Government is public enemy No. 1, outraged Americans say

Americans say government, the economy and immigration are the top three problems facing the country today, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

The Gallup poll showed that 18 percent of people polled say the government and politicians are the biggest problem while 14 percent say the economy is the top challenge.

About 15 percent say immigration is the most important issue, jumping up from just 5 percent in June likely due to a flood of unaccompanied minors crossing the border this summer.

About 7 percent of people ranked foreign policy the most important problem right now, making it the sixth biggest concern in August.

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  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

    OK Teapublicans here are a few things you need to give up to remain true to the “cause”

    Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry help is on the way. Use
    the following chart below to help you know which services you should
    forfeit so you do not support, even accidentally, the current Nazi
    Socialist Marxist Kenyan regime out to destroy traditional family
    values, your Constitutionally guaranteed right to stand your ground,
    and your fear of God….

    Do not call for an ambulance, the
    fire department or any other emergency services to include the
    hospitals or the police.

    Do not expect convicted felons to
    remain off the streets as you will no longer be able to enjoy the
    security of jails and prisons or probation and parole officers.

    Do not use any medical services
    licensed through the state or federal government.

    Do not use Medicare, Medicaid,
    Social Security or State Supplemental Income.

    Do not use the courts, court
    appointed attorneys, attorneys licensed through the state.

    Do not worry about voting.

    Don’t bother expecting anymore
    benefits from Homeland Security.

    Don’t look for National Guard or
    any other disaster relief agencies and services.

    Don’t bother observing traffic
    signs, lights, streetlights, lane designations…. that is if you
    can find any roads that were not paid through with government funds.

    Don’t bother sending your
    children to public schools or asking for government sponsored
    student loans or grants.

    Don’t expect anymore border

    Don’t look for any protection or
    assistance from the US Armed Services to include rescue services
    from the Coast Guard.

    Don’t use any roadways or
    bridges paid for through government programs.

    Don’t use public parks or
    recreation areas such as playgrounds or sports fields/courts.

    Fire Rescue and Services – nope!
    Go ahead and removed them from the list of unnecessary services you
    are currently being forced to pay for.

    Forget about any safety codes
    including those governing building, food or medicines just to name a

    Forget about calling the local
    police or sheriff’s department in an emergency or when your house
    is being robbed.

    Forget about clean air and water
    standards as any nutritional standards.

    Forget about public service
    announcements or the American Geological Survey or the National
    Weather Service.

    Forget about any government sponsored or funded utility
    services to include waste management, electricity, water

    21. Getting
    any military benefits? Not anymore.

    22.Hope you are not in an automobile
    accident with an unlicensed or uninsured motorist as you cannot
    avail yourself of the court system and cannot compel them to have
    insurance or pay you otherwise.

    23. Illegal immigrant get your job?
    Don’t bother calling Immigration.

    24. Need the bomb squad? Don’t
    bother calling – they are part of the police departments you are
    no longer supporting.

    25. No longer apply for a driver’s
    license as they are issued and administered through the government,
    however it really doesn’t matter as you will no longer be using
    roads anyway.

    26. No longer plan on using Medicare
    or Medicaid.

    No longer visit National Parks,
    Wildlife Reserves or National Forests, make an appointment with
    EXXON instead.

    27. Public restrooms – no problem.
    They no longer exist.

    28. Vouchers? Forget them too.

    29. Want a job? That is going to be
    hard to get without a government issued I.D., proof of residency or
    a social security number.

    30. Want to get married so you can
    include your spouse on your insurance plan or retirement? Forget
    about it, the government issues the license. You can forget about
    adopting any children as well.

    31. Want to visit another country?
    Don’t bother unless you know a way around the border stop which is
    patrolled by the government and don’t forget you no longer can get
    a passport any more.

    32. You need to worry about clean air
    or water once the commie EPA is shut down.

    33. You no longer have to be bothered
    with paved roads, highways, interstate freeways or public bridges.

    34. You won’t have to worry about
    those public waste service employees making all that noise picking
    up your garbage. Those operations will be shut down once your tax
    dollars quit coming.

    35. Your child got molested? Don’t bother calling Child
    Protective Services.

    I am sure there are a few items we forgot so feel free to add them

    1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

      There is not one of you willing to give up these things NOT a DAMNED ONE! lololol

  • ralfo says:

    How many top politicians in Massachusetts have marched off to the hoosegow, only to be replaced by someone that will soon join them when their con is exposed. We now have the top-dog in the state house (DeLeo is his name) creating/passing draconian gun laws when he, an Unindicted Co-Conspirator should be in shackles. When he, hopefully, is hauled off to “Old Bailey” his position of House Speaker will be filled by another candidate working toward a similar fate. Power breeds corruption & it isn’t confined to Massachusetts.

  • mitchell says:

    Yes this ADMIN is our worst enmey,reason, this Gov thinks,American’s don”t have a clue, till White House, makes a speech. All all they have to say is BS,

  • HDMania says:

    Wow Dennis..I agree with you too on all counts..Bob feels he has the in on the truth..I bet his truth comes from his liberal friends and contacts which isnt saying much..He has been watching CNN too much..maybe a little of MSNBC too..Bob you sound like one of the sheeple ruining this country..

    I bet you voted for Obummer too..think he is doing a great job..BBBAAAA bbbbaaaa BBBBAAAA

    1. bobnstuff says:

      I read 5 or 6 different news papers a day including some that are own buy republicans. I check facts. , CNN is a waste. Try C Span. I did not vote for Romney, I worked for a Bain Capital Company an watched him run my company into the ground. Have you ever heard me say I was impressed by Obama, I’m not but I was raise to respect the office if not the man. I have noticed that people say that I’m no telling the truth but non of the facts I state are ever disproved.

  • Lawman0260 says:

    Tea part render congress inoperative? Tim your delirious if you think the tea party is holding up progress in a democratic controlled congress. It’s time the American people put the government back in check. The people are and always will be the ones charged with booting out the evil that has consumed our government.

  • Tim says:

    Government will continue to be the problem as long as the t-party continues to render the Congress inoperative.

