GOP Rebelling Against Health Care Risk Trump Rath

NEW YORK — Hard-line House Republicans considering voting against the House GOP health bill are bracing for payback from a president who claims his favorite biblical passage is “an eye for an eye.” Many appear ready to risk it.

The scheduled roll call vote for the bill backed by President Donald Trump is a crucial first test of whether Republicans are willing to defy the White House and face the wrath of a president who has bragged about never forgetting a slight. Trump has shown he’s willing to use his megaphone and practiced counter-punch against his allies. But the vote comes as Trump’s poll numbers have slouched and his White House is consumed with damaging distractions.

A group of breakaway Republicans, including several members of the deeply conservative House Freedom Caucus, on Wednesday remain unbowed, taking comfort in the political safety they feel in their home districts.

Members are well aware they face possible primary threats if they vote against the bill the White House has cast as the only chance to make good on a GOP promise to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s health care law.

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  • tzaarz says:

    Rath ???? Seriously dude. You need a proof reader. Typical AP writer.

  • Webb says:

    As a Believer of Promises Made…Are Promises Kept!
    Total Repeal was Promised for seven years…Total Repeal should be Expectedl
    Obamacare…Now can become just a Memory if Republicans Keep Their Promise!

  • champion2211 says:

    If someone would give us the names of those that are against this health care bill we the voters will make a few changes when they come up for reelection. I know it is very hard to find decent people but we have to look. We already have a lot of democrats on that list so we can just add a few Republicans also. Obamas health care is just one of the things that have been against people (Americans) since day one there was one lie after another. We the people need new blood in the Senate and House that actually cares about the people and doesn’t just want to be there to fill their pockets.

  • Whitelight32812 says:

    Put insurance back in the private sector. Then fix what is broken.

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  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    goes to show the gop has bin lying to you the last 8 years , you want change in d.c. then make a date for patriots to show up with our guns, until then nothing will change, the sob’s need to be forceible removed from congress

  • bobnstuff says:

    The Republicans lied to the voters. There will be no repeal, it’s not happening. You see they have known that they won’t be able to repeal the ACA since November but they didn’t want to tell the people who voted for them. Now they are trying to sell this piece of junk bill as the thing they promised. Thank goodness there are some people in Congress that know Trump has no power over them. The Koch Brothers will protect them.

    1. the whistler says:

      Considering what you said above is neither true or factual…it sure sounds authoritative. Pre-existing conditions go beyond the scope of insurance…they fall into the category of being a fact ie” who pays the bill” not an actuarial calculation of potential losses ie “insurance”. It would be very simple to eliminate Obamacare….but if you are going to cover the UNINSURABLE cases you will need a means to create a seperate Existing Condition pool to fund these people . This is where the Insurance Companies can take a portion of their rates and apply them to this pool. The insurable can choose their own policies and men don’t need to pay for birth control pills, pregnancies, hysterectemies, etc….women don’t need to pay for vasectomies, prostate issues, etc…and NO ONE that doesn’t want to will have to pay for sex change operations. The stumbling blocks of getting rid of Obamacare are also related to it needing 60 votes to go away…so what is the upside to getting rid of Republicans when it is the Democrats that are actually stopping the process!!!
      So!!….Who really needs to stay and who really needs to go to get rid of Obamacare????

      1. bobnstuff says:

        The ACA can not be repealed because it would take 60 votes to get it to the floor of the Senate. Republicans only have 52 votes. Everything else has no reliance. The bill that has now been pulled didn’t really fix anything since it could only deal with the money end. Trump has just found out that he can’t fire the congress. Enough members of the house said no to Trump to stop this bill. As of right now Ryancare will not see the light of day.

        1. Ron Long says:

          Sorry to say you are incorrect, the ACA can be totally repealed via reconciliation process, that requires only 51 votes in the senate. They are hung up on trying to get rid of the ACA and replace it with this new bill all in one bill. That will not work.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Sorry but you have your facts wrong, the Reconciliation process can only be used on budget items and they can not repeal the whole bill using it. To do a total repeal they need 8 democrats. The non budget items in the bill will stay as long as the democrats want them to.

