Hillary Clinton Lesbian Scandal To Emerge?

by WND
April 12, 2015

One source close to the entertainment industry is shopping what are described as hours of telephone conversations allegedly recorded by a jilted lesbian lover in which an inebriated Mrs. Clinton supposedly trashes politicians and celebrities, including her husband. The opening bid for the recordings is $10 million. Whether their actual content will ever see the light of day is an open question. But would Clinton, already under fire for her erasing most of her emails as secretary of state, be able to handle the dropping of a bomb like that?

Some in the progressive and feminist community are angry with Clinton for her role in the cover-up of what they see as legitimate sexual harassment, womanizing and even rape, allegations against her husband. In an interview with Reason magazine in March, for instance, Camille Paglia had this to say about a Clinton candidacy: “[H]illary does not have it. Hillary is a mess. And we’re going to reward the presidency to a woman who’s enabled the depredations and exploitation of women by that cornpone husband of hers? The way feminists have spoken makes us blind to Hillary’s record of trashing [women]. They were going to try to destroy Monica Lewinsky. It’s a scandal.

Anyone who believe in sexual harassment guidelines should have seen that the disparity of power between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was one of the most grotesque ever in the history of sex crime. He’s a sex criminal. We’re going to put that guy back in the White House? Hillary’s ridden on his coattails. This is not a woman who has her own career, who’s made her own career! The woman who failed the bar exam in Washington. The only reason she went to Arkansas and got a job in the Rose law firm was because her husband was a politician…

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  • Steven says:

    Regardless of you views on ‘sexual preference’, this should be the LEAST of her scandals. I won’t even bother to find out if the allegations, which are not new, are accurate.

  • DAVID says:

    We all lost our chances to change the new nastiness in our country when you allowed the previous Governor of Massachusetts to slip through your fingers……we need a President that is familiar with huge Economics and the old attitude of “Think and Win”……convince him to run again and we might succeed! So far, I have yet to see one candidate from any political corner that I could vote for with true allegiance and confidence…….Say what you will about Hillary, (and most likely justified) but, the “other” parties haven’t much to hang their hats on either!!!!

  • BHR says:

    The people of AMERICA have fallen so far and are full of rotten decay, wanting Hillary for president, spending so much time trying to make gays normal and letting the ilegals stay here and get all the benefits of citizens.

    What happened to the Americans that fought world war 2, they had morals and ethics, that type of citizen is gone.

    1. John Due says:

      We now have Billery Rotten Cliton.

  • barbuto says:

    Its not good enough to call Hilary Rotten Clinton names…the Republicans must GET OUT THE VOTE. It should be no mystery why Obumma is letting in all these illegal aliens…to get them to vote Democrat…Diblasio,.. the far left mayor of NY City has proposed legislation that will allow non citizens to vote in local elections. They do not need to be citizens just show a utility bill or something that they have been in the state for 6 months!!!.Thats why Obumma wants amnesty for the 11 million aliens…to make them Democrats..The radical Left is taking over…unless the RIGHT solidifies and gets behind a DECENT candidate. We can all make Hilary jokes but if the Republicans gang up on her…without having a solid platform and answers for the voters…people will actually feel sorry for useless Hilary. Its a natural that is taught to you when you study debate in school…if some one is being harangued by one speaker….the audience naturally sides with the one who is being humiliated. SO…tho I KNOW what a lying thieving so and so she is…Republicans must fight a clean fight….and get Hilary on issues and platfrom rather than name calling. Trust me…if she gets into the WH its another Obama term and the USA will be destroyed….. N Korea, Russia China and other countries are laughing at us as they know what a weakling Obumma is…One more wussy president and they will launch their missiles and it will be all over….

  • John says:

    Hillary ‘rob us” Clinton; a lesbian and a drunk. How have we as a nation drifted so far off course. Even without these new revelations her candidacy is repulsive.

