by John Hayward | Breitbart
August 11, 2015

Of course Hillary Clinton rolled out a college tuition program that will tax the living daylights out of the Evil Rich to shower students with “free” goodies. That was always how this was going to work.

From the day Obama seized control of student loans under ObamaCare and blew them into orbit, dumping tons of fresh debt on the shoulders of young people to handle ridiculously inflated tuition, the endgame was always about buying the votes of those kids with debt relief. Like ObamaCare itself, the degeneration of academic finance is a bid to subjugate the middle class, making them helplessly dependent on government handouts to finance something people in a stronger, more independent America handled on their own.

The Wall Street Journal calls Clinton’s plan an “attempt to address a source of anxiety for American families while advancing one of the left’s most sweeping new ideas.” It’s no surprise the Left did everything it could to heighten that anxiety before terrorizing people into a “solution” that would spread its sweeping ideas.

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  • MrsTJNic@aol.com says:

    Democrats love spending other people’s money. It’s THEFT & Bribery.

  • reagangs says:

    Billary (Hillary + Bill “Slick Willy”) have been associated with the socialist crowd from their beginning. They both rubbed elbows with the likes of Sal Alinsky and his minions, drones and sheeple, Bill Ayers and his family and friends, all commies, Cloward and Piven, and many others. Obummer lived with Bill Ayers’ parents while he attended school in Chicago. in addition, Obummer was raised in a commie setting, his father, mother and their families and friends were all commies. A fella by the name of Frank Marshall Davis, is more than likely is Obummer’s true father as his mother had many partners. He even admitted in his book that he had communist leanings. So what’s the question, again???

  • fred says:

    First they jack the tuition to outer space so it forces even the affluent to get student loans, then make an offer of “free” tuition to certain groups? Seems like all the lies Clinton has ever told…make a promise, break it, then act as if you never made that promise, and ask for proof that you did! Is that about right for what this murderous grifter and her hubby have done all their lives? There is a LONG trail of dead bodies in the Clinton’s past, and surely more to come in their future!

  • molly kennedy says:

    Isn’t she one of the evil rich or is she back to being destitute like she was when they left the White House?

  • Ron Hirschkind says:

    Send all the kids to college, pay for it and turn them into Socialists as if most aren’t there already. Upon their graduation they could stay in school until they are full fledged commies. No one bothers to question why college tuition is so incrediblyl expensive and out of control. Schools and teachers in colleges and universities, get extraordinary pay checks and other than brainwash their students do nothing at all worthwhile. Colleges are run like the government. Spend, Spend Spend. It is a disease and in itself a war on America. Look what we get from places like Harvard and Yale and all the others. I don’t like Scott Walker one bit with one exception. He doesn’t have one of those degrees.For that reason alone he deserves the White House.

  • Debar says:

    Come off it. Nobody is bribing anybody. You’re just upset that the right didn’t jump on that bandwagon first. Get a life and turn your sights on Donald Trump and his lack of candor and ideas.

    1. Webb says:

      Votes For College Education…Yes, Brides with the Tax Dollar!!

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    That’s right! Bribe them now, bill them later.

  • pete G says:

    If it weren’t for bribery these Socialist fools couldn’t muster up a vote from anywhere. This has been how Obama travels and it will be how Hillary travels. Maybe, just maybe she will be in jail soon.

  • Brady Harness says:

    Super Bitch is so Corrupt that she either doesn’t know or doesn’t care when she Bribing/Buying Votes or not!!!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Here we go again. Another set-up, scam, con-job. If the Hilda-Beast was serious about this, she would have brought forward a plan. There is no plan, however, just by throwing this out there, she is setting the stage for more race baiting, and the so-called “war on women”, plus “class warfare” .
    She knows that there will be opposition to this, and she and her party will most certainly spin the opposition into race, women, and so-called class.
    Tuition Free college and or University could work, it could be done. But Then, there would have to be “safe-guards” put into place. There would have to be control factors. The bar would have to be raised to allow only the smartest, and best qualified to attend. I wouldn’t be surprized if the heaviest opposition, came from the colleges, and Universities, as they could possibly become “employees” of the government. Sports programs would be affected/effected. Then there is the issue of foreign students. It is a long list.
    I see this as just another ploy, another election soap-box, another sucker play.

