GOP nixes Eric Holder’s demand for money for illegals

The Republican-led House has shot down — for yet another time — the Justice Department’s request for money to pay for lawyers to represent and defend the scores of illegal minor-age immigrants who’ve poured into the United States in recent months.

More than 40 percent of the illegals have been processed absent legal representation, Politico reported.

The Justice Department is already being sued in federal court in Seattle by six child plaintiffs — illegals from Guatemala and el Salvador — who say their processing was unfair because they didn’t have access to tax paid attorneys, Politico reported.

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  • awegweiser says:

    We freely admitted hoards of Cubans and Haitians? What’s the difference –
    age? The way they a likely to vote when of age? Influential relatives already here?

  • infadelicious says:

    boehner’s an idiot

  • C K Johnson says:

    Holder Uphold the Constitution and chase them back into Mexico. They are not entitled to legal representation .They are not legal citizens. The DOJ will not get legal representation for our hero patriot veteran in a Mexican jail. You need to go to HELL>

  • jak says:

    ILLEGAL ALIENS of all ages do not deserve free legal advice. ILLEGAL ALIENS have NO rights. They are not ENTITLED to anything. PERIOD. DEPORT THEM ALL.

  • squeak says:

    Boehner better not give any money to support any part of these Illegals that came here in droves… they should not be allowed to attend our Schools… time we take a stand to what WE AMERICANS want from this Administration, Holder needs to take a hike & take Obama & the Regime with him ! WE WANT THESE ILLEGALS DEPORTED, CHILDREN, ALL OF THEM ! PERIOD !

  • TAM44 says:

    Let that boy eric holder pay for these a holes lawyers, stupid idiot he is just like brother obama.

  • Mike Spanjer says:

    screw you holder

  • Librrlintlickers says:

    So tell me, Tim, why did all these illegal children choose to flood the border NOW? Who invited them to create this emergency?

    1. I Seigel says:

      I can answer for Tim. The illegal children are escaping extreme violence from drug gangs, corruption from police and government, and severe poverty. Much of these problems was caused by US policy, specifically the War on Drugs targeting Colombia, and the massive amounts of aid to corrupt governments to prop up dictators and multinationals in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

  • Rossbach says:

    What legal right do illegal aliens have to taxpayer-funded legal services? Of course, if it comes to that, why should illegals be entitled to any taxpayer-funded services?

  • johnsnare says:

    Processing was unfair because these illegal scum bags, did not have access to American Taxpayer paid attorneys.? Amazing. This group of illegal malcontents, think we should. pay for their attorneys.? They have no legal right to be here, and they are looking for an attorney.? You do not belong here. We have enough of your non English speaking wet backs, receiving free stuff. Go the hell back home.

  • Tim says:

    Nicely misrepresented issue. The funds requested by the Justice Department were to enable timely compliance with U.S. law signed into effect by George W. Bush. Under the law legal representation will be required regardless of how long it takes and the longer it is delayed the longer we will have to pay for food and shelter before sending most of them home.

  • Richard Schwartz says:


    1. I Seigel says:

      Then you must also feel that way about the churches, because many church officials have come out in support of helping the children and not automatically deporting them.

      1. dprato says:

        You don’t want to go there with Churches. Many Churches are loaded with pedophiles and I am sure they would love to have more kids in the country to abuse. Churches and church leaders are not exempt from scandals and misdeeds and as a matter of fact do some fairly heinous things in the name of religion.

        1. I Seigel says:

          It sounds like you’re referring to the Catholic churches. The religious leaders that have come out in support of these children represent a wide spectrum of churches in country, including Evangelical Christian. Are you going to condemn all churches because of a FEW pedophiles in a FEW Catholic churches?

          1. dprato says:

            You seem to know it all so do your research and I am sure you will find perverts, criminals and all the other things that happen is society happening in the religious institutions as well. You certainly don’t believe because it is a Church they are immune from wrong doing I hope.

          2. I Seigel says:

            There’s a few bad church people. Just like there are a few bad cops and bad soldiers and bad parents and bad doctors. I repeat my question: Are you going to say ALL churches are bad because of a few pedophiles?