  • longshorts says:

    In my well considered opinion,
    The time for talking about the Government is past.The “checks and balances” that our Constitution provided has been destroyed by an unscrupulous, and despicable Executive Branch, and Congress does nothing but pay lip service to those outraged Americans who complain to their representatives, both Senators and House Reps, but get nothing in return but “feel good” letters. WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED. Are we going to sit and take this, or are we going to grab power away from the old Government, and form a new Government that will be totally and completely obligated to its citizens for its continued existence? Congress MUST serve at their own expense, non-paid – no benefits. Two term limits must be forced upon all elected officials to keep them from becoming so firmly entrenched. The banning of access of “lobbyists” to elected officials must be ensured. Campaign contributions from big business must be stopped. The power of government must be returned to the people this government is supposed to represent. We must be able to determine what is good for us, rather than have others decisions shoved down our throats. Our Constitution MUST reign supreme, rather than be ignored without consequence. Are any of you ready to fight for your freedom?

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

    Eat your own babies go ahead. TFF. I laughed so hard I need to go take a nap

    A Mississippi Tea Party
    official opened a meeting this week with a prayer calling on God to
    violent against” establishment Republicans.

    “We ask for your
    blessing upon the conservatives in this state, that they might stand
    strong and firm,” said the state’s Tea Party chairman, Roy
    Nicholson. “Father, we even ask for you to bless our enemies, and
    Lord they are truly our enemies that head the Republican Party and
    the whole political establishment.”

    then clarified the request, according the the Jackson Free Press

    asking, Father, for two things,” he said. “We’re asking,
    Father, that you would expose them, set division amongst them, set
    them one against another, bring confusion and fear into their camp,
    into their thinking, for the purpose of pulling them down, for
    casting them down out of their high offices and reducing them, Lord,
    to having no power in this state.”

    “So, Lord, that you
    might raise up and seek the righteous in the positions of power that
    this state might once more be a state that honors you in all that it
    does,” Nicholson concluded.

    The newspaper reported
    that attendees at Monday’s meeting murmured their approval as their
    heads were bowed in prayer.

    The group hosted
    California blogger Charles Johnson, who reported on his blog that
    a paid source claimed Sen. Thad Cochran’s campaign tried to pay
    voters $15 each to cast ballots for him in June’s Republican
    primary runoff election against state Sen. Chris McDaniel – a Tea
    Party favorite.

    The McDaniel campaign is
    challenging Cochran’s victory in the runoff, claiming Democratic
    voters violated state law by casting ballots for the incumbent in the
    primary election without intending to back him in November general

    That source, Stevie
    Fielder, later recanted his story, and Mississippi Attorney General
    Jim Hood said the self-described pastor told investigators he was
    to lie about the scheme by McDaniel campaign spokesman Noel

    Johnson posted a photo
    over the weekend on Twitter of a subpoena he was served by the
    Democratic attorney general’s office – in direct violation of
    instructions not to disclose the subpoena.

    Investigators apparently
    want to determine whether the blogger or McDaniel’s staffers paid
    for Fielder for his phony information.

    At Monday’s Tea Party
    meeting, Johnson was greeted enthusiastically.

    “God gave us this
    red-haired man,” said Tea Partier Tricia Raymond, who described the
    blogger as a fearless bulldog.

    Johnson spoke out against
    mainstream media reporters and defended McDaniel supporters who
    conspired to break into a nursing home to photograph Cochran’s
    ailing wife.

    But most audience members
    wanted to hear about the Republican senator’s private life, pumping
    Johnson for details about Cochran’s living arrangements at the
    Washington, D.C., home of his executive assistant, Kay Webber.

    “It has a separate
    entrance? Is there a different address for the basement? So that
    makes it one residence then, don’t it?” outraged audience members

  • icetrout says:

    king rat …

    1. denniskrug says:

      LBJ a Mass Murderer and Guess what a Democrat. Democrats are good for calling Republicans war mongers WW1 Democrat, WW2 Democrat, Korea Democrat, Vietnam Democrat, Bosnia Democrat, Somalia Democrat. The Civil War which the blacks ignore was a Republican and the only political party who ever had a KKK Grand Pupa in their Senate was the Democrat Party !

      1. icetrout says:

        so true it hurts…

  • donl says:

    When did We The People start working for the government? I have always thought the government worked for us. They act as though WE work for them. They are always asking for more money. What are they doing with all that money? And they still continue to beg for more.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      If you don’t know were your tax money is going shame on you.

      1. denniskrug says:

        I know where my tax money is going it’s going for hundred million dollar vacations for Obama, it’s going for Obama to allow illegal aliens, drug cartels, Islamic Muslim terrorists, people from countries that are infected with Ebola come into this country and support them. Obama’s spending it to give Muslim terrorist groups for military weapons and FUND them. All the money that’s being taken away from our military by Obama is going to fund our enemies ! It’s going for Democrat pizza parties and Obama’s golf games. The tax money is also going for all the cover ups and legal fees for Obama and the stinking Democrats for the CRIMES they’ve committed. NOW ASDS HOLE how much more bull shit do want to try to push forward.

      2. says:

        Do you?

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Yes, Every now and again I check. To much is wasted. We spend to much on weapons and not enough on those that put their life on the line for our country. We don’t spend enough on education. Yes I know were my taxes go.

  • denniskrug says:

    It’s NOT Government that’s the biggest problem it’s been rolling along for 238 years it’s the people that are running it right now that are the problem ! We have the biggest Criminals and traitors in history running this Country starting with Obama then Eric Holder then Obama’s administration and the Senate.We need to reform who we allow into this country for any reason especially our borders and educational grants who then stay here and become lawyers, politicians and judges. This Country needs to reform it’s self and get rid of all illegals (Obama included), All Muslims (Obama included), all Communists, all Socialists, all want to be Dictators (Obama included) starting with all the Democrats (Obama included) and R.I.N.O.’s ! There are several people in our Government that don’t need a trial because what they’ve done is obvious they need to go straight in front of a military firing squad Obama, Eric Holder and Hilary Clinton are the first three. George Soros isn’t part of our Government but he certainly does fund it and tries his best to put Muslims and criminals in office he needs to be stripped of all his money and sent straight to hell also.

