Hillary One Step Closer to CRIMINAL Investigation

by Breitbart News
July 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton may face a criminal investigation for her use of a private email server for official State Department business.

**NOTE** The Times has been caught stealth editing this article, as noted by the far-left outlet Daily Kos:


From the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive government information on a private email account she used as secretary of state, senior government officials said Thursday.

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  • Bonnie68 says:

    This is the true story not the 1776 Statement.
    Statement from the Justice Department itself says that the other explosive prong of the Times’ original reporting is also entirely wrong: the request they received did not seek a criminal investigation. No hedging, no weasel words, no passive voice: “It is not a criminal referral.” Period.

    So all the claws can go back in. Again the left is leading by false statements.

  • So sick of hearing of all the corruption within this pathetic incompetent Administration! All I live for is the morning I wake up, open the paper, and Obama’s Obituary is the Headline, or Hillary’s! Both would be a true Blessing from above! I just pray it is soon, very soon!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    I heard last Friday that the F B I had been called into investigate this thing. I also heard the Hilda-Beast say on a news report that she would co-operate with Congress, or a Senate Investigation, but she did not say that she would co-operate with the F B I. Just more double speak from the Hilda-Beast.

  • Snoopy says:

    Shoulda been strung up long ago!!! She AND her “husband”(?). Their blood trail goes WAY back!

  • pete G says:

    I hope she’s caught for being the criminal she is this time but remember the criminal in the white house will save her. She won’t spend one day in jail. These are the worst people ever to get their hands on our Government.

  • Quisno Rodonovich says:

    If this monster can be prosecuted it would open up the can of worms in DC but as always big money will try to squash this as she falls they fall. And now they have the hammer while the people are still trying to get their minds out of the chemical vortex these industries force upon us.

  • Walt says:

    If this woman had the time to create 85,000 emails, it’s no wonder she didn’t do her job as Secretary of State and four men had to die in Benghazi. She needs a little time alone in the slammer to reflect…

  • Chuck says:

    You’re living in a dream world if you believe Hildabitch will be prosecuted. Unless Bathhouse Barry sees some political gain in such an action, he will not let Lynch proceed–and she does not want to anyway. Sure hope I am wrong, but not taking bets.

  • ICDB says:

    The US Attorney Genera is a left wing hack…….no Justice in that Dept.

  • Terry T says:

    There are millions of citizens with company provided E-mail accounts and also personal E-mail accounts. They know to keep them separated; in fact companies demand as such. Hillary went as far as even using her own personal mail server while co-mingling government business with personal correspondence and with Clinton Foundation matters. Good sense would
    dictate 3 different accounts, with the government account run through a
    government server.

    Either she has horrible judgment or was scheming to hide something – both of which disqualify her to hold the office of President.

  • savage24 says:

    The key words are, “she may face charges”. If you believe that she will be charged, you have more faith in the DOJ than I do. Since the Obama administration has taken over our government, injustice has become the law of the land.

  • Tom M says:

    Most all criminals get caught sooner or later and Killary Benghazi Clinton your time has come.

    1. mark maddalla says:

      Better check with Loretta Lynch first. My faith in this Country (“leaders”) has grown paper thin.

      1. Quisno Rodonovich says:

        your so trusting we are at the middle of Niemollers story

        Martin Niemöller
        (1892–1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an
        outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of
        Nazi rule in concentration camps.

        Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

        First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

        The quotation stems from Niemöller’s lectures during the early
        postwar period. Different versions of the quotation exist. These can be
        attributed to the fact that Niemöller spoke extemporaneously and in a
        number of settings. Much controversy surrounds the content of the poem
        as it has been printed in varying forms, referring to diverse groups
        such as Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, Trade Unionists, or
        Communists depending upon the version. Nonetheless his point was that
        Germans—in particular, he believed, the leaders of the Protestant
        churches—had been complicit through their silence in the Nazi
        imprisonment, persecution, and murder of millions of people.

        Only in 1963, in a West German television interview, did Niemöller
        acknowledge and make a statement of regret about his own antisemitism
        (see Gerlach, 2000, p. 47). Nonetheless, Martin Niemöller was one of the
        earliest Germans to talk publicly about broader complicity in the
        Holocaust and guilt for what had happened to the Jews. In his book Über die deutsche Schuld, Not und Hoffnung
        (published in English as Of Guilt and Hope)—which appeared in January
        1946—Niemöller wrote: “Thus, whenever I chance to meet a Jew known to me
        before, then, as a Christian, I cannot but tell him: ‘Dear Friend, I
        stand in front of you, but we can not get together, for there is guilt
        between us. I have sinned and my people has sinned against thy people
        and against thyself.'”

  • TexRancher says:

    Time for an honest investigation into her co-mingling e-mail documents and the destruction of them! Her “private server” should have been collected like any other evidence when its existance was first dicovered! Her deleting of e-mails following that discovery should be treated the same as destroying evidence as it would have been for any average citizen! Once she mixed her personal e-mails with her State Dept. e-mails, she no longer had the right to demand they be treated differently the same as if one were to mix money in a bank account.

