Hillary Ready to Kill Babies to Win: Fights ALL Restrictions on Abortion

Once a proponent of making abortions “safe, legal and rare,” Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has now dropped the “rare” from her rhetorical pitch as she seeks to rally the Planned Parenthood vote.

Ever more worried by a challenge from Sen. Bernard Sanders, Mrs. Clinton has placed women’s rights at the forefront of her candidacy, rallying with a heightened sense of absolutism: fighting against all restrictions on abortions, including during the ninth month of pregnancy.

She regularly rails against Republican efforts to strip taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood and was rewarded this month when the group’s political arm endorsed her presidential bid — marking the first time the abortion provider has tipped its hand in the presidential primary in its 100-year history.

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  • TeaPartyPatriot says:


    Vote in November


  • john says:

    Seems to me that Hillary doesn’t care who she kills.

  • This woman is just UNBELIEVEABLE! I would not amaze me to find out that she eliminated all of her rivals, by having them killed!

  • Ukulelemike says:

    Remember when politicians used to race to kiss more babies? Now they race to kill more than their political foes.

  • Joanne says:

    What a great role model, wonder why she’s losing?

  • grama18 says:

    Bitch ! ! I would never — VOTE — her !

  • danandsis says:

    The is as protective of God’s miracles as she is of women’s rights.

  • Betty Armstrong says:

    The baby killers just donated 20 million. $$$ to her campaign. Guess where they got that money?? We the taxpayers thru the Baby killers in both houses. Sneaky bitch!

  • This Bimbo of Benghazi should have been aborted just like Queen Hussein! All Hillary deserves it the next three decades in a Level 4 Federal Prison, along with her Serial Rapist Husband, Billy Boy, and Queen Hussein, the Muslim Kenyan Tea Boy! Elect Trump and they will get justice! TRUMP/REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS 2016!

    1. G.Frazier says:


  • cowboy says:

    She already has plenty of innocent blood dripping from her hands! More won’t matter to her.

    1. Jim Hale says:

      I know it’s not my place to judge others. The good Lord will judge us all one day. From what I see, she willfully, with purpose and intent, played a major role in the deaths of others for personal gain. The Clinton’s are greedy and power hungry to a fault. She crackles like a Hynea when confronted with questions she disapproves of and makes lite of those asking the questions. Nothing will stand in her way of getting what she wants. Can’t people see she emulates what obummer brought to the table? American cannot afford more of the same.

      1. cowboy says:

        Personally, I think she may be much worse than Osama. Her dishonesty is astounding. And, she laughs it off everytime another one of her skeletons come outta the closet. If this vile woman becomes president, then we’re in for some serious trouble.

  • ZACAL says:

    Somebody help her, sounds like she’s getting ready to commit suicide.

  • cutterguy says:

    Margaret sanger junior

  • G.Frazier says:

    She’s placing Women’s Rights at the forefront of her campaign. Quite obviously, this is because unborn babies cannot vote.
    Makes me wonder if Chelsea is overjoyed that her old lady didn’t abort her, since the old lady doesn’t give a flip about the unborn.

  • G.Frazier says:

    This uncaring-about-anything-other-than-the-power-of-the-White-House witch is, once again, proving what I’ve said about liberal politicians, for years: They will support anything, regardless of who unGodly those things are, to rule over the nation with an iron hand.
    Obama proved this by placing two women, whose votes on the USSC did more to harm the nation that to help us and you can rest assured this female Hitler member will do the same.

    I am beginning to believe Washington politics should be outlawed and replaced with something else.

    1. cutterguy says:

      how about a lottery?

      1. G.Frazier says:

        I was living in Dallas, TX, when the Texas Lottery began. I’d see a little old man, dressed in rags, put up a $20 bill at the corner store and realized that the lottery preys on poor stupid people.

        If it would benefit them, the DNC, would play spin-the-bottle, to elect their leaders in Congress.

  • Kissingfan says:

    Not surprising. She is another Dumbocrat who will say anything to get elected. If the Repubs said the sky is blue she would say something different. That is just how she is. Not a very honest or trustworthy person.

  • I would suggest that while Hillary Clinton is in favor of all abortions at any time, including the 3rd trimester, Hillary Clinton would likely be the 1st in line to step forward in defending animal rights.

    1. Bill Blackstone says:

      Only if it would get her elected. Other wise. Kill them too.

      1. Betty Armstrong says:

        Bill That’s a good one, Thanks.

