GOP warms to Trump

Establishment Republicans are warming to the idea of Donald Trump as the GOP standard-bearer.

Two House Republican committee chairmen, Reps. Bill Shuster (Pa.) and Jeff Miller (Fla.), announced their support for Trump on Thursday. And sources said more rank-and-file Republicans are expected to follow suit, including longtime Rep. John Duncan Jr. (Tenn.).

Furthermore, regular meetings between House lawmakers and top Trump aides, once sparsely attend, have suddenly become must-see events.

Trump’s convention manager, Paul Manafort, huddled with House Republicans on Thursday in a meeting described by one attendee as “standing room only.”

Among the Republicans in attendance were Pennsylvania Reps. Tim Murphy and Mike Kelly. Neither have endorsed Trump though Kelly said he voted for him in Tuesday’s presidential primary.

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  • YOLADANE says:

    The PHONY GOP has no choice but to warm to TRUMP or there will no longer be a GOP. They are PATHETIC !! We can all thank Trump for exposing them for what they really are along with exposing all the other SCUMBAGS like the Media and the Democrat Party. GO DONALD !!!!!

  • Eleanor Cummings says:

    You really believe Cruz will give up now? I stilt look for more underhanded tactics from him, and the media. BUT, above all an old hands at cheating, Ted Cruz and Fiorina..

  • Ronald Gendron says:

    I’m the same age as Donald Trump & believe it or not, my wife’s girlfriend’s sister married Donald Trump’s older brother Freddie, Jr. around 1968-69!
    I don’t believe that the millions of voters, like myself, who want Mr. Trump
    to be President, actually want this particular man. It’s that the people have finally found someone who is expressing their desires for this country & may actually carry them out, i.e. building the wall, stopping or curtailing illegal immigration, cutting waste & excess federal spending, making other countries pay their fair share on defense,etc.
    America can no longer afford to be the ‘policeman of the world’ & others must share in this!

  • Bowser says:

    Trump, by bringing in more new Republican voters, Independendents and cross-over Democrats since Reagan, has increased the GOP voter rolls dramatically. The idiocy of GOP elites like Reince Priebus pumping money into stopping Trump is throwing money down a rat hole and in vain when when one closely examines Cruz’s birth problems, his fidelity issues and the total amorality of Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe. Roe has forced one man to suicide by calling him a “bug” in an earlier radio ad and Roe was identified by GQ Magazine, despite Cruz’s lies to the contrary, as the dude who purchased the rights to Melania Trump’s photos. Unfortunately Roe used PAC money for this buy, a federal felony, which has brought the FEC into Cruz’s campaign again. The fact that the MSM and Fox don’t look into any of Cruz’s growing amount of baggage only adds weight to the charges pointing to their utter bankruptcy.

  • Pattie says:

    Wow, logic is setting in…

  • Rex Sutton says:

    I still don’t trust them traders

  • ralph says:

    They better get on board for we have a new route for them if they do not

  • Martin Church says:

    The following is my reply to the Speaker of the House regarding a solicitation of Money for the GOP: Let us NOT forget the pass promises of GOP candidates – they LIED. It is Great that some Establishment Politicians might be listening to the “PEOPLE’S” choice.

