Hillary Email Fixer A JP Morgan Banker With A Dubious Past?

by Washington Free Beacon
March 4, 2015

The name of the mysterious individual who registered the servers for Hillary Clinton’s private email address used at the State Department bears a striking resemblance to a longtime Clinton aide.

Clinton and her top aides in the State Department were using email addresses on a private server registered to the Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York, according to Internet records reviewed by the Associated Press.

The customer listed in records registering the Internet address to the Chappaqua home was “Eric Hoteham.” The AP, however, was unable to identify an “Eric Hoteham,” stating that the “name does not appear in public records databases, campaign contribution records, or Internet background searches.”

But the name is similar to that of Eric Hothem, who worked as a staff assistant for Clinton during her time as First Lady.

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  • Sam says:

    Just a bunch of crooks.

  • Pilgrim says:

    Liberty. Personally, I highly value it. Why shouldn’t she have a separate email for personal stuff?

    It’s what she does with it that should be the critical factor, not that she merely had one.

  • mamichouette says:

    As a 27 year old staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation, Hillary Rodham was fired by her Supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman. When asked why Hillary Rodham was fired: “Because she was a liar” Zeifman said in an interview.”She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee and the rules of Confidentiality”. These harsh words were spoken by her Supervisor at that time.

    1. David says:

      All that was unnecessary. All she had to say was she is a lawyer – same thing. 🙂

  • DocJimmy says:

    I’m surprised Hillary, heathen wench that she is, isn’t a “peg-board” in a woman’s prison. She’s dirty enough on so many levels that prison is the only suitable place for her – along with Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer et al.

  • MeForever says:

    What a scary face, you have, Grandma!

  • David says:

    Jeb Bush has the same arrangement for his e-mails!

    1. He wasn’t Secretary of State moron. Besides Hillary is a mass hypocrite.

      1. David says:

        Wow aren’t we an angry!
        I was merely pointing out that there are other politicians that don’t want people poking around in their e-mails. If it is bad for Hillary to do it, what is Jeb trying to hide?
        You aren’t concerned about that, because he is on “your side”.

        1. Bob2002 says:

          David, you are just like all Democrats. You try to justify what your Party does by pointing out something similar, but not exactly like what the other Party does. You and all Democrats are hypocrites of the highest level. Using reflection to obfuscate is something Democrats invented. But there is something both Parties have in common and it is, “How Can We Fool Them Today” mentality.

          1. David says:

            Bob, you are just like all Republicans. You try to justify what your Party does by pointing out something, similar, but not exactly like what the other Party does. You and all Republicans are hypocrites of the highest level. Using reflection to obfuscate is something Republicans invented But there is something both Parties have in common and it is, “How Can We Fool Them Today” mentality.
            P.S. I am very impressed by your vocabulary Bob, as well as your spelling and your grammatical abilities. Are you SURE that you are a Republican? Most Republicans are extremely poor at writing and completely hopeless at spelling. I cannot ever remember reading a Republican post that did not use two, too and to interchangeably, as well as their, there, theyre, and they’re. Well except for they’re, I don’t think they know when to use that. Anyway, as I said, I am impressed. 🙂

    2. empty pockets says:

      Though I’m NOT a fan of Jeb (he’s a progressive and I do NOT trust him), his email situation is not a scandal nor is it illegal by the laws of the state in which he was governor at the time. Hillary broke federal law, clearly and unambiguously.

      As for their politics, there’s not a hair’s worth of space between them but on this, one broke the law and one didn’t.

      1. David says:

        Did I not see somewhere that Bush had a similar account? And he a President. But wait he was a Republican President, so that is just fine with Republicans. It is only Democrats that do bad stuff. Sorry I forgot that!

        1. empty pockets says:

          The law was changed and merely having and using–for some non ‘secret’ communications is routinely done by pretty much all of them on both sides. Setting up that private email just before confirmation as Sec State with a PRIVATELY OWNED server in her home then NEVER using her official, secure email for secure communication…that is all hers. She is truly unique…a bigger baddie than all the rest. You aren’t seriously defending her actions are you?

          Even those who didn’t break any laws (which does NOT include HDRC) should make ALL emails available, even the secure ones to those who have clearance and authorization to see them.

          I’m sick of public servants who aren’t, who only serve themselves and whatever ideological agenda they happen to favor. And I don’t care what color their party hat is.

          1. David says:

            Agreed on all counts. I guess my only point was that all “sides” do all the bad things. But each “side” only points out the stuff that “The other side” does! If only we could cooperate as we used to do just a few years ago when they would sit down over a beer or a coffee and come to an agreement that both could live with. OK we’ll do this and you do that, that seems equable. And life went on. Now with both “sides” it is we will do it MY way only. If we can’t have it 100% our way then nothing will get done. Absolutely stupid.
            Just saying.

