Hillary Clinton Campaign ‘Collapsing’ According To Liberal Reporter

by Daily Caller
April 9, 2015

Politico senior staff writer Glenn Thrush opined on Twitter that the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign was “collapsing completely” before it started, and that she “shouldn’t even bother to enter the race.”

Thrush didn’t explain exactly which story led him to believe Clinton’s campaign was “collapsing.” In the past few days, Politico has published stories detailing Clinton’s questionable treatment of White House staff, the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of $1 million from Morocco in return for an event with its king, and Clinton’s slipping poll numbers in Colorado and Iowa.

Thrush has also been fairly forgiving of Clinton in the past. When she screwed up the name of a civil rights hero during a 2013 speech before the American Bar Association, Thrush claimed it wasn’t a gaffe, but a “verbal typo.”

38 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Dale says:

    A lot of columnist said Obummer couldn’t be reelected, but we all know what happened. Nothing is impossible. She’s the Demorats only viable choice. If she crashes and burns, who will they have left? They’ll have to put in a Demorat version of Dole or McCain! Heaven help us if she gets elected. They’ll be the biggest run on antidepressents America has ever seen!

  • Sheileagh says:

    If this woman was anybody else, we might be able to summon up some sympathy for her. As it stands, she get none. She has absolutely no talent for politics & should withdraw from dabbling in it any further, before she exposes herself to more decrement… We do wish her well…. far away from out political arena & ASAP please!

  • Anthony DePasquale says:

    The Far Left Liberal Wing of the Democrat Party has captured and ruined this party with its Socialist agenda. Any American citizen who loves the USA and is proud of this country, should repudiate anything the Democrats advocate and vote against their brain dead candidates, whether it be for president, congress, or governor. America will only thrive under conservative principles. Send Hillary Clinton into oblivion, or better yet, into prison for her lying, stonewalling, and endangerment of our country, the great USA. The same can be said of the RINOs. God Bless the USA, the rock of freedom.

    1. Marvin L. Hendrix says:

      Loved Your Comment!!!

  • We need Hillary as President like we need a hole in the head. Of course, we proved we had one when we elected Obama. Hillary would just be a bigger hole in the head. She’d just be Obama again, only worse. We need any Democrat as President like we need a hole in the head. We should change the name of the Democratic Party to the Outlaw Party. Laws? Who needs ’em? Obama sure doesn’t. They just cramp his style.

  • james christeck says:

    My fear is that our two party system will collapse soon. Many of our Soldiers fought for other Nations to have a two party system and now ours is going down the tubes

  • Throw Hillary in jail and impeach that lying son of a bitch, Obama.

    1. Kathy Baratelli says:


    2. Lear55pilot says:

      AMEN and AMEN! When will American rise uo and take a stand for the rights of ALL? Certainly this will not happen until we stop electing these frauds, crooks and liars! A sad future without REAL CHANGE!

    3. ChucxkL says:

      BE sure to throw them both in the same cell

    4. jarrod1938 says:


      YES, ARREST HER, Obumunist-Islamist, Holder, Obumma’s Islamist appointees, Red, Pilousy, et al communist, anti-American Cohorts of his.

      Restore our top Generals that he has fired.
      Move Quickly to move our Natural Gas to Europe to overcome Putin’s Threats to Europe, thereby also further crippling Putin’s Russian economy, thereby causing his own downfall…

      Jerry R, an AMERICAN in California

  • Bill says:

    Her time is past……time for some new fresh middle of the road Democrat to step foreward who will reestablish the USA’s proper role in this world and be a proud American to foreign foes and not bow to foreign potantates.

  • Dick says:

    Look back at all the Clintons good friends who have died or been killed under questionable circumstances. From Arkansas to the White House. She ain’t no sweet angel.

  • Roger E TracyWhitlock says:

    I see no reason why killory should run. A good many of her own party don’t want her to run. Any one that would leave 4 Americans unprotected, to the point of getting murdered, and having the afront to say ( What differance dose it make ), should not run at all. What should happen, she should be brought up on charges of gross negligence, failure
    to perform her duties, making false and misleading statements, to the public and to the house select committee on the Benghazi
    Affair, and barring false witness.

    And if I am not mistaken, some of this is happening now.