    Dear Speaker Paul Ryan,
    The answer to your question – Will you stand by our side and help us restore
    America’s confidence? Myself
    and millions of voters are completely appalled by the republican
    majority, that was given to them almost 2 years ago based on the many
    promises that were made to “We-The-People”, the voters, that believed
    the republican candidates, that has proven to be a BIG mistake. Promises
    were made that you and other Establishment Politicians have NOT kept,
    therefore, the republicans MUST have a major paradigm shift in their
    actions, STOP your false promises and keep those promises. During the
    past 2 years all we have heard from those republicans have offered have
    been excuse after excuse as to why they were unable or more
    appropriately, UNWILLING to keep those promises. It is time for the
    Republican Party to cease their “Internal” Party joking, for position,
    to deny Mr. Donald Trump, the choice of the American voters to become
    the next republican president. He is the leader in delegates, but the
    leadership of the republican party seem to be working “OVERTIME”
    conniving to deny Mr Trump the nomination of the republican party, in
    favor of one of the Washington Establishment Candidates. Mr Speaker, if
    you are sincere in your statement, “Will you stand by our side and help
    us restore America’s confidence?”, the answer is a conditional YES.
    I have explained that condition above, so Mr. Speaker, I respectfully
    ask you use your influence to stop the internal fighting within the
    republican party leadership and recognize the American People’s Choice
    for president, Mr Donald Trump, and support his candidacy. You have
    stated that you are able to work with both sides of the aisle. Now you
    have the opportunity to work within your own party to stop other
    Establishment Politicians from trying to “STEAL” or deny Mr Trump his
    rightful place to be nominated as the candidate for president by the
    Republican Party. Otherwise, the Republican Party will cease to exist,
    as the American voters will loose ALL the confidence in any republican
    candidate, as demonstrated in the past 2 years by the INACTION of
    keeping the promises made by republican candidates. No more excuses, Mr
    Speaker, “We-The-People” demand action, to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
    Allow Mr Trump his rightful place in the nomination process, without all
    the “Back Room” dealing by the Washington Establishment and party

    Washington Establishment Politicians currently running either CAN NOT
    or are UNWILLING to take on the job needed, they can not be trusted. Sir
    – The ball is now in your court – What will you do with it, hopefully
    you will not squander what seems to be an excellent opportunity for you
    to excellent as a “REAL” leaders. Good Luck! Nominate the choice of

    Martin L. Church

    Bcc – To many

    On Thursday, April 28, 2016 2:40 PM, Paul Ryan wrote:

    Fellow Conservative,

    Six months ago, I made a promise to you and your fellow Americans.

    On that day, I made a promise to do things differently as Speaker. It’s a
    promise I have kept and will continue to keep as we head into the most
    important election of our lifetimes.

    You and I both know that politics as usual is not going to restore America’s confidence. That’s why this election is so crucial to the future
    of our nation.

    The sad fact is most Americans firmly believe our country is headed down
    the wrong path, and they no longer see the promise of a better future
    their children.

    It’s our responsibility — our obligation — in Congress to change that. But, if we lose our majority in November, the progress
    we’ve made to reverse the damage done by careless liberal policies will be undone.

    We are coming up to a major FEC deadline this Saturday — and we are
    close to an outstanding 1OO,OOO donors for this election cycle. We just
    need 1,257 conservatives to step up before Saturday’s FEC-mandated deadline.

    Will you be one of these courageous

    Imagine, for a moment, if politics was actually about uniting Americans, not dividing us.

    That’s the kind of America that House Republicans are working towards.
    It’s a confident America, where people are empowered to reach their
    full potential.

    Republicans in Congress can provide a vision to lead us towards that brighter tomorrow — but we need your help today.

    Will you stand by our side and help us restore
    America’s confidence?

    Thank you for your support.

    God Bless,

    Speaker Paul D. Ryan

    P.S. This Saturday marks a crucial FEC fundraising deadline.

    That’s why I have authorized my team to TRIPLE-MATCH any contribution before Saturday’s deadline. That means you will have
    FOUR TIMES the impact on the election.

    Will you chip in $55 to help us reach our goal? Use this secure link to chip in:

    1. reggie says:

      No response. I’ll take $55 and burn it before I give it to them.
      He’s the one that is going along with letting illegal criminals out of jail early. No need to deport, no need to do anything but let them once again roam the streets to do their carnage.

  • gf says:

    I am starting to see some CYA, in DC! Donald J. Trump, will be the POTUS!. Better, to get on board, or get run over, by the Trump Train!

    1. reggie says:

      Yup, spitting votes guarantees killery a victory. It’s a one shot deal. Now or never.

  • bobs33hotrod says:

    The AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Wake up GOP. Do what is right.Support DONALD TRUMP, NOW. If you don,t Hillary will be the next President, and the Republican party will be perpetually Broken, promise.
    BOBBY ~!~

    1. reggie says:

      They don’t care. killery will keep them all happy, just like bozo does. The money belt keeps getting fatter, the companies keep firing US workers and bringing in H1B visa holders, thanks to lobbyists.
      This is what has to stop, scum in dc give out H1B visas while firing US workers. Shame on the disgusting pigs and their multi-million dollar annual incomes.
      Disney did the same, Carrier did the same – Trump’s response?
      So, Carrier (and Ford) both cancel their plans to move jobs to Mexico because of Trump. The grateful union members, who have kept their jobs, voted to endorse Sanders. Stupidity reigns supreme.