          2. empty pockets says:

            That won’t work now for two reasons: 1) for too many decades, the progressives have moved both parties left into more and more big gov’t socialism with its attendant welfare-state entitlement programs so now, 2) the only way back to a place sustainable is with policies considered “far right”, though not all that long ago they would have just been common sense and “moderate”. The progs have consumed the Democrat Party nearly totally and have also infested the GOP to the point of near fatality. Now it seems the only real argument between the Dems and GOP-e[stablishment] is who gets to run it, who controls all that stolen power…the power the people and states used to have over their own lives.

            But what you say is what our founders thought was a good idea. I agree with them and I want to restore America to a place where we can do that again….where JFK’s, “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” is again embraced by the Democrat Party and where Reagan’s “shining city on a hill” about America is embraced again by the Republican Party. They disagreed but not like now. Now it’s not just best political opponents, it’s destroy them utterly.

          3. David says:

            We are one country, we should be able to agree more. To my mind moderate is the way to go. I almost always find that the best way, for me, is the middle of the road. I like to help those in need. I don’t like to “Give away the store” but I also don’t appreciate the likes of the CEO of my bank who was paid $53 million last year – along with over 400 “Executives” in that one bank who all made more than a million each! Then I am told that they cannot afford to pay interest on savings. They pay me .001% on my savings! Which is less than zero really. In fact they were even looking into ways to charge us for keeping our money in the bank.
            There is no way that anyone can EARN these sums of money, basically they are stealing it from us. The likes of you and I probably earn 50 to 100K working hard. How can someone earn even 10 times that much let alone a thousand times as much! Then there is Soc Sec – we pay 6.2 % on all of our earnings but the rich pay virtually nothing as they stop paying that at about 100K So while you are paying an extra 6.2% on everything, someone like Mitt Romney – income $21 Million – pays .001 % Soc Sec tax! So while the average American pays 30% of their income in tax, the top 2% pay about 16% and the very rich like Romney pay 12%.I don’t have a problem with some earning more than others, even a lot more, but hundreds or thousands of times more is not just insulting, it is robbery. In my opinion.
            Even if you had to pay say Soc Sec tax on all of your income they could drop it from 6% to around 3% and Soc Sec would be good pretty much forever. It would give the poor and middle classes a lot more money to spend, which would stimulate the economy, helping everyone. If the rich have more they don’t spend it, there is only so much you can spend! Instead it would probably be invested in India or China or go into a tax haven in The Caymans.
            Just saying.

          4. empty pockets says:

            Whoa there! Part of why there are no “moderates” is that kind of talk. Envy of others has been promoted as a dividing tactic. You with your progressive “punish the rich”, blacks told how the white man should be punished, …punish, punish, punish…divides us from each other. It makes everybody else an enemy. Obama even said before the 2012 election, “vote for me and we’ll reward our friends and punish our enemies.” Having something I don’t have doesn’t make you my enemy. If someone gets their money legally and ethically, I honestly don’t care how much they get. That was the American dream–that you, TOO, could achieve the same…or more.

            That’s what progressives have done, sold the socialist creed–that fantasy, the illusion that they can ensure equal outcomes. What they hide and why it has always failed is because the reality is that it can only offer equal-for-the-masses misery, barring our elite ‘rulers’, of course. THEY shan’t be as miserable.

            Oh, BTW–SS is 13% (approx), not 6 something.Self employed people know that because they pay it all. Of course so do you, it’s just your employer pays half FOR you instead of TO you. But for your employer it’s still part of what he pays to HIRE you, so add it and all the other taxes/fees he has to pay in order to hire you to find what he really thinks…or at least NEEDS you to be worth to stay in business…since WE can’t just print money.

          5. David says:

            If you tax the richest they are still the richest. And yes SS is 12.4%, which a self employed person pays all of, been there, and everyone pays all of one way or another – except the rich!! That is 12,4 % that you pay, but the rich don’t!! That is another 12,4% tax that they don’t pay. Why should you pay that tax but not Mitt Romney?

          6. empty pockets says:

            ah, David the progressive socialist. Sorry. I didn’t mean to confuse you with the facts. Your mind is made up.

            When gov’t “takes from the rich”, or “punishes” them, it doesn’t make anyone but gov’t (and those in it) “richer”, certainly not you or me. It does teach those with money to not consider making more by investing in businesses which hire people since they would shoulder the risk yet be punished instead of rewarded.

            Sorry…facts again.

            Never mind. Bye bye.

          7. David says:

            How is it punishing the rich if he is taking $50 million out of the bank that you have your money in and not paying you any interest on? Do you REALLY think that he is EARNING that money? Do you think it comes out of thin air? It comes from YOU and ME. You work hard for 50 or 100K What does he have to complain about if he is being paid $10 MILLION or $50 MILLION. He has nothing to complain about. This country is making him wealthy beyond anyone’s dreams – at YOUR expense, AND he pays hardly any tax on it!! You are the crazy one.

