GOP Elites Plot To Bar Trump From Debate

by John Nolte | Breitbart
July 24, 2015

As if we need more proof of how tone deaf and self-destructive GOP elites can be towards their most reliable voters, the New York Times reports that at a weekend meeting of the Republican Governors Association there was an attempt by some “donors and operatives” to come up with a plan to bar current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump from the presidential debates.

Many national Republican officials are increasingly resigned to Mr. Trump’s looming presence. At a meeting of the Republican Governors Association this week in Aspen, Colo., donors and operatives mused about how to prevent him from hijacking the debate.

One idea that came up was to urge three leading candidates — Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor; Mr. Walker; and Senator Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) of Florida — to band together and state that they would not participate in any debate in which Mr. Trump was present, using his refusal to rule out a third-party bid as a pretext for taking such a hard line. The thinking, according to a Republican involved in the conversations, was that the lesser-funded prospects who have been eclipsed by Mr. Trump would follow suit, and the TV networks airing the debates would be forced to bar Mr. Trump in order to have a full complement of candidates.

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  • rightsright says:

    I agree on the Bilderberg issue. I don’t want anyone in office that wants one world order. Obama, Clintons and Bushes all are a part of the sinister action. I know Rick Perry did attend a meeting. I have checked out “list of people who have attended Bilderberg meetings a long time ago and was shocked.

  • rightsright says:

    If you wish to pull the same kind of crap that the used to be Democrats pull then go ahead, but then I will probably help start a third party, because that appears to be what you want to happen? Back off Republican elites, because it appears you just want to control the candidate that wins and you know you can’t control Trump! The best needs to win and we should not be a part of corruption from the git go!

  • juniemoon says:

    Hey, Repugnant party, you include Trump in the upcoming debate OR you will feel the wrath of the GOP voters at the next mid-term election. Without Trump it will be another boring debate. I’m stocking up on popcorn. With Trump, this is going to be fun!

  • Lorraine M. DeNicolo says:


  • Lorraine M. DeNicolo says:

    GO DONALD GO! You’err in my PRAYERS! AMEN!

  • Joyce Ann Thompson says:

    They had better not bad mouth Trump… about cutting off your nose to spite your face…..Perry pooped in his wheaties when he badmouthed Trump, I didn’t like all those republicans jumping on the “politically correct” bandwagon…shame on them…only ones who kept their mouths shut about Trump was Carson and Carly….those who think that we conservatives are “crazies” are going to be unpleasently surprised come election time……Go Donald, Go Donald!!!!!

  • Abel says:

    Those candidates who came out with the vicious attacks on Trump are the Establishment Elites, the RINOs, who are plants from the DNC that want to continue the status quo and establish a One World Government, who need to be voted out of office ASAP. The viciousness of their attacks is an indicator of how much they fear Trump, the more vicious they are the greater their fear. Considering Trump’s past record however, leaves a nagging possibility that Trump may be a Socialist infiltrator to sabotage the GOP by splitting the party and then running as a third party candidate, which would make Hillary the winner by diminishing the number of votes the GOP could muster. Just a thought that I truly hope is not true. I will have to vote against Trump if he elects to run outside the GOP. I will withhold my support for anyone until closer to the election. As to the MSM, I don’t believe anything they say anyway.

  • Rik Magee says:

    The Establishment GOP FEAR Donald Trump ! Remember that ‘Obama put this Country in the Toilet and Hillary will Flush it !’ ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

  • Rik Magee says:

    The so-called ‘Elite GOP’ are the Establishment RINO’s that, like the CPUSA (et ux, did with the DNC) have gained control of the present elected Republican Party and MUST GO ! We want a WHITE KNIGHT as the next president and not a Republicrat. IF the present GOP performs like they did in the last Convention, they will FAIL again ! We want to choose OUR Candidate and not another BAFOON, like the last several Establishment Choices were. The GOP Convention was a Sham ! A disgrace ! A Mockery of our Republic ! The Speaker of the House Boehner, appeaed DRUNK and like the other RINO’s, read from a massive Teleprompter that was Pre Written to declare the WRONG results for the Floor Votes ! They Denied Ron Paul’s Delegates their RIGHT to represent their electors and their purpose for being there. I will NEVER contribute to the GOP again, UNTIL they Reform and Return back to their Origins. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

  • 1inamil says:

    Big mistake for GOP “elites” to bar Donald Trump!!!!

  • says:

    Barring Trump, would piss even more citizens off, & get Trump even MORE votes. Just like the 30,000 Macy’s customers who boycotted Macy’s, after Macy’s cut ties with Trump. Trump is the only 1 with the guts to take them all on, call them on their crap, win, & clean up the mess the Dem & Rino’s made. He would just air his own Debate show, & invite the other Rep candidates to debate with him, & get more viewers & ratings. It’s not smart to cross Trump.

