Hillary Clinton to Drudge, Rove: Do your worst

After eight years as first lady and four as secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton has had to deal with harsh words about everything from her hairstyle to her politics to her marriage. But she’s not going to let digs about her health and age bring her down.

“I am so used to these people. They’re like a bunch of gamers,” she said when asked about recent pokes at her physical and mental well-being on NPR’s “Fresh Air,” Politico reports.

Just last week, conservative reporter Matt Drudge tweeted out a photo of Mrs. Clinton with a chair, asking if she was holding a walker, in an obvious dig at her age — she’s 66. This was on the heels of conservative strategist Karl Rove’s comments last month insinuating that she may have brain damage as the result of a 2012 blood clot.

For her part, Mrs. Clinton, who may be eyeing a White House run in 2016, seemed ready to take on the attacks, commenting later in the NPR interview, “… if that’s the best they have to offer, let them do it.”

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  • anglelou says:

    I think the Democrats are deliberately trying to destroy this country – after fostering an illegal foreign Muslim Marxist on this country knowing full well he was illegal – now they are pushing the worst possible woman who is as big a liar as Obama, has never accomplished anything successfully – and has a great deal of blood on her hands. Check out the 56 or so deaths left from the Clinton presidency – but then the dumbocrats don’t seem to care whether a person is decebtm competent or has an excellent resume of experience.

  • The_Frog_Prince says:

    Enuff said?

  • CTH says:

    Both Rove and Drudge are both correct in reporting her disability. Where they are both wrong is the root cause, and that is that the attending pnhsician dropped her on her nead during her birth process. i.e. she has always been off base.

  • BH says:

    I listened to a lot of he interview and it seems the person did no want to ask the tough question or follow-up. One time Hillary thought she (the interviewer) was being tough and go upset, the interviewer got apologetic and said that wasn’t what she meant. I mean, you could almost hear her drooling because she was withHillary.

    1. Conservative320 says:

      NPR is hard leftwing even though it gets taxpayer funding. You can never expect to find a balanced, honest report or anything that is not pro-Obummer or pro-leftwing coming out of NPR, PBS, or any other media that is part of the MSM (known more correctly as the LSD Media). It’s all Communist owned and/or controlled, even the part the US taxpayers are stuck with.

  • MelO says:

    No +accomplishments as FLOUS, Senator or Sec of State. Remember Benghazi and “what does it matter anyway?” She is known as a crude, opportunist, dishonest, mean spirted “human being” and treats help & suborninates poorly. But after Obama wins.. I think possible another loser could win and America will continue its decline.

  • jdbixii says:

    Of course, they could always counter, “if that is the best she has to offer, is it good enough?”

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    Peatro Giorgio to Hillary Shillary Clinton ! Being a phony, fraud, fake, or master liar ! Does not make for a winning candidate for A Presidential campaign . Go ahead run this time all your past and present lies ,and failings shall and will be brought to light. We will not allow your deepest darkest secrets to remain in the dark. These are My opinions I mite be wrong however I believe Not.

    1. kljohnson77 says:

      The problem is the leftist media is still mostly in her corner. She’ll get a LOT of help from them in hiding those foibles when it comes to the general election.

    2. MelO says:

      It did for Obama.

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