Hillary Tells Media Allies She Plans To Buy The Presidency

by NewsMax
April 10, 2015

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s anticipated weekend announcement of her bid for the White House in 2016 will kick off an aggressive fundraising push that could be record breaking.

According to the Daily Beast, Clinton will use her first week as a candidate to raise “an insane amount of money,” one insider asserts.

“They are going to raise in one week what some Republican presidential candidates are going to raise the entire cycle,” one Clinton aide told the Beast.

Ready for Hillary super PAC, which has already raised $15 million, will host what will likely be its final fundraiser in New York before her campaign kicks into operation drawing on the support of the 3.6 million people who have been engaged by the PAC, the Beast said.

Earlier reports also indicate that her campaign will attract an avalanche of financial support.

47 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • David says:

    The major problem is that the so called Christians are not praying for our leaders or our country. It is only God who can change this nation, If we don’t get serious and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways then we will not hear from Heaven and our sins won’t be forgiven and our Nation will not be healed. II Chronicles 7:14

    1. jrhunt says:

      David Christians may be praying,but are they being heard,John 9:31 tells us that he does not hear sinner,but only if they are worshippers of Yahweh,and doeth his will,those are the ones he hears,Psalms 66:18 and Proverbs 28:9 supports this statement,Christians are by definition sinners,1 John 3:4 says that sin is the transgression of the law,which Christianity refuses to keep,forgiveness of sin comes after repentance not before,repentance is turning to Yahweh and Observing his Torah Commandments,which goes far beyond just being sorry for sinning,unless we turn from our sin and stop transgressing his moral laws,forgiveness will not follow,Yeshua came to take away our sin and will not justify us in our sin,it must be forsaken by us through the power of his Spirit.——Jim Hunt

  • David in MA says:

    I think the hag is in for one hell of a surprise, even the hag lovers cannot take another socialist like Obama as president. Socialism is great if the socialist can live in a capitalistic society, which is what the hag, slick AND the Obama’s have been doing, it is all about controlling the poor unwashed masses that they function under.
    Lets make America wealthy and powerful again so that everyone who puts in the effort can reap the benefits, lets not become a poor, sick, enslaved people to those who consider themselves the elite in America.

  • Sheileagh says:

    YIKES! WHAT A MESS WE ARE IN! Will… can she be ‘bested’? Guess we will have to wait & find out!

  • Naomi Wedderien says:

    My question is – Are the Democrats and Republicans wearing the same coat and fooling us? How in the world have the Democrats gotten away with all the BS. I feel like the “floor” has fallen out from under our feet! Where is America?

  • Auslander says:

    Tell us again about the democRATS being the party of the little man….

  • smoke says:

    Shoot her now.

    1. eastedie says:

      The sexual predator, Bill Clinton will thank you for her demise.

    2. Benny Medlen says:

      She has the blood of our service men and women ,plus foster and a lot we don’t know about. The Lord God will deal with her

      1. God is the only One who can most likely. Just a word from Him and the tiny nerve from brain to heart short circuits and presto, even the best heart surgeon cannot “shock” her back to life.

        I am constantly reminded of that connection etween heart and brain because I have a cast of arrythmia that keeps me ready to go to my Creator any instant!

      2. jrhunt says:

        Benny Did you ever think about that Yahweh is using her and Obama to deal with us,most of the time men will not repent unless they come under such great pressure that there is no other way to go or turn,and then they will repent and turn to Yahweh as a last resort,and then Yahweh can show himself mighty in your behalf,your religion has lied to you as did the founding fathers of Christianity,they fell away from the truth long ago Jeremiah 16:19-21,or you and others can do as is predicted in revelation,that they repented not,Revelation 9:20-21 and i point out all of the thing mentioned here are his Torah Commandments which have been transgressed,or how about Revelation 16:9-11 are you looking forward to this,repent and be forgiven and learn to walk as Messiah walked and Honor the father with your obedience.—–Jim hunt

  • William says:

    How much of the insane amount will come from foreign Mid-East sources?

    1. AQl says:

      Isn’t she peachy.

      1. Leo Klaudi says:

        Peachy? More like the WICKED WITCH of the WEST

    2. eastedie says:

      The Middle East especially Saudi Arabia already has donated multi-millions to the Clinton Foundation which is simply a cover for her campaign slush funds.

    3. Darrell says:

      I have a hard time believing any politician any more. I have become more aware of it every time someone is brought up to explain their actions. They all put on a good show but money and power are at the root of everytihng. Trey Wowdy is probably a good attorney but he appears to be sincere but I believe that is all a front. Hillary should be hung for all the lives she has caused to be lost and the money the democrats have stolen from our taxes, but they will never hang anything on her. I have lost faith in our system. Money talks and bullshit walks.