  • bones1941 says:

    Just let the Republican Elits try the stunt described above and see what happens ! They will not like it !

  • It is more and more apparent that the “ex”GOP wants to be the new RINO party. Boy am I ready to quit. And I’ll bet I’m not the only one!

  • bertroga says:

    The RNC has already died when they opposed the tea party, which is the only CONSERVATIVE group in politics. Mc Cain and other rinos calling Cruz and Trump “whacko birds” when these men are really trying to save America from the downslide it is in now.

  • bertroga says:

    I understand why the Washington establishment would block Trump from the debates. They do not want their corruptions to be exposed. And why permit anyone from taking away their gravy train positions.

  • whoisshe? says:

    Well that is 3 less GOP you have to worry about, good bye, we don’t need them all of the people want Trump, not everyone is perfect, I feel once the debate is here in Ohio we will understand more, the field is whittling down, but if Trump doesn’t win Hillary will, here is another lie of hers , she said Bill Clinton is the real father of Chelsea, I just read story after story, that Webster Hummel is the real sire and everyone knew about last year, whats up with that GMA and CNN you haven’t given the public the Real Story.

  • speedle24 says:

    Here’s an idea for the RNC. Let Trump run and campaign like all the other candidates (and participate in the debates). If he is such a crackpot he will surely be found out during the process. I will be waiting for a logical answer that counters this approach. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Climax says:

    If they do, it will be the biggest mistake that the GOP has made since the Lincoln days. If the leadership of the GOP cannot see that Trump either stands on his own or sinks, just like everyone else, then it has been completely corrupted at the top and no longer is representing the will of people of the USA and needs to be eliminated.

  • setemfree says:

    Only honest people should take part anyways.. Is Trump the only one that is honest????? If so i guess he is the one to run for president.

  • mcqueens2002 says:

    These RINO’s are setting up Donald Trump for the nomination for President because they are advertising for Donald. We know who the RINO’s are and Lindsey Graham is at the top. You RINO’s need to stop worrying what Donald is doing and saying and start telling up what your intentions are. Not that we would believe you.

  • bones1941 says:

    The others may lose voters to Trump if they try this crap ?

  • bones1941 says:

    Elite Republicans are not doing anything for me now ! Now they want to try the above , go ahead and Trump will win in a land slide !

  • bones1941 says:

    Republicans pull the crap above to get Trump eliminated from the debates and the election is over ! Democrats could win with Bidden then ! There will be a third Party if any of the above is tried. What does that get you ? You lose in 2016 . Elite Republicans are dumb asses!

  • bones1941 says:

    If they want Trump to win by a land slide let them pull that crap ! Go ahead an he will stick it to you ass holes !

  • John Gasper says:

    I would like to see maybe all three of those guys OUT of the debate. All we will hear from BUSH and RUBIO are bullshit and lies anyway!! I hear Walker is considering Rubio as a running mate, if that’s the case he can stay away also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Howie Subnick says:

    Right now, all I hear is YATA, YATA, YATA. Mr. Trump may not use the correct words, BUT HE HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD WHEN HE SPEAKS.
    5th: CUT OFF CHINA.
    While all of the other candidates are traveling around the United States trying to raise money and this includes foreign countries, Mr. Trump is telling YOU what he plans to do to get the United States back on its feet. So, he steps on a few toes, rather than than we all live in poverty. God Bless You Mr. Trump.

  • BonnieU2T2 says:

    If they try to ban Trump from the debates, they will get the same kind of reaction they got when persecuting Chik-Filet and Hobby Lobby..If Trump is not on that stage, I will do my best to promote Avid Fox Fans like myself to NOT watch it…They are already publishing phony polls where they show Jeb Bush as the Front runner and diminish Trump’s numbers.. Do they really think we are that stupid? If they do that it would almost force us to advocate for a third party.

  • Ron Hirschkind says:

    The GOP is determined not to win the presidential election. They are Obama’s strongest ally. GOP stands for Grand Old Phonies. Trump is presenting so many issues, They could be winning issues but the GOP wants to lose. We send them to Washington to fight Obama and they do the opposite. Need to send O’boehner and O’Mitch packing. Trump has made the potential for winning the communist white house a real possibility. The republican party simply wants no part of it. The debate should be cancelled. It will be a joke and the hacks and so called candidates for the nomination will embarrass themselves.What a bunch of traitors these scumbags are. GO DONALD GO !!!!!!!!!

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    Just what are these so-called “Elites” afraid of? They haven’t selected a winner in the last two presidential elections.Are the elites trying to select a third loser for us? Let Trump in the debates; let the voters select the next winner or loser.