  • KDC says:

    Oh, sure. After they get brainwashed in college, just give them free stuff and empty promises and they’ll follow you around like dogs. That’s the only way Libs can get votes. They want stupid people that they can control. And these types are really stupid.

    By no means am I disparaging precious dogs in my comparison. 🙂

  • paulyz says:

    I remember when I was young & naive, & when McGovern said, “If I am elected President, I will give everyone $1,000.” That sure “sounded” good, but who’s money do you take to give someone else, just for votes. Thankfully I woke up to the Democrats policy of tax & spend to remain in power, plus some useless Republican Rinos as well.

    1. Rick Rogers says:

      Your argument does not line up with the facts. Republicans have spend more then Democrats in the last 30 years. What your talking about is ancient history

  • ZACAL says:

    The democratic party would be extinct if they didn’t buy several one issue voters. Unions, peta, planned parenthood, environmental groups, naacp, rainbow gang, unneeded funds to college professors to study silly things, funds to global warming gangs, funds given to illegals for their votes. The list just goes on and on. All of this for power and dishonest fame. A total scam.

    1. Rick Rogers says:

      Keep believing that. Its you an your “whats in it for me ” party that’s on the way out.

      1. ZACAL says:

        I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you needed help to make your life. At least you “came out of the closet”.

  • Rick Rogers says:

    Bullshit. This site and the others like it are here for one reason to get scared gullible people to click on their ads. They are making their living off of your fears. They are the team parasites. And you don’t have to take my word for it. Here are their own words. ”
    MATERIAL CONNECTION DISCLOSURE: You should assume that the sender of this email has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the persons or businesses mentioned in this message and may receive commissions from purchases you make on subsequent web sites. You should not rely solely on information containedin this email to evaluate the product or service being endorsed. Always exercise due diligence before purchasing any product or service.”

    1. Mike G says:

      too bad you don’t practice what you preach, if you did tou would be smart enough not to be a commie democrat.

      1. Rick Rogers says:

        I did not see any of your Tea Baggers Protesting when BEN CARSON was out there getting every cent he could to pay for his education.

    2. KDC says:

      You’ve probably been brain washed, yourself, in college.

      1. Rick Rogers says:

        Did not see you on the Protest Line when BEN CARSON was out there getting every cent he could to pay for his education. But now that he has “Gotten His” he does not want anyone else to get it. He is alot like Paul Ryan that way.

      2. Rick Rogers says:

        Only Brain washing I have seen is the ones that have convinced you people that the poor are this Cause of this countries problems not the top 1 percent who control 43 percent of the wealth in the nation; the next 4 percent control an additional 29 percent.

    3. Webb says:

      Conservative or Liberal sites have the same paragraph…Move On!

  • Webb says:

    Another Democrat Giveaway Program…
    And We Tax Payers Are Suckers…We Continue To Elect The Same People that will continue giving AWAY our Hard Earned Tax Dollar!!

    1. Rick Rogers says:

      No one needs to bride any college kids the majority of them vote democrat all on their own because they see how twisted the GOP is and don’t want anything to do with it.

      1. Mike G says:

        Rick your brain is twisted , if you eve have one, go back to your cave and hide under a rock.