    1. the redhawk says:

      OH Leave it to the RAINBOW Coalition and the Trsnsgender Union to raise BILLIONS for her DENIALS DEFENSE which will be aired 24/7 on CNN, Bs Nbc, and will be “PRAISED” as Equality policy by the Network DONKEY talking Heads…NOW you know why she ERASED ALL E-MAILS!!!

    2. ric says:

      any of you wanta stop hating… this would be a good time…. fear is the outcome of HATE…. if this is the beginning of your inabilities to think and talk for yourselves… God help us all! It’s going to be a long campaign …. and your going to be so angry and hate so much …. wow…. I’d hate to be those who HATE… i’m sorry your so fearful and that you can’t research, think and be an American that believes in equality and freedom… for all. We once was a country that cared for each other…. had our differences, yet respected them. We have become such a group of people that are not those of the days past… I hope that each of you posting all this hate already… will find your self in a better way, educated about what you say… and not so much fear….

      1. Gay Currie says:

        Freedom has a price!! It allows the likes of the Clintons to claim the WH and become the sweethearts of many, due only to the falsehoods and in most all areas dishonesty. They have learned how to tell lies so convencingly, acting so sincere, the American people believe them. If she becomes the president of this once great country, the citizenery will get what it deserves. So sad some liberals accept the dishonestty of some people who will do or say anything to win the WH. Where is a ‘Truman’ when you need one? Vote for a conservative, to help save this country from the likes of dishonorable Clintons. Yep! They have good personable personalities in front of a camera, but talk to those that know them, their whole life is and has been a facade.

    3. Al Drew says:

      I don’t care if she’s a lesbian but she is a liar and a thief is my problem with her. Oh and a constitution destroyer.

    4. Bradford Bryant says:

      One Homo after another. Do you see a pattern here?

    5. Eldon says:

      You really need to see my video on YouTube, “The Day Old Glory Died”. Be sure it is the one with my name because there are others. It is copyrighted, but feel free to pass it on.

  • John Roche says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to name ONE substantive thing she has accomplished as a senator or as secretary of state. What in the world qualifies her to be our president?

    1. Alice Hallock says:

      I keep waiting for someone to tell all those illegals that they don’t have to vote for the Dem.’s If they don’t want to. there’s not a thing they can do to them if they don’t .obama won’t let them hurt his illegals in any way or kick them out.

    2. mustang6984 says:


    3. the redhawk says:

      AS Sec state she accomplished ZERO, but made Gas Companies Wealthy by Jet fuel HIGH consumption and well HUMA was kept “HAPPY” being Busy on all 4

    4. Bob2002 says:

      John, Hillary has not accomplished anything, ever, but neither did Obama and that is the point. Democrats do not have to be qualified to be president because they have a right to that position simply because they are Democrats. That is what our media tells us and it is what our education system is teaching. The Republican Party needs to get someone with the charisma and speaking ability of a Ronald Reagan in order to overcome the media’s prejudices. Instead, the Republicans always nominate a RINO that the media picks to run against their leftist, progressive, socialist, communist, Democrat. The cards are stacked against any Republican, but this can be overcome by getting every Republican to vote instead of 5 million of them not voting as what happened in 2012. Everything Hillary touches turns bad. She is a liar, even worse than Bill Clinton, but it matters not to the majority of voters because they will vote for a dog if you put a sign on it saying it was a Democrat. Hillary can not be trusted because of all the scandals associated with her and her husband. She is not the “smartest woman in the world” as the media told us over and over again when her husband was president. She failed the bar exam after college, but moved with Bill to Arkansas where she was able to pass it with perhaps the help from Bill’s political pull. Perhaps, one of the young blood Republicans will be able to overcome the Media support for Hillary, but I kind of doubt it.

      1. Annabel says:

        The Republicans must get something better than they have now to get those five million to vote again or to beat whoever the running Democrat may be. So far there is not one candidate for whom I would waste my gas to go to my poling place.

