          Great state of NY, you couldn’t seel the whole state for enough money to buy a ticket to Atlants

          1. budgienation says:

            Again, learn to type and edit when you screw up! The ‘listen’ in ‘listen carefully’ when starting a sentence, should be capitalized. ‘The’ is missing an ‘e’, and you need a few commas too, but I won’t go into that. Also, you put in an extra, ‘is’, you dope! And what the fuck is ‘Atlants’? Are you trying to spell “Atlanta”, one of your most favorite southern cities perhaps? THEN LEARN TO FUCKING SPELL YOU NITWIT! What the fuck? Were you ‘hume skooled’ perhaps? Oh, and by the way, in case you think I’ve forgotten…….FUCK OFF, REDNECK!

        2. Ken V says:

          You just Mary your queer partners.

          1. budgienation says:

            I’m not queer, I’m one hundred percent hetero and have been married to a woman who’s not my cousin for over thirty years! Fuck you, you redneck asshole! And, while I’m at it, ‘fuck all y’all! And, by the way, why did you capitalize “Marry”? You still don’t know how to write proper English, you stupid, fucking, redneck, cracker, stump fucking ASSHOLE! That last one, the “Marry” couldn’t have been a ‘typo’! You really can’t write on the level of the average fifth grader! Rave on, write on, you are just proving what a stupid asshole you and all your KKK “Johnny Reb” assholes buddies are! Long live the GAR and free blacks!

          2. Ken V says:

            What’s his name?

          3. Ken V says:

            You are just an angry Nigger who has no concept of history, freedom or any thing else. Go back to Africa porch monkey..

          4. budgienation says:

            No, shithead! I’m white…..about as white as you Klan robes and that stupid pointy hood! You know why the hood’s pointy? Because all you fucking crackers are ‘PIN HEADS’!!!

          5. Ken V says:


      2. Seedman says:

        Blacks in the United States for the most part are mesmerized by progressive unconstitutional Democrats when in fact Republicans are primarily responsible for the freedoms they presently have.

  • game50 says:

    Shame on the Govern Nikki…for taken down the Confederate Flag it’s part of
    America History…just to please the Illegal FRAUD that is in OUR W.H… AND EVERYONE IN OUR GOVERNMENT KNOWS IT( that he is a Fraud)…YET THEY LET’S HIM MESS UP AMERICA…SHAME… SHAME ON THEM ALL.

    1. xeriscapelady says:

      I contacted her office and said she should step down as she has no heritage and history in this country.

      1. gerald Hughes says:

        Yeo, Haley and all of the legislators that voted fpr this, will pay a price for this piece of work.

  • Bernie says:

    I wish people would get over the idea that the war was about slavery.According to Abe Lincoln it was about the south wanting to be their own country inside the U.S. and set up their own government.He said about slavery it did not matter to him either way.He was the one who should know since he declared war.

    1. xeriscapelady says:

      It was about states rights and the high taxes the north somehow got on us. Slavery came up at the end as the northerners didn;t like they had little use for their slaves and felt we should pay the price after they SOLD them to us. Most of the south treated their slaves as they did their family. My family were the Marshalls and my maid told me as a tiny child how they ran with the family when Sherman came down and destroyed everything and they went back and helped them rebuild. Does that sound like someone was treated bad? They stayed with the family.. When we moved from ga. to Fl Mama sent Mindie money even though why should she? Mindie was family to us. When she died Mama fly to the you know how much that cost?? But Mama loved Mindie as did the entire family and she went and represented us. She saw many blacks that we loved.

      1. Ped Xing says:

        You are either lying or ignorant, dixiescaplady. All one need do is read the declarations of Secession by the various traitor states to understand that slavery was the paramount reason for the War of Southern Belligerence. You drink, as they say, the KKKool-aid—-guzzle it, in fact…..

        1. Ken V says:

          You need to accept the truth.

          1. budgienation says:

            No, asshole, you do. The ‘truth’ can be found in the constitutions of the rebel states that mention the ‘right’ to keep slaves as of ‘paramount importance’. That is, this fact would be obvious if you didn’t have a problem with admitting that it WAS all about slavery, which it was. Everyone but you fucking redneck crackers knows it. That’s the wonderful thing about FACTS! They remain ‘facts’, even if you ‘don’t believe’ in them.

          2. Ken V says:

            Facts..that’s a concept you blacks and democrats have a problem with. You guys lie even to yourselves.

        2. budgienation says:

          Damn straight it was about slavery. You are correct to call their attention to the fact that it was written into their traitor constitutions, right up front. Of course, most of these knuckleheads ‘cain’t reed’ due to them being ‘hume skooled’! The fact is, they can’t admit that it was about slavery as it would be admitting that it was all about the ‘states right’….to keep people as livestock!

          1. Ken V says:

            You are full of it…civil War was about Ststes Rights not slavery…where did you get.your fracas from the democrat party who is still trying to keep you in chains… what really happened and stop listening to Obama who is a proven liar and a Marxist.

          2. budgienation says:

            ‘Ststes’?  What the fuck is ‘Ststes’?  Were you trying for ‘states’? You can’t even fucking spell, you ignorant cracker.  And, for your information, a ‘fracas’ is an altercation, a fight, get it?  Crack a dictionary once in a while or get your kid to tutor you.  Unless, of course, he’s an ignorant fuck like his dad.  In that case, the best part of him drooled down his momma’s inner thigh.

    2. megan says:

      That’s why it was the “War of Northern Aggression”. We didn’t want to over throw the Feds as a Civil War implies. We wanted to LEAVE and be left alone. ergo…War between the States. Lincoln threw in slavery to gain foreign support. And he didn’t free all the slaves..only the States involved in the rebellion.

