House backs faster deportations, cancels ‘Dreamer’ policy

House Republicans resurrected their border bill Friday, powering it through on a late-evening near party-line vote and sending it over to a Senate that’s already gone home for a five-week summer vacation, leaving the border chaos unsolved.

A day after they appeared gridlocked, GOP lawmakers went back and rewrote the bill with more conservative input, closing several loopholes Republicans feared President Obama could have used to avoid enforcing the new provisions designed to make it easier to deport the illegal immigrant children and families surging across the border. The bill also reimburses governors who deploy their National Guard troops to the border, and includes money to boost enforcement.

In an emotional debate, that saw one lawmaker ruled out of order and another accuse the GOP of being “cowards,” the House also passed another bill halting Mr. Obama’s non-deportation policy for so-called Dreamers, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that’s granted about 600,000 young adult illegal immigrants tentative legal status and work permits.

Republicans said the DACA policy was the “magnet” that had enticed illegal immigrants to try to cross the border, and said undoing it was critical to getting a handle on the situation.

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  • ponomo says:

    Obama, the Kenyan, is a fraud. History, hopefully not too long from now, will prove the scam and illegality of what has been one for the history books.

  • mitchell says:

    just, hearing that statement, is same XMAS for me,never thought it would come, WOW

  • edgineer says:

    It is the Democrats that are blocking ANY legislation that would help this country and especially the middle class. Unless people accept the fact that the Democratic Party is a Marxist institution determined to impose a Marxist government our freedoms will vanish.

    1. defiant1 says:

      You hit the nail on the head, this is exactly where the democrat party has gone and we do not want this to continue. We must get them defeated. Here is the problem: certain words and phrases have a bad reputation or the public shuns or does not want to hear certain terms like communism, Marxism, fascism or authoritarianism, so instead the Democrat Party disguises these philosophies with a new word–progressivism, so the Marxists, communists, etc are now calling themselves progressives. Google Congressional Progressive Caucus and see the names of Congress in the membership. They are:
      Socialist wing of the Democratic Party. Consists of 76 Members of
      Congress, Has close ties to the Institute for Policy Studies and the Democratic Socialists of America, and The Communist Party USA identifies Progressive Caucus members as its “allies in Congress.” What more can I add, look it up and see the names of those you hear screaming every day. One is Luis Gutierrez, named in this article, who is vilifying the GOP regarding this border bill. Now does it make sense? These are people we do not want making decisions about our lives and country for they are not patriots, they are the radical and destructive to America!

      1. edgineer says:

        The “progressive” party is the American word for Communism. The CPUSA joined the Democratic Party in 1987, announcing it would thenceforth run it’s candidates as Democrats. The Communist Party has riddled every institution in this country with it’s members. Jeffery Immelt, CEO of General Electric is a Communist. Our President is a Communist. We are not headed for the brink. we went over it in 2012.

  • cae973 says:

    Real steps to stop illegal immigration
    1..change birthrite citizenship to state a child born here is a citizen only if the mother is a citizen at the time of the childs birth
    2.,eliminate chain migration
    3..write federal law stating non citizens are not to get any state or federal benefits of any kind including things like food stamps, housing, child tax credits
    4.,write federal law mandating all business use e verify
    5..write federal law stating all legal, state and federal paperwork, banking, real estate, and education be in English only and those needing an interpeter will be charged for that service and must pay up front.
    5…write federal law requiring all states to follow point system for motor vehicle licenses with no exceptions and testing to be done in english only
    6..rewrite child trafficking law to state all all illegal aliens regardless of age or country of origin will be deported at once back to the country they entered illegally from.
    These 6 steps take away all the magnets of freebies and easy acess that draw illegals here and if these steps were followed they would stop coming because they would not be able to work or get any freebies!

  • olinda says:

    To all of rule a country like this one the president have to lead.. and apply the constitution on every thing they do….now lidership is not found;the freedom of religion,speach and many more soon gone if we don’t wake up and fight; Gop is there to work with the senate and the president all together..but the president is busy campaigning not doing the job he got paid for..Read more about the function of the president,senat and the congress and you will found out they are not doing it right.

  • usausapatriot says:

    MAKE AND GUARD THE BORDER! DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS, THEY ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS! Let the other fooking countries fix their own problems.

  • bygeorge says:

    The GOP is, by all apparent signs, entering its death throes. Positive, aggressive political leadership promoting conservative American values is completely lacking. A weepy “Speaker” appears to be indecisive and unsure and many of supposedly conservative congressmen and senators seem to be in it only for the money, not for the best interests of America. Nothing Obama say’s or does is challenged except when that challenge comes from the grass roots, Tea Parties and/or other politically concerned organizations. Americans should be horrified at what is happening to our country, all in the name of fairness, executed by a socialist slug whose sole aim, as he has stated many times, is to fundamentally change America. He’s doing it, no thanks to the fearful GOP.

