GOP super PACs gear up to fight Tea Party

Republican operatives want to help establishment candidates fend off tea party challenges with a new weapon: unlimited cash.

Consultants and attorneys — including the co-founder of the pro-Mitt Romney super PAC — are laying the groundwork or have already filed paperwork for dozens of super PACs organized to support individual candidates running next year.

The effort is the biggest reevaluation of the Republican Party’s outside money strategy since the dawn of the super PAC era — bringing traditional big dollar donors into the primary races that pulled the party in a direction that alienated those donors in the first place.

“The prime targets for this sort of a strategy are incumbents that expect a primary election challenge,” said Charlie Spies, the co-founder of Restore Our Future, which spent more than $140 million to support Mitt Romney. “Even if candidates trust American Crossroads will step in for a Senate race or American Action Network or Congressional Leadership Fund for a House race, they are more likely to focus resources on general election races than getting involved in primary contests.”

Recent election cycles have been dominated by well-founded conservative groups such as Karl Rove’s Crossroads network and the Koch-linked Americans for Prosperity. But those organizations have largely stayed out of primary fights, where tea party-associated groups have helped unseat more moderate Republicans.

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  • victoriadelacy says:

    The T.E,A. Party composition is over 55% Republican, and most of those are the real GOP, the conservative patriots who accurately reflect the Christian ideology of the majority of “We the People” and if the leftist “moderate” RINOS in the party think they are going to stage a take-over by such insanity, they are likely to be sorely disappointed since they will then have conservative power houses Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck against them 100% and if the conservative base follows through on Hannity’s suggestion to take their membership fees elsewhere under a new label (as in perhaps the Constitution Party), they will thereafter most likely fold like a house of cards. I have seen the conservatives within my local Republican Party rise up in the past (during the nineties) to fend off an attempted take-over by moderates and they succeeded at that time in taking our local party back for conservatism. I personally believe that is precisely what needs to happen again, and do not think for one moment that it is the impossible task. It has been done before and it can and will be done again. The electorate knows what is at stake today. More than the continuance of a major political party in a way that is in keeping with her foundations and traditions, it is now generalizing into being a matter of the survival of America since the nation at this point requires that active conservative base to help the nation shift back to the morally correct right. May God so guide the ship of state back to right of center in the tradition of Ronald Reagan – Ted Cruz for President on the G.O,P. ticket in 2016!

  • Concerned says:

    I think the Republican Party is making a grave mistake. On policy issues, the Progressive Republicans (McCain, Graham, et al) have been fighting more with their conservative members than with the Democrats. Lately, they seem to have changed their tunes a little.

    I do not think it is in the best interests of our country to continue to move our democracy more toward a socialist democracy. There is conflict in just calling it that! But we are moving in that direction with Obamacare and with a large number of persons dependent upon Government support.

    A little socialism begun by DR has continued to evolve and now we are being asked to evolve further. Our rights and freedoms are being curtailed. WAKE UP! A little pregnant has similarities with a little socialist.

    If one follows traditional thinking, the next step would be communism. And the leaders who promote and believe in world government would try to establish a so-called New World Order. When the League of Nations was first established, part of that reasoning was the wish for a world order. Many countries were not ready to give up some of their freedoms and rights and yes, control over their countries. Politicians discussed that idea again after WWII, but compromised by establishing the United Nations.

    But I am quite sure that the ideal has not been abandoned. Our democracy is even assaulted by our own leaders. Our economy and those of many countries are not doing well. Uncertain economic times have led to conflicts in the past. The mass of people are more likely to give up their rights for promised security.

    Today, there are still many powerful persons who support the idea of a World Government. The desire to police and control the world, to be in power, has great appeal to many who feel that they know best. It is very difficult to know what to believe,, what to expect.

    There is an adage: History repeats itself. Look up Cecil Rhodes, Woodrow Wilson and Col. House, The League of Nations, Franklin Roosevelt, The United Nations, The Trilateral Commission, and New World Order. There are many other groups and laws which play into this world government belief.

    Socialism is a road to more control over us citizens. The push for Obamacare is another step in our losing our choices to big government who knows what is best for us. Apathy is our enemy. Ignorance and lack of interest in the choices being made by our politicians and leaders are taking our country, taking us into a socialist country. Is the next possible step is Communism, loss of even more freedoms?

