House passes $1.1 trillion budget to advance tax reform

by Susan Ferrechio
October 5, 2017

The Republican-led House passed a $1.1 trillion 2018 budget plan on Thursday that will pave the way for tax reform, the party’s top legislative goal.

The GOP budget, dubbed the “Building a Better America Plan,” passed in a 219-206 vote Thursday after hours of debate over alternative budgets proposed by Democrats, conservatives, progressives, and other factions. Eighteen Republicans voted against it, along with every voting Democrat.

The GOP plan proposes spending nearly $622 billion on defense and $511 billion for domestic, non-entitlement spending. The plan allocates an additional $87 billion for the global war on terrorism.

While the budget is meant to determine spending limits for the next fiscal year, it is more of a GOP wish list. Final spending deals require Democratic support in the Senate, which means a bipartisan agreement will ultimately determine actual 2018 budget caps.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    NOW all we NEED are 50 GOP votes….HEY MItch can you GET IT DONE for a change???? Don’t let RINOS nor (D) party Fascists get in your way…..GIT IT DONE!!!

  • generalJed says:

    As usual, Establishment traitor Republicans have voted with the solid block of traitorous, anti-Trump communists to try to bring down Pres. Trump and set ups next years’ elections so that the Democrats win a majority in Congress. Paul Ryan needs to go if this is the best this RINO can do!

  • ONTIME says:

    The RINO’s that lead the majority are afraid of their own shadows and they are voting for their BFF’s on the left….Revenue neutral is a gamers joke, we cannot bring down the debt but they consistently add to it and drive up the debt, increase the deficit, increase the size of gov and print cheaper money…These fiscal cowards are useless and the gov needs to live off less hog fat and use more astringents in their elite diets, cut the crap….Use a ballot driven consumption tax and vote on it on a regular basis to identify the bigger base voters demand and establish a known budget driven by the tax base….Get rid of the IRS and all progressive taxes…Get rid of the gov unions…….MAGA…….America for Americans…..

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    the numbers don’t add up , when they are spending a trillion dollars in 3 months, 1.1 trillion dosen’t even cover any thing, to make it work they would have to get rid of all other spending and i don’t see that happening , someones lying again ,

  • bobnstuff says:
    Funny for a administration that wants to build the economy it sure looks like they are cutting in the wrong places. Wouldn’t you think that cutting funds for education and economic development would be counter productive. I thought we were going to fix the infrastructure but instead we are cutting transportation funding. This is an interesting way fixing problems, cut their funds.

    1. chw2000 says:

      You afraid you’ll lose your free stuff? That is what you’re all about ass hole


      1. bobnstuff says:

        I’m losing nothing, it’s the country that’s the loser here. My income is way to high to get free stuff. It’s the small businesses and farmers that will take the hit as well as people trying to get better jobs. A lot of economic development programs will be cut. Don’t worry though Trump will get his taxes cut. Why should we help people create jobs. Why should we put money into public education instead of giving it to unregulated private schools. This budget make things for our economic growth worse not better.

        1. ONTIME says:

          The cost saved in revenue expenditure can be applied to the states so they can use it for infrastructure…..we need smaller less costly government run by elites and anointeds………

          1. bobnstuff says:

            You know it doesn’t work that way.

            The problem isn’t the size of government it’s efficiency. You have a black hole sucking money called the military. Could someone explain why we need to spend 6 times what any other nation does on defense. The other big area of waste is healthcare. As a nation we spend a third more per person then any other nation and get worse results. The government is the largest spender on healthcare. We could provide healthcare for everyone in the country for less then we spend right now if we got rid of the waste. You also have an executive branch that has no problem wasting millions on trips and other perks.

            Just look at where they are spending the money. They cut human services to increase corporate welfare. We also cut jobs in the IRS, those jobs not only pay from themselves but bring in about three times their cost. We have also cut jobs in the welfare agencies, you know the ones that prevent fraud. It only take an agent preventing about three cases of fraud per year to more then pay for those employees. As I say it’s not the size, it’s the need for smarter people.

            Now have you ever seen a more elite group running the country? More millionaires then at anytime in history.

      2. greg says:

        i really like to see entitlements be the biggest cuts.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You know entitlements are things like Social Security and Medicare. Both programs are ones that people pay into so they can collect latter, Those collecting under these programs are entitled to the money.

          1. chw2000 says:

            You’re an idiot! Social Security and Medicare are both programs that are paid by those participate. I paid into Social Security for years and I pay my Medicare premiums every month. It’s idiots like you that have distorted the meaning of “entitlements” to include Social Security and Medicare. You’re a very “special” ass hole!

          2. bobnstuff says:

            So do you want them cut or not? Greg think intitlements should be cut but I pointed out that these things were bought and paid for by the ones collecting them.

            “Entitlements” usually means Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid payments, plus any other programs which are promised to people over many years. Generally, politicians won’t mess with those programs, because
            just about everyone believes that the government should keep its promises.”

          3. chw2000 says:

            As I said, idiots like you have re-defined the term “entitlements” to mean something EVERYONE is ENTITLED to regardless of having paid into or not. I don’t see it as an “entitlement” but rather a PAID benefit. I don’t believe every Tom Dick and Bob is ‘entitled’ to my contributions!

        2. The Redhawk says:

          Imagine the OUTFLUX to South of the Border and Hopefully AFRICA!!!

      3. The Redhawk says:

        SPOT ON!!! Not only that Tomb stones can no longer vote!! hahaha and Illegal voting can fill up JAILS!!!

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