  • Rick Hebert says:

    That fat assed, Lying Communist P.O.S. is to stupid to insult. When the hell is someone in this country going get the balls to take them all down for treason and crimes against the U.S. Only charge the white half of that illegal, dirt smooching, lying, communist, racist, P.O.S., so they can’t use the race card. His counter part and whack- job, P.O.S. must be held accountable for all the crimes she has committed. All of them should be behind bars. SUPREME COURT DECISSION, MARBURY v MADISON: ANY LAW PASSED THAT EITHER LIMMITS OR VIOLATES THE SECOND AMMENDENT AND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION IS AUTOMATTISLY NULL AND VOID. They make and pass laws that are not legal. Ebony is a tube steak buggier and Ivory is a [you call it]. Look up the word “GALL” and Killery’s pictures is right under it.

  • elda says:

    Obama should have taught us what happens when you elect someone that has done nothing to deserve the office. Both have no real qualifications and neither has the mental or moral capacity to take on the monumental decisions. They have their own petty narcissistic agenda that have more to do with punishing those that have caused them narcissistic injury than support and sustain the US Constitution. No, we have already learned this lesson. What we really need is a very strong military leader. If we get another law maker we will get laws. If we get a financial leader we will get more money issues. We need someone that understands our enemies and will take care of them as quickly and cheaply as possible and he will get rid of all this BS about political correctness and social justice.

    1. Thank You Elda, you’ve hit it ! My words couldn’t describe what you simply posted.

    2. Donna Slivka says:

      Our only hope is to elect a person of faith…Ben Carson for one…Donald Trump probably could straighten out the financial side PLUS he’s a no B.S. kind of guy….
      he is not too popular but at this point we need to get ALL the muslims and their influence OUT of the White House including the main muslim Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro……….

      1. Audrey Gold says:

        Donna, I’d like to see the two of them – Carson and Trump – in office with whichever is president working closely with whichever is vice president. It’s good to know that someone else has the same two at the top of their list.

    3. ralph says:

      Hillary: Nothing about her surprises me. I made same comments about her several yrs ago. I was called crazy. Donald with out would make the BEST President & he is what this country needs. However I doubt he is electable. We do not need another politician, what we need is a smart Business person to get rid of all the unnecessary give a ways & spending. The national debt must be greatly reduced or the USA will eventually go down the tubes. A politician is NOT the answer.

    4. Ralph Matzel says:


    5. suss says:

      couldntve said it any better……..you said it all!!!!!!

  • Sheileagh says:

    Well, this story is so conveniently revealed at this particular time… right after Hillary announces her candidacy… Is it really some twisted ploy to attract the GLBT public to vote for this rancid woman? Common sense would dictate that it be laid to rest ASAP, for the b/s crap that it really is… but watch as the loony liberals now pounce on it & blow it up out of proportion… just so as to bring it crashing into the limelight, in a disgusting, underhanded attempt to get sympathy for this woman!

  • johnnyappleseeds says:

    ok, maybe she isn’t the right one, but Zero of the GOP candidates are either, in fact they are 110% all bad news for america.

    1. Bradford Bryant says:

      There is Dr. Ben Carson. He is the man for healing our Nation.

  • L.E. Liesner says:

    If the MSM gets on her bandwagon they will sweep all of her scandals under the rug just like they have done for Obama. The real question here is, will an apathetic electorate dig out the truth or just bend with the BS that will be coming down the tube. Based on past performance, I’ll bet on the latter. Another situation of fixing stupidity with more stupidity.

  • LeRoy E. Robinett says:

    Anyone who votes for this idiotic piece of trash has to be out of their minds. She obvious is out her mind to run for president with her background. She obviously thinks people are stupid and will vote for her.

    1. j.gullett says:

      I am not stupid enough nor willing to accept any more of this mudslinging crap, whether it comes from any side of the fence. It is now time be spent in introducing a sincere desire to lead our Country back to the great Nation we once were.