        1. Rick Rogers says:

          ITs people like you I will be thinking about and LAUGHING at on November 9th when you waking up to the fact your side lost ANOTHER Presidential Election and have very high chance of losing the Senate again. As soon as the people driving damn to end gerrymandering starts hitting states you lose the House as well. So keep this mind there are more Registered Democrats then there are republicans and that the Democratic Party grows 2 to 1 with every new Voter in spite of the GOP efforts of Voter Suppression

          1. molly kennedy says:

            and then there are we Independents, don’t forget us, we vote but for the party we think will do the most good. At this point we need a 3rd party

          2. Rick Rogers says:

            Would never forget Independents cause just about every major polling of has them leaning our way. But the Third party is not a bad idea. Problem is the last attempt at it got co-op by the Koch Brothers money.

          3. molly kennedy says:

            I don’t know any that lean towards the dems, guess the people I know are not only intelligent but have common sense which is even better than being intelligent. My daughter went to UW in 1974 and guess what, she worked her way through, if she did not have enough money she would drop out for a semester, work full time and then go back. She did not want us to help her. you don’t need loans jut a good work ethic.

      2. paulyz says:

        Incorrect, the young do not understand yet how ‘giving’ people stuff, isn’t free, someone else has to pay for it, like THEM eventually. When they age, have families, pay bills, they start to understand this. Just like the ILLEGALS vote Democrat, for selfish, personal interests, not the best interests for all.

        1. Rick Rogers says:

          Ok since you open that can of worms.. Please tell me of one bill passed by the GOP in Congress in the last 8 years that did anything to benefit the Middle Class. Name a job bill.. or a bill that helped Veterans. DOING NOTHING is not Leading and its not what they are suppose to be in Washington for. The Problem is that Republicans are willing to give the control of their lives over to corporate Masters. And they are getting large and Larger with every merger there is. Any of you farm or garden? IF you dont plant seeds are you going to get anything to harvest. If we don’t start turning out a High percentage of college Graduates in the Sciences and HealthCare fields we are going to lose any lead we had over the rest of the world. If you want something to grow you “plant a seed”. First thing that should be done is a 13TH grade needs to be added to all public schools that is for anyone that wishes to go on to college. That Grade will fill in the gaps of an education system that because of LOCAL control and no national Standard is doing a very poor job if getting kids ready for college.

      3. KDC says:

        No, it’s because they get brain washed by the socialists professors

        1. Rick Rogers says:

          So lets just look at that.. The most common College majors are as of 6 months ago…

          Electrical engineering
          Mechanical engineering
          Business administration/management
          Computer science
          Computer engineering
          Marketing/marketing management
          Chemical engineering
          Information sciences and systems

          wow lot of Socialist subjects there.. And one other thing you people need to stop using the word Socialist like they are the boogie man.. Do you drive a Car? Do you fly out of an Airport? Do you get mail Delivered? Guess what all of those are supported by “socialist programs” You have relatives that live on Social Security? Did your kids go to Public Schools? Again all Socialist Programs. Do you have relatives that have had cancer or some other life threatening Disease. The Government Grants for research are all “socialist Programs” There is a difference between Socialist and communist. Just as there is a difference between Corporatocracy and Democracy. But then I guess most of you don’t believe in the Preamble of the US Constitution. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common Defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves.. YOU DON”T GET THOSE OBJECTIVES UNLESS THERE ARE GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS THAT PROTECT THOSE THINGS.

          1. Webb says:

            Democrats Love them…


      4. Webb says:

        Twisted Brains, Vote for Twisted Things…Seems that refers to Democrats!

        1. Rick Rogers says:

          If wanting every Child to have an education without having a life time of debt hanging over their head is twisted so be it. If wanting everyone to have equal access to healthcare is twisted so be it. If wanting to eliminate hunger in the United States (the Bread basket of the world) is Twisted so be it. If wanting to support our troops after they come home is Twisted so be it. I would rather be Twisted that way then the unchristian way most of the Leaders of the Republican Party are.

          1. Webb says:

            No problem with every child getting an education…as long as its on theirs and their parents dime…This is Hillary’s incentive for a Vote, HILLARY’S COLLEGE PLAN: BRIBE KIDS TO VOTE DEMOCRAT…Student debt is at $1.5 Trillion Now, Its UNAFORDABLE to Tax Payers!