          3. dprato says:

            Sure why not, that’s an opinion and if you don’t like it read the 1st Amendment to the Constitution or perhaps like the President it means little to you. Keep pontificating, you have a long way to go to convince anyone you really know what you are talking about.

          4. I Seigel says:

            And now you sound like a 5th grader. Are you going to stick your thumbs in your ears and yell “nya nya nya”? If you have kids, I hope you’ve raised them to think more logically that you’re demonstrating here.

          5. dprato says:

            And who anointed you as the expert and chief of logic. You believe because a Church or Churches backs something that automatically makes it right?
            There have been many horrendous things attributed to all types of Churches and Religions throughout history and they at times have had the lock on hypocrisy and cruelty. Its always nice to support something you don’t have to pay for. If anyone here has a 5th grade mentality its you for being an ego maniac and actually believing the nonsense you try to sell in your comments on here. They represent nothing but a narrow point of view and certainly not the majority point of view.

          6. I Seigel says:

            I do NOT believe because a Church or Churches backs something that automatically makes it right. In fact, I wholeheartedly agree with you that churches and religions throughout history have practiced evil and have been responsible for untold suffering, death and destruction. And I’m not limiting my comment to just Christian or Catholic churches or “The Church”.

            But on the other hand, it sounded like you or notyranny47 were saying that because the church or church leaders were backing something, that automatically made it wrong because they were “loaded with pedophiles”. I apologize if I jumped to that conclusion incorrectly, but you didn’t say anything to make me think otherwise. And the original commenter, Richard Schwartz, who my church response was directed to in the first place, hasn’t responded.

            And I also agree with you that my point of view certainly doesn’t represent the majority point of view HERE.

          7. notyranny47 says:

            Yes, there are pedophiles in many churches, but there are more than a “FEW”in the Catholic church. Do some research. AND BTW – in a country that is almost 200 trillion in debt including unfunded liabilities of SS, Medicare and Medicaid – just let us all in on where the money is going to come from to pay for all the illegals (including MS13 cartel, rapists, murderers, etc)? Just answer that one question and we can put it all to rest. Well, two questions: What about the barbaric crime they bring with them? Any reason we’d want to be bringing in people who have no qualms about beheading? Or are you not aware how many of those there have been? Yep, tell us the solution to those and we can rest well.

          8. I Seigel says:

            Issue #1: According to the figures, there are pedophiles in the Catholic church. Amongst all Catholic churches and all the people who work in them, the number of pedophiles is a very small percentage.

            Issue #2: Your “200 trillion in debt” figure appears nowhere on any accounting books of the US government. That figure was invented to be a scare tactic in which it totals EVERY obligation of the US government to infinity, assuming there is NO further income and no change to the economic status quo of FIVE YEARS AGO.

            Where will all the money come from, you ask? How about changing one single aspect of the tax code, and tax income above $190,000/year for SS and Medicare. You realize those earners don’t pay ANY SS taxes on their incomes above that amount? So all the young Wall Streeters and lobbyists and tech gurus pay NOTHING on their bloated salaries above that amount. Maybe you make more than $190,000/year, or maybe you don’t. But I personally don’t think that’s fair.

            Issue #3: Firstly, there is a legitimate reason to detain and deport “MS13 cartel, rapists, murderers, etc.” But there are VERY FEW children in that group. Do you want to assume every child is a murderer or rapist? Secondly, in order to determine who the murderers, rapists, etc are, you have to be able to hold and process them. Background checks, hearings. etc. You can’t just ASSUME that every woman with her children is a murderer or rapist, or every man with his family is a cocaine lord. So you need to provide some accommodations to these people at the border while they’re being processed. That’s where a lot of the money is going that the government is asking for – money to comply with laws that were signed by George W Bush.

      2. notyranny47 says:

        There’s big money being ponied up by the govt (TAXPAYERS) for the Catholic churches.

        1. I Seigel says:

          There’s big money being ponied up by the Catholic church – and ALL churches – to affect government policy and elections. A clear violation of their “non-profit” status. ALL non-profit status for ALL organizations should be eliminated.

