Hackers Threaten Israel With ‘Electronic Holocaust’

by The Blaze
March 31, 2015

Individuals purporting to belong to the hacking group Anonymous have released a video threatening Israel with an “electronic holocaust” for the country’s alleged “crimes in the Palestinian territories.”

“We’ll erase you from cyberspace as we have every year, 7 April 2015, will be an electronic holocaust,” the group said in a video posted online and delivered by a masked individual.

The specific date chosen is just one week before Yom HaShoa, or Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Our message to the foolish Benjamin Netanyahu, and all leaders in the Zionist entities. As promised in previous attacks, we will continue to electronically attack until the people of Palestine are free,” the hackers warned. “As shown in previous attacks, we will continue to invade and attack your devices, websites and personal data.”

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  • Holice Pender says:

    I agree Mayebelle. Israel is God’s chosen people.

  • Charles says:

    if I were Benjamin Netanyahu, I would quote Dirty Harry/Clint, “Go ahead. Make my day.” we all know Clint carried a .45 magnum, a hand cannon fully capable of ruining one’s day. “you feel lucky punk?”

  • richard says:

    Lindi I agree with you these people need their heads examined what a bunch of ASSHOLES

    1. If they ever catch these idiots they should be put in prison for 40 to 50 years without parole.

  • Lindy says:

    Groups like this should be found and hung by the neck until dead. If they really cared about the Palestinian people, they would be finding out why the leaders of Hamas are billionaires. Living in luxury, traveling the world, while the Palestinian people are left with a new shopping mall, bustling food markets, and an Olympic swimming pool. Where are the leaders of Hamas getting their fortunes from? Why doesn’t the media investigate further? Why? Because these people have only one agenda and that is to eliminate the Jews just as Hitler tried to do.

    1. Dee says:

      I just wish people could get along and not have all this fighting. The muslims just think that their religion (if you want to call it that) is the only one that should be all over the world.
      We used to have freedom of religion in our country, but that arse hole in the white house thinks different.

  • gavinwca says:

    Anonymous strike a key at Israel’s defense, and they strike a bullet to you useless head. Mosaud is not the Obola FBI or any other federal Fascist OBOLA operation. Israel plays to win not to loose. not Like our Looser in Chief.

  • If you hackers don’t stop harassing Israel, God will punish you forever. Israel is God’s chosen nation, so if you keep on trying to threaten them or do anything to them, God will punish you forever and it will not be pleasant. Israel will always be favored by God because Israel favors God and worships Him daily and with purpose. What you non-Christians need to do is to get your hearts right with God and get the big log out of your own eyes before trying to harm others. God will be returning soon and unless you change, you will be annihilated before His return. I will be praying for you to do God’s will, not the Deviil’s nor your own. God sill be returning soon and I would advise you to get your heart right before God and live for Him; otherwise, you will burn Hell forever. Praise God from whom all blessing s flow. God bless America!

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