    I am becoming convinced that conservatives, including some Republican’s, should create a form of Shadow Government, exclusive of the national GOP who has lost our trust, prepared to respond to and counter any and all comments, plans, statements, schemes and plots that the Democrats and Obama can think up. It should be announce publicly, that Obama’s soon to be issued Executive Order granting amnesty to illegals is patently unconstitutional and will be null and void when the socialist are out of office. Most of Obama’s other unconstitutional edicts will also automatically become null and void. It should be made clear to Americans that any and all financial benefits to illegals (violators of our laws) will immediately cease. If the Democrats want them to be on a dole, let the Democrat Party itself fill those financial needs drawing from their own vast resources of political donation wealth, and not from the pockets of suffering taxpayers.

    The shadow government should announce, without fanfare, the intended apprehension of politically appointed leaders (Lois Learner and Eric Holder, for example) suspected of unconstitutional and criminal actions authorized by the executive and will summarily be dealt with upon the change of government, with arrests and trial. For many, imprisonment will follow.

    The Shadow Government must make clear that any sworn police chief, Sheriff or other field police commander, will be held strictly accountable if they should raise a gun against American citizens who are protesting the loss of their constitutional rights. Rioting flash mobs and recognized criminal gangs excepted. The same would apply to Military Reserve and National Guard commanders.They should be more afraid of the consequences of their actions than citizens should be afraid of their orders to suppress dissent. This represents a rethinking of the law of responsibility based upon what our Constitution permits.

    A revisit on the issue of word definitions should accompany any shadow government program. Americans protesting their land seizure by government, for example, will not be labeled “terrorists”. This will apply to returning veteran’s as well. There will be no land seizures by government except for those known Islamic enclaves used for Sharia indoctrination and infantry training of stupid Americans who want to blow themselves up. Oppressive rules on commerce, made by the EPA, will likewise become null and void. We must say so, out loud!

    When ideas like these start circulating among concerned citizens, then notice will have been given that restoration of constitutional government is surely coming. Readers will have more ideas of their own but simply waiting for the next election is no longer a viable option when, in the meantime, the fascists can continue their march toward misery.

  • Steve Thomas says:

    If they want to grant court hearings to the illegals, they need to set up EasyUp canopies foe the courts to sit 20 feet from the border.

    1. logger1492 says:

      They should set up the court hearings back in their countries. Not here where they will never show up for the hearings. If their governments won’t approve of our court setup there, then let them keep their people.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    In order to stop or minimize the illegal entries, Congress and the Administration must do the following:
    1. Seal the borders and provide more border patrol agents.
    2. Don’t approve amnesty for all illegal aliens.
    3. Send all newly arrived illegal kids and adults back to their country.
    4. Provide work permits for those well-behaved, and are willing to work on farms, and other jobs that some lazy Americans won’t do. These lazy Americans instead of working, prefer handouts that pay for food, housing, personal needs, medical care, manicures, pedicures, drugs, hair saloon, and some for smoking cigarettes.
    5. Provide countries that are so poor with technological means, or some financial resources to develop their economy.

    When Congress and the Administration do those mentioned above, countries will then respect our sovereignty It will also prevent terrorists from crossing the US borders. It will prevent criminals and drug dealers from coming to the US.

    1. James in Texas says:

      OK, looking at your list, I’m good with most of it as follows:
      1. OK
      2. OK
      3. OK
      4. OK for some. You set yourself up to be called a Tea Partier by calling out all of Obama’s supporters.
      5. Change countries to counties and spend the tax payer’s money here at home. We have many poor folks and broke counties here at home. We already shovel enough graft money to Mexico and South and Central America.

    2. logger1492 says:

      Take the leaders of those countries to Costa Rica for a detailed seminar on how to create an environment of social stability, political stability and how to educate their people all by getting rid of the military. It is not just the spending on military matters. The military in those third world countries are autonomous and always a threat to the government if things don’t go their way. Costa Rica could also teach them about democracy and a sense of responsibility for all their people. In exchange for helping them out, hopefully Costa Rica would get some relief from the illegal immigrants from those same countries. Hopefully they would go back home because of the new prosperity.
      To your list, you might want to add that we should process those waiting for legal immigration half as vigorously as we do granting amnesty and a speedy citizenship to illegals. Doing so would give the illegals some hope of getting here the right way. Make that number 2 on your list.

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