  • teaman says:

    To bad these idiots know very little about the Civil War. If they did, they would know very little of the war was about slavery! We have become so history stupid in our Nation and if you don’t believe me, you need to watch Waters World. Blacks and perverted liberals never accept blame for anything but will HATE a dumb flag, how pathetic. So here is some history for you Confederate Flag Hating Idiots;

    RACE BAITERS: Don’t Want You To Know This About Black History

    Talking heads fill our TV screens as they continue to enumerate the offenses
    white Americans have committed from slavery to Jim Crow.

    a false narrative has been embedded in the minds of Americans. The
    nation is suffering from false memory syndrome. Our ancestors, we
    believe, raided peaceful African villages, bopped innocent Africans
    on the head, then led them in chains to slave ships. Once in America
    we imagine wealthy white plantation owners forcing hordes of black
    slaves to pick cotton in the hot summer sun twelve months out of the

    The narrative is so well ingrained in our thinking that its seem almost sacrilegious to question it.

    Nonetheless, facts are stubborn and data takes precedence over anecdotes.

    Here are thirteen things most Americans don’t know about black history.

    1. America’s first black military officers served the Confederacy.

    In 1861 about 1,500 free blacks in New Orleans answered Gov. Thomas
    Overton Moore’s call to serve the Confederate army. The new
    enlistees were garnered at a meeting called by ten prominent black
    residents. About 2,000 blacks attended the meeting on April 22,
    located at the Catholic Institute. The new regiment was formed May 2.

    Considering there were
    about 10,000 free blacks of both genders and all ages living in the
    Louisiana in 1861, the large number of black enlistees speaks to
    the loyalty of blacks to the Confederacy. It can be estimated that
    as many as half of all free black males between the ages of 15 and
    50 enlisted.

    The governor appointed
    three white officers to oversee the regiment. They were accompanied
    by three black officers appointed from the regiment. These became
    the first black military officers in American history.

    2. The first legally recognized slave owner in American history was black.

    Anthony Johnson came to
    the American colonies in August, 1619 as an indentured servant. In
    1623 Johnson had completed his indenture and was recognized as a
    free negro. In 1651 he acquired 250 acres of land in Virginia,
    later adding another 250 acres; a sizable holding at the time.

    John Casor, a black
    indentured servant employed by Johnson, became what historians have
    long considered to be America’s first slave. His enslavement
    resulted from a legal dispute between Johnson and Robert Parker.
    Parker was a white colonist who employed Casor while Casor was
    still indentured to Johnson. Johnson sued Parker in Northampton
    Court in 1654. The court upheld Johnson’s right to hold Casor as
    a slave on March 8, 1655. The court found:

    The court
    seriously consideringe and maturely weighing the premisses, doe
    fynde that the saide Mr. Robert Parker most unjustly keepeth the
    said Negro from Anthony Johnson his master … It is therefore the
    Judgement of the Court and ordered That the said John Casor Negro
    forthwith returne unto the service of the said master Anthony
    Johnson, And that Mr. Robert Parker make payment of all charges in
    the suit.

    Five years later, in 1670,
    the colonial assembly passed legislation permitting blacks and
    Indians the right to own slaves of their own race, but prohibiting
    them from owning White slaves.

    (In July, 2012, supporters
    of Barack Obama considered it politically advantageous to advance
    the notion that John Punch was the first slave of African descent
    in the American colonies. Obama is suspected of being a descendant
    of Punch through Obama’s maternal lineage.)

    3. Free blacks commonly owned black slaves in the antebellum South.

    Henry Louis Gates of the
    White House “Beer Summit” fame said, “This is the dirtiest
    secret in African American history. A surprisingly high percentage
    of free Negros in the South owned slaves themselves.” [Source]

    There were thousands of black slave owners in the South.

    In 1830 there
    were 3,775 such slaveholders in the South who owned 12,740 black
    slaves, with 80% of them located in Louisiana, South Carolina,
    Virginia, and Maryland. There were economic differences between
    free blacks of the Upper South and Deep South, with the latter
    fewer in number, but wealthier and typically of mixed race. Half of
    the black slaveholders lived in cities rather than the countryside,
    with most in New Orleans and Charleston.

    To write extensively about blacks who owned slaves in the antebellum South would require a library of full volumes. Black slave owners: free Black slave masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860 by Larry Koger is one such volume.

    Koger tells of Richard
    Holloway, Sr., a black carpenter who purchased his African cousins
    as slave labor. Cato was the name of one of his slaves. Cato
    remained in Holloway’s possession throughout the 1830s and ’40s,
    according to Koger, until he was sold to his son, Richard Holloway,
    Jr., in 1845. Cato died in 1851 and the younger Holloway replaced
    him with the purchase of a 16 -year-old black male.

    Koger says there were ten black slave owners in Charleston City, SC In1830.

    4. In 1860 the largest slave owner in South Carolina was William Ellison, a black plantation owner.

    Ellison was one of many free blacks who, themselves, owned black slave labor.

    In 1830 there were about 319,599 free blacks living in the United States. That same year there were 12,740 slaves owned by blacks

    Black Property Owners in the South, 1790-1915,by Loren Schweninger is another excellent source for accurate history detailing the life in the antebellum South.

    5. Without black African slave owners there would have been no slavery in America.

    Henry Louis Gates enraged
    his base in 2010 by strongly opposing reparations to blacks.
    According to Gates the slave trade was almost wholly the result of
    black slave owners selling their human wares to Europeans.

    He wrote:

    While we are all
    familiar with the role played by the United States and the European
    colonial powers like Britain, France, Holland, Portugal and Spain,
    there is very little discussion of the role Africans themselves
    played. And that role, it turns out, was a considerable one,
    especially for the slave-trading kingdoms of western and central
    Africa. These included the Akan of the kingdom of Asante in what is
    now Ghana, the Fon of Dahomey (now Benin), the Mbundu of Ndongo in
    modern Angola and the Kongo of today’s Congo, among several

    The historians John Thornton and Linda Heywood of Boston University estimate that 90 percent of those shipped to the New World were enslaved by Africans and then sold to European traders. The sad truth is that without
    complex business partnerships between African elites and European
    traders and commercial agents, the slave trade to the New World
    would have been impossible, at least on the scale it
    occurred.[Emphasis added]

    The notion of White
    European raiding parties descending on unsuspecting African
    villages is a gross distortion of reality. Not only does the
    historical record argue against White raiding parties, but such
    parties would have been costly and inefficient compared to
    purchasing Africans already held in slavery. White slave traders
    would not endure the risk related to such incursions. Furthermore,
    Africans already held as slaves would be less willing to resist,
    particularly among those whose African owners were brutal and
    abusive enemies.

