GOP will use ObamaCare to sow distrust

by Cameron Joseph, The Hill
February 10, 2014

Republicans focused on winning back the Senate have a clear goal this year: convincing voters that vulnerable Democrats are liars.

In races from Alaska to North Carolina, GOP strategists are attacking Democrats who echoed Obama’s promises that everyone could keep their health care plan. The Republican argument is that politicians lied to voters when they passed the law — and they are throwing Democrats’ past quotes back in their faces to prove it.

In their eyes, every senator is the 60th vote that helped pass the 2010 legislation, and every Democrat is personally liable for health care failures.

“We’re talking about the broken promises in ObamaCare,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee spokeswoman Brook Hougesen. “So many of the promises they’ve made have turned out to be false.”

The goal is to erode voters’ trust in respected members, not just hit them on the law’s problems.

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  • Derrick E Truett says:

    How about “Not so Free after all, Liberal Promises”

    1. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

      How about the old adage,”There’s no such thing as a free lunch?”

  • Peter Locke says:

    Would be nice if the only culprits were Democrats! I just wish I could trust Republicans.

    1. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

      While your point is well taken, no Republican voted for the ACA. Still, our efforts should be to get true constitutionalists elected. We have to take Reagan’s adage to heart, “Trust but verify.”

      1. Peter Locke says:

        I like Reagan’s adage! I also want to be more involved in our primarys here in CO, to be more certain that ‘real’ Republicans are on the ballot.

        1. hpinnc says:

          I wish you all the support you can get for your noble endeavors the Great State of CO. I hope you will consider TP candidates. We need desperately, to keep the House & win back the Senate in this election, or I feel like we are finished as a nation. It is our last chance to win America back.

          1. Peter Locke says:

            I used to be on the ACT (Archuleta County Tea Party) E-mail list. Seems they’ve forgetten me lately. Maybe I just wasn’t enthusiastic enough!

      2. hpinnc says:

        I will be voting for tea party candidates where & when possible. I have been a TP member now for about 5 yrs. I have been to Washington to show support for their causes. Some blame the TP for the Gov. shut-down, I blame the democrats. I am tired of RINOs like J. McCain, L.Graham, P. King & many others I can’t think of right now, who sound more like democrats than they do Repubs. I want to vote for those who have the gall to stand up for the constitution. I want to vote for those who will stop paying women, mostly Blacks & Hispanics to have 10 to 15 kids. I want to see our borders protected from the criminals & anyone who wants to, from crossing our borders. I am not against any of the people I have mentioned [ except criminals] coming into our country. It’s way past time to close the gate. I want to see politicians stand up for our laws & freedoms that many are being trampled by the marxist/socialist/liberals in Washington now. I hope we can send ALL the liberal democrats & rinos packing.

        1. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

          Excellent post, both of them.

  • harrydweeks says:

    They better come up with a STUPID SLOGAN that will be clearly understood by the Obamanic’s who only understand the word Free.

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