  • mustang6984 says:

    Billary should save herself and the American people the embarrassment of running. BUT…she won’t. Between her ego and that of Billy’s…she’ll run again…and her “Groundhog Day” in the form of an ’08 repeat will come.

    The woman is about as qualified as a 2×4..and that comes with apologies to the 2×4’s of America.

  • Retta says:

    Only a million? Tsk, tsk, chump change. What about the 100 million pledge to her family’s foundation by Frank Giustra,the founder of the largest independent oil company in Colombia, in exchange for a Colombian free trade agreement. From International Business Times.

  • Thanks All The Above Folks For Your Comments! I Especially Liked PODUNK1’s Comment. If I Woke Up With That Looking At Me I’d Head For The Nearest Bar & Stay All Night!!! You Folks Expressed Your Feelings Well & I Feel She’s A “LIAR, & A Killer” (Bengazi)! How Could Someone Like That Even Be Considered For The “HIGHEST OFFICE IN OUR COUNTRY”?? I Know There’s A Lot Of Blind Folks Out There Who Just Don’t Understand As Well As The Dangerous Thing N’Obama Done Giving Unlawful Immigrants The Right To Vote… Folks, This Is Truly “A TESTING TIME”!! May GOD HELP US!!!! Jim

  • R.Robert Burdick says:

    How can any one trust a women who will never tell the truth about four men who were murdered by her not doing anything to save them?I would never even think about voting for her.

  • charles B. snipes sr. says:

    I think you can’t believe any politician. They all lie and are crooked. They only want to get rich.

  • LeRoy E. Robinett says:

    She should even be allowed to submit her name for the election. She is a dirty rotten, crooked, treasonous liar and should be tried for treason

  • podunk1 says:

    Good picture! How would you like to wake up to that after a night of celebrating??? You’d never drink again! Bill will do anything he can to get that out of the house & as far away as possible!

  • Gerry says:

    Let’s hope she and slick willy just drop out of site never to be heard from again on the political platform. She can’t be trusted anymore than the present administration and he has been lying and deceiving the American people for 61/2 years.

  • Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

    “The sky is falling, The Sky is falling” Look at all the Chicken Littles. Here is an idea why not focus on your own side of the fence and instead of producing all those clowns why not try as hard as you can to find a single viable candidate for Tea Potty Christian Conservatives to tun against Hillary? No not a want to be Preacher like Cruz or a complete imbecile like Piyosh, or someone who is under indictment, or for that matter a Plagiarist who is mostly running in his dad’s sneakers. Forget the surgeon who did his own lobotomy or the Bridgegate plus guy. Then there is the guy who if he was telling the truth his mommy messed around possibly with the hired help or he is confused by his parentage completely.Once upon a time Mike Pence was a consideration now he is fodder. Who yall got? Palin * who has no chance and you can protest all you want but you know she does not) Bachmann ( even less chance than Palin), who do yall have?

    1. Ron says:

      Anyone that votes for her is a traitor and should be shot!!!

    2. mustang6984 says:

      LOL!!! And you clowns are running Billary…a KNOWN liar, who has ZERO qualifications, cannot work well with others, cannot manage staff, and cannot point to a SINGLE accomplishment in her entire life that is of any contribution to the betterment of others.

      I could run my cat, and he would beat Billary! Nice try…but like Billary…you’re just an epic FAIL!

    3. jarrod1938 says:


      Ohhh, the intelligent Dumbo Ray Amberass just spoke more Dumboisms.

      He sounds like an Illegal Alien who never learned How to Think !

      But… then Stupidity Reigns in the Dumbocratic Mentality !!!

      Hey Amberass, WHO in the Dumbocratass Party would YOU say is qualified & IS a “Natural Born American Citizen & Forget about your “Anchor Babies!”

      Jerry R. a “Natural Born American”!

  • Grace says:

    I wish the American people do some research of what they have head about Hillary Clinton. Not just about deleting all her e-mails, etc. but also her past life as first lady, and wife of the governor Bill Clinton. If the American people know all what she did in those times, they will not want her to be the next president of the U.S. We need somebody who is honest and love his/her country and the American people.

  • GypsyCowboy says:

    I just hope the other candidates aim the guns at her rather than shooting themselves….no accomplishments Clinton has more baggage than Delta Airlines…..

