Hillary’s Presidential Bid Is Now Dead On Arrival

by The Washington Post
April 26, 2015

At the dawn of her presidential campaign, Hillary Rodham Clinton finds herself outflanked on the left by a former Maryland governor with little national reputation but many of the populist political talents she lacks.

Martin O’Malley is using Clinton’s closely watched and long-anticipated 2016 launch to raise his profile ahead of his own likely entry into the race next month. He has seized on specific economic and social policy issues, including same-sex marriage and an international trade deal, in a bid to raise questions about Clinton’s liberal bona fides.

The attacks — some more thinly veiled than others — have forced Clinton to explain herself on a number of difficult topics, which was not part of her plan for a gradual roll-out with an emphasis on middle-class economic issues.

It is a remarkable feat for an undeclared candidate who still lingers at the bottom of polls in a thin Democratic field.

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  • Patrick King says:

    Wishful thinking by people whose policies are completely out of touch with the American landscape of the 21st century. If Republicans want to avoid the fate of the Bull Moose Party and the Know Nothing Party and the American Communist Party, they better dump the Christians and become true conservatives. You can’t tell people you want to get government out of “every nook and cranny” of their lives and yet fight to KEEP government in their bedrooms. Abortion is a PERSONAL decision. Birth control is healthcare covered by any insurance. Homosexuality is also a personal decision.

    If you want to believe in a spirit that rules the world and talks to you, that too is a personal decision that goes right along with Sasquatch in your back yard and the alien that abducted you in 1998. Normal people are not obligated to follow the edicts of your great spirit guide or to do what you tell us to. Freedom means the option to make our own decisions, NOT to do things only the way you do them.

    If Republicans cannot see the logic in what I’m saying, prepare yourselves for another eight years of a Clinton presidency. The United States needs a real conservative party and by that I mean a party of pragmatists.

  • barbuto says:

    I like Rubios speech…” Yesterday, a politician from Yesterday….threw her hat in the ring for President”. Yes Hilary is from yesterday. I remember the trash we had to go thru when Bill ” I…did…not…have…sex…with…that…woman” Clinton was president. He should have been impeached for having Monica Wolinski on her knees under a table in the WH….then Bill LIED about it till his DNA was found on her dress. Bill tried to coerce Monica into silence like he did the other women who filed sexual harassment charges against him. Then we hear about Hilary Rottens antics as Secretary of State. She lost the job because she did not lie well enough about ” Benghazi”…..and Bill was being paid $500,000 per speech as a pay off for getting companies contracts….Enough is enough…send these jerks back to Arkansas…let them pluck chickens when they are arrested and found guilty for their embezzlement and selling political favors..

  • Jim Killebrew left says:

    Hillary Clinton simply can’t help herself. She wants to get off to a good start on her presidential race for 2016, she knows she is the presumptive nominee for the Democrat party, and yet she is starting out her campaign in a race much like a car starting it’s race with four flat tires. With a legacy from the 90s, less than a bright run as Secretary of State, and now with one scandal after another she is not getting a lot of traction.

    Perhaps she thought she was getting ahead of the issue when she erased all of the emails in her server. Perhaps she thought she was buying further insurance by completely eliminating all files on her server. But now, with the possible quid pro quo hovering over the issue of she and her husband receiving millions of dollars from foreign countries that potentially create a pairing of her selling United States interests to possible enemies of the state, she is losing the war of trust and character.

    Paradoxically, polls continue to show Democrats supporting Mrs. Clinton at the rate of 60 to 65% approval. This is even in the face of the mainstream media reporting some of the issues that she is now facing. There are more negatives coming out about her in the mainstream media than ever before. One wonders just how far she will be able to go with these scandals before Democrat voters realize they’re being taken for a ride.

    Beyond that, one wonders just how far Mrs. Clinton can push the envelope before the Republicans pushback and quit allowing the opportunists the Clintons are, from having their way in doing whatever they please.



  • danalind says:

    Haven’t we had enough affirmative action presidents? Obama has trashed the Constitution and tried to make the congress and our form of Government irrelevant. The Scary part is that he almost succeeded, and if Clinton gets in the White house we will see the end of the United States as we know it. I’m not being doom and gloom, but realistic, knowing that as congress concedes more and more power to the executive branch, we will see America become another banana Republic, “congress in name only”.

  • John says:

    Democrats have an easy time finding candidates. They are people with nothing to lose. Self respect, moral restraint, conscience, conviction rooted in Constitutional law; these ideas are considered weaknesses. Instead these candidates seek whatever power they can attain and maintain that power through whatever means are available.

    1. dmttbt says:

      Any party or party member who would think Hillary is a good candidate should be willing to accept anything that announces. Can anyone imagine that they still support Hillary for president. Oh it just hit me, that is what she wants “support” seeing as how poor they are. Do you think that the rest of the world can look on this stupidity we are accepting as government and not know that we have lost our mind.
      When I take a survey on the internet and it asks questions about do you trust Obama and who did you vote for as president. 11% say they voted for Obama, how did he win? I know the survey could be reaching more right wing people than others but that does not explain how this communist raised person got elected president twice?

    2. drafting says:

      John you are right, however, I am beginning to think the Republican aren’t any better? Like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, what we need are more Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, the lady Sen. Iowa, if we don’t get them some help, we will n ever be able to take the country back, it is doom.

  • stonekicker says:

    The person that could begin to heal America is Dr. Ben Carson. I have researched him excessivley and the fact that he is not a politician makes him an excellent choice. It will take years to undo the descontruction caused by the world’s biggest lier. But now is the time to start. Obama hates any one who stands up to him. Let’s get back to the basics of the American Constitution. Carson wants to get America back on course and regain the respect of the world community as well as return to honest reporting of the economy status. Let’s put our energies to good use and clean out the rat holes in government.