  • Betty Hanner says:

    i think they should be sent back to ther mon and dad they sent them over here for us to raise i for one dont wont to raise any more kids then when they are grown they will turn right around fight us so send them back

  • dprato says:

    To the contrary I think the notion that tax paying American Citizens need to foot the bill for illegals to the tune of 100 billion a year and the notion that this is ok is ridiculous. When people come here illegally they should be sent home period. They do not deserve nor have they earned the right to be protected by our Constitution. What exactly do you think the term illegal means and it is also illegal not to enforce our own laws otherwise they mean nothing.

  • steve52276 . says:

    Eric holder, the clown puppet.

  • gypsy314 says:

    Doj is not for the American people any longer it is now under control of a tyrant leaders and democrat are the blame. Folks America need a lot less government. Why pay feds to take states money and then turn around and blackmail states to get there money back from a to z name it feds control money and states and Americans citizens suffer the feds raft and pocketing the money or loosing it. It is time feds and there workers find another job let the states control their tax payer money and answer to the citizens of their states. Get rid of middle man feds. Also all leaders going to washington should be limited and new laws should go before the people to have there say not crooks in washington scam system and sending our money to terrorist. People must take back the government period. I hope we can do it peacefully if not then by force. Look Americans have a budget so I say government must have one approved by the people period. Why is our leaders get blank checks and then borrow because we do not have it. This must stop now. Why does government have better packages then its citizens? Something wrong with this picture period. We no longer need federal workers if states handle the tax money period and if states do not pass audit then someone goes to jail no pass on going to jail and feds must go to jail even leaders no more passes on crimes against the people period.

  • Dwimby says:

    It defies all credibility that the AG is asking for these funds. The only money Americans should be asked to pony up would be the rental trucks required to carry all the illegals in the country back into Mexico. We can do no more. We must stop this insane toleration of a HUGE amount of lawlessness which our leaders seem to condone, outwardly. We have never had a such an anti-American lowlife in the AG job. And there have been plenty of really bad AGs. But never this bad, not in modern times. That goes for his deplorable boss too. They are the same brand of charlatan.

  • Dan says:

    Remember these democrats live by Rahm Emanuel’s famous comment when he was WH chief of staff. “Never let a crisis go to waste”. If there isn’t a crisis create one, that’s exactly what this administration has done on the boarder

  • mlb_1902 says:

    I have lived here all my life, born and raised and proud of being an American and living in the greatest country in the world but as far as these illegals we do not owe then anything let along a lawyer. We did not invite them to invade our country with the diseases we got rid of.
    We need to get tough on all of these illegals sneaking into this country and ship them all home. Look at the Hero Marine in jail in Mexico and they won’t let him out and Obama won’t even try to get him out because he can’t trade him for a deserter and 5 terrorist. I am so sick of this government doing for every cry baby from another country but they won’t do a damn thing for our Veterans.
    Time to get rid of everyone of the bastards that call themselves senators and House members and elect decent citizens who love America and the citizens and will work for the people and not against the people or for what they want and too hell with the people. All the people are good for is to pay more taxes to pay their salary and for all of their perks. I love my country but hate my government and my parents taught us to respect our government but if they were alive today they would not be saying that. God bless America

    1. plum82 says:

      our deceased relatives would be AGHAST at what is happening to this country ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      1. hankrbradley says:

        Yeah my dad a lifelong democrat, US Navy in WW2 would be shocked! Not his Democrat party or the country he fought for anymore.

    2. dave ussery says:

      I was always taught that respect has to be earned, all this administration has earned from me is disgust and hatred!-SCREW PC!!!!!!

    3. I Seigel says:

      Where is this “Hero Marine” from? Where are his senators and congressmen, and why aren’t they out in front of the cameras every day making this an issue? Why did Congress go on their 5 week vacation and not even draw attention to this guy, much less pass a resolution declaring their support for him and demanding his release? And how do you KNOW what’s going on behind the scenes to secure his release? How does Fox, Breitbart or Drudge KNOW?

      I am so sick of this Congress investigating over and over again all these alleged conspiracies and taking their long vacations, but they won’t do a damn thing for our veterans.

  • Chuckster777 says:

    Are all blacks as ignorant as Holder or is this just a fluke??!!!

  • Michael Valgos says:

    We have an enormous amount of people that are citizens who desperate for help, but our government will not help them. So they keep asking for money for illegals? What is that the common crook Holder doesn’t understand about no, no no, but fxxk no money for these illegal kids, and why are the courts in Seattle even hearing cases of this nature. It is time the citizens of this country put their foot down, and hard. We have fought and died for this country, and now these illegals think they can just come and take what we have worked for.