  • The Redhawk says:

    MIGHT as well Begin to UNITE for TRUMP… after all these debates and campaigns slogans and “promises” it seems to me that TRUMP will get the Nomination and THIS TIME LET ALL GOP , Extremes, Centrists, Independents, Conservatives and ALL anti SOCIALISM and CLINTON.. UNITE and “WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER.”…Let us Unite under the ABC Banner
    A nyone
    B ut
    C linton

  • susan miller says:


  • DJB says:

    If the economy and job creation are the key issues behind this election, why not elect someone who knows something about it. We continue to elect career politicians who know little to nothing about job creation, and then we wonder what the hell happened. This is the central reason why Trump is leading in spite of his political incorrectness. This is also why he is a threat to the establishment as he will shake things up. Take Obama for example, overly politically correct (sounds nice to a lot of people), BUT he 1) had never created a job, b) had never worked in the private sector with a substantive position, c) had never balanced a budget and d) had never hired and managed a workforce. No business would hire these credentials for a management position much less as President. Trump is the only candidate that has done these things successfully which is business 101. Wake up America!!!

    1. reggie says:

      Very well said. kasich is another one. Started in politics/government work at 26, accepted $220,000 from a soros group. I wish Putin would execute his International Arrest Warrant for soros. Would solve a lot of problems.

  • kathy diamond says:


  • peter says:

    Trump says what Americans think and feel about the failed policies of all politicians.

  • Don Ranski says:

    With the initials F.D.R. I’ve often wondered how I would run for president. One idea I’d like the Republican nominee to consider is the formation of a ‘Citizens Congress’. People randomly selected to match the make up of the House and Senate. These folks would be provided a list of topics being discussed in their appropriate gov’t body and asked to vote. This would provide the President with a finger on the pulse that could be used to nudge our ‘representatives’.

  • mike cook says:

    What people are missing here is that Trump, as a businessman, will have a new approach and methodology in anything he does. And political wonks will be blindsided every day. No doubt he will give ISIS its deserved reward.
    While tough on trade and other matters, he will push the envelope but not blow it up…and probably use short term agreements so he can inch farther each time he negotiates to get closer to the goalposts. Doubtful he can get to the goal on all, or any, issues…but it will be much closer to where American interests are better served. After Obama’s Socialist tactics, and the fear of Hillary on the same path(think Venezuela), Trump is the only one with the raw strength of force to turn the country around.

    1. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

      I sure hope you’re right about Trump if he does get to the White House. Up until recently he’s been running on the ‘cult of personality’, his bombastic rhetoric, and the fact that the media has covered everything he does and says daily, i.e., free publicity. Although I’m a Cruz(and Rubio and Carson before that)guy, I’d rather vote for Trump on Election Day rather than stay home and possibly hand the election to Hilary. Wonder what would happened in 2012 if certain Republican voters had voted for Romney instead of staying home(and there were reportedly millions who didn’t vote).

      1. Michael Lloyd says:

        Romney has shown his true colors in the last few months. He and Ryan have been vetted now. Cruz is something out of the Texas desert – a side winder.

      2. reggie says:

        Both romney and obama bought stock in Scytl voting machine company owned by soros, for the 2012 election. romney family has controlling interest in Hart InterCivic voting machine company, the 3rd largest in the US. Romney stomped for cruz in UT, apparently only to stop Trump, not because he thought rafael cruz was the better candidate. Yes, that’s his real name. Why doesn’t he use it. I liked him until I started to do a lot more research.

    2. Eleanor Cummings says:

      Convention of States Project –

  • Jack C Newkirk says:

    If the Republican establishment has any sense or reasoning they will endorse Trump or destroy the party. They need to follow the will of the people.

    1. downdraft says:

      Jack…the GOP has already been destroyed, by a self-inflicted shot in the foot!