    Gates noted on another
    occasion that the importance of David Livingstone’s disappearance
    into black Africa was significant because White people never
    ventured beyond the coasts. The prospect of disease and other
    unanticipated dangers compelled them not to embark on slave-hunting

    According to the report of
    Joseph Cinque’s testimony in court, New York Journal of Commerce
    (10th January, 1840), the leader of the famed Amistad slave ship
    rebellion was originally taken captive by Africans, not Europeans.

    It is widely rumored that Cinque, himself, became a slave trader after his return to Africa.

    6. Blacks, including slaves, were allowed to own property in the antebellum

    The ‘rent-a-slave’
    concept may grate against our contemporary moral sensitivities, but
    owners of black slaves often found it economically reasonable to
    earn extra income by renting idle slaves. We also may find it
    surreal to learn that slaves often rented themselves. This allowed
    them to live autonomous lives to varying degrees, depending on the
    rental agreement arranged with their owners.

    Mary Ann Wyatt is a
    quintessential example of a self-rented slave. She was a Virginian
    slave who rented herself (and her five children) for $45 per year
    for ten years. During this time Wyatt established an oyster retail
    business. Each week she would travel sixteen miles to the
    Rappahannock River and buy two baskets of oysters which she sold on
    the town square to local residents in King and Queen County. Wyatt
    earned enough profit to purchase properties including a rental

    Southern states enacted
    laws to regulate the activities of self-rented or otherwise
    autonomous slaves. This was due to concern that autonomous slaves
    would outbid freemen, including whites, for freelance work, such as
    construction. There was also concern that autonomous slaves would
    resell untraceable stolen property. This prompted free Southerners
    to press for limitations on what autonomous slaves were allowed to
    sell. Many whites favored the concept of autonomous slaves,
    believing it encouraged personal responsibility among blacks.

    Kenn Daily is the
    publisher of Now 62 years old, Kenn formed his
    conservative views at the age of 14 and was an early member of
    Young Americans for Freedom. He is a vociferous anti-racist but
    sets himself apart from most conservatives by refusing to be
    bullied into silence regarding racial issue. Violent black crime is
    a signature issue of his website.

    1. Paula says:

      Bless your heart! Some one who obviously read more than what the winners of that war wrote! We all know the victors wrote the history and the sour pusses like to embellish and twist! I thank you so much and I am keeping your words for posterity!

  • jmortensen says:

    Good grief ! With all the problems this Nation faces our Congress chooses to have an debate over a flag ..come on folks this Confederate flag is apart of our history. Which seems to be disappearing the same way America seems to be disappearing under Obama’s watch !

  • dcfla says:

    You know, we were going to Leave Florida after over 32 years for Myrtle Beach, & believe me, SC would’ve Loved us to spend OUR MONEY there, But now?? I am so Disappointed In SCOTT..SO SO DISAPPOINTED…I USED to think a LOT of him, But now?? I’m pretty sure, just as I cut up my Macys cards, We will go to North Florida coast instead, and IF Florida does what SC or Alabama or ANY OTHER STATE Does something as Ridiculous as this?? Then TEXAS HERE WE COME….WHY? Because I truly DO NOT believe Texas WILL ALLOW ALL THE BS! The Confederate Flag has Nothing to DO with Racism or the HORRIFIC MURDERS of those SC People, it’s JUST BEEN YET ONE MORE “WAY” to FURTHER THE DIVIDE, all INTENTIONAL…So We can Take another Hundred Year STEP back from what we used to be, which was a UNITED “STATES OF AMERICA” Now a DIVIDED IN EVERY WAY!! STATES OF AMERICA! Don’t Believe me? Well then You just keep drinking that Jim Jones Kool AID! & Following someone worse than Hitler ever “THOUGHT” about being! I don’t have time TO “EXPLAIN” It ALL to you…Again, But IF you HAD COMMON SENSE, you’d be ABLE TO SEE IT “ALL” FOR yourselves!

    1. xeriscapelady says:

      God bless you. Email me. I want to be friends. I live in Tarpon Springs…

  • Mom442 says:

    We are now living in George Orwell’s nightmare, where our minds and our souls are imprisoned.

  • Bob Stewart says:

    No judge’s or two bit politician,s opinion will stop the pride in Dixie So forget about it, it’s not gonna happen. Liberals will just make the south stronger, both in their beliefs and in their resistance to tyranny. The south has better relations between all peoples than the north. The thing that makes the north continue to make the south look bad is that business is moving from the north to the south because of lower taxes, friendlier business laws and right to work statutes. The north is desperately trying to keep business. Guess it’s good the north doesn’t realize that high taxes and a lousy business climate is bad. It would be fine to get more yankee business if we just didn’t have to take the liberal yankees too.

  • Paula says:

    After the way the Union Army (blue coats) deliberately, intentionaly, in an act of premeditation tried to murder every native American for their land and natural resources, let’s take down our flag in shame! It is the same difference in what ignorant people are doing. If I am sitting in the company of one person or 9 persons and someone walks in and starts shooting, I am not going to sit there – I am going to take him down!