  • dprato says:

    Excuse me but where did this notion start that if you don’t live here legally you have Constitutional Rights like those of us who do? Do you suppose if we crossed the border illegally in North Korea, Iran or any number of Countries that the people in those Countries would be concerned about our legal rights.
    We would have no rights. We would be sent to the local Kangaroo Court be tried and sentenced and be locked up for who knows how long. The real funny thing is if you did the same thing in Mexico they just put you back on a plane and send you back to where you came from. You get nothing by the way of legal help, least of all from the Mexicans.

    1. I Seigel says:

      People from ANY country – Britain, Russia, Israel, Brazil, etc – who visit this country for whatever reason are governed by our laws and are protected by our Constitution. You don’t have to be a citizen to be protected or prosecuted by our laws. This “notion” started a LONG time ago. In case you haven’t noticed, this country operates differently than North Korea or Iran. Do I understand you to say that you think their systems are superior to ours?

      1. dprato says:

        To the contrary, I think that it is ridiculous that we spend 100 billion a year of the taxpayers money to indulge this notion of illegals having rights and demanding this or that as though they were the ones footing the bill. What exactly don’t you understand about the definition of illegal? They should all be sent back period. I have a daughter in law from Argentina who came here legally. Are you suggesting two systems. One for those who obey the laws and one for those who disrepect our laws and our Country. I don’t know where you come from but you and I do not see this issue alike at all.

        1. I Seigel says:

          In my previous post, I was not stating an opinion. I was pointing out a fact, and this is how this country has operated for a very long time. And I was specifically responding to your opening question, “Excuse me but where did this notion start that if you don’t live here legally you have Constitutional Rights like those of us who do?”

          The Taliban et al prisoners who are being kept in Guantanamo are subject to these same conditions; i.e., they are not citizens, and yet the US has chosen to afford them the rights as dictated by the Constitution and our judicial system. We are spending many millions of dollars to maintain the facilities at Guantanamo and to house those prisoners. Again I repeat – this isn’t my opinion, this is an observable fact.

          As I said, any visitors to this country – non-citizens – are governed by our laws and have rights provided by our Constitution and legal history. We have ONE legal system for citizens, non-citizens, tourists and terrorists. Fact, not opinion.

          I can appreciate what you’re saying, but you’re stating personal anecdote and opinion, which is fine. But when you begin your post, “To the contrary” and then try to refute my facts with your opinions and anecdotes, it’s not a valid argument.

          1. dprato says:

            Unfortunately you forget that you asked me at the end of you last post if I thought the system in Iran, North Korea etc was better than ours and I responded to the Contrary. You might want to listen and give your tongue a rest pontificating on here as though opinion is irrelevant and only your facts count. I will stick with everything I said regardless of the law. Since we routinely violate not only the Constitution and many of our immigration laws today, we should all have the right to pick and choose as the President does which ones we want to obey and which we do not. So, please, don’t site the law to me.

      2. notyranny47 says:

        Yes, when they visit – NOT WHEN THEY INVADE!!! Maybe you haven’t heard the horror stories of the murders committed by the criminals coming over. And how DARE they demand taxpayer-paid lawyers! We owe invaders squat.

        1. I Seigel says:

          INVADE huh? You make it sound like these children have bronze armor, carrying spears and riding chariots. Or coming across in armored personnel carriers. Or a swarm of killer bees. These are kids running across the desert – no food, no water, no weapons. Hardly an “INVASION”. Again, you’re succumbing to the frenzy and hysteria being whipped up by Rush, Sean et al. Take a deep breath, step back a minute, and really try to picture what’s going on there and analyze the situation. Stop being a puppet.

          1. awegweiser says:

            Give those children the same food and comfortable living conditions we provide for the millions we have stupidly locked up in prisons, and see a lot of happy kids. Have got any room in Gitmo?

      3. dave ussery says:

        AS FAR AS THEIR border laws are concerned hell yes they’re superior to Odipshits ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Tim says:

      It’s more than a “notion” it is the law. The requirement for legal representation was put into place by George W. Bush with the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008. Your excused.

