GOP lawmakers told they’re inching closer to ObamaCare repeal deal

GOP lawmakers were told on a conference-wide call Saturday that they are getting closer to an agreement between centrists and conservatives that would allow legislation to repeal and replace ObamaCare to pass the House.

No deal is in place yet, however, though Republicans speaking on the call said there will be no vote until it’s certain the votes are there to pass the legislation.

“The votes will drive the timing of this,” one Republican lawmaker on the call told The Hill.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told House Republicans that while healthcare is still a priority, the spending bill needed to avert a government shutdown will be the “primary focus” of the coming week, according to a GOP source on the call.

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  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Well, the GOP could get the O’Bama Care Repeal Bill passed exactly like it became law; wait until all the Democrats go home and THEN hold a vote FOR it and get it passed and signed. Why was the I R S involved in it in the first place? The I R S has NOT paid the Insurance claims and that is why Insurance Companies opted out of O’Bama Care “Taxes”.

  • The Redhawk says:

    In the Words of a US Marine Gunny Sargent : GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER” CONGRESS…………ENOUGH Partisan BS… Work for the COUNTRY or GET OUT OF TOWN!!!
    So Ryan ,Mc Connell as well as Pelosi and UPCHUCK get your ” SH*T” together or get out of TOWN!!!

  • tryscavage says:

    The ‘medical problem’ is EASY to correct. just follow the money and I guarantee that it does not lead to the Doctor.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      It’ll Lead to Pharma,,,Ins Companies….Hospitals…AARP and ELECTED OFFICIALS who Voted for IT!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Trump never intended to repeal Obamacare in the first place.

    Trump promoting this P0S gave the impression of progress without actually accomplishing anything except willingly betraying his supporters.

    ……Yes, I said Trump willingly betrayed his supporters!

    Repeal it completely like the CBO analysis said and Trumps supporters wanted! But Nooooo!!

    Yes, 7 years was long enough to craft a replacement bill, but the e/GOP RINO’s never thought Trump would be elected!

    …….Hellll, most of the e/GOP RINO’s voted for Hillary anyway!

    That’s why nothing worthwhile was ready.

    60 Senate votes needed? …No! The Senate Nuclear option could have been used to repeal it completely, if they had the balls to do it. They did not and do not!

    Tom Delay is correct. The House Freedom Caucus did the country a big favor!

    1. Retired says:

      No matter what party , they all promise this and that ,but never happens . Trump is a Outsider that does not know all the loop holes put in place for decades that are hard to overcome . Congress does not want the Public to learn how bad they have Pooped on the Tax Payer for decades . The media as well as members of congress do not want to give him a chance to succeed .

      1. The Redhawk says:

        IT took 18 Months for Ovomt and his KKLAN to het O care done….Congress at present can’t even Wipe Their Butts never mind WORKING on ANYTHING BIG!!
        Reagan took 18 mots before finally getting TAX CUTS ….WHY THE RUSH by PRESSTITUTES and WEAK GUTTS to rush to another DIsaster????
        The (D) Nazi party opposes the wall just so they can ADD Voters to their Rolls…Crime, Drugs Prostitution not with standing!!
        Can some idiots ever GROW UP>>>???

  • Patriot41 says:

    One will not hold his breath waiting for the GOP to repeal the ACA law. No matter how you look at this situation, there will be a half hearted political compromise in changing parts of that law.

    When you have a Congress that has spent this nation into a twenty trillion dollars national debt and a new president who wants to spend a trillion more dollars on his domestic agenda, you have a very serious financial dilemma facing you with financial spending priorities.

    From what we have seen thus far, the ACA bill is not at the top of those priorities. Thus far, members of Congress have balked on even voting for nullification or change of the ACA law, because of the financial concerns involved and because they don’t even have a good replacement healthcare bill. How then can they nullify the ACA bill? At this point in time they cannot, without making healthcare matters worse then they already are. They can only modify the ACA laws to appease the voters, until they can put together a more effective healthcare system, if they ever do.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Force them to go on Obama’s ACA and there will be changes made, if we’e not to good for the sh$t neither are they!!

    2. Peter Smith says:

      Don’t replace the ACA with anything! Just REPEAL the dadgum thing and be done with it. It is not the job of the federal government to be in the healthcare industry. Healthcare should be in the hands of the citizens, their employers, the healthcare industry, and the states. Get rid of the albatross tied to the necks of every single taxpayer in this nation. We have more important issues to deal with ……

      1. Retired says:

        Let the Elected pay and buy their own health Insurance. Then you will see a clamp down on the Insurance Industry .

        1. Peter Smith says:

          I agree. But the problems have less to do with the insurance industry and more to do with the fact that just about everything the federal government touches turns to SH-T! Repeal Obamacare, replacement is not that important right now, if ever.

      2. Patriot41 says:

        What you say Peter is correct, however it is impossible to repeal the ACA at this time, because lower income earners were placed on Medicaid and would have nowhere to turn for medical assistance. You do not understand the political nightmare that would occur from doing so!