  • Mark Pascucci says:

    When “Johnny Red” Lindsay was re-elected as NYC Mayor in 1969, my father was appalled that he couldn’t find one person who voted for the bastard, yet there was back in office, with only about 42% of the vote. The same thing with the Hill/Billarys-elected in 1992, with 43%, re-elected with 48%. The establishment Republicans are probably gonna wind up re-doing 1992 all over again. They kick out Trump at the nation’s peril.

    1. MeForever says:

      at their peril.

  • game50 says:

    What a bunch of assholes…Donald is the best bet to win and take back America. If they can’t handle the truth they should get personal help and remove themselves for running for president.

  • Francis Howell says:

    I like Trump, he tells it like he see’s it, oh yel, and trying to get rid of him, I guess we will see…. Personally I think people like someone who stand up for what we believe…. I am tired of obama, hiliary, and congress letting him get by all this bull shit…. Trump will get the lang-o down, and show the people who want to be dip shits, how it down….

  • disqus_cBkQwOnJNc says:

    you republicans have developed into spineless cry babies that don’
    t deserve to be leaders of stand up for nothing. you stand against nothing.Mr. Trump has every right in this world to be at the debate. are you to spineless and afraid you can’t handle him? is he upsetting your cartel? Americans are tired of being run over and taken advantage of by you wantbee s . get real fellow. you are bleeding the backbone of america dry. the middle class.when we’re gone. your screwed

  • H.M.Stumpf says:

    If Trump is barred then so am I. No Donald then it’s no me.

  • Rick Stanley says:

    The GOP establishment is hell bent on destroying their own party… Hypocrits.

  • 63Marine says:

    Trump has as much right, maybe even more, to be in the debates, You other a-holes don’t want him there because he will expose you for the frauds that you are. He’s not afraid to call a spade a spade.

  • pete G says:

    I guess i haven’t been paying close enough attention to politics the last 30 years or so because it seems we have gotten so far away from the truth that now it scares these lying jackasses to death. If Trump continues to tell the truth, he has my vote. It’s the only thing that is going to save us now.

  • Catherine McCoy says:

    Donald, If they wont let you debate, do it anyway from a speaker system in the street

  • Duane A. Fisher says:

    The Republicans have stab us Republic voters in the back . Enough is enough. Trump is looking pretty good right now, Maybe if he is not on the ballet , i will write in Valdamir Putin!

  • Jean says:

    These men are forming form Coups against an other citizen who has a right to run for office. They do not have the character to SERVE as leaders of a Free nation. They are only fit to RULE banana republics. God forbid we allow them to turn us into such a place. They are proving that power means more to them than love and service to our nation. Their unwillingness to reign in government and an out of control government these past 6 years has further cemented their true heart is against the USA and their constituents. Of 16 candidates, I’ve only seen 2 (thus far) who are not on a power trip.

  • Snailmailtrucker says:

    You would think that these R’ Idiots would have learned a lesson after they immediately stabbed all of us R Voters in the back immediately after we busted ourAzzez to get the R’s the House and the Senate so they could STOP Obama’s policies….and what did they do….the went and supported the policies they were supposed to stop !

    The sooner you figure that out the better off you will be !

  • Ralph H Moran says:

    If the GOP bars Trump then we that like Trump should not watch the debates because all it will be is the same old stuff and we all know what that is, BS.

  • Brady Harness says:

    That Bunch of Crooks is trying to tell us through manipulations who we can and can’t Vote for to be Our Candidates!!! This is just another manipulation attempt at Our Government so common amongst the Elitists of both parties!!!

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  • ItsJo says:

    To try to BAR Trump from the debates, is the “whiny Establishment Rino’s AND Rove’s Death knell. They are Jealous that “We the People” ARE hearing Trump
    as he is speaking to OUR CONCERNS. The ONLY time that has happened with Most of the GOP, is when they Need our Votes, THEN THEY IGNORE ALL OF WHAT WE SAY/WANT/EXPECT FROM THEM.

    Good example is ‘Crybaby Boehner, and No Lip McConnell, McCain the Tough Guy, when these and Other RINO’s “have bent over backwards to GIVE IN TO WHATEVER OBAMA WANTS OR DOES-EVEN AGAINST THE REPUBLIC AND IT’S PEOPLE, AND THEY WATCH HIM DESTROY OUR FREEDOMS PRACTICALLY DAILY.

    Reince Pribus-YOU, need to wake up and OPEN this party to ALL it’s candidates OR you can Kiss this Election in 2016 Goodbye, as it’s like you are going to “cut your Own Throats.” Your people running, are on an “EGO TRIP-there is NO WAY that Most of them are going to make it, like Santorum, Chris Christie, Jeb(Mr. Amnesty at ALL Costs) AND Rubio, who has a bill in Congress that he Secretly IS pushing-that WILL replace Our OWN American Workers with Foreign Workers-LOOK it up in H1-B AND the I-Squared Bills-ALL DONE BEHIND CLOSED DOOR MEETINGS-HE is another RINO-intent on AMNESTY AND OPEN BORDERS)and some of the others’ that no one even heard of …..and they KNOW they can’t beat Hillary and the Other Cheaters…so WAKE UP.