          8. Bob2002 says:

            Tell that to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They have abused their positions to get bad legislature passed (ACA). Then, they abuse their position to stop any kind of negotiation the other side wants. As Majority Leader, Harry Reid used his power to not allow most House Republican legislature to even come up for a vote. Now that he is the minority leader and due to the 60 vote threshold, he again uses his position to not allow any Senate Republican legislature to even come up for a vote. It is the Democrats for the past 6 years who have used your, “My way or the highway” approach to get Obama’s far left agenda initiated. Most Politicians are bad, but Democrats are the worse lot because they do not care about the people, its the Party first group. We did not have a crisis in the health care area, but Obama and the Democrats used the media to create a crisis. 85% of the people were happy with their health insurance and what does Obama do, create the crisis to help 15%. These 15% could have been helped much cheaper by just giving each 5 million dollars. ACA is expensive, intrusive, restricts health care, and eventually will cause many old people to die earlier than they would have under the old system. Just look at what happens in the UK socialized medicine system. They never have enough money to run the program and when an elderly person goes to the hospital with say a stroke, they do not run tests to see where the obstruction is and clear it out, they make the person comfortable and send them home to die. I know this is happening because my mother-in-law was treated this way. She died 6 weeks after her first stroke because of lack of proper medical care; lack of money being the problem. I know ACA is not there yet, but if the Democrats, McConnell and Boehner have their way, single payer is next.

          9. David says:

            Really Bob I am disappointed.in you. I don’t know where you got your information about health care. For starters American does not have a health care system, it has a health care BUSINESS. and as such costs at least double what any other health care system in any other developed country costs. And if you get sick in America the insurance company drops you! My wife had a stroke and about six weeks later we received the letter – we can no longer cover you! We had paid $1,044 a month for the two of us. We had the insurance for more than 30 years, paying every month and using it very little. Consequently we had to use our retirement savings to pay for her treatment.
            Did you know that most bankruptcies in the US are caused by health care costs? But in Europe, no one goes bankrupt when they get sick.
            Drugs. they cost double here, because of the costs of advertising. The US is the only country that allows prescription drugs to be advertised! Half the cost of the drugs you get here is the cost of the advertising!
            And, the treatment in the UK is first class. Look at comparisons of health care in different countries. You will find the US well down on the list. The UK appears at or close to the top in every report.
            IF you can get treatment in the US!
            Just saying.

          10. Bob2002 says:

            I wholeheartedly disagree with your comments. You do not know what you are talking about as far as health care in the UK goes. I lived there before and I have family still there. So do not try to tell me their health care is better than ours. The Democrats and Obama have really made health care here in the US big business. Wait until he starts paying the insurance companies all the money he promised if they lose it by insuring the poor, illegal aliens, and non workers. I do not care what reports show. I deal in reality not some report that can be faked. Remember the global warming fiasco a few years ago. The weather geeks in the UK cooked the books to get more money from the government. Reality versus reports; I take reality every time.

          11. David says:

            Sorry Bob but you are wrong. Health care in the US was Big Business long before Obama came along. A long long time before. Costs are going down now because more people are paying in That’s how insurance works, if everyone pays in there is more money to pay for treatment. Same with say cars, how about if only half of car owners paid car insurance? The insurance would cost twice as much for those who paid because they would have to pay for the ones who did not have insurance. The weather geeks in the UK DID NOT FAKE THE BOOKS, that was a false report put out by deniers that has been proved over and over and over. Changes were made to readings to correct for normal changes that are done all the time. That sort of thing is done in all areas – we correct for sales, when different things are taken into account. Someone falsely accused them. It was investigated and found that NOTHING improper had happened. But once something gets onto the Internet it can be forwarded forever. But I can assure you that no books were faked.
            My parents live in the UK. They love the National Health Service there. Canadians love their health service. I know this. You are relying on reports that you are reading – you know the reports that you don’t like? But your reports are put out by American health Insurance companies who stand to lose money if they are stopped from ripping you off big time with their exhorbitant premiums. There are thousands of health ins co’s in the US with CEO’s making millions – and with thousands of employees whose only job is figuring out how NOT to cover whatever your ailment is. I gotta go to work’ Bye

      2. sn1616 says:

        empty pockets No one named Bush will ever get elected President in this generation. For President, we need Dr. Carson, Scott Walker or Romney for his management skills

  • Keen Kirk KuntMan says:

    This POS & her SOB husband, daughter & Wall St. banker husband should ALL roast in Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

      I am so impressed with you and so is Jesus

      1. Gerry Costa says:

        What’s the matter Raymond– one of your own got caught in more corruption ???? Don’t call on Jesus because I would imagine he has had enough of the lying, cheating, corrupted demoRATS.

    2. I Seigel says:

      Oh so classy!
      Another comment here (the Scott Walker story) was that Republican women were so much better groomed and classier than Democratic women. Obviously that doesn’t hold true for Republican males.

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