Hillary Emails: ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Between FBI & State Department

FBI interview summaries and notes, provided late Friday to the House Government Oversight and Intelligence Committees, contain allegations of a “quid pro quo” between a senior State Department executive and FBI agents during the Hillary Clinton email investigation, two congressional sources told Fox News.

“This is a flashing red light of potential criminality,” Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who has been briefed on the FBI interviews, told Fox News.

He said “there was an alleged quid pro quo” involving Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy and the FBI “over at least one classified email.”

“In return for altering the classification, the possibility of additional slots for the FBI at missions overseas was discussed,” Chaffetz said.

As Fox News previously reported, interviews released earlier this month, known as 302s, reveal the serious allegation that Kennedy applied pressure to subordinates to change classified email codes so they would be shielded from Congress and the public. Fox News was told as far back as August 2015 that Kennedy was running interference on Capitol Hill. But Kennedy, in his FBI interview on Dec. 21, 2015, “categorically rejected” allegations of classified code tampering.

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  • justinwachin says:

    The justice department needs to appoint a special prosecutor to look into these charges, determine validity and prosecute if evidence is found of violations of law.

    If elected Hillary will ride into office under a cloud of suspicion from her previous government employment. She may join her husband on the list of impeached presidents.

  • empty pockets says:

    So “fibbie” isn’t just a play on the acronym nickname…they’ve earned it with fibs and worse and not just Comey.

    This is where “social justice” reinforced by political correctness goes but it’s just a milepost. It gets worse. A lot worse. Beyond where we are now–at Rule of Man having left Rule of Law tortured to death on live TV by Comey’s stay-out-of-jail-AGAIN presentation–is banana republic country. Barry O’s doing his last bit of “fundamental transformation of America” even now…

  • KurtofLA says:

    this country still has great potential, but we have to clean out our little dictators. Unfortunately, the population is too ignorant and lazy

  • Albert L Biele says:

    If Hillary is not prosecuted for violating the espionage laws, the law should be thrown in the garbage can because Hillary’s violation is the worst in the history of the republic. No one is above the law, and Comey did not have the authority to make the call, for or against her prosecution. Comey actually negatively interfered with the investigation because he was politically influenced. This is a travesty of justice and should be further investigated. The woman belongs in jail, and not in the white house.

  • Tiger says:

    I spent all week reading these emails. They incriminate and name so many people including O, Lynch etc that there isn’t enough paddy wagons to pick the perpetrators up in. It is like a noodle you are eating that never ends no matter how deep you dig into the bowl.

    I am stunned and European papers filled, Twitter filled and other Social media but poop te do and lying to nothing on Main Media.

    Trump couldn’t do anything as abominable as Hellary, O, Lynch, Comey and Billy along with his 26 documented trips to dancing among and picking the tulips on tripsey dipsey lets do a 13 year old island.

    The dance of the fairies not.

  • Ethel Halstead says:

    While Trump may not be anyone’s first choice in a new leader for this country, he does love this country and wants it to succeeded and prosper simply because, unlike Hilary, he wants to retain our freedom and what rights we have left for the future of his children and all the families in this country who will grow up to in a world of freedom and choice that he and other parents have known. He is intelligent enough to recognize that some of his own lifestyle was not exactly what this country is looking for in social behavior. However, he never intended for it to be published or to offend anyone who would disapprove of his action,, but on the same token, as long as the actions wasn’t hurting anyone else, it was his business, his right. He also realizes that even though it might not be accepted on the whole, it is a part of his freedom of choice that will never ever again be available to anyone if Hilary is elected. It’s becoming more obvious every day if she gets elected, there will be no freedom of choice in this country. Hilary truly believes she will control everything, religion, which will no longer be she is even now trying to take religion out of this country, (except for the one of her choice, which at the moment appears to be Muslim) and she believes she will have complete control of who is accepted into this country, and you can well believe that in her sick mind, it will not be Mexicans, African Americans, refugees or any other nationality unless they have millions of dollars to contribute to her own queendom. What she doesn’t know is that she too is being used by the powers that be. (Muslims) When she is sworn in as president, she will follow along with the powers because she owes them and in her sick mind she believes they too worship her. But what they really want is what she as already done for them. Given them an opportunity to destroy our Constitution. Because then they can truly take over this country and run it as a Muslim nation. That is not what Hilary wants, but by then it will be too late for her too to stop any part of it. She will most likely, when the time is right, and our constitution had been replaced by the Quran, either have a sever accident or she will be put into a cage and executed by a ritualistic fire or beheading. And any people remaining after Allah’s leaders have made their selections will all be Muslims. Any who rejects Allah will die, It’s as simple as that. Read their history and watch the news. They are already taking over the world. They are beheading and burning people in cages in ritualistic worship of Allah ever day. We don’t hear all of it, but what we do get as news in our totally naïve, political proper world, should give us a clue. But it seems that the more educated we become in the US, the dumber we get. We have lost our ability to connect the dots.

