House GOP to go after IRS

by Pete Kasperowicz, The Hill
February 21, 2014

Less than two months before taxes are due, House Republicans will pass a slate of bills aimed at protecting taxpayers from IRS abuses.

The House GOP also plans to move legislation that would force the government to reveal more clearly how taxpayer money is being spent.

Republicans’ legislative plans follow a year of constant scrutiny of the IRS, after the tax collection agency admitted it improperly targeted for extra scrutiny conservative groups applying for tax exempt status, delaying their approval.

Many Republicans said that act was an overtly political attempt to prevent these groups from having an impact in the 2012 election.

Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) is the author of two of the bills to be considered next week, both of which respond to the targeting scandal.

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  • Dan Berghamer says:

    Just learned that Boehner has purchased a condo in Florida. It appears his days are numbered. He knows that he may be replaced, so he will probably retire to save face. Either way, we on the Right win> Yahoo!

  • chock says:

    Headlines say it all. Just like Boehner was going to fight for the budget cuts and eliminate some waste. Never happened. He is useless and tiresome. He lies just like his golfing buddy Obama.

  • nbamron says:

    they have to come up with initiatives; they have to stand for something, although they need to be active on all fronts, not just a few. we can’t split in 2014 or there isn’t going to be another chance to advance a more conservative government.

  • rivahmitch says:

    Just another PR exercise. Either cut the IRS budget drastically, preclude the use of any money for abusive purposes or admit that you’re really just the secret arm of the progressive communists. Boehner has ZERO credibility on any issue.

  • gypsy314 says:

    To much talk not enough action I say proof is there and nothing done this is another reason term limits must happen. It is almost like our elected leaders want big government from both sides. Fire them all and start over.

  • Dan Berghamer says:

    Political gamesmanship is disgusting. Just like Obama tried to bait the GOP on the debt ceiling, now the GOP is trying to bait Obama to kill this bill so they can have a further leg up for the upcoming elections. This has been going on for decades, if not the entire 20th century and up to now. I can only hope that the participants in this glad handing back slapping crowd of bullshitters is voted out of office in great numbers (both sides of the isle).

    1. Anita says:

      You are right about voting both sides out of DC. I personally have made a commitment to myself and all of my country men to do everything legally to get Mary Landrieu into the unemployment line. I will go door to door, phone calls, take people to the pole who will vote against her sorry azz but can’t get to the pole.

      1. Dan Berghamer says:

        I’m with you 110%. I’m currently collecting petition signatures for requiring voter ID legislation, and to change the electoral college voting process. We are a winner take all state (CA), and that needs to change. Good luck on your efforts!

      2. rivahmitch says:

        Forget “voting them out”. Ride them out on a rail covered with tar and feathers.

  • Anita says:

    Oh come on. I’m tired of this pony show bull shit. House you have the purse strings. You want to stop this, stop funding the IRS 100% and put all of their azzez in the unemployment line. Fast, cheap, and simple solution to a major, major problem. Just stop the bullsheet.

    1. Dan Berghamer says:

      You nailed it!

    2. reggie says:

      Never work, Like Boehner they gots no balls. However, something to add to my wish list.

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