  • The redhawk says:

    OK “FREE COLLEGE TUITION” Paid by Tax payers like the Current Bunch of ” ARTS MAJORS” with No capability to get Employed??? But has anyione told the SOW of Clinton about Ferguson and the EPA YELLOW RIVER PERIL in Colorado?? and is CRICKETS all she can say about these Real and Serious Issues????????????

    1. atchafa says:

      I think the EPA released yellow stuff on purpose!!!

      1. The redhawk says:

        oh yes anything to take the public EYES off the ball of the IRAN disaster in the making…and the BHO Tools goose step on his orders !!!
        but Shillery is too busy making up lies to Worry” about real issues

  • MeForever says:

    have you heard the “grapevine” that the reason Killery has been “hiding” is because she has been told by her controller Soros and his pal Sidney B that she emailed with a lot… that they are replacing her in the race… likely with their selection a Jewish businessman… and will have her announce her withdrawal and introduce the replacement at same time. She has not looked like she is a real candidate and looks very reluctant in the few communications she has, and is being held to minimum public contact to protect her from spilling the beans too soon…. they are wanting to put their Jewish businessman in the race because of the fear that the Christian businessman Trump has the support of most Americans… and they know Killary Can’t.

    1. Rick Rogers says:

      Only place “Christian businessman Turnip” has the support of most Americans is in your delusions.

      1. Mike G says:

        hey Rick ! how much free stuff do you get, or are you just brain dead?

        1. Rick Rogers says:

          Just like a Republican can’t win his argument with facts so he has to turn to insults. Why am I not surprised.

  • MeForever says:

    Vote early and Vote often… now who told Chicagoans to do that. Didn’t it become their method of operation?

    1. Brady Harness says:

      Having lived in Chicago in the late 1960s I can tell You Richard Daily perfect that trick for the Dumbocrats (a sub-spices of the Democrats)!!!

    2. atchafa says:

      The Dems. are in the graveyards collecting names.

      1. The redhawk says:

        not to mention registering felons in the jails across the country

        1. Rick Rogers says:

          aww.. so sad.. Look at it this way. .They will be trying to get Rick Perry name no as a soon to be Felon Soon.

          1. The redhawk says:

            Or register Shillery , Abedeen and her “QUEENS” from Jail to vote for Biden???

          2. Rick Rogers says:

            Dream on.. Here is the Difference.. All the Republicans that have been Caught misusing their position actually DID IT and there was proof of it. Kenneth Starr ( Republican Party Hack) wasted almost 40 million dollars investigating The Clintons and them most he could come up with was cum stains on a dress. YOU HAVE NOTHING and its pathetic watching you try to make up something. There have been bad apples in both parties but The Highlights have all been Republicans starting with the only President to Resign just as he was going to be impeached and would have been Convinced. You want to talk corrupt admistrations ok fine lets do that with Facts..

            When Character Wore Pinstripes: The Reagan and Bush I Administrations

            Reagan administration era convictions in the Iran-contra scandal:

            14 (two overturned on appeal)

            Reagan officials convicted for illegal lobbying:

            2 (Lyn Nofziger, White House political director, convicted to 30 days and $30,000 fine, overturned on appeal; Michael Deaver, White House deputy chief of staff, convicted and $100,000, given probation.)