    1. jerrys says:

      WELL SAID!!!!

    2. bobnstuff says:

      So you don’t believe in freedom of though or religion. I guess you believe that the 33% of the republican part should rule the country. So much for democracy.

      1. denniskrug says:

        You are a STUPID piece of sh-t I am completely for freedom of religion unless it’s a murderous CULT and that’s exactly what ISLAM is ! I believe in a Country that can sustain it’s self not destroy it’s self. Where in HELL did you get your 33% figure you ass hole and if it is correct it’s because of all the damn illegal aliens that OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS let in. People like you have BLINDERS on, EAR plugs in and a mind that can’t think past the end of their nose. You wouldn’t see the truth if it were on a wide screen 2 inches from your face and if you did you’d close you stupid Freaking mind to it. People like you are the ones who are tearing this country apart you should be included in that list of those going in front of a firing squad and I’d be happy to be a part of that firing squad..

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Look who is calling names. Islam is not a cult it is a religion, just because you know nothing about it or what it really teaches doesn’t change it. 33% of republicans identify them selves as tea party. Our elections are not rigged or there would be proof

          1. steve52276 . says:

            islam is a false religion, devised by a tyrant blood thirsty pedophile, hungry for power. A satanic cult, really.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Islam is as valid a religion as Christian faith. It has the same base in Judaism, you know old testament. Don’t judge a faith based on the worst follower’s .that’s like judging the Christian faith on the KKK.

          3. steve52276 . says:

            islam was founded by a pedophile bloodthirsty tyrant. To “kill all infidels” , “only love your muslim brothers” , “never befriend Christians or Jews” , muhammad then goes on to state how God never begot a Son, also, “only through muhammad can a person reach God”

            Where, the Only reality is through Jesus Christ The Lord can a person be saved, this is The Only Truth.

            islam was developed by this madman bent for power 700 AD, where mohammad told his naive followers lies how the Bible, The Word of God was faulty.

            mohammad is burning in hell at this moment, and any individual who wishes to follow this burning corpses mind may do so if they will. The same hellfire is reserved for those who prop up the liar and his satanic book.

            Christ is Lord and King forever, no man can steal his throne, though many attempt to do so. Every knee will bow to The Lord, I pray all who read this have done so without suffering.

          4. Connie Barlow says:

            Why do they follow Mohammed? He seems to be the problem. He certainly is not a God! Guess he wanted to be. And “All a” is not God either. God is God. God comes and lives in you. Sometimes Jesus comes into your room. Faith in God will heal you. God provides if you love him and Obey His Loving Commandments! …… I believe the kkk is strickly prejudice, using Gods name. God would not burn a cross.The Cross was the second main provision for Jesus to take on ALL our sin so we would not have to make sacrifices any more. We only have to repent and ask forgiveness and try very sincerely NOT to do it again. Jesus paid the price. Such love has no man except by the Father. KILLING definitely is NOTE love. Cutting women’s breast is not love. KILLING children is not love. It is selfishnish on the fathers part. Cutting off heads is not love. God is LOVE!

          5. ray13666 says:

            bob, islam is NOT a religion, get it? islam is a political process whereas it absolutely is the law in a nutshell, founded and run by nuts btw. Another eye opener for you: muslims have a lesser than 90% IQ because of their inbreeding which has gone on for the last 1,400 years or 50 generations. muslims school their children on hating Americans and Jews and then of course all other non muslims. You really need to educate yourself on politics, religion and the Constitution.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            Well I guess you had better tell that to everyone who list the worlds great religions because they all got it wrong along with the 22% of the world that practice it. Oh and by the way our number system came from Persia, I think maybe you might want to check your facts

          7. ray13666 says:

            You’re a muslim right? Definitely a liberal. Never served in combat. Like to skew the percentages, you have the makings of a warped, wasted mind.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            No I’m a Christian who just happened to learn to read. And no I’m a moderate although being a Christian does mean I try to love all people and judge not less you be judged.

          9. gvhparkridge says:

            islam is a disorder

          10. Dennis Dumas says:

            I think it’s time u stop watching MSNBC!
            The Muslim faith teaches death to Infadels, let me translate
            That for you, infadels are non followers of the Muslim faith.
            Extreame muslins are the greatest threat to freedom, religion,
            and life this world has ever seen. It will force civilized people
            to resort to evil deeds to eliminate this threat to our world.
            The bible says killing evil is not considered murder and is
            justified. Killing defenseless women, and children is murder!
            Are you familiar with Sheria Law, perhaps you should read
            up on the subject before you defend Muslims!
            Don’t condemn the tea party either, they are fighting
            Desperately to retain our constitution, and to expose
            The abuses of of the laws of this nation, Harry Reid should be
            Tried for obstruction of justice along with Eric holder, and when
            Convicted sentenced to execution. Democrats, liberals, and progressives
            Have brough this country to the edge of distraction. It’s people like yourself
            who express views such as yours that show how little you really know about
            this country, how and why it came

          11. bobnstuff says:

            I’ll bet you don’t know one Muslim. I worked for one for 6 years and made it a point to find out about his faith. There are many good things about their faith and he didn’t try to kill me once. Yes I know about Sheria law much of which is based on old testament law. Check it out, oh sorry you know everything don’t you How can you say you defend the constitution by breaking the most basic parts of it? There are people on this site who have read the constitution and I respect there opinions, you on the other hand you truly are a hopeless fool.

          12. 48jerry says:

            ask allen west

        2. 48jerry says:

          semperfi bro

          1. denniskrug says:

            Semper Fi to you also ! Wow there are some real Idiots in this country but then again it’s obvious if you have Idiots at the voting polls then you have idiots in office.

        3. anestat says:

          Agree 100 % Dennis

      2. jerrys says:

        Yes Bobnstuff: Do you know the meaning of the following words? I beg you to google them if you do not.

