Here’s A List Of The 5 Biggest NY Times Screw Ups This Year

by Jack Crowe
August 10, 2017

The New York Times published a report Monday which claimed they had “obtained” an unpublished government draft of a forthcoming climate assessment despite the fact that the draft has been publicly available online since January.

In light of this oversight, which TheNYT has since issued a correction on, here is a list of Times’ errors, inaccuracies, blunders, misrepresentations and general failures this year.

1) The New York Times Corrects Story Claiming 17 Intel Agencies ‘Agree’ On Russia

In a June report, The Times regurgitated the baseless claim that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed Russia was responsible for meddling in the 2016 election. The report in question was published roughly one month after The Daily Caller News Foundation fact check team had thoroughly debunked the claim.

The Times, as well as a number of other media outlets, parroted the claim based solely on statements made by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. TheNYT later issued a correction noting that only four intelligence agencies came to a consensus on Russian meddling.

27 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Grover Syck says:

    After reading the comments on this thread, it is apparent the right wing trolls are running wild on it. What a collection of elephant crap.

    1. Lawrence Passmore says:

      Grover your name fits you because you are sick

    2. Retired says:

      The Elephant crap would be you and your BS.

  • Grover Syck says:

    Yes they were wrong about 17 intel agencies. It was 18.

    1. thomas givens says:

      You love al the NYT Fake News. You are a true Demorat. You are probably to cheap to buy their paper.

    2. Joel Frank says:

      Grover, Everyone is entitled to be stupid but you abuse that privilege.

  • Bob says:

    Okay, we know that the NYT has been “correcting” itself (read: LYING) regularly since Trump became President. we know this because he will not suffer fools graciously and accept their lies, no matter how many times they are repeated. The questions really should be; How many lies have they been telling similar lies in the past to career politicians who have not defended themselves? Trump is forcing the media, all of the media, to retract stories that are obviously false. He is allowing us to look at the “established” media in a different light, as the failing, lying Democrat/liberal controlled rags they are.

    1. Retired says:

      It is long past due that the Media and Hollywood are exposed for what they really are ,TRASH .

  • Tiger says:

    What a web you weave when first you begin to deceive, or something like that. What is interesting is not only does the Main Media have no credibility here in the U.S. they have no credibility around the world. The world is watching and Trump had a highly successful European tour. They also watched our elections and they have problems with the Left in their countries, they also have Antifa and Soros is now not welcome in many European countries.

    Trump’s successes have risen above the fray and kerfuffle created by these Communists, didn’t the Communists also publish trash and not tell the populace the truth? Sure and Hitler did the same. These people wouldn’t publish the Wikileaks, Europeans got them and took them to Facebook. O even tried to get Assange arrested. So this is just the Brown Shirts at work.

    They lost the election, they lost their integrity and they will be lost forever very soon.

    1. goldie says:

      What a lot of sunshine your post brought to my already beautiful fall day. Thanks! I certainly hope you are right.

      1. Tiger says:

        Well thank you Goldie.

      2. Retired says:

        She is on the Ball as to what is happening . It is hard to get people in the EU to understand what is really happening and how they have been sucked in by the UN- OWO -IMF and world central bank along with the Bilderberg society .

        1. goldie says:


  • Webb says:

    Another Liberal MSM Rag…
    Both sides of a story is never presented…
    You only the get the left wing opinions…
    No Thanks…

  • Rick D. says:

    NYT= “Never Your Truth”

  • goldie says:

    Their readers must be nuts; how many times does the nyt (nyt wit) have to lie before readers don’t trust them anymore?

    1. Ramon1710 . says:

      For leftists, anything which has NY as a part of it’s name is automatically viewed as “enlightened,” facts notwithstanding.

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      I thought people bought it to swat flies!

      1. goldie says:

        They probably do, for all I know. That’s all it’s worth, anyway.

        1. Lawrence Passmore says:

          goldie your wrong. it makes a good fish wrapper too

          1. goldie says:

            Well you’re never too old to learn. Thanks.

          2. Retired says:

            It contaminates the fish and makes them stink as bad .

        2. K.A. says:

          I prefer using it to line the bottom of my birdcage.

        3. Rodney Steward says:

          Well might be good in the outhouse that I do have for my parties, but living down South I don’t get to see one much unless it’s at a Doctors office!! LOL

  • mad max says:

    nyt=your brain on CRACK!

    1. Peggychurley says:

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  • Carol Juliano Popp says:

    Crooked NYT

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