  • exar1 says:

    The majority of Hillary supporters don’t care about the fact that Hillary is running a totally crooked government scam and leading them around like lambs to the slaughter. All covered up by Trump’s locker room talk video while Hillary has been covering up for Bill Clinton for years over not allegations, but actual sexual activities with a myriad of women victims. Women who Hillary clams are the predators … of course women today who now hate Trump for the tape, are stupid enough to ignore that Bill and Hillary Clinton had to pay some $800,000 to stop just one woman from exposing Bill’s sex obsession. What’s wrong with these women, are they that impressed by the Hillary machine? Hillary not only has the media behind her heinous acts, but the government bribes which are so obvious – phony meeting by Bill and the USAG, this bribe for the FBI and there is not indictment – Yeah, we are supposed believe it was about golf and kids! Obviously some fools will always go for the nonsense it’s so much easier than thinking.

  • cordwinder says:

    MSM will drag the hag across the finish line one way or the other.

  • Old Vet says:

    I really liked Trumps call for DRUG TESTS before the next debate. I suspect that her meth might show up, or is it phenobarb’s? I don’t know if she needs picking up or putting down….

  • Andy Palmer says:

    It’s a national disgrace that the MSM is shielding Hillary on all these Wikileaks revelations. Hillary is a despicable, rip-roaring bitch who also happens to be the most corrupt, dishonest, unfit person to ever run for the presidency.

  • Jose says:

    Only vote for a candidate whose “promises” are in writing and kept.Once they get it, we can have better representatives. It will take a while but it can be done

  • McFerguson says:

    Word number one is never trust Hillary Clinton on anything! She’s a “congenital” liar according to the late N.Y.Times columnist, William Safire, plus her lust for political power is off the charts. When we factor in the greed factor what is left standing is a despicable woman who lacks the character to be in charge of the local sewer system, let alone being President of the United States.

    1. Old Vet says:

      Touche!!! Mon Ami.

  • charles becker says:

    Russia would be doing us a favor by dropping the bomb on D.C.

    1. Karll says:

      I’m for letting a thousand or so armed jihadi rag heads into
      the WH and Capitol building.

  • Webb says:

    Hillary Clinton…
    A walking Miscarriage of Justice…
    #NeverEverHillary…VOTE TRUMP – SAVE AMERICA

  • Army Vet 4444 says:

    Again, the corruption inside the Federal Government is the dominate trait. We, the people of America can NOT tolerate this any longer. The executive branch, the legislative branch, AND the judicial branch, are all corrupt to the point that no one can tell which one is more corrupt than the other.

    I do not see how we can “fix” this with all the public means of access (voting) are not available. EXAMPLE: Lets say citizens wanted to “fix” the “benefit” package that Congress and the president has. (Separate health insurance with 100% payments and no “co-pay” and no “deductible”. After one term in office they get 100% pay for life, and the list goes on and on) A bill would HAVE to be put into place by our representatives. But no representative will do that, because they all want the program the way it is, that’s a main reason why they become politicians. It’s “catch 22”. So it NEVER gets “fixed”.

    We can’t fix a simple thing like our representatives benefit package, how are we supposed to get justice? Hillary has NOT been “exonerated”. you have to have a trial to get that. She simply isn’t being charged. Doesn’t mean she didn’t do the crime. in fact, I think we have MORE than enough evidence to prove she did.

    1. harry says:

      members of congress and senate are automatically elligeble for retirement after serving 5 years in office.

    2. BOC says:

      We may need to borrow Hillary’s Reset Button if this reprobate steals the WH.

  • Linda says:

    This gets more disgusting everyday to find out that a presidential candidate is this corrupt. I was watching the news today and they were interviewing college campus students and everyone of them are voting for Clinton simply because she is a woman. I hate to say it, but we have a bunch of kids who are being brainwashed by college professors and turning out to be a bunch of socialist morons.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      They’re called the LOST GENERATIONS, the Millennial’s, the safe space babies!

      1. goldie says:

        Can you blame THEM after their parents coddled them, paid for everything for them, praised them so they would have self esteem, and ‘protected’ them from all things ‘mean’? They didn’t have brothers and sisters to learn how to share with, they didn’t have to do without anything (except character), they were handed the world on a silver platter. How would they have learned how to do for themselves that way? Society, the media, hollywood, etc… all pushed this mentality. Meanwhile, millions of babies are sacrificed at the altar of progress…. Have you ever heard that you reap what you sow? As a society, we are doing this.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          You summed it up very well goldie!!:-)

          1. goldie says:

            Thanks, but I would feel better if I was wrong… :-/

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            I know what you mean, but they were really raised by the Gov. in our school systems before we realized it and it’s getting much worse, they’re filled with hatred of our own country! And they keep saying that it’s the College educated women that are going to put Hillary into the White house?? I’m not seeing the educated part, just uninformed idiots! All you have to do is watch Waters World to see how stupid our college kids are!! :-/ :- 🙁

          3. goldie says:

            I know many millennials who are moral people with integrity and a good work ethic. They were raised by caring parents who spent the time required to raise them well. Families are the building blocks of society, and as many of them are broken, society is beginning to crumble as a result.