    1. budgienation says:

      No one is shooting at you Paula. It’s about a flag whose main purpose was the protection and preservation of slavery. It’s even in the southern constitution of several of the rebel states. It’s the cornerstone of the whole thing. The ‘Landed Gentry’ of the south, the ‘one percent’ of their time, had their slaves and they weren’t about to give them up, no matter how many ‘dirt farmers’ they had to sacrifice to do it. ‘States Rights’, when you get down to it, was ‘the right to keep other human beings of a darker shade ‘as livestock’, work ’em like livestock and breed them like livestock….even to the extent (and don’t tell me it didn’t happen…a lot’) jumping on one of them ‘sultry darkies’ for a bit of fun, with no more guilt than if they jumped on one of their own heifers. After all, they reasoned, they own ’em, why not f**k ’em. The flag sucks, you lost, take it down. Even Gen. Robert E. Lee advised ‘take the banner and furl it forever’. Do you rednecks know what ‘furl’ means. It means to wrap the flag around the staff, take it down and put it away, never to be flown again. “Y’all” got that, Bubba? It means Gen. Lee says ‘pull the flag down’ and don’t fly it ‘no mo’. Obey your General. Take it down!!!!

      1. Paula says:

        What I am saying is this is over reaction. Whites and blue coated, soldiers did the same thing – Men, Women, war and sex. All nations and all people have had bad behavior and still do, whether white on white, black on black, or any combination thereof. 20/20 hindsight 50 years or better down the road we reflect on our foolishness. Some members of the public chose to target and blame something other than the party responsible for those actions . We targeted war criminals for their crimes against humanity from World Wars, Roof is the responsible party and anyone who may have encouraged him. This country’s citizens need to stop poking and provoking each other and man up!

        1. budgienation says:

          Well said, Paula. But the point is, that flag symbolizes slavery, pure and simple. ‘The cause’ was all about slavery from the start. Slavery and the right to have it, is even enshrined in the very constitution of many of the rebel states. “States Rights” ultimately is about the right to own other people as livestock. Anything else is hiding your head in the sand. That being said, it seems inconceivable that any nation would allow the flying of a flag that meant to rip the country apart and dissolve the union, over land owned by either state or federal authority. Does Germany allow the flying of the Swastika banner over Berlin, or any other town or village? Maybe an SS flag with its ‘twin lightning bolt’ runes? Hell, no! And if so, they would put them in jail! As I mentioned before, even Gen. Lee, who is revered in the south, advised those who asked him what to do with the flag, he advised them to ‘furl the banner forever and put it away’. Do what the General wanted, my southern brethren; put away the flag of slavery, revolt and sedition. You are citizens of the UNITED States of America. UNITED, after a bloody war that pitted brother against brother and cost an estimated half a million lives. If you love your country, The United States, emphasis on “UNITED”, put away the ‘stars and bars’ and fly ‘the stars and stripes’, instead. ‘Long may it wave’.

          1. Paula says:

            You do realize that the Union would not free the slave/Blackman until after he fought in their Army? Then, he could be free. Since then, in the 1900s this nation of the Union has performed experiments upon the black men without their knowledge and consequently those experiments had devastating health consequences for them. In perspective, the flag that still sits atop the pole today is just as tarnished. Don’t get me wrong…I love my country and my flag…I am a staunch conservative. The pot should not be calling the kettle black! White Americans are selling our children into sexual slavery and perverse physical abuses today.

          2. budgienation says:

            Actually, Paula, ‘the north’ abolished slavery, within their borders, in 1804, some 57 years before the shots fired on Ft. Sumter, and all
            the ‘unpleasantness’ to follow. Check
            your history book, and not the one published by the Sons of Confederate
            Veterans, or the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Facts matter, Paula. Of the hideous experiments, I believe, in
            fact I know that the Tuskegee experiments, where black men were infected with
            syphilis and untreated and tracked to establish a clinical model of what
            happens when it’s untreated or to track effectiveness or non-effectiveness of said treatments was instituted by the CDC. It is, and remains an outrage. No one’s hands are clean, that’s true, but
            why resist the pull of history? The
            rebellion was wrong, it was all about slavery, it’s time to admit it and move
            the hell on. Germany, Japan and Italy
            have moved on from Fascism, and even paid reparations. Why can’t those of us of ‘southern descent’,
            admit that it was wrong, it was all about keeping people as livestock, our
            great, great, great grandfathers were wrong and if they were here today, we’d
            tell them so. The exploitation of
            children is wrong. Child pornography is
            wrong, no matter the source, at home or abroad.
            I’m sure you know about the ‘pedophile circuit’ that arranges tours to
            the far east, particularly the Philippines, for the well-heeled pedophile can
            indulge in his twisted passion for a week or two and leave behind abused
            children. Did you mean to imply that this is a ‘northern
            problem’? I hope not. From various sources I’ve ‘googled’, it seems
            that the more conservative, i.e., ‘red’ states, tend to download more porn than
            ‘blue’ states. While I’m not saying that
            we are all pure or anything ‘up north’, and I’m sure we download our share, one
            site specifically found that one state, West Virginia, downloads more gay porn
            than any state in the Union, with the possible exception of Utah, that
            downloads the most porn in the country, across all categories, including,
            presumably, child porn. Oh, those wacky
            Mormons, huh? Man, “Donny and Marie”
            must be livid over this……..unless they’re downloading right now that is.

          3. Paula says:

            Tuskegee was part of what I was referring to. My reading has always been from different sources. I put more weight (with some discretion) on information from diaries of a time period. Budgienation, do/did we tear down flags of Japan, Italy, Germany, China, Mexico, Vietnam, Korea, or any other nation? The overbearing Union has tried to destroy everything in its path that they could not have. Sometimes acts of aggression are brought upon non-targets. If you are angry and you run your fist through the wall, or you shoot your wife between the eyes at point-blank range, does that resolve things? The wall and spouse have nothing to do with your anger. There are those who want to commemorate certain occasions and do so in full period attire. It is not an everyday happening. Valentine’s Day Massacre did not cause us to do away with Valentine’s Day. Numerous people comitted suicides when the stock market crashed, but we did not ban the stock market. I would like my country to regain it’s sanity, stop the game of over sensitivity and quit picking the wrong target.

          4. xeriscapelady says:

            I am glad a few of us have sense. Tell that prejudiced person Paula.

