GOP field rips Obama’s move toward executive action to tighten gun control laws

by Joseph Weber
January 4, 2016

Republican presidential candidates are attacking President Obama’s plan to use his Oval Office powers to try to tighten gun-control laws, arguing his efforts are “unconstitutional” and another attempt to sidestep Congress.

“We’re not changing the Second Amendment,” front-running Donald Trump said Saturday at a campaign rally in Biloxi, Miss. “I will veto that. I will un-sign that so fast.”

Obama said over the weekend that he’ll meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss his options on tightening federal firearms laws to reduce gun violence, after instructing his White House team several months ago to look at what type of “action” he could take.

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  • pete G says:

    Never mind ripping his actions stop them.

  • I Seigel says:

    This news story is dated January 4. And almost ALL of the comments here were posted the same day, January 4. Obama announced his Executive Orders on January 5. How did all the candidates – and how did all of you – know what Obama was going to say? I would venture to guess that you weren’t going to listen to ANYTHING he has to say about this subject or any other subject.

    And please tell me which Executive Order that he announced is an effort to take away your legal guns? Did he announce more agents to do background checks and clear the backlog? (HINT: Yes). Did he announce that more gun dealers will need a federal license to sell? (HINT: Yes) Did he announce that he’d ask Congress for more funds to combat mental illness (something you all think is necessary)? (HINT: Yes) Did he announce ANY action that will make it illegal for YOU to own a gun you already have, or buy a gun you’re now LEGALLY entitled to own? (HINT: No).

    1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988 says:

      “This news story is dated January 4.”

      Actually, Seigel: if you were to pay attention you would have noted that it originated on Fox News on the 3rd:

      “Read the full article:”

      GOP field rips Obama’s move toward executive action to tighten gun control laws
      By Joseph Weber Published January 03, 2016

      Moreover, Seigel: did you ever hear of “telegraphing your punches”?

      Obama’s Politically Shortsighted Plan to Restrict Gun Rights by Executive Order

      President Obama expected to issue executive order on gun laws

      Obama Considering Executive Order On Gun Control

      Middle Georgia cheers, jeers Obama gun pronouncement

      1. I Seigel says:

        The story is dated Jan 4 on THIS website. If they pulled it from a Fox News story on Jan 3, then you’ve just reinforced my point even further. Obama announced his EO on Jan 5. The GOP was piling on TWO days before he made his announcements, and not one day. Thanks for making my point and for correcting my error.
        As to “telegraphing your punches”: Wouldn’t it be better and have more weight if the opposition were to actually let Obama declare his intentions before ripping into them? As it was, they were complaining about stuff that hadn’t even happened yet, which makes them all look kind of foolish and close-minded

        1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988 says:

          Maybe this will help you to understand the timings, Seigal:

          The White House
          Office of the Press Secretary
          For Immediate Release
          January 04, 2016
          FACT SHEET: New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer

          Moreover, it’s common practice to release copies of such announcements to the media before anywhere else; so it’s likely that Fox News, et al., had the story before it was posted to the W.H. web site.

  • pete G says:

    Now you tell me after hearing that Trump, if elected will veto Obama’s actions why would this dictator-like fool go through with this executive action if he new the next President would throw it out? I’ll tell you why he doesn’t plan on leaving office at the end of his term, what else could it be? Something is going on and it could have something to do with the newly formed militia in Oregon. Is he going to challenge them so he can remain in office? All of these Conservatives running better damn well find out.

  • BOC says:

    E.O., come-to-terms with it, long overdue.

  • cutterguy says:

    if congress would grow a set, they could get rid of this clown and his exec. orders. so much for that idea, to grow a set most would have to become men.