        Do you know the Blackrock group of financial companies routinely bribe judges and officials at all levels to make favorable decisions for islam (Named after the BLACK ROCK at Mecca)

        1. bobnstuff says:

          I did look them up, very interesting, thank you. I don’t care much for theocracy as a form of government all though a 2.5% flat tax sounds good.

        2. Connie Barlow says:

          And this is a positive thing? No. You should not bribe anyone for anything. Muslim nor Christian.

    3. dotti322 says:

      I would have to agree with you 100% and with the media bought out and our Politicians aren’t doing their job! No thanks to Pelosi for pushing Obama through in the first place knowing he was illegal! If it were Bush he would have been arrested immediately for trying to over throw our Government and destroy our Country when he was not legal!

      1. Connie Barlow says:

        I don’t know why you talk about him that way…..when did he attack any of us? And excuse me but I commended him for tracking down the culprits that took down our towers. Our innocent people we t with it you know. And many rescue helpers as well.

        1. dotti322 says:

          Connie I wish you would read more because the only truth Obama has ever spoken was when he was running for president and he said we will change America as we know it! He is a muslim which he has not told the truth on his background.Me personally I don’t want to be supported by the Government I should be retired but the way Obama has upset our Country by spending millions of dollars on lavish vacations and taxing us to the max yes I pay taxes because I work for a living an pray that Obama will just resign since he is voted as the worst president in history. Please read instead of listening to all the lies and then you can make a sane decision!

        2. anestat says:

          Connie , you are part of the pathetic 48% who don’t read and are probably on the taxpayer dole.

        3. yaki534 says:

          The kool-Aid you have been drinking is poisoned. You, madam must be a total idiot

          1. Connie Barlow says:

            No Mr Yaki, You must go on the internet and do a little investigating. I do not say what I have not read by the top investigators. They are truely the top investigators and publishers…. I am not a total idiot. I wish I was, then maybe all this would not be so bad…. He will be going to the One World Government just as soon as he wants to declare our obey and economic system is no good….. That will make us a Socialistic world. Do you like the govt taking care of you? Well don’t expect much. We will be a third world country until Jesus comes back. Then it will be worse because the antichrist will be Killing everyone he can so he can collect souls before they have the chance to become a Christian. Google devil worshpets and they will tell you. He wants them to bring the souls to him. In return, he gives them fame and fortune. I could not believe the names and faces I saw on that cult. …… Do it! Then come back and tel me I am a idiot. (Just for reference, Obama & “Micheal” are in the group& Clinton’s, all the Presidents and movie stars and singers…… So sad. Look up,: Masons 33. It is all there.

        4. denniskrug says:

          Connie No Obama didn’t attack us and who tracked down the culprits that attacked the twin towers Obama ? Are you insane ? Obama never tracked down anyone ! He didn’t like the killing of Osama Bin Laden you could tell that right away when he made his speeches just by the way he was talking and the look on his face. The only reason he even made speeches about it was to pin a medal on his own chest. He certainly made sure that he set up the one’s that did kill Osama Bin Laden “Seal Team 6” set up to be killed. Obama is a Muslim and I would call him a traitor but he isn’t even an American Citizen he’s worse than a traitor he’s a total enemy to this Country and the Constitution. If you think he’s so wonderful you better get your head out of the sand and start looking at the facts !

    4. Anita says:

      I’ve been saying this for years. You just said it a lot better than I ever did.

    5. I Seigel says:

      “We have the biggest Criminals and traitors running the country …” Wow, so how do you rate Nixon, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush 2 or Ashcroft?
      And let me make sure I understand this – you want to get rid of EVERYONE except conservative Tea Partiers? Is that right? You’re for one-party government and society, just so long as it’s to YOUR way of thinking? Do I have that right?

      1. denniskrug says:

        Seigel YES that is correct we do have the biggest criminals and traitors running this Country right now ! You are IDIOT “LEFT WINGER” you compare Nixon, Rumsfeld, Bush 2 and Ashcroft to Obama ! All of them combined never did anything compared to the damage, Traitorous & criminal acts of Obama. You didn’t throw in a bunch of people what about the Mass Murderer LBJ the idiot peanut brain I meant peanut farmer Carter, then we have a sexual deviant Clinton !
        Let me make this clear right now yes I want to get rid of all the garbage that D.C. has and keep the TEA Party but that doesn’t mean I want the TEA PARTY to be your only choice either just as long as we get rid of the CROOKED DEMOCRATS and R.I.N.O’S. You are just like every other DUMB AZZ Democrat you twist everything a person says to suit your agenda even if it’s W#RONG and every body knows it and if that doesn’t work you’ll completely change the subject I know because I’ve dealt with IDIOTS like you before people with their heads up their AZZ !

        1. I Seigel says:

          I’m curious to know what criteria you base your judgment that Obama is so much more of a criminal than those others? Any actual statistics or facts, or just opinions that you’ve regurgitated from fascist websites?

          LBJ a mass murderer? And not Nixon, or Bush 2? And what sexual deviant charge are you laying on Clinton?

          1. denniskrug says:

            #1 Obama isn’t even an American Citizen he’s a dual citizen English and Indonesian and should not even be President #2 Fast and Furious Gun Running to Mexico killing 3 American agents and many more Mexicans #3 Ignoring Congress and bombing Libya #4 breaking the Constitution, religious freedom, freedom of speech and his oath of office “To protect the Constitution” #5 Setting up Ambassador Stevens and ending up killing 4 Americans #6 Not enforcing our border laws allowing illegals, drug lords, criminals, Muslim terrorists and even people from Countries infected with Ebola flow through #7 supporting terrorist groups with funding and military weapons and at the same time cutting our military to almost nothing. There are a bunch more Traitorous and Criminal offenses that can be added to this list but those alone are way more than any offenses than all previous Presidents combined before him.
            LBJ and the Democrats Started the Vietnam war Nixon ended that war ! you “LEFTIES” are always calling the Republican’s “WAR MONGERS” guess what wars started by DEMOCRATS WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia even Somalia. So now tell me was I wrong calling them MASS MURDERERS ! Clinton was married had a wife and was banging and getting blow jobs from “Lewinski” in the Oval office he was also doing this crap while he was a Governor with other women. It’s not deviant but it just goes to show you that if his wife couldn’t trust then who can. Believe Hillary is NO peach either Benghazi comes to mind ! Now are you happy !

