Hillary: Silly reporters… questions are for NO ONE.

by Dan Riehl
May 19, 2015

Ed Henry of Fox News dared to try to ask Hillary Clinton a question today in Iowa. And the condescension from the former first lady and presidential wannabe was palpable.

“Wait, wait,” Clinton said, interrupting the reporter. “Maybe when I finish talking to the people here. How’s that?”

Clinton continued, “I might. I’ll have to ponder it. I will put it on my list for due consideration.”

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  • Jim says:

    If she will not answer the peoples questions now, what would she be like as a chief executive? God forbid we find out the hard way! She should be in a Prison somewhere.

  • John VanderKelen says:

    Unconstitutional progressives like Hillary and skunk Obama never even entertain the thought of governing for the good of the whole nation. Their mindset considers that anathema!

  • squeak says:

    What a Bitch she is, she is one you would rather punch in the face rather then be nice to… the Clinton’s think they are above the law & the laws do NOT apply to them…well guess what America, We the people must not allow them to run OUR Country in the ground any further… Our chance to get rid of the Clintons for ever with this election, Do Not Vote For Her , Period !

  • Ronald Nelson says:

    Look for her to doge questions and too denigrate those who ask her questions she knows will expose her lack of character and hard left Marxist ideology.

  • quarkie009 says:

    This is what happens when a liberal/progressive/communist is asked a question that they really don’t want to answer, and people want her in the White House!!! Give me a break. The democrat party has sold their souls to the devil in order to stay in power and never relinquish such a position to the conservatives. The democrats do not want any opposition to their dictatorship, because thet would upset their applecart.

    1. hpinnc says:

      Most are all a bunch of marxist/progressive/socialist/communist/democrats.

  • Jack D says:

    How can anyone consider this liar for any Government position a PAY FOR PLAY President YEAH! Thats what I want another 3rd term Obama bull crap dishonest untrustworthy bag of flesh

    1. JobRon says:

      Jack D.: Well if we have a half/black-white president (who hates the USofA) with a transvestite wife why not a woman with a philandering husband as president? That is the thinking from my point of view that the crummydats have. She has been in (at) the public (trough — oink oink oink) service so long she really should deserve it. Right? I didn’t think so either.

  • Ken V says:

    Hilary is a real piece of work.

    1. hpinnc says:

      I got a better description for her, it starts with the first letter S & ends with head.

  • Ken V says:

    Hillary is a suspected murderess, a proven liar and a tramp. Fine example for our kids

    1. hpinnc says:

      a communist usually has no character, no morals, no integrity, no sense of right or wrong, only to push their agenda. She is an empty suit, yet there are millions out there who is stupid enough to vote for her. These dum-asses & hillary deserve each other.

  • usncb says:

    O.K. we have to remember that to answer a question requires thought. Hellery has no thought unless it has 6 zeros with it.

  • Joann Holmes says:

    One word for her BITCH

    1. hpinnc says:

      A friend of mine said he saw a bumper sticker that read, “Life’s a bitch,lets not put one in the WH.”

  • ADRoberts says:

    She avoids anything that would let people know what she is doing and what is going on.
    1. No emails
    2. No answers on Benghazi.
    3. No answers to reporters because she does not take questions.
    4. No answers from Vince Foster. They made sure of that.
    5. No explaining a muslim aide
    6. No explaining why Bill wandered.
    7. No explaining all those dead friends and supporters
    I could go on. But we all know that she is not going to talk. Too many scandals but lots of cover from the media.

  • Ddenney1 says:

    Why question her? We know her for 40 years of lies and ethics violations! For God’s sake she was fired from the Watergate investigations for lying!!!! She lost het law license foe ethics violations as did Billy goat, Moochelephant, and 0!!! You can not get a straight answer from any of them! BUT the again as liberals say don’t let the truth interfere with the facts!!!

  • Mike N says:

    How dare he ask the Queen a question without first getting her blessings. The lowly must understand their place.

    1. 1inamil says:

      Amen! Just what I thought of it.