  • Ed Stahl says:

    Hey guys.. he doesn’t know what he is even talking about!! Pray tell,- any of you who served in service and wore a US uniform– did you ever say “gun” after about 6-8 weeks in boot camp? If you uttered that word within earshot of a “DI (or TI)”.. Your “Learning experience” got severely accelerated to say the least! “There is no such thing as a “gun” in military!! “Soldier”,- “you are holding a number of things” but NOT a GUN!! You can call it a “piece”, weapon, firearm, rifle, (or weapon designation — M1, M14, M15, M66 M19), ETC,ETC! A pistol can be described the same way.. YOU WILL Not only know how to service your weapon, you will know caliber,- effective range “Feet per second speed”, and cartridge size! You most likely can pick out proper ammunition out of a cloth bag full of misc sizes and calibers! Did you get to play the “Blindfold game with two or more disassembled firearms laid out on a table,- then pick out parts for yours, and re-assemble it to working order in “X” period of time? Now that varies with time- as you are required to get better and better! Once “mr whoever” gets educated on “firearms” I may be slightly more willing to listen to his drivel !!

    1. I Seigel says:

      People in the military wear a UNIFORM to distinguish and differentiate themselves from the regular citizenry. That’s because the military “world” and the citizen “world” are different – they have different laws, different command structures, different systems of reward and punishment, food, work, etc. So because a citizen calls a Glock or an AK-47 a “gun”, and a military person calls it a “weapon” is completely in keeping with the traditions and realities of the military being a separate “world”. And that’s why it’s very difficult to apply “citizen laws” to military actions and vice versa.

  • The Redhawk says:

    BHO-ZO talks….GUN sales go through the ROOF…and many say, the more he WHINES the more we BUY… Go at it BHO_ZO!
    Semper Fi

  • Oldawg70 says:

    It is waaay past time that the citizens of America stood up and removed this anti-American political terrorist from office and introduced him to JESUS…

  • Robert Early says:

    The real no longer about Obama. It’s really about us. How long, will we continue to tolerate the tyrant in the white house? He should have been removed long ago. Accept reality, people.
    This Congress will never impeach him. In a trial, much of their corruption would be revealed.
    You and I sit here pointing our fingers at the bad people in the White House, in the Courts, in Congress, and in the media. But, today I have determined that the real bad guy is me and many of you who do nothing but talk and complain. We sit and wait for the total destruction of our nation. Oh sure, we will vote in November, and hope for change. However, by then, all hope will be gone.
    The time for revolution is now; but who and where is our fearless leader. I fear that we have no leader; only “talkers”.
    Well, friends, if you and I won’t make it happen, then it’s not going to happen.

  • Seedman says:

    Actions speak louder than words. Republicans have been spouting empty worthless promises concerning skunk Hussein Obama since he became President.

  • Ronald Nelson says:

    Meeting with the AG will not change the US Constitution… all it should do is to affirm the un-Constitutional use of Executive Orders is unlawful and grounds for Impeachment. Loretta Lynch the AG is just one more out of control executive in this Administration… she is not fulfilling her responsibilities to the Constitution and the People.

    1. Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988 says:

      Before “constitutional law scholar” Barry HUSSEIN o`BeyMe tries to “reinterpret” the Gun Control Act of 1968 as to what constitutes a “Firearms Dealer,” he needs to research the “Rule of Lenity.”

  • TexRancher says:

    Obama couldn’t care less about “gun violence”. He’s just another dictator wannabe who is afraid of armed AMERICANS who are our last line of defense against an abusive government which is the original intent for 2nd Amendment!
    As for his executive orders; They apply only to those under his direct authority such as the military and federal employees. The rest of us can tell him to take them and shove ’em! Kenya Boy works FOR US and he had better understand that!

  • jerry young says:

    when will obama get it through his head making owning guns for law abiding citizens harder or confiscating them will not reduce crime? I guess oibama thinks of Americans as little children that needs spanked and punished for not doing as he says, well enough punishment already! what obama is doing is treason, drag him out in chains, break all his shiny pens and put the traitor in prison where he belongs

    1. John says:

      No! Put him on the gallows or the bullet=pocked wall!

  • Vic Bailey says:

    Lets face it folks, Bama is a Traitor to the People and our Constitution and he needs arrested for aiding our enemies, PERIOD! He NEVER has been an American, he is a Kenyan muslim! Semper Fi.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      HUHH-RAHH brother!……….The petulant Dictator seem to need another Instruction on the US Constitution and How a Constitutional Republic actually Works….He must have studied the Kenyan Constitution for Repressive Dictatorship…( and FLUNKED that one also)

      1. pete G says:

        Black people are never happy with America. I wish they would all move somewhere else so we could have some piece once, and a hell of allot less crime.

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