Hillary Clinton all but erased from tragic story of Benghazi

A huge wave of public testimony, reports and documents on what happened in Benghazi now floods Washington, and little of it focuses on the role of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton before, on, or after Sept. 11, 2012.

Over the past 18 months, there have been at least seven public congressional hearings and three fact-finding reports on the terrorist attack. If not invisible, Mrs. Clinton is certainly portrayed as being only in the background during Benghazi, unaware of key events.

In the early post-Benghazi days on Capitol Hill, Republicans tried to pry “what did she know and when did she know it” information out of witnesses. But in later hearings, her name came up rarely — if at all.

On key questions, there is a dead end. For example, the nation’s two most senior military officials said they never spoke with Mrs. Clinton during the eight-hour crisis in Benghazi, Libya.

The State Department refused to cooperate for a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence investigation, Republicans say, and her name is not in the final report.

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  • CforUS says:

    Another example of “revised history” which is very common in the progressive/liberal/democrat circles. If you, in relation to the incident, purposely fail to mention the democratic candidate long enough, they were never there. It’s much like there are no guilty cons in prision. Just as around in any prision. Hillary enjoys the same effect when you ask the U.S. news media. It is a certainty when the campaigning comes around for 2016, “Hillary will be there to answer the phone when it rings”. Never mind that she turned the phone off and went to bed when Benghazi was going on.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Yes, I guess only the liberals try to “revise history”. What do you think has happened to the Reagan “legacy” in the last 20 years? Even before the ink was dry on his tenure in office, the Republicans were sure in a hurry to rename Washington National Airport for him. What about Iran-Contra? What about the 240+ Marines, sailors and soldiers that were killed in Beirut under his watch? You won’t hear a peep out of anyone about that!
      The Benghazi tragedy was awful, but nothing on the scale of the Beirut barracks bombing.
      And now the Republicans are already starting to polish the turd that was the Bush administration…..

      1. CforUS says:

        I was in Beirut the day the truck rolled through the gate. I still carry the scars from that day. I don’t recall anyone begging for help from the Secretary of State or the white house as the truck was rolling up to the building. It was over in minutes. You are talking apples and oranges here. The Beirut attacks were thoroughly investigated. Commanders on the ground were guilty of dereliction of duty, because they made the decision to not issue ammunition to security at the gate, not to properly fortify the gates with firing points and serpentines. Hillary and the white house, on the other hand, made the decision not to render aid over the course of HOURS, and then the white house shut the door on any and all efforts to investigate what happened, aided by the complacent American media. The scale of the audacity here is outrageous.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Your so-called “news” about Benghazi has been thoroughly debunked by several independent investigations.

          1. dennodog says:

            Yes. Surely hillary and her gang don’t have the “juice” to whitewash any of her criminal behavior.

  • JONDO says:

    They may Erase,Redact Seal up and hide, but they cant hide it from us, and we wont forget.

  • James says:

    The greater the effort to remove Bloody Hillary the Butcher
    of Benghazi for any involvement in Benghazi murders is just the more convincing
    that she was up to her neck in the murders.
    The people do not believe anything this administration does or

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