  • ralph says:

    we do not need another Queen in the White House. We already have one.

  • L.E. Liesner says:

    You are delusional if you think that this is a set back for the Clintons, there are far to many “Useful Idiots” in this country that will vote for her. Obama got elected twice because we needed a black president, they’ll vote for Hillary because the MSM will convince them that we need a woman president. And O’Malley doesn’t fit that bill, he’s just another white guy.

    1. the redhawk says:

      Do we “NEED” a wiman President?? well When the RIGHT one shows up with a CVLEAN record of Accomplishments , why not. At present the Lying SOW Clinton that has done nothing but tell WHOPPERS, leave Body bags and helped Russia get control of a large portion of American fissionable material should be RIP as far as being Elected. But then the Uneducated, Welfare generationally inbreeding Impaired and plantation dwellers of the LEFT in addition to Socialist of Academia might DOUBLE their voting rolls to elect this INCOMPETENT DRONE!

      1. flyboy48-49 says:

        Don’t forget the millions of Dem voters from the nations graveyards. All citizens become automatic democrats, once interred.

  • GunnyMarine says:

    Hillary is liar, a traitor and treasonous individual and should be brought to trial for her actions. She should be put away for life or hung. I would prefer she be hanged and put away forever.

  • Don says:

    I fail to understand how the Democratic party would even consider allowing her to run for
    president. Surely they must be able see the damage she has done to our country and their party, the lies she has told and still telling. Ladies, if and when the times comes, please don’t be like so many blacks who voted for Omama, not because he was the best person for the office, but because he was black. This country can not afford another Omama, even if she is white and a female.

  • I can’t believe that she thinks America wants her to be President. After she screwed up at Benghazi and then lied about it. Had a private email server, and then deleted everything.
    In addition to posting here, email your Senators and demand that they impeach that lying son of a bitch, obama.

    1. David in MA says:

      People like the Clintons, Obamas, et al, have no morals, shame or guilt, they feel they are entitled more than the little people they rule over, they deserve and “we” serve… and “we” continue to let them, shame on “us”!

      IF “we” get to vote in 2016, “we” had better think closely what “we” want for America, for the 2016 elections will decide if Obama’s Islamic marxist dictatorship will continue, with him or without him.

      Most Americans have no idea how fully Obama has infiltrated the American system with people and ideas totally against the American Dream under a Constitutional Republic.

  • Gerry says:

    She will just be another 4 years of obozo’s corruption, lies, deceit and NON- transparency. She is a criminal right along with her sleazy husband and it is a total lack of respect for America and the American citizens that she is even out there campaigning. Her record is total failure and total corruption in every position she has ever held in government. I find it hard to even imagine that any AMERICAN voter would vote for her.

    1. MIKE BOCCA says:


  • Hillary will make the entire Drmocratic Party look irrelovent. They need make her understand that if she cannot get elected, she should not run for President.

  • Gramma says:

    Hillary made a pact with Obama, Soros and others in 2007, and she is not going to let go of her “entitlement” for president!

    1. smoke says:

      You are correct. I do not think very many picked up on it though.Obama, they need me now and then you can go in and finish it all off and claim the victory for us. I remember all this just like it was yesterday.

    2. Helen says:

      My opinion only……Has anyone ever thought of this ‘broke’ ‘bankrupt’ first lady is really running for office? Let’s see…..When Bill dies., she gets his ‘pension’ for life. She receives her as senator from NY, state sec, for life, and if she’s elected, (God forbid), she receives pension for life….do the math. Oops, forgot the pension Bill gets as governor. She is a hungry fox, greedy and vicious. PLUS all that she gets from the Clinton Foundation?????? And she’s BROKE?????

  • Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

    Did you drink an extra cup of stupid today?

  • debi says:

    Jerry Y has it correct – some people want her President regardless of what she and Bill have done just because she is a woman! Some people on TV news say “forget about all these unfounded alligations and remember the good she has done. Sorry,I just don’t see anything good!

    1. dnnswnthld4@hotmail.com says:

      No good. The first lady for 8 years. Then a senator. Then the Secretary of State. Plus very smart.
      Yep, she hasn’t done anything.

      1. Shay says:

        Absolutely correct!! She was First Lady and held 2 gov’t. positions and has nothing to show for it but scandals. Not one positive accomplishment. How can someone fail so badly?

      2. Gerry says:

        Typical demoRAT statement – dnn. Debbie said she didn’t do anything GOOD, in which I totally agree with her. You as a true demoRAT just happened to leave out ” good ” to try and turn Debbie’s statement into something she really didn’t say. Typical demoRAT crap.

      3. David in MA says:

        I wish there were up and down vote arrows on this site…

    2. I also don’t see any good that she has done. Everything looks bad from all the news she has done.

    3. durabo says:

      Say NO to gynocracy!

  • mustang6984 says:

    Well…Looks like Billary’s “Groundhog Day”…’08…is coming sooner rather than later! Works for me! O’Malley should make her into fertilizer soon enough. Unlike O’Malley, Billary has ZIP for qualifications to be POTUS…having never governed so much as a girl scout troop!

    Prepare to be come a 1 page footnote in history Billary.

    1. Jerry Y. says:

      you are correct! but neither did obama have any real qualifications and the idiots still voted for him and let him steal the second term! let us hope this does not happen again!

      1. dnnswnthld4@hotmail.com says:

        It seems the idiots are in the majority. Get over it and move on.

        1. Shay says:

          Right! Move on—Hillary is the past—move on into the future!! We need someone who can accomplish something positive, not just “hold” a position! A pawn holds a position, we need a real leader!

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