Gun control measures met with defiance from law enforcement officers

March 24, 2014

The head of a nationwide sheriffs coalition is calling on Vermont’s law enforcement officers to defy three controversial gun control measures passed by Burlington voters three weeks ago.

“Sheriffs have a constitutional duty to refuse to comply with such ordinances,” said Richard Mack, president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. “We’re seeing sheriffs in New York oppose the Safe Act and Gov. Cuomo. If we have sheriffs in New York doing this, how much more should we have sheriffs doing it in Vermont?”

On March 4, Burlington voters joined a push by elected officials throughout northeastern states to enact stiffer gun control measures. By a 2-to-1 margin, they banned the carry of firearms in bars and restaurants, authorized police to confiscate guns during domestic disputes and required gun owners to keep firearms locked up at home.

“It’s astonishing that people are so cavalier about violating the Second Amendment,” Mack said. “Burlington City Council sounds like they are just following the trend to do things that are entirely unconstitutional and go around sheriffs, and go around the laws, or subvert the laws, or disobey the laws.”

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which touts sheriffs as the highest law enforcement officials charged with defending the rights of citizens in states, claims that 17 police associations and nearly 500 sheriffs nationwide have pledged to defy unconstitutional gun control measures.

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  • I Seigel says:

    The International Association of Chiefs of Police has taken a consistent position on a variety of related topics:

    A summary:

    1. They support the prohibition of the sale of armor piercing ammo

    2. They have been a “strong supporter” of the assault weapons ban first passed in 1992, and their members continue to support the reauthorization of the ban since then.

    3. They support the mail order sale of bulletproof vests and other body armor

    4. They continue “to oppose any federal legislative proposals that would either pre-empt and/or mandate the liberalization of individual states’ CCW laws pertaining to the carrying of concealed weapons in other states without meeting that state’s requirements”

    5. They support efforts to better prosecute offenders of the Brady Act, and they support firearm enforcement efforts at the local, state and federal level.

    6. They support the creation of “a federal registry, similar to the sexual offender registry, for offenders who have been previously convicted of a felony firearm violation or a misdemeanor that involved violent or threatening acts with firearms.”

    7. They support a waiting period for the purchase of a firearm, and they support closing the “gun show loophole”.

    There are other positions that they list in their position papers, if you care to read them at the link posted at the top of this.

    1. Hoodoo H says:

      I concur with your findings.
      It IS true that most Police ARE NOT there to Serve and Protect the Citizens anymore…
      They are there to Disobey the Bill of Rights and tread against the grain of OUR CONSTITUTION.
      They mostly are alike with a janitor, there only to clean up a mess.


      1. I Seigel says:

        So you’re saying that you’ll just ignore the police and do just what the Bill of Rights and the Constitution tell you is right or what’s allowed? Nice. Better have a lot of guns, ’cause you’ll need them,

        1. Hoodoo H says:

          Are you threatening me, you ahole?
          WHAT A DOLT.

          1. I Seigel says:

            Threatening you? Huh? If I was, it sure sounds like you’d be ready for me. I don’t think you’d rely on a stupid ballot box. STAND YOUR GROUND.

          2. antiliberalcryptonite says:

            Down-voted again. Since liberal controlled Disqus won’t display that, I now have to mention it.

        2. antiliberalcryptonite says:

          Down-voted. Since liberal controlled Disqus won’t display that, I now have to mention it.

    2. Pam Dunn says:

      They are a big bumch of left wingers and communists that want to disarm everybody BUT the police; Guess what, that’s a TOTALITARIAN approach to government.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Police left wingers? Communists? They’re some of the most conservative people I know. I’d love to see you get stopped for speeding. Maybe you’ll get on TV on their DashCam and you can show us all how you’d stand up to those Commies.

        1. Hoodoo H says:

          In court, like an honest person should, Seigel.

        2. antiliberalcryptonite says:

          Liberal troll. Down-voted.

      2. Hoodoo H says:

        Ther are a few good cops, but I see today most are bent on power trips to self satisfaction or personal gain, putting in danger the Citizens of the U.S.A.

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