  • tk-atty says:

    If the Rino’s or establishment republicans keep Trump out of the debates they will lose the election. They are say they are concerned for the “party” well that is the problem, they should be concerned about the American people! We gave them a mandate in the midterms to STOP OBAMA, but they bent over and gave him everything he wants, they are barely different than the democrats. Tome Cotton is the only one that did not vote to give Obama the power to make a deal with our enemy Iran, who lies through their teeth, they want us destroyed. That is why they lost the last two elections, they ran milk-toast wussy candidates rather than a strong conservative, which is what it is going to take to win. I will not vote for an rino ever again,. I would vote for Trump. Cruz, Jindal, Walker, or Fiorly (may not be spelling her name right) but that is it. The rest are the lapdogs of the GOP PARTY and are only interested in keeping their power, not protecting or representing the American people.

    1. empty pockets says:

      I’m content to let Trump be the moving target wearer on OUR issues–though they have never before been HIS issues–as long as he stays within the two-party lines. Not because I care a rotten fig for either Party anymore but because we simply do not have the time to piss away building a third VIABLE alternative. And we are a hair’s breadth from the cliff edge…and slam out of time.

      Cruz hasn’t needed any “evolutionary makeover” (like those who say they’ve “evolved”–code for “changed my words to what you want to hear”). Walker is another “evolved” pol on immigration and common core. Smart people do change their minds and positions as additional info is collected and makes one’s former positions wrongheaded. Politicians–whom we have learned the hard way we have good reasons to distrust–“evolve” as a political benefit…not the same thing to me. Timing too coincidental is suspicious.

      Jindal has some very good ideas on domestic and foreign policy including a workable and complete free market replacement for Obamacare which includes how to integrate AS the replacement.

      And Carly Fiorina, though considered by some to be another corporatist, struck me as a genuine, bare knuckle fighter. She’s feminine but far from frail and she backs down from no one. I was invited to a fundraiser where she answered every question without hemming and hawing, no hesitation or paring of words. She struck me as a real person, still connected to OUR reality. And she is consistently taking the attack to Hillary and the dem policies and doing a good job of it, too.

      Some of the others have good points (Paul’s tax plan, Rubio’s foreign policy rhetoric, etc.), just not more than bad points.

  • ijohnc1 says:

    All of us out here in Lah !Lah! land as our congress folks refer to us, should watch closely as to who votes to keep president Trump out of the debates, it will tell whose side they are on, the GOP click or fellow Americans,
    As the dark clouds of the current administration gather against Trump and his supporters, we will see our government use the same IRS and their tactics against him, unless they are busy cooking up a pot of meth, or watching porn, and maybe even figuring more ways they don’t have to pay the taxes they owe.

  • cab says:

    Like he put that illegal in his place. He WANTED to answer that question. The others are the the ones who tell u what u want to hear. That’s why the don’t want him included. He will make them look bad, like they r. Trump is being treated like he is becuz they are afraid of him. He’s doing something right otherwise they wouldn’t be worried about him.

  • NCnative says:

    The biggest reason why I like Trump is because he isn’t a politician. Because he isn’t a politician, he doesn’t really care what others think about him, as long as he gets his right to say what he honestly thinks. I would trust a big mouth, off the cuff shooter than all politicians. I certainly do not agree with everything Trump says, but he does speak in the same voice that I speak. I am tired of people promising the moon and delivering rain on my parade. I am sick of politicians telling me what I have to do, instead of them doing what I want them to do. If they don’t want to do their jobs, then they have no right to be there. There are times that I truly wish Trump would just shut the hell up, but I also wish he would keep piling it on thick and heavy, because it makes the Republicans worried and the Demoncrats scared. It might also show that enough people actually support what Trump is saying to convince the Republicans that it might actually be better to listen instead of trying to shut him down. If the Republican really want to take the White House, they would be wise to listen to what is getting the peoples support, instead of ignoring what doesn’t suit their agenda.

  • Kurt Hanssen says:

    Ewerything thy do against Tromp, its going to back fire, it’s reversed sykolegy. Bad publicity is steel publicity,and its free. All this is going to be in Trump’s favor. To more thy hate him, to more we the people love him.

  • JOHN VAUGHN says:


    1. Kurt Hanssen says:

      Regan was a movie star, best president ewer, so let us all try to stay away from politician’s, and put a man in charge that understan’s money, an to balance the budget

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