          2. I Seigel says:

            I’m thinking you might have PTSD or something. Maybe something related to the pic of you (?) in the military clothes, or maybe some traumatic FAGGOT relationship you had that turned out bad. Either way, maybe some meds would help?? Your memory of facts and your understanding of reality are not good.

          3. denniskrug says:

            You are just like a DUMB AZZ Democrat you don’t stick to what the whole conversation is about you twist it to suit your agenda ! Why don’t you get back on track and talk about the subject and that is the “CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT” that we have right now with all your Democrat buddies in office ! It’s simple enough to see that our DEMOCRAT lead Government is destroying this Country. They are taking away the rights and freedoms of this Country and destroying the Constitution. If we leave DEMOCRAT CONTROL stay we will have a “Dictatorship THIRD WORLD Country” ! Now then AZZ HOLE quit with your B.S. and get back on what the conversation is about and not any name calling and turning thing’s around to PISS People off unless you’re a TROLL that is paid to pull you crap ! If you don’t then there’s only two thing’s that will happen either you agree to meet me face to face and call me the names you have or I’m done talking to you at all and you can F.O. !

          4. I Seigel says:

            Get back to the subject?!?! Oh, heck no! I’m enjoying all your name calling. I think we’re really bonding here Dennis. It’s really great to share feelings and learn about our fellow man, don’t you think Dennis? Don’t you feel better having this little chat?

          5. I Seigel says:

            Just one example of your Swiss-cheese memory: The fall of Saigon and the end of the Vietnam War occurred on April 30, 1975. Did you know that Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974? He left office in disgrace 8 months before the end of the war. He did not “get us out” of Vietnam. In fact, the war started way before LBJ, but the biggest buildup of American forces occurred while Nixon was CIC.

          6. denniskrug says:

            Forty years ago, on March 29, 1973, the United States ended its military involvement in Vietnam. Although the war would continue another two years, the South Vietnamese would no longer receive American assistance.

            The nearly 10-year war divided the nation, defined a generation and changed how the U.S. military would operate.

            In all, 58,282 American soldiers lost their lives and another 303,644 Americans were wounded.

            Yes Nixon resigned in 1974 but another REBUBLICAN Gerald Ford took office until 1976 when Democrat PEANUT BRAIN Jimmy Carter took office.
            NOW THEN AZZ HOLE unless you want to argue this out FACE TO FACE I’m not going to induldge in your B.S. so F.O.

          7. I Seigel says:

            Regarding the end of US military involvement: you are correct. I was mistaken.

  • ralph says:

    If you asked the question different you would get a lot of different answers. Everything Obama is doing from destroying our economy and destroying and taken all of our leaders out of the military and replacing them with his and the fact that he will not attack the enemy, and will not work with the government law makers he is the enemy and he has armed all of our enemies

  • sail375 says:

    What a surprise!!!! This current Administration and Congress are useless. Everyone of them in Washington up for re-election should be ousted from office.

    But, knowing the dumb voters, most will get their jobs back in spite of their incompetence and partisan politics.

    Onward to slaves and serfs bowing to the government and all it will take from us!!!

    Not one voter has any reason to vote for an incumbent in November,
    except those who foolishly fear the loss of their government check each
    month. In their cases, they are truly slaves of the government totally
    dependent on government for their very existence…and they outnumber those of us who are productive and responsible for ourselves.

    And so goes America. We truly are a nation of fools!!!!!

    1. denniskrug says:

      This is where my comment “EXACTLY” belonged

  • Ordinary_Guy says:

    It’s the politicians in the government that are responsible for the economic malaise and immigration chaos.

  • WiSe GuY says:

    Military Coup NOW!

    1. jerrys says:

      BO hussain should have been arrested at the time he addressed the joint chiefs at the Pentagon some time ago. Since the officers did not act we may never have the strength to do it now that the military has been purged.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        You do know that your a traitor and in your statement prove that you don’t believe in our system of government. Under law you should be arrested, you have just committed a crime. In the USA we use elections to create change. 15% think the government is the problem, what about the other 85%.

        1. Marilyn5555 says:

          Where the hell have you been Bob? The elections are being manipulated. And there hasn’t been any crime here commited……YET. EXCEPT by the government. What about all of THEIR crimes Boob?

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I’ve been at the poles as a pole watcher. I have seen first hand just how god our elections are run. If there was any real proof of election fraud people would be in jail, or at the very least we would have names and dates. Advocating the over throw o the government by force is a crime, it’ called treason.

          2. Marilyn5555 says:

            GEEZ! What an ignorant fool! There might be more consideration for your opinion if you at least knew how to spell POLL. By the way….the people responsible for creating this country were accused of treason too. Grow a brain… How do you explain it Bob when DEAD people are voting?

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Dam spell check! The were fighting to create a democracy. We have one.

          4. Marilyn5555 says:

            Bob you continue to show how ignorant your are. Dam is SUPPOSED to be a four letter word: Damn. And they were creating a REPUBLIC…we are not a democracy. Go back to history class.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Once again true. They created the best system of government the world had seen. To bad you want it over throw by the military.

          6. Marilyn5555 says:

            That’s right…they did!!! But it’s NO LONGER what they created. It’s become evil and corrupted. If it were STILL what our founding father created, we wouldn’t have an illegal alien squatting in the White House!

          7. bobnstuff says:

            You don’t read much history do you, you really should. Get over the birther crap, He was elected twice and he is the president. If anyone is corrupting our founding fathers dream it’s the tea party. The government is set up for the deferring parties to work with each other, not just say no. Never in the history of our country have we had a group in government who would sacrifice the wellbeing of the country just to make a point. The tea party won’t even work with their own party, they filibuster their own bills.