      1. Too late. The Dems have hosed us. They own the media.

    2. wandamurline says:

      As Mr. Gruber, the architect for Obamacare, has stated…The American Voters are stupid”….he got one thing right, the voters for Obama were not just stupid, they were morons….thank you for another four years of absolute tyranny.

    3. joe fez says:

      leroy, they are that stupid, believe me i know many that vote democrat and they do not have one brain between all of them combined. their minds are steel traps, nothing can change their thinking. they believe gov. is good at solving problems, not the cause of problems. most can’t do a damn thing for themselves, can’t handle their own finances, and are brain dead in general. believe it , they are out there.

  • Don says:

    The only difference between Hillary and Obama is that she is a white female. Obama has all
    but destroyed this country, put her in office and she will complete the job.

  • DAVID says:

    I truly don’t know what makes “everyone” think that Mrs. H is any worse than choosing another Republican for office!!! I’m independent simply due to not trusting to “join” either Party….these days it seems as it’s every person for themselves….for what it’s worth, Hillary is far from innocent; but, one thing I believe to be questionable is that she never reported the Ambassador situation to the president…..per protocol, I find that incredibly hard to believe….I don’t care how hooked she is on herself……don’t forget how Obama got in the White House…or do you even remember!!! It’s going to be difficult enough as it is to try and place an honest, law abiding citizen with enough “nuts” to run this country, (considering all the mess we’re in: Economy on another brink, Foreign Affairs loaded with uncertainty, the Rape of our Social Security System, Immigration running like a joke, whether babies should live or die before birth….etc., etc., etc.).
    Like every other nominee, give her a chance to campaign and listen to her like you will the
    Republican nominees……we need someone credible to run this country…..if “they” can’t prove all the “nasties” she’s being accused of, then let her run……it will then be up to the American People, (ya know: true citizens) to determine who will be the next President. Don’t call a Spade a Spade until after you’ve dealt the deck!!!!!

    1. hillary is a “CARPET MUNCHER!” Period!!!

  • The Bob says:

    Hillary is running, OK, now for the truth, are the American Voters dumb enough and stupid enough to actually elect her to office? What positive thing for America has she actually done in her previous posts? Is she really the woman you want in the White House? I can think of a few others that would be much better. Hillary is wrong for America, she needs to be put to pasture with Bill, Reid, Pelosi, Obama, McCain, Boehner and McConnell, yes both Dem’s and Repub’s together, it’s time for the People to take their Country Back, and the way to start is to think and be intelligent when you vote.

    1. racer says:

      Every word here is the absolute truth.

      1. the redhawk says:

        This may be 100% TRUE but then we have TOO many STUPID Voters to not comprehend the FACTS….after all I cite my point by saying that the same Libmorions voted at least Twice for ODUMBO

    2. Doris Spencer says:

      They put Obama in there — twice – what makes you think the American public is any smarter now.

    3. Pompey says:

      You must be kidding. Of course the American voter is stupid enough to elect that ?itch to the presidency….they elected Obongo didn’t they, and he set the bar so low that now Daffy Duck could get elected…..!

      1. Dee says:

        Yes, the American voter was stupid, if they vote for Hillary Rotten Clinton. She has so many scandals behind her that it’s impossible to trust her. I should wouldn’t have stayed with that husband of hers since he is such a womanizer.

      2. Donna Slivka says:

        I think Daffy Duck could most likely do a better job than Billary, what say you ???

      3. Garx72 says:

        Elda, Donna et al. Does anyone still believe our votes count? The fix is in our voting machines,illegal votes and polling sites are under the control of the democrat machine. Think about it.