      The will of the people NEED NOT be through the GOP…they can’t be TRUSTED!

      No, there has to be a new path?? through a new vehicle!

  • Luis M Caballero says:

    If Trump wants the GOP establishment to support him even more, he needs to choice or at least select several candidates for his cabinet that have federal government experience. Besides Trump’s VP choice selected in the convention, a list of four predominate GOP names for Secretary of State, Sec. of Defense, Attorney General, National Security Adviser, Sec. of HUD, Sec. of Interior, Sec. of Labor, Sec. of Treasury, Sec. of Education, Sec. Health & Human Services & Sec. of Commerce to gain confidence on his Conservative Republican credentials.

    1. Terry T says:

      Just where has this “Federal Government experience” got us? Do you really want more of the incompetence that has lead us to the poor state of the nation we are in? I would rather have good managers and people who are willing to stand for sound principles, rather that cave to the big-government socialists who have high-jacked our country.

      Please re-think your position

      1. reggie says:

        Didn’t read you post until after I had written mine. Bingo!!

    2. BOBNIXON1 says:


      1. Luis M Caballero says:

        Then it will be very hard for the Republican Party to unite in back of Trump, an X-Democrat Party member & supporter, that supported late turn abortions. Trump was a liberal Democrat 5.5 years ago, you’ll crazy if my friends and Libertarian/Conservative Republicans would unite for Trump. We will vote for Libertarian X-Governor Gary Johnson.

        1. reggie says:

          Are you prepared for killery then? It’s already an issue with soros owning voting machines, but splitting the vote will give her the position. Reagan was a democrat turned republican. Please, think things through. We can’t take another 8 years of soros.

          1. Luis M Caballero says:

            Reggie, I would vote for Trump if he appoints experienced Libertarian/Conservatives Republicans that are not total Rhinos. This is the only way I could trust Trump, that he is not a Liberal Democrat, since he already supports Universal Health Care like Bernie Sanders. Trump still does not even know what is the National Triad, but if he appoints someone like Sen. Marco Rubio as Sec. of State, Gov. Cristie as Attorney General, Sen. Cruz to the Supreme Court, then most Republicans cannot trust him and he will loose big.

          2. reggie says:

            Luis, I agree with what you are saying, although I do not necessarily agree with your choices. Ted (Rafael) Cruz, and his wife both have ties to the Bush family that go way back (can be googled under Rafael, not Ted). I remember dinner table discussions about the sr Bush discussing the New World Order. I don’t like Heidi’s ties to Goldman Sachs and to The Council on Foreign Relations. She had an active part it the North American Community task force. Rubio is as smart as they come. However, he needs a few more years. To be a junior Senator with his voting record tells me he’s not quite ready. Christie was praising oblamer’s butt after Hurricane Sandy, while the so-called president was too busy campaigning to be bothered. Rudy Giuliani called oblamer’s response “disgraceful”. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, do my own research and vetting. I would like to see Dr. Carson in there somewhere. He’s the only one who went to Syria to see the situation first hand, speaking with refugees, not the high muck-a-mucks. Haven’t gotten beyond there yet.

  • maxx says:

    If the GOP has any brains, and I am very doubtful, they will follow the lead of the people. But then they are the same people that have had a “love affair with Obama and the democRats” for the past 71/2 years. I will never forgive them for the betrayals after 2010 and 2014. The public should make it their mission to force every RINO out of politics. We know who they are so it’s a matter of being angry enough to do something about it. Find conservative people to force the RINO’s into a primary. Remember a RINO is like having another democrat in office. This is not politics, this is treason against you and me if you are a conservative. We don’t need two liberal socialist parties.

    1. downdraft says:

      AMERICA FIRST!!!…pass it on

      1. The Redhawk says:

        OOORAHHH !!!

    2. Ken says says:

      Hey Maxx – Liberal RINOs and DEMs are identical twins joined at the hip and have been the MAJORITY in Congress for the last 27 years. So many voters still think there is a difference because of the Party name that the candidate uses.

    3. Luis M Caballero says:

      Maxx, GOP needs to feel that Trump is going to govern as a Libertarian Conservative Republican by putting out a list of about 4 experienced candidates for every cabinet position. Plus put out Sen. Cruz for the Supreme Court.