          8. Marilyn5555 says:

            OMG! This is a complete waste of time….you’re a complete blithering idiot. Not only have I read TONS of history, my father used to teach it. You’re brain is so pathetically twisted, it would be senseless to carry on ANY kind of conversation with you. You apparently go through life with your head in the sand.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            You know you are why our country is having problems. I give you fact after fact and all you say is I’m wrong or I am not seeing things. Not once have you come up with one hard piece of information. Just like most people on this page. You like being lied to and never check your facts. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.

          10. Marilyn5555 says:

            FACTS?!?! You haven’t given any facts….just your own personal twisted theories. You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face. Spoken like a TRUE LIBERAL….somebody doesn’t agree with YOU…..and they’re the problem? You’ve totally proven my point for me. You’re DONE….

          11. bobnstuff says:

            Fact only the tea party filibusters there own bills, Fact only one third of republican identify with the tea party, Fact the tea party would destroy the good credit of the government by not paying our bills to prove a point, Fact this is the most unproductive congress in history, Fact calling for the overthrow of the government is treason, Fact 80% of the new voting machines are from republican owned companies, Fact the only voter fraud case that was proven was a republican voting for Walker twice, Fact the tea party has never won a national election. And I will have you know I’m not a liberal, or a socialist or a communist. I’m an old guard republican and I want my party back!

          12. denniskrug says:

            Here are some facts for you ass hole… Harry Reid Nuked the filibuster but wait until the shoe is on the other foot then see how they like having it shoved down their throat. More facts for you….
            Democrats are good for calling Republicans war mongers WW1 Democrat, WW2 Democrat, Korea Democrat, Vietnam Democrat, Bosnia Democrat, Somalia Democrat. The Civil War which the blacks ignore was a Republican and the only political party who ever had a KKK Grand Pupa in their Senate was the Democrat Party !

          13. bobnstuff says:

            Vietnam was Eisenhower. But who cares. In case you missed it I will say it again I’m an old guard republican.

          14. denniskrug says:

            Oh man you are a dumb ass if you want to go back that far Vietnam was the French and when they got their asses kicked and after Kennedy was killed the mass murderer LBJ (Democrat) moved in and started that war in Vietnam NOT EISENHOWER (Republican) and don’t forget EISENHOWER (Republican) ended the KOREAN WAR that TRUEMAN (Democrat) started just like NIXON (Republican) ended the Vietnam War. Hey I was there WERE YOU ?

          15. bobnstuff says:

            Eisenhower sent adviser in 56 JFK sent more and LBJ sent troops in 64 I’m a fan of Eisenhower, a true republican.

          16. denniskrug says:

            Hey dumb ass advisors isn’t war IDIOT and war wasn’t even an issue back then even past JFK until LBJ got in office then the mass murderer LBJ went to work on following his Democrat parties wishes ! Stick that up your ass FAGGOT !

          17. bobnstuff says:

            The war started after we stopped the election and put in a puppet government. Just because we didn’t send a large number of troops doesn’t change the fact that we started the war. There was a number of republicans that supported the war, Berry Goldwater being one of them. Even a Gomer like you should know this stuff.

          18. denniskrug says:

            You know what you can twist this Bull Shit you’re spewing to suit you anyway you want but that’s exactly what it is BULL SHIT ! Your head is made out of shit. I lived during these times I fought in that war and I know what happened ! It all boils down to you are as full of shit as a Christmas goose ! Maybe some Republican’s did support the war but it was the Democrats who pulled the string and went in full combat which can only mean they were the ones that started it ! Hey ass hole I was one of the first over there so don’t you tell me who started that war I served in The United States Marine Corps from 12-1961 until 4-1966 ! You and your coward ass was probably one of the ones that threw shit on the returning troops weren’t you ! Instead of doing that you should’ve been throwing shit on your Democrat buddies in D.C. because the troops certainly didn’t deserve that ! I don’t care what kind of BULL SHIT you try to throw I’m done arguing with a freaking IDIOT (YOU) ! F.O. Faggot

          19. bobnstuff says:

            You are an ass. I will take your name calling and your incorrect facts but I will not take your suggesting I would disrespect our men in uniform. I did not serve in Vietnam, I was 4F, I had two brothers in the service at the time but could not join them. You are the one disrespecting our troops by spreading lies. Our enemies love you guys. You have violated you oath of allegiance and all I have for you petty and contempt

          20. denniskrug says:

            I served YOU DID NOT I fought in a war YOU DID NOT. You called ME Names also. Now then WHO’S DISRESPECTFUL to our troops ? I am one of them shit head you are NOT ! I am through arguing with you anyone who’s been reading along knows damn good and well YOU ARE WRONG and I AM RIGHT AGAIN ! Everything that comes along that proves you wrong you try to twist your BULL SHIT and ignore what the conversation was in the first place THAT’S WHAT IDIOTS DO !

          21. Ron says:

            You are a usefull idiot nothing more nothing less.
            Typical libutard throw buckets of sheet at the wall see what sticks and call it truth and fact. While You have proven You know nothing of fact . You have shown everyone here You are a dilligent troll

          22. bobnstuff says:

            Show me my lie or shut up.

          23. Connie Barlow says:

            No one wins in the middle BECAUSE. if they get a vote it is only taking a vote away from the Republicans and/or the democrat. So I , personally TRY to pick the best of the two.

          24. bobnstuff says:

            I agree ad do the same. It’s a shame we must vote for the lesser of two evils

          25. jerrys says:

            FACT: Hussain obama was born a muslim.
            Fact: Hussain obama was raised as a muslim.
            Fact. Hussain obama was schooled as a muslim.
            Fact Hussain obama said he will stand with the muslims.
            Fact: The most beautiful sound in the world is the muslim call to prayer BO stated
            Fact; Hussain obama would have be killed as an apostate if he was not carrying out the islamic adgenda

          26. Connie Barlow says:

            He will never get it! Let him go…. Ugh !

          27. denniskrug says:

            You might have read some history but you sure don’t know what the hell is going on right now. What a dip shit you are.