    2. G.Frazier says:

      the woman would probably decide that Bill’s past (and present…who knows?) affairs are no longer worth enduring, should she decide she needs the supported of jilted wives.
      She’s make a photo-op of blowing his head off and demand it was done because of his own unfaithfulness.
      Of course, when she would be brought to trial for murder, her defense would blame the Right Wing, exactly like she did, when she blamed us for his impeachment.

  • Climax says:

    She will do anything including selling her soul to become POTUS and mark her spot in History. Little does she know she has already marked her spot as being the nastiest, most foul mouthed, failure of a woman, and criminal who has ever been a past, way past, First Lady.

  • KDC says:

    Murder is nothing to her (Clintons). They have an ongoing list of about 40 “subsides” by $hot$ to the back of the head!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Clang, Clang, Clang. That the BS alarm going off.

      1. Bill Blackstone says:

        Lol….. dang your naive.

        1. Dmac74 says:

          To much Dems kool aide and obuttheads snake oil he’s peddled for longer than he’s set in our White House.

      2. KDC says:

        We went through this once before. I came up with a lengthy list and you still refused to see it.

        1. Dmac74 says:

          Some are out of touch with reality and should go back and study some History. Or plain empty headed.
          Sure wish they could prove what really killed Britebart. And how the Fuddy death could have happened so conveniently and no one else got hurt in a plane wreck. Weird !!! So many and no one accountable. What happened to that car the one reporter was killed in? Was that ever really checked out? WOW so many questions and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

    2. Climax says:

      40? The last death count I saw that were associated with the Clinton’s exceeded 65.

  • bobnstuff says:

    I just love how things get twisted around, she doesn’t advocate abortions, she advocates a woman’s right to decide. Just like the Pro Life group is not pro life but pro birth, once the baby is out it’s on it’s own.

    1. KDC says:

      Well, what do you think the outcome of that is? Murdering an innocent child and taking their right to a life. Talk about twisted!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Should you prevent there birth or wait till they are born to destroy the children? I’m not an abortion supporter but would it not make more sense to remove the cause of abortion instead of just making then illegal? You never here the Pro Life people talk about why there are abortions, they just want to see the baby born and then leave them to live in poverty or to grow up with people who can’t take care of them. As I have said the Pro Life movement is really not Pro Life, just pro birth.

        1. Climax says:

          I think we all know what causes babies. It’s the casual disregard to protect one self as a female, and there are plenty of ways to do it, from becoming pregnant but then again, more than you can imagine get pregnant to be come welfare queens and each child has a different father. Some welfare queens make more than the average American does who works hard for his money. Welfare queens only work on their backs or hands and knees.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            If you want to learn the truth about welfare there is a lot of facts out there and you might be amazed by them just like the myths about who get abortions and why. If you know where babies come from then you also know that there is always a man involved who is equal in the act of creation but unequal in the effect of their actions. As far as the welfare Queen myth it was disproved years ago. Reagan made the story up. I don’t suppose you have ever checked what welfare in your state pays. You do know that these programs are state run don’t you?

          2. Pam says:

            In Illinois, being on welfare with just two kids, once you combine housing, wic, link card, medicaid, etc. gets you about 45K/year. That’s over 20K more than the highest paying job I ever had!! I just love it when the people in line in front of me at the store roll up with steaks and roasts and a cart piled high, then whip out that link card (food stamps); while I wait there with my hamburger and chicken! Especially love the little “mamasitas” with their designer jeans and dripping gold from fingers, ears, and necks todo cuando no hablan ingles!

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Did you check and see how long you can collect for. Also you need to go get a real job because you are making close to or less the the poverty level and less the half the national average. You are also eligible for a medical card and if you have a family you would get food stamps. Oh and those designer jeans are bought at the thrift shop and the gold is not real gold. Also if you do any real shopping you will find out that ground beef and steak cost about the same these days. One of the cheapest meat I buy is pork roasts. Their cart is pilled high because it is most likely a whole months food since they have to get a ride and need to buy everything they need all at once on food stamp day. Also if they are using food stamps it doesn’t mean the don’t have a job since most of the people getting them are the working poor.

          4. Pam says:

            1. Not eligible, my husband has a higher income.
            2. Sanctuary, small town = NO JOBS unless you are related to owner (good jobs) or SPEAK SPANISH (all other jobs) I could not get a job as a school secretary (full or part time) BECAUSE I DO NOT SPEAK SPANISH.
            3. I have lived through this crap, so don’t tell me what I am supposed to be seeing. Sometimes your naivete is mind boggling!