      1. dprato says:

        Trafficking is different from what this article is all about. You are excused.

        1. Tim says:

          You really don’t know what you are talking about dprato, this is exactly the issue that has brought about this situation.

          1. dprato says:

            Trafficking and illegal immigration are not the same thing as it applies to illegal immigration. Not all illegals are trafficked. So who doesn’t know what they are talking about? Do a little research before you tell others how it is.

          2. Tim says:

            That’s right, they are not the same thing. But the law requires adjudication in the case of children to determine who came illegally and who might qualify for protection under that 2008 law. The system has been overwhelmed with the numbers so additional funds are needed to process the cases in a timely manner. Most will be sent home and there is no point in keeping them in our custody longer than necessary. You are the one that swallows attention grabbing headlines and doesn’t bother to understand the issues.

          3. dprato says:

            Nice try but you got caught trying to BS me so take a hike and quit trying to recover from a blatant error in the statement you made and now are trying to find an out. Trafficking and Illegal Immigration are NOT necessarily synonymous. Some trafficking does involve illegal immigration but most illegal immigration has nothing to do with the legal definition of trafficking. When an irresponsible parent sends their children voluntarily with “Coyotes” to come to a foreign Country by themselves, that in itself ought to tell you what you are dealing with. Think about it, would you send your kids by themselves to a foreign Country with people who are likely to try to exploit them in one way or the other? I doubt it.

          4. Tim says:

            dprato, you really don’t grasp the issue here, it has to do with a procedure laid out in the 2008 law. Don’t rely on what I’ve said, it’ not hard to research with google. As I said, most of these kids will be sent home but if they claim they are fleeing danger or persecution they have to through extra legal procedures and be adjudicated. If you don’t like the law wright your Congressman.

          5. dprato says:

            You have a good night in LaLa Land with the rest of your friends. I am done with your deflections.

          6. Tim says:

            Sometimes reality is hard to understand, especially for those who prefer willful ignorance.

          7. dprato says:

            I hope you get well soon.

          8. awegweiser says:

            Did it occur to you that an”irresponsible parent” might be so desperate to remove his children from the deadly and hideous conditions in which they live, that they are willing to take a very long chance on a possibly better end for them?… Nah, couldn’t be, these are brown parents and children – a different and lower species of life from us – even Jesus ignored them – didn’t he?

          9. dprato says:

            Actually the race card you are playing has nothing to do with it since I have a daughter in law who comes from Argentina and did so legally so you can stuff that part of your comment wherever it fits. When you consider that these kids could be channeled to pedophiles, be put into slavery, and otherwise abused I think it would take a fairly horrendous situation to have a parent do that. Some of them have claimed it has to do with gangs. Well depending on where a kid winds up here he could be just as bad off. I will stick with my original comment and I think that it might be nice for those responsible parents to try and fix their own countries before peddling their problems off on us. As for you, take a hike.

    3. Sam says:

      Try going to mexico without the proper documentation and see the accommodations you will get. Ask OUR Marine that is in jail in that GOD forsaken wasteland……!!

      1. dprato says:

        I agree but the pro amnesty group on here conveniently forgets about stuff like that. They think its OK for the tax payers to foot all the bills to the tune of $100 billion a year for these folks while American Citizens go without jobs. They also don’t consider all the legal immigrants who come here who have to jump through hoops to do so. I know, first hand, because I have a daughter in law from Argentina who did it the legal way and it wasn’t easy. The mentality on this and many other issues before us today can only be described as, NUTS.

  • awegweiser says:

    Nice job, GOP. let the children die – your Family Values bullshit only apply to you.Instead of involking your Jesus, play some attention to what He had to say.

    1. notyranny47 says:

      how many of them have you adopted, fed, clothed, housed, educated, provided medical care for? You must not pay attention very well, because already 2 of the MS13 gang members have murdered a homeless man, and there are daily reports of rape and murder by these ‘kids.’ One teenage illegal even admitted to the authorities where he was being housed that he committed his first murder for the cartels when he was 8!! What did Jesus have to say? Do not kill. He that does no work, let him not eat. Read it for yourself. And by the way, one question. WHERE is the money going to come from to take care of them? AND — are you saying that Americans who struggle to care for their own have no right to question whether those coming illegally are here to do them harm, either physically or financially ruin them? The Democrat/Communist party wants them here to get them on the govt dole because that way, they’ll join the rest of the welfare state (until the country is sucked dry) THEN AND ONLY THEN will you suffer like we all will under a totalitarian regime — if you study history, you’ll find not once did such a regime work out well for the people. But it’ll be too late.