          28. ray13666 says:

            Hey bob, what you are saying about the tea party is what they said about the founders of this country back in the 1700’s and look how wrong the naysayers were. Either you are truly insane or you just like to debate. BTW, proud to say I am a combat vet, pay my own way, and a direct Mayflower descendent against illegal’s (oxymoron huh?) tyranny, unnecessary welfare and political correctness.

          29. denniskrug says:

            I’d rather see an overthrow by our military then taken over by an Islam Muslim bast-rd without even a shot fired ! Did you ever serve in the military or are you a piece of SH-T that likes to talk the talk but is a chicken sh_t ass hole who doesn’t know sh-t from shineola ! I took an oath the same oath that Obama and his criminal administration breaks daily. That oath says to “DEFEND our CONSTITUTION against all enemies BOTH foreign and DOMESTIC” well dumb ass the ENEMY we have is in the White House, the D.O.J., the senate and Obama’s administration. Now if you’re still stupid enouight to believe the sh-t that’s fed you by them then you belong in NORTH KOREA or on MARS ! I FOUGHT A WAR over people like what they are DID YOU ????

          30. denniskrug says:

            Where in hell do you see democracy the Democrats are trying to take every right we have away from us ! You are a Damn Communist or a want to be Dictator !

          31. denniskrug says:

            Like I said go to some Bull sh-t Democrat website and push your Bull-Sh-t there and get the hell off this one !

          32. bobnstuff says:

            So what fact did I get wrong? You just don’t like the truth. You do know that Fox is an entertainment channel not a news channel, and that’s their story and they are sticking to it.

          33. denniskrug says:

            You know what I wish to GOD that I could meet you in person ! You are such a stupid ass hole I don’t go to FOX news either because this shows you just how much you know FOX news is owned by a FREAKING DEMOCRAT You IDIOT !

          34. bobnstuff says:

            Rupert Murdoch is truly not a democrat, in fact he isn’t even an American. News Corp is about as right wing as you can get.

          35. denniskrug says:

            You know what you don’t have a brain so why worry about the container let the Obama Muslim Brotherhood take over and we’ll see what happens to that FAGGOT head of yours. FOX NEWS IS owned by a Democrat. Everyone on this site hates your stupid ass so why are you here just to piss people off ? If you think you’re accomplishing something you’re NOT you’re just giving people a stronger resolve.

          36. bobnstuff says:

            Is your brain damage service related? Do you know who Rupert Murdoch is? Have you ever heard of News Corp? You keep calling me a Faggot, which doesn’t bother me since I know some really nice people who are. Are you looking for a hook-up? I come to this site because unlike you there are some people with brains and who have things to say. They make me think and check facts.

          37. denniskrug says:

            You chicken shit son of a bitch ! I would love for you to say that to my face ! What ever I called you I’d be more than happy to say it straight in your face. I’ve ran across you before and I know exactly what you are ! You are a Di-k – sucking FAGGOT ! who doesn’t have one ounce of brains in his head ! You’ve never spent one day in the military, you’re a little COWARD that would not have the BALLS to face me ! I don’t give a shit what you say from here on out because everyone on this site knows what kind of ass hole IDIOT FAGGOT you are. You a WRONG and full of LIES you switch thing’s around to suit your own agenda just like that piece of shit you admire so much Obama. The only reason you love him is because he’s a FAGGOT just like you ! Now then either face me or shut up !

          38. bobnstuff says:

            Well Gomer I am glad you don’t represent the proud men and women in our military anymore. You are one of the dumbest pieces of Dog S..t I have run into on tis site.

          39. denniskrug says:

            You know what you shit head you are a coward you just proved that because you know there’s nothing I can do about it, you also just proved everything else I said about you is true also because you haven’t even tried to defend yourself (You never served a single day in the military, you’re a coward and a mentally abnormal Faggot) ! As far as the political
            part is concerned every point you tried to make I shoved up your ass and proved without a shadow of a doubt you are full of Bull Shit I was right and you were wrong. Now as far as Rupert Murdoch is concerned you are right about him he is Right Wing and he is not an American he’s Australian (neither is Left Wing George Soros who manufactured those voting machines an American) but Telstra the biggest partner in FOX NEWS is Left Wing Government owned with 50.1 % and the Liberal Left Senate love’s it ! Once again I was right and you were wrong FOX NEWS is Left Wing ! You are WRONG about every point you tried to make ! you can call me names if you want to the difference being the names I call you are true and what you call me is more BULL SHIT ! The sad part is that you and people like you are allowed to vote when you need to be put in a rubber room !
            Now then you can rant & rave all you want but I am ending this conversation because I’m arguing with an IDIOT

          40. Ron says:

            every remark You have posted. Wrong ,incorrect and ortwisted half truths.! Any other stupid questions

          41. bobnstuff says:

            Show me that I’m wrong. Facts. I check and double check everything I say here.

          42. steve52276 . says:

            I’m thinking either bobby is a disinformation agent for the internets, or a victim of manipulation.

          43. Marilyn5555 says:

            I think you’re right!

        2. denniskrug says:

          You are right elections are part of our system LEGAL STRAIGHT FORWARD elections NOT CRIMINALLY FIXED elections LIKE OBAMAS election which he never should’ve even be allowed to be part of ! in 2008 I went to the poll and voted on a electronic machine manufactured by George Soros who I didn’t know him, or know what kind of a Muslim, Communist, Criminal he was. I voted for McCain – Palin and guess who’s name pooped up “OBAMA”. I know they could hear me for 3 blocks I yelled “I didn’t vote for that son of a bitch” the woman came over and said “Oh it’s just a glitch” and supposedly fixed it. I voted again and McCain – Palin did come up but then came the 2012 election and about 2 weeks before it I received a letter telling me that I did NOT vote in the 2008 election. So either you voted for OBAMA or you didn’t vote at all. Illegal aliens voted, murders and every form of criminal voted, Dead people voted, people illegally voted 6 times but the votes coming from our military over sea’s weren’t allowed ! We were fighting in Iraq and the people over there were made to dip their finger in purple ink so they couldn’t vote again and yet over here OBAMAS people could vote 6 times. Now then you tell me who’s the traitor and criminal here it isn’t me or jerrys. Hey. ass hole try getting your stupid head out of your ass and open your eyes ! I don’t know you might be getting paid to be an ass hole but in either case you are still a stupid ass hole that doesn’t have a brain !