    Why is the Tea Party considered to be such a threat? Both major parties are not happy with the Tea Party, which is a threat to the status quo… WHY? I am not sure, but I believe it is may be due to their interest in explaining to the people what our country needs and not emphasizing international needs and potential control over the world.

    I hope that you, the reader, will think about these questions:

    Why is the Tea Party considered a threat?

    Why is our country becoming more socialist, progressing towards communism?

    One thought that might arise is that at least for now, the leaders of the Tea Party are not primarily interested in world power, but in national governance, what they think is in the best interests of our country.

  • modernminuteman says:

    The GOP must not care much for the Republican party or they would not spend so much time doing what Dirty Harry told hem to do which is distance themselves from the Tea Party. If they embraced the Tea Party they would have been in control of he senate by now. The Tea Party is not going away and will only get stronger!

  • ray13666 says:

    I will only vote for tea party candidates, as a matter of fact the tea party should become a 3rd viable party. Of course I will not vote for a liberal at all, not these days anyway. The liberals and the regular GOP are almost connected at the hip and its time to start getting rid of the career politicians on both sides of the aisle……shall we start in SC with that RINO who does not even deserve a name mention.

  • Busdriver Bill says:

    For the most part, the Tea Party represents what the GOP used to be, before the final take-over by the “Eastern Establishment” or Neo-Con “Republicans.” It is unfortunate that so many folks now-a-days aren’t familiar with the old GOP in Bob Taft’s day. Every sensible grass-root republican should write the party leaders demanding the ouster of all neo-cons, complete with their big-government, welfare-state mentality. They might just as well be progressive democrats for what they propose. I’m thinking they are taking orders from the same money source as the Democrats do – making the two-party system a charade, of Punch-and-Judy show. As an old school republican, I write all over the solicitations my views, and send no money.

  • larrymc51 says:

    The GOP will spend money to divide the conservative vote, simply to keep the Rinos (Established Republicans) The answer support the Tea Party they are our best hope to take our country back, this needs to be an all out support, go to their web site join, and donate, times or hard they will appreciate even a five dollar donation, especially if there are thousands of them.

  • greyhound44 says:

    I would NEVER vote for, NOR contribute to, a RINO as long as I live!

  • mudguy1 says:

    The Democrats are loving this and won’t have to spend their money.

  • elton123 says:

    The established GOP are killing their own party and they are too old and stubborn to realize that

  • SniperToo says:

    Gee, I thought that the GOP did not have the cash to run? My husband and I receive calls, flyers in the mail, and letters from the RNC (R. Puckbos – I hate his name) and the GOP crying that they have NO money to fight the left. Each time I get one in the mail, I write them back with a damning reply; that if they don’t get their act together and go back to upholding the Constitution and get rid of the traitors – RINOs and Progressives, you will never get a penny from me. I can’t stand my party anymore. And if they insist on pushing the puffer fish -Chris Christy down my throat for President, I am staying home. No go, no vote. I am sick and tired of them pushing idiots in our face when “we the people” know that they are turn coats. Find Constitutional Republic thinkers or don’t bother sending me cries of help for money. NOT A PENNY to the GOP/RNC. To hell with them. The Senate and Congress are only suppose to be there for 12 years and than go home. They know this and they keep campaigning and going back. This is why our government has been broken for the last 40 years. .

    1. Old Highland Guy says:

      Very well said. Thank you for saying what I feel. I am sick-o-GOP. Send in the Tea Party!

    2. RonWillison says:

      Well stated and dead on. Now the key is to make sure the masses that get their political data from the TV know that they are being sold snake oil.

  • Charles Kimberl says:

    Bring it on you RINO smucks. You want a fight? You’re going to get one and you won’t like how it turns out. This is exactly the reason I do not send money to any national GOP front. Keep sending losers and we’re going to keep losing.

    1. Old Highland Guy says:

      And I dropped the RNC a couple years ago. But, I’m not going DEMO either. Go Tea Party!

  • dad666 says:

    Keep it up Girls and you will loose all support because we have had enough.
    Get up and fight the Socialists or GET OUT.

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