      1. Michael Lloyd says:

        Screw Cruz for anything. He is a self serving bullsh!tting fraud.

    4. The Redhawk says:

      BULLS EYE!!!

    5. Eleanor Cummings says:

      We can do what congress should be doing.
      Convention of the States

  • Carolyn says:

    It’s about time the GOP establishment starts doing their job and stand behind the person whom the majority of their constituents are supporting for the presidential nominee. Whether it be Trump or Cruz, if the majority of the people are voting for that person, then the politicians in DC need to back that up and keep the party united. Perhaps they are beginning to realize what I said months ago, which is if they continue the dirty manipulations they have been doing, they may keep their jobs for now, but come the next election, not one of them will be reelected. And where will their power be then? They need to remember that they work for “the people”. It’s NOT the other way around – we do NOT bow down to them or stay in our place (which they think is on our knees) and accept anything they do. If they do not represent the people according to our votes, then they will be fired come election time.

    1. Wingedgodd3ss says:

      Uh oh-a voice of reason!!!!! Thank you!!! And exactly. Apparently the rhinos didn’t learn in 2012 when they were replaced with tea party candidates….

    2. downdraft says:

      Carolyn…you are right; however, don’t hold your breath…the Ryans and Boehners, and the McConnels are yet to stab the constituents in the back some more…
      As long as those 3 weak and slippery liars are there, an environment of distrust lingers.
      Its up to us out here to clean house…America First!!…a NEW SLOGAN!

      1. BOBNIXON1 says:


        1. The Redhawk says:

          FLUSH THE SEWER!

        2. Eleanor Cummings says:

          Cruz has a new tactic! Rad my earlier post.

      2. Eleanor Cummings says:

        How right you are. Don’t trust them in any way, shape, or form!!

        Many believe Cruz will give up now? I stilt look for more underhanded tactics from him, and the media. BUT, above all an old hands at cheating, Ted Cruz and Fiorina..

        This one like to blew my mind. started checking this out a week ago. Glory be!!! Ted Cruz is a Christian messiah! Read up on this one folks. Or type into your search engine Cruz and 7 Mt. Dominionism Once on the internet choose any link you want!
        I hope everyone checks these links out — then passes this on!

    3. The Redhawk says:

      Well Said!! We must Hold ALL Accountable ….Or impose TERM limits at the ballot box!

      1. parthenon1 says:

        TEREM LIMITS I AGREE WITH WHOLE HEARTEDLY ! But the way to accomplish getting term limits along with $ limits on elections (NO PAC’s NO BIG DONORS) limit the amount of $ spent to 1 years salary for the position. Terms for congress must be same as presidency 8 yrs.or two four terms house and 2 terms senate. There are other changes that also need to be made but all will require a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. So start hammering your house and senate officials to get your state ratified (20 + states already ratified). They wont like it because it eliminates career politicians.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          With you 100%… Besides muZZIEs, professional politicians bought and paid for are our worse ENEMIES!
          My two Senators and 1 congressman get the ‘WORD” often and very CLEAR!

        2. Michael Lloyd says:

          Senators shouldn’t get more than 8 years either. Of course they can still get very rich in 8 years in DC.

          1. truthseeker says:

            I worked in Personnel in the Military and we had what was called: ” Reduction in Forces”. (RIF) and Early European outs., due to the end of the Vietnam War. If it can happen to our Military, than why not to the Senate and Congress. It they do not show up for work they are fired, if they have been in Office for Twenty years they get out. If they are over 65 force them to retire.

          2. Bowser says:

            Ted Kennedy, the great liberal lion of the senate who dragged out Clarence Thomas obscene lengths and insured that the southern border issue was never settled, wrote letters to the Soviet leaders designed to feather his own shabby nest. The first letter was sent to Leonid Brezhnev after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979 where he offered his help to the communists by stabbing Jimmy Carter in the back. Ted wrote a second letter to Yuri Andropov during the Reagan administration again offering his aid. Both letters were clear violations of the Logan Act if not treasonous. It appears that senators often become so disconnected from the painful day to day reality in which we, the voters inhabit, that they often construct an exalted sense of self and come to believe in their own infallible genius.