            Reagan officials convicted in Housing and Urban Development department scandal:


            Total Reagan era convictions: 32

            Bush I pardons of those indicted and/or convicted of Iran-contra crimes:

            7 (5 had been convicted, one was about to receive his sentence, and one,
            Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger was about to stand trial) Number of charges in untried indictment (pardoned) of Weinberger: 5

            Clinton Admistration:

            Clinton administration officials indicted and/or convicted in connection with Whitewater: 0

            Clinton administration officials indicted and/or convicted in connection with Travel Office allegations: 0

            Clinton administration officials indicted and/or convicted in connection with alleged abuse of FBI files: 0

            Clinton administration officials indicted and/of convicted in connection with Lewinsky matter: 0

            Clinton administration officials indicted and/or convicted in connection with the Independent Counsel investigation of Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit: 0

            Clinton administration officials indicted and/or convicted in connection with the Independent Counsel investigation of Labor Secretary Alexis Herman: 0

            Clinton administration officials indicted and/or convicted in connection with the Independent Counsel investigation of Americorps director Eli Siegal: 0

            Clinton administration officials indicted and/or convicted in connection with the Independent Counsel investigation of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown: 0 (Investigation abandoned upon Brown’s death in nation’s service)

            Clinton Administration officials convicted in connection with the Independent Counsel investigation of Agriculture Secretary Michael Espy: 0 (Espy acquitted of all charges. Judge sharply rebukes Independent Counsel Donald Smaltz for
            bringing case in the first place.)


            HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for misstating to the F.B.I.
            the amount of money he gave his girlfriend;

            Assistant Attorney-General Webster Hubbell convicted of embezzling funds from Rose Law Firm
            before his federal appointment; that is, stealing from his law partners, including Hillary Rodham Clinton;

            Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, a political rival of Bill Clinton’s, convicted on charges involving
            local television licensing, and nothing at all to do with Clinton;

            Jim and Susan McDougal, convicted of crimes in Whitewater matter. In summation to the court,
            Independent Counsel declares that President Clinton is innocent of wrongdoing.

            And now for the KING of corruption.. there are too many to list one at a time 138 indictments. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reagan_administration_scandals

          3. The redhawk says:

            I bet you are still convinced that the ” NO SMIDGEON” of the IRS Illegal activities by :Lerner are not even close to the LIES that sHILLERY has been saying nor that the famous Omama ‘ JUST BECAUSE SOME BONE HEADS made bad Decisions” do not actually apply to HIMSELF…. NUMBNUTS!

          4. Rick Rogers says:

            Lets get one thing straight.. You can whine all you want about the IRS targeting Groups well tough.. They were breaking the law about how much money they could use for political campaigns so they damn well should have been target it. They should have had they non profit status yank the second they started buy politicians

          5. The redhawk says:

            and you can wipe your AZZ with a”HOPE AND CHANGE” bumper sticker … but the Progressive anarchist Liberal party needs to be DEMISED!!!
            All the Supreme Court did was to say that UNIONS had the Same Rights to donate to Party sources as BIG BUSINESS.. you IDIOT

          6. Rick Rogers says:

            You may well have seen the last GOP president in your life time..
            as I said before for people have been registering Democrat over republican at about a 2 to 1 ratio for the last 10 years. SO ENJOY BEING the MINORITY as more and more of your old white men party DIE OFF.

            Want more proof… Watch what happens in Texas in the next 5 years or so.

          7. The redhawk says:

            sURE MUAMMAD!!! Or is it IVAN??? Or NUMBNUTS that you go by in Private life???

          8. Rick Rogers says:

            We’re number 10. We’ re number 10. Strange but do you think that’s just random.

          9. The redhawk says:

            Only progressive Anarchist Isis Sympathizers like you Give themselves TROPHYS for arriving TENTH a in 10 man RACE…. TROLL ON CAMEL DRIVER!!!

          10. Rick Rogers says:

            and only Dumb ass Lemming like you still Support people that allowed us to become 10th

          11. The redhawk says:

            SURE THING… FEEL better now??? NUMBNUTS!

          12. Rick Rogers says:

            You idiot. The free tuition is not a hand out to them it’s something paid forward by every one. Education is the great equalizer and is the start of correcting all the evils in the world including the Republican Party. I have never seen a more wretched hive of scum or villainy then the GOP and there paid goons the tea party

          13. The redhawk says:

            Really “RETARD ” fits you… Inbred Anarchist Idiot! But Hey TOOL on Panty Wad
            U sound like an Over-educate Idiot in Basket weaving with Too many Degrees in NOTHING !
            and Unable to get a Job! Imagine that!