        1. swann2001 says:

          This has become a huge problem Garx72 and once our voting process is no longer trusted then what kind of Government do we have really? Think about the Bush and Gore election, it took weeks after the polls closed and weeks of examining chads before a winner was announced. We were told before the polls opened during the last election between Romney and Obama that the election was a toss up, it was 50/50. Yet somehow miraculously Obama was declared the winner before most people in the Country had finished supper. It was reported afterward that one County in Ohio did not register even one vote for Romney, does that seem even plausible to even a rabid Democrat? Not one Republican resided within the County?

          It was also reported that the voting machines in the Key States that supposedly went for Obama early were supplied by a Spanish Company owned by one George Soros’s a Communist who donated heavily to Obama’s campaign. This much was reported, I can’t verify any of it except it is well known George Soros’s is a key supporter of Obama’s. But we do know seven States were being investigated for voter fraud by ACORN people. ACORN was founded by Obama and Bill Ayer’s and received Billions of taxpayer dollars. The incestuous relationships between Obama and organizations like ACORN, MoveOn, Media Matters and other groups connected to Obama and George Soros is quite evident. Now we have hundreds of thousands more potential Democrats that most likely will be voting in the next election. People here illegally who don’t share our history, language or culture should not be deciding the future of this Country. Most don’t pay taxes but receive billions of dollars in public assistance, so there vote is going to be to keep the tax payer’s money flowing in their direction.

    4. Gerry says:

      To answer your question – Bob — YES THEY ARE !!!!

  • Minnow says:

    As a great grandmother, I find her referring to being a grandmother means absolutely nothing., She didn’t care when 4 men were killed in Benghazi – “What difference does it make, now.” was her response. Well, guess what, my grandchildren, one who is now graduating and has signed up for the National guard, following in his dad’s footsteps. Do you believe I will think his dad’s death, and the possibility of his future don’t matter? Hey, Clinton, you are not a grandmother – you are a politician and no one matters except your political progress.

  • John says:

    If you are for Clinton, I feel sorry for you!
    You do not have the best interest for America
    at heart! You are a loser! Get lost!

    1. sn says:

      WHAT the heck has Hitlery done for this country? Got an ambassador and several military personnel killed. Was she that great of a politician? I doubt it. SO what does she bring to the table?!!!!

  • Guy says:

    As a Republican, I support HRC, to get the Democratic Nomination, for the POTUS. Come on Dems, do not let me down!

    1. Guy says:

      This is sarcasm, I am, in no way, wanting HRC, for the POTUS. HRC, is a loser, if I ever saw one. I think, in 08, she had a chance, not now. All the, “polls”, show her as a shoo-in, just like in 08. I do not think, that she will get the nomination. The Dems, will dump her again. This is what worries me, they may nominate someone, that has a chance. Elizabeth Warren, for example.

  • robert says:

    I’m sorry I must be on the wrong site, I thought that 1176 was a news sight not the National Enquirer. I don’t care about Hillary’s sex life and Bill isn’t running so how is this important? I’m not a great Hillary fan but until someone better come along who actually knows how to lead and doesn’t try to use the new republican math on me I guess I’m stuck with her.

    1. bob says:

      What makes u such a idiot Robert

      1. icemancold says:

        WELL: I would imagine that Robert is a DUMBOCRAT oh i misspelled that I meant DEMOCRAT!

        1. robert says:

          No I’m a pissed of republican who is tried for being part of the stupid party. Give me a candidate who can do math enough to understand that if you want an over blown military you need tax money to pay for it. They need to understand that Tax cuts to the rich doesn’t create jobs and never will. And most of all for profit companies doing jobs that the government should be doing costs more then if the government did it right because the need money to create the profit. Give me a candidate who will stand for truth and isn’t being bought by the rich and I will vote for them. As I’ve said I’m tried of being part of the stupid party.

          1. Bob Stewart says:

            Robert, you’re wrong again. Roosevelt didn’t end the depression but the tax cuts after the war made capital available to hire and for business to expand. Of course all this happened after
            Roosevelt left office. So your inaccurate claim about tax breaks not working is a product of a lack of historical knowledge. Even today, the states doing well are not the tax and spend states, but the states that offer lower taxes and the right to work.