    1. pete G says:

      All you say is true but neither party wanted her found out. If they did they would have put all involved in jail until they handed over the hiddin evidence. Gowdy and the rest spout off but do nothing.

    2. Bonnie68 says:

      Why is it OK for Colin Powell to use his private email account but not Hillary?

  • jdbixii says:

    Revealing, how the sensitive information (like the gun, for liberals) is responsible for the violation of the law, rather than the person who is responsible for the sensitive information or the gun, as the case may be.
    After all, were it not for the damage possible due to the sensitivity of the information, like the proverbial “silver bullet” from the proverbial “smoking gun,” there would be no reason for information control, or gun control either, for that matter. Americans died in Benghazi because of information and guns. It is the video that was so offensive to Muslims which, somehow, seems to play an absolutely irrelevant role in the mishandling of information and the running of guns, which, for some inexplicable reason, is perfectly alright for some foreigners, overseas, to have as a means to overthrow their governments, but are not alright for American citizens to possess to “provide for the common defense” or “ensure domestic tranquility” or, simply, “secure the blessing of life,” a constitutional right for “ourselves and our posterity.”
    When liberal Americans get these facts through their thick skulls, we may be able to cease the controversy and debate which divides us.

    1. Quisno Rodonovich says:

      now you see the dialectic JD for a tyranny to take over a nation they must first make them fight between themselves. this has taken 100’s of years to obtain through slow forms of fabianism. Its termed Problem reaction solution and the George Hegel taught it. http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm

      We are a people who now are attempting to understand a meaningless array of symbols thrown at us daily to divide us. PROBLEM our government pushes individuals to take many paths so as to cloud the purpose of their nature making laws which seem to help the people but instead remove their freedoms . Freedoms to think to act to even have feelings of compassion. REACTION People begin to war with each other Police against civilians Blacks Whites Asian Latinos natives Jews Muslims the list goes on and the perpetrators have a hand on all human thoughts and diversities which they use to keep misunderstanding rampant throughout the nation.

      Their purpose is clear for they are the traitors who make every one else look for anarchist within.

      We awaken slowly but the chemicals in foods and waters are used to remove critical thinking and so sports and pornography become the tribal instincts these traitors in power wish upon you.

      Long ago I and a few others put up a site to investigate one of the purposes of this Group http://educate-yourself.org/cn/protocolsofsion.shtml

      And also a person can understand Saul Alinskys purpose in the dismantling of the very communications needed to bring all together. For if we ever come together as a Group this Power which holds us will cease to exist. Knowing this they use every form of dismantlement to their advantage with the rules for radicals in the forefront http://www.crossroad.to/Quotes/communism/alinsky.htm
      and also the threat of retaliation
      Marcus Tillius Cicero who made a broad statement true of a traitor also pointed out that we are many times our own worst enemies:
      “The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.”
      I hope this helps those who need to know.

  • The redhawk says:

    SAVE YOUR TIME…. LORETTA LYNCH is TOO busy prosecuting the TRUTH tellers that have Exposed Planned Parenthood and is NOT really Interested in TRUE JUSTICE!!!
    Just LIKE Holder, the Holder in SKIRT is Not Interested in the RULE of LAW… Unless she writes one under Obama Directive…

    1. ItsJo says:

      True post- Obama AND Hillary BOTH, students of Alinsky-Marxist who wrote “Rules For Radicals” and that about covers it. Both Radicals!
      Alinsky was her Mentor, whom she wrote her thesis on, and he wanted her to work for him, but she opted instead to join the team to ‘take down Nixon’…..She and Alinsky kept in touch w/each other until his death-and she followed his methods to a “T”…..still does.
      Obama also Taught “Rules For Radicals” to the Acorn Thugs, so it seems these two who HIDE their past associations with Communists, Socialists and Marxists….CAN’T HIDE FOREVER, AND LIKE ALL LIARS, ONE DAY TURN ON EACH OTHER.

      I always said that “Hillary IS Obama in a Pantsuit.”

      1. The redhawk says:

        Bulls Eye… Kerry is Pelosi in “DRAG’ and Koskines wil also SLIDE BY the DOJ /Obama CORRUPTION like the Piece of BOVINE DROPPINGS they all are…..

    2. molly kennedy says:

      Unfortunately RedHawk you are so right.

      1. The redhawk says:

        Thanks.. See above.. :0)

  • enubus says:

    When the witch gets perp walked by federal marshals let me know, until then she is still free to fly on her broom and still make deals by way of the Clinton Crime family.

    1. The redhawk says:

      Sadly our DOJ is NOT interested in JUSTICE… Irs… benghazi,, DOJ guns running, Open borders.. Sanctuary cities etc etc… and can WE expecte that Loretta Lyinch will gET off her BUTT to go after HILDERBEAST????

      1. enubus says:

        If Obozo the first finds Hillary as a liability then and only then will he sic the DOJ on her.

        1. The redhawk says:

          From your Post to GOD’s Ear… But I doubt it!!

    2. Frankdidit says:

      She now referred to as the Hildabeast. Very fitting wouldn’t you say??

      1. enubus says:

        Good descriptor.

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