      1. Garx72 says:

        Darrell, You are not alone. What can WE the people do to CORRECT the problems?

  • Steve says:

    When this POS hillery comes on, I cannot change channels fast enough. I become nauseous.

    1. Dee says:

      I sure wouldn’t vote for Hillary Rotten Clinton. She has too many scandals behind her and don’t think any of them have been proven. She is a crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

  • Dave in PA says:

    Hillary Clinton is synonymous with LIAR ! Video for BengazI? Landing in Bosnia? Private emails? She purposefully chose to commingle her emails with state.gov government business – – – OUR business! It’s illegal and she belongs in prison, along with that pedifile spouse of hers. They deserve one another. What they don’t deserve is the freedom to live among us. They are the lowest level of humanity. I can’t stand to even look at that wildebeast!
    Dave in PA

    1. ItsJo says:

      Correct post Dave. She has been a “pathological liar ALL her sordid, entitled life”, and when her Serial Abusing Husband attacked the women he did, SHE attacked them a second time, when she hired detectives to find ‘dirt on them, so they could be personally smeared and
      silenced. This, from the woman who was in charge of “bimbo eruptions”, and now, who says she’s a champion for women??? NO WAY in Hell. 60’s Marxist, Saul Alinsky Was HER Mentor, whom she wrote her thesis on; in “Rules for Radicals” she’s ONE OF THEM. Alinsky wanted Hillary to work for him, but she opted instead to join the team “to take down Nixon”…but
      EVEN HE KNEW ABOUT THIS LYING- “POWER/MONEY MONGER, WHO ALONG WITH BILL, IS USING “THE CLINTON LAUNDROMAT, TO launder ALL the Monies from foreign nations, and any one who wants “Special Treatment” from Hillary IF she would get in….I don’t think the American people want to CONTINUE with a CROOKED REGIME as we have had to deal with OBAMA’S REGIME THAT HILLARY WOULD DEFINITELY CONTINUE.”

      Hillary should have been brought up on charges of lying about Benghazi and the Cover Up, and much MORE. She wants to “BUY THE PRESIDENCY, LIKE A POLITICAL WHORE, THAT SHE IS.”

  • Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

    Hmm a $ 100,000 for a rubber chicken dinner is not tied to trying to buy an election? That only counts if Hillary tries to raise money?

  • The Bob says:

    George, Ben, San, Tom, did you see in your dreams a time when the Nation would be bought and sold by it’s Politicians? Is that why you made three different branchs to the Government? Is that why Ben said, We are giving you a Republic, if you can keep it? Did you see a time when the Voters, the People would lose their interest, in Freedom and Liberty? Did you know We the People would allow ourselves to be bought and sold like cattle, just to get freebee’s from a corrupt government, that we allowed to become corrupt? Did you see what you started fall into ruin, because the people stopped caring?

    1. yorm says:

      i am one vet that that did not vote for the black muslim commie and i sure as hell will not vote for a white bitch commie,if you donate to this liar you are donating to further ruin the country i love and defended!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE OUR COUNTRY!!!!

      1. punisher says:


      2. Nancy says:

        Anyone that backs her, raises money for her or votes for her, should be locked up in the looney bin. She is a liar from the word “go” and will always be a liar. I hope she is arrested for all the illegal crap she has pulled in her lifetime, including letting the people in Bengazi she and that ignorant muslim president of the US let die without any effort to save them !!!!

    2. Garx72 says:

      How can We the People correct the wrongs of our government? The Bob has pointed out our flaws.

  • Gary says:

    Worse than the Plagues of EGYPT!!

  • John says:

    It will be interesting if the black segment of our population act like lemmings as they have for skunk Obama.

    1. John says:

      The black segment is just part of the problem! What will be
      much, much worst is the illegals and the muslims that will
      vote for this woman(?)! These “people” have absolutely no
      respect for America! Along with the blacks, they are only
      interested in what they can get for free! On top of all that
      will be George Soros and all his billions! How do you think
      obama got in the WH? As been said before: obama was
      selected, NOT elected! I am very much afraid that the beast
      Hillary will be in the WH come January 2017! If you look at
      what has transpired in the last few months, it will become
      apparent! Why did she wait so long? I hate to be the bearer
      of BAD NEWS, but seeing how obama got in, Hillary will
      follow the same path! There are too many important people that want to see America fall! I know! I hate it also! There is really
      NOTHING we can do to stop it outside of an all out civil war!
      This administration, under muslim obama, needs to be destroyed!