          14. Rick Rogers says:

            I really hope in your senile old age.. Ops sorry your already senile.. That you need a doctor or a surgeon and can’t find one because the kid that would have been That Doctor or Surgeon could not afford School.. That would be the greatest karma on you short sighted morons. We need Doctors Engineers, Chemist, Oceanographers, Geologist, Computer scientist and all of them have to be educated somewhere. Guess you don’t care that at this rate most of them will come from Countries that DO pay for their childrens College.. At this rate you want have to worry about making English the offical Language because the Language of the Educated will be Chinese or Indian. But then your still have your trailer and six pack because its all about you.

          15. The redhawk says:

            YEP ‘INBRED RETARD” fit you to a “T”

          16. Rick Rogers says:

            This is what you cretins have forgotten.

          17. The redhawk says:

            AWW … GOOD at Copy and Paste . what a freaking GENIUS for a Retarded inbred Moron…Is this the best you got NUMBNUTS????

          18. Rick Rogers says:

            You remind me of what I scrapped off my shoe at the dog park yesterday.

          19. The redhawk says:

            Did I really Step on you??? Headinass IDIOT?

  • 7papa7 says:

    Why is it that if I bribe someone to do something I go to jail, if a politician does it they get elected. These people who are violating the laws of the land need to go to prison and bribery does indeed violate our laws. You can spin the name of what you are doing any way you want but it is still bribery.

    1. Rick Rogers says:

      So you don’t consider the close to a billion dollars the Koch have said the will spend in 2016 a bride then?

      1. Mike G says:

        hey Rick did you ever hear of Soros??? dems have always bought votes with free stuff, lies, distorting the truth. and pandering.,

        1. Rick Rogers says:

          Your funny.. So your just going to disregard the bought and paid for Senators and Congressmen in the Koch Brothers pocket

        2. fred says:

          Don’t waste any time on this fraud, micheal moore impersonator, Mike! He is an escapee from several mental institutions!

      2. 7papa7 says:

        There is a HUGE difference that obviously goes over your head. The Koch brothers give to candidates that they agree with their priorities, What the hildabeast is doing is saying you can get free schooling if you vote for me. This is as different as night and day. You have many very rich people doing what the Kochs do everyday.

        1. Rick Rogers says:

          So lets see.. You think its ok for students to be in soul crushing debt after graduation and then get jobs with companies (Like Koch Brothers) who are going to take advantage of that Edcuation to further their own profits while the Employees are going to have a 20 or 30 year debt hanging over there head. Yea that makes alot of sense.,

          1. lea82835 says:

            The first thing that we should do, is get the GOVERNMENT OUT OF EDUCATION. Give it back to the States and let them decide what to teach. Higher Education is not a privilege but it’s nice to have for certain areas, or specialties. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND, COMMON CORE is just more of the same. Eliminate them. A lot of people in college don’t belong there, they should be in a trade school. Be a plumber, an electrician, get your hands dirty. Did you know there are “Master Carpenters”. Work during the Summers and save money for your Education. Colleges also have work/study programs to assist the student. Both my sons graduated from college without any debt. But they didn’t go on Spring Break and get drunk either. You have to set your priorities and have a goal.

          2. Rick Rogers says:

            Glad to see your not for equal opportunity for all. Would you agree most college Grads make more? And would you agree that those that make more pay more in Taxes? And Taxes are what the Federal Government is used to RUN. As for the states. NO do not let them have any say in the Standards. A high school diploma earned in Texas should be at the same level as a High school Diploma earned in any other state. The Biggest complaint from college teachers is that they are having to teach Remedial subjects in College Classes. Classes that students have to pay for. Things that people should have learned in high school.. I have a friend that teaches College Level US History and required a Term paper on the American Revolution. He told me just over half of his class had never written a Term paper before.

