Hillary swoons at admitted illegal immigrant: ‘Wow,’ you’re ‘incredibly brave’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a young woman who admitted she was an illegal immigrant that she was “incredibly brave” for her admission while openly campaigning for amnesty-type reforms.

The woman, a 19-year-old who gave her name as Nova, made the statement at a No Ceilings event with the Clinton Foundation and Microsoft, attended by Mrs. Clinton and daughter, Chelsea.

The woman said, RealClearPolitics.com reported: “My name is Nova. I am 19 years old. … For the first time publicly I want to say that I’m an undocumented immigrant. I want to say that it’s been extremely difficult for me to empower myself in America because I came here illegally when I was five.”

She then went on to say she can’t get a job, vote or attend the college of her dreams because of her lack of proper documentation.

“It’s been very hard because I don’t have the documentation here to get a job, to vote, which is essential, obviously, to [get] representation, to buy an apartment, to go to college — so I couldn’t even go to my dream college because of that — to get no financial aid.”

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  • papa_r0n says:

    I believe this is called ( Hillary Clinton ) aiding an abetting illegal criminal activity !!!

  • geddaklew says:

    After Hillary gushed all over the trespasser/thief, she offered her a ride on her broomstick…..

  • iamus says:

    Boo Hoo – nobody said that life was fair……… rewarding illegal aliens – simply enforces the concept of anarchy. According to our morons in charge – we can all pick and choose, which laws we can abide by based on our own, personal agenda. Free – free at last!!!!!!!!

  • PATRIOT says:

    So, 1st deport her, 2nd if she attended public schools since she was 5, then she and her family owe the American people for that attendance.

    3rd, these democrats want US to obey their laws yet want to shove these ILLEGAL immigrants down our throats by not enforcing our laws, breaking them, then trying to change them.

  • Bob Gehrking says:

    harry reid SAID IN 1993……
    ”It’s INSANE for any country to give welfare to illegal aliens, and America’s
    birthright citizenship is insane as well.” Then illegal mexicans took over Navada and harry reid needed their votes to keep his pig nose in the government trough!!!!

  • Bob Gehrking says:

    SHOWDOWN: U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Texas tried to end the practice of giving illegal immigrants tax credits for kids, but U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., won’t let the House-approved measure through the Senate.

  • Thomas says:

    That’s really to bad, I guess she will have to go home. Maybe she should try breaking into Russia and ask the legal citizens of that country to support her.

  • CTH says:

    Hillary Clinton is incredibly stupid considering her reported education level.

  • Psyguy says:

    She should have been detained and escorted (respectfully) to a private area until ICE could meet with her. She should then be informed of the correct procedure to become a citizen and then provided transportation to the border.

  • defiant1 says:

    Since when are criminals and lawbreakers “incredibly brave”. More liberal bullhonky from another marxist/communist idiot. This 19 yr old is not undocumented, she is an illegal alien who broke law–difficult for you little girl–when you were in your teens, you knew through schooling that you were illegal and could have tried to get a greencard and, but instead you continue breaking law and now whine about your difficulty. Oh please, cry me a river! I have no compassion for your law breaking and whining. Illegals can’t vote, BS, they do it all the time here in MD–Casa de MD helps them vote illegally. And when drivers license renewal is sent out (illegals can get licenses) voter registration info is automatically attached to be filled out and send in. Do you really think they are deterred by a $1000 fine for lying since they live here as illegal aliens and lawbreakers, not with Casa de MD to help. All the food stamps and other perks are bought votes. Yeah, they do not care, they vote. That is why dems do not want voter ID. won’t get their illegal votes.

  • floramae says:

    This is really enough to p-ss ya off, many of our own LEGAL citizens cannot find a job or afford to go to college

  • BH says:

    This is one of the problems with the current system. Her parents need to be horse-whipped and sent back, if they can be found. There needs to be a way she can go to her country of birth and get papers to stay here legally, if she wants to stay after her parents have been sent back. The US taxpayer should not be responsible for her support, though.

  • Another “where’s mine – get mine” whiner….

  • survivor33 says:

    Can’t do anything without ID,….soooo can’t got to college or anything else without financial aid. Then take the test to become a citizen or quit complaining.

  • WiSe GuY says:

    Typical of any communist.

  • Ken Oberdorf says:

    I like the financial aid part (illegal and wants AID ) gimmy, gimmy, gimmy all the free stuff.Obama has got to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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