  • RobNClt says:

    About 100,000,000 million of U.S. Citizens should force these people out

  • Tutu says:

    Congress needs to change the law that requires illegals to get free attorneys. How ridiculous, to come here illegal and then demand lawyers. Contact your congressman and senator to change the law immediately and if vetoed, publish the names of those who would not vote to override the veto.

  • sutherncon says:

    Then let them sue. They should not get tax-paid support of any kind. If they have been processed, fairly or unfairly, why haven’t they been deported? This administration must have a lot of body odor.

  • Bill T Smith says:

    mr holder they are and do not have the rights of American citizens if you want them to then it shall come from your pockets along with any one in the dem party for it not americans

  • regulus30 says:

    dumocraps and left wing media stooges are covering for these racist bast666rds so they don’t look stupid [not possible to do]; blacks support him because his skin is dark..liberal left wing bigots/racists.

  • regulus30 says:

    bada boom bada bing;; kick this corrupt racist pri66ck back to Chicago.

  • Alana Marie Woolard says:

    IN addition, it’s thed ACLU that is pushing this in Seattle, and they know we don’tt provide lawyersfor civil cases which these are! They are st trying to push it to see how far? I can’t believe Holder is buying into this unless they are in cahoots!

  • Alana Marie Woolard says:

    We don’t provide attorneys for children/adults for civil case’s for legal citizens! Why would we provide them for illegals? That is truly discrimination!

  • ralfo says:

    “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”. Looks like Holder & his erstwhile illegal “chuldren” ain’t happy campers. Talk about “biting the hand that feeds you”. Adios!

  • Librrlintlickers says:

    The Dumbocrats create the emergency and then want BILLIONS to bale their sorry asses out of the problem that THEY created…..This is exactly why we should NEVER have another Democrap, Commie, Progressive f–king IDIOT in office ever again!!

    1. plum82 says:

      AND not one but TWO terms………AND I just read that white americans are no longer the majority…….what does that tell you ?

      1. I Seigel says:

        White Americans are still in the majority but soon won’t be.

        1. plum82 says:

          NOT according to what I’ve read !!!!!!!!!!!

          1. I Seigel says:

            I do understand your meaning. However, the Census Bureau counts “White Americans” as “Non-Hispanic/Latino” and “Hispanic/Latino”. And genetically, Latinos/Hispanics are Caucasian, the same as “White Americans”. The only data other than the official Census Bureau data is simply hearsay and anecdotal, and can be whatever the source’s bias, if you think about it.

      2. notyranny47 says:

        That’s Obama’s dream for America – for the whites to be outnumbered.

        1. plum82 says:

          check out

    2. I Seigel says:

      This emergency started a LONG time ago. Did we have this problem when Colombia was the main supplier of cocaine? No. The problem started when we started pouring all this money into the War on Drugs and made Colombia the ground zero of that war. The cocaine growers and providers moved to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The Salvadoran gangs from LA moved back home. Now you have a HUGE drug and violence problem and Central America, and a lot of corruption that comes from the drug money and all the money that America continues to pour into the area for “training” of local police to fight the drugs.

      This isn’t a Democratic problem or a Republican one, solely. It’s both. It’s an AMERICAN problem caused by 30+ years of failed US policy. We need to stop the failing “War on Drugs” and we need to stop spending money to prop up dictators, multinationals and corrupt police and army.

    3. Tim says:

      The requirement for this representation was put into place by George W. Bush with the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008. Your “creation theory” is fiction.