          3. HankBar says:

            Students elected to apply for loans. You sell them short. It’s called free will.

          4. Rick Rogers says:

            Give me a break.. have you priced out a college Tuition recently. I have because me son is going next year. You don’t get the loans you don’t go. So by your method only the rich get an education.

      3. Webb says:

        Give It a Break…
        Both sides have their High End Donors….Spend some tine vilifying Soros, Bloomberg and Gates!!

        1. Rick Rogers says:

          Not sure why I would need to Vilify people that have given away a large Majority of their fortunes When all the Koch brothers have done is try to increase their own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbykzqJ6ens

          1. Webb says:

            Newsflash…Soros and Bloomberg haven’t Given away their fortunes without some form of Payback, rest assured!!
            Both support all types of Liberal Organizations, that all vote Democrat!!
            By The Way, Soros Nor Bloomberg employee 60,000 People as in JOBS, but the Koch Bros. Does! There again Both Sides have Their High Priced Donors…

          2. Rick Rogers says:

            Maybe before you make a statement like that you should look at Where MOST of that money is going. Its not where you think

      4. molly kennedy says:

        No Rick it is not a bride, it is not even a groom!

        1. Rick Rogers says:


          1. The redhawk says:


      5. ZACAL says:

        The harder you work, the luckier you get. Also – you’ve been listening to Harry The Rat Reid too long. Why don’t you comment on our 8 year recession that your political heroes have not a clue how to end. All they do is throw money at people like you for your vote. Like throwing fire on fire to put it out.

        1. Rick Rogers says:

          Sorry ZACAL.. Your first statement is complete work because if it was true Every Ditch Digger and Farm worker would be Millionaires. and the Billionaires like Romney and The Koch’s and the Bushes would be working to learn the line “would you like Fries with your order.”

  • Rhonda Hunt says:

    Isn’t buying votes the way Democrats always work,if they need votes just promise the stupid people something and your in like flint,it doesn’t matter whether you fulfill the promise or not,just promise the world and you have it made,the Republicans have learned well also,and are now doing the same thing,and we stupid people in both parties,just slobber like a bunch of Rabid dogs and vote for them anyhow,and they are not worth the gun powder it would take to blow them to hell,you would think we would wise up someday.—–Jim Hunt

    1. The redhawk says:

      Look at it this way… Democrat LOVE UNEDUCATED tools for their Plantations and Offering FREE College Tuition just will Pri9vide College Uneducated additional Tools for RIOTS… PROTESTS.. Burning of Stores and Buildings.. Lootings and shooting at Policemen with the additional Piece of College Degree in “HUMANITIES” ” Democratic ANARCHISM’ and Progressive Delusions! B.S.

    2. Edward says:

      They have made the people stupid so the politicians have a free ride.

      1. Brady Harness says:

        Yah, like that STUPID education theory “No One Left Behind”
        Dang, when I was a kid in the 1950s to get out of 8th grade part of the Advancement test was; we were given a sheet of paper with only the out line of the United States, in which we had to draw the state in the correct spot and shape, then place the capital in the right area of the state and show the major mountains and rivers and where the Pacific and Atlanta Oceans were and which countries were near us or we did not get to become High School Freshman!!! Now days children don’t need to know anything just show up for class regularly and you pass on; STUPID or not!!!

        1. lea82835 says:

          What we learned in 8th Grade in the 1950’s is what the High School is teaching today. A lot of our Colleges are not much better. Read the article, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, by Charlotte Iserbyt. Dumb or disinterested people are easy for the Government to Control.

        2. molly kennedy says:

          Did U go to school in CT. I remember that test.

          1. Brady Harness says:

            No, Grade school in Wichita Kansas, High School Wentworth Military Academy Lexington, Mo and College at Winona State Teachers College Winona Minn.

          2. molly kennedy says:

            Guess in the 50’s they taught us all well nation wide

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