          5. budgienation says:

            Yes. I spent more time than I should have attempting to educate these racist fools by presenting unbiased facts. Of course I hadn’t counted on ‘cognitive dissonance’ being so severe. They are just plain allergic to true facts. Like this clown ‘Ken V’ who asserts ‘Wow are you misinformed. How can you believe the lies the left has been spewing?’ As I said, confronted with facts, they ‘double down’ on stupid, and yell a lot. As if ‘volume equals veracity’. Asshats, clowns and ‘Conservatards’, all of them…..

          6. gerald Hughes says:

            Liberal dem bloodsucker,m AKA American Jihadist just like your Muslim counterpars, you will accept, tell any lie, any cheat and any theft so long as it advances your agenda.
            The fact of so many of you liberal scum still supporting the Clinton outlaw says i all about you.

          7. budgienation says:

            Learn to type or at least edit you posts. ‘counterpars’? It’s ‘counterparts’ you fucking nitwit! Oh, and also….FUCK OFF, REDNECK!

          8. megan says:

            budgie..why do you care about this? You are not southern so why are you fighting an idea that you will NEVER win with true southerners.

          9. budgienation says:

            Megan, you, and the rest of the ‘south’ are kindly encouraged to FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!

          10. gerald Hughes says:

            payula, you re wasting time talking to the shoddy life form, soon we will nort have to deal with them any more, NY tells you all you need to know business and the rich are leaving NY in steady trail.
            Flu your flag, if they don’t like it, they can turn their head, there is one in front of my house and I had never flown one before, i’m hoping that some of the liberal garbage will try to take it down

          11. budgienation says:

            Payula? Can’t type, huh? Or, is it just in your ‘conservatard’ head, that you must never admit to error, of ‘all is lost’? Flu your flag? You may have inadvertently gotten that right. Flu is an illness and that flag stands for a lot of sick shit! Oh, and also…FUCK OFF, REDNECK!

          12. Detriotcity says:

            You need to be called out on the lies you are saying. I am doing that now. You are a liberal liar and thats’ that. Go take a hike and give Paula a break.

          13. budgienation says:

            A man who has been feeding on lies, drinking in lies, and reads, hears and speaks nothing but lies, is bound to choke on the truth and call it a lie, or risk being confronted with the fact that he’s been 100% wrong about EVERYTHING HE’S BEEN SAYING FOR HIS WHOLE LIFE. Live the lie and die with it, truth is still TRUTH! BTW, about that hike you want me to take? Try it yourself. I recommend a ‘long walk off a short pier! Fuck you, “Johnny Reb”!

          14. gerald Hughes says:

            Not for long liberal dembloodsucker, we have already decided that we can no longer co exist with you ersatz life forms, we will force partition and physically separate ourselves from you.
            It will be fun to watch and see how many if any of business and the rich elect to stay in your half.
            Personally most of us look forward to watching you starve when they can no longer fund your handouts

          15. budgienation says:

            FUCK OFF, REDNECK!

          16. Detriotcity says:

            Problem is that the truth escapes you! The stars and bars was a battle flag and had nothing to do with race or slaves. The civil war was fought because the federal government wanted to take state power away from the states. Both the north and the south had slaves and were not given their freedom until after the civil war.

          17. budgienation says:

            Wrong, fucker! Google it and you’ll find that the ‘north’ gave up slavery in 1804! Way before the civil war! States rights is bullshit and always was! The ‘states rights’ argument falls to the ground once you realize that, the way things are set up, federal authority supersedes ‘state authority’ in case such as slavery. States rights hold sway in terms of inter and intra state commerce, you fuck! We, in the north gave up slavery in 1804. Google it and read it you fuck, that is, if you can read, you fucking cracker! Sometimes I’d like to dress up in GAR blue, with a cartridge box full of ammo, and come down there are put some of you fuckers in the ground….which is where you belong! You lost….deal with it….Bubba!

          18. Detriotcity says:

            You have a right to stay fucked up if you want to. Nobody like an asshole that is so stupid he does not no he is stupid.

          19. budgienation says:

            Before you call someone ‘stupid’…..make sure you don’t ‘call yourself out’ as monumentally STUPID YOURSELF!!!!  Do you even know the difference between ‘no’ and ‘know’?  Apparently not, or you wouldn’t have written ‘he does not no he is stupid’.  You used ‘no’, when you should have used ‘know’.  Apparently you, yourself, are so fucking dense you don’t even ‘know’ when to use ‘no, or ‘know’!  How do you feel now, you stupid fucking moron?!!  Here’s something that may help you in the future. “It is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth, and, by doing so, remove all doubt!”

          20. Detriotcity says:

            Why don’t you run for office. You seem like a liberal who tells so many lies he believes it. I think it would be a good lesson for you. People are tired of the liberal lie. This is includes most of the black people that I work with.

          21. budgienation says:

            If I did run, I’d run circles around you KKK Krapheads!  Fact:  There are more registered Democrats in this country than Republicans. Democrats tend to be fairly liberal, although there are a smattering of ‘middle of the roaders’.  Why do you think Obama went to two terms?  We vote, and vote in mass numbers when we believe in our candidates, just like you do, and when we do, we win.  Our problem is motivating the masses.  We are a little more ‘fractious’ and quarrelsome within our ranks than you are.  Therefore, there’s less ‘uniformity’ of opinion. But, then again, speaking of uniforms, fascists like you know how to ‘goose step’ pretty well, once ‘Limpballs’, ‘Insanity/Hannity, O’Reilly, and rest of the ‘cast of idiots’ over at ‘FUXNOOZE’, give you your marching orders!  Seig Heil, y’all…….

          22. Detriotcity says:

            Just wanted to put it terms you could understand you fucking liberal!

      2. Lurline Sintros says:

        Bull Shit! bugienation. You are too ignorant to even be writing here!