    1. norm says:

      She needs to get some happy pills, go visit her grandchild, hope Bill can behave himself and wave good by to the political aspirations. This is a very good example of one more person that is not qualified to be in the office she wants to run for. There should be after the last 6 1/2 years a certified test and full disclosure required to even apply for the office of President of the United States of America. It is the most important job in our country and for some unknown reason we have forgotten the importance of the position to each of us.
      It’s time to wake up and have a close look at the mess it has caused and stop making up reasons as to why we don’t need to worry about it right now. The house is burning down, and garden hose isn’t going to put it out,
      you need a fire truck!

    2. ChucxkL says:

      I should much rather see all of the candidates present the program that they will attempt to initiate.

  • suzanne says:

    veryold79sailor, there’s hope for the uSA if enough citizens are knowledgeable about constitutional stipulations about presidential requirements, and honorable enough to observe them. Federal law (code) stipulates that “he” includes “she’s”. It cannot, however modify the Constitution which is law superior to Federal statutes. That can only be done by constitutional amendment, and the Constitution uses “he” for the presidency. I have no doubt that the Founding Fathers never even contemplated that a woman would every assume the position of “commander-in-chief” (which is supposed to necessarily happen when called into such service by Congress (for a declaration of war)).

    1. ChucxkL says:

      Suzanne, Until the idiocy of requiring all pronouns to be gender specific was instituted about 40 years ago, the male gender always included the female at any time that it made sense to do so. This was defeated by the women’s rights movement where we received Ms. among other modifications of the language.

  • The Bob says:

    Hillary lives in a world where money and power will buy you anything, even The White House. And, I’m sorry to say enough people can be bought.

    1. Dee says:

      I think that’s the way Obama got in too. He promised people a lot of things. Too bad they bought the lie.

    2. jarrod1938 says:


      Hi Bob,

      This Illegal Alien prez did not lie until he actually lied his way into office. Remember, he SAID he wanted to make CHANGES In America, BUT He Never told the Truth about all the Dangerous Killer Changes he was going to make to Destroy America.

      He Never said that he was going to befriend Dangerous Radical Islamists not only into “OUR WHITE HOUSE,” but ALSO Appoint Dangerous Islamists into various positions that would increase Dangers to OUR USA.

      He Never said that he was going to try to destroy Our Military.
      He Never said that he was Anti-Israel!

      He Never said that he would be the LIAR-in-Chief!

      This Obumunist-Islamist HAS made & IS making He Never Reminded the Dumbocrats that HE came to OUR USA, as the Foreign Student from Indonesia!

      He Never said anything about His Very Dangerous Changes to OUR USA, NOT his!!!

      He Never said he was Such an Enemy as We’ve Never Had Before!

      When we talk about this Lying P.O.S. we Must Not Forget these things!

      This Jerk P.O.S. so-called Commander-in-Chief who is Destroying our Country.

      This P.O.S. who is “Race-Baiting” along with the Criminal D.O.J. HOLDER, et al so-called Radical Reverends of Destruction…

      This Cretan who is trying to cause Racial Problems (though we DO have Some problems) beyond some stupid shootings, and yet, this A-Hole & the other A-Hole Holder, seem to forget & Not Care About the Horrendous amount of Black People in Chicago killing hundreds of other Black People, Criminals & other Fellow African-Americans, whom I really prefer to just call them Americans! So, the Innocent Black Americans, WHY Do Obumma & Communist Holder not care about them???

      Hey Obumma & “Yes Daddy Holder,”” Not Care About Our African Americans who are not druggies, but Innocent Good People being killed by the HUNDREDS In Chicago CONSTANTLY???

      AND, where are the other A-Holes Jessie Jackson & Al “Give Me Money” Sharpton demonstrating about all of of African Americans in Chicago constantly being Robbed, Raped & Murdered in this Large Very Dangerous City???

      So, WHERE ARE YOU WHO “Financially For Yourselves,” Jessie & Big Al, when it comes to Chicago, etc.???

      Jerry R., a “Natural Born USA American!”

  • Maybe there is still hope for the United States of America.

  • Retta says:

    Hope others agree. She’ll compete the destruction of the country as we know if, if elected.

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