          3. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Convention of States Project –

          4. Ronald Gendron says:

            If you think about it Mike, why do we need U.S. Senators at all? We could eliminate them, their staffs,etc. & rely more heavily on Congress, giving each state two “lead” Congresspersons to do their jobs! In the 21st Century, with instant communication, we should cut back on many layers of govt. & the people should vote directly, on important issues!

          5. Eleanor Cummings says:

            This might answer your question. Why do we need CONGRESS?? We have the Constitution

            Convention of States Project –

          6. Ronald Gendron says:

            Until 1913, the people did not even vote for their Senators, rather they were appointed! To me, that doesn’t sound too democratic. I just meant that their jobs seem somewhat redundant to Congresspersons & might be eliminated in today’s society. Remember, the Constitution has been amended 27 times in our 240 year history, so why not with them?

          7. Eleanor Cummings says:

            And we need senators for what? Or is it congressmen that can be abolished?

            The Convention of States Project is active in all 50 states, and is leading the charge to take back our liberty. When elected officials are more concerned with re-eclection and politics over the Constitution, we as Americans have the responsibility to check the federal government.

            Some people make weak arguments about runaway conventions and losing the second amendment if an Article V convention is called.

            First of all, we have a runaway congress, so a runaway convention is the least of our worries. Mostly because the ratification process makes any kind of threat to our liberty impossible.

            The argument suggesting Article V poses a threat to our second amendment can only be made by a person who is constitutionally illiterate. Why? Because our God given rights are NOT derived from the constitution. Our rights are protected by the constitution.

            Often people feel helpless and do not know how to check the federal government. Well, Article V is the constitutional method for just that. It was purposely put in place by our Founders to protect We the People from too much government control, which is what we are experiencing in this country right now!

            If you would like more information or would like to volunteer please visit:


        3. Maggie says:

          I don’t think one of them has presented a bill for term limits. (Unless Rand Paul might have). Shame on them. They don’t even pay into Social Security and as of May 1 some $50 billion in benefits are being cut. A lot of people haven’t heard about that.

        4. Eleanor Cummings says:

          Now here’s something I go today. Might get congress to sit up and take notice.. Someone’s been reading our Constitution..

        5. parthenon1 says:

          Thanks for the support I have been almost preaching term limits for senators and house members to match the president for at least 10 years. also for limiting the amount of $ spent on campaigns to 1 years salary of the office, no donors, no PAC”s no Union $ in fact we should go back to the old program where $1 or our taxes should go for paying for the campaigns. ( Not an additional $ but one already from the tax paid) Keep in mind the process needs a Constitutional convention which must be worked through these same elected officials so it wont be easy but when they see the “mobs in the trenches to make them make a move it can be done. So far as I understand it there are already 20 + states who have ratified the plan.

    4. beowulf32 says:

      Yea but if there warming up to Trump, that scares me . What for, they bribed Trump, or are they just giving into what they know they cant stop, and they got something up there sleeve. Dont know what there up to now.

      1. reggie says:

        My guess is that it’s a little of each. Over the years he’s worked with a lot of them, including snakes like soros and killery to get his job done. I think his determination to do his job will allow him to negotiate the little stuff and stick to his guns with the big stuff. He’s not a loser nor does he back down from a fight. He’d chew up and spit out someone like Ryan, the rino.

      2. Eleanor Cummings says:

        Read my earlier postings. Dirty tactics against Trump being hatched.

    5. Roger says:

      Why do people say the next election? When an elected official fails to do the job the people elected them to to it is the job and the duty of the people to remove them from office immediately not at the next election!

    6. Rex Sutton says:

      I agree

    7. Eleanor Cummings says:

      Convention of States Project –
      Very interesting!!

    8. Vangie Martinez says:

      I agree with that Carolyn, they think that all we should do is stay on our knees and pray. Which we should, but, that we have no business getting involved in Government Issues. Which I believe very strongly that we should. I think they’re in store for a very rude awakening. I for one hope they get jolted with a good one that will finally wake them up to the fact that we are not going to take it any more and they better start listening or lose their jobs.

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