        1. budgienation says:

          “Shooting the messenger”, huh? If you don’t like hearing the truth, here’s what you should do, Lurline: Stick your fingers in both ears and go; ‘la, la, la, la’, increasing the pressure inward with both fingers until they meet in the middle of your silly head! Eff you, redneck! That being said, You write very well. No gross misspellings, no awkward syntax, no errors except a very small one. “Bull Shit! bugienation.’ It should have been ‘Bullshit, Budgienation!” You see, Bullshit can be one word, and the thought could have and should have been expressed as ‘Bullshit’, with a comma, then, ‘Budgienation’, then an exclamation point. It was ‘Budgienation’ not ‘bugienation’. You’d have known that if you read carefully. “Budgie” by the way, is slang for ‘parakeet’. It comes from the aboriginal word for parakeet, ‘budgerigar’ I have birds, you see. Really though, good effort. It’s clear you weren’t, ‘hume skooled’. Were you, by any chance, educated ‘up north’? If you were, it shows.

          1. Lurline Sintros says:

            You stick to your copy corrections because you are as ignorant as Bull Shit about what the real reason for The War of Northern Aggression against The South was all about!

          2. budgienation says:

            Lurline, listen to Paula and our postings back and forth over the last few minutes. She says it’s about over reaction. I disagree, but she has somewhat of a point. All you do, is sling mud and ‘pound the table and yell’. Also, read your fucking history books if you can read, that is. “War of Northern Aggression”!!! Who the fuck do you think fired on Ft. Sumter? Indians? Aliens from Mars? NO! It was Confederates from South Carolina! You fired the first shot, therefore, THE SOUTH WAS THE AGRESSOR!! You’re just pissed off because you got your redneck, rebel asses kicked! Up yours Lurline! Stick to your trailer park and I’ll stick to my city, up here in New York, where we frown on marrying our cousins! “Don’t come back now, ‘y’hear?”

          3. Lurline Sintros says:

            No I will not be back, not because you say so but because I can not tolerate your filthy language and because you know nothing about history except what you have been brainwashed to believe.

          4. budgienation says:

            Hip, hip, Horaay! You ‘won’t be back’. Have a beer for me, willya? Make it ‘Pabst Blue Ribbon’, okay? Sorry you can’t tolerate ‘filthy language’ but you’ll swallow all those lies, like ‘war of northern aggression’ even though you fired the first shots at Ft. Sumter. What else do you ‘believe’? Maybe like that dummy Clive Bundy, who was sure that the blacks liked being slaves, because they kept busy, and had work and family before we freed them and ruined them by allowing them to drink, etc.? Sounds about right? Man, you choke on ‘bad words’ but I’ll bet you’ll swallow everything that FUXNOISE, Limpballs and the KKK pump down your throat. Wonder what else you’ll swallow? Hyuck, hyuk, hyuk! Chuckle, chuckle, snort! Man, Lurline, you’ve got no ‘gag reflex’ do you? Man, you must be really popular at your trailer park. That’s a hell of a talent to have.

          5. megan says:

            Budgie has to be a “plant” trying to further stir up trouble. Obama is doing his best to start a race war and he may just make it.

          6. gerald Hughes says:

            Lol liberal dem bloodsuckers, even your own citizens refuse to obey tyour laws.
            NY loses businesa and population on a daily basis, we have way too many of the garbage that lived in NY, here, now.

          7. gerald Hughes says:

            You can always tell when a liberal dem bloodsucker runs out of anyhting to say, it used to be thet screamed, “you’r a racist” or, “Bush did it” people laughed at them so much they quirt doing that, now they morph into the Grammar Police.
            By the way liberal dem bloodsucking scum, NJ had the only highschool in th 10 , last year in the blue states, you garbage have been arouhnd the inept liar in the white house , too long.
            Overall, your post was very good, for th result of an incestuous one night stand between a liberal dem bloodsuker and giant river leech.

          8. Ken V says:

            Truth? You wouldn’t know about truth if it was staring you in the face.. You libs have your own agenda which is dangerous and wrong.

      3. Ken V says:

        Wow are you misinformed. How can you believe the lies that the left has been spewing?

        1. budgienation says:

          Up yours ‘Johnny Reb’! I wish you could go back in time, perhaps to Gettysburg, where you could take a Yankee minne ball right between your Godddamn eyes! Or perhaps some cold Yankee steel bayonet in your fucking guts!

          1. gerald Hughes says:

            I already told you liberal dem bloodsucker, One flying in front of my home at this minute, is a mouth the only functional organ on you or do you have any testicles, come take it down, i won’t even call the law, except to come get your body.

          2. megan says:

            Like I said before, budgie…come on down. We will be here.

          3. Ken V says:

            You are not only ignorant you are just plain stupid. You have to be an uneducated black or a homosexual with an agenda, maybe both.

          4. budgienation says:

            Wrong twice, assbreath! White, straight and married for over thirty years. Oh, and like I’ve been saying…..FUCK OFF, REDNECK!

      4. gerald Hughes says:

        One flying in front of my house now, liberal dem bloodsucking scum, come talke it down, I dare you.

      5. megan says:

        Budgie…come on down….walk the streets in the South spouting your garbage. You will probably find out if we lost or not.

      6. Jean says:

        Northern Hypocrisy! The North attempted to keep the South in the Union with the Corwin Amendment that would have protected slavery. It passed by the 36th Congress on March 2, 1861 and submitted it to state legislatures for ratification.[1] Senator William H. Seward of New York introduced the amendment in the Senate and Representative Thomas Corwin of Ohio introduced it in the House of Representatives. The South refused it, as their was more to State Rights than slavery.

        1. budgienation says:

          It was and always was about slavery.  You fucking rednecks were bamboozled by the one percent of the day, the ones that had the big plantations, that needed slavery.  They convinced your great great grandfathers to fight for their right to own people as livestock because they convinced you that, by virtue of your white skins, that you were somehow ‘better’ than the negroes, and you bought it and spilled your blood even though you ‘didn’t have a dog in this fight’.  That’s what happened, and if you don’t believe it, then fuck you for being assholes!  In fact, to use language that you’ll understand…..’Fuck all y’all!

