Hillary Clinton’s strategy to take on Trump

by Jeff Zeleny
June 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton was all smiles Monday night. Not only because the first Clinton grandson, Aidan, was born this weekend and left the hospital Monday. Her campaign is smiling too, as Donald Trump flounders to find his footing.

Amid growing signs of grief in the Republican Party, Democrats are joining together and defining Trump, one day after another.

Vice president Biden weighed in Monday. “No empty bluster, not a sense of entitlement that fundamentally disrespects our partners, not an attitude, an insecurity of a bully.”

And Clinton is talking more about Trump than herself. Next up in her Trump lecture series, the economy. She’s heading to Ohio on Tuesday to make the case he’s unfit to manage the U.S. economy, like she did on foreign policy earlier this month in San Diego.

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  • Tiger says:

    I have listened to all the Trump speeches and he is right, the media take things out of context and especially Shrillery and she is a liar. She lies so much and has all her life she doesn’t even think twice about it. Since she is some sort of, fermenting on the life vine vermin adored by other rotting fruitcakes, she can do it.

    I still say she won’t be the candidate. O will recluse himself from her saying he can’t intervene too much evidence to prove her guilty and if he pardons her the entire nation will once again see the mafia like the Democrat party is and that could impact the election.

    Biden/Warren will step in.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Sorry but get your hearing checked. The thing that they say he has said he has repeated just so you are sure he said it. It only seems out of context because he will change what he says with what ever crowd he is speaking to. My favorite is when he tries to say he never said it when it’s recorded. You can’t unsay things when you are on TV.

      1. Tiger says:

        Sorry but just the opposite at everyone of his speeches he reminds people what he said and what was reported and yes it is taken out of context.

        And you must remember even video can be messed with and has been in the past and will be in the future.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Case in point, women who have abortions should be punished or not. Should we kill the families terrorists or not? Should we use torture or not? Are we bound by international law or not? Did he say it or not? He has one of those campaigns with reverse.

          1. Tiger says:

            As to terrorists and torture you do understand that waterboarding is not torture, our military go through it and the president has the right to choose any form of torture during war or if a terrorist caught killing us downrange. I am an Army nurse who served in two wars. They only laugh at us under O. He makes it so easy for them to kill us.

            You are pulling at straws and I ain’t buying. Personally I say after you get all the information out of families of terrorists they need deporting, stripped of citizenship. Any Muslim going to the ME to fight with ISIS needs to be stripped of citizenship and not allowed back in.

            As to abortion during the PP hearings, they have a PAC they give the money to Democrats, they are all over the world and most of their money is made off abortions. America has more abortions than any other country in the world and only one of three countries that allow late term abortions.

            You are pulling at straws and you are again doing what you people do best taking things out of context. Good luck.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Lest then a third of the PP offices even do abortions and it makes up a very small part of what they really do so you are wrong on that point. Here’s little fact for you. States where PP does their work abortion rates go down because unwanted pregnancies go down. Education stops unwanted pregnancies. Trump changed his tone here.

            Trump clearly said kill the families of the terrorists, he wasn’t talking about our home grown ones. I guess you don’t believe that our citizens have rights anymore. In our country we punish people who break the laws not their families unless they have broken them. Trump did change his tone on this one to.

            Everything I pointed out Trump back pedaled on. He even has shorted his wall by half.

          3. Tiger says:

            It came out in the hearings that the things PP says it offers is not so. For every PP there are 15 other centers offering more. They are unnecessary. You don’t have your facts and need to look it up.

            You ever serve? You know anything about war? Do you understand we and other countries at war with ISIS? You know France and others have declared war on ISIS? What is wrong with you?

            Our citizens loose their rights when they support terrorism, leave to fight with them or attend any mosque or organization that supports terrorism. It is called sanity. You take them out.

            Just heard his speech concerning Hillary hasn’t backed down on a thing. But as he learns more about our country from those who know the score he will bend but he won’t bend over so far and touch his toes and allow himself or us to be kicked in the backside.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            Here are the facts on Planned Parenthood.

            In out country we have due process of the law, We don’t take a persons rights without a trial. It’s one of the cornerstones of our democracy.

            You do know that even in war there are rules. There is international laws that we want to follow for our own protection.

          5. Tiger says:

            I Know the facts thank you. Posted them over and over and over from the hearings.

            We are a Republic.

            Our enemies have no Rules of Engagement, the one’s O put into place has been killing our soldiers for ages downrange. War has it’s own rules for those in the crossfires, don’t fool yourself.

            International laws not followed by an enemy who wears no uniforms, doesn’t follow Geneva Convention pays it’s dues to our men.


          6. bobnstuff says:

            How many servicemen died in combat last year? Maybe the best rule of engagement is to not go to war.