          5. bobnstuff says:

            I guess you should learn to speak Spanish if you really want a job. I had to take a language in both high school and college.

          6. Bill Blackstone says:

            Forced to Learn a foreign language so you can work in your native home land. That’s not an answer. To me that’s a cliberal cop out. Nobody cares about white people. We now are the minority. Not in numbers. BUT in value. Oklahoma
            is getting it right. Want a job. Get a green card or get exported. Want a drivers license in Oklahoma? You must pass the test only given in English. No other languages are available or allowed. Don’t believe in God. Stay away from the Capitol building. You must pass the 10 commandments to enter. Don’t like guns or your a thug. Don’t approach a car to rob them. They are allowed to be armed with any non registered weapon they want. You say how can they do that or I’m full of it. First Look it up and secondly. Oklahoma has declared itself sovereign state to the USA Federal government. Along with Texas and Montana. West Virginia. Kentucky , Georgia , Alabama, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Florida, and just added Arizona soon to follow. You liberals and your twisted ways are coming to an end.

          7. Bill Blackstone says:

            Look at Illinois for an example. Their are more people on welfare than are employed. That’s a fact.
            My white female cousin had 16 welfare babies. I asked her why?. Her reply. The pay is great. She has only held one job in her life. A waitress for four days. She came up with a better plan. Soak the people.
            The myth was disproved by whom?
            Liberal twits so they can retain the low and no income vote.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            You do know that your statement is a lie, Either you made it up our you are easy to fool. You can go to the government website and see how much you can get on welfare, it’s right there for you to see, if you can bother. You can also Google welfare myths and see the facts.

          9. Bill Blackstone says:

            Go to the government Web site. So I did. A black women of 18 with 3 children pays 18$ a month for the top of the line insurance. Receives 800$ a month per dependent and herself. Subsides housing if it’s not free it is 60 $ a month including utilities. Her cost of living per year is 936$ a year.
            She collects in welfare payment 3200$ a month not including 300$ a month in food assistance. 38400$ a year. Including food assistance of 3600 equals 42000$ a year.
            Average household income of a middle class white family is 29000$ a year. Your right. The working class people are getting duped. And sorry. You don’t have to make stuff up. You just have to be intelligent.
            More people in Illinois are on welfare than are working. How long do you think that state will be able to support these liberal leaches?

          10. bobnstuff says:

            A link would be nice, In Pa, you can’t get anywhere near that kind of money. I will say that medicaid is the best insurance out there. I would gladly pay up to 10% of my income to have insurance that good. We could have had it for everyone had it not been blocked when writing the ACA.

        2. Bill Blackstone says:

          So…kill everyone in poverty. That’s what I got out of that.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I think that’s the conservative plan.

          2. Bill Blackstone says:

            Lol…..wow. your dumb.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Take away the medical, the food, their housing and give it to the rich, isn’t that the plan. After all it’s their fault they were born poor. Let them die and decrees the surplus population. The Conservative Plan.

          4. Bill Blackstone says:

            Typical liberal. Make up things that don’t exist try to state things never said. I never even hinted at what you said. Please try to stay with your own argument. At least pretend to know a thing or two about what is actually said. My point. Why does a single black 18 year old with 3 kids make more on welfare than a white family of 4 both parents working make? Please set your argument towards what I actually said please.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Prove it to me with links, facts from reliable sources. Put up or shut up.

          6. Bill Blackstone says:

            This is not public GRADE school anymore. Mommy and Daddy won’t do your homework for you so you can look smart. Do your own research. You may be enlightened on what you find. I’m sure even articles that I haven’t read yet. But please grow up. Do your own research and do your own thinking. You will be surprised on how intelligent you can become instead of just reading the news papers and watching the Clinton News Network. THAT’S CNN. Be a sheep no more.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            In other words you can’t back up your statements, I though so, Put up or shut up. I have done my home work that’s why I question your so called facts. I have given you a chance to prove me wrong, take it or go away.

          8. Bill Blackstone says:

            Look at the senator Gwin from Wisconsin story that published today.

            put up or shut up. Does that mean you feel you can pee further than I can. OK super mind. Convince me I’m wrong.

            YA you won’t because you don’t do your homework. Ask mommy or daddy to do it for you. Or did your father abandon you like so many minority father’s do their children. After all. There is welfare. Easy Money owed because whitie owes it to me because I’m breathing.