          1. Jean says:

            I guess that you don’t like the facts.

          2. budgienation says:

            Listen you idiot! It was always about slavery. Most of the rebel states had the ‘right’ of slavery written into their constitutions. They thought it was that important that it was codified into their constitution right from the start! It seems that you are the one who doesn’t like facts. As I said earlier….’Fuck all y’all!

          3. Ken V says:

            Stupid wonder. You guys have such a bad connotation..

          4. budgienation says:

            As I said before.  Wrong, I’m a white guy.  Fucking cracker!  Tell you what.  I’m going to go out, buy a confederate battle flag……..and wipe my butt with it!

  • libsrtheh8ters says:

    Both light & dark DIED fighting in the south. WHITE people DIED fighting to end slavery. Less than 5% of whites in the 15 sparsely populated states that had slavery owned slaves, Arabs owned far more for far longer. The first slave owner in America was BLACK.
    Anyone give a big one that black on white crime has SKYROCKETED under our RACIST in CHIEF, that packs of black savages are roaming the streets like wild dogs, targeting light skinned races for violence, that AMERICAN blacks are THE MOST RACIST PEOPLE ON EARTH?

    1. Devasahayam says:

      “… Arabs owned far more for far longer.” — correct, and they still ply the trade (Sudan is considered as Arab nation; till 2010 it stole from its erstwhile southern region, now South Sudan — so now it shifted to its western region Darfur).

      1. I Seigel says:

        Right! And because Sudan and the Arabs are still doing it, why shouldn’t we?

        In Thailand and Cambodia, trafficking in children still goes on, so why shouldn’t we do it?

        Too bad they brought apartheid down in South Africa.

        Too bad abortion has become so difficult here – maybe your mother would have preferred that route.

        1. Robert Wilson says:

          How about ticket(s) to ride?

          1. gerald Hughes says:

            Haven’t learned to read yet, liberal dem bloodsucker?

        2. gerald Hughes says:

          is their a point in that gobblegook, liberal dem bloodsucking parasite?

          1. I Seigel says:

            Why is it that you rightie fascists always resort to name-calling and personal attacks? Maybe it’s because you couldn’t put a logical string of facts or opinions together to save your life?

          2. gerald Hughes says:

            Oh my, those aren’t names liberal scum, those are identifiers and typifiers.
            I can say that and everyone understands what I
            Imean with out having to type another paragraph.
            You liberal scum, still don’t get it , do you?
            This is not about politics, any more.
            We cordially despise you for 50 years.
            Howver, we have evolved ove r the last six years, now, we hate you, we hat you with a depth, intensity and bitterness, that has no bottom.
            We’ll get around to you after a while.

          3. I Seigel says:

            I hope you think about me at night, when you’re in your “special place”. Thanks for the compliment. It’s much more gratifying to be hated than be ignored.

      2. Robert Wilson says:

        You gotta be half dumb to be a slave.

        1. Rx7pj says:

          What?? You think these people are CHOOSING to be slaves??

          1. gerald Hughes says:

            No, we think you liberal dem bloodsuckers are willing to be slaves for handouts
            Grow A brain

          2. Rx7pj says:

            That is the most moronic comment I’ve ever seen.
            Sounds like it is YOU thst needs a brain

          3. gerald Hughes says:

            Always good to get comments form an expert, certainly you liberal scum are expert on moronic

          4. Robert Wilson says:

            PLEASE! No name calling, let sleeping dog(s) lie.

          5. Robert Wilson says:

            Sure, Free clothes, food, shelter, similiar to the future prison they will be in later in life, say, eight years old.

    2. I Seigel says:

      What a bunch of scapegoating BS. You should ask Trump to run as his VP. Or maybe you could be appointed (with Tea Party approval) as his Secretary of the Final Solution.

      1. Robert Wilson says:

        To vote for Trump is to celebrate “Bad hair day”.

        1. gerald Hughes says:

          I will , take it to the bank, the Clinton outlaw and about half of the administration of the outlaw in the whhite house are going to jail, if Trump is elected.
          That assumes that we haven’t force partition of theUSA, before then

      2. gerald Hughes says:

        Sounded right to me, you like the fing RINOS?

    3. truthseeker says:

      The Black Panthers get away with stating they will put a Ten Thousand dollar bounty on Officer Darren Wilson. Then they state that that all Black church in Charleston, SC was originally a rally point in 1822 to kill all of the Whites they could and the Black Panthers want to relive that dream. Bill Cosby got away with Rape on White women for decades and no one could touch him, now that he is an old man he feels he got what he needed at the time and the Statue of Limitations will protect him. Why was a Past Standing Senator from South Carolina be able to run his All Black Church, which you know they got a lot of funds from the Government for, just like United Way that I hear is giving most of their Money to the NAACP.

      1. Robert Wilson says:

        Why not put a bounty on the leaders of the B.P?

        1. truthseeker says:

          Nice idea, but we do not have any know groups like the Black Panthers, Blood, Crypts and the Gorillas to lean on in order to resolve this dilemma. I forgot the NAACP which I hear are getting money from the United Way. It is not equality any more with Mayors like De Blizo and Mayor Mosby. They already stated that they are not done with just taking down the Confederate Flag . If we said we wanted that Statue of Martin Luther King taken down because we know he was jailed several times for inciting riots we would be called racist.

          1. Holy Joe says:

            Winston Smith is still at work in South Carolina and Baltimore re-writing history. Let the brainwashing continue everlasting.

          2. Robert Wilson says:

            Take it down any way.

          3. truthseeker says:

            The sooner the better, since they now want to dig up some of the Confederate and his wife to have them moved to another gravesite. Someone needs to take a stand and see how they would like for some one to exhume Martin Luther Kings grave and put his body in Potters grave.

        2. Rx7pj says:

          Grow a brain

          1. gerald Hughes says:

            Expert advice from a liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, who has no brain

          2. Robert Wilson says:

            Don’t forget “non thinker”.