        The only possibility for replacing the ACA at this point in time, wold be to have a replacement healthcare system that would provide healthcare for those who would be left without access to our medical system and there is no such replacement program that has been created. You cannot correct the system by making it worse for citizens in this nation and that is the current problem.

        1. Peter Smith says:

          Not impossible to repeal and very much a necessity at this point in time. It’s a luxury we can’t afford.
          As far as replacement, I cannot find one law or rule that states it is the responsibility of the government to provide health insurance for everyone. Call it cruel, call it callous. We have bigger problems facing our nation right now than to get hung up on a replacement option. If there is a replacement ready, fine. But we cannot sit back and wait on this issue. Repeal it Now!

          1. Patriot41 says:

            You obviously are a young zealot who never had to depend on the government for medical care, before or after the ACA was passed.

            When the government gives healthcare benefits to citizens and others in this nation and then snatches those benefits from them, the government creates a legal nightmare for itself. This apparently escapes your mental capabilities.

            All politicians know that if this ACA is repealed without a replacement bill, they are facing the loss of their profession, so it will never happen! You need to learn about the political world.

            Yes, we have many more serious problems facing this nation at the time and that is why one has said that we have time to work on the healthcare system that is equitable for all of our citizens.

            At this time, we need to first enforce the laws of our nation, create jobs for our people so that they will have the opportunity to pay their way within this society.

          2. Peter Smith says:

            A “young zealot”? I’m 57 years old Patriot. I’ve been an active participant in the workforce for well over 40 years. I have earned the healthcare insurance I receive through my employer(s) over the last 30 years.
            I understand the situation in ways you obviously do not. These healthcare benefits should have never been “given”. There must be some accountability by those receiving these benefits. The problem is that this measure of accountability doesn’t exist because the ACA was never meant to succeed. The ACA was a first step to a “single payer system”, i.e., socialized medicine.
            I understand the situation much better than you think.

          3. Patriot41 says:

            Glad you clarified your understanding and reason for the current ACA law and one does agree with what you have said. Still there are (citizens) in this nation that need medical attention and there must be consideration for those who do, until a more adequate system can be developed.

            Yes, the ACA law was designed to promote a single payer system and is in fact a socialized medical program. Such systems have never been proven to work, yet we do not have a medical system today, that does work. So your response is to deny medical help to (citizens) that cannot afford the current program? That dog does not hunt!

          4. Peter Smith says:

            We’ve had a safety net for those needing care but unable to afford that care for many years. Medicaid is the first line on that safety net. It is funded by the taxpayers and is given to those unable to pay. Has worked for many years, albeit not always perfectly.

          5. Patriot41 says:

            Years ago we had a good medical system, not so today for many obvious reasons. There have been major forced changes in our medical system that need to be corrected. Until then, we will continue to struggle with the problems and hopefully come up with an effective solution.

          6. Peter Smith says:

            Agreed. But even our medical system working at 60% is still better than the rest of the world. And the number one forced change is the ACA. Get rid of it and both sides of the aisle WILL come together if for no other reason than the self serving reason of keeping their jobs.

          7. Patriot41 says:

            Can’t agree here, as democrats keep their jobs by creating such laws and then foolishly defending most of their failures.

        2. Peter Smith says:

          Also Patriot41, we survived the whole thing before Obamacare, I’m pretty sure we’d figure a way to make it work again if necessary.

          1. Patriot41 says:

            Before Obamacare Peter, we did not have another 120 thousand citizens who were freely given access to our medical system, a long with all of the illegal immigrants now taking part in it, a big difference.

          2. Peter Smith says:

            And why are we allowing illegals and the non-descript “120 thousand citizens” to freely gain access to our medical system? More accurately put, free access to our ACA system in place. Their not paying for it, they shouldn’t be allowed access. Like I’ve said, it is not my responsibility to pay for “thee”, only to pay for “me and my own.”

          3. Patriot41 says:

            One does not disagree with what you have said here Peter, in fact one has made the same point on several occasions. However that problem can be resolved by cutting off those who are not eligible as citizens, for such benefits. You don’t destroy the medical system by completely abandoning it in this case, you enforce the laws of the nation!

          4. Peter Smith says:

            There must be a threshold level if accountability by both parties in this issue. If people are ineligible for these benefits, we should just waive their accountability? This medical system you speak of is not working, by plan. This is one law that should be ended because it is not a law that is in our nation’s best interests.

          5. Patriot41 says:

            You are correct about this law not being in the best interest of our citizens and that is precisely why there is so much conflict going on about the ACA bill. Your answer has been to totally nullify it without concern for all of our citizens. You would only be creating an even worse situation by doing so.

          6. Peter Smith says:

            America has always managed to take care of our citizens, for the most part. It might be rough for a short time, but our own veterans have been treated worse and their dilemma continues. Nothing would make the Congress work harder than “We the People” putting their feet to the fire ………

  • suz says:

    Repeal it all together or we will replace you

    1. Christopher Riddle says:

      RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Sylviabblythe says:

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