Harry Reid knows better than Founding Fathers, moves to rewrite 1st Amendment

Saying the foundations of democracy are threatened, Senate Democrats took the first step Tuesday to rewrite the First Amendment, holding a hearing to rally support for their proposed constitutional change that would give government the power to ban all spending on political campaigns.

The effort drew vows of resistance from Republicans, who harangued Democrats for abandoning free speech rights for political gain. Republican lawmakers said the solution was for Democrats to improve their arguments, not to silence their critics in an assault on fundamental freedoms.

“Where are the liberals today? Why is there not a liberal standing here defending the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment?” Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, demanded of his Democratic colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Forty-three Democrats are sponsoring the amendment, which would give Congress and the states powers to set strict limits — or eliminate — the ability of campaigns, political parties and outside groups to spend money in elections.

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  • frankenbiker says:

    This congress can pass all the laws they want, I no longer choose to abide by them. I’ll obey and respect the Bill of Rights, under our Constitution, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go anymore. These fcks, have no clue how tightly this country is wound, we’re ready to snap and when we do, none of these assholes in congress, the white mosque, or local politicians will be safe

  • I Seigel says:

    If billionaires want a louder voice in politics than the average working man or woman, well, by golly, they’ve earned it. Let them spend as much as they want, and let them have as much influence as their money can buy.

    In fact, if we’re going to change the constitution at all, let’s change it so that billionaires can have more votes than the “little guy”. Billionaires should have more votes than you or I, don’t you think? They’ve earned it. They’re the job creators. They are in a much better position to know what’s best for us.

  • Parfie says:

    I want to know why Nevadans Continue to ALLOW that man, who came in the Senate a Pauper, to a Multi-Millionaire, and WHY ARE THEY NOT GOING AFTER HIM, WHEN HE HAS PROPERTY, surrounding The Bundy’s in Bunkerville, NV, PUBLIC LAND, Mind you, in the NAMES OF: The Reid Family Trust? Good Lord! And now, a senile old man, who’s family makes a fortune, if they totally confiscate The Bundy’s Ranch (their goal is ALL OF IT ) not just the part of BLM that they claim he has not paid grazing fees for, is now followed by 42 other Dems, to ALTER OUR 1st Amendment? Good Lord! When will the people have had enough. I think he ought to be hung by a specific body part, but I’ll settle for his toenails! (P.S. How is it that BLM was founded in 1946, that Bundy’s land use was not grandfathered, like many things have been) and how DOES The Reid Family Trust “buy public land for ZERO? Lord Willing that Asshat will go to Hell!

  • BOC says:

    Harry’s either is in stage 3 dementia or his mom bought him the wrong sized Depends

  • rainger1ful says:

    No matter what they do or say, “We The People” will only recognize Our Founding Father’s 1st Amendment.

  • ProudVeteran says:

    Reminds me of the US Government in “Atlas Shrugged.”

  • defiant1 says:

    This is all part of the Obama Marxist plan in his quest to diminish the Constitution and the USA. No surprise and it might happen since the Senate majority is dems. So welcome to Marxist/Leninist policy in our lives. it is all too obvious that they need to shut up and shut down the conservatives and the Tea Party.

    1. CTH says:

      Turning the U,S. into a communist country is their prime objective.

      1. defiant1 says:

        You and I know that but many people do not like the word communist, the term progressive does not have the “history” although communist policies are taking place right now. I am sure many also do not know the Progressive Party was created by the CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA). And there is a list online of all the avowed progressives/socialists in Congress and Senate, it is the Congressional Progressive Caucus. 1 senator: Bernie Sanders; co-chairs: Keith Ellison & Raul Grijava and many recognizable names too numerous to list. Cummings will be on the Benghazi Special Investigating Comm headed by Trey Gowdy (R). These people are said to be communists.

        1. jjkrjw says:

          Trey Gowdy is no communist, but I don’t think you meant that he is. Cummings? Yes.

    2. jjkrjw says:

      VOTE in your primary if it hasn’t already taken place. VOTE in November. Get rid of these anti-American commie democrats. Don’t stay home, please! VOTE conservative. Save our country.

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