GOP finds its secret weapon

by Tim Devaney - The Hill
January 19, 2015

Republicans believe they have identified a potent weapon in their fight against President Obama’s regulatory agenda.

GOP lawmakers plan to employ the seldom-used Congressional Review Act (CRA), which gives lawmakers the power to formally disapprove of major agency rules, as they seek to ratchet up their attacks on federal red tape.

“It hasn’t been possible to use this in a divided Congress,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) told The Hill, “but now that it is, we certainly are interested in reviewing regulations to make sure they meet with congressional intent.”

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  • 48jerry says:

    the gop isn’t able to do anything

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Sounds promising and should separate conservative and liberal republicans even more. We’ll see what happens and how quickly.

    1. bobster1985 says:

      Liberal Republicans? There aren’t any. They’re as extinct as the dinosaurs. There are only conservative and reactionary Republicans today. And the reactionaries control the party right now.

      1. robmanwiller says:

        See my remark above, politically-challenged dolt.

  • CTH says:

    Why are they not already doing this at this very moment

    1. Aaron Vowels says:

      This is why:

      It is unlikely, however, that Republicans would be able to muster
      enough Democratic votes to override an Obama veto of any measure
      striking down major regulations.

      “It’s an exercise in futility for Republicans, because the way the CRA works is Congress has to pass it, but then it has to be signed into law by the president, and it’s very unlikely the president would sign off on this,” said James Goodwin, senior policy analyst at the left-leaning Center for Progressive Reform.

      It’s called checks and balances. It’s written in to the Constitution. You guys should read it some time.

      1. Tim Senter says:

        Mr Vowels, maybe you misunderstand how the checks and balances are supposed to work. As I understand the CRA, it is already law. Further, beuracracies are not supposed to be empowered over the people ( I understand that is what happens now) but our duly elected representatives that we then can remove from power when we desire. Checks and balances work both ways. The TOP consists of THREE CO-equal entities. It’s actually modeled after our triune God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These three in one always (unlike our current government) work in perfect harmony and would never encroach upon one another’s authority or responsibility. Our problem is that we have an adversarial spirit in our government that is vying for power.

        1. bobster1985 says:


          1. robmanwiller says:

            “Bwahahaha!” Now THERE’S an INTELLIGENT retort! Which one in the ‘box of rocks’ are you, sh*t-for-brains?

      2. Bob Stewart says:

        But it certainly puts democrats on record that they can’t deny.

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