          3. Robert Wilson says:

            Shrink your’s.

      2. Holy Joe says:

        When working for a City Agency we were cajoled at Christmas Times to donate generously to the heavily politically approved United Way Charities, and the City ran a competition to name the City Department with the highest total of donations. I noticed that virtually all United Way listed charities were allocated to mostly only one race. (No prizes for guessing which one). So I used to write a personal check to the Salvation Army as they covered all indigent and worthy causes on a basis of need not race. At that time the Head of the United Way received a salary of over $850,000 p.a. and the Salvation Army General was paid about $22,000. Easy choice to select the right salary.

        1. Robert Wilson says:

          The Salvation Army is the way to go.

    4. Robert Wilson says:

      WOW! Welcome to the real planet,(You have guts.) Why not run for prez as a republican, there’s room for about one hundred more.

      1. truthseeker says:

        Like Donald Trump stated, ” These candidates that are running is a Win/win proposition.” He went on in so many words to say they do not use their money, so if they win they keep the money and if they lose they keep the money. Look at Senator John McCain and what he got after loosing. Several Mansions, a Lear Jet and he walks around with $500.00 pair of shoes. This is not the case with Donald Trump and he did not get Over One hundred Million dollars like Jeb Bush did. To think Jeb Bush stated, ” People are going to have to work (Longer Hours) “instead of saying , People are going to have to work More Hours. So sad, but proves just how stupid he is.

        1. truthseeker says:

          Besides his poor College English what he was trying to say is, ” We the working class are going to have to work harder as punishment for working. I guess that is to pay for all of Jeb’s relatives to come here and live off of us.

          1. Holy Joe says:

            I constantly recieve E-Mail demands to support this or that Candidate to contest the foregone conclusion of the Democratic Broomstick Riding Ultra Wealthy Candidate who Cries Poverty all the time. I will wait until nearer to the Election hoping that the Republicans chose a candidate who puts this country first and not himself, or in the Democratic Party instance – herself – first. If the Democrats ran someone against the Witch Broomhilda I would switch parties to vote for that person, to insure her obliteration and defeat. I am waiting for the Republican Party Field to thin out and the Democratic Party Choices to thicken up a little before making a decision.

          2. gerald Hughes says:

            irf you are so much smarter than him, liberal scum, why aren’t you richer?

          3. truthseeker says:

            The correction was from a commentator who is a Professor of English. To me I would of overlooked his poor English. I thought they had people that wrote down what they are suppose to say ? I’m not a Liberal, but Bush is. These RHINO’s like him and Chris Christy who think we should educate all of these Illegals at a cost of $13,000 dollars a child from K-to-12th grade, but will tell us we need to upper the age for our Seniors . Just learned that the State of Florida has 15 cities that are a Sanctuary. Just because they say they are a Republican does not mean they will change their Liberal minds to there mentors.

    5. Rx7pj says:

      Where do you get your lies???

      1. gerald Hughes says:

        From history liberal dem bloodsucking liar?

    6. Sylvester Jones says:

      The North had as many slaves as the south or more, and the north used their ships to bring laves over, not the South.

    7. Detriotcity says:

      No matter what the libs are teaching, the fighting in the civil war had
      NOTHING (notta) to do with slavery. Both the north and the south had slaves. The freeing of slaves came after the civil war. By the way there is no one alive who can give a first hand account of how slaves were treated. However, we are all slaves to our jobs and the freedoms being lost under Obama will make us equal to blk slaves of the 1700 and 1800’s. You are right about the skyrocketing crime, but blk on blk crime is by far the greater of the two.

  • Sevenmag says:

    The “war” against the confederate flag, exemplifies the liberal approach to everything. Symbolism over substance, is their mantra. The aggravating part is that those of us with common sense remain quiet, and take it on the chin.

    1. truthseeker says:

      The Confederate flag is just the beginning. It always starts out that way and then it will open up like Hoover Dam. The White House got to show the Rain bow colors and just is the case of radicals taking away our History, because their Black Month and MLK must be observed, fine if your Black, but what if we had a White Month Week? Yah that would offend them.

      1. gerald Hughes says:

        I fly three flags in front of my home, the Flag of the USA, the Confederate Battle flag and the flag of the USMC,
        If anyone would like to come take any one of them down, come on down, I won’t even call the cops, well, except to come get the bodies.

        1. Detriotcity says:

          Gerald, lock and load they are coming. Just a matter of time not if but when. The silent majority, including the tea party will be in the forefront of a reclaim the US before too much longer. Not if — when? POtUS will wish he had never met Bill Ayers when we get done with this bunch.

          1. gerald Hughes says:

            I got out of th Corps in Aug 1963, I have been locked and loaded, since that time.
            By the way, something the DOD and the liberal garbage don’t want to talk about, 74% of the combat arms in the Army and the Corps are from Red States.

        2. Holy Joe says:

          The Sodomites have replaced all three of your flags with their disgusting Rainbow Monstrosity Flag.

          1. gerald Hughes says:

            yeah, i have already said, I won’t call the cops, if they want to take mine down, they can start when ready, a legal excuse to shoot perverts, doesn’t get any better than that.

      2. Holy Joe says:

        The Rainbow Colored former White House indicates the true bent (Very Bent) inclinations of its present incumbent.

      3. Bruce Bourget Sr. says:


        1. truthseeker says:

          You are so right. You see the revised movie of ” The day the Earth stood still” and Will Smiths son plays an adopted son from this Black guy who marries this White woman Doctor . Independence Day and Will Smith is the savior of the planet as an ace Pilot with a live in Stripper girlfriend that finds the First Lady. Shawshank Redemption and Fox Morgan becomes the best friend of this accountant and goes off to get the money left him by the white account( like a black person is the best friend you can find) The new Star Trek and the person that plays Spoke fall in love with a female black person. You name a show and you will see how the Black person is either the very best friend, boss or martyr . It is not equal at all.

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