    2. hpinnc says:

      Take him out & give him 40 lashes!!!!!!!!!!

  • don says:

    like obama WE let them lie-cheat-an stomp all over are consittution—semms we just don.t care

  • savage24 says:

    What is more amazing than Hillary not taking questions from the media, is why does the media follow her around like a tail on a pig. If the media would drop her like a hot potato you would see a total transformation in that egotistical old bat.

    1. don says:

      the media keeps them afloat

      1. savage24 says:

        Can you think of anything more degrading than being lead around by your nose like a prize bull at a stock show by that egotistical old bag.? That is the honor of the lapdog media.

        1. Frederick Bowers says:

          Yes ! Sitting in front of her and listening to the pile of lies, you know she is telling !

  • gfinms says:

    The only way, that HRC, will “answer”, any question:
    #1) Put the question in writing.
    #2) My “motley crew”, will vet the question, and determine, if there is anyway to spin it.
    #3) After her fiction writers, finish the tripe.
    #4) HRC, will try to sell it, to the public.

    1. ijohnc1 says:

      Also, is there a check with it? how much? we will talk later, not enough.

    2. JobRon says:

      gfinms: What does the HRC stand for? Hillbilly Rotten to the Core? Sure sounds like it should anything else would be an insult to any other thing.

  • DPMP says:

    Why are we still putting up with this lying, thieving, ugly, poor excuse for a women? It’s time she was put out to pasture.

    1. mousekiller says:

      Is out to pasture the same as behind bars.? They shoot horses don’t they?

      1. USACITIZEN97 says:

        Especially for TREASON

    2. LARRY PUCKETT says:

      true patriot

    3. USACITIZEN97 says:

      Change pasture to prison

    4. don says:

      we? we? you got a mouse in your pocket? we are doing nothing but setting an complaining

    5. lawnman74 says:

      Who is WE?? Sure as hell is not me,all you are doing is name calling which shows you at a loss for anything to say…..

  • jerry young says:

    if hillary answers questions she may slip and tell the truth, so its best for her to cover up her lies and answer no questions!

    1. savage24 says:

      That woman couldn’t tell the truth even by accident, the lies come natural to her.

      1. don says:

        lying to them is natural—like breathing

        1. Frederick Bowers says:

          And she is always hyperventilating !

      2. hpinnc says:

        If she even tried for once to tell the truth, she would get tongue-tied & couldn’t speak without stuttering. Her & Bill would rather climb a tall Georgia pine tree, than stand on the ground & tell the truth.

    2. Sicklesteel says:

      This woman is sickening to me. To even watch her and see one of those “ugly faces” as my 4 year old son called them, makes my skin crawl. If she is elected to govern this country for the next four years – if we have four years left – I will be leaving here to live out my life elsewhere.
      And before anyone starts about not being patriotic and all of that, be sure to tell me you’re a “VETERAN” and have earned the right to say that to me in the first place the way I look at things.

      1. jerry young says:

        I am a vet and I believe our forefathers fought for this country, my fathers father, my father an I like so many more before and after me! I am not willing to surrender my country to the likes of hillary or obama or any other lying piece of garbage that wants to rule the kingdom from the oval office! I’ll stay and fight!

        1. Sicklesteel says:

          I too have that same linage….my Great Grandfather in the War Between the States, his son my Grandfather in the Bella Woods, my Father in Berma, me in Vietnam.

          And even though I do want to leave and live out the rest of my life in peace, I will die right here in the near future I do believe because I will not abandon a 91 year old Mother and another brother who we together help and provide for her.
          Paybacks….honoring promises made to Dad before he died. ….responsibility.

          But, I assure you, that if I am still here when it all goes down, I will not get on the truck for the ride to a culling center.

          1. jerry young says:

            Amen to you and your family! I was in Vietnam also

      2. Disgust says:

        Shoot the bitc..

      3. hpinnc says:

        I imagine there will be several joining you. Your 4 yr. old is correct. If I had her ugly face tattooed on my butt, I wouldn’t be afraid to back into a lion’s den.

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