Hillary Clinton has ‘secret deal’ to keep Anthony Weiner quiet, report says

Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state and talked-about presidential contender for 2016, reportedly has a “secret deal” with her top aide Huma Abedin to keep her husband — the disgraced Anthony Weiner — quiet and under the radar for the next two years.

Mrs. Clinton’s camp denies any such pact exists, saying through a spokesman that the notion is “1,000 percent absurd,” the New York Post reported.

But other sources that are unnamed swear that the deal was forged at the insistence of Mrs. Clinton’s own aides who want the former congressman and failed mayoral hopeful — who’s political star fell from numerous sexting scandals — to “stay out of public life for two years [to] avoid causing any further embarrassment to Huma or Clinton,” the New York Post reported.

Mr. Weiner, in fact, has been noticeably absent from his wife’s side at public events held in recent weeks, including the Gordon Parks Foundation Awards Dinner that was just held in Manhattan. He has not been seen at any of the recent New York-based high-profile events that have been attended by the Clintons, either, the New York Post reported.

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  • Carl Mason says:

    hillary’s concussion didn’t come from bill causing her head being banged against the head board of the bed.

    1. dinkerduo says:

      All of the time Slick Willie was messing around could have possibly been because he didn’t get any at home! We know she did it once as that daughter of theirs looks too much like her mother not to be hers!
      That doesn’t excuse his behavior one bit–but he could have been more discreet and classy about his romps!

  • con_c_kwense says:

    Her top “aide”…??? right…!! I guess the weiner must know just what kind of “aide” huma really gives to her mistress…

    1. hpinnc says:

      Can you imagine? Probably could make a raunchy type of porn movie from the two of them together. I don’t know though now, she is showing her age pretty much, & she’s gained a lot of weight. She may be to far over the hill!!!!!!!!!!

  • anglelou says:

    Well, what would you expect from Hitlery – who is busy trying desperately to erase her past…not working!

    1. hpinnc says:

      She could have him bumped off like she probably has many others who mysteriously fell upon some fatal mishap or other & mysteriously turned up DEAD. I have seen the list, of people who mysteriously wound up dead while being somehow associated with the Clintons back in the nineties. I did not think to google it before I started this post. It was a good sized number of people too.

      1. dinkerduo says:

        The list has 46 people on it–all young–friends or cohorts or had business dealing with HillBilly and gang–died of mysterious causes—heart attacks–of course-suicide–but most were gunned down–with nobody ever being charged with the crime! If you throw in Amb. Stevens and his sidekick Sean Smith it’s 48–add to that the collateral damage of the 2 Seals killed would make 50 people!
        This lady is very dangerous–in my opinion–and will stop at nothing to become the next potus! Obozo shoved her out of the way in ’08 as it was “their” turn to start ruining the country and Killary wasn’t the one to do it–she-as far as I know- ISN’T A MUSLIM–like her right hand woman Huma Abadine and Obozo are! Huma’s family have strong ties to the Mus-Bro or are direct members like the guy in homeland security is–can’t remember his name at the moment. If you want I’ll post that list here–it’s staggering!

        1. hpinnc says:

          dinkerduo, I think most people have probably seen it anyways, I know I have, like you say it is staggering. I surely would not want to cross them. I think they may have some shady people who work for them, certainly would not surprise me at all.

  • James says:

    Well Mr. Weiner had better not take any plane rides after al 47 of associates and dealers with Bloody Hillary and Bill have died under mysterious circumstances. Some one mentioned the Arkansas Mafia before.

  • rmagnano says:

    Not worth a comment. He is worth less than a smoked butt crushed out.

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