  • American Me says:

    It is about time the GOP steps up and stops the flow of money.Should have done it a few Trillion ago.Here is an idea on dealing with illegals.Tell them to get out and don’t ever come back.I am so sick of hearing about what Illegal Aliens want.Here is what I want—-The Border Closed,The KeyStone XL Pipeline buildt,Obama Gone,All Illegals Gone and all the racism stopped.I know that is a lot but we can dream,Can’t We………

  • Martin Mark says:

    Gee I thought you had to be a citizen in this country legally to be afforded the rights of the constitution. Why would we have to pay for illegal people who broke the law coming here to have taxpayer paid rights to lawyers. Maybe they should have thought of that before they were sent here. stop them at the

    border turn them around no processing no health care no lawyers. Build the wall and block the border 100%. This is an invasion created by the Obama administration to flood the country with takers and swing the majority to those on the toll. IT MUST BE STOPPED NOW!!!

    1. shirley j Dolgin says:

      GO to U tube and watch James ) Keef cross the border as Osama BEN Laden,And see just how our borders are secured.

    2. plum82 says:

      bottom line…..OBUMMER elected NOT ONCE but TWICE……..IT MUST BE STOPPED NOW? AND who is going to stop it pray tell ????

      1. Sam says:

        Brought to you by the Demoncrapic Party. And next to the plate will be Hitlery clinton…… NOT!!!!!!!!! OR, we are doomed!!!!!

    3. I Seigel says:

      “I thought you had to be a citizen in this country legally to be afforded the rights of the constitution.” You thought wrong. Taliban prisoners, Chinese tourists, and Indian hi-tech workers are all afforded the rights of our Constitution while in the US or its territories, like Guantanamo.

  • williweb says:

    They don’t deserve legal representation especially at taxpayer expense. They’re not on trial, they are being processed for deportation because they are illegals!

    1. plum82 says:

      APPARENTLY NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carole says:

    Get those POS out of this country along with the fraud so-called president. They are ruining this great country.

    1. Pt2738 says:

      Read “Obamanation” (2008) and you will see what he intends for US.
      Low info voters help destroy our Great Country

  • Ddenney1 says:

    I do not need a lawyer to tell me crossing the border without proper paperwork IS ILLEGAL!! What about our marine that made a wrong turn in Mexico how about that for immigration laws?????

    1. plum82 says:

      YEAH how about that……..I wish they could build a fence at the border just like the ones in prison w/barb wire across the top…….

      1. notyranny47 says:

        they could, they just don’t WANT TO.

      2. johnsnare says:

        And make it electrified.

        1. plum82 says:

          but of course !!!!!!!!!!!!! zap the basturds as they try to get over ~~~~~~~~~

        2. Sam says:

          Attach the fence to a 440v supply/source. Bring mack our Marine!!!!!!!

    2. Sam says:

      BRING OUR MARINE back NOW!!!!! DOWN with obamy and holder. Bring back our MARINE NOW!!!!!!!

  • vincent marquette says:

    Go to hell Holder. No good you are.

  • gdfairy says:

    not only should they keep telling holder “NO” but they should also cut holders department’s funds by say at least 10%. The house needs to remember they control the purse strings! do NOT allow themselves to be intimidated by the likes of obama and holder

  • frankenbiker says:

    The only way to stop this influx of illegals is to kill them as the attempt to get into the country. Once the illegals see the bodies of their family members bloated and rotting in the sun they’ll be seriously discouraged from going any further.

    1. plum82 says:

      how about machine guns…..can get more at a time……..gets my vote……….

      1. frankenbiker says:

        Yeah mine too, but just can’t afford the hefty price tag. I think a fully auto Uzi is about the cheapest you can find for around $5k or so, then you have the taxes and all the hoops you have to jump through to get the permits for one. I’ll just convert one of my “assault” rifles.

      2. Sam says:

        And how about HOLLOW point bullets. The kind obamy has bought to kill US citizens with……..

  • lil-echoes says:

    Give ’em a nickel… they want a dime. This madness will never stop. Holder n Obama don’t give a flip about these illegals… they are just wanting to hack the Republicans…

    1. Balto2 says:

      Holder and Obama are buying pawns to vote for the Democrat/Socialists in all future elections.

      1. notyranny47 says:

        100 ^ votes, right on the dime!


    Do not spend the tax payers money on these illegals except to send them back where the came from or send them back across the border to mexico and tell them if they get caught trying to come back across they will be shot on sight

  • Noah Rosenblum says:

    This administration (Holder included) are a perfect example of why not to do Crack Cocaine…… Deport Holder &his boss (Obama)

  • notislam says:

    Is Holder using his Chicago bully tactics to get his $$? He did it for Fast and Furious and our taxes went to arm the enemy (how many are terrorists-and still are terrorists for IS now?? ) I always see the DOJ as against protecting the US citizens and arming the enemy within and without against them.