          2. swann2001 says:

            And I am equally sure they are tired of having people like you claim you are a member of their Party. Go join the Democrats or Green Party and let them enjoy the benefits of your wisdom.

    2. Mary says:

      Please explain why you are “stuck” with her? Are you so shallow that you just absolutely HAVE to vote for a democrat? If you can’t find someone else to vote for, why even bother to vote if you don’t fully support her? THAT is why this country is in such a mess now since people think they have to vote for someone because it is their “duty” to vote for a person. USE YOUR OWN BRAIN and weigh out the candidates and see who can put this country back on track to being a free country again and secure our country and get the trash out of the White House.

    3. Bill says:

      “What difference does it make?”

    4. racer says:

      You,re right, you are sorry,blind and part of the problem.

    5. Bob Stewart says:

      You are definitely on the wrong side. Maybe Hillary’s sexcapades are not important to you, but how about her lying, her breaking the law erasing government email and hiding the truth from investigators. Do you condone that? A good liberal will think of any argument to make Hillary’s misdeeds seem trivial. The ability to lead with wisdom and integrity are not traits Hillary possesses. She does not deserve to be president or any other government official.

    6. joe fez says:

      robert, i did mention you earlier when i responded to leroy.you and others like you.

  • Retta says:

    This has been common knowledge for years, but the protectorate would not publish it, nor will they publish her alcohol problem. We only know the surface of that families criminal activity. For example – International Business News speaks of the $100+ million dollar pledge (no typo) to the Clinton foundation by Colombian oil magnate Frank Guistra, some from his business, and additional from him personally. This was after Frank and zipper willy went golfing. He was then appointed to the board of said foundation. So our policies will continue to be sold to the highest bidder with her in office. Look up her abrupt change in attitude toward the trade deal.

    1. mountaine says:

      YOU are right on….on all counts !!! What is it going to take to get rid of these people !??!!?
      Robert, get lost !

      I can’t wait for this to come out ! I always thought billy boy was bring the girls into the white house for her !!!!

      1. dmt.6@comcast.net says:

        All the things that have gone unsaid are to numerous to mention in the time and space allowed, but I will try a few.
        There were many accusations of murder during Bill’s time in power but they were not proven because there would have been more “accidents”.
        Hillary was watching the same news reports during Bills campaigns that showed Monica Lewinsky in the crowd and I don’t mean way back, I mean within hugging distance. then when the fact that ” I did not have sexual contact with that woman” came to be known as not true Hillary was asked and she said that she knew that he was counseling that woman. Does that sound like something a loving wife would condone?
        The secret service were asleep I suppose every time she sneaked into the white house. How difficult do you think it is to sneak into the white house even once carrying a pizza?
        Let us move on to the present where we have a Muslim in the white house. I have noticed that when anyone is telling his history they always fail to mention that his mother and fathers were all communist. His grandmother and grandfather were communist or socialist and proud of it. In contrast bill was confronted with such terrible things as did he inhale. Do you think Obama inhaled or snorted or all of the above.
        When we are all worried about is she lesbian, there are many more important questions that will not be answered. The big one is not if you are democrat or republican, but are you a realist. We keep waiting for the government to stop the government from what the government does. Does that sound like it will happen? We have deeper problems than which party is the majority, I will say that one seems a little worse than the other but not enough to worry about. We need a whole new set of organized criminals in DC.

        1. joe fez says:

          there is a whole new group of voters that were too young to know what you know about the clintons. i’m afraid they can be convinced to vote for her. especially if they are collage grads or students. the professors have seen to that. look what bill did for communist china when he gave them permanent trade status with the u s, i’m sure he was well paid for it. many murders were also suspected to be caused by him. not good people at all.

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