House Democrats suggest Obama impeachment is imminent to raise cash

In a bid to bring in more campaign cash, House Democrats sent out a plea to donors to pitch in more funds to defend President Obama from a seemingly-imminent impeachment.

In an email notice, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee solicited immediate donations citing House Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit against Mr. Obama.

“The White House announced yesterday that Boehner’s lawsuit could lead to the impeachment of President Obama,” the email read.

“Boehner’s lawsuit against the President is more than a political stunt. It’s a full on attack on President Obama’s agenda, his legitimacy, and the Democratic process that elected him twice.”

18 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • king David II says:

    ROTFLMAO…..Democrat Socialists Eat Their Own!
    Everyone is expendably for the good of the party….LOL

  • Noah Rosenblum says:

    Impeach & Deport

    1. king David II says:

      Impeach, arrest or whatever, try this con artist in court and upon a finding of guilty life at GITMO!

  • bobnstuff says:

    All I see in these comment is treason. You guy do know that calling for the over throwing of our government is treason and those that call for it are called traitors. If Obama has done anything worth impeachment then every president in history should have been impeached. You folks are following false information given to you by a bunch of uneducated shock jocks. We once had a country were honor and respect was valued, now it’s hate and stupidity that rules. If our country is not respected by the rest of the world you can blame it on the right wing media and the do nothing congress. So if you want to see what a traitor looks like look in the mirror.

  • Peter Locke says:

    “Coup”? Now there’s a scary thought in a Nation supposedly grounded in law. It should be enough that we can have a little revolution every 2 years, or a bigger one every 4 years. Get out an vote!!!

  • jagragg says:

    Talk about “snake oil salesmen!” The Democratics never saw a lie that they didn’t try, nor would they know the truth if it stuck them in the eye!

  • guest says:

    Personally I don’t care how this fake in the peoples house is removed – Impeachment, Tried and hung as the traitor he is or drug out by his feet and sent back to Kenya with all of his minions including the traitor Alinsky

  • John Pace says:

    sugar bear you got that right!!!! along with reid , palossi. holder. biden hagel and a few other liberal taitors!! johnny usa

  • sweetone2 says:

    Obama has become America’s nightmare! The emperor has had no clothes for a long, long time! I truly believe from his photo ops by choice, that he has signaled to America that he wants out..he’s over his head, and out of his league and is about to have a ”meltdown!” eeey. the game is over!

  • iprazhm says:

    You can’t impeach him, he is not legally the president. He is illegally holding office. To impeach would be a mistake. It would be wrongly accepting his authority to make law. It would make it difficult, if not impossible to declare the laws and mandates he has put in place over his reign, null and void. He must be arrested and charged with the crime of illegally seeking and holding office. The only way to undo Obama’s many unconstitutional orders and mandates is to try him for ‘Usurpation’. Impeachment, sadly will not undo ANYTHING he has already done.

    1. John and Patty says:

      I don’t care if he was born in Kenya or not he is a TRAITOR to the United States and needs to be in jail awaiting trail for TREASON!

      1. Alana Marie Woolard says:

        What’s more sad are the Democratic party becoming lunatics! Can you imagine Nancy pelosie actually saying on National TV that HAMAS is a Humanitarian Organization? She even had the audacity to say that we should engage Qatar to help Negotiate the cease fire with Hamas & Israel! I am just completely baffled at her conclusion? i feel sorry for the Democratic party as it has been completely kidnapped by the Socialists and their sick agenda! We know longer have a Democratic party that used to be the Blue Collar Working mans party! Wake up Unions before all these illegals take over your jobs for half the pay! This Democratic party does not represent you, they only want your money because let’s face it, they can’t get any money from all the people they support on Welfare!

  • CTH says:

    “Boehner’s lawsuit against the President is more than a political stunt. It’s a full on attack on President Obama’s agenda, his legitimacy, and the Democratic process that elected him twice.”

    Anyone care to count the lies in that Obamaite statement?

    1. I Seigel says:

      Then please tell us what ARE the reasons Boehner has given in his efforts to sue the president? And please us that his efforts aren’t also designed to “motivate the base” and increase donations.

  • sugarbear says:

    He should be hung for treason

  • WiSe GuY says:

    Where is the Military? A coup is the only way to remove this TRAITOR from office.

    1. J Keiner says:

      He’s destroyed our military!

      1. mudguy1 says:

        And America

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