  • WiSe GuY says:

    Roll that wonderful bean footage.

  • Harry H Lamb says:

    If you want to help so bad, Mr. Holder. Use your own money, dipshit.

    1. Noah Rosenblum says:

      Well put

      1. raffaelecafagna says:

        Indeed , Indeed.

    2. Karen Redd says:

      Exactly right! Someone needs to tell every single one of these UNWANTED illegal aliens that we don’t owe you a single frigging penny so don’t sneak into OUR country making demands. And the ones that unfortunately stay it needs to be securely established that the democraps that want them here support them- completely. Move about ten of them into each of their homes, and NOTHING, not one thing will be changed because of them. And common core can go straight to hell bozo.

      1. plum82 says:

        soooooo school is about to start AND what about all the kids that can’t even speak English…….what a disaster that’s going to be…….I vote to move them into Eric Holders house & the remaining into various democraps houses…….just wait until school gets started, should be very interesting……

        1. Sam says:

          Have obamy and the girls keep them at the white house as guests of obamy. Maybe Michelle can cook for them. That ought to make them head back home!

    3. regulus30 says:

      liberals do not do that;; they spend your money not theirs.

      1. Harry H Lamb says:

        regulus30, I know my friend,I was being a smart ass.

        1. regulus30 says:

          I know brother;; you and I got it a long time ago about liberals.

          1. hankrbradley says:

            You two aren’t alone in that, lol!

          2. regulus30 says:

            let’s hope 80/90 million others have seen the light in 2014…….

          3. Frank says:

            don’t bet on it.

          4. regulus30 says:

            I know that is true;; seems the country is in the grip of liberal /communists.[oxymoron].

    4. notyranny47 says:

      but of course, that would be racist if you expected him to pay, rather than swipe some more money from the taxpayers!!

  • tullmargaret says:

    reach up your assssssss you dumb fck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. GuyPie says:

      You must be a liberal, why so violent, arrogant and inappropriate?

  • Dwimby says:

    “The Justice Department is already being sued in federal court in Seattle by six child plaintiffs — illegals from Guatemala and el Salvador — who say their processing was unfair because they didn’t have access to tax paid attorneys, Politico reported.”

    What?!? This shows that it is time for draconian changes to everything we do or might do for the illegal alien nation living in our midst. WE owe them nothing. Zero.

    1. GuyPie says:

      They are not US citizens so how do they have access to the US court system?

      1. Sam says:

        You can thank obamy and the demoncraps. They are future demoncrapic voters. You really don’t think those illegals will become Republicans; do you?!!!!!

      2. hankrbradley says:

        How do they have standing to bring a law suit? They ARE NOT citizens and not legal residents. But there are questions as to whether or not Congress has standing to sue Obama for violating the separation of powers!

        1. ARETHEYNUTS says:

          And on top of that, they SNUCK into the country.

        2. GuyPie says:

          They are too afraid of a race war and sadly enough Obama knows that and is playing that card. It’s called bluffing. Nothing new! Obummer is not past doing that, just ask Hillary when she lost S.C.

    2. bygeorge says:

      This also appears to be another sinister, liberal wealth transfer plan to financially supporti the lawyer class and keep them on the farm.

    3. raffaelecafagna says:

      Illegals Aliens , get the hell out of my land .
      This is what we Americans should tell to our corrupt leadership .
      The point is : America is our land Not the Illegals .
      No one penny to zero and zero zero holder

      1. plum82 says:

        once They’re in, you think anyone can get Them out? Think again……..what a nightmare…….meanwhile the OBUMMERS are enjoying a vacation……I hope someone hits him in the head with a golf ball and knocks him into lala land……maybe then we can get rid of him IF it isn’t already too late……..

        1. Sam says:

          I thought obamy was already in LaLa land!

    4. Alana Marie Woolard says:

      Yes Dwimby, as I said earler, we don’t provide lawyers for civil cases for leagal citizens, we surly shouldn’t have to provide them for illegal! That is discrimination in the highest form if that is the case!

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