          2. Ron Long says:

            You are correct, however if the funding provisions of Obama Care are removed the rest of the law will collapse, will it not? Does not matter as it will crash on it’s own.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            It looks like the Republicans can’t even get it together enough to do that. Repeal and replace has been Trumps promise for seven years. He has said it over seventy times. He was going to give us a better health plan, he said he had one but next he said he would work with congress to create this fantastic replacement. Now he can’t even get a truly bad healthcare bill through. Just so you know laws don’t just go away, People depend on the ACA for healthcare and the person who takes it away or makes it so costly that they can’t afford it will end up not having a job. As of today the republican party owns the ACA. Most Americans like the idea of the ACA but there are some problems that can be fixed. The only reason to repeal it is to get rid of the Obama name. If the Republicans and the President truly cared about the citizens of this country they would stop being petty and fix the ACA. We need grown ups in Washington but instead we got Congress.
            “One useless man is called a disgrace, two useless men are call a law firm, and three or more are called a congress.” 1776.

          4. Ron Long says:

            Bob, a few inaccuracies in your comment, 1st off Trump has not been saying it for 7 years, the Republicans, yes. Unfortunately the establishment RINO’s got involved and basically just changed the name from ACA to AHCA and little else. The ACA still belongs lock, stock and barrel to the Democrats, they passed it without even reading it, so no, it does not belong to the Republicans and never will. While we are on the subject, how many suggestions or recommendations did the Democrats offer to this latest attempt to save America against the ACA? Zero is the correct answer. All they can do is scratch their useless asses, complain and obstruct. Can the ACA be fixed? You have to gut it completely, one giant Ponzi scheme. Government has no business in Health Care, government cannot force anyone to buy something, one size does not fit all, nor is health care an entitlement or a right.

          5. bobnstuff says:

   has been saying it for has-tweeted-about-repealing-and-replacing-obamacare/

            He has been saying it almost from the day it was passed.

            You don’t seem to understand that they can’t change the ACA in anyway except for the money. The trick they are trying only works on budget items. This same tool limits both amendments and the amount of debate. For all intent this isn’t really like a bill but more like an amendment on the ACA.


            By not repealing the ACA as the promised they now are the ones who are responsible for it still being the law, they now own it.

            You believe the myth about the ACA being passed without being read but that just shows you lack knowledge of how a bill becomes a law. All bills are voted on twice. Ones to be sent to the printers and then again after the finale copy has been read. The ACA was debated in public and on C Span for months. The original bill was written by three Democrats and three Republicans. The Republicans pushed through 43 different changes in the law and then didn’t vote for the final product. Everyone on the floor of the house knew what was in the bill. Also once it passed the House it also had to be voted on by the Senate. As I say you believe a myth put forth by the Republicans to try to discredit both the law and President Obama.

            I also notice your understanding on how the ACA works isn’t accurate. It’s not a one size fits all and even though you have a choice to buy insurance or pay a fine you do get many choices under the way the law works. First only a small part of the population buy there insurance on the government market place. Mose people get their insurance either for their employer or for the government though programs like Medicare or Medicaid. For those who are on their own they can still go through the insurance company directly and skip For those that are left they have in most cases more then one company to choose from and at least three different policies from each company. I don’t know this from reading some news story, I have had all of these different types of insurance in the last five years. Of them Medicaid is far and away the best. My employer was ripping me off for there insurance. The ACA lowered my cost but it still was expancive. I went to the market place just to check them out and found a policy that was better then my company insurance and cheaper at full price. The problem was I couldn’t buy it as long as my employer offered me health insurance. I’m in my sixties but at the time wasn’t sixty five yet so I went part time, cut my hours and lost my company insurance. Best move I could have made. With the cut in income I was now able to use the market place and get the reduced rate. My take home never changed but I was only working three days instead of five. Now because of my lower income I became eligible for Medicaid. I once figured out I had written over a million dollars in checks to the government in my life so I have no problems taking some of it back. Medicaid was the best insurance I have ever had. I chose the carrier and the doctors I wanted. I was only on it for a year though because at turning 65 I now get Medicare. Not nearly as good a program. As I say I have had every type around and if I was going to change they healthcare system it would be a single payer plan. It’s the best value for the money.