  • clem says:

    Hillary needs no plan. The Republican establishment is doing it for her. These same “conservatives” would not stand up to the usurper one time in 8 years, yet do their best to vilify Trump. I say F3#(k them all!

    1. Tiger says:

      Well clem not them F3#(k*D but us.

  • bobnstuff says:

    The question is who will take down Trump, Hillary, the RNC or Trump himself? Personality can only take you so far and Trump is passed that point. The Democrats will keep hammering him about his plans for the country, picking them apart. The Republicans will keep running away from him because his statements will kill them with there voter and Trump will not take advice from people that do know what they are doing. It’s not his policies that will kill him, he’s week on details but his followers don’t care. It’s his lack of control of his campaign that will take him down. He is down on money and is letting the RNC run the national organizations. He is in over his head.

    1. Tiger says:

      I hear this all the time. Trump is weak on details. I have listened to all his speeches, his details always made clear and some analysts have said he is the first candidate to not sway from his original thoughts and detailed ideas for this country, most sway with the crowd to please them.

      Trump is far from in over his head, when every single organization that most of us hate and know are taking us down hate him, he survives to this point, now has new campaign managers and is becoming more exact in his statements, continues to expose the rotting of our country by underground shadowy governing bodies along with our rotten president and rotten Hillary and Billy, he will take this nation by storm.

      People are through, and now he has the Evangelicals because they know where another O will lead them, we have a nation that is slowly turning into Stalin’s Russia and for those who don’t recognize it you will soon enough if Progressive/Communist get in again.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Lets see, he has no national organization yet, he isn’t staffed yet, he hasn’t locked in his funding yet, he doesn’t even read his own web page to see what he stands for. These are all facts. The national party doesn’t support him, the media is turning on him and even the people inside his campaign are questioning the direction he is going. For a man who builds tall buildings he doesn’t seem to have a handle on this project. The devil is in the details and right now it looks like Trumps campaign is on its way to hell.

        1. Tiger says:

          He has been staffed from the start. He had 73 who did a better job than Hillary’s 800.
          He has self funded and just recently changed management and will have plenty of time to catch-up.
          He is the one putting up the website and he oversees all that is on it. This from his manager.
          The national party are RINO that have allowed O to walk all over the Constitution and them. They are not supporting him because they represent the lobbyists and big business and it is over when Trump comes in, because he won’t owe any of them anything.
          The Main Media has always been lying for O and for Hillary and of course they are against Trump, he tells it like it is, exposes all their filthy, underhanded means. The International news and Conservative news and radio are not against him and they also open the can of worms that is the Main Media.
          People inside his campaign are with him 100% and even with this new change in management his old manager praised him and his goals.
          He has a death grip on this project and it is around the necks of RINO, Big Business, Lobbyists, Bilderberg, Globalists and every enemy of the people.
          The Devil has been in the WH and his minions Hillary is the one going to Hell quickly.

          He has overcome every obstacle put in his path.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            20% of the money Trumps campaign has spent has gone to Trump. He says he is self funding but he really hasn’t been. He brags about how many votes he got but Clinton got 40% more. He never seems to use the word we but loves the word “I”. With the party not supporting him now what make you think they will support anything he does if elected. The only way he knows how to do things is with EO’s since that’s how he runs his business’s. so you think he’s going to change how he does things? You need to take your blinders of and see what is really going on.

          2. Tiger says:

            LOLOL it was his money. If he would have had those gatherings somewhere else he would have paid the other people so what? Sanders had his family on his staff for every run in congress and paid them heavily. Clinton made money while Secretary of State. So only time it is OK to pay yourself is if you are a Demoncat?
            He has gotten more votes running as a Republican than any Republican in history. He is now neck and neck with H in important states.
            When talking about what he is going to do he uses I will do this and that, for America.
            If these RINO don’t support Trump if elected, after what they have allowed O to do then they will fall next election and Trump will use Executive Orders and all available to him and too boot, he will let the American people know in addresses to them, just how congress is not supportive of the bills and ideas that they themselves put him in office to care for.

            Oh I see what is going on and I have no blinders and believe me neither do most Americans and with every new attack, with every city that is overwhelmed with refugees, with every lie O tells, with every move O makes towards our enemies Trump gets more votes.

  • Retired says:

    The only grief in the republican party is the BS the Media puts out on a daily basis . Will the US ever get a honest press back ????

    1. Tiger says:

      No there is no honesty in the Main Media anymore. The international news is where more truth about America told than in America. I have lived overseas many years in my lifetime and know this to be true.

      1. Retired says:

        You can still get international news on TV as well as the web.

        1. Tiger says:

          Yes but not all the countries. Russia, China, British TV etc.

      1. Sheltimom says:

        Yeah sure

    2. ceevee says:

      Will living hypocritically make you honest?

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