Hillary losing base over fruits & veggies

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ties to agribusiness giant Monsanto, and her advocacy for the industry’s genetically modified crops, have environmentalists in Iowa calling her “Bride of Frankenfood” — putting yet another wrinkle in her presidential campaign’s courtship of liberal activists who are crucial to winning the state’s Democratic caucuses.

The backlash against Mrs. Clinton for her support of genetically modified organisms (GMO), which dominate the corn and soybean crops at the heart of Iowa’s economy, manifested itself at a recent meeting of the Tri-County Democrats, where members gauged support for the former secretary of state.

A large faction of women voiced strong support for Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy until the GMO issue came up, prompting them to switch allegiances to Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont, a liberal stalwart challenging her for the Democratic nomination.

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  • Bill Blackstone says:

    This is all a waist of time. Hillary will win. I pray she does not. But…..she will. I read something recently that really hit home. It’s not Obama I fear. It’s the citizens that elected him twice. Now these same idiots will vote in Hillary. Soon this whole country will be a ghetto. Just so we can all be politically correct. And the long strong arm of the government can keep all the sheep in line. You know…..just as Hitler did. Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

  • gfinms says:

    Well, I am afraid, that it is the end of the, HRC candidacy. Now, the Dems, will nominate someone, that has a chance. The US, can not have another Dem, at this time. If so, the US, is so screwed!

  • The redhawk says:

    OH give that Headinass “POOR” creature of the Clinton PIG sty a BREAK…Between her and SLICK Willie they ONLY made 25, Millions in speaking fees since 2013 and having Done Nothing worthwhile to Justify her Incompetence over the years she now wants to open a Fruit Stand selling ONLY “natural;” Cow DUDU!… Cow PIES Instead of he Normal MANURE Spreading

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Bernie and Hillary, attached at the brain.

  • squeak says:

    No matter what there is to say about the Clintons, they are Communists who are all out for MONEY & POWER, ONLY for THEMSELVES, Period ! It has been a proven FACT, look at all their MILLIONS they have made while in office, GOVERNOR, PRESIDENT, SENATOR, SECRETARY OF STATE & now they want back in the White House… they know where they can get easy crooked money, RIGHT AMERICA ??? Send them back to Hope Ark, PRONTO !

  • John VanderKelen says:

    It is not the pathway, it is the conquest! Hillary does not think like a sane person.

  • steven says:

    The wicked witch of the West is finally getting her do, too bad it’s not jail time.

  • teaman says:

    Well, Hillary Ramrod is a genetically produced fruit and her hubby is a perverted fruit and she also worked for the biggest fruit of all, the Obambulating Manure Spreader!

    1. The redhawk says:

      they both are the result of a Sick Inbreeding of Rotten fruits resulting in pure MANURE!

    2. elda says:

      Hillary is a cerebral narcissist and Bill is a somatic narcissist. Between them they will suck the country dry. They mutually use each other knowing they each get the narcissistic supply they need. Both are power whores.

      1. teaman says:

        Since the majority of the Nation will vote for the Bitch, does that mean the majority suffer from the same symptoms….sound about right to me!

        1. elda says:

          Well actually,….yes. You have seen the entitlement mentality of the younger adults and teens, well narcissists beget narcissists and their numbers have been growing since the 60s by leaps and bounds. As a side note….they are not the best of parents, they let their kids raise themselves and you see how that is working out. It is not about reality anymore…you know like history, no, it is about “FEELINGS”. So they have to change reality to support their feelings.

          1. teaman says:

            How about this, maybe narcissism is just more psychobabble nonsense when actually, it is just plain STUPIDITY…..then, that would make Gruber right don’t you think! I mean, what else explains why stupid people have bought into Obamacare?

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    O yes Come on folks, when are you all going to wake up to the reality of the Clinton s. Don’t care never cared an will never care or Yealed to the neededs of other Americans. It’s money first . Screw all of you. That is the Clinton legacy.

    1. KDC says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

    2. The redhawk says:

      It isn’t the “screwing” that bothers me as much as the BODY BAGS!

      1. Peatro Giorgio says:

        O Yea and they just keep piling up.

        1. The redhawk says:

          Politically she might need her own BODY bag after the latest LIE has come to light!

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