          9. Bill Blackstone says:

            I am not and will not hold your empty ball sack.

          10. Bill Blackstone says:

            Too bad your mother didn’t believe in abortion. Then again I’m sure you where just $$ signs to her.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            To bad your mother didn’t believe in breeding with in her species.

          12. Bill Blackstone says:

            Yes. Bob. I do know one thing more than you do though. I know who my mother had sex with. He is called. Stay with me now I know you may feel this is tricky. My mother’s mate we call father. He was there from my begin in to his end. He is not one of several possibilities.

            By the way. Bob. We bought you a smart phone. Take a selfie and post it on you avatar. Or is it your mother who went outside the species to breed? Hmmm.

          13. bobnstuff says:

            I’m still waiting for facts. We know you have a big mouth and think yourself to be smart. You mother had sex, mine made love, big difference. Unlike you I know who my parents were and was raise to respect others. I was also taught that if you don’t have the facts find them before you open your mouth. You can call me names and make funny statements all day long but you still don’t have the thing that truly matters, true information.

          14. Bill Blackstone says:

            OK little bobonstuff. The adults are moving forward.. You need to do your own homework. My mommy made love. That was cute.

          15. bobnstuff says:

            Your daddy left money on the night stand.
            I will stop now, you have no facts and just want to see how far you can go. I should know not to enter into a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

          16. Bill Blackstone says:

            Wow. .do you really believe the crap your shoveling? All you have is liberal propaganda. Any time you would like to match IQ scores bring it on. Take a IQ test. See how smart or not smart you are. If you go over 140. Then we can start talking. STILL you would be 12 points short. Trust me son. I have more education in my last eight years than you have had in your life time. Schools you wouldn’t qualify for a custodial apprentice position.

        3. KDC says:

          My daughter had a child, and we gave him up for adoption. We didn’t take his right to have a life. There are plenty of people who would adopt. We can’t make any determination as to how the child grows up in poverty or people who can’t care for them. They still have their own personal right to a life. No one knows how their life will turn out. You could die young, becomes rich, prosper, or become a street person. You still have a right to determine the way your life will go. You kill that baby, you steal theirs rights!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I’m raising three grandchildren that my youngest can’t take care of. My gripe is the same people who want to stop abortions are the ones who want to cut funding for things like daycare, education, food stamps or anything else that might make these children’s life a little easier. Why not just kill them at birth if you are not going to at least try to give them a chances at life.

          2. KDC says:

            I hear ya, happened to me. I used daycare, WIC, etc. for my granddaughter but, I, or my daughter, didn’t make a living off of it. It was for one child. Some women make a living of having babies and then live off the system. That’s where any clear thinker would draw the line. Your last comment rather proves my point..what’s the difference killing them in the womb or out? None!

        4. Kitty says:

          You must be joking. “why there are abortions” how about some self discipline. How about these woman not sleeping with multiple men. How about they use birth control (no excuse today – many kinds to choose from) and so on. No the answer is not to kill the babies who are a consequence of this wanton behavior, put them up for adoption, do you not know how many loving couples cannot conceive but extremely difficult to adopt an American born baby. No one wants a baby to live in poverty – no one who is sane (left or right doesn’t matter). No one helps these young ladies get counseling – no one helps them see that sleeping with different men every night is not the answer to feeling loved . Sadly a lot of these young woman came from dysfunctional families themselves – but society as a whole is to blame as well.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            “Abortion is not used as a form of contraception. Pregnancy can occur even with responsible contraceptive use. Only 8% of women who have
            abortions do not use any form of birth control. Non-use is greatest among those who are young, poor, black, Hispanic or less educated”
            You should read this whole piece. I think you will find what you believe is the truth may not be.

    2. Bill Blackstone says:

      Once the baby is out it is not on its own.
      Born in a Christian conservative home it has God, Jesus, and loving heterosexual Parents.

      Born in a liberal home. It has God, Jesus and the Federal Government. You may argue it does not have God or Jesus. But then again. Like all your other thoughts. You would be wrong.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        A true Christian believes in taking care of everyone, even the babies of liberals. Good conservatives home have babies out of wedlock just like liberal ones, ask Sarah about it. In a perfect world there would be no need for abortions, people would support each other and educate people on not getting pregnant. You also wouldn’t have rape our fathers sleeping with daughters. Until we have a perfect world there will be abortions. It would be nice if in the mean time the Good Christians would stand by Christs teachings and give every child born the support they need to grow into useful adults who understand what love is.