          1. bobnstuff says:

            That’s a real nice story. I’d like to believe it . In my voting place we had no problem that we could see. I would like to believe that every polling place had the great poll workers we have. I don’t like the new voting machines. In my state it was the republicans that made us change. Romney sons company sold us our machines just like Ohio.

          2. denniskrug says:

            You know what I think I’ve ran into you before. Let me ask you one simple question…. Are you FAGGOT ? Because only FAGGOTS come up with the Bull SH-T you’re coming up with and if you are then you are probably the same FAGGOT I ran into before. You are as STUPID as they come and especially if you think Republican’s would force machines in polling places knowing they were manufactured by George Soro’s an ass hole that funded Obama ! I also see that you’re from Ohio where 110% of the voters voted that alone is funny because I always thought that 100% was the total amount and it’s also where Obama received 100% of the votes in one county NO other person including DICTATORS have ever received that percentage of the vote ANYWHERE. Now then you piece of SH-T you tell me your Lying ass story again ! It’s like I said before you wouldn’t know the truth if it slammed you right in the ass. Go tell your Bull Sh-t on some Democrat website and get the hell off this one

          3. I Seigel says:

            Sounds like Dennis here is afraid of men. Maybe he had a bad time in the military or something, assuming that’s his picture with the military costume. What say you Dennis? Did some FAGGOT have his way with you a while back? Or did you have some guilty thoughts or pleasures?

          4. denniskrug says:

            Seigel Oh wait a minute I recognize your name you’re “LEFT WING” FAGGOT from a conversation I had about another article and destroyed your little faggot wife ! If you have any problems with me you Queer just let me know what you want to do about it azz hole I’d be more than happy to straighten your brain out if you even have one. You do this because you know there isn’t a thing I can do about it. Your little faggot wife couldn’t win the argument either and resorted to doing the same thing you and your little faggot wife are both COWARDS and hide behind a website !

          5. I Seigel says:

            I’m thinking you might have PTSD or something. Maybe something related to the pic of you (?) in the military clothes, or maybe some traumatic FAGGOT relationship you had that turned out bad. Either way, maybe some meds would help?? Your memory of facts and your understanding of reality are not good. Or maybe it’s the simple fact that you’ve lost control over your bowels….

          6. denniskrug says:

            You S.O.B. I would love for you to say what you just did to my face you chicken sh-t little FAGGOT. You are a worthless piece of crap who NEVER served a day in the military you’re just like that other little FAGGOT that I tore down in my last conversation. It’s like I said before your little chicken sh-t azz hides behind a website and calls other people names. Meet me head on AZZ HOLE. I served this Country and I fought in a war DID YOU ? So why don’t you either shut your FAGGOT pie hole up or meet me face to face so I can straighten your DUMB AZZ out. You can’t win an argument so you resort to trying to tear a person down by calling them name and using PURE B.S. ! you think your so great come on CHICKEN SH-T FACE ME !! Coward ! After it’s all done and over with you’ll be the one with PTSD !

          7. I Seigel says:

            I’m trying to find a difference between you and an Islamo-Fascist, mask-wearing, beheading little weenie coward. I can’t help but think you’d fit in real nice out in Syria or Iraq with your other fascist buddies. Why don’t you get an extra battery for your Hoveround and go roll out there and join the party. The change of scenery will do you good.

          8. Connie Barlow says:

            “”It is not a money maki g project. It is a ” counting” improvement. Hand counting can throw votes. You know that makes sence.

          9. steve52276 . says:

            Well said, Sir.. Well said. The truth, though, is reserved for those who are believers, I am one of them where unfortunately there is a large majority who are not.

          10. Connie Barlow says:

            I do not understand why ALL states do not use the “ID”and voters registration card to give proof of life to vote????? It is the only way to prove who we are. …… It is in THE PLAN for our distruction. He has been GROOMED since high school. He WILL be one of the 10 heads of the new world gov’t,—> and get shot –> get healed—> take his next position and THEN you either get the MARK implanted between your fingers or you do not eat. I pray you DO NOT follow thru with that for your souls Eternity in HE’LL is a bad choice for not having faith in and loving our Heavenly Father.

          11. denniskrug says:

            It’s mighty funny to me that a person needs some sort of I.D. for just about everything a person does except to vote. To me that is complete insanity but the Democrats fight I.D. laws tooth and nail because they are CRIMINALS and want to have ILLEGAL people vote or for a person to vote many times. Like I said the Iraqi people had to put their finger in purple ink so they couldn’t vote more than once in this country if they are a Democrat we should shove their whole head in purple ink !
            Obama being the Anti-Christ I’ve thought that ever since he first got in.
            This bobnstuff I’ve ran across him before he’s a little Faggot and he thinks the Democrats and Obama are the way to go. All I can say is he is really stupid because if he thinks that he’s been treated badly by Christians and Republicans he just needs to wait until Obama’s Muslims get ahold of him and then see what they do to him. Obama’s just as stupid he’s a Muslim and a Faggot himself and he should know what they’ll do to him. All in all it’s probably for the best because they don’t have a brain so why have the container.

        3. jerrys says:

          Wow, what flavor is the cool aid your drinking?
          See that you are in favor of thought crime.

          In today’s news: A German General has been placed in charge of our troops.

          I believe in the constitution and our form of government. But the government does not believe in the constitution or the people.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Where did you bread this? I would like to read the whole article. If your facts check out it calls for more action then just on line talk.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Thank you for the link, Very interesting and disturbing. What dumb a$$ in Washington came up with that one. You are right to be upset.

    2. denniskrug says:

      Exactly !

  • Carl Stevenson says:

    “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.” – General George Washington

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