      1. jaccitizen says:

        You can’t blame all blacks for Obama getting in. Most americans did nothing to stop him. We need to wake up and smell the roses or we will go down. Praying will help, but only if we are sincere with our prayers. We can not slander others. That only puts us with them. We need to speak up when we see things that are not what God would like. women with women, men with men, and satan worshippers. When we as so called Christians watch that, whether it is on T.V. or the news we need to boycott it. Turn off your T.V. and stop your subscription to that Newspaper. Do something positive. Pray Pray Pray

  • Zilda says:

    Useful incompetent idiots (executive, congressional, and judicial) are leading the USA down the path of self- destruction. My concern is that we are no longer united, nor do we have enough stamina to withstand the challenges presented from global threats. If Mrs Clinton opts to run for the office of POTUS, it would be much better if she has a challenger to hone her skills. She will not always be able to buy her way out of the consequences of errant decisions she has made.

  • Patriotism 101 says:

    God help us all if the American people can not find the Courage of their convictions, or the common sense they were born with to support and vote for a Conservative, whomever it is.—The Constitution in its entirety is a beautiful, logical, intelligent document. The people that are attempting to pick out only the portions they like are destroying the rest of it. I have no doubt that ignoring Constitutional Law and abuse of Executive fiat is, by design, to destroy our Constitution and is in fact an Impeachable offense.
    I ask the American people to please wake-up

  • Robert Ross says:

    Hillery is obviously in menopause and is having a hot flash !! Being pissed off at everything and a real bitch not listening to no one, there is only one way and it’s her way or the hi-way. I speak from experience, married 52 years. Hil…..has no business being the pres. of a nation as America, way too powerful for a woman in menopause to handle.

  • Gerry says:

    There is little doubt that she will try. Hopefully by 2016, she will be in prison where she belongs if anyone has the guts to pursue all the charges. Voters just have to realize what an evil person she really is and do they want a known criminal, liar,deceiver already obligated to foreign dictators because of their donations to her questionable foundation. I realize there will be some idiot females who vote for her just because she is a female the same as some blacks did for obummer. They have to realize, just like the blacks should know by now, that kind of voting will NOT benefit them.

    1. Lena says:

      LIAR hillary BITCH clinton’s questionable foundation is really her PAC in disguise! No doubt millions will find their way into it and will all the lying experience, no one will question the origin or if they question, they won’t prosecute.

    2. punisher says:


  • Those of us who think BHO is bad better hold onto their hats if this woman gets POTUS. Obama is cunning but Hillary will make even him look mild. Just as with Slick Willie, the liberal media has and will continue to give her a pass.
    Like FOX NEWS or not, but watch just WATERS World and you will understand why we, the United States of America is in the shape we are in. Most of the people interviewed are college students who can’t even tell you who the VP is, who was POTUS during WWII or whom we won our independence from, and they vote, in lock step along with the welfare crowd and those that oppose voter ID. Something stinks and it’s not fish.

    1. Gerry says:

      It is very sad – Sailor, to listen to those college students. it makes you wonder where the hell they went to high school and what were they NOT taught by their teachers. Their utter stupidity astounded me.

      1. Jerry Sawyer says:

        Yet, “Americans” send their children to colleges and universities that indoctrinate the vast majority into being liberals. I know how the indoctrination is done, having been a professor of English at various universities. Tom Wolfe’s ” I Am Charlotte Simmons” records the morally-bankrupt mind-and-heart-set of liberalism that brutally reigns on most college campuses today.(See my “Liberalism and the Age Of the Woman for a definition of “liberalism;” and a brief explanation of what makes secular liberalism and religious Islam so very similar–available on Amazon).

        Which explains why Barry was elected, and why Hillary is even taken seriously.

    2. Donna Slivka says:

      Haven’t we had enough CLINTONS ? Maybe Chelsea will be next ???

  • Gramma says:

    It is hers to buy through all of the George Soros’ PACS he has created!

  • Florence says:

    That was my first thought MA in MO. Exactly how obama won. I believe Trey Gowdy needs to get the ball rolling….

  • Oscar Y. Harward says:

    Anyone who believes they can ‘BUY’ a public office should find, read, and learn the history of 1 term California GOP Congressman, Michael Huffington who also believed he could purchase a US Senate seat in 1994.

    Michael Huffington was a big supporter of homosexuality and lesbian activity.

    Michael Huffington spent $28 million of his own money in a campaign effort for a 1994 United States Senate seat; yet Huffington lost his campaign effort; big time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Huffington

  • MA in MO says:

    No she is not going to buy the presidency, the Saudi’s — who knows what other countries are involved but would say Libya is — are buying the presidency on her behalf, using our money. We buy oil from them, they send it to hillary. We send them weapons, they sell those to the terriorist to be used against us and send the money to hillary. What a wonderful cycle!!!

    1. Lena says:

      It’s definitely a cycle that been happening by our governing elites for decades! Bush Jr toppled Iraq & Obama toppled Libya. Saddam Hussein was a CIA operative. By the way, Gaddafi’s $8 billion in GOLD went missing. I wonder who benefited from that? [wink]

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