        1. Bill Blackstone says:

          A true liberal thought. Until the perfect world. Abort living human beings and while they are still alive. Chop them up into little piece’s. Just because daddy raped the daughter. The child must suffer. Your a twisted F;”k!

    3. Kitty says:

      No. Pro-life once the baby is born the mother cares for it. If she truly can’t – it goes
      up for adoption, or she moves in with her mom till she can get a part time job and
      help support this baby that she is responsible for bringing into the world. Once the choice of abortion is gone, there will be many less unwanted births.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I’m sorry but you are very wrong, the number of unwanted births will go up. as well as the number of dead women getting illegal abortions. look at the history from before legal abortion. You have the wrong idea of why people have sex.

  • reverand on the west coast. says:

    she is committing genecide then, and that is a criminal act.

    1. Climax says:

      If it will gain her a vote she would kill her mother.

      1. G.Frazier says:

        That’s unfortunate, too…It would be better if she thought killing Obama (that would land her in the clink and OUT her meddling in American politics for a long, long time) would do the trick.

        Too bad so many idiots are still allowed to vote. They’ve already voted for the bum and now they’ll vote for his white sister.
        All they’re doing is tearing down this once-great country.

    2. The Redhawk says:

      Chelsea Better NOT get Pregnant,,,,,,,,,,,, the KILLERY will DO anything even to Chelsea in order to get Elected!!!

      1. Pam says:

        She announced on twitter last month that she is pregnant. Momma will probably make her get it aborted just to make points!

        1. S. Wicks Jr says:

          Would it make Hitlery a hypocrite if she doesn’t want Chelsea to have an abortion? I bet she doesn’t want Chelsea to abort…. (at least I hope she wouldn’t to prove me wrong).

          1. The Redhawk says:

            BUT then we are Talking Body Bags KILLERY aren’t we???

        2. The Redhawk says:

          Not that KILLERY is not above Changing her mind or anything… RIGHT?

    3. Wild_Bill_vintage_1948 says:

      Oh? What ethnicity is she trying to exterminate?
      Black people, of course and Libyans. She told lies against Col.Gadaffi to support the NATO action to bomb Libya’s civilian water supply and agricultural land with bombs with depleted uranium penetrators. Scattering the radioactive dust around caused hundreds of miscarriages and caused dozens of badly deformed babies to be born. This may have destroyed Libya’s farms forever, wrecking Gadaffi’s plan to feed all of Africa. Henry Kissinger stated that it is in the strategic interest of the United States to depopulate the third world. Starving people to death in Africa fits that Agenda. NATO helped implement that policy and similar. Gadaffi had plans to create “constitutional currency” in his country. Gold and silver coins. You can bet the Rothschilds got his hundred tons of gold now. Nothing about Libya is in the news anymore. Did you notice that? Nothing.
      What choice do we have? Sanders probably favors the monsters of so-called “Israel.” Hillary does for sure. The Republicans cannot find a single sane candidate. No third party candidate has a chance of winning. We need a spot on the ballot for “none of the above.”

      1. Betty Armstrong says:

        Wild Bill you must. Stop drinking that poisoned liberal, commie, socialist, etc. koolaid! It brings out the worst, in those that swallow that sh t.

    4. S. Wicks Jr says:

      Why didn’t she abort Chelsea at nine months if she feels so strongly about murdering pre-born babies?! Has shown her colors; anything for a vote…..

      1. The Redhawk says:

        because Chelsy is NOT SLICK’s Daughter…Look at her LOWER lips and Face Shape then try to recall the same face on a Clinton Cabinet member in Little Rock….. and yes he is also DEAD

  • michael friend says:

    Hellery’s mother should have had an abortion.

    1. Climax says:

      She did and it refused to die and came out as Hillary!

  • dumbvet says:

    For killng babies, what a great President she would make! She is one sick puppy!
    She and Bill make a wonderful couple! They both would look good in an orange jumpsuit!

    1. The Redhawk says:

      THE SHIL-LIER-RY plan to Balance the Budget!!! Sell BODY parts….

      1. Bill Blackstone says:

        Morbid. But true.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          As though there were ANY doubts about it…LOL :0)

    2. Yep! Billy Boy is a Serial Rapist and once he Raped their Bodies, Hillary would Rape their Souls! Both need to spend the next twenty years behind bars, along with Queen Hussein, the Muslim Tea Boy!

      1. The Redhawk says:

        WORTHY of an OSCAR for TRUE Portrayal of the BOETCH

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