          4. Rodney Steward says:

            I was hoping you didn’t take it wrong, but no, not all of these young kids are bad at all, some do have a head and do have morals! I have a Nephew in the military that has a great head on him and has a high security job and very proud of him! If it ween’t for the military he would have turned out bad! Most of the problem today is most kids come from split families, and it does make a difference! I think kids should really learn a trade and forget college, most are going to college for jobs that don’t exist anymore!

          5. Patricia T. says:

            Not long ago Waters was interviewing a millenial woman wo could not answer one question about our country, including “Who is our current Vice President?”. After four or five failed answers she starting laughing and told Waters she hadn’t studied much when she was in school. If she went to college, how was she able to graduate? That, folks, is an undeniable example of who is voting for Hillary.

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            And this is the educated White women that the Dem. media is talking about! It’s truly amazing how stupid our kids are today!

          7. Patricia T. says:

            Thanks to our government sticking their nose in our education system. I was speaking to a woman yesterday who has been a teacher for 30 years. She said the system that they are forced to teach under was taken from Australia. She also hates Common Core. The children spend more time taking government mandated tests than they do learning. Our education system needs to be turned back over to the individual states.

          8. Rodney Steward says:

            My sister-in-law teaches, she say’s we’re not educating our kids at all, and what little history they have isn’t even about our own country! She hates it!

          9. Patricia T. says:

            It’s all being done to establish, as Hillary puts it, an “unaware” and “compliant citizenry.” The only way the Dems could accomplish that is to dumb down children for the last or fifteen years, maybe longer. It is unforgivable what they have done to children’s minds. They can’t be taught history, but they need to learn everything there is to know about the Quran and LGBT’S. Those two subjects are at odds with each other from the get go.

          10. Rodney Steward says:

            This brainwashing has been going on much longer than we all thought, we were so use to trusting our schools that we let it slip by us only finding out through common core! But this is how U change a country and it’s morals, Hitler with Germany, a prime example!

          11. empty pockets says:

            We’d ALL feel better if you were wrong….

    2. charles says:

      linda, saw the same segment this morning. this generation is clueless and is in for a rude awakening when everyone will be required to wear “Mao” jackets and pay homage to hitlery. no God, no faith, and NO CLUE.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        But they’ll be educated idiots living in FEMA camps!!

        1. charles says:

          yeah, on our dime!

          1. Retired says:

            After they milked the parents dry.

    3. 7papa7 says:

      One thing for sure, if we were to throw all these criminals into prison we don’t have one big enough to put them all.

      1. Karll says:

        Then we can stack them four to a cell!

        1. 7papa7 says:

          Why so few?

        2. Nathan Marley says:

          Already doin it in Ca. for some time now . Just send ’em our way .

          1. KurtofLA says:

            To the Socialist Republic of Mexifornia, where Gov. Moonbeam allows illegals to vote

          2. Nathan Marley says:

            I prefer Calexico or Mexicali and yes are leaders suck .Thats what happens when dead people and illegals are alowwed to vote .That’s how we got Obozo don’t you know .

          3. Nathan Marley says:

            you from L.A. ,Kurt of L.A.. Duh ,obviously from your screenname

        3. empty pockets says:

          If we could send a couple guys to the moon decades ago…why can’t we send the rotten ones NOW?

      2. Old Vet says:

        That is why we should have Le Guillotine!!!

        1. 7papa7 says:

          Excellent idea.

        2. KurtofLA says:

          actually, we need people who know how to operate the Guillotine and have the courage to do it

    4. Vigilant2 says:

      Worse. They are bing brainwashed beginning in grade school. Our public school system is an insurgency through and through.

    5. jandjnesbitt@aol.com says:

      Exactly Linda!!…Politics is so corrupt that it should be banned from college campuses..,Professors should never be allowed to force their political affiliation on to their students. Just like religion. To get the true history of the democratic party…and the massive clinton corruption…See the new movie “Hillary’s America”…It’s a Must See

    6. Retired says:

      The Brain washing at Universities has been going on since the 60s. Try finding a professor that is not a liberal ? This also goes on with the Techers Union.

    7. hankrbradley says:

      It continues to amaze and astound me the support this the most corrupt and criminal candidate in the history of our country gets from the voting public. The corruption is beyond anything we have ever seen in American politics. Americans who pull the lever for this women either are ignoring the evidence or are as morally bankrupt as this candidate, her family and her political party. All in the name of power and money. We have lost our way!

  • Dennis B Anderson says:

    AHHHH TO BE THE FIRST TO COMMENT! Id say if I were a gangster its time to take Hillary for a ride!!

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      And a pair of brand new concrete shoes!

      1. Dennis B Anderson says:

        Fancy, smancy what does this hill billy know about it? If she would have had pockets on her green jump suit she would have looked like a pool table.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          HA, HA, HAAAA, a Super Bingo to that, she’s as big as a pool table with all the brains, watching the balls fall! 🙂

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