            You say the government has no business being in healthcare but they have always been there in one way or another. It’s been the Insurance Companies that have created the problems from the start. Even before the ACA the industry had to be regulated to protect the consumer from their greed.

          6. Ron Long says:

            Fact, the ACA did not originate in the House, Madam Pelosi kept the ACA as it existed under lock and key until she slipped it to the Senate. Whorehouse Harry Reid gutted a Veterans Bill he had on his desk, put it to a vote in the Senate to pass, it was Christmas eve, that is where Pelosi said “you have to pass it to find out what’s in it” then it went to Obama for signature, remember Uncle Joe saying “this is a big fucking deal”. The ACA never hit the House floor. A lawsuit was filed since it violated the Origination clause which says that all taxes originate in the House but Justice Roberts said that the fees charged were not a tax but a penalty therefor the Origination clause didn’t apply. Obama kept insisting it was a tax, you figure it out.

      2. Ron Long says:

        The Congressional carve outs are still there. Congress needs to remove those carve outs and include themselves in the plan. Once they are a part of it, the health care law will get fixed in short order If the plan is good enough for us, then it should be good enough for them as well.

    2. Retired says:

      Here you go again Spreading lies , don’t you get tired of that or are you AKLady ???

      1. bobnstuff says:

        There is our Tabloid Conservative. You will believe almost anything. I bet you believed Trump when he said no one will loose their insurance and it will be the greatest insurance. Does this bill look like the greatest insurance to you? 24 million will loose their insurance, costs will go up and the people getting the breaks are the very rich. The Republicans knew they couldn’t repeal the law in November. Unlike you I can back up the things I say. The conservatives don’t like this bill, the moderates don’t like it and the Democrats won’t vote for it. Tomorrow when and if they vote Trump will get his first of many loses in congress.

        1. Retired says:

          You have not seen or read the bill other than what your Communist Ledger has printed . Are you related to Soros ???

  • itsfun says:

    If the “Conservatives” want to side with Nancy, they can be replaced.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Even the Conservatives won’t vote for a bill that doesn’t do any of the things promised by the President. All this bill does is give a nice gift to the CEO’s of the insurance Companies and help the rich.

      1. the whistler says:

        Have you read it??? Otherwise how do you know what it does other than just make assumptions??

        1. Retired says:

          That is how bobnstuff operates , I call him bobnBullshitsky because he knows it all .

  • David Stewart says:

    We didn’t want a band-aid, we wanted an entirely new limb!

  • Peter Pihun says:

    Trump supporters want the present bill gutted entirely. Screw Ryan

  • Whitelight32812 says:

    We want REPEAL NOT REPLACE. What part of that is President Trump not understanding?

    1. itsfun says:

      He promised repeal AND replace not just repeal.

      1. Whitelight32812 says:

        Not at the beginning he said repeal nothing about replacing this gov’t garbage

        1. Retired says:

          So did the other republicans, they all said REPEAL .

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    “Members are well aware they face possible primary threats if they vote against the bill the White House has cast as the only chance to make good on a GOP promise to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s health care law.”

    We were promised repeal, we didn’t ask for a replacement.

    Greater are the odds for primary threats by not repealing the whole mess (as promised), as people are fed up with their GOP liars. We need those with backbone to stop capitulating to democrats and RINO losers like DcConnell, Ryan, DcCain, Thad Cockroach, and the rest of those fed by the hand of George “Nazi Collaborator” Soros.

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